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the kids aren't alright

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Jungkook knew that if you were to look hard enough at him, you’d be able to see steam coming from the top of his head. He kept his hands under the table, tightly fisting the hem of his sweater even though his hands were starting to sweat. He kept a pleasant smile on his face, not wanting to upset Jimin or for the boy to detect that he was upset about something. Jimin was incredibly smart and could pick up on moods (especially negative ones) so fast, and the last thing he wanted to see was a frown on his little face.


He checked his phone and clicked his tongue in irritation, putting it face down. No messages from that jerk and he was fifteen minutes late -




Jungkook forced his smile to widen and looked over at Jimin was innocently staring back at him. He was holding those crappy little crayons restaurants always provided and was coloring in a clown with a wide, creepy smile. Hopefully he wouldn’t want to bring it home and put it on the fridge.


“Yes, Minnie?”


“Where’s Appa?”


Damn it. Jungkook was hoping Jimin wouldn’t ask that because really, he had no idea either..


“Just running a bit late.” Like always. 


“Is he getting me a gift?” Jimin hopefully asked, those big brown eyes of his getting even bigger in hopefulness.


For his sake, he better be, Jungkook bitterly thought, reaching over to gently run his fingers through Jimin’s soft black hair. “I’m sure he is, Minnie. You know how much Appa likes surprises.” 


That seemed to brighten Jimin up, the boy’s face lighting up as he began to color in that creepy clown rather intensely. “I wanna get him a gift too! I’ll color this for him and he can hang it up at his house!”Jungkook internally sighed in relief. Although he adored how much Jimin loved to color pictures and have them hung on the fridge - and everywhere else in the house - he wasn’t too fond of having to look at something like that every day. 


Jimin was quiet, extremely focused on coloring his clown. His lips were stuck out and it looked like a beak and he couldn’t stop himself from picking up his phone and snapping a few pictures. He checked the pictures, a fond smile on his lips. You’re turning into your mother. And he really was… he didn’t want to think about the possibly millions of embarrassing pictures his mother had of him when he was a kid. She had to take a picture of everything. 

He was so immersed in swiping through pictures of Jimin that he didn’t hear someone walking up behind him until Jimin let out a loud squeal of excitement.




Jimin slid out from his side of the booth as fast as he could and Jungkook turned his head, watching the boy throw himself into his dad’s arms.


“Ah, I missed you so much, buddy.”


Taehyung looked good today, he loathe to admit. His black hair was messy but in an adorable way, a pair of shades on the top of that messy head of hair. Jungkook’s fingers itched with the urge to run his fingers through it or fix it. He had on a dress shirt (with way too many buttons undone, he had a hard time looking away from that tan skin that was showing) and slacks that showed off his long, slim legs. Taehyung had days like this, where he put care into his outfit, made sure his shirt was ironed and neat. Then he had days where he clearly just threw on the first thing he saw and (not that he’d ever admit it ) he loved that Taehyung the most.


He cleared his throat and met Taehyung’s soft eyes, the back of his neck heating up like it always did when he made eye contact with him.


“You’re late,” was all he said before turning back around, huffing softly.


Taehyung sighed and sat down across from Jungkook, still holding their son in his arms. Jimin had his face buried in Taehyung’s neck, small fingers curled into is shirt.


“I know. I’m sorry, babe. Got held up at work. Had some business to take care of.” He had the decency to look sheepish and Jungkook forgave him just a little.


“Papa said you had a gift for me,” Jimin spoke up, pulling his face out of his dad’s neck and smiling up at Taehyung who raised an eyebrow, glancing at Jungkook.


He immediately blushed and sipped at his water. “That’s… I didn’t say it like that,” he mumbled into his drink, flustered. He ignored Taehyung’s deep chuckle and kept his face in his glass.


“Well, maybe I do.” Jimin squealed again, bouncing in Taehyung’s arms.


“Really?! What is it?!”


“If I tell you it won’t be a surprise,” Taehyung pointed out, poking Jimin’s button nose and causing him to giggle.


“How big is it?”



“Is it a pony? Or is it a puppy?”


“I don’t think your papa would like it if I got you a puppy-”


“Is it a kitty?!”


Jungkook watched the two of them through fond eyes his smile and eyes soft.


He wished it could be with this all the time.


Taehyung successfully avoided Jimin’s persistent investigation by looking down at the half colored clown on the table. “Oh? What’s this?” He asked, pointing at the picture.


Jimin gasped and flipped the paper over. “It’s not done yet!”


Taehyung dramatically pouted his lips at his son. “Aw, come on Minnie. Just a peek,” he whined, starting to turn the paper back over. Jimin was adamant though, laying his body on the clown and glaring at his dad.


“He’s not done yet! It’s a surprise!”


The man laughed and finally gave in, pulling his hand away and hugging Jimin to his chest. “Okay, okay. Will you show me when you’re done?” Jimin nodded seriously before pulling away from the hug, hunching over the picture as he went back to coloring it. Taehyung gently brushed his bangs off of his forehead, love and adoration in his eyes. It went straight to Jungkook’s heart and he clenched his jaw. Stop looking so handsome, goddamn it.


“He needs a haircut.” Taehyung murmured, not looking over at him, gaze focused on his son.


“I know.”


“Do you want me to take him?”


Jungkook frowned. “Can you?”


Their eyes finally met and he struggled to control his blush.


“I wouldn’t mind. The guys miss him, they haven’t seen him in a while.”


Jimin’s head shot up at that, a smile breaking out on his face. “I wanna see my uncles! I miss them too!”

Jungkook bit his lip in thought. He knew that Taehyung’s… workplace was safe but he didn’t like Jimin going over there if he wasn’t around. 


“Babe, it’ll only be for the weekend…” Taehyung’s low, nearly hypnotizing voice filled his ears and he tried not to give in.


“...This weekend,” he found himself saying before he could stop himself. “I’ll drop him off after he gets out of school and I’ll pick him up Sunday morning.”


“Sunday night,” Taehyung protested, pouting.


They had a bit of a stare off, Taehyung giving him puppy dog eyes and Jungkook returning that puppy dog stare with pursed lips. After a moment he sighed, giving in. “Sunday night.”


Taehyung’s boxy smile made his heart ache and he turned to grin at Jimin. “Did you hear that, Minnie? You’re going to see your uncles and Yeontan!”


Jimin was jumping in Taehyung’s lap, grinning from ear to ear. “Tannie! I wanna see Tannie!”


“He’s gotten bigger the last time you saw him. And he also learned a few more tricks too!” 


Jungkook rested his chin on his hand, sighing softly through his nose as Jimin went off on his exciting story about a puppy he saw a few days ago and Taehyung latching on to every word. He looked around for the waitress, waving and smiling when they finally locked eyes.


However when she finally came over her eyes were locked on Taehyung, flipping her long black hair over her shoulder and leaning in. God, it was going to be a long day.

“Are you mad?”


They were walking through the park by Jungkook’s apartment complex, with Jimin a few steps ahead of them, the boy happily eating his ice cream and clutching the sheep plushie Taehyung had gotten him to his chest. Sure enough, Taehyung had actually bought a gift for him. Jimin had fallen in love when Taehyung showed him the blue little sheep toy, jumping all around and hugging the toy to his chest after he screamed at Taehyung that he loved him.


“Mad about what?” Jungkook mumbled, taking a bite out of his cone.


“I dunno. Ever since we left the restaurant you seemed a little pissed off.”

“Oh.” So he didn’t know that the waitress was hitting on him.


“You can tell me. What’s wrong? Jimin, don’t wander too far away bud,” Taehyung added in a louder voice. The little boy had spotted a dog across the street and scurried a few feet away to get a closer look, but after his dad called out to him he quickly went back to his spot in front of them.


“...The waitress.”




Jungkook was starting to get embarrassed now. “She… she was flirting with you. I felt like we were in some cliche shitty romance movie.” His voice got quieter when Taehyung’s smirk got wider and wider, his blush deepening. “Ugh, you jerk. It’s not funny.”


“Someone’s jealous~” Taehyung teased, wrapping an arm around Jungkook’s waist and kissing the corner of his mouth. “Don’t worry, baby. You and Min are all I ever see so I don’t notice that kind of stuff.”


Jungkook wanted to smack him but...god that was sweet. He placed a kiss on Taehyung’s cheek, shyly smiling at him when Taehyung turned to face him fully. He could barely speak before soft, plump lips were on his, Taehyung’s free hand finding its way to the back of his head to hold him still. His eyes fluttered shut and he returned the kiss, moaning softly when the older man sucked his lower lip into his mouth. He could’ve stood and kissed Taehyung forever if he didn’t hear Jimin yelling at them.


“No kissing! Time to go home!”


Taehyung laughed softly. “That is definitely your son,” he whispered, placing a few more kisses all over Jungkook’s face before pulling away.


“Um, he’s your son too.”


Taehyung just hummed, reaching to hold Jungkook’s hand and intertwine their fingers. “Can I stay over tonight? I don’t have to be back at work until tomorrow.”


He knew what that meant.



“Ah, ah, fuck, Taehyung…” Jungkook’s chest heaved as he came down from his orgasm, turning his head to the side and going limp beneath him. Taehyung groaned softly as he pulled his soft cock out, flopping down on top of him and ignoring Jungkook’s soft whine of protest.


“Surprised you didn’t wake up Jimin. You’re so loud,” he teased, brushing Jungkook’s sweaty bangs off of his forehead.


“Shut up. Told you to go slow.” He didn’t have the energy to be embarrassed. He squirmed until Taehyung got the message and sat up, letting him shift onto his side. Taehyung immediately spooned him, pressing soft, loving kisses onto his shoulders and back.


He started to doze off until he realized that Taehyung was whispering something under his breath and he let out a soft noise of irritation.


“What are you doing?”


“Counting your freckles. I was at twenty-two until you interrupted me.”


Jungkook rolled his eyes and tried to go back to sleep. He was almost there until he felt a soft nosing at his jaw. It wasn’t annoying, but it was a little distracting. “You sure are touchy tonight,” he whispered.


“Can’t help it. Missed you.”


Jungkook shifted in Taehyung’s arms until they were facing each other, the younger moving to kiss Taehyung on his lips. “I missed you too.”


Taehyung chuckled and pulled Jungkook closer against him, burying his face into his hair. “You know I love you, right? Even though I’m always late for our dates and piss you off and can be a shitty dad sometimes-”


Jungkook sighed loudly to interrupt Taehyung. “You’re not a shitty dad, Tae. Don’t ever say that, okay? I know that your job gets in the way most of the time but I also know that you love Jimin and I more than anything. You’re amazing, Tae. I love you, okay?”


It was quiet for a few moments before he heard Taehyung sniffle. He tried to move so he could comfort him but Taehyung just tightened his hold on him so he couldn’t. “You know I don’t like it when you see me cry,” he whispered. “Just.. you and Jimin mean so much to me. I want you to know that.”


“I do, Taehyung..” He could feel his own eyes start to burn and hid his face in Taehyung’s bare chest. “I know you try your best.”


“You know I would do anything for you two.”


“Mm, I know… Lets just go to sleep now babe.”

Usually, when Jungkook woke up Taehyung would be gone. He got used to it over the years, though he would never get used to the pain in his chest when he’d wake up alone and a text from Taehyung saying he was so, so sorry. So when he woke up to Taehyung clinging to him, he didn’t mind that he was sweating since Taehyung was practically a human furnace.


He squirmed around, sighing quietly. He froze at the sight of Jimin standing there, fully dressed and innocently smiling at him.


“I got ready all by myself since Papa wouldn’t get up!” He proudly announced. “Your phone kept making noises so I turned it off! Is that Appa?” Jimin suddenly asked, throwing his backpack on the ground and climbing on the bed and then him, Jungkook quietly groaning in pain since those were his organs Jimin’s knees were digging into.


“Appa! Wake up!” Jimin yelled, slapping his cheeks a few times until Taehyung jerked, sputtering in fear.


“I - whoa, what is happening.” He looked up at Jimin who was sitting on his chest and smiling at him. “Oh, hey bud. Shouldn’t you be at school?”


“Yes but Papa wouldn't wake up! I got dressed all by myself,” he added.


“I vote that we all just… stay home and watch a movie or something,” Jungkook announced with a tired sigh. “I’ll tell your school you’re throwing up or whatever.”


“But Papa, lies are -”


“Bad, I know. But this is a good lie.”


Jimin pursed his lips before his face lit up and he reached into his pocket, pulling out a note and handing it over to Jungkook. “Papa, I found this under the door!”


Jungkook furrowed his eyebrows and read the note, his face turning a dark shade of red. He groaned in shame and shoved it into Taheyung’s face. He leaned his head back and read the note, immediately bursting into laughter.


I understand that you are young but still, please keep those inappropriate noises down! There are children in this building!

“O-oh my god, it’s note lady again-”


“Shut up.