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The Loan Shark's Daughter

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This chapter I'm introducing the characters Tess J Sharp, Lizzy Valentine, and James Hall all aged 27. The three are in a cafe talking about how long they have been friends. Tess and Lizzy have been friends for 20 years and have been friends with James since Middle school and are thinking about the unfortunate situations that happened their sophomore year and how Samuel Sharp began trying to influence Tess into following the Family Business that had been going for 4 generations.


Tess June Sharp born 09/29/2002 in Riverstone has her mother's curly reddish brown hair, Her father's blue eyes 5 foot 11 inches Birth mark above her upper-lip. Tess was raised by her mother until Samuel introduced himself to his daughter he wannted to in role her to Lakeview Private School the country's most prestigious school, Tess however has plans of becoming a Cosmetologist however things go awry when Samuel decides it's time to influence her his own way. 

Lizzy Valentine born 06/24/2002 her mother Camille and Emilio Valentine Uncle Frank Valentine with his fiancee Steve Grey. Dark brown eyes at age 14 dyed her hair Magenta is 5 foot 6, struggled with body image issues. But after Samuel she had a few near death experiences and threatened with Violence she was afraid and didn't understand why he targeted her. Mentally unable to work. Suffers from ptsd as a result of the things that happened to her.

James Hall the third friend for Tess and Brody he hears things louder and sees things in a unique perspective has ASD his mother is a Barista who is trying to provide for her son after her husband died when James was seven after he was busted for being an undercover cop trying to bust Samuel's illegal operation. He looks like his father his Dirty blonde hair brown eyes 6 foot. His mother thinks that he doesn't know anything about his father's passing but he learned quickly about Samuel and his father but stays silent for his mother. He enjoys drawing, watching Supernatural, Gordan Ramsay's shows He knows how to cook. He works in Renee's Steakhouse as her Prep Cook.


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I was three minutes late due to a customer who always argued the price 160 dollars for Teal highlights, Pink glitter acrylic nails and her child's haircut. I went to Zane's Cafe an amazing coffee shop with a no kids policy I don't care about the policy but it is nice to be able to go in somewhere and it's quiet this is mainly a place filled with hippies who brought their toy poodles their Yorkshire Terriers and cops who were on their lunch break who'd usually brought their K-9 partner along with them I turned to my right and saw Lizzy and her Golden Retriever Service dog Dean and James service dog Lhasa Apso Jade

"Tess so how has your business gone?" Lizzy said," It's a place to get your hair and nails done." I replied," That's nice... why do people who harass others with service dogs like it's written clearly on Dean and Jade's vest that are not to be pet." James said distressed," I'm sorry. Also really sorry for being late a woman didn't understand that my prices are firm and kept talking about how she's a single mom and struggles with bills. But she always talks about they expensive dresses, blouses, sunglasses, shoes and bags how three times a week she gets to go to a steakhouse and her new $298 tattoo yet she can't afford 160." I said," It's fine I ordered our usual. Maybe she spent all her money doing that and thought you would do it for free." Lizzy replied," And she does this all the time?" James said," Yep, I wish I could ban her but I don't have a way how." I replied," Here is your Frappuccino with an everything bagel your French Vanilla with a chocolate doughnut and the Pumpkin Spice Latte. Anything else or will that be all?" Alex said We each grabbed our things," That will be all and thanks for sticking up for me and Lizzy." James said,"Well of course I normally don't say anything to Dede because she thinks being a regular and the owners sister she's entitled to treat us how she likes." He said before leaving for another table I grabbed my Frappucino and bagel Lizz grabbed her Pumpkin Spice Latte and doughnut James grabbed the French Vanilla," James, Lizzy how are you both?" I asked," My mom is going to work a few years before she retires my dad is retired my brother is a Violin teacher who is getting married next week remember Traci? And I' have been with Wyatt for two years." Lizzy said," My mother talks about my Dad and ten years ago. She's sad about my leg I tell her not to stress even though I do.What about you?" James said," I've been fine. I manage the salon alright. I've dated off and on but nobody likes my hyper-viligance, some are turned off by my scars." I replied," Well Tess I have free time Saturday if you'd like to hangout." James said nervously," That could be nice." That Saturday was amazing Dinner at the Cheesecake Factory and a movie James was worried about the cost but I told him I'd pay for everything at it didn't matter. It still astounds me to see how many people think it's okay to harass service dogs I can't see where it says not to pet them there's four different spots on Jade's vest that says do not pet how hard is it to see it's the same thing with Lizzy to Dean's vest has seven spots that says do not pet what is it with people harassing service dogs or their handlers their entitlement really pisses me off yes Jade and Dean are beautiful dogs but respect the fact that they are service dogs and not suppose to be pet. I asked James about my dad and he feels eleven years later," It scares me I still have nightmares about your dad about him sinking that dog on Lizzie and then attacking me how he tried to kill us both because he didn't want us being friends with you because we weren't the all A's students. How we were the wrong fit. How he would make sure......" James said before Jade started rubbing against him trying to calm him," I'm sorry I shouldn't have brought him up people keep reminding me that it's been 11 years since he died and I I keep telling people that I don't want to hear about my dad how I don't want to hear about my mother and her death but I'm always reminded...." I said trying to hold back tears James hugged me then said," It's ok, I understand just next time give them the silent treatment." I hugged tighter," it's like just let me forget about my father and what he did it's bad enough I'm reminded of what he did when I look at both of you and my mother I want to celebrate her life not her death in what hole she leaves in my heart." I began to cry," Tess it's ok. You shouldn't feel guilty about what your dad did he did it not you. Also there's nothing wrong with getting therapy or talking about your emotions." He said," I have been diagnosed with depression and told to take antidepressants but I....I don't like talking about my issues. The fact I can't be proud of my achievements that I'm Samuel's daughter and the fact everyone loves to hang his crimes over my head and talk about how I'm going to be sadistic just like him." I sobbed he just turned on Kitchen Nightmares and kept comforting me they struggle with ptsd but they don't mind talking about it with family and friends but my depression I prefer to stay silent about my suicide attempts people talk about the scars on my arms they judge well I don't care I love how some of these people talk about how the mentally ill should get treatment and that we should help them but proceed to call me an attention seeker judging on my scars alone I don't care who you are or what you will advocate for don't tell me you believe that the mentally ill should get help but proceed to shame them in the next breath.

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Tess, Lizzy and James realize that today is the eleven year anniversary of the Incident. Ten years since Samuel's death and five years since Tess' suicide attempt. James was loving Tess he enjoyed her company, Lizzy enjoyed being near her childhood friend. They kept an eye on Tess her mental state was bad they could tell but with Tess being so distrusting, and unwillingness to admit to her problems but they were going to stay by her side.

James didn't want a repeat of his culinary school buddy Sam. He was told about her attempt and that she was successful James tried to help her he always let her talk, he tried to inspire her to keep fighting. It was insulting hearing everyone else talking about how they wish they saw the signs, but pushed her away, called her an attention seeker, and how they avoided her dismissed her problems. She was twenty years old he thought to himself she was pretty her strawberry blond hair her beautiful amber eyes. What made James more upset about Sam's death was how her parents whispered," I wish Sam had done this sooner." Her sisters Haley and Lydia were the only ones who were saddened," Why Sam? Why her it's not fair?!" Lydia sobbed then Haley hugged the ten year old and whispered," Sam was hurting and we won't understand but maybe she's at peace now." He thinks about the funeral and Sam alot he feels guilt is there more he could of done? But there's not a lot you can do. 

"I'm sorry James, there's a Sam sized hole in your heart now, the guilt will go away it will take time. That was awful of her parents how can you say that? At your child's funeral no less?" Lizzy asked," Because they hated her they wannted a son but didn't get one so they took their anger out on her." I said as Lizzy pulled into the driveway of Tess' home it was beautiful a two-story White house with a beautiful yard roses, chrysanthemums, carnations and and lilies a pecan tree in front her mother's garden still very beautiful. They walked up the door and knocked five minutes pass they knocked again they became concerned because she wasn't answering her phone nor the door then they heard water they knocked again they unlocked the door rushed to the bathroom, Tess was unconscious she on the floor her wrists bleeding the weapon on the counter her note saying," I can't take this anymore. Why can't people stop comparing me to him? I didn't ask for him to be my father or my mother to get drunk that night." I performed CPR while Lizzy ran to get the car started Tess looked at me with her red puffy eyes, mascara running down her cheeks she muttered something I couldn't hear we drove her to the hospital. Me and Lizzy just looked at each other," Why Tess? I-I I can't...." I sputtered," I don't know. Tess she's going through alot she was scared to talk about it..She let's others vent and complain but she never vents she stopped going to her therapist stopped with her antidepressants. What do we do James?" Lizzy said close to tears we hugged each other and we waited the clock ticking on was tiring, Tess we didn't know what to think we just hoped she wouldn't be institutionalized I've heard horror stories about those places Tess would be more miserable coming out than she would be going in. 

Three hours later we were told we could see her we walked in we saw her bandaged arms we thought about her attempts first one as a Junior then five years ago and now we were going to be there for her we wouldn't give up people told us to but we wouldn't. It's understandable people would get upset or irritated when dealing with a suicidal loved one the more angrier you get with someone who is suicidal you just push them down further and make them less likely to open up. We looked at her she opened her eyes and we could tell she wannted to sob but she wasn't going to not in public or somewhere others would see her," Why? Why did you save me? I'm worthless I am not worth the effort to save." She said softly,"Yes you are, Tess you are our friend so of course we were going to help. Tess you are like a sister to me." Lizzy said," Tess I love you and I want you to be here we will help you we promise." I said Tess said," I'm going to end up in a Mental Hospital. I'll lose the business they won't let me work again! " she said before looking back at us," You both saved me? But why?" We got close then said," We saved you because we care. We are your friends." I said holding back tears,"Because we care because you were like a sister to me..." Lizzy said in tears, " I'm sorry. I can't take it I'm tired of being judged being called Samuel's brat. I didn't ask for him to be my father. The only people my death would affect is you and James." Tess said," My mother cares so much about you. Lizzy's family love you like their own. We care because you inspire us to keep fighting. And we will do the same for you." I said she gave us her usual trying to act strong Lizzy knew her since third grade and I idolized her much like I did my mother. We will help her through this.