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Night editing | Un x two

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Un lays his chin against his hand, looking at Too. He loves seeing the man like this. There are all these small expressions running across Too's face as he likes and dislikes the changes he makes to his photos. It's lovely to see. Un knows he's one of the only people to see him like this and that makes everything even lovelier. This is the third time this week he has spent the night with Too, just looking as he edits. Eventually Too always gets too tired to keep his eyes open and after tucking him in, Un leaves for his own dorm. He's sure today is going to follow the same pattern but he doesn't mind. Not in the least.

"Stop staring at me", Too breaks the silence, still keeping his eyes glued to the screen. Un smiles and shakes his head. Too can see the motion through his peripheral vision and bites his lower lip in annoyance.
"You're distracting me", Too complains again and glances at Un, immediately getting back to his work.
"I'm not doing anything", Un teases with a smile on his lips. Too gives out a sigh and leans closer to the screen. They stay silent for a few minutes. The radio is playing quietly in the background mixing in with the sound of Too's keystrokes. After a little while longer, Too lets out another frustrated sigh. A crease appears between his brows.
"Seriously! I'm working!" he tries to sound annoyed but Un can hear the laughter behind his words.
"I'm working too!" Un shoots back with a similar tone. This is finally enough to make Too give up. He leans back against the seat and turns his attention to the man sitting on the bed next to him. Too's eyebrows are raised up and he seems to be ready to roll his eyes at any moment.
"Really? What are you doing then?" Too challenges with a smirk. Un raises his head and leans closer, looking straight into Too's eyes.
"I'm looking at art", Un lets out the words matter-of-factly, his eyes never leaving Too's.
"You know that observing masterpieces is an important part of my major", Un continues with a flirtatious tone. Too freezes. For a few heartbeats his head is empty and then his face flushes red. Un seems pleased with the reaction and his smile grows wider. Too opens his mouth to say something snarky but nothing comes out. He tries again just as unsuccessfully. This man.. it's not legal for someone to be this good. Surely that has to be against the law, right? Slowly Too closes his mouth, finally accepting that he's not going to be able to produce a smart comeback and he gulps. Shit. Shit. Shit. But he's already leaning forward. Too's eyes close as his lips touch Un's. The older boy is surprised but after a few seconds, his eyelids close as well. But Too is already pulling away. Un opens his eyes and takes a hold of Too's arm, gently stopping him from going any further.

They stare at each other wordlessly. The clock on the wall makes a ticking sound mixing in with the sound from the radio. Un doesn’t recognise the song that’s playing. Too's eyes turn down from his eyes look at the older guy's lips. That's all it takes. Un pulls Too back in and this time it's him initiating the kiss. His hands find their way around Too's waist as the younger guy's hands curl around his neck. Un pulls Too onto the bed and presses their bodies as close as possible. Finally what he has been waiting for has happened. Ever since that hug on the bridge- no, scratch that- ever since the first time he saw him, Un has wanted nothing more than to hold Too like this, so close and full of warmth. He hadn't done anything before this determined to give Too as much time as he needed but now.. Now that the boy was here, on top of him, kissing him, Un wasn't planning on letting him go. Ever.