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A yellow glow poorly lit the room, while sunshine streamed in through the aged windowpane further brightening the darkly designed room. The tile on the floors was done in a chess-like fashion of black and dark crimson. Harsh gold decorated the fixtures of the room while deep forest green colored the wall with crimson accents. A large overused chalkboard sat at the front of the room just beyond the teacher's desk that rests on a raised platform. Throughout the room were pale wooden tables meant to seat two to three students at a time.

The room was empty of life besides a single student who currently was going over the day's materials. Raven hair fell to frame a heart-shaped face that currently looked at the book in front of them in a bored scowl. Her youthful figure dressed in a girls uniform. The pale pink skirt fell to her mid-thigh while black socks came up just two inches below the skirt. Covering the pristine white of her shirt was a cream-colored blazer with pale pink lining the hem of the collar and sleeves while golden buttons held it closed. Finishing the outfit was a girlish black bow with thin red stripes that matched the emblem adorning her blazer identifying that she was a student of True-Cross Academy.

While she was a student at the infamous school, where she currently sat was in one of the many classrooms of the exorcist cram-school. The cram-school was an exciting place, full of exciting people who either were or wanted to be, exorcists. Everyone had their reason to be here, Kagome was no different, although hers could be considered less than honorable. After all, she had been consorting with demons, ones who desire the eradication of the Vatican order and currently were in the process of manipulating the order to their will.

Sapphire eyes sparkled with shades of amethyst streaking across her vision. The young miko had started at True-Cross Academy, and it's special cram school a week after her journeys amongst the feudal era ended.

Her quest had ended within five years of her jumping back and forth through time. The jewel had been completed with the aid of her friends. Their revenge satiated, and the world a better place without the evil half-demon Naraku. With her goodbyes in order, Kagome had then been abruptly sent back to her birth-time, where she discovered no time had actually passed. It was her fifteenth birthday, she thought herself insane, but there, waiting for her at the shrine steps were the few friends that could survive the 500 years that separated them.

What she learned, in the years given back to her, was that time was a fickle being who's amusement came with a price, good or bad depending on who you ask.

Ginta and Hakkaku, and even Kouga welcomed her in a rush, their arms engulfing her in a group hug while crying over their pack sister's return. Following them was Ayame, she hugged the younger woman with a soft greeting of welcome.

Next was Inuyasha, he grumbled at the wolf demons, saying they overreact before hugging her just as fiercely. Although his appearance was no longer that of silver hair and puppy-dog ears, those having been replaced by a facade of soft black hair so as to pass for human, he was still the same half-demon who had become her best friend and protector.

Shippo and Kirara than greeted her. The two-tail neko perching herself on the young woman's shoulder to nuzzle her cheek. Whereas the now young teen kitsune kissed her face and hugged her, all while "crying." She giggled tearfully while he spouted about missing her, that he should have greeted her first as he loved her the most.

Then it was Sesshomaru. Even with his demonic markings hidden, and silver mane now black as it fell to the nape of his neck, the daiyoukai was as intimidating as ever. Even so, she hugged him at the waist, with his clawed hand caressing her hair to show that their reunion meant just as much to him.

From there on she was welcomed back into the strange pack they created.

Sesshomaru insisted she attend True-Cross Academy, and her mother agreed thinking it was a type of scholarship- having no memories of Kagome's adventures. Only when in private did the daiyoukai tell her of the extracurricular classes she'd be joining. And that's how Kagome; the miko who transcended time and embodied the Shikon no Tama, ended up at the academy as a spy.

Of course, the school was splendid, most of the students belonging to more affluent families, so it made sense that the education she was receiving was immaculate and extensive. By the time she completed her studies, there wouldn't be a university that could deny her entrance.

The only problem she was finding with the cram school; their information on demons was biased, sometimes downright wrong, and focused only on the destruction of said demons. That no doubt steaming from the Vatican which controlled the school, their goal was to create hate for demons and destroy them. Little did the exorcists know that the demons they despised so much were already infiltrating their precious order. Demons were everywhere, in every rank, strong ones that looked acted, almost felt human. If not for her abilities, she would believe them to be too. From everything she'd witnessed, it looked like the demons were effectively overtaking the Vatican and exorcist order.

Soon the world would be as it once was. Without the order, the demons could live as they once were; free. Kagome wouldn't have to hide her powers anymore if The Order found out they'd try and use her as a weapon. She was the embodiment of the jewel, housing the strengths and abilities of both demons and Mikos, and in this world controlled by The Order, she would never be safe. Only when the order was gone could she and all demons have the freedom to live as they were without consequence for merely existing.

Such thoughts of freedom and peace made her happy and hopeful for the future.

"Hey, Kagome, what are you smiling about?"

Turning Kagome looked up into the warm chestnut eyes of her closest friend at the academy: Ryuji "Bon" Suguro. Ryuji had a beautiful mind, and spirit, but one look at the delinquent-looking adolescence would have anyone walking in the opposite direction. Several piercings marked his ears, while his brown hair was styled shaggily atop his head, a small amount of facial hair graced his chin and jaw. He looked like a punk, and perhaps he did it on purpose, but she could feel the gentle pulse of his soul and witnessed his absurd brilliance when they spoke.

She beamed happily at the taller boy. "I was just thinking about my family," it wasn't exactly a lie. Kagome often thought of them, her demonic and human family, it was hard being without them, but at least she had Kirara.

As if sensing her thoughts, the neko purred from her place on the girl's shoulder, gently butting her head against Kagome's jaw.

"Breaks about to start, and then we'll be starting high school," he grinned, hand falling to scratch behind Kirara's ears, making the feline purr loudly in greeting.

They both had entered True-cross's cram-school about the same time, while he would be coming to the school as a high schooler. Because they were always in the same class, it made sense that they became at least civil with one another, but Kagome had been the one to change that to friendship. They were the other's only friend while in school.

"You said your friends would be joining you this year," even though she was happy for him, to be with his childhood friends, she feared that their friendship would fade because of it, they were only cram-school friends after all. Kagome had left behind her human friends, not wanting to pull them into her complicated life, which made him her only friend outside her pack.

He nodded. "Konekomaru Miwa and Renzo Shima, they've been my friends since I was little,"

She offered a small smile. "And they'll be joining the cram school?"

He smiled back. "Yeah, though I doubt they know what they want to be," The boy was brilliant but had held off on much of his schooling so that the three would become exorcists together, he only went to the cram-school part-time leaving him as a temptaint-less page. So to him, Kirara was a cat, not a familiar, he couldn't see her demonic attributes.

She laughed nervously. "Unlike you Bon, I still haven't decided on what Meister I am going for," her eyes going to the book in front of her. Today in class, they would be going over the five Meister categories. There were several that she could do and that would come naturally to her (Doctor, Dragoon, Knight, and Tamer), but had yet to make a decision -probably need to talk to Sesshomaru- unlike Ryuji who was going for Aria and Dragoon.

"I'm sure it will come to you. Personally, I think you'd make a good doctor. I swear you can heal people with a touch," he praised, taking the seat next to her.

Kagome blushed, a nervous laugh escaping her. It only seemed that way because it was true. The young priestess technically had almost six years of training, five in the feudal era, and her miko powers gave her the ability to heal and purify with a literal touch to a person. "You give me too much praise,"

"Not at all," without her notice, heat rose into his cheeks, giving them a pink hue. "You deserve it, and besides we'd make a good team no matter what you pick because I'll always have your back,"

Both teens were now blushing, even as they continued, as usual, completing their regular homework before going over their extracurricular schoolwork for the day.

Time passed quickly, and soon, the class was in session. With it being the last class before the break, the teens were forced to say goodbye when it ended. Next time they saw the other, they'd be in their first year of high school.

Turning away Bon went home while Kagome went to her private dorm, no one knew as Mephisto pulled some strings to do it upon Sesshomaru's request; so he and their pack could come and go as they please.

Arriving at her room, Kirara riding her shoulder, Kagome was surprised to find not only Sesshomaru but Mephisto. The first sat in her chair, regal even in such a plain setting, his eerie beauty visible to the world without a seal hiding his youkai. While the other sat atop her desk with his legs crossed with his usual air of mischief shrouding his aura.

"Hello Kaggie-chan," Mephisto greeted cheekily. Kagome growled lowly in warning at the demon, a fang spilling over her bottom lip.

Before she could reprimand the Demon King of Time, Sesshomaru raised his hand, stopping the fight before it could begin. "Now is not the time for your bickering,"

"It's more like a lovers-quarrel," Mephisto sighed dramatically, again Kagome growled.

"Enough," raising his voice, Kagome froze while Mephisto wilted in his position taking on a pout.

"My apologies, what can I do for you, Sesshomaru?"

"You will be taking the exorcist exam," Golden eyes narrowing. "Tonight,"

"What!? Why?"

This is where Mephisto piped up. "I'll be requiring you as an exorcist rather shortly, and it would make things much easier for me Kaggie-chan to have an exorcist I can trust. I'll be able to use you as a spy on top of already being a spy! A double spy!"

Her brow twitched, a hand coming to cradle her forehead already able to feel the beginnings of a migraine. "Please explain,"

"As an exorcist, you will have more privileges, and be trusted with high-security information," a glimmer spread across his emerald eyes making her nervous at the maliciousness they held.

"And because I order you to," Sesshomaru added, eyes hard showing she had no choice.

With a sad sigh, Kagome nodded. "Can I at least have a real answer Mephisto? What's so important you could only trust me-" she made a quick gesture to herself and Sesshomaru "-us?"

Kagome shivered at the look in his eyes; it was dark and foreboding, inspiring a deep feeling of dread within her stomach. She swallowed thickly at the coy but equally mischievous smirk twisting his face. For as much as she disliked the demon, this was the first time he had even inspired genuine fear in her. "The son of Satan will need a friend and teacher,"

Her eyes grew to the size of saucers, her shoulders trembling. There wasn't a real satan, not in the biblical sense, right?

"You'll test as a doctor, and a Knight for the Exam," Wide blue eyes narrowed, pulling herself from her shocked state. A fanged smirk challengingly her with gold eyes beaming mirthfully back at her. "That is if you remember your way around a sword,"

She smirked, eyes alit with matching mirth. Whatever the challenge, she would face it head-on to protect her family.