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Your Last Chance

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"Oso, how slow can you fucking be? Wanna spend half a year in juvie?"

Light raindrops drizzled down from the dark sky, as the streetlights illuminated the empty roads and alleyways, including the one Osomatsu was running through with his friend. Sirens were blaring in the distance as Osomatsu's childhood friend managed to complain between huffs about how this wasn't the best way to earn a living, how they were still underage and whatnot, like he did every time after a petty theft like this. Oso didn't really mind it. Or care. It wasn't his job to please the guy anyway. He made his own conscious decision to join Oso on these trips. Besides Osomatsu had his own reasons to do what he did. He didn't feel the need to justify them right now, or ever. They were his business and his business alone. Telling his brothers wasn't remotely tempting either, because of their overall opinion on him anyway.Which simply spoken wasn't the best... Though in all honestly Osomatsu found it justified. He wasn't some golden boy. That was Jyushimatsu's and Choromatsu's job, hell even Kara's.

After a few minutes of running, they slowed to a mere haste walking speed. The rucksack on Oso's back was starting to hurt his shoulders from all the jumpiness in running anyway. They'd gone through their mapped alleyways by now and were on the edge of the industry and manufacturing part of their neighbouring city. As cold gusts of wind blew through Oso's scruffy hair, his heart settled down from the chase, and his body recovered to a semi-normal state. His mind was still racing, but that was for many reasons. Osomatsu turned to look at his friend.

"Chill- There's no hurry. The cops clearly have no idea where the hell we went. Just gotta get back to the car, ditch it somewhere and walk back to where the guy said we'd meet up. Easy." Osomatsu exclaimed, gaining a judgemental look from Taikichi (Just Taiki between the boys)

“Okay I understand you want acceptance and credit from this guy, what was his name? Like Katsuki or Katechi or whatever.. But this is the third fucking errand this week. He can go steal his own beers if he wants. He doesn’t look like some average go-getter. Oso think ahead for fucks sake-”

“Language! Geez you’re gonna end up teaching some fucking kids some real fucking bad words!” Oso interrupted, trying his hardest to look deeply offended. The atmosphere tensed up momentarily as a hard punch rammed Osomatsu in the shoulder, derailing his balance. A sheepish chuckle escaped him as a response.

“Maaan- Okay I deserved that..”

The piercing set of eyes finally stopped staring directly into Osomatsu’s soul, and after a few moments the atmosphere felt a whole lot lighter. A mental sigh escaped Oso. Okay, back to the situation at hand. Where the hell was the car-

"Uh Taiki, where did you park after I went ahead?"

Taiki looked around for a moment. "Oh yeah, I actually backed up a bit further, back to where the woods were. Because if you had actually thought with your brain instead of your ass, you would've known that there's an active police patrol area right over fucking there."

Osomatsu looked to where Taiki was pointing and huh, there indeed was a perfect place for a police car to be. Right next to the road behind a large tree. The exact kind of place you'd expect a police officer to watch over who's going too fast or clearly driving drunk (which was something Osomatsu pleaded guilty for more than once. Though he never got far, mainly because no one let him drive over 500 meters) Osomatsu felt a small jab in his chest. Did he seriously overlook this..? This was painfully obvious. He just let out a pained laugh of defeat.

"Haha, yeah.. Probably should've seen that.. But ah well good that one of us has a brain."

"Osomatsu, you have a brain. You just choose not to use it. Either under the influence of God knows what or just because why not."


Osomatsu wasn't quite sure what to answer, so he didn't. Only response he could bother with was a cheeky grin and rub beneath his nose.

Time passed and it wasn't too long until the duo reached their parked vehicle. A basic stolen car. There wasn't anything really special about it, which was probably for the better since they were trying to stay under the eyes of the law, or well, as best they could. The rainy drizzle had stopped by then and honestly the air almost felt warmer as well. They hopped in the car, chucking their loot-filled rucksack aside. Osomatsu pulled out a folded magazine from his back pocket.



Osomatsu unfolded the magazine and threw it onto his lap. It had a large array of naked women in many clearly seductive poses.

“Osomatsu, what the fuck- You thirsty piece of shit. Where did you even find this? There weren’t any on the shelves.”

“You checked for them on the shelves, eh?” This earned Osomatsu another hard smack. He whined in pain.

“Don’t hit the grand onii-chan! Okay but in all seriousness, it was just laying behind the counter. I think I stole the shopkeepers secret stash...”


Taiki let out a shitty chuckle. Oso couldn’t help but giggle along. The idea of the old man merely wanting relief after another crappy day of working at a low-class convenience store for minimum wage, only to find that his single pride and joy has been snatched was somehow oddly funny to think about. Especially considering the guy was clearly in his 50’s, single and had absolutely no motivation for his job. He was already balding as well which just amplified his perverted old man look. Osomatsu's grin quickly turned into a grimace at the thought. It wasn't that pleasant to think about after all.

After a moment of silence and a few deep breaths Taiki sent a look at Osomatsu.

"You sure we got everything? Did everything on the checklist?"

The duo had made up a mental checklist long ago. It was one they made a habit to go through after doing an errand, just to make sure they didn't make any stupid mistakes. They had made some fatal ones before and had gotten out of those situations by sheer luck. Taiki for one had really taken it to heart and forced the checklist each and every time, sometimes so much as to a fault. On the other hand, Osomatsu had always been the one to take more risks and was generally better at making fast decisions. He was reckless, but he could be smart about it. Though, his plans were less thought out and he was far more prone to idiotic mistakes. The two boys balanced each other out well.

"Uh, yeah I think we did everything. We didn't leave any stupid trails or crap."

Taiki appeared to ponder for a while and nodded to confirm. He pulled out the stolen car key they had snatched earlier and started the car with a swift turn of his wrist. The car backed up and the duo started their oh-so eventful journey to the rendezvous point 20 minutes down the road.