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This is the worst experience he's ever been put into. A night of patrolling with Mic ended the most horrible way possible when they got hit by a quirk. Neither of them are injured, but it proves to be difficult as this next level of intimacy is making it hard to maneuver, not to mention that this doesn't feel right in so many ways. One of them being, his crush for the voice hero. Now they are closer than ever, but he's still pining over the other man.

Erasure hero ends up glaring at the staring students again, he's fully aware that this looks odd when him or Mic doesn't look normal. Walking is weird, appearance like from a freak show, the custom clothes has no resembles of neither of their hero costumes if his capture weapon and Mic's orange tinted sunglasses aren't counted.

'This is a fucking nightmare.' The man sighs.

"Hating the new attention? For once i agree." The blonde says in annoyed tone.

Chuckling, the raven is so done with this shit. "This is an disaster. I need to sleep." The blonde quacks right next to his ear. Raven winces, wondering how to erase the blondes quirk without turning his neck. That is just another pain in the ass in the ever growing list.

"No!!~ How can you think about sleep in this situation? I need to stay active and you're not helping at all!!" In the blondes side, the arm is animated as usual. Aizawa in the other hand, keeps his one firmly in the pocket, resisting to let go of it. "Wait!! I know!! We can ask Yaoyorozu to make you a neck pillow!! Maybe we can both do what that way!!" The man chirps.

"Not a bad solution but will it work is another question." Aizawa glances to his side, where Mic grins widely. He's definitely not turning his head, the man is way too close.

Also calming his heart rate needs to be prioritised asap so the other won't notice. Surviving a week like this is going to be the most tasking thing he has ever done and that says a lot. Job as a hero? Not a problem, even after the USJ incident. Teaching? 1-A is full of promising problem kids, they are probably going to flip when they get to the classroom. This? A big nope while trying his hardest not to embarrass both of them, or accidentally revealing his feelings the worst possible way in the history of mankind. Aizawa curses the villain who did this to the duo.

"We can still try." Mic comments happily.

The two pro heroes finally arrive, despite not being able to sync with their coordination skills correctly. They did not go in a straight line while coming here from the teachers lounge, their condition and struggle got teasing from most of their colleagues. Aizawa is really not in a good mood that will follow him a seven days in a row to be sure. Why is he hiding his irritation more than usual? So the blonde won't suffer from his internal crisis.

"Good morning sen…" The class president, Iida pauses. "...seis?" The blunette blinks.

Whole class is staring at the speechlessly and no wonder, it's not everyday sight when two teachers are stuck like this. Their bodies had melted halfy together, torso much broader than either of theirs, legs are slightly taller. Heads and arms are completely untouched, but with arms they have the normal number of two. Aizawa being on the right side, has his badly scarred elbow and stubby fingers what are hundred percent him. Mic being in the left side tho, has much less scars, get to keep his long slender fingers and the rest of the arms smoothness until it meets the shoulder.

Meaning, that they literally are two headed freak for a few days. The complete polar opposites, sharing a body.

Worst thing is, that their sense of touch hasn't gone away. Aizawa can feel how Mic's tongue moves as he talks, his quirk that's safely stored the second neck where the blondes noggin is attached to, all the body functions are shared except their own thoughts. Two individuals merged messily, almost one.

"What the hell happened to you guys?" Bakugo is the first to break the silence, rest of them soon follows, asking loudly questions about their new appearance.

Aizawa activates erasure, he can feel their muscles stiffen and shiver. Mic isn't that used to the raven's quirk as much as he isn't use to Mic's. Luckily, the class quiets down so he doesn't need to keep it up any longer.

"We had a rundown with a villain who can fuse objects or people loosely like this. The effects of it will disappear on next sunday night so you're going to see me and Mic back to normal by next monday." He explains.

"Be ready little listeners!! Because now we have eyes literally on our backs!!" Mic suddenly takes control of the whole body when Aizawa is still keeping his. Disorientation leads to losing their balance, tripping on nothing and finding themselves from the floor.

"You got to stop doing that!!" The raven grunts. Mic gives him an apologetic smirk.

"Are you alright? Kero." Asui ask with concerned tone.

"Yeah…" The blonde nervously shuckles. "We have one body but two brains to signal this all!! It's pretty much either one or another versus teamwork, but switching between can sweep us from our feets!!" Mic laughs at his own joke, raven notices the energy behind it. This is so weird to feel it for once instead of just hearing the other man's amusement.

Unfamiliar, confusing, scary. These are the words he would describe this. As a pro hero and a role model, he keeps his mouth shut and emotions subdued for the sake of the kids, for the sake of himself, and most importantly for the sake of his friendship with Mic.

Biological reactions are currently way harder to hide, making this week will be awkward as hell. He wishes that someone would shoot him in the forehead, which is never going to happen when the other would also gets hurt, plus it could cause a trauma if Aizawa's head hangs dead right next to the voice hero.

'What did i ever do to deserve this?' Rolling his eyes, the raven signals that they should leave the floor. Mic understands the movement, slow and steadily they push themselves back up.

"So, Yaoyorozu? Can you…" Mic blabbers so much that it sound like he's not even stopping to breath, but for Aizawa's surprise the other fills their lungs without any problems.

The hero just wants to sleep this off, soon as possible so no mistakes can be made.


The noise of Eraser's soft snoring and the relaxing pace that the man sets makes it troublesome to stay awake. Yamada's eyes droop as his energy gets drained by the other, yawning as he's resisting to lean against the pillow between their necks. The raven's untied hair also feels super inviting, which would be invading the other man's space, not like they currently have any in this state.

His head droops alarmingly much, no matter how much he loves to see the other sleep as he pines over him, but he still rather keep himself busy and this is not helping at all.

"Pssst. Mic-sensei?" Kaminari whispers.

"Huh? Wait? What? Who?" He snaps his sleepy head back to look straight ahead. He's been sliding downwards while trying to hold onto the teachers desk for support.

"Should you just,~ i dunno…" The kid stares with interesting expression. "...get Aizawa-sensei's sleeping bag out?"

The blonde snickers. "Nah, i'm fine." He closes his eyes and slaps his own cheek a bit, feeling immediately more refreshed. "See?" He chirps.

But the reason behind that is because he woke the raven up as well. Eraserhead growls from the unpleasing wake up, body getting mixture of tense vibes and displeasure. He knows exactly which one belongs to his friend.

Mic sighs, blushing from embarrassment. "Sorry. I guess we can't multitask like this." The blonde carefully takes the control, reaching for the sleeping bag under the desk. "We can take a quick nap but you're not allowed to complain after that. Both of us have work to do but it's gonna be harder when we need to focus on one at the time." Their shape was the thing that mostly changed, even with the erasure hero's head, no other extra limbs have misshapen how they look.

The other curses under his breath, realising the same thing. Aizawa nods despite being a little down about it and Mic is fully aware why, the man's constant napping is important part of his daily routine but this can't be helped. Patrolling is off limits so they at least need to do well as teachers.

'Shit!! Will it be much of a burden to do this weeks radio segment?' Yamada frowns.

Crawling inside of the sleeping bag is easy, but the fact that Eraser's whole class is watching makes him uncomfortable. He hasn't done this before, unlike the raven who has cat napped during the work hours million times before.

Yamada tries to think it as a practise, they still need to sleep at nights as an amalgamate being for a good while. The blonde really hopes that his body language hasn't become more obvious now that their guts are united, belonging to Aizawa and him alone.

"Sweet dreams." The raven mutters quietly and goes right back into the slumber. There's a sensation of joy, Yamada suppresses it before it turns to arousal. The last thing he needs is Aizawa thinking that the voice hero is a creep that gets turned on by such an innocent words.

'End my misery…' The slow pace that the other sends makes him tired again. Yamada falls asleep despite the twenty curious children watching them in the same room.

Their heads get really close in the cramped space of the sleeping bag.


"Hey!! Package deals!!" Midnight waves as they enter the teachers lounge, giving a cheshire grin. Aizawa groans, this could only lead to getting teased about this even more than the morning. Can't she quit just this once? "I heard you two took a nap together.~" She coos. Yet another reason to ignore his usual routine. The only lucky side to this is that Mic isn't insomniac like him, they can survive the rest of the day with the blondes energy alone in matter-of-fact. He won't question how that works since he hasn't been getting this much sleep in ages, and that was just a power nap. What happens after full night?

"Yep!!" The blonde confirms energetically with a smile, the raven is still sure that this uncombable tightness belongs to both of them. "Eraser waaaaanted…" They sway a little as the charge get ripped from him again. "...and i couldn't keep myself in a meanwhile!! Crazy right?!" Aizawa's ear didn't like that last one, but it's Mic who covers it for him. "Sheesh, having a pair of ears that can't stand my volume isn't this tedious right?" Concern seeps from his tone.

A snort. "No, it's not. I'm just way closer than before, there's nothing wrong with how you talk." He reassures the other.

"Hmm.~" Mic sounds sceptical. "But i still felt that." He pauses. "Also we should get you eyedrops, those are starting to itch. Probably because you used your quirk earlier." The fact that Mic can tell that sends shivers through his, no, their spine. Getting caught by the quirk has brought out some personal topics, such as his greatest weakness. Mic knows how bad it can get but he has never experienced this himself.

Sharing this much stuff isn't okay when their relationship is purely platonic.

"Guys? Hello?~" The woman pouts as if they managed to ignore her completely.

"What is it now Kayama?" The raven glares at the R-rated hero.

"I have a question about your condition. If you look at different ways, then can you see with each others eyes?" That's too specific not to be a bet. Although it's really interesting.

"We can try." Mic says.

They both turn their heads as far as they can to the opposite directions. Aizawa also tries to shut his own for little longer than just blinking. Nothing seems to be happening.

"Nada." The blonde concludes.

The raven sees Hound Dog grumble in annoyance, apparently Midnight won whatever the sum is.

"Aaw.~ That would have been really cool." She says too happily.

Aizawa hopes this doesn't become a common occurrence.


'How do we do this?' Hizashi stares at the brand new pile of pajamas with five types of holes in the shirt. That they can barely manage, as if their gorgeous new eight-pack chest isn't distracting at all. It's an odd detail since the torso is combination of both of theirs, meaning that he would be drooling thanks to his own DNA too.

Hardest part is still the pants. When they got these clothes they have yesterday after melting painfully into this horror show, the hero duo's biggest problem might be the change in the genital area.

To simply put it, it's a fucking huge cock.

And they are both trying to ignore it the best as they can.

Hizashi and Shota has come out of the closet many years ago, but the blonde is pretty sure that the other doesn't have any kind of feeling for him. This is going to be the most troublesome week ever in his life, and that's says a lot coming from a pro hero.

"L-let's do this fast as we can." The raven brings him back to the reality, neither are really keen to do this.

Hurtful sting that comes from his friends words, makes him think about how the other truly doesn't want him.

He hums in reply.

Averting their eyes, both men tries to touch little as possible, quickly as if hell is let loose.

Managing to do it without any problems, the two of them sighs in relief. Hizashi wonders if this is going to make their friendship feel weird after they get detached from each other.

"We should probably go wash our teeths." As soon as they get asleep, the sooner the day when his crush is not part of his body comes.

"Yeah…" The other answers shortly. Neither of them can walk away from this situation, Shota even think this as bothersome.

They get to the bathroom in front of the sink and the mirror. There's not that much skin to keep their heads from possible accidents. Shota takes charge of his own hand to trace along the line where their second shoulders should be.

Hizashi giggles. "We can do a week, then everything will be back to normal!!" He says positively and smiles. The blonde grabs both of their toothbrushes. "Toothpaste please.~" The raven snorts, their muscles relax.

"Alright." The raven nabs the tube, opening it with a one hand and squeezes a pea sized paste for both of them.

They begin to brush today's dirt from their mouths. Having two heads doesn't stop the blonde from getting rid of the dental plaque, cleansing every spot carefully so his voice could really shine.

When he gets it deeper, a sudden feeling of arousal washes over them. Shota lets out an small moan, which goes straight to their dick.

Hizashi stops and watches the other going red from the mirror, covering his mouth as the heat spreads more, making a chain reaction to the whole body.

"Fuck!! Zashi i'm so sorry that i…" The blonde sticks the toothbrush back, deeper, scrubbing his own mouth slower. This brings odd amount of pleasure to the raven, hearing him whine makes the cock twitch as well. "Don't you have gag reflex?" Hizashi answers by deep throating the brush, the raven gasps. This is just his regular way to clean and rinse, to Shota who can feel this as well, seems to give him erotic thoughts.

At the moment of losing himself into it, Hizashi brings a hand to Shota's cheek. He forces the other to look at him, opening the man's mouth slightly and leaning in for a kiss to destroy the last distance between their faces. The raven doesn't resist, instead the man makes it more open mouthed. Hizashi uses this opportunity and spits the minty saliva in there, Shota shifts his head to cough it to the sink, the blonde can feel every reaction, heated pleasure that travels the skin which is theirs.

Smirking, he's still not sure what Shota thinks about him, but this could turn into a beautiful night together. Since they are already half hard, what's the best way to try his skills and relieve them. The raven might just fall for him when he feels how to handle things.

"Hey Shocchan.~ Wanna continue this at the bed?" He asks seductively, another wave of pleasure tells him how well it worked.

His breathing joins with the man's panting. "Brushing, first…" The other side glances him with his onyx eyes. There's no other words than that, but Shota's gaze speaks to him.

Patience will be rewarded.

The blonde deals with the rest of his mouth quickly, eager to mess up their misshapen body with Shota's help, giving him few sweeps of brushing as a tease. The other moans so delightfully that their hips twitches forward slightly.

The amount of sensitivity is getting cruelling, his own body doesn't usually get this high. The blonde wonders if it's from Shota or is this thanks for the mix of both of their arousals. Needy, horny, lost in this confusing but wonderful heat.

Soon, the raven is finally done after all that distraction. They hurry just enough to not stumble over, perfectly in sync as they both know how to go onward by instincts alone, getting the shirt and pants off without a shame that they felt earlier.

Hizashi is going to make them feel so good, and Shota's lustful expression says that he's going to do his best as well.