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“He can’t be that bad,“ Jimin answered with a sigh as he watched Yoongi walk up and down the hallway in a nervous manner. Yoongi’s clothes were dirty and there was a hole ripped into his jeans and it certainly wasn’t a fashion statement, leaving Jimin wondering what had happened this time. He heard a few stories about Yoongi’s newest client that was giving him a really hard time. But to him they all just sounded funny and kind of cute. He didn’t really understand why Yoongi was making such a fuss about it. It was their job after all and sometimes it came with a risk. 

“He just keeps you on your toes. He’s human after all, be kind to him, Yoongi.” He chuckled softly and began to clean the feathers of his wings while talking, “Just breathe, restore your energies…and then try again tomorrow. Maybe you’re doing it completely wrong and you need to look at it from a different perspective, hm?”

‘He can’t be that badyeah that’s exactly what I thought at first as well. ‘He’s just having a difficult phase, he has a lot to deal with, hes unconcentrated because of his lack of sleep.’ That’s all bullshit!” Jimin gasped as the other cursed. He could see one of Yoongi’s feathers coming loose and tumbling to the ground. Swearing wasn’t good for angels. But Yoongi was so lost in his anger that he didn’t even notice, “He’s a mess! An unbelievably uncontrollable mess! I tried, okay! I tried a lot! I thought ‘well I have wings and he has just those lanky legs and flailing arms’ but god can he cause trouble with it! If he wasn’t so obviously pure then I would have sworn he has a piece of demon inside of him, like, it’s not possible to do that much damage to yourself and others without some mischief in you - but his consciousness is as clean as angel feathers. Not a tiny spot on it! I’m going crazy!”

“Yoongi! Don’t talk about him like this! It’s not his fault and it is your job to keep him safe after all!” Jimin reached out for his friend, soothing over his arms but Yoongi only swatted him away again. “But…you’re his guardian. He should listen to you…did you try to talk to him while he sleeps?” Jimin asked carefully and in the sweetest voice, knowing anything could make Yoongi even angrier now and he didn’t want to make him pull out his feathers in frustration.

“Does it look as if I’m not doing my job?!” Yoongi stopped short and motioned down to his ripped jeans and the ruffled tips of his wings where the feathers had been smashed. If he didn’t heal that fast, his left side would be also still littered with bruises but because of his healing powers there was nothing but smooth, creamy and flawless skin. “I talked to him like a million times and he either ignores me completely like I’m not even there - or he tries to pull me into some philosophical excursion about how strawberries can only truly have the color red and what it means for the world that white strawberries exist! I mean he’s amazingly smart when he’s awake and concentrated enough to properly think but with all the absent-mindedness and abstruse sleep talking I’m really, actually considering filing for a change.” His lips went thin when he pressed them together. One didn’t just ask for a transfer like that. It was a real act and also considered rude. He just didn’t know how else to do this without one of them getting seriously hurt in the end.

“A change?” Jimin gasped and raised his eyebrows. “But Yoongi! You can’t…just…do that. M-maybe he’s not too bad and it’s just a phase with him right now. You know how humans can be sometimes.” He came closer again, when Yoongi sat down at his office desk, wings hanging dreary down his back and face hiding in the palm of his hands. Jimin walked around the desk, sitting himself on the side of his desk and crossed his arms in front of his chest. “You’re not giving up if we haven’t tried everything, yet. Maybe I can help? I have a new protectee who isn’t out very often, so I have some time to go over your guy’s file. What do you say? Maybe I’ll find a new way to get through to him…” 

“Yeah, sure, go over his file. Go over his whole life if you need to. There’s no trauma to heal that would make him stop hurting himself because he’s just mindless, nothing else. He concentrates on his thoughts and passions so much that his mortality is just a side note to him. Why don’t you just take him if you think so highly of him, try to do all you can think of and learn how fucking frustrating it is to see that nothing helps and you could instead just watch him kill himself with a toaster because in the end it will go like this anyway. And before you ask yes that was an actual thing. He was washing the dishes and almost knocked the toaster into the water. While it was plugged in.”

Jimin couldn’t count the many times he had gasped now, shocked at the way Yoongi was talking about his protectee. He would never dare to say such things. Jimin was about to scold the angel again, when Yoongi asked him to take over. “Yeah, sure. How should I handle two protectees at the same time then? I can’t do that.” Jimin rolled his eyes when another feather fell on the floor and picked it up again, pushing it into the jar by their desk where he stored all of Yoongi’s feathers. There were a few by now. It was his own little version of a ‘swear jar’. 

“If you would have been fast enough it wouldn’t have happened,” Jimin pursed his lips and leaned in closer to Yoongi, “And just because you’re lazy you can’t make me do two protectees.”

“That was a joke, Minnie. I would never let you within that man’s reach. He might have you hurt the very first hour.” He shook his head. “Really, you don’t wanna do that. Be happy about your calm new human and visit my grave please.” He sighed dramatically, knowing damn well that he couldn’t die that easily.

“Why not? Do you think I can’t handle it?” Jimin’s voice almost tumbled over and he got up from the table. “Do you still think I’m too soft for this job? I’ve been through the guardian training just like you and I am very much capable of handling a difficult human.” The younger angel huffed in anger, staring down Yoongi. “I’m not visiting your grave since you’re not able to die, you idiot of an angel…ah!” Jimin squealed when something pulled at his wings and he saw a tiny feather slowly descending to the ground. He pushed his hands dramatically over his mouth, before his eyes narrowed and focused on Yoongi again. Trying to calm himself, Jimin turned away from Yoongi, mumbling something under his breath. Rubbing the bridge of his nose, Jimin closed his eyes, taking a deep breath before he snapped around to his friend again. “Okay. One week. Not more! Just seven days…that’s it.” Jimin held out his hand to seal the deal. 

“Yeah, says the angels who’s squealing from losing a singly down feather...” He was careful to mumble it under his breath to not anger Jimin any further. But he was worried. No one could handle Namjoon. However he knew that Jimin wouldn’t let it go and if Yoongi would stay stubborn and not let Jimin catch a glimpse for himself the younger would pout forever. At least a few weeks (Angels had a different understanding of time of course). Also there was quite a big part inside of him who just wanted some peace and to sleep for a full night and to rest his wings and recharge his healing powers and just... not be on edge 24/7. And Jimin could always request them to change back. So, despite better knowledge he reached for Jimin’s hand - and took it, sealing the deal.

The younger angel bit his lip nervously, nodding to reassure himself that he hadn’t done something stupid right now. Because somehow it felt like he had done exactly that. 

“No one is telling Yooa? Or any other angel?” Jimin cocked an eyebrow but both of them knew better than to mess with their boss, the head of the guardian angel department. She looked sweet, like pure innocence personified – but she didn’t like it when you ignored the rules. Rules were there to protect them, to keep them safe. Letting go off Yoongi’s hand when they both agreed, Jimin opened his drawer and got out Jungkook’s file and then quickly switched it with the one the other was holding. Namjoon’s was looking way thinner than Jungkook’s and Jimin really wondered what it was about that human. Was it really just because of mindlessness? 

Well, he was about to find out…

“So…Jungkook he is really soft, you have to be ca-,” The angel stopped mid-sentence when there was a whiff of fresh air and Yoongi was gone. The other had barely looked at where Jungkook lived and had taken off, not even caring about the file. While some said, that getting to know your protectee without any prejudgments were good, Jimin thought at least a little knowledge wouldn’t have hurt for Yoongi not to run into trouble. 

“Great…,” Jimin shook his head, opening Namjoon’s file with a sigh and with a -poof and a little bit more sparkle- he was gone, too. 

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Yoongi landed with a soft sound in a little squat to cushion the weight. It always felt a little strange to come back to earth after being in heaven. Being weightless felt natural to him and even though he had no physical body being on earth still felt different. He was there with earth beneath his feat and gravity keeping him there. He could even feel the wind rustling through his feathers. Which was something he liked a lot. Generally he liked experiencing weather on earth (there was nothing like it up there in heaven). There was nothing sweeter than opening up your wings in a summer rain letting the droplets caress it and then create rainbow with the sunlight... 

Yoongi sighed, bringing his thoughts back on track. he was stalling a little, nervous that maybe Jimin’s sweet nature had painted Jungkook in nicer colors than he actually was. Though seriously, he absolutely couldn’t be worse than Namjoon. He straightened up - and then walked determinedly through the door.

There was a soft yawn coming from the other side of the room and then the door opened. The human ruffled through his curly hair, waddling towards his small kitchen, passed the coffee machine and got out a carton filled with delicious banana milk instead. With the biggest smile Yoongi had ever seen on an early morning, Jungkook took a sip from his beloved milk and giggled. 

Yoongi blinked. 

Then he rubbed his eyes. 

This was his protectee? At first he wasn’t sure if he hadn’t chosen the wrong house and had run into a fellow guardian angel but the boy didn’t see him. So he must be human. He didn’t look like it though. He had big eyes that were literally sparkling, curly hair that looked as soft as feathers and a smile that lit up the room like heavenly light. If this was actually Jungkook then Yoongi couldn’t believe how Jimin could let him out of his sight even for one second.

・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

A guardian angel was always just guarding one human at a time – their protectee. Not every human had someone assigned to him, only those who really needed someone to guide them and help them to stay safe. Guardian angels were invisible to the eye of humans. They could hear them, feel their voice inside of them like warm chocolate on a cold winter day. Usually it was enough to talk to a human to make him consider a different option or another approach to something but not everyone was reacting right away. Some needed a pull, then angels could reach out for the humans. They could make them feel their touch. And then there were people who were effectively ignoring their inner voices or the soft push. 

Every human had their own individual reasons why and apparently Namjoon was just really adamant on not taking care of himself and getting himself into danger constantly.

Jimin had closed the file again, letting it disappear with a snap of his finger when he stood in what seemed like Namjoon’s living room now. Jimin was about to take a step forward, when he slipped on something. He screamed, flailing his arms as he tried to save his fall but still rather ungracefully landed on his butt. Jimin shook his head and blinked his eyes to get rid of the stars that were dancing in front of his view. Now that Namjoon-guy already rubbed off on him, Jimin thought and he hadn’t even properly seen him, yet. The angel was about to get up, laughing to himself, searching for the human, when he was met with an impressionable pair of…

“Thighs,” Jimin gulped heavily, his eyes slowly wandering up his muscles legs until it met a torso and… “Oh my god,” The angel let his eyes linger on Namjoon’s naked chest for a little too long. There was water dripping down from Namjoon’s wet hair onto Jimin’s face. Quickly, he scrambled away and up on his feet, pressing himself against the wall – only hoping that Namjoon hadn’t felt anything. But if it had been true what Yoongi said, Namjoon didn’t react…like ever.

Namjoon stopped as he saw the small bottle of hairspray rolling away and then bend over to pick it up. He was lucky he had seen it now, someone could have slipped on it if it was just lying there. And as he knew himself it would have probably be him. With a sigh he placed it aside. He should really be more careful. He knew that, obviously with all the bruises and marks he already had but after what had happened yesterday he had really sworn himself to be more careful. It could have ended real badly, he actually could have broken his neck and be dead! 

After staying too long in the shop again and overworking himself (they had gotten a new piece and he had wanted to clean it and have it presentable and sellable for the next day) he had slipped on the stairs and had fallen down a few steps. He had regained grip on the handle like a miracle so he hadn’t tumbled all the way down but it had been a close call. 

He could still feel it in his bones.

Jimin observed Namjoon closely and how the other placed the hairspray bottle somewhere, not even really caring where he was putting it. Now that he was looking more closely, Jimin could see the chaos all around. It wasn’t dirty or packed with stuff, but rather unorganized. Jimin took a look around, letting his fingertips soothe over a few papers that were strewn all over Namjoon’s kitchen table. There were bills, receipts and a lot of ordering lists thrown all over and Jimin had to fight the urge to start organizing it all into different folders. The dishes were piling high in Namjoon’s kitchen, just like his dirty clothes that the human was now trying to push into the washing machine. All of it at once. Jimin was about to turn to look at the rest of his apartment, when he saw the opened door of the bathroom cabinet right above Namjoon. His eyes widened. The bathroom was narrow and with the way Namjoon was squatting, he would definitely hit his head the moment he would stand up again. While Namjoon was still busy, Jimin leaned in. “Be careful when you get up, will you?

Namjoon had already started moving when Jimin had whispered into his mind - though instead of stopping or reacting in a safe way he just looked up, almost poking himself in the eye. ‘Luckily’ he only banged his head on the cabinet door. Hard. Namjoon cursed, so colorfully that it made Jimin blush. In his anger Namjoon threw the door of the washing machine shut, with a little too much force so instead of snapping in and closing the door cleanly swang back to bump right against Namjoons shin.

Jimin couldn’t believe what he was witnessing. He had made it worse. Pouting, Jimin let Namjoon pass with an angry groan and followed him into the kitchen. Namjoon was getting out some frozen peas to put it on top of his head to cool the bruise that was about to form and Jimin felt awfully guilty. “I’m so sorry, Namjoon.” He whispered, “Maybe you should lay down and rest a little more, hm?” Jimin came a little closer, when the human leaned back with his eyes closed. Luckily for him, Namjoon had gotten dressed somewhere in between his observations and the incident but even now, when he looked at him this closely, Jimin couldn’t deny his handsomeness. Namjoon was truly beautiful, Jimin thought to himself and cocked his head aside admiring him a little more.

Namjoon got out some painkillers and caffeine, effectively nipping Jimin’s advice about laying down and resting in the bud. It was almost as if he heard the angel’s whispers in some way, as he was supposed to do - but instead of following them he acted on them in a completely different way that would have been healthy. Namjoon swallowed the pills and then got back to closing the machine properly and starting it. Then he sat down at the table to work with the mess that were his papers.

Observing Namjoon and his handsomeness for a while, Jimin quickly shook himself out of his stance, remembering his deal with Yoongi. He was supposed to show the angel that Namjoon wasn’t a hopeless case. That Yoongi just hadn’t found the right approach and Jimin was able to handle this all on his own. He nodded affirmatively to himself, busy with his own thoughts, when he noticed Namjoon rushing off to get his jacket and keys and then ran back into the kitchen to make himself a coffee-to-go. Apparently the human was late for work now (Jimin always forgot human time was going by faster) and he had tried to stuff all of the important papers in his bag. The angel’s expression turned into a frown when he saw the carelessness and how the papers were sticking out. But wasn’t he owning a shop? Jimin remembered something that he had read in his file, but he wasn’t so sure anymore. But five minutes couldn’t hurt either way, especially if it was his shop.

If you keep being so hasty you will spill hot coffee all over your hand, Nam-,” Jimin froze dead in his tracks when the human did exactly that and jumped back, almost knocking over the cup if it wasn’t for Jimin who reached for it last minute to keep it in place. “Really?” Jimin shook his head and face-palmed himself. But there wasn’t much time to dwell on it, when Namjoon was effectively cleaning it up and ran out the door – almost forgetting his keys in the process.

The angel was following Namjoon quietly, biting his lip in thought as he observed every motion of his body closely. He was bumping into quite a few people on his way to work, apologizing in a respectful manner each time. So, he wasn’t doing it because he didn’t care but because he was literally not paying attention to his surroundings. Jimin counted the tenth yawn in a matter of fifteen minutes and really began to worry for this human. Namjoon needed more than a guardian angel, maybe a life-coach, or a professional organizer. Jimin made a mental list of things Namjoon needed to improve on, wondering if he could somehow get the human to call an agency who could assign him a personal assistant. Maybe if he left notes? Or google searches for agencies? Maybe Namjoon just needed a little push in the right direction? Skipping happily, Jimin couldn’t help but smile. He felt like he had a plan now, something that he could do to make Namjoon’s life a little easier. Maybe this was what he needed? If he didn’t listen to his inner voice, maybe he would listen to a few signs.

Jimin was about to catch up onto the human, when his eyes widened and he saw how Namjoon wasn’t paying attention - again! For the third time today and it was early in the morning! How was it possible for someone to be this unattentive? 

Jimin was behind Namjoon in a second, whispering, trying to get him to notice that he was straight up walking into a very busy street right now, coffee in one and phone in the other hand. But he didn’t hear him due to his music or  maybe he didn’t want to hear him either or his mind was too occupied only waving him off as if he was an annoying fly not his guardian angel. He tried to grab his shirt, pulling at it but Namjoon just walked a little faster. How could he be so blunt? Jimin was starting to panic, knowing now how Yoongi must feel everyday. This was exhausting! Jimin screamed internally, whipping around to try and find another human that he could use to make Namjoon stop. But there was no one. He was alone. There was a car honking loudly and Jimin just reacted on instinct. 

Namjoon had walked a little too quick because he was late to work and therefore his mind was already ahead, planning his day at work, mentally immersing himself in the projects he would work with. There was something uncomfortable lingering at the edge of his mind, something that was bothering him and trying to tell him that he was missing something, that something wasn’t quite right but he pushed it aside for later to deal with it then in favour of finishing his thoughts. He couldn’t, however, as there was suddenly someone grabbing ihm and pulling him backwards. Within a blink of his eye, Jimin had fully appeared out of nowhere and forcefully pulled Namjoon back by his jacket with the strength of a human, because apparently the other didn’t want to listen to his guardian and inner voice. Mid-pulling him back, Jimin was about to open his mouth and scold Namjoon angrily, the other turned, stumbling, throwing the coffee and wrapping his arm around Jimin as if he wanted to hold onto him. Jimin yelped, the angel’s eyes widened. Namjoon flinched, and because it felt like he was attacked he turned around ready to fight, accidentally spilling his coffee over the both of them and then losing balance from his quick turn. Instinctually he held onto the boy who had just grabbed him, making them both fall over themselves and into a heap onto the side of the street.

Jimin landed rather softly, only scraping his hands on the asphalt where he had tried to keep himself from falling. There was a car honking and rushing by fast and Jimin breathed out a heavy sigh. He felt a little dizzy from the fall, ignoring the coffee stain on his white shirt and shook his head to get rid of the stars that were dancing in front of his eyes. 

“For heaven’s sake, please watch where you are going ne-,” Jimin blinked his eyes open and gulped heavily, when he realized the position they were in. Lips only inches apart, eyes gazing deeply, and chests pressed onto one another. Namjoon’s arm was still wrapped tightly around his waist and Jimin could feel the human’s heartbeat right under his chest. His own was beating fast, with a few occasional jumps. This close he was even more handsome. 

“What.. just happened?” At second glance the boy didn’t seem the type to just randomly attack people so why had he grabbed him? “Did you…,” Could he have actually been so lost in his thoughts that he had overseen a car? Had that strange boy just saved his life? Namjoon tried to get up which was kind of difficult with the boy unmoving on top of him and then reached around to see if he could find his glasses hoping that the were still usable. He hated contacts as he had forgotten to take them out to sleep one too many times with uncomfortable consequences. 

“Did I save you? Yes. I tried to call ou-,” Jimin stopped, slowly sitting up when he saw Namjoon was searching for his glasses. “You weren’t really paying attention. I am sorry that I made you lose your balance.” The angel still awkwardly sat on Namjoon’s lap, examining the palm of his hands that already began to heal and quickly put them down, when his eyes met the human’s again while he put on his glasses. Why was this human so god damn handsome and yet such trouble?

“Thank you, that’s... that was nice I mean…” He tried to get up again, failing at the solid weight on his legs, “Excuse me, can you please get off me? I think it’s a little dangerous if we keep lying there at the side of the road. Someone might oversee us.” He felt horribly awkward and with a hot, awful rush of heat he realized that now he would definitely be way too late and there would probably customers be waiting in front of the store angry and annoyed and the doors still being closed and he would lose what little customers he had and…

“I.. I have to go!” Hurriedly he patted the dust from his clothes to get himself somewhat presentable.

“Mr. Kim!” A young boys voice shouted from across the street, looking left and right and then ran towards them. “Mr. Kim…Namjoon, are you alright? What happened?” Jungkook gave Jimin a soft smile and then froze for a second, furrowing his brows as he looked at the young man who was trying to get up from the ground as gracefully as he could despite the situation.

Great. Jimin bit his lip. What was his protectee doing here? Why did he know Namjoon? And if Jungkook was here then… The joyful laugh of someone he very well knew, made Jimin snap his head around to see Yoongi holding his stomach while pointing at him only a few feet away. Of course, the others couldn’t see him. Yoongi was still an angel, while he himself had quickly unveiled his human form to save Namjoon. He had never done this before. 

But this had been an emergency.

Narrowing his eyes, Jimin was about to put out his tongue at the angel, when Jungkook interrupted him again. “Do I know you?” Jungkook asked softly, reaching for Namjoon’s hand to help him up but at the same time never leaving Jimin’s gaze.

“Kind of new here, so no,” Jimin quickly shook his head and got up himself, wiping over his now dirty and not so white anymore shirt and pants. Jungkook nodded at that, looking at Namjoon full off worries. But before he could open his mouth, Jimin spoke, “You should maybe check in the hospital to see if you haven’t hurt your head. And please…be a bit more mindful.” The angel smiled at the human, “There’s not always someone around.”

Jungkook nodded at that, dusting off Namjoon some more and because the other wasn’t saying anything, Jungkook thanked Jimin with a bow. “No worries,” Jimin pulled at his clam shirt, “Thanks for the coffee, I guess.”

Namjoon finally really looked at the guy who had pulled him off the street and gasped audibly. He had been so busy searching for his glasses and calming Jungkook and then worrying about the shop and dusting off his clothes that he hadn’t really seen Jimin. Of course he had noticed that the other was wearing -formerly- white clothes all over as if he was on his way to a “midsommar festival”. Though what was shocking him most was the pure beauty of the younger. He was no stranger to beauty (he knew Jungkook after all) but he had never seen someone with so sincerely kind eyes and such a honest smile. His face looked soft as if someone had blurred all the sharp edges to make him look like some otherworldly, ethereal creature... if there hadn’t been the dirt on his pants and the massive, brownish ugly coffee stain all over his shirt. “Oh, oh , I’m... I’m so very sorry, I’m really... you could give it to me and I’ll clean it I promise, I’ll have it just as before by tonight and...”

Jimin had half-heartedly turned already, not being able to overhear Yoongi’s laugh coming from the sidelines of the scenery. He really wanted to shut him up, but every little anger was forgotten when Namjoon talked to him. “And…you want me to undress right now?” Jimin raised an eyebrow, chuckling at Namjoon’s sudden blush that appeared on his cheeks. “It’s fine, Namjoon.” Jimin shook his head, “It’s just a coffee stain. You’re alive and that’s what matters to me.”

Jungkook still awkwardly stood at the sidelines. He could see the hesitation in Namjoon’s eyes and knowing the shop-owner, he was probably torn between running off to his café and making this right. Also, Namjoon was really awful at flirting on top of that. He had seen this happening a couple of times whenever he had visited the little antique shop. It was cringe-worthy and one couldn’t look away nor look too closely. But Jungkook loved the small café that Namjoon had build in his antique shop, small little bookshelves on each side and so many antiques that Jungkook loved to hear the stories about. “Mr. Kim, do you maybe want me to open the shop? I know where everything is.” He whispered and held out his hand for the key, “I can work the coffee machine. I helped you before, remember? There will only be the morning customers right now…so you can…” Jungkook nodded towards Jimin and whispered, “Thank him properly. He saved your life! This could have gone way worse.”

Namjoon would never give his shop over to just anyone because he cherished the little shop a lot, it was his everything. Though Jungkook wasn’t just anyone. He didn’t really knew the boy, not in a proper way at least where Jungkook had talked about himself. But they had talked about books and their love for music at seemingly random visits and Namjoon had seen Jungkook handle his treasures. It said a lot about a person how they touched the things he had for sale. There were those who just went for the glittery stuff, the things that looked expensive although Namjoon didn’t have a lot of those. There were those who didn’t really have eyes for them at all, just passing by (Namjoon always wondered what they were doing there in the first place and if they might have walked into the wrong shop or were just trying to pass the time in their lunch break) and then there were those who came in and saw, who took everything in, observing, admiring. It always had Namjoon smiling when he witnessed a customer carefully caressing the beautiful arch of an armrest or trail their fingertips along an ostrich feather of a headpiece he had just arranged. Jungkook was such a customer. And this was why despite better knowledge he gave his key to the boy that he didn’t even knew the last name of.

Jimin watched Jungkook walk away with furrowed brows and then turned back to Namjoon. He had only been Jungkook’s protectee for barely more than a few weeks and although he had found what the younger needed pretty quickly he never once had mentioned Namjoon or stumbled upon him, even if he followed Jungkook almost everywhere in his guardian form. Thinking about it...Jimin only realized now for how long he was already in his human form, something he had never been in before (except for in training). “This was an emergency right?” Jimin mumbled, when Yoongi came closer, eyeing him from the side, his heart racing fast in anxiety. There was a strict rule about using one’s human form. And Jimin had just broken it and the guilt was lying heavy on him, needing Yoongi’s reassurance. “Oh god, I’m going to hell.” He mumbled under his breath

“What?” Namjoon hadn’t gotten a word that Jimin had just said but his mumbling sounded suspiciously guilty. Namjoon thought hard what Jimin could feel guilty about and then his stomach filled with ice. The boy had just called him ‘Namjoon’. Even though he might have gotten it from Jungkook he had used it so casually as if they knew each other. And how had he been so quick as to rescue him at all? He must have been very close and paying lots of attention to him. Did that mean that Jimin was... a stalker?

“Hm?” Jimin looked up at Namjoon, when he saw the color fading from his face. It shut Yoongi up effectively as well, who just wanted to tell Jimin how dumb he was for thinking about even going to hell, because he wouldn’t survive down there a second, as he watched the scenery unfold once more. This was truly entertaining to watch.

Jimin reached out for the human carefully. “Are you okay?” He asked carefully, “You look kind of pale…are you sure you didn’t hit your head? You really need to pay more attention to the traffic, though. And maybe work on your balance skills.” He giggled, blinking up at the taller man, Jimin searched Namjoon’s eyes while a warm smile played on his lips to cheer him up. “I’m really sorry I startled you so bad, but I panicked when I saw the car coming closer and you just went ahead. I reacted out of instinct.”

“So you... don’t know me? You just helped a random stranger to not get killed in a car accident?” Jimin looked way too nice to be a psychopath. But didn’t they say that that’s exactly one would think before getting murdered by one? Namjoon swallowed hard.

Jimin’s expression turned confused and then chuckled, “Yeah? What else would that be?” His eyes widened when he realized what Namjoon must have been thinking. “You…oh my heaven, did you think? That I was stalking you or something?” Jimin couldn’t help but laugh, “As cute as you are but I wouldn’t even be sure what I would stalk you for? Anyways.” Jimin smiled at Namjoon, shaking his head, still not over his idea of being stalked. Where the heavens did he get that idea from? This human really was…different – that was for sure. “There are good people out there in the world, too you know.” Jimin winked at the human and turned around. 

Namjoon turned bright red when the boy saw right through him as if he had his thoughts spelled it out on his t-shirt. “, that’s not…,” He tried to lie but as always he wasn’t very good at it. The boy turned to go and that was the last hint he had needed before getting the guts to call after him. “Wait! As I already spilled coffee on you do you want... some more coffee? As thanks? Not on you, I mean.. can I take you out for coffee to say thank you?” He cringed internally at that mess of a sentence.

Jimin halted in his steps and his heart sped up so fast that he felt dizzy for a second. Was Namjoon asking him out? His guardian angel? That he didn’t know was his guardian angel – at least for a week, because he was dumb enough to fall for Yoongi’s tricks. Jimin looked over his shoulder to Namjoon. “Me?” He pointed at himself, “Eh…I…yeah okay, sure.” Jimin nodded, blushing like crazy out of a sudden, completely ignoring his moral instincts.  

Namjoon could feel the younger’s shyness, gathering confidence that the other wasn’t out there with bad intentions. “It doesn’t need to be awkward and there’s no need for coffee either we could go for something to eat or some bubble tea if you like, your choice, just let me give you a little something in return for saving my ass.” He tried a little smile, actually enjoying the thought of taking the other out now that he had gotten out of his head and really looked at him and his well behaved manner. It would be nice to see him again under different circumstance that weren’t as dramatic like an almost-car-accident.

Cocking his head aside, Jimin giggled softly. “Or we can do all of that. For saving your ass I do deserve some more than a coffee right and I am not sure if I can smell coffee anymore.” He pulled at his shirt again that was awfully sticking to his chest. Before his angel instincts and morals could kick in and while ignoring all of the rules there were, Jimin agreed. His heart took a leap, his breath got stuck somewhere in his lungs and he had to bite his lip to keep from smiling. “Meet me here at eight then. Tomorrow?” Before he turned around, he added with a shy smile, “I’m Jimin, by the way.”

“Yeah, sure, that… that’ll work.” Before Namjoon could properly wrap his head around it Jimin had said yes, fixed them a date and then flirtatiously told him his name. As Jimin already knew his there was no point in telling him and Namjoon wasn’t sure if he should tell him anyways or if it would be stupid so he just stood there, smiling awkwardly giving Jimin a little wave while thinking that it was totally fitting that someone so soft looking had such a pretty name.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

What was he doing? Had he just agreed to a coffee date with a human? To a human he was supposed to protect. It was like the moment their broke eye-contact and Namjoon turned around Jimin came back to his senses. He had acted completely selfish and ignored every rule there was. Yes, maybe he had supposed to keep Namjoon safe and in emergencies it was allowed to use their human form but…he should have been back in the realm already, back to his natural form. Not talk and flirt with his protectee. Or agree on dates. Jimin was just hoping Yoongi hadn’t been around to see the mess that conversation just was. What even had happened? Jimin raked a hand through his hair in a desperate manner and took a deep breath. It took him two steps before something made him stop. Slowly, his eyes wandered up the white jeans that was held up by grey suspenders and white shirt underneath. “You know I always loved those grey tones on you…” Jimin tried a smile, when he came face to face with Yoongi, but it fell soon after, “I can explain!”

“Stop flirting! You won’t be able to flirt your way out of it this time, Park Jimin! What in heaven’s name where you thinking? I get that you had to save him and thank you for not letting my protectee die by the way but why on earth did you do it like this?” Yoongi had found it funny when Jimin had materialized to save Namjoon and then had that awkward conversation with him because Yoongi had been convinced that Jimin would say goodbye quickly, then return to their realm to take a breather and then finally tell Yoongi that he had been right all along and Namjoon was unprotectable. He had not expected Jimin of all people to break the rules. Jimin was soft and sweet and took pride in following the rules nicely to make everything work perfectly as it was supposed to be. This wasn’t it. And the worst thing was: Jimin knew all this. And he had broken the rules nonetheless, on purpose. Yoongi felt like someone had shaken his world so everything had been tumbling around to rearrange in some totally confusion way.

“I…ehm…I just wanted to be nice?” Jimin answered, ignoring the woman who just passed him and looked at him as if he was crazy for talking to thin air. She couldn’t see Yoongi. “It’s all part of my plan, okay!”

Yoongi scoffed.

“Trying to be nice? Your.. your plan? Jimin, you do remember that I know you and that we are both angels and therefore you can’t lie to me because I literally feel when you’re trying to bullsh.. to dupe me and.. what is your plan then? Just for kicks, tell me your plan. What will you say when he asks you where you’re from? What you’re doing here? What your job is? If you to can see each other again. Do you want to break his heart? Or get yourself tangled in too many lies until it’s too late and you’ll have to face the consequences? This is not a game Jimin. This is someone’s life your toying with!”

“Since when are you the one scolding me?” Jimin pouted, averting his gaze to the ground as he just kept on walking. “I might have not thought about that, yet but I can come up with something that makes sense without lying. I just want to protect him, and I figured if he doesn’t listen to his inner voice…then he has to…to my human voice, you know?” Jimin was gesturing around with his hands, “Break his heart? It’s not like he asked me out on a date or something. He just wants to say thanks and although it is my job…it can be nice to get a thanks from time to time, right?”

Yoongi sighed unnerved. Apparently Jimin wasn’t going to let this go easily. So he grabbed him by the arm and pulled him forwards, effectively an forcefully pulling him into the heavenly spheres where they could talk to each other properly without taking the stupid route of Jimin talking to air and Yoongi yelling soundlessly at him. Jimin gasped painfully, when he fell against Yoongi. Wings on full display again, his aura shining just as brightly as ever but Jimin wavered still. Every beat of his heart hurt, and the angel felt dizzy from the sudden change of realms that he wasn’t prepared for. “Ouuuw, that hurt.” Blinking his eyes, a couple of times, Jimin kept himself steady against Yoongi.

“You are not good at lying Jimin, you know that. Also why should he listen to you, he doesn’t know you it might even make him suspicious again if you try to manipulate his decisions.“ He yanked at a loose feather in Jimin’s wings that was about to fall out and then shook his head. “You know what I mean. He doesn't trust easily any more. Abusing his trust or making him feel like you played him or lied to him will break his heart if he loves you as a friend, a love or not at all wont matter there.”

“Since when…,” Jimin took another deep breath, “Do you care about sticking to rules so much, hm?” Jimin slowly stretched out his wings and looked at his friend, “I don’t want to break his heart, Yoongi, trust me. I just want him to get better. He’s got chaos all around and he needs someone to organize it so that he can take a breather. Namjoon never stops working and that’s why he’s never in the moment but always overthinking, overanalyzing and…” Jimin sighed, “I know you know all of this. I am sorry.” Tears dwelled in the corner of his eyes but Jimin ignored them. “You know I would never hurt a human. I’d rather hurt myself.”

“Don’t do this Minnie...” Yoongi’s voice turned soft and he loosened his hold around the youngers wrist to caress up his arm in a gentle gesture. “Don’t talk like that about yourself, as if you were worth less. You aren’t. And I’m not so adamant about the rules because I won’t you to be flawless - I’m just a little scared that you might have gotten yourself in on over your head. I don’t want anyone having to face uncomfortable consequences . and that applies to Namjoon as much as it does to you. You know I care about you.”

Jimin nodded, patting Yoongi’s chest softly, “It was just a tiny mistake.” The angel hugged Yoongi tightly, needing the physical reassurance right now and placed a kiss on his cheek. “I know you do and now please, go and watch over Jungkook. He always needs help at night.” When Yoongi still didn’t move, Jimin crossed his arms in front of his chest, “Oh come on. He’s just a protectee in the end. A client. A human. It’s not like I will risk my life for him.”

Yoongi hesitated for a second, contemplating if he would terribly regret it, if he let Jimin go his way now. However there was no way to see into the future and so he could only hope that it would turn out as it should be. 

Time would show if it had been the right decision - or not.





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Chapter Text

He ran through a blinding snowstorm, his heart racing, his breath hitching in his chest. He looked around frantically. His dreams filled with faces he could not remember. But the more he kept on running, the slower he got. His mouth was dry as his head began to spin. Everything seemed to close in on him. Gasping convulsively, he turned and ran again.

Jungkook whimpered quietly in his sleep. He had long kicked the blanket from himself, pulling his legs in as he began to shiver. Tossing and turning, the boy held on tightly to his cushion, fingers digging deeply into the soft material. He’s always had these dreams since he could remember. Jungkook was used to them and still it affected him each time. Sleepless nights were a feast for his thoughts, for his anxiety to take over the next day, to overthink everything there was again and again. It swallowed him whole each time. Jungkook wasn’t really sure what was feeding his anxiety each time, but he eventually figured that he was scared of disappointing. 

Especially now that Namjoon had asked him to help out from time to time.

After the accident that morning, Namjoon was surprised how easily Jungkook had maneuvered around the café part of his shop. Everything had been set and done exactly like he would do it every morning and the customers greeted him with a smile and their usual coffee-to-go in hand. It had sparked the idea of getting Jungkook as a little helper. Maybe then he could relax a little more in the mornings. Jungkook had agreed right away, having been searching for a student-job for a while now but no matter where they always told him he was too shy and too quiet, and they needed someone that was more outgoing. Jungkook wasn’t that. Jungkook was insecure, shy and only felt comfortable around a few people. People like Namjoon. The antique shop was his little safe place and now Jungkook was scared that if he wasn’t what Namjoon expected of him he would ruin it. 

Jungkook shuddered, arms wrapping around his own body as he tried to hide his face a little more in the cushion. But he couldn’t escape this nightmare. No matter how hard he tried. 

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Even Jimin’s warning hadn’t prepared him for what it would be like to watch Jungkook struggle. During the day he had wondered why Jungkook even needed a guardian (not every person had one because not everyone needed one and Jungkook had been his easiest protectee ever) - until now. 

It was obvious that the younger was hurting, way beyond physical limits and that he was lost in his own head. Yoongi had tried to talk to him but Jungkook had kept whimpering, trying to outrun whatever his mind made him see while only tingling himself in the bedsheets. Yoongi quickly went to action, carefully detangling the younger’s legs from the sheets again and then he took it a step further and set down on the bed. 

“Jungkook.” He whispered, not into the younger’s mind but very much audible. “It’s all good, my sweet boy, you’re not alone. You can’t be hurt with me watching over you. You are safe. You are totally, perfectly safe.” He reached out for Jungkook’s face and then accidentally flinched back when his fingers touched soft skin. The younger looked so beautiful as he was lying there, breath finally calming down. He was like a perfect porcelain doll ad even more precious.

Jungkook instinctively leaned into whomever or whatever it was. His subconsciousness didn’t care much more than about the fact that it did help and calm his racing heart. He whimpered quietly, inching closer to his angel without noticing. It felt a little safer there, more warm, as if someone was embracing him and keeping him from harm.

When Jungkook held onto him Yoongi couldn’t just dematerialize again even though his instinct told him to spread his wings over them and shield the boy from each and every harm. Instead he did the next best thing; he took the blanket and draped it back over Jungkook - and himself as he was lying so close. It made their embrace feel even more intimate and warmer. Jungkook mumbled something, cuddling into Yoongi’s soft sweater deep in his sleep thinking that it was just another cushion. He had stopped running and the cold was slowly turning into something warmer. He wasn’t freezing anymore. With a sigh, Jungkook fell a little deeper into his dream world. 

Yoongi kept on whispering sweet reassurances and as Jungkook was finally calm enough to let his subconsciousness hear them he relaxed more and more until he breath was deep and regular, just like it should be. Normally his deed would be done but Yoongi stayed where he was, just to make sure… 

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

On the other side of town, Jimin had followed Namjoon all morning and it was surprisingly calm. No major accidents, most of them the angel had prevented from happening. Namjoon was in a good mood, that was for sure.

Jimin sat on the counter of the antique shop, bopping his head to the tune of Namjoon whistling as he observed him closely as the time passed, and the human just went after his day. He was selling a few items, bringing coffee to customers in between and calling buyers and sellers from all over the world. Honestly, for a moment Jimin had thought, Namjoon had forgotten about the coffee date just as much as he had promised Yoongi to forget about it himself – but apparently that wasn’t the case. 

He realized it a little too late, when Namjoon turned the lock on the shop’s door, stealing glances at the watch every five minutes. The angel gulped against the lump in his throat and bit down own his bottom lip. He was about to break Namjoon’s heart and watch it happen at the same time. 

Maybe Namjoon would get mad? Disappointed? This was torture and Jimin wasn’t sure if he could bare it. He didn’t want to be the one hurting Namjoon and then having to calm him at the same time, knowing it was him who caused the pain in the first place. He was just hoping Namjoon would take it better than he would have in his position. So, he followed him outside and around the corner where they would potentially meet, watching him nervously.

Namjoon waited as he couldn’t really do anything else. At first he told himself that he had just been a little early so of course Jimin wasn’t there yet. Then, when it was clear that Jimin wasn’t on time he thought about if maybe he remembered wrongly, so he took out the paper in his pocket where he had scribbled the time on right after Jimin had told him. It wasn’t a mistake. He knew that this was the time that Jimin had told him. He swallowed, his throat feeling a little too tight. Maybe Jimin was just a little late or… maybe he had written down the wrong time himself. Or he had mixed something up. Maybe he couldn’t get away from work or maybe he had an issue win his family. Of course, a family problem would beat meeting a random stranger who was too stupid to watch out for traffic. He would have chosen the same way if he was in Jimin’s place. He know that overthinking didn’t help and that Jimin might simply have changed his mind, but he didn’t go yet, he tried to delay the humiliation when he would have to admit to himself that Jimin wouldn’t come. He tore his gaze away from the street, looking at the little bit of green that was growing on the sidewalk instead. He smiled because if you smiled for long enough and looked happy apparently you would feel happy as well. And he needed that because right now he was hurting.

The angel hated this. 

He could feel his angel senses tingling, the ones who told him that the human in front of him was hurting and that he should do something about it. But what? If he did, Yoongi would definitely be mad at him. But what if he wouldn’t even find out? Jimin hummed in thought, walking back and forth nervously while Namjoon was staring ahead, trying to spot Jimin in the distance. Yoongi couldn’t find out if this was just a one-time thing right? Maybe in his human form, Jimin could tell Namjoon to get help, to find someone who would organize his life for him, and this was clearly an emergency. Namjoon didn’t listen to him in his angel form - he had no choice if he wanted to help the human. This was for the better, no matter if he would break rules or not. Because he would do it for Namjoon. He didn’t want to break his heart, not yet - he could still let down Namjoon… slowly…. later. Jimin wasn’t sure how, yet but he was certain to come up with something. The angel gazed up at Namjoon and his heart began to ache for him, before he turned around and walked passed him. 

Jimin didn’t notice the small feather falling from his wings. His heart was pumping so fast and loudly in his chest, so he didn’t notice it coming loose as he materialized right behind Namjoon. Just a few steps away, as the feather slowly descended to the ground. 

“H-hey,” Jimin said a little breathless, “I’m sorry I’m late. It’s kind of a stupid habit of mine.” His hands were shaking, nonetheless he crossed two fingers, hoping that Yoongi was just busy with Jungkook this evening and wouldn’t snoop around to see if he kept his promises. 

“Oh! Hey,” Namjoon had been so concentrated on the main street at the front of the shop that he had totally missed Jimin coming from somewhere else. He chuckled about his own thought. There he was, thinking about a million reasons why Jimin wouldn’t come - and then he showed up, looking slightly guilty but he was there and Namjoon could have kissed him for that. Metaphorically speaking… more or less. 

“Ah, it’s okay. I was worried you couldn’t come and didn’t have a way to contact me because we totally forgot to exchange numbers. We still could if you want. Or.. we can go for that coffee or snack or whatever you picked and then you can decide afterwards.” He winked at him although there was a hint of truth in it. He didn’t want to force Jimin into something he didn’t want just because the other had been kind enough to save his ass.

Jimin sighed in the back of his mind. Of course, Namjoon wanted his phone number. But all it would take for the human to see or talk to him was simply to call out his name and Jimin would appear. Nonetheless, the angel couldn’t help but blush. Namjoon seemed nervous and it appeared that he wanted to get to know Jimin. This was literally what Yoongi warned him about, but Jimin ignored the signs. All of them. Very effectively. Because it felt too good, like warmth spreading in his heart making him feel featherlight. 

“Well, then let’s get something to eat. I’ve been working all day and I need some food.” Jimin smiled, ignoring the phone number question for now and pointed down the road, “I heard there’s a good italian restaurant right there…somewhere…” Jimin had no clue if it was good or not, but he knew Jungkook liked to get pizza from there and it always smelled delicious whenever he brought it home. 

Jimin told himself it would be fine. As long as he wouldn’t lie and keep protecting Namjoon, then he was fine. There was nothing he should be worried about. This was just part of his plan, after all - even if Yoongi didn’t agree. 

He was still nervous. Unlike Yoongi, Jimin wasn’t used to his human form and to people seeing him. So, he startled when the waiter asked them for their reservation, glad when Namjoon took over and made sure they would get a table, while he let his gaze wander around the restaurant. “I didn’t know this was so fancy,” Jimin whispered and stayed close to Namjoon. “A friend of mine orders here all the time so I thought…I don’t know.” How the heavens should he know where humans like to eat? As an angel he had no appetite and he needed different sources to refill his energy levels. Even if he enjoyed a good pizza from time to time. Human life was just so different. Yoongi liked it way more than him and Jimin usually had reprimanded him about disappearing to earth. But now Jimin couldn’t deny it felt exciting. As an angel you had a lot of rules to follow, but if you were in your human form, you could bend those a little. As long as you didn’t get caught, you would be fine, at least that was what Yoongi always told him. 

Jimin’s gaze stopped on a little child, not older than four or five maybe. The little girl giggled, waving towards him and Jimin winked at her, noticing how her little eyes were shining when she saw his gleaming aura around him. Kids were still innocent enough to see his real form, no matter if he was human or not. She couldn’t see his wings right now, but Jimin was glowing for her. Passing their table, the girl pulled at her mother’s sweatshirt and pointed at Jimin excitingly. 

“Mommy, look! It’s a fairy!” The woman looked up at Jimin, smiling apologetically as she pushed her daughters arm down, probably feeling embarrassed by her pointing at him but Jimin didn’t mind. He liked fairies.  

Namjoon had heard it too and tried to hide his amused smile. He could easily see why the little girl would think of Jimin as a fairy or elf or otherwise magical creature. The younger was still wearing all white, and not even a creamy white or different shades of it, it was the purest kind of white, like you would use in movies to underline that a character was flawless and ethereal. Namjoon wondered if Jimin was going for that certain look or if something entirely else was behind the way he was dressing. “Is white your favorite color? Or are your all white outfits something like a religious statement?” He asked him straight away.

“Huh?“ Jimin looked down on his outfit and then smiled. “Ah, I guess you could say it’s my favorite color. I think it looks good on me.” He sat down at the table and took the menu from the waiter, just to put it aside again. Jimin already knew what he wanted. “So, tell me about yourself…” He asked right back and leaned his chin onto his hand, ready to listen to him all night. 

“It does,” Namjoon nodded, agreeing easily while keeping from him that he thought Jimin would probably look great in every color possible. Even mustard or neon lime. He was about to joke that Jimin needed a good washing machine to keep his white clothes so pristine when Jimin beat him to it and asked a typical date question. Namjoon smirked and leaned back, Jimin’s approach too obvious to make him shy. “Why, what do you want to know? Favourite color? Favourite book? What I think about eating dinner with fairies?” 

The angel giggled, “Yeah, all of that, please. I heard you have an antique shop. How did you get into that business and…do you always accuse strangers to be your stalkers and run over streets without looking?” Jimin raised a finger, smiling brightly, “And of course, most important, what do you think about eating dinner with magical creatures…” He had to bite his lip to keep from giggling. Namjoon had no clue that he was one. That he was having dinner with his guardian angel. This could definitely be the title of a sweet rom-com movie: Dinner with an angel. The image of Yoongi plopping into his mind let him stop though. He needed to concentrate. He was here to help Namjoon, not to flirt with him right? It was just a nice evening out and in the end, he would tell him that they won’t see each other again. That would be easy, right? Humans did it all the time. 

“The shop?” He was a bit embarrassed to admit it but he had actually never planned to own an antique shop. It had just happened in a way. “It was totally by chance. I always wanted to make music but you can’t really make a living with it or pay rent if you aren’t famous or have the right connections, so I had a few random jobs. I found this old antique shop about five years ago, it was a little more dusty, looked a little more lost. The previous owner couldn’t take care of the shop any longer as his health was’t the best any longer, he was old and looked even older. He told me that he had traveled a lot in his youth and had actually started this shop with selling souvenirs from his travels, only later getting into antiques. I really loved the shop despite his run down state so I was really sad when it was supposed to be sold and the owner told me that if I really felt that deeply about it then he would rent it to me. Because he knew I couldn’t pay it by far though he said it was rather about knowing that his shop was in good hands than about the money. He had enough of it and too little time to spend it now. When he died he gave everything to his distant relatives or charity - except for the shop. He gave it to me, just like that. For keeping the tradition alive. I won’t lie it was a rough start because I had no idea how to run a shop. And it won’t get me rich but I still like it. A lot.”

“That is such a sweet story,” Jimin couldn’t tear his gaze off Namjoon. The more he was talking, the more Jimin wanted to know. It only broke off when the waiter came with their food and the angel thanked him sweetly, before turning back to the human. “You don’t have to be rich to be happy anyways.” Jimin added to his statement and reached for a piece of his pizza, blowing some air to cool it. “Did you have the idea to put in a coffee shop there as well? A friend of mine…ehm, he always gets coffee from you.” Jimin quickly completed the story. Namjoon didn’t know that he had been with him in the shop all day long. 

“That is true.” Namjoon poked into the cheese crust of his noodles. “The coffee machine initially wasn’t for the customers but for me. I stayed in the shop during lunch break, so I figured why not stay open when I’m there anyway. However, I still  needed my coffee so I bought the machine as I couldn’t just go to the next coffee shop and leave the shop and customers alone. I was asked how much the coffee cost in here pretty much right away after I put it here and after denying over and over again I eventually gave in and started to sell coffee. And then bought a better machine and more coffee to choose from. So again, just like with the shop itself it just .. happened somehow.” 

“Is that why you have been so stressed that morning?” Jimin asked and munched on his pizza, humming at the wonderful taste. “Or is this a default mode of yours?” He chuckled, “I mean…the not looking and doing ten tasks at the same time-thing?”

Namjoon blushed and tried to hide it behind a napkin as he wiped his mouth. “No that’s… I’m actually a little bit disorganized. It’s not.. bad, really. I just get overly focused sometimes and then I literally forget everything else around me. Including cars, even though I know that’s absolutely dangerous.”

“Hm,” Jimin pursed his lips as he thought for a moment. “Why don’t you let someone help you then? Help you organize? Or at least get you a bit of free time so you can do it? Or is it that much you don’t know where to start?” When he realized he was firing question after question probably backing Namjoon up against a wall, Jimin smiled shyly. “I’m sorry. Another habit of mine,” He explained, “My job is to kind of help organize people’s life…like a personal assistant of some sorts. You ever thought about getting one?” Taking another bite from his pizza the angel added with a full mouth, “I could help you find someone.”

“Wait, what?” Namjoon placed the fork down, staring at Jimin. Of course, he had thought about getting some help but there were so many different reason why he shouldn’t (the salary he was supposed to get from somewhere to pay his new employee, the trust he was supposed to give to that person, the control he might need to share…). He liked Jimin though. And the younger looked like he was fearless enough to dive right into it. It also was the perfect reason to keep him around and would make sure that he could see him again. “Do you have a job right now? Are you maybe looking for one?” He hurriedly asked him as if someone could snatch Jimin away from him.

“I could ask a friends agency and find you the right person,” Jimin was glad that he was in his human form right now. Lying seemed a little easier like this. He couldn’t contain his excitement though. Namjoon looked like he was considering a life coach. So, the angel could leave him some notes where to look and – boom – his life would be much easier and Namjoon wouldn’t be any danger for himself or others anymore. Jimin couldn’t wait to rub it in Yoongi’s face that his plan had worked after all. 

“I could call them tomorrow morning and then I would tell you if….wait what?” The angels eye widened, his heart skipping a beat when he realized that Namjoon had gotten him wrong. “Me? Y-you want me to take care of your life?” Jimin asked astonished, hands shaking, and voice pitched a little higher. If Yoongi would see him now, he’d be only a pile of feathers. “I can be kind of harsh though. Trust me…you don’t want me as your personal assistant. I would only make you hate me because I’d probably structure your whole life differently,” Jimin shook his head and waved Namjoon off. “I’m not sure if that is what you need.” He laughed nervously.

“I absolutely doubt that there is something you could do that would make me hate you. Except maybe lighting my shop on fire but that’s not really in your job description. Yes, I’d really like to have you as my assistant - if you want to of course. If you are used to having to handle other people’s messes it explains why you were so quick with saving me. It was probably muscle memory from all the times you saved other people’s asses, is that right?” He was joking his nervousness away that was threatening to flip his stomach over. Would Jimin say yes?

“I mean, yeah kind of and…” Jimin took a deep breath, sorting out his thoughts for a moment. His mouth stood open and he gaped like a fish, trying to come up with a quick decision. Yoongi would say no. He would scream at him not to do it. That it would be risky and not even a difficult client like Namjoon was worth bending the rules for. But it was Jimin’s human now. And maybe…if he only did this for a week , for as long as their change lasted, then he could show Namjoon everything he needed to know.

“Okay, I will do this but only under one circumstance. You will follow my rules and I will still search for someone else to help you in the long run, okay?” Jimin raised his eyebrow at the human, “But I guess I can give it a try.” Smiling at Namjoon, he ignored every bit of his angel instinct right now. “How hard can it be to take care of you?”

“Deal!” Namjoon reached out for Jimin’s hand and shook it before the other could change his mind. He laughed at Jimin’s comment. “Oh, you’ll see. I might be a real challenge for you,” With a wink he turned his attention back to his noodles with a light heart and a fluttering feeling in his stomach

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

It was a beautiful morning with the sun shining bright, the sky a clear blue and the birds were singing their morning songs. But he didn’t care. Jimin licked over his lip as he stared at the small alarm clock right next to Namjoon’s bed. The human was still asleep, looking awfully cute with his pursed lips and sleepy mumble. A wicked smile pulled at Jimin’s lips, when the clock hit 6am in the morning and the angel disappeared.

He landed safely right in front of Namjoon’s doorstep again, dusting off a bit off the glitter from his shoulder. Reaching for his bag, Jimin straightened up again and then knocked on the door. Once. Twice. And then a little rougher the third time. “Good Morning!”

Namjoon startled, waking with a confused expression and furrowed brows. It had taken him a while to differentiate between dream and reality and get that the knocking was actually there and definitely meant for him though even awake he had no idea who would want anything from him tat early in the morning. Maybe it was the neighbours and their cat had stolen from his clothes line again? With messy hair and still in his pajamas he opened the door, expected lots of things - not Jimin though. The younger looked totally cheerful and awfully awake and Namjoon sincerely envied him. Then it clicked what he was here for and that Namjoon was still in his pajamas and a sleepy mess and he mumbled an apology while trying to hide his blush.

Jimin couldn’t help but ooze over Namjoon’s naked chest one more time. He had seen it last night, when the human went to bed and still he had drooled over him – again and again. For heaven’s sake, how could someone look so good and they just gotten out of bed. 

“Koalas? I like koalas.” Jimin pointed at the cute animals printed all over his pants, scrunching up his nose. “Ah, don’t worry about.” The angel blinded Namjoon with his smile, happy when the human finally made enough room for him to enter. It was hard to pretend that he didn’t know Namjoon’s apartment inside out already, so Jimin quickly accessed the situation, letting out a hum here and there as if he hadn’t made a whole plan on how to organize his life hours ago. When Namjoon shuffled behind him, Jimin reached into his bag and then took out a to-go cup filled with some green juice. 

“Drink this, please.” When Namjoon didn’t take the cup but rather eyed it carefully, Jimin sighed. “It’s really sweet, believe me. It’s just good. You might lack a lot of vitamins…and it will help with the tiredness. My rules remember?” He tipped the underside of the cup, making Namjoon drink up, “Trust me and in a couple of days you will see the change if not…you can just fire me. I won’t be mad then. So…,” He clapped into his hands and then looked at the clock. “Waking up at 6 am, 6:15 am you take in your vitamin shot and take a shower. 6:30 am, You are allowed your first coffee and have enough time to read over the newspaper, eat some breakfast if you like, freshen up and then you’re out of the house at 7:25 am. How does that sound?” Jimin began to gather the papers on Namjoon’s desk, piling them up so he could organize them later. “I will keep around you for the most time and try and see what I need to do. You’re free to tell me what I need to help you with, it can be about laundry, preparing your food, bills or…for example this?” He pointed at the papers, “I will organize them all for you while you do your work…and then tonight we talk about your evening routine. Oh and…no more coffee after 4pm.” 

Namjoon blinked owlishly. Of course, he has known that Jimin would set up some rules, especially after the boy had emphasized that Namjoon was supposed to follow them what he hadn’t expected though was that he would get time frames when to do what and when to be finished. The juice hadn’t been that bad so he could live with that but there was something he couldn’t stomach, “Fifteen minutes for a shower? How am I supposed to do that? You can bet if I hurry then I slip in the shower or accidentally rip my pants trying to change or use shampoo for lotion. Is there room for arguing?“ He was only half joking. He knew he got worse under pressure.

“What are you doing while showering that takes more than fift-…,” Jimin broke off, a certain image on his mind on what Namjoon’s ‘morning activities’ under a shower could mean. “Eh…well, yeah of course it’s arguable. I planned enough time and if you ever need something else or want to do it differently we can talk about it. This is just how I would plan your schedule, so you don’t have to stress anymore,” Jimin tried to turn the conversation away from the shower, the image too vividly in his head and Namjoon was still without a shirt and his honey sun-kissed skin inviting him in. 

“And if you need any help just call out for me,” Jimin’s eyes widened, “Not for in the shower I mean…in general. Anything…I guess. Ehm…if you need time for yourself there that’s fine, too…I…” Jimin blushed, cheeks on flame as he averted his gaze and turned around to point somewhere else. “Is that the kitchen?” His voice sounded a little too high pitched, “I’ll make us coffee…”

Namjoon smiled brightly at Jimin’s cuteness. He refrained from teasing Jimin about accidentally offering shower help because the younger was very obviously shy about it and their friendship too fresh. He followed Jimin into the kitchen watching as the younger prepared the coffee as if he had done it a hundred times. He didn’t even ask where everything was, reaching out for it with confidence. When you helped people like this regularly you probably knew every coffee brand and machine and knew how to handle them in your sleep no matter which kitchen you were in. “So, does that mean you’ll be here every morning now? Or do I have to print the timetable and then just built the self-discipline to not cheat on it?”

Jimin avoided Namjoon’s gaze, still feeling too flustered. He was as pure as an angel could be. He had never even been kissed, except for the occasional cheek kiss from Yoongi. No one had ever held his hand intimately, except for Yoongi who liked to hold his hand while arguing with him. He never understood why, but he had just accepted the soft skinship. Apparently Yoongi needed it. 

“We can do it however you prefer, though it’s easier when I’m here especially in the beginning.” Jimin answered and got out two cups of coffee, preparing it exactly like Namjoon liked it. With just a bit of milk and half a teaspoon of sugar. “You can’t cheat yourself out of it anyways… I’m pretty good at catching up on people’s lies.” Jimin winked. He would be there with Namjoon anyways everyday - invisible or not. Although, he preferred to be able to look in his eyes and know he would gaze right back at him with that beautiful smile on his lips that showed his dimples. Looking over to the clock on the wall, Jimin cleared his throat and raised an eyebrow. “Don’t you want to start? Your coffee will be done when you’re out of the shower.”

Namjoon felt strangely emotional; he was thankful that Jimin was taking care of him, embarrassed that he even needed to in the first place, anxious about if he could pull this off without annoying the other, hopeful that he might change his life now as he had planned to do so many times before… in the end he bit his lip and carefully asked, “We still haven’t properly discussed your payment. I need to now how long I can afford you to know how quickly I need to do this on my own again.”

“My what?” Jimin shook his head with a soft smile, “No, no…there’s no need to pay me. I told you I will help you until we find someone else…then you can pay that human.” Leaning against the kitchen counter, Jimin watched the coffee drop into the can slowly filling up. “It’ll be enough payment to know you are able to be more aware of everything around you. And if me helping you organize and declutter your life is what it takes, then that’s nothing you need to pay me for.” With a shy smile, he turned to look at him and added, “Also I just like to see you smile. So, I take this as a payment, please.”

Namjoon was offended that Jimin thought that he would let him work without payment, “No way! You come here in the early morning and are practically my personal babysitter and you think I would agree to let you work for free? Absolutely not! I refuse to listen to any of your suggestions before we settled on a salary.” He didn’t have that much money, but he had his pride, “And don’t even try to suggest something silly like one coin a day.”

“Okay, then two!” Jimin laughed and then pushed Namjoon lightly, ignoring how soft his skin felt under his hands and rather concentrated on getting the human ready for his day. “Finally get under the shower, please. I need you to be ready soon!” Jimin opened the door to the bathroom with a slight bow, “Have fun with whatever you’re doing in there.”

“This conversation isn’t over yet!” If he hadn’t been on the clock (not only Jimin’s but also the one that told him that he would be late if he didn’t start moving soon then he wouldn’t have let the younger change topic. However, it would give him time to do some research on what personal life managers cost so that he knew what he should pay him. He wouldn’t let Jimin get out of this unpaid. He actually didn’t understand why the younger didn’t want to. He surely needed money, he didn’t act like some spoilt rich person’s son - and he was too young to have gathered a fortune himself, wasn’t he? He decided to ask a few careful question to find out more about Jimin’s background - and Jimin in general of course. The youngers boldness when sending him off to shower surprised him and he chuckled. “Why, what do you think I’m doing? I didn’t expect you to have such a dirty mind. Or is this why you’re wearing all white, to look all pure and counterbalance your mind?”

“I don’t…I mean…I,” Jimin groaned and pushed Namjoon into the bathroom to avoid more questions and his obvious amusement about this. Jimin didn’t need him to know about how innocent he really was. “Coffee is ready in five!” He yelled and turned around, mumbling to himself to calm his rapid heartbeat.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Following Namjoon around as a human was way more comfortable than he would have thought. And protecting him like this was easier, because Namjoon was hearing him loud and clear and couldn’t possibly ignore his voice. So, when Namjoon didn’t look left and right before crossing a street, Jimin slightly pulled him back by his shirt and raised his eyebrow, nodding over to a few children on their way to school. 

“You don’t want to be a bad role model do you?” Was all he said to him, before they went ahead after making sure there was no car rushing towards them. The angel didn’t know why the others always made such a fuss about being in human form and were so strict about it all. It was fun, he was allowed to sin a little without any consequences and he could protect his stubborn protectee. Why not more angels used this to their advantages for humans that had a habit of not listening was a mystery to him.

He smiled deep in his thought, watching Namjoon fiddling around in his bag, trying to reach for his keys when they slipped right out of his hands again. Luckily, Jimin was fast enough to catch them right before they could fall into the gutter beneath. He gave them back to Namjoon without really acknowledging it. “I like your shop already,” Jimin smiled and peeked in through the windows, pretending as if he hadn’t seen it all already. 

It was surprisingly nice to be accompanied by Jimin. Namjoon had feared that it might be awkward or stiff or that he felt watched or controlled knowing that Jimin was looking out for him. However just the other’s presence kept him more ‘conscious’ of his surroundings. When he was alone he easily slip into his mind, thinking about the day or his plans or what he wanted to eat for lunch - which Jimin by his side he rather wanted to talk with him or just observe him, the same way Jimin was observing him. And he also didn’t feel half as lonely.

Being a human in Namjoon’s shop was even better, because now Jimin could touch antiques, could ask the other about them and let him explain every little detail about their story. Jimin loved it how involved Namjoon was with his objects. As if every little thing meant the world to him – which it probably did. It was still fascinating to him how clean and organized Namjoon’s shop was and how it stood in contrast to his personal life and apartment. Jimin sighed and then turned towards Namjoon’s office at the back of the shop. There it wasn’t as organized as he hoped it would be. 

“Where do I start?” Jimin mumbled to himself and began his work, while leaving the door open. Namjoon was perfectly in view for him to see, so he could keep an eye on him. Who knew when would be the next time Namjoon would drop something.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

“You seem so relaxed today, Mr. Kim,” An older lady said and reached for the coffee Namjoon had just prepared for her at the counter. “A little healthier.” She smiled up at the taller man, leaning in a little closer, “Whatever you did today, keep doing that. It seems to be good for you.”

“What was that about?” Jungkook furrowed his brows and came around the counter. “Did you get a haircut, or did you just sleep better? Was she trying to flirt with you?” The younger giggled as he shrugged out of his jacket and put on his little apron.

“That’s.. uh that’ was nothing. Just Mrs. Kim being friendly.” He didn’t want to tell Jungkook that Jimin was helping him right away. He didn’t want to spoil or ruin it because what if it didn’t work out as planned? Or what if he couldn’t answer Kook’s questions or would get embarrassed, stuttering something that would only make it worse. Jungkook was still a very new addition to his shop and he needed to get used to someone talking to him differently than in a customer/seller relationship. On the other hand it would be pretty hard to hide it considering that Jimin was literally behind them working and Jungkook wasn’t stupid so he would find out so what - or rather who - helped him figure things out therefore having him look more relaxed.

Jimin had been working all morning, going through almost half of Namjoon’s bills and documents. It wasn’t too badly organized. As it seemed, Namjoon had once tried to keep a track on everything and then literally lost control. But at least you could see the desk now again and it wasn’t hiding under a pile of papers and trash. Maybe Namjoon could finally get some work done in his actual office for once again. Jimin looked proudly at his result, nodding with a satisfied hum.

Meanwhile Jungkook was sitting at the corner of the coffee shop, tongue out in concentration as he cleaned up a dainty little brooch. The younger loved his job already. It was calm and quiet, and he could sit in his favorite chair in the corner by the bookshelf while working, because Namjoon didn’t mind as long as his task was done. Pulling his knees in, Jungkook held up the brooch to make sure that he was getting every spot, not noticing how a certain guardian was observing him just as closely.

“Joon,” Jimin’s voice came up from behind him and Namjoon instantly turned around to him. “Could you maybe…” The angels voice dropped and so did almost the box that he was carrying that was filled to the brim with old papers inside.

Jimin had completely forgotten about Jungkook…and Yoongi. 

Yoongi was standing behind the chair that Jungkook sat in, leaning onto the backrest and watching intently as Jungkook did his work with patience and concentration. When Jimin came into the room he turned, looking at him with a deadpan stare that basically spelled out ‘Did you really think I wouldn’t notice? How stupid do you think I am?’ before pointedly looking at the box and papers in Jimin’s arms. When he spoke his voice sounded calm but there was an underlying tension in it. 

“Do you mind explaining what exactly you are doing here, sweetheart?”

Yoongi had been looking at the younger in front of him as If he was staring at art in a museum – that was until he turned around and saw Jimin. Who wasn’t invisible like him, but very much just in reach for Namjoon to touch. Jimin flinched, when Namjoon did exactly that and reached for his arm in worry but Jimin quickly blinded him with a smile. Ignoring Yoongi completely, Jimin pointed towards the office. “It’s halfway done but…ehm I need some more supplies from the shop. I need a few more binders and…you can get them tomorrow or whenever…I don’t care.” He gave Namjoon a list and then nodded at the box in his hands, voice tumbling over, “I’ll throw these out into the containers. I’ll be right back.” His smile wavered nervously, glancing over to Yoongi, mouthing a quick ‘I can explain’ before he turned around.

Jimin hurried down the small hallway that lead towards the back door, holding onto the box so tightly that it turned his knuckles white. But he didn’t even make it further, because Yoongi was leaning against the door already, raised eyebrow and all, looking Jimin up and down. 

“It’s not what it looks like, Yoongi!” Jimin whispered, nervously peeking over his shoulder to Namjoon and back. “I told you I have a plan! You don’t have to worry about me. I have it under control…,” The angel wasn’t even giving Yoongi a chance to scold him first. “It’s just for a couple of days…”

“You can be lucky that you’re in human form cause you would have lost a lot of feathers for that. Three lies at least and all with a straight face. You’re getting better Jimin. Who knew that our innocent little angel from heaven could act so selfishly and risk so much just for hanging out with that cute human. If I had known Namjoon was your type I would have warned you. So, tell me then, what’s your plan? You going to seduce him, see what it feels like to touch a human and be touched by them in return? Is that what you’re looking for? If yes you could have told me, there’s a much easier way to do that.” Yoongi’s words were sharp, the disappointment clear on his face. Not because of what Jimin might or might not want - but because he was so blatantly lying to him.

“What? I’m not…that’s not why I’m doing this,“ Jimin blushed like crazy, as if someone had poured a whole bucket of red paint over him. “It’s just…Yoongi, please. He told me he needed help and if his life and surroundings would just be a little more organized then he could improve so much. Be a little more self-aware because he got the time for himself then!“ Jimin adjusted the hold around the box again as it was getting heavier, “What is the worst that can happen anyways?“”

Yoongi huffed. ”You are a guardian angel, Jimin! Not a housekeeper! You are not supposed to even talk to Namjoon let alone accompany trough his day and take care of his mess. He will depend on you! On someone that’s not human and doesn’t even have the basic requirements to be human. You don’t have parents. You won’t run out of time. You don’t need money or fear human illnesses - sooner or later you will mess something up and if Namjoon finds out you’re an angel it might completely fuck him up. you never know how humans react. Some literally go crazy over seeing us. Others think it’s their duty to spread that knowledge and might end up in a psych ward. This is all something that could happen to Namjoon. Just because you want to be ‘nice’ and help him. It doesn’t work like that, Minnie. You know that.”

Jimin’s eyes filled with tears, biting onto his lip hard while he tried to come up with something he could say but there was nothing. Yoongi was right. Maybe he had run into his headfirst, his heart deciding over his good conscience. He had messed up. “B-but he counts on me now.“ Jimin gulped, his voice barely a whisper. “I’ll make it right, I promise. I will.“ Jimin was shaking, eyes avoiding Yoongi’s hard stare. “Namjoon will be fine, please trust me. Nothing will happen.“

Yoongi sighed deeply. His voice was soft when he answered, heart aching because he could feel the younger hurting. “You don’t know that Jimin. Namjoon only has one lifetime. You better make sure it’s a happy one. And please remind yourself that we just switched for a little while. You will have to go back to our own protectee eventually.” He didn’t like that thought ever as Jungkook was like the perfect human to watch - but rules where rules and if anyone would find out that they were guarding the ‘wrong’ person each then they would be in a lot of trouble. 

All of them.

“I won’t let anything happen to him and I know. I know I have to get back to Jungkook eventually…I…,” Jimin sighed, “Let me handle this, okay? I will be back at night in heaven and then we can talk okay? We can figure this out?” The last sentence was more of a question, silently asking for Yoongi’s help in this. “I do like Namjoon.” Jimin looked over his shoulder, “As a friend, I mean. He’s kind. And yes, he’s cute, too. Apropos cute…how is Jungkook doing? Did he have nightmares, yet? Did you talk to him then? You know reading him a story does help a lot.” Jimin tried to change topics quickly. But Yoongi couldn’t answer because they were interrupted by a voice. 

“Jimin?” Namjoon stuck his head out the door and looked at them, only seeing Jimin of course. With furrowed brows he looked at Jimin’s hands where there was no phone or radio or anything else that would have explained the talking. “Who are you talking to?” He had worried a little when Jimin hadn’t showed up and so he had gone and looked for him. “Jungkook is going to get us lunch. Do you want something?” With a glimmer and a silent flap of his wings Yoongi was gone, ready to guard Jungkook on his way.

Jimin didn’t look at him, trying to blink away the tears and instead finally dumped the papers into the container. “Ehm…myself, I tend to do that sometimes.” He chuckled nervously, wiping his dirty hands off on his jeans and then turned to Namjoon. “Don’t you do that, too? Am I the only person who does that?” Jimin faked another laugh and pushed Namjoon inside again. “I don’t need anything. I’m fine.” 

Jimin peeked over his shoulder once more, trying to see if Yoongi was still there but the guardian had effectively ignored his questions and went after the young boy. Guilt was lying heavy on his mind and heart now and Jimin felt awful. He had lied so easily to Yoongi as if it meant nothing. Usually he was the more pure angel, the one who never lied or had been selfish. How could one human turn his morals completely upside down like that. Jimin hadn’t considered any consequences. He just wanted to help the human with the kind eyes and smile. But now he felt lost, not sure on how to make it out of this mess. Maybe tonight, when he’s gotten some rest up on his cloud with Yoongi, maybe then it would be alright again and he’d find a solution. As long as it didn’t involve hurting Namjoon. With a storm of thoughts in his mind, Jimin had retreated into the shop’s office again, watching over his human from afar and yet, it was a way of hiding a little, to get some more time for himself and think about what Yoongi had said and still keep his promise.

It was the longest day he ever remembered, even if time didn’t exist for him.

“Do I really not know you?” Jungkook pointed at Jimin and rubbed his chin in thought with the other, while Namjoon was busy locking up the shop that evening. “I feel like I’ve seen you around…are you sure we never met?” 

Jimin’s eyes fell onto Yoongi, who gave him the ‘don’t make it more complicated’ - look but the angel just shook his head as an answer. “No, my face is pretty ordinary, maybe you only think that you did but it wasn’t really me.” He waved the younger goodbye, eyes flickering over to Yoongi who gave him another warning glance. 

Jimin still felt awful, nonetheless he reached out for Namjoon on their way home, pulling him closer instinctively, when he almost bumped into a lamppost while being busy on his phone and switched sides with him a few minutes later, when the human tripped and lost his balance, barely keeping him from tumbling onto the street (again). He sighed in relief, when they finally made it home to his apartment. 

With a pleased sigh Namjoon put his phone aside and sat down on the couch. “What a productive day! Arrived on time, I didn’t miss anything, I didn’t have to waste time searching for something that was right under my nose, there are no scratches or bruises from running into stuff at the shop - I’d say your service is A plus!” He smiled but Jimin didn’t return it the same way he always had before. He looked tired and Namjoon was flooded with guilt. Of course, Jimin was tired - his day had only worked that well because the younger had pulled all the strings in the back. And he hadn’t even had lunch. He had thought that Jimin had brought his own that’s why he hadn’t said anything when Jimin had sent Jungkook away without any lunch requests but as it turned out Jimin just hadn’t eaten. And now he had to face the consequences. Namjoon made a decision, nodding to himself. “As I am home now I think you’re officially released from your life manager duties. So sit down please, take a breathe, I’ll get you a nice cup of tea to destress - I got lots of those - and then I’ll cook dinner for us, okay? You need to eat lots to make up for that missed lunch.”

“But I’ve wanted to sort those papers on your table tonight,” Jimin argued and sat down, reaching for the stack with a sigh. He had wanted to tell Namjoon that he didn’t need to cook him food, especially because the angel wasn’t so sure if he could still be so fast to keep him from hurting himself. He was pretty low on energy right now.

Namjoon took the paper out of Jimin’s hand and placed them firmly palm down onto the others knees so that he couldn’t do any sorting or cleaning or rummaging through stuff. “I can’t believe I’m saying this but you really need to take care of yourself as well Jimin. I might not be the best and taking care of me but I see when something is too much for others and right now you need to stop. Work day is officially over. You’ll only annoy me if you keep on pushing now so you might as well give in and enjoy. I’ll make us some steamed vegetables, maybe some spicy potatoes and rice. All healthy and nutritious.” He smiled proudly and then hurried off into the kitchen when he was sure that Jimin wouldn’t try to sort papers again. He was glad his little speech had worked (or so he thought).

Jimin yawned again, placing the palm of his hand over his mouth as he let out a tired sound. Rubbing his eyes, he listened to the sounds of the kitchen, to Namjoon’s sweet but a little off-pitched singing and yet, returned his attention back on the many stack of papers. Namjoon’s life was what he wanted to concentrate on, because that truly was a mess and he would try to get as much done as possible before giving it over to a real human to take care of it. 

The light outside of the window had switched on and Jimin snapped around to see out of the window. Someone had just come home and Jimin smiled when they got greeted by what seemed like their love. There was a warmth spreading through him that made him feel cozy. “Isn’t that beautiful,” Jimin mumbled and made Namjoon turn around as he put plates onto the table, pushing his glasses a little further up his nose again to see. Jimin took the plates and started to arrange them halfheartedly, still making sure he had enough room to organize further. “To be greeted by the one you love. It must feel so good, don’t you think? Like a fuzzy feeling inside of your stomach?” Jimin had never experienced love, nor intimacy and still there was nothing more he yearned for. Perhaps it was why Yoongi was so protective of Jimin. 

“Yeah, it’s nice.” Namjoon placed glasses and water on the table and then cocked his head realizing a little late that Jimin’s words had sounded a little off. “You.. kinda made it sound like you never had that before?” He dared to ask, gentle and soft in case this was a vulnerable topic for Jimin.

Jimin shook his head, cheeks blushing lightly, fumbling around with the papers in his hands. “My life…it’s complicated.” He said and looked outside again, but the light was out. He brought his attention back onto the papers, glad when Namjoon didn’t poke further but understood that this probably was something Jimin didn’t want to talk about or couldn’t. Not yet, at least.

The exhaustion washed over Jimin like big waves over a shore and they were pulling him under quick. As an angel, you didn’t need food or water to survive but you needed enough energy, through rest, physical closeness or just being with other angels. Nonetheless, the human form is demanding its nutrition. And today, Jimin had none of that.

He listened carefully, hoping that Namjoon was too busy to notice that he would vanish now. He couldn’t stay any longer. He could feel his body giving up and although it was the worst timing (Jimin really wanted to spend that dinner with Namjoon), he needed to go now or else he wouldn’t make it. 

Closing his eyes, Jimin tried to concentrate. His aura wavered, wings trying to push through as he felt the realm shift around him and then he fell right back. Eyes wide and mouth opened in shock. 

Why was he still here? 

His heart began to race, and he was panting. Jimin never had any problems with changing realms or getting himself back up in heaven. But this was different. Jimin tried again, feeling breathless, holding onto the chair as he forced himself through the realm once more. But he snapped back again. Jimin could feel something ripping at him, the pain of trying to switch spheres making him drew in a quiet but painful gasp before his eyes fell shut and he sank into a deep slumber, still holding onto the last paper he wanted to sort into the folder, head on the table while a single feather descended to the floor. 

Namjoon hadn’t really taken that long to find his oven mitts and then bring the food nonetheless when he came back Jimin was out cold. 

“Jimin?” At first he thought the younger might be playing pretend because really who could fall asleep like that with his head on the hard wooden surface and no cushion (Namjoon couldn’t) but apparently Jimin had been so exhausted he had actually gone out cold the second he was letting himself relax. Namjoon groaned when he saw the paper in Jimin’s hand. 

“You little workaholic!” He murmured, taking it from the barely there grasp before placing it aside. On his way over to the table he saw a feather, white and downy and he picked it up, surprised how it could have gotten into the house. It must have been on their clothes from before. As it was pretty he placed it onto his bookshelf, securing it with a tea candle so the wind couldn’t blow it away. Then he quickly got some cushions and a blanket to make it comfortable for Jimin. If he got him from the table to the couch without the younger waking up then he wouldn’t try wake him either. Getting him home would be a problem because he had no idea where Jimin lived and he also didn’t have a car and least of all would he let Jimin try to commute home when he would probably fall asleep in the bus five minutes in and then land on the other end of town. It was safest just to let him sleep. They could have a talk about this tomorrow. Sighing, he placed his arms under Jimin’s armpits, using a grip he had learned at a first aider weekend and then hugged Jimin close to get him from here to the couch. He was a little worried that he might hurt him - or that Jimin would wake up right now, thinking Namjoon was trying to strangle him but nothing happened. The moment Jimin had the couch under him he stirred a little but that was it. 

Namjoon breathed out a sigh of relief. He made sure Jimin was comfortable before turning and taking the food back into the kitchen. He would eat there so that he wouldn’t wake him up. With a last look onto the sleeping figure he switched off the light.

Jimin’s body wasn’t used to being human all day and so he had completely blacked out. He didn’t notice the blanket, nor how Namjoon was walking around him, trying to be as quiet as possible. But he noticed the warmth that embraced him the moment Namjoon hugged him close. Jimin shivered in his sleep, cheeks feverish red from the exhaustion when it was gone again. His body yearned for the physical contact, for the energy and warmth that only another human or angel could give him. He felt cold again, the further Namjoon turned away from him, falling into the pit. Jimin sunk a little deeper into the pitch black darkness of his sleep, when he turned, trying to blindly reach for the source of energy again that was here only seconds ago. But Namjoon was gone. 

With a loud thump, Jimin landed on the hard floor.  

Namjoon froze when he heard the dull sound of something falling. He had been halfway to the hallway already, trying to do his usual evening routine while not being distracted by the cute guy that was sleeping in his living room. Apparently Jimin was trying to make it difficult for him. When he turned he saw Jimin had fallen off the couch and onto the floor, lucky together with his blanket and cushion so he hadn’t hit his head. Considering that getting someone from a sitting position to lying down on the sofa wasn’t half as hard as pulling someone’s full bodyweight up onto something Namjoon had a bit of a problem now. 

He kneeled down next to Jimin shaking the younger a bit. Surely he must have woken from his fall. There was no way someone could sleep through this. “Jimin?” There was no response and he was about to think that he might to call a doctor or go through Jimin’s bag to see if he had some notification of a sickness, narcolepsy maybe when the younger reached out for him. It wasn’t a conscious reaching out, Jimin just leaned into him, curling his body towards him like a cat did with a heat source. Stunned Namjoon blinked at him.

It was all Jimin needed. He reached out for the human, placing his hand softly onto Namjoon’s arm and sighed as if it had been everything he needed. A little skin on skin was enough. Jimin mumbled sleepily, pursing his lips into a cute pout and then curled in a little more but never letting go off Namjoon’s arm. The warmth from Namjoon was seeping right through him, making his cheeks glow a little healthier and a sleepy smile form on his lips. “M-hm,” Jimin hummed, hand slipping down to Namjoon’s to hold onto him. 

“For someone who doesn’t have a lover waiting for him you sure know how to cuddle…” Namjoon whispered at him, trying to get his hand from out of Jimin’s grip but failing because Jimin didn’t really hold it but rather had snuggled up against it as if it was a cushion or a plushy he needed to sleep. Namjoon sighed. This was far from ideal. He couldn’t let Jimin sleep on the floor he himself was tired too and sitting there doing nothing wasn’t what he planned for his evening. As he had nothing to do anyway he let his gaze wander over Jimin’s sleeping form. 

He hadn’t seen the other this close before (as it would have been creepy to just come up to him like this) and he found a surprising amount of cute little details on Jimin’s face. 

His lashes were fanning out long and silky over his skin but they weren’t all black, if you looked closely there were a few lighter lashes in there and Namjoon had to suppress the urge to touch and see if they were as soft as they looked. A little lower where Jimin’s cheekbones, the structure prominent even though all in all his face was on the softer side. There were a few soft freckles, faded little sun spots and Namjoon wanted to touch each of them too. He swallowed hard. Jimin was helping him with his life - he shouldn’t think about touching his face or trailing his thumb over those amazingly plush lips or… or tasting them.. abruptly Namjoon pulled his arm away from Jimin, effectively freeing himself. 

He was tired, he wasn’t thinking straight.


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Chapter Text

Yoongi had waited all night for Jimin to appear, but the angel was nowhere to be found and yet, he had an idea where he was. Groaning, he debated whether to pay Namjoon a quick visit or not, just to make sure, but his own sleepiness drew him back to his protectee. He didn’t want to stay away from Jungkook for too long in case he needed him.

Jimin was a grown up angel.

He could take care of himself, right?


Jungkook yawned as he came out of his bedroom, stretching himself tiredly. Yoongi was blinking one eye open at the movement, watching the younger walk into the kitchen to get himself some water, glad that he didn’t need to get up and follow him. Jimin really had the easiest clients. With a smile he put his arms at the back of his head, crossing his legs as he relaxed on the couch again. With Jungkook staying inside all day, he didn’t need to do much but just relax although Jimin was really worrying him and his thoughts kept snapping back to him.

Where was he? And was he okay?

The sound of furniture being moved made Yoongi open his eyes again in confusion and then he froze completely, mouth opened when he saw Jungkook pull his shirt over his head as if it was nothing. Jungkook fixed his grey sweatpants, tying the knot a little tighter to keep his pants on his waist and not fall down when he would work out. He walked over to his phone and put on some music, quiet enough for no neighbor to be distracted by it and his nightly workout routine…

The coffee table was already placed aside, so there was enough room for Jungkook to get on the floor and start counting the first round of push-ups…right next to the couch, where his guardian angel had the perfect view on his muscles working. Yoongi gulped hard. The angel had bent down a little, watching Jungkook’s movements as close as he could. The younger was absolutely perfect it felt surreal to watch him! Especially his back was fascinating for the angel as there were no wings hiding the shoulder blades and he could see each and every muscle move as Jungkook pushed himself up from the floor over and over again.

“97…98…99,” Jungkook stopped mid-movement, stilling completely when he felt a cold breeze on his shoulder.

Without a second thought Yoongi had reached out, touching Jungkook’s back - and the younger stopped in his tracks. Yoongi flinched - and then laughed awkwardly. For a heart stopping second he had thought that Jungkook had stopped because of him. But as that couldn’t be he was just acting like a scaredy cat. Still, just to be sure Yoongi leaned back a little, lying back down onto the couch.

Jungkook just shook his head, ignoring the weird feeling in the back of his mind and got up again. He jumped on the spot a little, counting each and every move and following his work-out plan like every day. Taking a step back, Jungkook rolled his neck, taking in a deep breath before he bent his knees into a squat not knowing what kind of view he was giving a certain guardian angel right now.

“Oh fuck!” Yoongi could feel the little pinch where he had just lost a flight feather but the curse he had come over his lips without him being able to stop it. The height he was lying he could observe the way Jungkook’s thighs tensed whenever he dipped down, his goin opening up to give him perfect view of his barely hidden private parts. Yoongi swallowed harshly and turned his head away but he couldn’t for long, curiosity and a certain tingling had him opening his eyes and watching Jungkook do his workout right in front of his face.

“Oh god, heaven help me…,” He half prayed while trailing his eyes all the way down over Jungkook’ body. He shouldn’t feel like this. This wasn’t… wasn’t good.

Jungkook didn’t stop until he was completely worn out and sweaty and the clock struck midnight. He let himself fall onto his couch, eyes closed, and head leaned back, bearing his neck beautifully. His chest was heaving with every breath, sweat dripping down and making him look more like a young god than the shy, lost boy Jungkook usually was.

Yoongi had jumped up when Jungkook let himself fall onto the couch. Jungkook wouldn’t feel it, not even when he laid down right where Yoongi was sitting but to Yoongi it was a strange feeling, so he tried to avoid being sat on or walked through by humans.

While he stood in front of the couch with Jungkook stretching out comfortable he was staring again, against his will. Jungkook’s skin was golden and glowing from the sheen of sweat, his chest heaving from being out of breath and stretching the skin a little each time he breathed in so Yoongi could see the outline of his muscles even more. He looked really, really sexy like this. When Jungkook leaned back his head, baring his throat Yoongi groaned. It had been a while since he’s had a human body but right now he really missed it. He was aching to touch the younger, the feeling spreading out till the very tips of his wings and they twitched, fanning air over Jungkook who seemed to react again. Yoongi stilled.

Jungkook’s eyes snapped open as he froze. There had been someone breathing on his neck and Jungkook slowly turned his head to look around. But he was alone. And in no way could someone be this fast to hide again. “H-hello?” He asked carefully, knowing that was probably the dumbest thing to do: to call out if you weren’t sure if a murderer was around or not.

When Jungkook called out a shudder run down Yoongi’s spine.

There was something wrong. Jungkook wasn’t supposed to be that sensitive to his presence. He wasn’t a medium, not trying to get in contact with him.

He really needed to talk to Jimin.


It’s weird,” Jungkook explained the next morning in Namjoon’s shop and leaned against the counter, “I have this dreams lately and somehow it lets me sleep better. Usually I dream nothing at all, or I have nightmares. But now it feels like someone is embracing me and holding me tight while I sleep. Is that weird, Mr. Kim?” The younger looked up at his boss, still not really used to call him Namjoon. “Sometimes I feel like there is someone around me… or maybe I’m just going crazy and hallucinating that I am getting sleep but in reality I am getting no sleep at all.” Jungkook laughed at his own explanation, while Namjoon hummed in response, concentrating on his task, when the doorbell rang announcing a new customer – but it was only Jimin, with his hands full of what seemed like their lunch.

Jimin had woken up with heavy bones and a tired mind, eyelids too heavy to blink them open entirely. He had gotten some rest, but definitely not enough energy especially since he hadn’t changed into his angel form in over 48 hours now. His skin tone was a tint paler, his lips not as rosy as usual and his glow was dimming. But Jimin was good at blinding everyone with a smile again. Good thing, Jimin had found some concealer in Namjoon’s bathroom this morning.

Jimin had been a nervous mess in the morning so Namjoon had let him be. However, he had asked him to at least eat breakfast so Jimin had hurriedly eaten some toast and then fled into the bathroom. When he came out he was his put together self again like the days before and Namjoon wondered what Jimin was scared off. Maybe he was just overwhelmed, or it was the relationship thing that bothered him; that he had stayed overnight like a lover even though they barely knew each other. Whatever it was they didn’t mention it even though Namjoon observed Jimin just as closely today as it was the other way round.

Yoongi wasn’t that sensitive. The moment Jimin had stepped foot into the shop he had huffed at him. “You are an idiot you know that? Are you trying to break your own record of stupidity? You try to take care of Namjoon while you can’t even take care of yourself when you’re human. You don’t eat regularly; you don’t drink enough and you work too much.” He tapped his chin. “Well, if one would just listen to this then you’d make a great human! If there wasn’t that thing of you still being half angel in your human form and therefore living off of heavenly energy as well. Just because I can be human for days without problems doesn’t mean you can do that you. I’m older than you. I’ve been done here since before you even existed and done things you can’t even imagine.” Jimin tried his best to ignore him and Yoongi realized that there was no way he would get an answer out of the other while the humans were still around. “Just nod if you understand. You really, really need to sleep up there tonight and recharge. Because if you faint and they take you to hospital - then good luck with explaining who you are without ID or papers or money or anything.”

They didn’t own anything in heaven. Possession weighted them down and it was a source of sinning; greed or jealousy for example. Being in the human world without possession meant something entirely else; it meant that you were in a lot of trouble!

Jimin nodded, biting onto his lip hard. “I’m fine.” He didn’t want to tell Yoongi that he had tried to go up to heaven and didn’t make it. Yoongi would only worry more about him and Jimin was strong enough to handle this on his own. He could do this, even if it might be just his stubbornness talking. He wanted to get this right himself and be the best guardian angel he could be at the same time. He would just try again tonight.

Jimin ignored Yoongi effectively enough for the other to turn around eventually and follow Jungkook back where the younger took care of customers. Following his own protectee right now, Jimin only saw Namjoon’s backside as the other was hidden under a table. Apparently he was searching for something. Quickly, Jimin came closer, wanting to put his hand in between the wooden table and Namjoon’s head to keep him from coming up too soon and bump his head - but he wasn’t fast enough this time.

“Are you okay?” Jimin asked and when the human looked up at him with a frown, rubbing the back of his head, he instinctively cupped the human’s cheeks. He didn’t let go, even when Namjoon was getting up, telling him that he was alright and used to losing brain cells like that. Jimin couldn’t let go. There was a jolt going through his body, energy rushing through his veins and it was making him feel dizzy and so good at the same. His cheeks began to glow rosy and his eyes were glistening. Even touching or cuddling up to Yoongi didn’t feel this good. It was like electricity, sparks flying everywhere and Jimin couldn’t help but stroke his thumb softly over Namjoon’s cheek. Something in his body reacted to Namjoon differently. Maybe his heart that was jumping like crazy now or maybe it was just the energy he was giving him.

Maybe it was different from Namjoon.

Either way it didn’t make any sense to Jimin. So, Jimin just followed what his heart was telling him, what his body needed in this moment. His hands on Namjoon’s cheeks weren’t enough. He needed more of his energy, more of his warmth. So, Jimin got on his tiptoes to hug Namjoon close, pressing his cheek against the human’s and closed his eyes.

Namjoon was a bit dumbfounded when Jimin touched his face, thinking he had something on his cheek that the other wanted to wipe away but instead Jimin just left his hand there like it was nothing. Namjoon swallowed and didn’t dare to say anything about it. When Jimin stepped forward and embraced him he stiffened up, completely confused as to where this all came from. Jimin had been friendly but he never initiated closeness like this, so he was a bit overwhelmed to be honest.

It was an intimate hug, close and personal. One of Jimin’s small hands at the back of his neck and the other held on tightly on his shoulder as if he was afraid Namjoon could let go off him. Jimin could feel Namjoon’s heartbeat thumping against his chest and it calmed him down effectively. “Please don’t hurt yourself,” Jimin mumbled and leaned back just a little, so he could look at Namjoon. This close, Namjoon could feel his breath tingling his skin. “Did you know that you smell really good,” Jimin giggled softly and then went back to hugging Namjoon tightly once more, glad that Yoongi was busy somewhere else right now. He shouldn’t see that he was taking his energies from Namjoon right now or else he knew that Jimin was too weak to change realms right now. But maybe this would help. It must be good with the way Namjoon was making his body react. “Thank you,” He hummed, no intentions of letting go off him so soon, “I think I needed this right now. Are you feeling better, too?”

Only when Jimin quietly told him that he needed this did he finally speak up, “Are you alright, Jimin? I can give you a hug if you need one - just please give me a warning first.”

“Oh,” Jimin stepped back and let go of Namjoon. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to overwhelm you or overstep your boundaries, I just…I don’t know. I just wanted to look if you’re okay and then…you just smell so good and feel even better.” Jimin’s looked at Namjoon as if he was shocked himself by his little confession. “I mean… I don’t know.” He sighed and let his shoulders fall, “I didn’t sleep very well, and I am still sorry for staying overnight. I shouldn’t have done that. I had a long day and…I’ve been having kind of an argument with a friend and I was…” He was gesturing around with his hands, trying to explain himself while stumbling over his words but eventually gave up. “I won’t bother you again.” Jimin smiled faintly, wanting to reach out for Namjoon but hesitated only to pull back his hand. His heart ached at the thought of not being able to touch the human again, because it just felt so good, so overwhelmingly electrifying when their skin touched.

Namjoon could watch Jimin deflate in front of him going from happy and relaxed to tense and awkward. “Hey, it’s okay. I just don’t like surprises. Apart from that it was fine. I like that you’re so affectionate, maybe not always with touches but with words and gestures. And I didn’t mind you staying overnight I’m just a little worried for your neck so if you want to sleep over please just tell me so that I can prepare a nice bed for you and don’t have to carry you onto the couch. Can you feel the bruises from falling off the couch already? I’m still stunned that you could sleep through that.” If he wasn’t careful he was getting used to having Jimin in his life way too quickly.

“I fell off the couch?” Jimin raised his eyebrows and then chuckled, “You shouldn’t put me on small couches…usually I have a lot of room to sleep and sometimes Yoongi is with me, so he holds onto me, so I don’t fall off the cl-,” Jimin stopped himself quickly, “…the bed. He’s that friend I’m having an argument with right now.”

“Oh! You must be very close then. Do you want to talk about it? Sometimes it helps when you talk to someone to find a solution or just to get it off your chest. Do you think you two can work it out? You probably have known each other for quite a while, right?” Although Jimin seemed the person to make friends fast the way he was talking about Yoongi suggested that there was more to them. Was he an ex maybe? But Jimin had said that he hadn’t been in a relationship before…

The younger nodded softly and gazed up at Namjoon, eyes glistening when he told him honestly. “He’s afraid I’m falling into something that I can’t get myself out of or lose myself in and that I’m going to get hurt.” It was a silent question to ask if Namjoon would ever hurt him. Somehow he trusted him. There was so much light inside of him and it had made him go for great lengths already just to make sure Namjoon was alright. Forgetting himself in it completely. “Yoongi and I will be fine. He’s my best friend since I can remember. He can be kind of a grumpy sometimes but he’s very kind, too. Maybe you should try that, too…the holding onto me part?” His heart was jumping in his chest and Jimin was really nervous. He really liked Namjoon. And he was scared that Yoongi might be right in the end. 

When Jimin’s request sunk in, Namjoon’s brain blanked out on him for a second. “You want me to…hold you while you sleep? Is this… are you asking me…” It wasn’t even being asked out on a date Jimin just casually skipped the first three steps, going right to the sleeping part. Namjoon blushed hard, toning down his voice as he asked incredulously, “Are you asking me to sleep with you?”

Jimin’s smile wavered for a second, before he realized what Namjoon’s words meant. “W-what?” Blushing like crazy, Jimin hid his face behind his hands shaking his head. “Namjoon! What are you talking about? I meant holding onto each other, so neither falls off the bed…I…” He gasped, before asking right back, “Do you want to sleep with me?” Jimin squealed.

“S.. sorry, I misinterpreted!” Namjoon quickly held the youngers hands to keep his arms down and make him stop flailing them around. In the end it might be Jimin who broke something this time. “We… we can totally do that. Hold each other. On the bed. To not… fall off of it.” He wondered how small Jimin thought his bed was. Because even though he was single he owned a double bed for the purpose of someone sleeping over - or Namjoon spreading himself out like a starfish to sleep which he loved to do. Jimin really was something, he still had a lot of naivety and innocence in him and he wondered how that came. In no way did he want to take advantage of Jimin - and as it looked Jimin had no sense of self protection. First he wanted to work without money, then he basically fainted from overworking himself and then he asked to sleep with him in the same bed. While Namjoon didn’t have any bad intentions with another person it might end badly for Jimin. Maybe Jimin had some sort of condition that kept him from seeing danger?

“But before we do that or anything or I don’t know…I’d like to ehm…” Jimin cringed at himself but still held onto Namjoon’s hands, fumbling around with his fingers nervously, “Can we repeat the dinner I missed last night maybe? I’m still sorry for falling asleep.”

Namjoon smiled at the younger’s cuteness. “Of course, you can stay, and we’ll have dinner and…” He trailed off, “Do you want to call someone to say that you’ll be away all night? Maybe your parents will get worried? Or your roommate?”

Jimin shook his head, “Yoongi isn’t home anyways. Not that he cares…he’s busy with his-,…well with this boy either way. He’s kind of ignoring me right now and wouldn’t answer my calls.” Letting go off Namjoon’s hands, Jimin turned the human by his shoulders to push him softly into the direction of the counter where a customer just had arrived. “And since when do you care about me? It’s my job, remember? I see you tonight, then? I’ll go and…run some errands.”

“Okay. See you tonight then. I’ll make a list of everything that went wrong during the time you were away!” Namjoon jokingly called after him before giving the new customer his fullest attention. He didn’t just ‘sell’ his pieces, because they weren’t goods to consume or something that you could order again, they were rare precious things with stories and so he saw it as his duty to find them ‘homes’ where the customer would be happy with them and the piece would be well taken care of.


A nice evening with Namjoon to forget about the hardships of the day sounded like heaven to Jimin. Apropos heaven…Jimin should really try and get back to heaven while Namjoon was busy and do what Yoongi told him. To rest.

Unfortunately, he didn’t make it.

Jimin had run back into the office, to try but each time he did, something pulled him back and Jimin almost gave up after his third try when he finally made it and his wings appeared, changing realms. At least this was something, Jimin thought to himself. Being in the heavenly realm would give him enough energy for now. He was still in the office though, not noticing the feathers that had descended onto the floor but instead just ran back into the shop to watch over Namjoon and show Yoongi that everything was fine. He was perfectly fine.

He didn’t need a cloud to rest on. Maybe tomorrow.

If Yoongi had known what his fellow angel was doing he would have probably been suspended for a day because of inappropriate yelling. Luckily for him - and unfortunately for Jimin - he had decided to give the younger some room. It was a little strange to both be at the shop and not talk but they couldn’t, not without Jimin talking ‘to himself’ and both of them being distracted. Each time Jimin was gone he was a bit on double duty, looking out for both Namjoon and Jungkook. But he’d rather just be with his own protectee. Jungkook was still the absolute dream. He took care of his body (a little bit too good for Yoongi’s liking because it made his knees weak to watch him work out in the morning or do some stretches before bed) he didn’t do anything high risk in his leisure time, and he enjoyed staying home. To be honest Yoongi had started to wonder why Jungkook even had a guardian. Not everybody needed one and from what he had seen guarding Jungkook wasn’t really necessary. He wasn’t complaining though quite the opposite, he really enjoyed it. It would be difficult to switch back to Namjoon after this. Especially because he liked Jungkook as well. How could he not? The younger was sweet and well behaved and honest and ambitious - a little like a good human should be.


Jimin landed rather ungracefully in front of Namjoon’s door, panting and visibly exhausted from the shift again. He waited a couple of minutes, just to catch his breath before he knocked on his door.

“Red or White?” Namjoon asked the moment he stepped in and Jimin furrowed his brows, looking at the two bottles in the human’s hands. He wasn’t sure what Namjoon wanted from him, but neither did it look like it was simply asking for which juice the younger wanted. “White,” He said a bit unsure, but it quickly vanished when he saw that Namjoon had prepared the table already. There was even a candle lit up and Jimin blushed.

Namjoon had gone all out with dinner, closing the shop a little earlier to get home and cook something nice. Now that he looked at it, it really seemed like a date. He mentally gave himself a red flag. There would be no date activities involved. No flirting, no kissing, no anything. As much as he would have loved to Jimin’s horrified expression today when Namjoon had misinterpreted his request for cuddles had taught him to keep his distance. However, that didn’t mean that they couldn’t have themselves a nice meal with some candlelight and wine…

Jimin never had a gulp of alcohol in his long life and when he sniffed the sweet beverage Namjoon gave to him, he scrunched his nose just a little but then just followed what the human did. He took a sip, not sure what to think of the taste and then took another one. The glass was empty when he finally made up his mind. “Oh, it tastes kind of sweet but…still…bitter?” Jimin giggled, absolutely no clue what he was talking about, and held out his glass for Namjoon to pour in a little more. “So, how was work? Did you do the accounting like I told you?” Jimin sipped on his glass again before he dived into the food with a smile. His cheeks flaring up in a soft pink.

“Bitter?” Namjoon quickly took a sip of his wine too but there was no bitterness, just the usual taste of alcohol. He refilled Jimin’s glass without thinking further about it, simply happy that the other liked it. “We’re off work now, Jimin”, Namjoon scolded softly and then concentrated on the food - because otherwise it would get cold (and he also hadn’t managed to finish the accounting as planned but what could he do when there were so many customers coming in the evening?).

“Oh right,” Jimin said and did the same, humming at the wonderful taste. Who knew that Namjoon could cook? The angel reached for the wine again and cheered happily, feeling absolutely blessed right now.

They had moved on to the couch eventually, some random tv show playing in the background but neither was interested in. They were hooked on each other’s lips, and Jimin just listened to endless stories about things Namjoon was interested in. He turned a little more to him, legs pulled in on the couch, giggling each time the human was telling a joke or a funny anecdote even if Jimin had absolutely no clue what he was talking about.

Humans were weird sometimes.

The angel leaned towards the coffee table, wanting to pour them another glass of wine when he had seen Namjoon’s glass being empty and he was just holding it like that. But the wine was just as empty. He pursed his lips into a pout and then got up only to waver, almost falling and bending over the table effectively. Jimin laughed at the weird feeling, the room turning just a little and the angel tipped to the side, stumbling over his own feet. Luckily he caught himself quickly and with rosy cheeks and a happy smile, Jimin announced, “I’m getting more of that delicious wine you have.”

“Woah, woah, wait!” Namjoon was up in a second. He was a little tipsy himself, enough to let loose and talk easily with Jimin, no worries holding him back. Only when the younger got up did his alarm bells start to ring again. “I think you shouldn’t drink wine right now. Maybe I can find you some grape juice, that’s as close as it can get without the alcohol. Are you always that light weighted?” He took Jimin by the hips to steady him and then led him back to the couch before searching in the kitchen for some juice.

Jimin had never been tipsy before but weirdly he liked the feeling. It almost felt like he was back in heaven, where there was no gravity and he felt absolutely weightless. Closing his eyes to relish in the feeling a little longer, Jimin instinctively regretted it again. Snapping them back open, Jimin blinked at Namjoon pursing his lips into a prominent pout. “But that’s boring,” Jimin stomped after him, trying to keep him from bringing him juice. “No!” He whined and grabbed Namjoon’s hand to keep him from pouring in juice, but as he yanked at him Jimin only made him startle effectively. The red nectar landed all over Jimin’s shirt instead. “Oh no,” The angel looked down at himself, feeling the cold juice drip down his stomach and tinting his white shirt red.

“Oh, damn, I’m sorry.” Namjoon quickly apologized, even if it wasn’t his fault but Jimin looked so lost and pouty that he just wanted to make him smile again. “Wait, I’ll get you a new shirt, something that you can wear to sleep as well. Then you can change. He hurried off and rummaged through his closet, trying to find something small enough for Jimin not to swim in. When he had finally found a soft shirt, he came back, holding it out in front of him. “Here, I think this will…” He stopped short, staring at Jimin who apparently hadn’t gotten the whole ‘I’ll bring you a shirt to change into’ deal.

Jimin giggled drunkenly, before reaching for a towel to wipe over his stomach to get rid of the sticky juice. In the other hand he was holding the dirty shirt, showing off his flawless skin to Namjoon without a second thought. He had gotten rid of the sticky shirt right away, not liking the feeling against his skin. When he was done, he proudly wiped over his stomach and looked up. “But that’s not white!” Jimin gasped and pushed the grey shirt he was holding back to Namjoon, whispering offendedly, “I can’t wear that!”

Namjoon swallowed harshly as he tried to keep his eyes on Jimin’s face and not gliding down his perfect body again. He was absolutely flawless. No spots or bruises from where he had fallen last night, it was as if Jimin had the silky skin of a newborn paired up with the body of a young Greek god. He ignored Jimin’s strange reasoning about the shirt and placed it aside in favor of staring some more. Some of the juice had trailed so far down that it had dripped down the ridges of his abdomen, pooling in his belly button and soaking the waistband of his jeans. “You… you missed something there.” His voice sounded a little croaky as he watched Jimin wipe over his stomach again, totally missing the point. “Do you want me to… help you with that?”

“Where?” Jimin nodded softly, holding out the towel for Namjoon to take. He trusted Namjoon to help him and make sure he wouldn’t feel sticky. He didn’t like feeling sticky. No matter what kind of juice. Luckily for him that didn’t happen very often.

“D-do you have a white sweater shirt for me, maybe? I need something white Namjoon!” Jimin whined and rubbed over his eyes, reaching out for the human who bend down in front of him and instinctively raked through his hair while he was cleaning him up. Leaning his head back, Jimin enjoyed the attention and soft care, a soft sigh leaving his lips. He didn’t even notice how Namjoon was drooling over his sight, but only cared about white shirt and more wine right now. Jimin let his hand fall down to Namjoon’s shoulder when he straightened up again, now being so close to him that the angel could feel the warmth coming from him, the familiar musky smell that he had learned to love so much. He smiled at the human, letting his hand wander over his chest and further down Namjoon’s body, when he realized with a jump that the human was wearing indeed a white sweater right now.

“I want this one!” Jimin pulled at it, blinking up at Namjoon cutely, “It will be warm, and it will smell like you. And it’s white.” He leaned his forehead against Namjoon’s shoulder, feeling too tired to hold himself up right now. Snuggling into him, he turned his cheek to gaze up at the human, “Can I have your white sweater, please?”

Cleaning Jimin up was like a challenge for his self-control. Jimin’s skin was just as soft as it looked and Namjoon found himself lingering a little too long where he shouldn’t.  Jimin was his helper, not his date. The younger was just drunk he didn’t mean any of this the way Namjoon wanted him to mean. He wouldn’t give into his desires. He wouldn’t taste those plush lips or kiss his neck, try to tease a little sigh out of him that Jimin would definitely make because…

Namjoon closed his eyes tightly to will the images away but it was getting harder as the alcohol was softening his resolve piece by piece. And then Jimin touched him, in a way that had nothing to do with supporting himself because he felt dizzy. He was exploring, testing… and then Namjoon found out that it was all about the sweater. He groaned internally, trying to cool himself back down. “Why… why does it have to be white? Why can’t you just wear the shirt I picked? I…. I don’t think it’s a good idea for me to undress right now.”

Jimin giggled and got on his tip toes, leaning onto Namjoon as he wrapped his arms around his neck. “Joon,” Jimin sighed and pulled Namjoon in by his collar, his breath tingling against the other lips. “I will tell you a secret, okay? But shhh,” Jimin tried to push his finger onto Namjoon’s lips but failed miserably, instead poking his dimple. He giggled drunkenly. “You…are a human.” Jimin mumbled, having trouble to open his eyes again as he held onto him, “But me…I am not human.” Jimin shook his head vehemently, before he whispered, “I’m an angel!”

Namjoon stiffened, trying his best not to react to Jimin’s sudden attack on his willpower but he couldn’t help but lean in a little, phantom-chase the youngers lips while he fantasized about what it would be like to close those last few inches. “I’m… what?” Namjoon chuckled. “Oh, Minnie, you really are drunk, huh? If I had known you would react like that to alcohol I…” He stopped. If he had known he might have done it nonetheless because Jimin seemed to enjoy himself a lot right now and he was utterly, utterly cute. He patted Jimin’s head, fluffing up his soft hair a little. Of course, you are, precious. The most beautiful angel I have ever seen.”

"I swear I am,” Jimin raised a hand, pressing the other onto his heart, before his gaze became dreamy. “You should see heaven one day, Joonie. Not now though.” He was pursing his lips into a pout, “It’s really…bright up there. I like it. Though it can get pretty lonely as an angel. When you’re as soft as me…” Jimin stopped mid-sentence, sighing and completely forgetting what he had been talking about and instead leaned into Namjoon’s embrace. “And I like to wear white. And I like your smell and your warmth. You feel so good, Joonie. Can you always make me feel so good?” The words slurred a little in the end, but he smiled at Namjoon genuinely. “I’d save and fall onto you ten thousand times if that means I can be close to you. Yoongi says I shouldn’t.”

“I think I have a pretty decent idea of what heaven looks like right now,” He answered, face still so close to Jimin’s that he could almost taste the younger’s breath. “Then you should wear white, if it makes you feel g…good…” He stuttered when the rest of Jimin’s casual remark sank in. He had no idea if Jimin meant it in a sexual way but knowing Jimin the younger probably innocently asked for just what he had longed for before: closeness and contact, without anything else. Namjoon tightened his grip on Jimin’s waist, effectively pulling them together. He could feel the heat of Jimin’s naked skin through his clothes and how the other was melting into him as if this was just what he wanted. “Don’t listen to Yoongi, please. I like being close to you too.”

Jimin nuzzled his face closer, hands slipping under Namjoon’s sweater to feel more of his warm skin. “You do?” He blinked up at the taller man and blushed. “Yoongi is just…Yoongi. He’s a mess himself. I wish I could take you with me. C-cloud thirty-seven,“ Jimin slurred, his legs giving up and he tumbled back into Namjoon’s arms.

“Maybe he’s jealous about me getting to hold you like this? I could totally understand because I think I would feel the same way if I had to watch Yoongi or someone else hold you like this.” It was a little scary what the alcohol drew out of him, too much honesty for Namjoons liking but he soothed himself with the thought that Jimin might not even remember tomorrow. “Cloud thirty seven, hm? I’ll send you a card there sometimes.” He chuckled softly, “But I bet not even a cloud can be as soft and pretty as you.”

Jimin sighed, wondering about how it would feel like to cuddle with the human on his cloud when he suddenly gasped. "Oh no!” Jimin’s eyes widened, “You don’t have wings! You c-can’t fly! Bu-t I do!” Jimin leaned back, holding onto Namjoon’s shoulders, wavering a little before he pressed his lips together in concentration and his eyes shut tightly, concentrating hard on making his wings appear. Tomorrow he would be glad this hadn’t worked but now, when he opened his eyes again, Jimin just looked disappointed and sad. He let go off Namjoon and turned around, running off into the living room. Maybe he just needed more space around so his wings could have the room they needed.

But it didn’t work again. Defeatedly, Jimin sunk onto the floor with a sulky expression.

Namjoon listened intently to Jimin rambling about being an angel and having wings when the younger suddenly ran off. The adrenaline kicked him quickly into motion as well as he remembered that he hadn’t locked the door. He had no idea how gone Jimin was but if he tried to run outside to fly and ran into traffic… the panic had him sobering up a little but luckily he didn’t have to chase Jimin to keep him inside. He found him on the floor, sulking heavily and felt pity immediately.

“Where are my wings?” His expression paled and Jimin looked over his shoulders, “Joonie, why don’t I have wings? I am an angel! Namjoon!” He whined desperately. “I need to have wings!”

“I’m sorry, sweetheart. Maybe it’s the light? Maybe it’s too bright for them, you know, like those glow in the dark stars that only glow when it’s night?” Jimin just pouted even harder and looked like he was about to cry so Namjoon quickly added, “Wait, I’ll check, just to make sure.” He was thinking hard about what to say while walking around Jimin but when he finally saw his back up close the breath left him in a surprised sound. “Oh! You really do have wings!” Jimin had a tattoo all over his back. It was one of those white ink ones that you didn’t see from a mile but were all delicate and dainty, intricate lines that were only barely visible, looking like something between a scar and ivory paint.

Jimin peeked over his shoulder, trying to see for himself where the wings were, sighing a little in relief that he hadn’t lost them fully, yet. “And don’t be ridiculous Namjoon. You can’t send postcards up in heaven! And wings don’t need light, duh. Wings always glow…” Jimin rolled his eyes as if Namjoon was the one talking nonsense and not him. He watched the human come closer and sat in front of him on the couch, while he was still on the floor. Namjoon was smiling at him and Jimin couldn’t help but smile back.

“You’re so beautiful,” The angel whispered, “Humans shouldn’t be so beautiful. Yoongi always says that. Of course, I am…but I am an angel after all.” Jimin raked a hand through his hair and then carefully reached out for Namjoon’s thighs in an attempt to pull himself up and next to him – but Namjoon had a different plan. He caught Jimin around his waist, alcohol making him brave, and easily pulled Jimin on his lap. The angel didn’t mind, instead he quickly pushed his hands past Namjoon’s sweater and against the soft skin of the human’s stomach. “Will you give it to me now?” Jimin pouted hard, “Now that you know why! I need it…”

Namjoon would have loved to trail his fingers along the lines, touch each and every feather that was etched beautifully into Jimin’s skin but the younger was fidgety, trying to get up and then almost falling back down again so Namjoon just placed him onto his lap. He realized his mistake too late when Jimin spread his thighs to fit better against him, placing his plump, delicious ass right on Namjoon’s crotch. He made a choked off sound, hoping that Jimin hadn’t heard it but the younger was too busy lecturing him about angel stuff to notice what he was doing to him. There were hands on his skin, right under his sweater and Namjoon inhaled sharply as Jimin explored without hesitation. He was about to told him to slow down when the younger spoke again, innocent and carefree. Using all the wrong words - or the right ones if his intention was to turn him on.

Namjoon groaned helplessly. “Please Jimin, you… you’re drunk, you don’t know what you’re asking. Hell, I’m drunk, way too much to hold myself back so please, let’s just stop here and go to bed to cuddle like you wanted. I… I don’t know what I’m going to do if you keep teasing me like that. Please…”

Jimin was looking absolutely innocent, blinking his eyes as he tried to understand what Namjoon was telling him. “I am not teasing you. I really want it, please.” He whined and leaned in a little further, his hands slipping to Namjoon’s back as he wiggled on his lap – because he really wanted the sweater, but the message wasn’t too clear. “I want to feel warm and you always make me feel warm, so why would you want to hold back?” Jimin mumbled. “Just give it to me. Don’t you want to?”

“Fuck!” Namjoon cursed, trying to keep it together but how could he when Jimin was begging so sweetly. He trailed a hand down the others face, dragging his thumb over his bottom lip. “Please don’t regret this tomorrow!” He didn’t even know if his whisper was meant for Jimin or himself, but he didn’t care, not anymore. Not with Jimin wiggling in his lap like this and asking for more. He leaned in and closed Jimin’s lips with his own, swallowing the youngers surprised gasp while he kissed him heatedly the way he had wanted to do all along.

The angel’s heart began to race the moment their lips touched and Jimin felt like he was flying. As if his wings were out and he was absolutely free. And still he was shy, only hesitantly kissing Namjoon back slowly, not sure if what he was doing was right (probably not if he asked Yoongi, because kissing a human was definitely wrong in all levels) – but it just felt so good.

He easily let Namjoon take the lead and followed him eagerly, eyes closed as he completely lost himself in their kiss. Jimin was so soft, so gentle that Namjoon got lost in it. His mind just blanked as he gave into what he wanted, plundering Jimin’s sweet mouth for real. He kissed him until the boys plush lips became even more swollen and then licked right into his mouth, deepening the kiss. He could feel the little gasp the younger made and it went straight to his groin, knowing that he could tease such sounds from him just by kissing. He got a little daring because of that, nipping at Jimin’s bottom lip and teasing it with his teeth until Jimin was starting to move, not trying to break the kiss but moving closer instead. Namjoon chuckled, finally breaking away from him to catch his breath. “You’re right you are way too sweet to be a mere mortal.” He splayed out his hand at Jimin’s back, trailing it down in between his shoulder blades. He leaned in, whispering low into his ear. “I hope you don’t get in trouble now for letting a human play with you.” Then he nipped at the younger’s skin right below his ear, where he knew Jimin would be sensitive. He didn’t stop there though, slowly working his way down the youngers neck, marking the flawless skin in the process until Jimin’s neck was decorated with bruises and love bites.

Jimin felt absolutely breathless. He knew that other angels did this from time to time as well, turning human, have fun as a human but this was still different. Jimin could feel it deep inside of his heart, because he wanted Namjoon so badly. He gasped whenever Namjoon did something and it took him by surprise, a foreign feeling pooling in the pit of his stomach, something hot, making him feel way too bothered right now. “I shouldn’t tell Yoongi,” Jimin mumbled and startled when Namjoon sucked at his skin, leaving another love mark and the angel couldn’t help but let his hands trail over the sensitive spot. His heart skipped a beat when his eyes found Namjoon’s. He was definitely getting into trouble for this.

But he couldn’t stop.

“Kiss me again, please.” Jimin pleaded, his hands finding their way under Namjoon’s shirt again. He inched a little closer, moving his hips when it drew an involuntarily moan from him. Jimin’s eyes widened, the heat in his groin suddenly feeling unbearable as if it was begging him to move like this again. So, he did. Careful and slow.

At the mention of Yoongi’s name Namjoon tightened his grip around the youngers hips, a surprising surge of jealousy pushing him to hold on him and claim him as his. If his head had been clear enough he would have dismissed it as unnecessary but in his drunken state (drunk on both wine and Jimin) he followed the urge, hands gripping Jimin’s hips just as the younger started moving. Despite his shyness Jimin was surprisingly vocal and Namjoon smiled at the soft gasps that fell from Jimin’s lips whenever he moved forward. “Are you enjoying yourself, angel boy?” He did as he was asked and kissed him again, rolling his hips right into Jimin’s as he moved again.

It drew another gasp from Jimin, not just because it felt so good, but the angel felt something hard against him. Namjoon held him so close that he could make out the lines of his already hardening member and it pressed tightly against Jimin’s bottom, making him shiver. He blushed like crazy when Namjoon talked to him and quickly hid his face in the crook of his neck. “It feels so good,” He whispered, adjusting himself on Namjoon’s lap. There was too much in between them, one too many layers of clothes and yet Jimin was glad for it because he had absolutely no clue what was happening to him. All he knew was that he wanted Namjoon. Circulating his hips once more, Jimin bit his lip to keep from moaning and leaned his head back. “Why do you feel so good?”

“Because you want me, don’t you, pretty?” Namjoon had started sweating in his clothes so he made short work of his sweater and pulled it over his head. He almost knocked himself in the face when he got stuck for a second, his old habit coming through. Apart from that though he knew exactly where to hold or how to move to make Jimin feel good because right now he was totally focused on him and his only aim was for Jimin to get as lost in this as he was.

Jimin whimpered, nodding softly as he let Namjoon completely take control of him. When the other had pulled up his shirt, the angel blushed even further, giggling cutely at the sight of his golden chest. Suddenly it felt different. Whenever he had touched Namjoon under his shirt, he hadn’t thought about it much, but now with his beautifully sculpted chest and arms Jimin couldn’t help but giggle drunkenly when he reached out for him. He didn’t care about Namjoon’s sweater anymore, instead his small hands were tracing every line of his body slowly as if he wanted to remember every part of it forever.

“Do you feel good? Do you want to keep going?” There was a sliver of consciousness left that tried to remind him that Jimin might not have that much experience, but it drowned in the pleasure and overwhelming emotions he was feeling, lingering at the back of his head just outside of his grasp. His hands wander down from Jimin’s hips to his bottom and he cupped it attentively, getting a feel of the round firmness under his fingers. “You’re wearing too many clothes for my liking…”

Jimin’s hands digged into his soft skin on his shoulders, biting his lips as he looked down on himself. There was a tingling, exciting feeling rushing through him and, yet, Jimin was afraid for Namjoon to undress him. He’s never done anything like this before. This right here was his first kiss, his first love-bite, his first touch. When Namjoon’s hands dipped down to his pants, Jimin’s hand wrapped around his wrist, gaze unsure. “Joon…I…” Jimin was panting, moving restlessly on Namjoon’s lap, “I want you so badly but…I’ve never…I…”

Namjoon stopped immediately, the weight of it making him dizzy as he tried to decide what was the right thing to do now despite his hazy mind. “Oh! It’s… that’s, alright, we can work with that.” He loosened his grip a little, taking his hands back from Jimin’s ass up to his waist. “What do you want me to do, sweetheart?” He tried to ignore how hard he was, the muscles in his thighs tensing when he kept himself from moving against the younger like he had done before. He could see how Jimin’s erection was pushing against the fabric of his pants and he wondered if the younger wasn’t hurting with the way he moved.

Soothing his hands over Namjoon’s chest, Jimin leaned into kiss Namjoon’s lips again. “I want to feel good,” He whispered against him, “But I’m scared…I don’t think I can…do…that.” Jimin averted his gaze shyly, knowing that he probably was disappointing Namjoon right now. Yoongi had warned Jimin about humans and their insatiable desires. “I don’t know what to do,” Jimin could feel the throbbing pain of his hard cock against his jeans and he wanted nothing else but release from the heat and feel Namjoon even closer.

“It’s okay, you don’t need to do anything. We can stop here. I can take you to the bathroom and sit you down. You can get yourself off there if you won’t. I won’t watch or demand anything else from you.” His thighs trembled a little when he tried to lift Jimin up and away from his lap but the younger clung to him like crazy. Namjoon chuckled low, “Sweetheart, you got to let go of me if I should get you back up on your feet. I’m not mad at you, I promise. I… we should have talked about this properly before… this. I should have asked you what you wanted before.”

“No,” Jimin shook his head and held on tighter to him, “Don’t let go off me, that’s not what I want.” He kissed Namjoon’s neck softly, then his jawline and his lips again, even though the human was still talking to him. “Namjoon…Joon,” Jimin tried to stop him from overthinking this, probably thinking that he had taken this too far. “Even if you take me to the bathroom,” He explained quietly and with a heavy blush adorning his cheeks, “I wouldn’t know what to do.” Giggling, Jimin trailed down Namjoon’s chest with his fingertip, “I’m as pure as an angel could be. So, please?”

Namjoon shuddered at the implications. He was Jimin’s first! Leaving him hanging now would make for a shitty first experience. He brushed his fingers through the younger’s hair, looking at his swollen lips, his dazed but happy expression. “Okay, I’ll guide you a little. But as soon as you don’t feel good any more or you want to stop just tell me or… or squeeze my shoulder twice, okay?” He was glad he could still think that far but he had a feeling that there would be some guilt involved tomorrow morning when he wasn’t so driven my lust and alcohol. He opened Jimin’s fly, freeing the younger’s cock a little for it not to hurt while keeping him clothes and then placed his hands back onto the younger’s hips after doing the same with himself. He started a slow rhythm, easy and smooth, their hips finding just the right angle for them both to feel pleasure. He could feel when the stimulation was just right for Jimin because the younger shuddered, his thighs clenching as he tried to regain control but failing at the next roll of his hips.

Jimin couldn’t utter any words anymore, fully trusting Namjoon to do the right thing. As much as Jimin wanted to keep looking at him though, he couldn’t stop staring at Namjoon’s beautiful cock. He had to fight the urge to reach for it, try out the things he heard so much about and make Namjoon feel good – but he didn’t make it that far when the human pulled him flush against him and Jimin gasped, leaning his head back. Jimin felt weak in his hold, absolutely lost and so he searched for Namjoon’s lips to cover them with his own, hoping they could ground him.

The angle was a little bit awkward and Jimin reacted purely on instinct, not really experienced enough to work with their sitting position so Namjoon whispered a little warning and then twisted them a little to tilt them backwards onto the couch into a lying position. He hoped Jimin would feel in control with his position on top and that he wouldn’t get overwhelmed that easily though apparently he didn’t have to worry. Jimin practically glowed from his attention, going for what he wanted without thinking about the consequences and so Jimin was moving on top of him before Namjoon could say anything else. The downwards roll caught him by surprise and he bucked his hips, moaning from the delicious pressure on his swollen cock.

Jimin couldn’t help but giggle at the sweet moan leaving Namjoon’s lips and because he felt a little more confident like this and he wanted more and to get rid of even more, he scooted back to pull down Namjoon’s pants to his ankle. He did the same for himself, because it was way easier to move like this, cheeks and chest blushing when Namjoon watched him. But he could understand the desire perfectly, Jimin was devouring his body just as much, letting his hands trail along his thick thighs and over his sculpted chest, before he moved his hips again, his own cock rubbing against Namjoon’s. “L-like this?”

“Oh god, fuck!” Namjoon threw his head back, hips bucking up of their own accord as Jimin pressed their bare cocks together, rubbing all along their length as if he knew exactly what he was doing. “Y..yeah, like this! Exactly like this!” He spread his legs a little more so that Jimin had more room to move and then hugged him close, taking the time to kiss him sweetly while urging him to move with his free hand, gently guiding him where he needed to be.

Jimin followed his guidance perfectly, moaning into their kiss when Namjoon pushed against him even harder. He shivered from it, glad for the human’s hold around him or else Jimin was sure he would have collapsed from the wave of emotions and pleasure that rippled through him. Panting against Namjoon’s lips, Jimin pushed himself to sit up again. He felt bold. A little too high on the pleasure that made him want to explore. Biting his lip in excitement, Jimin reached out for Namjoon’s cock, wrapping his hand delicately around his length, stroking him softly. “Is this right?” Jimin asked again, smiling when he drew a moan from Namjoon and then took his own cock to rub them both together while moving his hips.

Namjoon bit his lips, trying to suppress the groan that came out of him as Jimin touched him so perfectly. He either must have watched a lot of porn or he was a natural. Namjoon put his arms behind his head, digging his fingers into the armrest of the couch and holding onto it because it got harder and harder to not just push Jimin down and have him. Jimin looked absolutely stunning like this, cheeks and chest flushed, eyes gleaming, his hips working constantly in maddeningly perfect little circles. He could feel the younger’s ass on him, and his thoughts drifted further, thinking what it would be like to sink into that perfectly tight and velveteen heat because he bet that Jimin was just as perfect from the inside as he was from the outside.

“You’re… you’re so good like this.” He mumbled, tongue heavy with pleasure, “I wanna have you… so bad! You’re my perfect little angel, aren’t you, giving it to me like that. Come on, sweety, make yourself come on me.”

Jimin got more and more desperate, moving faster as he rubbed their cocks together. He was panting, licking over his lips as he threw his head back, completely gone in the pleasure. Jimin was thriving on Namjoon’s dirty but sweet talk, wanting to know more, wanting to hear more of his deep, raspy voice. “Y-yes,” Jimin gasped and pushed himself harder onto Namjoon. He had moved a little too fast, making his cock slip from under him, standing proudly as it leaned against Jimin’s plump ass now. The younger breathless turned a little, taking Namjoon’s cock in his hand and pushed it closer in between his cheeks. He wasn’t sure what he was doing, but there was a tingling feeling, something that instinctively want Namjoon closer there. He held Namjoon’s cock in place, leaning a bit forward to move his hips up and down and let it slid in between his cheeks and against his rim. His whole body shuddered but Jimin wanted more. He leaned down, his flushed cheeks against Namjoon’s chest, moving and bouncing on him until he couldn’t take it anymore.

“N.. no, Jimin, don’t, I.. I can’t…” Namjoon shuddered violently, fingers digging into the couch so hard his knuckles turned white. He was so close, so very close to just pushing up into Jimin, for his cock to slip in between Jimin’s cheeks and just… he groaned helplessly. Jimin positioned him just right and he was shaking from the effort it took him to hold back. “Jimin!” The younger’s name was the only thing he could form because the rest was just incoherent moans and gasps. He could almost feel what it would be like to have Jimin on his cock and he wanted the younger to ride him so desperately it was making him hot all over.

Jimin didn’t listen anymore, fully gone in the pleasure as he pushed himself against Namjoon’s cock and rubbing his own against his soft skin beneath. He was whimpering helplessly, moaning with his eyes closed until the pleasure became too much. Jimin was shaking, thighs trembling when it became too much to hold back. He screamed out, as he kept on rubbing himself on Namjoon, placing sloppy kisses on his chest in between. Jimin could feel himself clenching around nothing, ass cheeks tightening around Namjoon’s cock while he rid out his own orgasm. Jimin came beautifully, messy and real and without any hesitation, Namjoon could feel the waves of pleasure that were pulsing through Jimin from the way he clenched his thighs around him, ass still pressed against his cock while he was riding out his orgasm. Namjoon simply snapped; he took Jimin by the hips like he had done before and then rolled his hips into him, cock sliding in between his thighs, rubbing against his ass where Jimin was so sensitive that he hiccupped when the tip of Namjoon’s cock caught against his rim.

Jimin leaned his head against him, exhaustion filling the spaces where pleasurable ecstasy had been only moments ago and Namjoon could feel the little sigh Jimin let out against his neck. It didn’t take long for him to finish; with Jimin so pliant against him, thighs still spread willingly as if he would let Namjoon do with him whatever he wanted. He came hard against Jimin’s ass as his hips bucked and stuttered, a final groan tearing from his chest.

Jimin startled from the feel of the wet, hot cum dripping down his cheeks but couldn’t help but giggle softly into the crook of Namjoon’s neck. He felt a little dizzy and tired now but sated and absolutely happy. The consequences were something he wanted to think about tomorrow. Not now. Namjoon drew a gasp from him, when he felt his hand on his ass again, dipping in between his cheeks just enough to make Jimin shiver. “You like it?” He hummed and pushed his ass up.

“Oh, you have no idea!” Namjoon ‘s voice sounded low and a little fucked out and he felt so sated as if he had actually fucked Jimin. At first he had wanted to wipe the come from Jimin’s ass but then he had decided differently, pushing it in between his cheeks to make it look like he had come inside him. “You look really pretty like this, with my cum in between your thighs,” He whispered, basking in that after sex glow and stealing sweet kisses from his lovers plump lips.

Jimin giggled, blushing in embarrassment and hiding a little more. “You’re just saying it because we’re drunk,” He whispered, basking in Namjoon’s warmth. Closing his eyes, Jimin sighed deeply, letting him play with the cum and his ass cheeks willingly because it made him tingle all over. “I like drinking wine with you.” His words slurred a little in the end.

Namjoon laughed at that, “Yeah, me too - especially if it end in this.”

Slowly but surely he noticed Jimin getting a little heavier on him as the younger’s muscles went lax and he gently nudged him against his shoulder. “Hey, don’t fall asleep on me again. This time I need to clean you up. If you can stay awake for that long then I’ll promise you can fall asleep right after. Deal?”

Without waiting for Jimin’s approval he slipped out of his pants (because they still pooled around his ankles and he would definitely fall over them) to pull up his boxers instead and then hoisted Jimin up just as he was. “Let’s get you cleaned up.”

Jimin held onto Namjoon’s neck, leaning against his shoulder tiredly. “Hm, yeah, I’m dirty,” He giggled and placed a kiss on his shoulder. It felt so good to be so close to Namjoon like this as if it never had been any different, as if they were made for each other. When Namjoon let him down carefully to stand on his own two feet, Jimin whined because of the sticky feeling on his stomach.

“And I just wanted your sweater,” He mumbled and sleepily rubbed his eyes.

“You’re not getting my sweater to sleep.” Namjoon commented, not realizing what Jimin had just said, “But you’ll get some nice sleepwear, I promise.” He wetted a towel and ten cleaned Jimin up, like he had done with the wine stains - just that this was a hundred times more intimate. Jimin was sleepy but he didn’t mind under these circumstances as he simply held onto him, eyes falling shut every once in a while. To make sure Jimin wouldn’t fall or trip he sat him down with a large towel to cuddle into while he quickly stepped under the shower himself.

Jimin didn’t mind it anymore, he simply cuddled into the towel, but he also didn’t want to wait while Namjoon was showering so he waddled ahead and out of the bathroom, towards his bedroom. He let the towel fall; eyes only half open as he crawled onto the bed and on the blanket. Jimin smiled when the smell of Namjoon was overwhelmingly present in his bed, the feel of the sheets against his skin felt like heaven, almost like his cloud.

He missed his cloud so much.

When he came out and Jimin was gone his heart skipped a beat and so he didn’t wait to dry himself, just running back into the living room and then, on a whim into the bedroom - where he found Jimin completely naked on top of the covers, presenting his ass like it was nothing. Namjoon sighed, picking up the towel Jimin had left on the floor and dried himself up before looking for something to wear and then picking out some sweatpants for Jimin. “Hey, sleepy one with the pretty ass!” He gently slapped Jimin’s behind to get his attention before holding the sweatpants out to him. “Those should fit if you pull the waistband tight and it’s such a light grey it basically counts as white, right?” He hoped Jimin was sleepy enough not to argue this time.

With a sleepy pout, Jimin blinked over his shoulder to look at the sweatpants. “But I am an angel,” He murmured but still took the pants from him, turning around to slip into them. He tied them just like Namjoon told him, but still they were a little too long, hiding his tiny feet. Jimin giggled happily and within seconds the sweet laugh was replaced by a soft snore.

“Yeah, you are.” Namjoon patted the younger’s head with a fond smile, mentally making a note to ask Jimin about the tattoo and then went back to quickly brush his teeth before falling into bed himself. Jimin wrapped himself around him like an octopus without even blinking and even though Namjoon feared it would be difficult to sleep like this he was out like a light in a few minutes.


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Chapter Text

There was a loud scream piercing through the peace of the night. Somewhere the dog of a neighbor started barking, but it didn’t wake him. Jungkook threw himself around, holding on tightly to the pillow, nails digging into his sheets as he felt that familiar surge of adrenaline permeate his entire body. The memories began flashing through his mind like a camera, one by one, and they haunted him. He could see it again, the fires burning around him. He couldn’t escape.

There was fire burning, the smell of the smoke grew stronger. He couldn’t get enough air into his lungs, and each breath was like fire searing his throat. The churning smoke reached Jungkook from behind, enfolded him, so pungent that his eyes teared at once. It was everywhere — fire coming into his mouth, going down his throat and filling his lungs. He was breathing fire!

“Mom!” Jungkook screamed out, coughing and crying in his sleep. There was no way to escape. Not this time. He would burn down with them.

Yoongi was awake in an instant. He didn’t sleep as deeply as humans did, ready to protect the person he was supposed to shield from any harm. Just that there wasn’t anything that he could defend Jungkook from. The younger screamed as if he was burning alive and in a way he was. Horror filled Yoongi’s being as he got a glimpse of Jungkook’s feeling. It hit him like a blow, knocking the air out of his lungs and making his wings spread out to their full size to steady himself. Then it finally clicked.

Jungkook didn’t need a guardian angel to protect himself from his surroundings. He needed one to protect him from his own mind! With a flutter of his wings he was on the bed, kneeling besides him and twisting his wings until they were like a tent, with both of the inside. “Jungkookie?” Carefully he trailed over the younger’s cheek which wasn’t that easy considering Jungkook was wildly moving against whatever was hurting him in his sleep. “You’re safe here. There is nothing that can hurt you. I won’t let anything harm you, do you hear me?” He knew that Jungkook wouldn’t hear his words, not really but his subconscious hopefully caught up on them giving Jungkook a feeling of peace and safety.

“Let go off me!” Jungkook whined, kicking and screaming at whoever was holding him in his dream. But they were stronger. They were always stronger. Her shadow too far away for him to reach anymore. “I want to stay with her, please!” There were tears rolling down his cheeks and Jungkook desperately let out a sob, when his body completely stilled out of a sudden. There was no heat anymore, there was only the heaviness that pulled him down, the sadness and loneliness that awaited him after the fire. And he couldn’t stop as it crushed over him like a wave over a shore, breaking all of his defenses and Jungkook cried. 

It didn’t help, no matter what Yoongi told him, what he whispered to him in his sleep Jungkook was still hurting, his heart still aching from too much pain. He felt so utterly helpless that his stomach clenched just watching the younger writhe in pain. When Jungkook finally stilled the angel thought that Jungkook had calmed himself down only to realize that Jungkook might have fought the dream - but he still had to face reality. And he had to watch as it crushed Jungkook’s soul. Yoongi folded over him, feathers trailing softly over Jungkook’s form as he wrapped him up in his wings, holding him against his chest even though Jungkook couldn’t feel it. He cried with him, each sob tearing through his heart as the younger cried his heart out and all he could do was to be there for him even though it didn’t seem to help.

The younger shivered, eyes blinking open when he turned to look at his arm. It felt like something had touched him there, softly caressed over his arm as if it wanted to protect him. Jungkook sniffled, before he broke again and cried some more. He didn’t want to think about it what it meant or if he was finally losing his mind. Namjoon had told him something sweet, that maybe someone was watching over him but now it only pained him more. Namjoon didn’t know about his parents, didn’t know about how lonely Jungkook was – maybe the other had an idea, because Jungkook was always by himself. Just him and his books. “I don’t want to be alone anymore,” Tears flooded down his cheeks and Jungkook turned to hide in his cushion, trying to hold back the sobs but it only made him shake with the pain.

“You aren’t, my sweet little boy. You are never alone. I’ll watch over you, every moment of every day. And even if it isn’t me then Jimin will be the one to hold you at night and guard you throughout the day. You are not alone. Not now, not ever.” He sealed his promise with a little kiss on Jungkook’s cheek, hugging the younger close to his chest and folding one wing over them like a shield.

Jungkook stilled when Yoongi’s lips touched his cheeks, a shuddering breath coming from his own and he looked up into thin air (and right into Yoongi’s eyes without knowing). He wiped over his eyes and yet still tears kept on falling as he looked around him, slowly reaching out his hand - but there was nothing, nothing that he could feel. And yet, Jungkook couldn’t stop and feel if there was something more, making Yoongi shiver effectively when he brushed over a wing without him knowing. He sniffled, pulling in the blanket a little over his shoulder as he let his hand fall again. Maybe Namjoon was right and there was someone watching over him. And yet, he couldn’t close his eyes again but stared ahead, ignoring the tears effectively, letting them soak into the pillow, until the sun rose up at the horizon again.

Yoongi stayed where he was because he meant what he had said about him not leaving Kook alone. Still he couldn’t help but feel insecure and vulnerable. He had gotten used to being untouchable around humans - as all angels were and even though there had been moments where he had wished that Jungkook could see him just to tell him how much he cared or that he was safe Yoongi wasn’t stupid. He knew that being visible to humans was something really dangerous. He didn’t want Jungkook to think that he had hallucinations or for him to feel self-conscious even in his own home because he knew that someone was watching. Being invisible was safer for both parties, angel and human alike, so it would be better if it stayed that way.


Jimin groaned when a constant beeping tore its way through his soft dreams and he turned to see where the awful sound was coming from. Blindly, he reached out for the nightstand, trying to find the alarm clock that was making those annoying noises right now and hit his hand on top of it.

He sighed softly, when it had finally died down. But the silence only held on for a moment, when Jimin realized where he was…and what had happened…and how late it was.

“Oh for heaven’s sake,” Jimin shot up, regretting the fast movement instantly when he saw stars dancing in front of his eyes and the throbbing pain in the back of his head was making him awfully aware of how drunk they had been. Jimin pushed the blanket away and got out of bed almost tumbling over the long seam of the pants he was wearing and then quickly went into the kitchen to prepare Namjoon’s breakfast and this time he made two vitamin shots. He desperately needed one too.

It had been days since he was in heaven. Although last night came pretty close.

Jimin rubbed the sides of his temples when he downed his shot. He could hear footsteps coming closer, knowing Namjoon must have gotten up. His heart jumped in his chest, cheeks flaring up and Jimin held out a cup of coffee for him. Now that he was done with his morning duties, Jimin was confronted with the memories of last night again and his eyes instantly wandered over Namjoon’s chest and down to the hem of his sweatpants. He sipped on his coffee, smiling at Namjoon nervously, not sure if Namjoon remembered everything that happened or if even Jimin remembered it correctly.

“Morning, Jimin.” Namjoon took the coffee that was offered to him, heat spreading on his face from Jimin’s reactions. The younger was skittish, first fleeing from the bed and now he was visibly panicking. So Namjoon placed the coffee aside. “Before things get really awkward between us I think we should talk about last night. Like… right now. Then we can go back to… to…”

To how things had been before? Did he want that? Did Jimin want that? His calm and collected facade was starting to crumble so he quickly sat down, pulling a chair for Jimin out as well. “Come one, sit.”

Jimin followed Namjoon and sat down, not sure what to do now. Worrying his bottom lip, the angel now felt weirdly naked without a shirt on but didn’t say anything. Namjoon wasn’t wearing much more – which distracted him, so he quickly shot his eyes up at his. “O-okay…,” Jimin breathed out anxiously. “I think I was drunk on that wine…I probably said a lot of nonsense…,” The angel reached out for him, just following his heart in this because everything else just was a mess right now.

“Hm, you might have,” Namjoon agreed, amusement clear in his tone as he continued, “You told me that you are an angel and are living on a cloud and stuff like that. You were really convincing.” With a wink he sipped on his coffee. If that’s what Jimin was concerned about and not the sexual part then it couldn’t be that bad, could it?

Jimin’s eyes widened, chuckling nervously with Namjoon when he realized he had been spilling secrets just like that when he was drunk. He shouldn’t drink, not ever again. “That’s…that’s pretty dumb…,” Jimin raked a hand through his hair, avoiding Namjoon’s gaze and mumbled, “I guess I just wanted you to call me cute or something. I like it when you do…” Jimin blushed and hid his face in his hands. “Ah, please don’t look at me, Namjoon. Can you just…can you just get yourself ready and we…we can talk about this sometime else? I don’t regret it…but please…” The angel felt completely overwhelmed and embarrassed about his shyness and purity that Namjoon had just tainted. As much as he wanted to calm Namjoon, tell him that he enjoyed it, he needed to talk to someone else right now. Someone who was just an angel like him.  

“You don’t have to pretend to be an angel for me to think of you as cute. And if you like it when I call you nicknames then you just should have told you, because I actually like that too, sweetheart.” Namjoon sighed deeply when Jimin asked him to go get ready because he wasn’t sure if this is what they should be doing right now or if it would be better to just push through but Jimin seemed really overwhelmed right now so he gave in. “I don’t like leaving you like this. But if you need a moment alone then… I guess I have no choice. Just… please don’t stress yourself out about this, We are both adults, none of us is in a relationship so… we can … I mean…”

‘Have fun’ would have sounded wrong, Because it hadn’t been just ‘fun’ for him, he had wanted to sleep with Jimin and Jimin only.

“I know, I know…I’m just…shy,” Jimin mumbled and reached for his coffee to hide behind the cup, only breathing out when Namjoon was finally getting himself ready. It was quiet then and although Jimin searched for Namjoon’s closeness on their way to the shop, linking their arms, silently telling him that he was okay and hoping that he gotten the message, Jimin was still panicking.


“Yoongi!” He hissed the moment he had locked the door of the office behind him, hoping the angel would hear him. He was probably with Jungkook in a lecture or somewhere in the library as the younger had morning lessons. So, it should be fine to leave him, just for a moment. Jimin needed him desperately. “Yoongi! Please! I need to talk to you…please.” He nervously played with the sweater paws of the sweater he wore. Namjoon’s sweater. At least it was white.

Yoongi groaned quietly when Jimin started calling for him thinking the other was overreacting over something again. Like, when he had called him to help that deer because he had thought it was motherless when mommy deer had just been getting food. Or that time he had called him to help some snails over the street in the middle of a deserted street because he had been afraid that there might be a car. This time he needed to guard Jungkook though and he didn’t want to leave the younger alone, not after last night. Ignoring Jimin wasn’t as easy as he thought and when the other angel seemed to panic Yoongi finally gave in, letting his prayer pull him in and into the antique shop. Jimin was pacing and Yoongi sighed deeply and exhausted. “What did you do, Jimin. Is Namjoon in the hospital because he fell over his own shoes again?”

“No, no, no, Namjoon is fine. He’s more fine than ever…not like in handsome I mean; well I mean he’s handsome too but…he’s okay. He’s doing great, better actually.” Jimin could have face palmed himself, trying to keep still. “I have a question, ehm…so…” Jimin bit his lip and then concentrated a moment to change realms and let his wings spread freely. He had enough energy from cuddling up to Namjoon to do so. Not enough for going back to heaven, though. But Yoongi wasn’t allowed to find out – ever. “Do you notice anything different about me?” Jimin tapped his foot nervously. 

“Yes, I do.” Yoongi looked at him before answering with a deadpan expression “You’re even more nervous than usual and if Namjoon is fine but you still behave like this then you must have really, majorly fu…done something wrong. So come on, tell me, what is it? What happened that makes you act like this?”

“T-that’s it?” Jimin’s heart stopped for a second. “So, no one will see? Not even angels…Yoongi…I’m…” His eyes began to tear up as he rubbed his hands nervously on his jeans avoiding Yoongi’s hard stare. He couldn’t bear it right now.

“I…we…might have…I was drunk last night. Kind of. And…”

Yoongi’s stomach dropped at Jimin’s stuttered words, he wasn’t stupid, he had just needed a bit to put the pieces together; Namjoon was ‘better than fine’ and Jimin found him handsome and he had gotten drunk and now he was scared that his wings might look different and he was crying. “J..Jimin,” Yoongi carefully tried to reach out for him, voice weak and fragile, “Did he touch you? Did Namjoon..?” He couldn’t end that sentence, too terrified of what Jimin might answer.

Jimin nodded, “But I wanted it. I wanted him to kiss me so bad.” He stumbled forward and into Yoongi’s hold, wings hanging low as he shook from the cries, glad that Namjoon couldn’t hear him right now. “I told him I was pure, and he wanted to stop and just cuddle me. He was so sweet, Yoongi, but I couldn’t stop.” Jimin hugged the angel closer, “I’m tainted now, aren’t I? But it felt so good. I got so lost in it.”

Yoongi hugged him close and carded softly though Jimin’s hair to calm him, breathing out a sigh of relief. “Thank goodness! For a moment I was scared that he might have… wait!” He stopped his caresses, trying to tilt Jimin’s face up but the angel refused to look at him. “Why… why are you crying then if you liked it? Do you really think that you’re tainted, that you did something bad? Are you afraid that you’re not a ‘good angel’ anymore because you experienced lust?” His voice was soft and questioning trying to make Jimin feel safe enough to open up.

Jimin wiped over his teary eyes, skin red and blushed but shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know. Maybe…,” He sighed, shivering from the emotion tumult inside of him, “And I’m scared that…they will call me out for falling for a human like that. You said humans are all the same…that they will just take what they can get. You said I shouldn’t do this, to be careful.” His bottom lip was trembling and Jimin added quietly, “I’m just exhausted.”

“Minnie.. oh, Minnie…,” Yoongi opened his wings and curled them around both of them, shielding them from the world as if he could protect Jimin from heartache and sadness like this. “I’m sorry my words made you feel like you had to be scared. Not all people are like that. But… most of them are. And… I just don’t want your heart to get broken. It hurts so much more than you can ever imagine… though as it looks it’s already too late for you. That you had sex with Namjoon is pretty much proof of it. So… I guess we just have to work it out as we go? I guess you want to have Namjoon permanently as your protectee now as you can’t guard two people at once, especially not in a human body. I could ask up there if there is any chance that we switch. Maybe… maybe they’ll agree to it and then you can be with Namjoon and… I hope… that you’ll be happy.”

Jimin hugged his friend tightly, not knowing how to express that he felt so thankful for his guidance in this. Sniffling quietly, Jimin sighed when he felt the familiar energy rush through him. He leaned a little heavier onto the angel, practically latching onto his energy, needing a lot more than a quick hug could give him right now.

“I missed hugging you,” Jimin mumbled before he leaned back. “You’re really not mad at me? And you won’t tell on me? I just don’t want to hurt Namjoon.” The angel fumbled around with the sweater he wore, before quietly asking, “D-do you think…that maybe…he likes me too? Is it possible if…”

“Why would I be mad at you? I know you don’t plan on hurting Namjoon. So if you like to be with him and the other way round then it’s fine. You’ll see, it’ll be fine Jimin.” Yoongi wasn’t sure if he really believed that both of them would come out of this unharmed but it was too late now to change it and he really hoped that it would make them happy. It wasn’t often but sometimes, in rare occasions angel decided to stay in human form for longer. And a human life wasn’t that long. So Jimin could spend Namjoon’s whole life with him if he wanted.

“No, I won’t tell anyone. That’s private. No one needs to know.” He bit his lip when Jimin asked him if Namjoon might like him back, deciding to answer honestly. “I think that he does because Namjoon doesn’t have sex with people he doesn’t like. Though I can’t tell you how deep his feelings are or how long they’ll last. Just… enjoy it, okay? Talk to him, communication is key when your heart is into something. And don’t let him overwhelm you. It can be scary, all those new feelings and emotions, all those wishes and desires. You don’t have to deal with this alone though. Whenever you feel like it’s getting over your head or that you need help you can call me. No matter what situation you’re in or if it might be ‘embarrassing’ - I won’t judge, I promise. I’ll help. I want you to be safe, Jimin. You’re vulnerable as a human. So let me help you a little. Just to be sure, okay?”

“Okay,” Jimin nodded at everything Yoongi said, listening attentively. He was glad Yoongi hadn’t scolded him or asked if he was doing better or had been resting in heaven. He didn’t know how to explain that and even if Yoongi just told him that he would be there for him no matter what… not being able to go back meant a lot of trouble. And falling in love with a human did, too. The angel knew that it wasn’t a good sign and that his body needed rest sooner or later. He couldn’t stay human forever. And yet, even if Yoongi offered his help, he couldn’t ask him. Jimin was such a burden already.

“I’m fine, thank you, really.” He kissed Yoongi’s cheek in gratitude and then let go off his hands, to make sure Yoongi wouldn’t accidentally pull him with him and waved him goodbye. He needed to protect Jungkook after all. Only when he was alone again, Jimin gave in.

His knees began to tremble right away, a few feathers fell from him, but he didn’t notice when a painful gasp tore away from his lungs and Jimin collapsed onto the ground, barely holding himself up. He was panting and feeling completely exhausted. Something wasn’t right.

Something was awfully, awfully wrong with him.

Jimin leaned his head against the wall, taking a few deep breaths until the tremors ebbed down.


When Yoongi got back he was glad Jungkook was still sitting where he was supposed to. Although he had nodded off over a book at least he didn’t need to chase him like he had done with Namjoon all the time who sometimes got a phone call to pick something up and then had commuted to god knows where with Yoongi having to follow in a cramped train or smelly taxi. He sat down on a free chair besides Jungkook, glad that he didn’t have to stand until Jungkook woke up and then simply waited for the younger to come to.

Hopefully he got some rest with his nap.

But apparently Jungkook had only dozed off, to snap back up again. He groaned and rubbed over his face, looking over his shoulder to see if anyone had seen him fall asleep. Luckily there was no one. Jungkook yawned tiredly and turned to look at the clock. Today was an awful day, through and through. In about two hours, the results for one of the hardest tests he had taken so far would come out and Jungkook was awfully nervous. And tired. His night had been a nightmare – literally.

The younger got up from his chair, leaving his books and studying papers strewn all over the table (no one would bother stealing in a library anyways, everyone was busy with their own stuff) and only took his wallet and phone with him. He needed a few more books, or else the next exam would be a great failure. Pushing the button of the elevator, he waited patiently, moving out of the way as soon as a group of students pushed their way out and Jungkook just made it in before the doors closed and someone else could call it. Leaning his head against the metal walls, he sighed and closed his eyes again.

Yoongi was right beside him, contemplating if he should whisper to Jungkook to take his head from the elevator wall because it might be uncomfortable when the elevator would arrive and the younger would feel the little jolt directly in his neck. “Jungkook? Would you mind moving your head a little? I can place my hand at your head if you want and steady it a little. You’re really exhausted, aren’t you? Maybe we should have ourselves a nice relaxing evening tonight. You might sleep better with a hot shower and some tea after.”

Jungkook sighed softly in response. A hot shower sounded great right now, the younger thought to himself, his inner voice so familiar to him by now and although it sounded completely different than his own voice, Jungkook liked the sound of it. “Yeah, sounds like a plan,” He mumbled to himself and opened his eyes when he noticed a shadow in the corner of his eyes. Jungkook startled furiously as he blinked at the eyes of a stranger.

He was sure he had gotten onto the elevator alone.

There had been no one else but him and they hadn’t stopped.

His heart was beating wildly against his chest, ready to jump out any second, while he stared right back at the eyes of a beautiful stranger.

Yoongi blinked back and then turned to see what Jungkook was looking at all of a sudden. There must be something behind him that was very interesting. He couldn’t see anything though and his wings twitched nervously. “Calm down, Yoongi, he can’t see you. He probably just spaced out again while trying to answer a study question in his head. He can’t see you. He can’t…”

Jungkook cocked his head aside when he noticed something was off to the person in front of him. There were wings attached to his back and Jungkook gasped. Shaking his head, he tried to quickly come up with a solution for this. This was probably just a student who dressed up. They did all the time… maybe it was a prank for someone. But Jungkook couldn’t see the seam of the wings being sewn onto his jacket nor anything that made it seem like he was just wearing them as a costume. This was ridiculous. And then the stranger was talking about him. About him not seeing him…

To say Jungkook was utterly confused would have been an understatement. Maybe he was finally going crazy. The nightmares and stress had been just too much. And yet, Yoongi was still there. With wings and a glow around him that made Jungkook mesmerized. “B-but I can see you…” He whispered. The elevator sound went off and Jungkook startled again. The door opened but neither of them was moving.

“Who are you talking to weirdo?” A jock laughed at him when the younger didn’t move, he nudged his side, “Move, kiddo!” Jungkook looked at the guy and then back to the man with the wings, now feeling completely speechless. Didn’t he see him? He had completely ignored him. That couldn’t be.

“I said move!”

Jungkook hunched his shoulders over, mumbling a quick apology, eyes flickering back and forth between the stranger and the student who only shook his head at his weird behavior.

When Jungkook stumbled out of the elevator Yoongi followed, never leaving the younger out of sight, just as it should be. Just that Jungkook looked back at him with wide eyes and a shocked expression - which definitely should not be! He was supposed to be hidden, invisible, and inaudible and yet there he was, faced with the problem of trying to explain this situation to both his supervisors and the obviously scared boy in front of him. Preferably without freaking him out or scaring him off.

“Uhm, h…hi” His voice sounded incredibly shy and brittle. He wasn’t used to this he had never ever talked to a human in his angel form before. Jungkook could see him! As he really was!

Jungkook shook his head and then rubbed his eyes, walking ahead quickly just to stop and look over his shoulder again. He was still there. That strange guy with the wings.

“Hi…,” He waved awkwardly at him, “I…I…need a book, will you excuse me,” Jungkook nodded and pointed somewhere, hastily getting away – because whatever this was, it wasn’t right. Maybe he was really starting to hallucinate from all the lack of sleep. Rubbing the bridge of his nose, Jungkook almost ran (if it wasn’t for the librarian to tell him to be quiet again) to the end of the long hallway somewhere between chemistry and physic books and where no one else was but him. Only there did he take a deep breath.

Yoongi stood frozen for a second, only his wings shaking a little, like tree leaves in a rush of air - then he ran after Jungkook, his feet silently tapping over the carpet as his weight wasn’t as physical as that of a human. He could see Jungkook breathing in a sigh of relief and reached out for him, still in disbelief that this was happening. He gently tapped on the youngers shoulder and Jungkook shrieked. “I’m… I’m sorry but why… how… since when can you see me?”

Jungkook shrugged his touch off when he startled, jumping around in defense. “I…what?” He furrowed his brows, confusion written all over his face, “Of course I can see you. Are you drunk? Is this some kind of joke?” Jungkook looked around, panicking slightly as he thought of the senior students making fun of him. Maybe this was just an awful prank. He took a few steps away for good measurement and gazed Yoongi up and down. “You shouldn’t be drinking in the library or else they kick you out and if this is some kind of a bad joke. It’s not funny!”

“Ye…yeah, I’m sorry, you’re right, I…” Yoongi tried to play it cool and leave Jungkook in his belief that this was just a prank. Unfortunately it shook him to the core to be seen like this and he was fidgety his wings picking up on it. They fluffed up a little, like a bird would fluff up his feathers in defense when he wanted to appear bigger and a few downy feathers sailed to the floor that had come loose from the movement.

Jungkook had always been one of the students that no one really remembered or had seen in the first place. He didn’t mind. And yet, there were people who called him weird, who thought it was fun to point at him. “Do you think that’s funny to me? To dress up like this? It’s not a joke to me!” Jungkook hissed, trying to still be quiet somehow. His eyes widened when his wings moved, and he backed up. “W-what are you?” He made an awful sound, stumbling back until he hit a bookshelf. He raked his hands through his hair in a desperate manner, when he realized he was definitely and finally going out of his mind right now. There were feathers flying onto the ground and with him, Jungkook sunk low, hiding his face under his arms.

“Great, now you made him cry.” Yoongi angrily hissed to himself, feeling utterly helpless again. It seemed to become a trend with Jungkook and he hated it because he wanted to help the younger more than anything else. Carefully he sat down at eye level with Jungkook and hold out his hands defensively. It probably didn’t help though that his wings were a little on the bigger side do when he sat like this they reach over his head even if he folded them neatly. “Please, please don’t cry Jungkook. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to frighten you. I was just surprised, I…” He started stuttering, not quite sure if he should tell him the truth like he wanted to or stick with the ‘this is just a prank’ narrative which would become a problem if Jungkook could see him permanently now because he still had to follow Jungkook to guard him, visible or not.

“How do you know my name?” Jungkook whispered and looked up at the stranger, whose eyes seemed more kind than as if he was about to hurt him. “What do you want from me? Can’t you just leave me alone? Please, just go…w-whatever you are, please.”

“I’m not going to hurt you, I promise!” His voice didn’t waver this time as it was something that was deeply engraved in his heart. “I…I can’t leave you, it’s… a little complicated. But if that helps you I can be really quiet and you can ignore me? If… if that’s what you want?”

“What? Are you a creep or something?” Jungkook shot up a hand defensively, ready to protect himself when he stopped abruptly. Suddenly time seemed to stop. A gasp fell from his lips when the palm of his hand tingles, something that he had felt before. Something he had gotten so used to that he almost hadn’t recognized it. Jungkook slowly but carefully reached out for Yoongi. He didn’t touch, but rather felt his aura, the glow around the angel, closing his eyes as he felt the familiar feeling. Only seconds later, he snapped them open again and pulled his hand back. “Why can’t you leave me,” Jungkook’s voice sounded breathless, shifting a little further away from Yoongi, “T-tell me the truth.”

“Please don’t freak out, I can keep my distance if you want, It’s fine, you’re fine, It’s going to be perfectly…” He swallowed the rest of his nervous rambling down, contemplating whether he could risk telling Jungkook or if it would only drive him deeper into desperation. But Jungkook was looking at him with his wide, dark eyes, scared but honest and in a way also trusting him to not lie him in the face. So how could he betray this trust. “I’m… I am your current guardian angel.” He finally whispered, holding his breath because he wasn’t sure what to expect now.

The youngers eyes turned wide and he gaped like a fish at the man in front of him. His what? Jungkook gulped heavily, gazing at Yoongi not sure what to belief. His answer came prompt, when someone walked past them, smiling at Jungkook who probably looked pretty sad with his hunched over shoulders as if he wanted to hide. But the girl didn’t even glance at Yoongi, didn’t even care about his wings being in the way, she simply walked through him, leaving the angel shuddering. And Jungkook finally understood.

“Y-you’re my guardian?” Jungkook’s expression turned soft and then his lips shaped into a smile. “You’ve been there…with me…I felt you! I felt you, right?”

Yoongi sighed in relief when instead of running away screaming Jungkook’s expression turned into a smile. “Yeah, yes, I’ve been there with you. Not all the time, I’ve only been close to you for about a week or so, before that a friend of mine was your guardian but we changed…” The rush of relief made him chatty and when he realized that he was spilling heavenly secrets to a human lie it was nothing he blushed and quickly shut up about it.

“Anyway, I don’t know why you can see me, really. There are people who are gifted but they normally know this from when they are still children, getting used to it over time. Or sometimes something can trigger it, awakening their sensitivity to the otherworldly. But you… you just saw me! Or have you seen other angels before and just lost your vision for a while?” Extreme sadness or other overwhelming emotions could mess with the way you saw the world around you.

Jungkook couldn’t believe what was happening. He wasn’t going crazy (maybe just a little bit) and Namjoon had been right in the end: he wasn’t alone. Jungkook couldn’t wait to tell him later. The younger shook his head at Yoongi’s questioning. “I…I don’t know. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone around before.” He whispered, blushing when someone passed the shelves and looked down at him and who he was talking to. But they couldn’t see anyone else but Jungkook. When they were gone and out of sight, Jungkook leaned closer. “Do it!” Jungkook whispered, “Do the thing where I feel so warm and cozy…whatever you do, please.”

“You… you mean now?” Yoongi wasn’t sure why he suddenly got shy when he had hugged Jungkook countless times before but it was different when Jungkook was watching him, looking at him, being able to hug him back. Angel wings were very delicate and so he fluttered a little nervously before inching closer, before their knees where almost touching. “I normally hug you. So if… if that’s okay I’d do that again now. And then… I… I fold my wings like this..”

“Are you always this nervous hugging me, guardian?” Jungkook asked quietly and giggled softly when he felt Yoongi’s presence and warmth all around him. He sighed and leaned into his body, gazing up at his beautiful wings. “I don’t know what others look like but I bet I have the most handsome guardian.”

“No, of course not! Normally you are snoring or watching tv or…” ‘Or crying your eyes out after a nightmare’ wasn’t a nice way to finish it so he kept silent. Just when he thought he had it back under control Jungkook complimented him sweetly and he hid his face a little in their hug while stretching out his wings even further. They weren’t as white as Jimin’s, a greyish hue on them making them look like goose feathers so he didn’t get compliments very often. “Th…thanks. You’re really pretty too, for a human.”

Jungkook chuckled at that, hiding a little deeper in Yoongi’s feathers. “Will you be there when I call for you now?” Jungkook asked, eyes tearing up but he ignored it, “I’m not alone anymore?”

“Of course I am. But you don’t have to call out loud - I’ll always be with you if you need it. Even though it felt like it you were never really alone.”


It had gotten late and Jimin still had no clue what to do.

He had hurriedly collected the feathers he lost in his panic to try and shift back and forth to test if he was still able to and placed them on Namjoon’s desk, when the human came in and looking for Jungkook who was supposed to help him out tonight.

“I don’t know where he is, maybe he forgot,” There was a faint smile on Jimin’s lips, one that seemed a little too tired. He had been fighting his thoughts all day, trying to avoid Namjoon to think about whether to tell him his secret or not. Did Namjoon love him, too? Did he just play with him? Would his feelings fade away, just like many humans did and it would leave Jimin heartbroken? Would he scream and run away from him if he ever found out? How would they even make it work?

Yoongi had told him he could shift into human form, but therefore he needed to shift back from time to time. To refresh his energies, to make sure his angel side wasn’t dying out. Jimin drew in a painful gasp. Quickly pushing the thought deep back into his mind. He could feel the headache settle in but still offered his help. There were a lot more things Jimin should think about right now, for example how to fix his shifting problem but the moment Namjoon came in, he couldn’t think about anything else but him. “I will help you. It’s no problem…I’ve been sorting stuff all day. Won’t hurt if I do it a little more.”

Namjoon, having no idea that Jimin was using up his last reserves of heavenly energy smiled happily at him. “Oh that would be great. Thank you, Jimin. Do you want me to explain the system or did you watch Jungkook last time he was here?”

Jimin shook his head. “No, I was busy with reorganizing your life, remember?” He laughed and then stepped next to Namjoon, fighting the urge to lean onto him and tried to concentrate. He followed every movement of his, listening carefully whenever Namjoon explained something and hummed in response. “I’m done with your office now,” Jimin spoke quietly, the weight of what it could mean to be finished with everything Namjoon needed him for in the first place weighing down on him. “You’re also following the schedule; no coffees after four, waking up at six and you even manage to take a shower in fifteen minutes.” Jimin giggled softly and gazed up at the human. “You should be proud of yourself.”

“Hmm…” Namjoon only hummed in thought. “I don’t think that’s really my doing. You can bet that everything would go back to normal the moment you would stay away. So I guess you need to help me with my morning routine forever now…”

“Forever? Forever is a long time… but…I’ve been meaning to talk to you,” Jimin’s voice sounded tired and he turned towards Namjoon a little more, holding onto the table to keep himself upright. Mindlessly, he took one of his feathers he had placed there, playing around with it while Jimin tried to figure out how to talk to him. “About last night and this morning…I…,” The angel averted his gaze, “I told you if I would be done with my work that I would try and get someone else to take care of you, but…everything just tumbled over and I might have been a little selfish. I like being around you, Namjoon.” Gazing up, Jimin could feel the tears burning in his eyes, “But I’m not made for something quick, or some love that will fade away in a couple of days. And I’m afraid I will be.”

Namjoon frowned a little when Jimin stated to talk so seriously. To be honest he had been so happy with Jimin around that he had completely forgotten that Jimin had actually said that. “That’s… totally not selfish. And I really like having you around me too… in case it wasn’t obvious before.” He rubbed his neck, not quite sure where Jimin was going with this when he saw the tears in Jimin’s eyes and his breath hitched.

“Minnie…” His soft exhale got swallowed by Jimin’s hasty confession and Namjoon reached out for Jimin immediately. “That’s exactly why I wanted us to talk about this right away. Did you worry a lot about this? Over if what happened was just a ‘one night stand’ to me. It wasn’t - or at least I don’t want it to be. I… I have to admit that I normally don’t sleep with someone that quickly but you…” He lowered his voice, “I couldn’t resist you, really, you just sliced through all my defenses. But that doesn’t mean I’m only interested in sex, I’m interested in you. Everything, your past your present your possible future. I want to get to know you. And if… if that’s okay for you then I hope that… that there are no more fears now. And if there are then please know that you can always talk to me. Communication is important. We are two different people and therefore might have learned different ways of coping or different behavioral patterns. So please if you are ever insecure or hurt or confused please talk to me and I’ll do my best to make it right again.”

Jimin couldn’t help but lean into Namjoon, feeling dizzy and overwhelmed. “There are things I haven’t told you, yet.” The angel looked up and suddenly blinked, stars sparkling in front of his eyes and he quickly shook them off. “About me, where I come from, who I really am…I am scared that you will not like it,” Jimin’s hand wandered up to Namjoon’s shoulder to hold onto him. He leaned in a little closer, because kissing Namjoon was the only thing that felt right for him right now, while the world just seemed against him and this love. Jimin shuddered. “I think I’ve fallen in love with you,” He whispered, breathing against his lips, “I want to show you all of me.”

Namjoon was stunned into silence at Jimin’s confession. He hadn’t even dared to think of them as more than ‘two guys flirting with the potential of maybe becoming more’ and then there was Jimin telling him that he thought he was in love with him. It was a scaringly beautiful thing, to be told that someone might love you, especially if you were just as emotionally involved as them. However as this wasn’t the only thing Jimin had mentioned right now the flutter of his heart got dampened by Namjoon’s voice of reason. “Why do you think that I don’t like your past? You know you don’t have to be perfect for me to like you.” He carefully pushed a little further, knowing that Jimin worrying about him not liking what he was told could mean absolutely anything from a difficult family history to Jimin being involved in petty crimes.

“B-because it’s…,“ Jimin was searching Namjoon’s eyes, trying to find safety in them, to read his mind even though he couldn’t. But he wanted to know what Namjoon felt. “I’m so scared, Namjoon. If I tell you this…promise me not to run away or be scared of me please. Will you listen to me? Let me explain?” Jimin asked and held onto the human, hands shaking, “I know this sounds so awful right now, but I promise it’s really not what you think, and it will make sense when you know.” He was getting desperate. How could be sure that he could trust Namjoon and tell him his secret, if he didn’t know if he loved him back?

The more he talked the less Namjoon understood. He was really confused now. What could be so bad or scary that he would run from Jimin? From the boy he was so sweet and thoughtful and who had done so much to help him out of pure good-naturedness?

“Jimin, are you in trouble? Have you been with the wrong people? Do you need help?” He couldn’t think of anything that would make him run from Jimin.

“No, no, no wrong people,” He felt weak. Jimin licked over his lips nervously; sweat pooling at the back of his neck. He paled visibly, only his rosy cheeks feverishly red as he tried to smile at Namjoon. Taking Namjoon’s hand, Jimin took a step back, wavering a little. “I know it sounds absolutely crazy,” He took a deep breath, closing his eyes and regretting it right away again, so he snapped them back open. “What I told you, when I was drunk…it’s true.” Jimin gazed up at Namjoon, confusion written all over the human’s face. “There’s a reason I’m so good at protecting you.” Jimin took a deep breath, before he concentrated on his wings and angel form. He wanted to bring it out for Namjoon to see, so he believed him. Jimin closed his eyes once more, biting his lip. The light around him flickered, his glow wavering just for a second for the human to see and when Jimin thought he had made it, the angel cried out in pain, losing his stance and his hold around Namjoon’s hand when he collapsed.

Namjoon knew that something was wrong even before Jimin opened his mouth. The younger’s eyes looked a little glazed over and he was sweating as if he was sick. He couldn’t ask him though because apparently Jimin was starting to hallucinate again.

Last time the alcohol had been  at fault but this time there was nothing like it involved and so he was helplessly overwhelmed, completely out of his depth and not sure what to say to this.

And then Jimin collapsed, screaming in pain while he fell to the floor, folding in on himself like a house of card.


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Chapter Text

Jungkook was swinging his hand back and forth happily, greeting a few people on his way over to the shop. To them, he looked overly joyful, swinging his arm a little too high but Jungkook knew better.

He was holding hands with his guardian right now.

Stopping at a traffic light, Jungkook mindlessly soothed over the palm of Yoongi’s hand, while he looked left and right and then pulled the guardian along. Grinning at the angel, Jungkook blushed. He couldn’t believe he had the luck of having such a handsome guardian and although he didn’t understand why he could see him (Yoongi said he would make sure to find out why).

“I hope Namjoon isn’t mad that I come this late.” Jungkook spoke to Yoongi as he opened the backdoor to the shop, when they heard the painful cry. 

Jimin’s eyes were wide in pain, writhing on the floor. A few feathers had fallen around him, but he couldn’t move. It was like someone was pushing down on his lungs, making it harder for him to breathe. 

Yoongi’s wings opened fully in shock before he let go of Jungkook’s hand, running the last few meters on actual feet. He had barely noticed the chance from angel to human but from Jungkook’s gasps he must have changed appearance wise anyways. He ignored Namjoon, too panicked to try and explain anything as he fell down on his knees next to Jimin, trying to get his hand under the younger’s head to keep him from moving too much. He was still writhing but his movements were weak, barely there, as Jimin had just a shadow of his former strength left.

“Y-Yoongi,” Jimin whimpered and reached for him, holding on with the last bit of strength, “I’m sorry. Tell him I’m sorry.”

Jungkook had run after Yoongi, coming to a halt next to a very frightened Namjoon who was looking just as pale as Jimin right now.

“He’s an angel, too?”  The words slipped from him in a whisper, before he got down next to Yoongi and soothed over Jimin’s hair. “What’s wrong with him, Yoongi? Can you help him?” Jungkook smiled at the writhing Jimin, carefully wiping over his cheeks, soothing him softly just like they had protected him whenever he needed their guidance. 

“He’s an idiot, that’s what he is!” He answered harshly but there was no bite behind it, his voice trembling as he felt Jimin’s energy as a weak pulse underneath his fingers, like a heartbeat that was too slow or a flame that was barely flickering and ready to go out.

“I told you to recharge! I told you…” He was scared and he took a deep breath to calm him down before the emotions would overwhelm him because it wouldn’t be good for any of them. He was just as worried but hiding it a little better when he continued, his voice soft but the grip on Jimin’s light frame just as tight as if the other might just slip through his fingers.

“How bad is it? Can you still move your wings? Can you feel them?” If an angel was too low on energy they were the first thing you lost control over and if they were without maintenance for too long they could wilt and decrease just like flower petals. It was incredible painful and when the damage was too far gone...Yoongi willed himself to not think about that.

Jimin shook his head slowly, tears cascading down his cheeks. “I tried…I w-wanted to rest.” His voice was barely a whisper, “But I s-snapped back every time.” Jimin closed his eyes, trying to breathe through the pain. “I can’t feel them.” He answered and sobbed, “I can’t get them out. Please help me, Yoongi.”

Jungkook looked from Yoongi to Jimin and then to Namjoon, who seemed absolutely frozen in his state right now. But Jimin was the more pressing manner. Soothing over Jimin’s arms, he tried to keep the angel still.

Yoongi’s eyes widened. He kept his shocked gasp to himself just like the burning question of why Jimin hadn’t just told him earlier to help him get up. Instead he had waited before his light was almost fading and he started to feel the pain of the few centuries that he had lived in his bones. “I’ll get you up there and we’ll fix your wings. You’ll see, you’re going to be brand new in just a few hours or… days and then..” He continued to tell him sweet nothings, not even sure what he was talking himself while he picked him up. Jimin felt too light and to small without his wings and Yoongi shuddered when he easily reached around the boys back. This just felt wrong. With an apologetic look towards Jungkook he closed his eyes and then changed realms together with Jimin in his arms.

Jungkook blinked and they were gone. He sighed, rubbing his sweaty hands on his jeans, before gazing up at Namjoon. “So, ehm…” He hesitated and gave the other a small smile, “Are you okay?”

“What the... No! No, I’m not what just happened? Why aren’t you freaking out? Who was this guy? How do you know him? Where did he get Jimin? How... How did he just vanish? And what was all this talk about wings?” Namjoon was shaking, feeling like the floor was crumbling right beneath his feet, “Please tell me that this is just a strange nightmare and when I wake up Jimin will be there with one of his green juices in his hand, healthy and happy and not…not…” His voice broke as he remembered how Jimin had cried out in pain, trying to get away from what was eating him.

Jungkook hastily got up and over to Namjoon, taking him by his arm and pulling him towards his office and pushing him down to sit. He didn’t need a second person to faint now. The younger bit his lip, trying to figure out as much as he could tell Namjoon without making him freak even more.

“I did, believe me, I did. But Yoongi explained it to me,” Jungkook began and sat down next to him. “Jimin is an angel, Namjoon…,” The younger couldn’t help but smile softly, “He is your guardian angel. Well, actually, Yoongi was but they switched…long story short: Jimin is the one protecting you and he is an angel, with wings and all.”

Namjoon shook his head. “No. That’s not... we kissed, Jungkook. You can’t kiss an angel. That’s not… how... why would he even do that? Switch? And why...” His head hurt, thought after thought tumbling around his head making him dizzy. Jimin had told him that he was an angel before. First drunk and then right before he fainted. Why would he do that? What did he get from telling this to him if it wasn’t true. When he spoke again he sounded even smaller and desperate “But if he is an angel and he is hurt - then who could help him now?”

“They switched because of you. Ehm…,” Jungkook rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly, before confession what Yoongi had told him on their way here, “Yoongi was a little tired from you hurting and not listening to him, your inner voice, and so they switched.” The younger came a little closer, reaching for Namjoon’s hand, feeling a familiar burn behind his eyes when he tried to think of an answer to his question – but he had none. “Yoongi will help him. He will make it right, I think. But I’m not sure,” Jungkook whispered, “He couldn’t feel his wings anymore.”

Namjoon got up abruptly. “So basically, I made an angel quit? An angel couldn’t take guarding me. And when Jimin came along, more enduring and lovely and caring he had to work so much because of me that he got so exhausted that he fainted? And n he might be hurt, or his wings are hurt or... he’s in serious danger? Because of me?” Namjoon held onto the armrest of his chair, trying really, really hard not to break into tears. His sweet Jimin, hurting because he was such a hopeless case of a human.

“No! No! He didn’t quit! Not really,” Jungkook could feel the anger and sadness coming from Namjoon in waves and the younger didn’t know what to do anymore. He just stood there helplessly trying to soothe Namjoon. “I am sorry. It’s going to be alright. He’s going to explain it to you…I am sure, he will and it’s not as bad as we think. It is not your fault, Namjoon. Please, don’t think that.” Jungkook whined desperately, praying to Yoongi that he was helping Jimin, because he had no clue how to make this right.

“What if he doesn’t come back?”

Jimin had just told him he loved him. Maybe that's why he had been bold enough to confess because he had felt his strength leaving him and knew it would be his only chance to tell him. Namjoon’s eyes filled with tears and when he remembered how Jimin had held onto him they spilled over, just like that. Jimin had tried to tell him and he hadn't listened.

He really was an idiot.


It hit him like a blow, but the scream was silent. His knuckles turned white when he gripped into the fabric of Yoongi’s shirt, trying to hold onto anything or else Jimin might fear that he would fall apart. And yet, all he could think about was Namjoon.

He had looked at him like he was crazy and out of his mind. Maybe he even thought Jimin was taking drugs and talking nonsense. And then they had disappeared like this and the angel had screamed again. Jimin whimpered when he felt that Yoongi was laying him down softly, eyelids too heavy to keep them open. It was way easier just to give in to the pain and the darkness that wanted to pull him in. He could feel the tremors in his body, the aching pain in his back way too vividly. 


Yoongi placed his friend down on the most fluffiest cloud that he could find in his haste, making sure Jimin was comfortable. Jimin still trembled and when Yoongi tried to have him look at him he could barely comply. “It’ll be fine, don’t worry, you can rest here and recharge and then you’ll feel like before, or even better, you’ll feel so energetic you’ll flutter around like a hummingbird...” He was talking, always talking because he was afraid the fear would eat him if he stopped. Angels normally wasn’t at risk of dying, as they were powerful and could live on forever - but even angel needed to take care of themselves. And Jimin had painfully ignored his own needs.

He started undressing Jimin to make sure that he had as much skin contact with the cloud as possible and then undressed himself as well. Clothes up here weren’t a necessity; it wasn’t cold for them and they only wore them out of habit (because being naked on earth wasn’t an option because it freaked the few people who could see them and it also made sure that they didn’t accidentally forgot to get themselves clothes when changing into human form). Besides, up there no contact was sexual, ever and cuddling Jimin would help the other, ideally with as much skin on skin contact as possible, just like he needed to directly touch the cloud to recharge. As soon as Jimin had control over his wings back Yoongi would ask him to open them too because they took up so much space Jimin would be recharged in no time.

If he managed to get through however long it would take for him get to a level where he could feel them again…

Jimin was like a doll, almost lifeless when Yoongi worked around him. He let out a few whimpers, clinging onto the angel whenever he moved as if he was afraid he would let him be alone now. His wings still weren’t there, Jimin’s glow flickering around him as it recognized the familiar surroundings of heaven, it was soothing him, laying itself over him like a soft blanket. Closing his eyes, Jimin let out an exhausted sigh when he felt himself get pulled closer again.

“Ah,” He whined, scrunching up his nose in pain, when Yoongi put his arm around him. Jimin’s body, once resembling the one of a porcelain doll, absolutely flawless, was covered in red and blue bruises as if someone had used him as a punching bag. But Yoongi knew better. Jimin’s body was showing the results of the constant snapping back from the heavens spheres to earth whenever the angel had tried to get himself back up and simply had been too weak. Jimin sobbed, noticing Yoongi’s stare and shifted a little closer to his body. “I...r-really tried.” And like a dam breaking, the tears came flooding down his cheeks. 

Seeing Jimin so hurt and bruised felt utterly wrong and Yoongi had a hard time not to stare because a small part of him hoped that there was just something wrong with his eyes and if he looked more closely then there would be no bruises on Jimin's soft skin and his wings would be stretched out comfortably behind his back and Jimin wouldn't be shaking and crying but sleeping peacefully on a cloud, just like it should be. Yoongi hugged him tighter, his hand gripping air when he instinctively tried to card through Jimin’s feathers that weren't there right now. Instead he carded through Jimin's hair, soft and reassuring, trying to dry his tears with soft words and sweet little kisses against his cheekbone.

"I know Minnie, I know. I'm sorry I yelled at you before for not taking care. I know you are quite new to this and I should have looked out for you more. I'm sorry, Please don’t stress. It'll be fine, I promise. You're going to be fine."


“Is’ okay,” His words sounded slurred when he slowly drifted off, “Is no’ your fault.” The angel unconsciously leaned in closer to Yoongi’s touches, his breath shuddered a few times until it calmed down and Jimin was fully asleep and Yoongi could only hope that he was restoring himself.

It felt like hours or days (Yoongi wasn’t so sure anymore but either way it felt awfully long) until Jimin stirred for the first time again. Yoongi was soothing over Jimin’s side carefully, whispering to the angel, observing closely to see every minimal change in his body and aura. He took notice of every flicker of his glow, checking Jimin’s tattoo and caressing over his shoulder blades repeatedly. It wasn’t much that he could do but sit and watch. The bruises seemed to fade out slowly. His own wings were protectively hiding the younger in his arms, feathers tingling Jimin’s skin softly.

“Y...Yoongi,” Jimin whispered and leaned his head back, lips chapped and dry, but his cheeks were rosy and full again just like Yoongi remembered them. Carefully the young angel blinked his eyes open, feeling blinded by the light. “Am...Am I in heaven?”

There was a weight lifted from his shoulders when Jimin was starting to heal and when the lines of his wings on his back were clear and visible again he knew that Jimin would make it. Yoongi allowed himself to let out his tension in a shuddery exhale. He had no idea what he would have done if Jimin would have dissolved in his arms - but he was really, really glad that he didn’t have to find out.  He continued to hug the other, caring for him, whispering to him to show him that he was there until Jimin slowly but surely came to again. He looked a little dazed and when he asked if they were in heaven Yoongi couldn’t help it. With a deadpan expression he answered. “No, I’m sorry. We decided that giving your friends a heart attack like you just did is so evil that we banished you to live in hell. Hell is just redecorating so it’s white und fluffy now.”

A faint smile appeared on Jimin’s lips, “Oh, I like hell, then. Imagined it with a few more screams...a little hotter maybe.” Jimin let his hand wander up to Yoongi’s shoulder, when he added in a whisper, voice still sounding croaky, “I am sorry. I truly am. I tried so hard to make it right. It was helping him, and I completely lost myself in it until I missed the line where I couldn’t go back anymore. And I was scared what you would think of me when I tell you that I couldn’t make it.” He sighed,” Will you help me sit up?”

Yoongi let go of Jimin only reluctantly, after he had seen him so weak the guardian angel in him wanted to keep protecting him. However he knew he couldn’t do that as Jimin was a full on angel who had a job to do and be able to take care for himself. He carefully helped him up, making sure that he didn’t touch him where the bruises had been before and then supported Jimin’s weight.

“Did you know how close it was? Do you really think that I would rather lose you than be a little angry at you and then helping you nonetheless - because I’ll always help you in the end. Why wouldn’t I? You can’t just leave me behind to live through eternity alone. That’s... selfish. Incredibly selfish!” He wiped the tears away before they could blur his view too much.

Jimin averted his gaze, sniffling quietly, “I know. I thought I could figure it out on my own for once. You always come and get me out of my mess, whether it’s a baby deer or anything else, really. I was selfish, I see that now.” The angel leaned in and held Yoongi tight. He didn’t mention the tears on his friend’s cheeks, he knew Yoongi would only deny them, so he pretended he hadn’t seen him. “Will you forgive me?” Jimin leaned back slowly, gazing into Yoongi’s eyes as he caressed over his face, glad for his hold around his waist and back to keep him upright. “I won’t leave you alone. Never. You’re stuck with me forever, remember?”

“Hm, then I’ll forgive you. As an exception. Just this once.” His smile and the fondness in his eyes gave away that Jimin would always find forgiveness in him, no matter the situation. They both knew that being together for a few hundred years meant that you were really and truly friends.

“Thank you,” Jimin leaned his head on his shoulder, basking in his warmth and the skin on skin contact he was providing him. “I will try now,” He whispered, just a little warning, before he closed his eyes. Jimin could feel Yoongi’s hands soothing over his back softly as if to reassure him and he tried to concentrate on that. Solely that.

It hurt. But Jimin didn’t say a word, while a few whimpers escaped him, and his wings manifested right on his back. Jimin held onto his friend for dear life, shivering as he dug his hands deeply into his shoulders. “H-how bad do they look?”

Yoongi’s voice was full of empathy while he tried to fix the crushed feathers or pluck the lost ones out that looked dead and ashy. “Not as bad as it could have looked considering that you couldn’t open them at all. It’s nothing that some through wing care and a few weeks of being careful and resting well can’t fix. I could help you. Or...” He gently nudged the younger in encouragement, “You could also ask Namjoon to help you? To brush through your feathers at the back, the part close to the shoulder blades that’s so difficult to reach. I’m sure he’d help you, don’t you think?”

Jimin bit his lip, tears filling his eyes. “Do you think he still wants to see me? I made such a mess.” Wiping over his cheek, Jimin gulped against the lump in his throat, “I’m not even sure if he wants me back. I don’t want him to see me like this…I look hideous.” He carefully curled in a wing, brushing Yoongi’s with his softly as he tried to access the damage. 

The gentle gesture had him smiling and he brushed Jimin’s wing right back. “Even if you would actually look hideous he would still love you because love has absolutely nothing to do with the outside and everything with the heart. And your heart is still the same, isn’t it? And for the rest… I don’t know, I can’t tell you if he wants to see you right away and everything will be fine or if he wants to talk first or if he’ll ask for a few days to come to terms to it or if he will try to deny our world... I can’t tell you any of this. But you can only find it out one way. You have to talk to him.”

Jimin’s heart was aching at the thought of Namjoon not wanting him anymore. Not even the pain of his wings could be as worse as this. He nodded, before simply letting himself fall back onto the cloud to curl in on himself, wings softly spread out behind him to rest. “I don’t think I can shift, yet,” Jimin whispered and inched closer again when Yoongi laid down beside him. “I’m scared, Yoongi.”

“You don’t have to decide right now. Just focus on getting better. And maybe you could send him a note first or... or I could check with Jungkook?” Guilt laid heavy as lead in his stomach at the young boys name. He had told him that he wouldn’t leave him alone and that he didn’t have to suffer through his nightmares on his own - just to vanish with Jimin shortly after. He had no idea how much time had passed and if heaven had found out about everything already, maybe even assigning new people... He just hoped Jungkook was okay as well. And Namjoon… he had no idea what to do with Namjoon. Could he go back to being his guardian while the human was involved with Jimin? Could he dare to ask for an official switch? 

“Don’t leave me alone, yet, please.” Jimin hummed sleepily, reaching for Yoongi’s hand to find something to hold on to and feel his heavenly energy. “I need you.”


Jungkook was leaning back on his chair, observing Namjoon closely while working in the back of the shop. It had been rough without the guardians and although Jungkook had so much on his mind that there weren’t any nightmares at the moment, he was already missing Yoongi’s warmth that he had felt every night. And he still had so many questions. Another curse from Namjoon, had Jungkook jumping up from his seat.

He had no clue how these guardians did this.

“Yoongi, whatever you’re doing up there, please it’s been days and I…don’t know what to do anymore…” Jungkook stopped his quiet prayer, when he saw blood dripping down Namjoon’s finger. It wasn’t much, but enough for Jungkook to react right away. “Here,” The younger opened up the first aid-kit and handed over a bandage working like it was a routine, “Is it bad? Should we get you to the hospital?” Jungkook bit his lip, looking at Namjoon and waited.

Namjoon hadn’t been talking to him in days. To anyone. 

Namjoon just shook his head. “I’m fine. Go home kid.” He felt exhausted and drained. There had been so many stages after the sudden realization of Jimin’s nature and he had gone through all of them (Confusion, fear, awe, the feeling of betrayal and anger because of that, longing, hope, etc.) Now the only things left were frustration and resignation. He was thankful that Jungkook had stayed with him, first explained, then told him about himself and Yoongi and then stayed even though he hadn’t been easy. And Jungkook was basically a half-grown kid, just somewhere around his twenties. How could someone accept the current situation so easily?

“B-but I don’t want to leave you alone and you could need my help still…I need to clean up the coffee machine,” Jungkook was trying to make himself as helpful as possible, to keep Namjoon company and usually the other had just accepted it. Now, he didn’t look like he wanted him to be around. “You sure you want me to go? I could really stay a little longer?” 

“It’s okay. Please, Jungkook...” He shook his head, the tiredness and self-consciousness keeping him from talking to Jungkook as thoroughly as he wanted. He just didn’t have the energy for anything right now, not for talking, not for taking care about anything but himself (and even there he failed). 

“Okay,” He whispered and soothed over Namjoon’s arm, before he did what he asked of him. Jungkook turned to look over his shoulder one more time and then let Namjoon be. He had tried to help as much as he could. It was burden him just as much not to know what happened to Jimin and if Yoongi was alright as well. Would he ever come back? Jungkook tried to push that thought way back into his mind and got his bag, waving Namjoon goodbye, before he closed the door of the shop behind him.

Jungkook sighed.

It was dark already, only the streetlamps lighting up his way, while the city was already asleep. He walked this way home a million times and yet, it felt different today. A little harder to take those steps away from the shop. What if Namjoon still needed him? The doubts were clouding up his mind, his heart racing as he walked backwards a few steps, watching how the light in the shop went out through the window and Namjoon’s shadow disappeared into his office. 


Yoongi had watched Jungkook come out of the shop, so nervous that he almost fell over his wings. He had no idea how to start this conversation or what to say but he knew if he didn’t speak up then Jungkook would be gone and on his way home and then he had to run after him to talk or try to do it another time but apparently there had already passed so much time and every day that he left Jungkook alone was a day too much so he took in a deep breath and started, no matter the consequences.


It startled Jungkook effectively, making him snap around and come to a halt immediately when his eyes fell onto a pair of familiar wings and eyes. Once that he had missed so much. “Y-Yoongi,” Jungkook could feel his heart skip a beat, tears burning in his eyes in relief that his guardian was here and he was okay. Yoongi looked just as handsome as he had done a couple of days ago, no harm on his feathers. And Jungkook breathed out in relief, before it just came over him.

Only a few steps separated them, but Jungkook ran anyways and let himself fall into Yoongi’s arms, nuzzling his face deeply into the crook of his neck. “I missed you, I missed you so much,” Jungkook mumbled, lips brushing Yoongi’s delicate skin and the younger could feel the wings folding in on them as if to hide Jungkook. “Did you hear my prayers? I didn’t know what to do. Is Jimin okay? Please tell me he is okay.”

Yoongi had been a little tense, insecure if he would have to regain Jungkook’s trust for vanishing on him like that. Jungkook running towards him like he had been waiting for him had a weight dropping from his heart and his chest expanding in relief. “I missed you too. I’m sorry I couldn’t explain or couldn’t visit you in between. Jimin needed me. He was really... hurt. But he is fine now. You don’t have to worry. “

He smiled, brushing softly through Jungkook’s hair the way he knew the younger liked. “Oh, you prayed to me? I’m sorry, I didn’t hear that? Did you call out my name? Otherwise it won’t reach me. What did you say?”

Jungkook nodded softly, loving the warmth that instantly spread through him that felt so much like safety. Everything that Yoongi meant to him. “I think I did, I’m not sure. I wanted to know if you guys are okay and I was scared. I couldn’t sleep and…Namjoon, he wasn’t looking so good and I didn’t know what to do anymore.” Jungkook bit his lip and looked down, holding himself a little tighter to Yoongi, “Will Jimin come back to him?”

“I think so, yes. Jimin is really worried that Namjoon will reject him after he dropped being and angel and everything on him like that. What do you think? Did he tell you if he believes it? If he’s angry at Jimin for hiding it before?” Before the younger could answer Yoongi put a finger at his cheek to gently trail it down. “You don’t have to answer that if you don’t want to. I never want you to feel guilty for spilling secrets or test your loyalty. You never have to feel pressured into something with me. I’m your angel. I’ll never judge, I’ll always understand if you explain it to me.”

Jungkook shivered from the angel’s touch, a light blush adorning his cheeks.

“Namjoon didn’t talk…not much, just told me I should go home.” The younger let his hands trail down Yoongi’s neck and shoulders and sighed deeply. “My angel? You’re my guardian now? Not Jimin?” His eyes lit up and he had to bite his lip to contain his excitement. Jungkook’s eyes traced Yoongi’s lips, following them and smiling each time he pursed them into a pout while he kept on talking. “Yes I am. I filed an official request to switch protectees with Jimin.” He didn’t tell Jungkook that he hadn’t gotten the answer yet and that that there was a small chance that heaven wouldn’t allow it - but even if then he would fight for that answer to be revoked. He felt right in this position. In a way he never had with Namjoon, not because he hadn’t liked Namjoon (although it had been exhausting to be his guardian he had become fond of the quirky human) but because he simply hadn’t ‘clicked’ with him like he had with Jungkook.

The younger’s gaze flickered back up to the angel’s eyes, a big smile appearing on his lips before his voice dropped to a whisper, “Is it allowed to kiss one’s angels?” Jungkook giggled softly and leaned in a little further, “If you’re my guardian, already. Do you think heaven would mind if I…”

His question surprised Yoongi so much that he was silent for a second, mouth agape before he collected himself and answered, blushing, “That’s... I guess, I mean... there are no rules against it. People normally don’t see their guardians so the question whether or not they want to kiss them is never on the table but if you want to kiss me then of course you can, you... have my permission.” He was a little breathless, speaking too fast out of nervousness, his wings twitching at the thought of Jungkook kissing him.

Jungkook cupped Yoongi’s cheek softly, only the light of the streetlamp and Yoongi’s glow around them. Nothing else mattered anyways. The human leaned in softly, carefully. Just a soft little touch at first. A peck, nothing more. Before he couldn’t resist and kissed the angel more deeply, melting against him the second their lips touched. Jungkook was sure that nothing would taste sweeter than the kiss of an angel.

His angel. 

Yoongi smiled at Jungkook’s boldness and courage. He knew that Jungkook didn’t have that much experience the same way he knew the younger was one of the pure souls. He embraced the younger, warm and reassuring while he let him explore his mouth, kissing back with a gentle pressure.

They parted with a smile on their lips, eyes glistening and shy blushes on their cheeks. Letting his hand fall down Yoongi’s arm, Jungkook intertwined their fingers slowly.

“Come, let’s go home.” Jungkook yawned, hiding it behind his hand, before pulling the angel along. “I can’t sleep without you and your wings protecting me…and it’s been so long.” He pouted cutely, stealing another kiss from his angel.


Jimin was pacing back and forth, heart beating fast against his chest. He hadn’t found a way to calm it and the longer he stood here, the more it felt unbearable. When Yoongi had disappeared, Jimin was left in heaven alone with an unsure feeling and the sickening anxiety that was slowly crippling back into his body. They had tried to apparate and Jimin was sure he could move spheres again and yet, he was scared. But Jimin knew Yoongi was close and he would listen and be attentive to hear if he needed him, if something would go wrong.

He promised him.

Jimin closed his eyes and when he opened them again he found himself in front of Namjoon’s apartment door. It was late. Maybe Namjoon was asleep already. He should be, Jimin thought to himself, if it was according to his schedule. With a sigh and a racing heartbeat, Jimin let his wings disappear and knocked on the door. 

Namjoon was still sitting in his living room, reading although concentrating was hard at the moment. Or the last few days if he was honest. His mind always wandered back to Jimin, the myriad of question filling his mind in an instant and overwhelming him so quickly that he simply tried to shut it out again until he wasn’t attentive and his mind sneaked back to wondering. He had no idea where Jimin was or if he was okay and if what he had been to him had been a role or his real personality, why he  needed a guardian angel in the first place (okay that one might be a little obvious) and why Jimin had collapsed.

Jungkook hadn’t been able to help and to be honest Namjoon had shut him out a little, hurt about the fact that apparently everyone knew but himself. He was so easy to play, always had been and apparently he couldn’t change. He trusted people right away and Jimin wasn’t even people if he wanted to believe in what he had seen and Jungkook had told him then Jimin was an actual angel. For real. From heaven.

A knock interrupted his thoughts and he flinched, placing the book aside and then got up, a queasy feeling in the pit of his stomach as to who would want to see him so late.

Jimin had his gaze averted, hearing Namjoon’s footsteps coming closer and when the door opened, he flinched back. His eyes flickered up at Namjoon, when the human looked at him in what seemed like surprise, anger and too much hurt. His heart did a somersault, nonetheless. This was the man he loved; how couldn’t it react like this. He notice the dark shadows under Namjoon’s eyes immediately, the stiff posture and the pain that was written all over. And Jimin wanted to soothe so badly.

“Hey,” Jimin spoke quietly, “Can…can I come in?”

Namjoon stepped aside, letting Jimin in right away. “Why are you knocking - can’t you just fly through the window or something?” His voice wasn’t as sharp as his words he rather sounded tired, exhausted from pushing the same questions around in his head over and over again.

Jimin walked in hesitantly, noticing Namjoon’s apathy and it drew a sharp breath from him, one that hurt too much. “I…mean, yeah, I guess I could have…but I didn’t want to.” The angel walked in and towards the living room, motioning for Namjoon to sit down, though he wasn’t sure if the human would follow his suggestions. “But, yeah that’s kind of why I am here,” His voice was soft, keeping his distance to the human as he was afraid of rejection and the pain that would overwhelm him. He knew it would break his heart.

“I think I have some explaining to do.” Jimin tried a smile. 

“Yeah, you do.” It felt surreal to have Jimin standing in front of him like this and if Namjoon didn’t knew better then he would have sworn that this was the Jimin who had helped him organize his life, who had been with him almost every morning and accompanied him to work. The Jimin who he thought was human.

Jimin took a deep breath and let his shoulders fall. His heart was beating hard against his chest, threatening to jump out any second. Taking one step closer to Namjoon, the young angel gazed up at him, the emotions were already making it so hard for him to talk and now that the human was in front of him, it almost felt unthinkable.

“First of all,” Jimin gulped hard against the lump in his throat, “I want you to know that everything I said before, about me falling in love with you was true. It still is. None of that was a lie.” He smiled faintly, before continuing, “I am an angel. A guardian angel. I’ve been originally assigned to guard Jungkook but due to some circumstances and Yoongi being a little bruised up from your last fall down the stairs on your way home from work, we said we would switch protectees.”

Jimin stopped and quickly explained, “Protectees are humans we guard. You and Jungkook for example. Anyways, I wanted to protect you. I kind of liked you from the beginning. You were smart, handsome and kind. Only a little chaotic and I knew how to help you, but you weren’t listening to me. You kind of always waved me off, no matter what I did or ask of you, you always did the opposite.” Jimin chuckled, “And then you almost ran onto the street without looking and I couldn’t let it happen. I had to switch into my human form. I just had to. And I know it was dumb and I maybe shouldn’t have said yes but I wanted to see you again, too. Eye to eye. It was selfish of me, I know. But when you smile, it’s so hard for me to say no.”

Namjoon squinted from the overload of information. “Wait so Yoongi - they guy who took you away guarded me before? Then why did he never showed himself to me like you did? And you can just... switch like that? Aren’t there rules? Can you choose who you guard? So if you don’t like me anymore you can stop? Are you even... allowed to fall in love with a human? Have you ever... before... I mean, how do you know that what you feel is what we ‘humans’ call love. Aren’t you supposed to just brotherly love everyone as an angel? And it still doesn’t explain what happened to you. Why did you have to leave? Jungkook said you were exhausted. Was I too much too handle?”

Jimin nodded his head, trying to process all questions and give Namjoon satisfying answers. “Yes, that’s Yoongi. He didn’t think it was necessary. We usually don’t use our human forms very often, only in emergency situations. We can’t really choose who we guard, but we can file papers if we want someone specific or want to change a protectee.” The angel smiled at Namjoon’s question about love, taking another step closer before explaining quietly, “Namjoon, I am made of love. Angels don’t fall in love very often, it’s pretty rare. But if we do, we love eternally. Even if your human life ends, I would still love you. I know that.” He averted his gaze, cheeks blushing in a rosy color. “It wasn’t your fault. It was entirely my own. I will explain it to you.”

Raking a hand through his hair, Jimin then pulled at his sweaterpaw nervously, “Usually you can’t see an angel, except we decide to show you our full, true form or…we switch spheres and become human in a way. I’ve never been in my human form before. I, of course, did when we were in guardians training but since then I never did it again so…my body wasn’t used to it.” Jimin stopped, trying to see if Namjoon could still follow him, “Angels need energy, especially heavenly one. We need to recharge…and we usually get it through physical contacts with people we love or other angels. You said I cuddled into you, right? It’s because my body was so tired that it was seeking your warmth as I needed it. But my energy was already so low that I needed more than that unfortunately. I needed to go back to heaven and believe me, I tried but something was off. I missed the moment I could go back and I was so low on energies that it hurt me badly.” Looking around, Jimin searched for something and then walked over to Namjoon’s bookshelf to get the feather that was still lying there. “It hurt me so badly that I started losing feathers of my wings. You found a few right? I tried a lot to go back…but I couldn’t. But none of this was your fault. I loved being around you and take care of you…but I was in the wrong, thinking I could handle it without restoring my energies.”

Namjoon swallowed hard when Jimin spoke about eternity when he had yet to process fully that angel’s where a thing. It was like going back and forth between trusting what his heart - and Jimin - was telling him and the reasonable part of his brain yelling at him to guard himself to not get hurt again. In a strange way what Jimin was telling him made sense even though he wanted to know so much more; like what heaven looked like or what exactly his angel form was, how long he had guarded him before he had shown himself and if he had been  always around at all times. He involuntarily blushed at that thought, thinking about what Jimin might have heard or seen or witnessed, from awkward sleepy mornings where he tripped over his own rug to masturbation in the shower.

“I am sorry I left you alone for so long.” Jimin looked down Namjoon’s body, quickly checking for any visible bruises, “But I needed to recharge…b-because I couldn’t get my wings out anymore. I couldn’t change forms anymore. I tried…I wanted to show you when we were talking.” Jimin’s eyes began to glisten, burning from the tears that threatened to spill, “I wanted to let you see who I really am, b-because I thought maybe… you’d still accept me. I am sorry that I disappeared. I didn’t want to. I promise. I wanted to explain…but it was too late.” He couldn’t stop the tears from rolling down his cheeks, quickly wiping them away with his sweater. “I am your guardian, Namjoon. Just a stupid angel that is in love with you. I never hid more from me but just that fact. I’ve always been me…well, if we are honest I didn’t even keep that secret from you really. I do live on cloud thirty seven and heaven is really bright and beautiful.” Jimin chuckled and rubbed his eyes, getting rid of any tears. 

Namjoon’s eyes widened when he remembered Jimin's drunken mumbling. He had totally forgotten about it over all this mess but now it made sense, kind of that Jimin would spill his secrets when he was drunk, the truth that he couldn’t keep when the alcohol had loosened his tongue. And the tattoo - it certainly wasn’t a real tattoo, maybe it’s been what was left when Jimin ‘couldn’t get his wings out’ as he had said. Jimin was crying in front of him and he wanted to console him, to hug him close and tell him that they would be fine that they would just go on like before but Namjoon felt frozen, a little overwhelmed, a little scared, a little confused. Was it even okay to love an angel back? Wasn’t he like... making Jimin sin if he kissed him? And would Jimin forever stay young while Namjoon got old - like some kind of vampire love story?

“So... what happened now? You recharged so you could go back to... being here?” He carefully started, wishing that someone could just tell him what would be the right thing to do.

Jimin nodded at that. “Yes, I can be your guardian again. If you want to. Or more. Or…be gone if that is what you wish for.” Biting his lip, he kept it to himself that they had already filed for a change and that Jimin would forever protect Namjoon, no matter what he would decide on. “But I want you to really know who I am. I don’t want to keep secrets anymore. Not with you. Do you remember the child at the restaurant? The one who called me a fairy? Children are still pure, they can see our true form,” Jimin nervously stepped from one foot to another, “Do you want to see? Who I really am?” 

“N... no!” It was out before Namjoon could hold it back. He had wanted to know everything about Jimin, and he’s had so many questions and Jimin answered them all so it shouldn’t be a problem to go the last step and see Jimin in his true form but now that he had the option he was scared. He’s seen lots of different pictures of angels and they ranged from the typical religious fresco to psychedelic forms like he had seen in Neon genesis Evangelion or Angel sanctuary? What if Jimin was like that, with multiple eyes and way too many teeth and... and... he swallowed harshly, feeling like an asshole but still he was afraid of how he would react if he couldn’t handle Jimin’s true form and that he would hurt him even more with it. “I’m sorry.”

Jimin held his breath, eyes filling with tears again. It took all of him to nod and take a step back and with shaking hands, he put the single feather onto Namjoon’s table.

“Okay,” He breathed out and stepped away further. “T-thank you for listening to me. I appreciate that, really. I do.” His heart was aching so bad, it felt like a knife being twisted, like the pieces of his broken heart was cutting through him, sharp like a piece of glass.

“You don’t need to be sorry. I shouldn’t have…I…” Jimin couldn’t say it. That he shouldn’t have thought that a human could love him. Of course, he was too much. He shouldn’t have listened to Yoongi. He always was too much. Jimin’s view was cloudy. He wished he could kiss Namjoon one last time. “I should be the one that is sorry. I made your life a mess and I understand it. I won’t…I won’t appear anymore. I will leave you be.” The words tumbled over, tears flowing down his cheeks as his gaze was stuck on the feather. He couldn’t look at Namjoon. It would just hurt too much.

“I will make sure someone protects you.” Jimin whispered, meaning that he would be the one. There was no way heaven would let him change protectees again. And he wouldn’t want it any other way. He wanted to make sure Namjoon is happy, no matter what that meant. If he was happy, then he would be okay, too. He’d love him forever. And he would be there for him when he would knock on heaven’s door. 

It was terrible sight, Jimin trying to hold it together while everyone with eyes in their head could see how much he was hurting. His fingers were trembling, and his voice sounded too calm as if Jimin was doing his best to keep it stable or else it would show how close he was to tears. Namjoon couldn’t understand how Jimin could be like that, thinking that Namjoon had just rejected him and then still be nice and generous and lovely as if Namjoon was worthy of his love no matter what.

When he was finally able to breathe enough he quickly tried to make it right before Jimin would vanish on him with a broken heart and tears on his face. “That’s... that’s not what I meant. I like you Jimin. I did before and I still do. It’s just... I’m still confused, and I would appreciate it if you could give me some time. To live with you like before although you don’t need to hide anything anymore. Be as angelic as you normally would have been had I known what you are. Then piece by piece I will adapt to it, I think. I just... don’t think I can handle your full on angel form right now. But I will. Someday I will. And till then I want you as much in my life as before. I don’t want someone else to guard me. I want you around me, Jimin. You don’t have to hide; you don’t have to pretend any longer. I guess that’s what hurt me the most, to not be sure if anything you said to me or did was true. But if you say it was and if you show me that... that I can still trust you then it’s fine. You being an angel is something I need to wrap my head around but it’s going to be fine. I love you too much to let fear that you away from me.”

“Y-you love me?” Jimin gazed up at him, tears falling down his cheeks, but he wiped them away. “I will guard you; I will be there but…,” He took a deep breath, “It can’t be like before, not fully. It’s…I need to make sure to recharge in heaven often enough and I can’t be around you like you were used to but…” Jimin bit his lip, “I will be invisible to you often to make sure I spend a lot of time as an angel then if you don’t want to see my true form. You could still hear me, if you would listen to me that is of course. And you could feel me…but I don’t want to scare you if I come up like that. I can be human; I will still be human for you as much as I can. But my wings aren’t fully healed, yet and being human right now is risky enough. I thought that…you could have helped me, maybe. Take care of my wings.” Jimin shook his head, knowing he sounded absolutely pathetic and dumb right now. “I love you, Namjoon.” The angel rubbed up and down his arm, eyes averted to the ground, “I will give you anything you need.”

“It’s okay, you can stay invisible if you need to but please give me a warning when you’re around, will you? I guess it would make me paranoid not knowing when you’re around watching me and when I am alone. And no getting with me into the bathroom or watching me undress when you’re invisible. I... I like you in your …human form, because I like to see your smile and... and touch you so maybe we can do that too? If you want...” His face felt a little too hot for his liking. “You wanted me to…take care of your wings?” It didn’t need someone telling him that angel wings were special, the way Jimin acted showed him enough that this was something really important to him. “Uhm, maybe I can… I could try. If your wings don’t have eyes in them or... sharp bones or something like that.”

Jimin couldn’t deny how much it hurt him to know that Namjoon didn’t want to see his true form. He had no idea what hell was like, but he was sure the pain was similar. But when Namjoon was talking about eyes in them, everything just got replaced with plain confusion.

“Eyes? Why would my wings have eyes? Sharp? Namjoon…,” Jimin pointed up and down his body, where all he was wearing was white, “I am an angel. The softest being on earth? Without sin? I mean, I can sin when I am human…so technically I am with sin now since we…” He stopped and sighed, when it hit him like a ton of bricks. “Are you scared of what I look like?” Jimin took a careful step closer to Namjoon. 

“Y...yes?” His answer came out a stutter and he leaned back a little because he wasn’t exactly afraid of Jimin, but it was better to be safe than sorry right?

“Jimin there are so many stories and myths and pictures of angels out there how should I know which are true? You could be one of those merciless flaming-sword angels ready to strike down sinners or you could be an otherworldly creature looking like nothing a human could ever think of or you could be just a ball of energy blinding me the second I set eyes on you. How should I know?”

Another painful stab hit Jimin, when Namjoon backed away from him and the young angel sighed. “I am a guardian, the simplest of angels. I won’t deny there are some other species of us that can be scary…but we are solely here to protect and to love. Nothing about me really changes. I will still look like this, with wings…and just a bit more…,” Jimin tried to search for the right way to describe it, gesturing around himself, “A bit more glitter and gleam everywhere. It might be a bit blinding as I radiate light but…that’s it. I promise, no eyes, no sharp teeth, not even my eye color changes. Everything about me, about who I am on the inside, is still the same.”

“Oh!” Namjoon’s surprised showed when he stared at Jimin. “You mean - you didn’t lure me in with a picture you created from my dreams or...” He blushed, interrupting himself before he spilled too much, finally settling with, “You just look like this? No matter what form? Then I’ll take it back. Will you let me see your true form please? So that I can take care of your wings?”

Jimin’s eyes widened at Namjoon’s comment, but he didn’t say anything to it, just biting his lip to hide the smile, even though the blush was evident, nonetheless. Did Namjoon just tell him that he was his dream?

The angel nodded and took a few steps back again, just because he was scared that Namjoon could fear him nonetheless and his wings were pretty big and downy, and he didn’t want to knock over something while changing forms. “I…I am still not healed. My wings aren’t as pretty and my glow…it might be a little off…,” Jimin raked a hand through his hair nervously, taking a deep breath. Closing his eyes, the angel concentrated on the spheres. It started at his toes, a tingling feeling, slowly reaching up until it hit his shoulder blades and where the tattoo has been before, were now wings spreading themselves beautifully wide and for Namjoon to see. Jimin folded them in, stretching them again just to get the feel back and kept his eyes closed for a little longer. Just until he wasn’t fearing Namjoon’s reaction anymore.

The breath left Namjoon in a rush of awe, all fears forgotten. Jimin was beautiful. He understood what Jimin had meant with his ‘glow’, there was a faint light illuminating Jimin’s form, a golden shine as if he was glowing from within. Carefully Namjoon reached out to touch him, curious if the glow warmed Jimin’s skin or if it was just a visual thing. He couldn’t even find words to describe the angel’s wings. He had always seen beauty in nature, in anything from grass to birds but seeing wings that big a snowy, creamy white with feathers that looked so soft he wanted to bury his fingers in them - it was mesmerizing. “They are…amazing,” He whispered, hoping that Jimin wouldn’t get uncomfortable under his stare.

Jimin blinked his eyes open, gasping when he noticed how close Namjoon really was. Of course, he had felt it when he had reached into his aura and yet, it surprised him. Jimin instinctively leaned into Namjoon, loving the familiar warmth and musky smell. “Thank you,” He whispered back and folded his right wing in, “But I promise they are usually even prettier. You see?” Jimin pointed at a spot where there were a few feathers that had lost their shine, looking grey and as if they would fall out soon. “It’s ugly. But it’s my own fault. If you sin in your angel form or don’t recharge, you will lose feathers until you can’t control your wings anymore. I was lucky, Yoongi was around. I would have lost all my feathers.” He spoke quietly, watching Namjoon’s gaze wander over his body. “You can touch them if you want.”

Namjoon found it cute when Jimin was pointing out his ‘flaws’; a few discolored feathers who did in no way make his wings look ugly. He was a perfectionist - but Namjoon had known it before with the meticulously planned lists and perfectly arranged schedules. “You know that you are still beautiful, right? A few feathers can’t take away your grace and anything else you have to offer. Nonetheless I’m glad you get to regain control of your wings. It must have been scary to be so close of losing them. I’ll thank Yoongi next time I see him.” He groaned when he remembered that Yoongi had been his guardian before and that he had stressed him out so much the angel had been complaining to Jimin so he added, “Only in case he even talks to me of course.” When Jimin gave him permission to touch his wings he hesitated for a split second, instinct telling him to stay away from something so pure and beautiful so that his bad luck couldn’t taint it. But he knew that Jimin was stronger than that. He was an angel. So he carefully reached out, caressing over a feather tip with his finger before giving into the urge to gently stroke his palm over the feathery inside of Jimin’s wing.

“I was more scared of losing you,” Jimin spoke quietly as he reached out for the human simultaneously, placing a hand on Namjoon’s chest. The angel sighed, when his hands buried into his feathers, loving the tingly feeling as a shiver ran down his spine. “Scared that you wouldn’t love me.” He let his hands wander up to Namjoon’s shoulders, “I made such a mess, can you forgive me?”

It felt right to be with Jimin like this and all the tension and worry eased from his shoulders just from Jimin’s presence alone. It was like coming home after a long day outside to be greeted with a welcoming calmness. “Yeah, I do. Under the condition that you don’t keep any secrets from me from now on. And don’t worry about the ‘mess’ I am the king of messes; don’t you know that after guarding me? We’ll sort it all out, my angel.”

Jimin teared up again, bottom lip trembling because he couldn’t believe his luck. To have the most beautiful man by his side, to believe him, to trust him. He nodded quickly. He would have promised anything to Namjoon right now, before he swung his arms around his neck and couldn’t keep it in any longer. Jimin sobbed, softly and in relief. “I love you,” He whispered, folding his wings in to embrace them both. 

“I love you too, angel.” He got used to it very quickly, calling Jimin by his true forms name because it was true, he was an angel in all meanings of the name, soft and lovable and loving, a generous, sincere and warm hearted being.  At first it was a little difficult to hug Jimin properly because he feared he would nudge his wings but when Jimin folded them around both of their forms he could hug him tightly. Having the wings close and protective around him felt incredible, like the blanket ford one built as a child, just more safe, more stable because unlike the blanket fort that had to be built Jimin’s wings would always be there to shield him from harm, he knew that now.

Jimin leaned back, cupping Namjoon’s cheeks softly. “Can we lie down? I am still a bit tired from the travel from heaven till here…and I’d love to be close to you.” Jimin pulled Namjoon along, smiling at him, the sweetest blush on his cheeks. Holding onto his hand tight, Jimin brought Namjoon into the bedroom. It was late and he had used up a lot of his energy already and yet there was something more he wanted to show Namjoon.

The moment Namjoon had turned around to his drawer, Jimin disappeared in a blink of an eye. Namjoon clicked on the night light on the bedside table to make it more comfortable and then turned to ask Jimin if he needed to borrow something that he could sleep in when his mouth shut without a sound coming out.

Jimin was gone. Just like that.

“Jimin?” He croaked, not sure if this was a joke or if Jimin had just disappeared to heaven again, leaving him alone without a goodbye. “That’s… that’s not funny. Can you come back please? If... if you’re still here?”

Sh-sh,” Jimin spoke softly and reached out for Namjoon, making him feel his presence with his warmth. “I am still here. Can you feel me?” The angel let his hands soothe over Namjoon’s arms, down to his hands. “Do you hear my voice, Namjoon?” He bit his lip, waiting impatiently to see if the human was feeling him or not. When Namjoon didn’t react much, Jimin walked around him and got as close as he possibly could, his breath tingling the human’s lips. “Joon, please, close your eyes and feel me.

There was something tingling at his spine, like a rush of wind or a whisper and Namjoon flinched, slapping his neck as if he expected a bug or mosquito there tickling his skin. “Jimin?” His voice sounded more hopeless the longer he called out. It hurt to be left alone so abruptly but Jimin had told him how exhausted he was right before so maybe he just had to go back for his own health and safety. Namjoon sighed deeply, his shoulders falling in disappointment. “I hope you’re okay. I would have liked having you in my arms tonight. But maybe we could do that tomorrow.” He wasn’t sure why he was still talking to Jimin. Maybe he hoped that the other could still hear him in heaven.


Jimin had to giggle when Namjoon was talking to him, although if he would be in heaven now he wouldn’t hear it. It wasn’t exactly a prayer. And then Jimin just pressed his lips onto Namjoon’s, wings appearing again just like he did right in front of Namjoon as he kissed him deeply and keeping him from jumping away, with his arms around his neck. “You’re a doofus, I hope you know that, right?” He pecked Namjoon again, standing on his tiptoes, “I was still here…do you think I’m a mosquito or something? We really need to work on that ‘listening to your inner voice part’ because…I am your inner voice.” Namjoon jumped, so surprised that he almost slapped Jimin away as a knee jerk reaction but luckily the big white wings were hard to miss. Jimin giggled and kissed him again, just because he couldn’t get enough. “And if you want me to hear you in heaven you have to send me a prayer and say my name, love.”

When they separated Namjoon gave the angel a hard little pat on his behind. “Don’t scare me like that! No vanishing without warning! And I won’t be held responsible for my reactions when you come out of thin air to kiss me. Next time I might accidentally push you away. Or... onto the bed maybe. Who knows.” He chuckled, relief flooding him that Jimin was okay.

“Ouwh,” Jimin whined and pursed his lips, a smile quickly replacing it when he jumped onto the bed. “Oh, I like to remind you that I am not allowed to sin when I have my wings out.” He cocked up an eyebrow, “Pushing onto bed’s is only okay when I am human. But you can kiss me endlessly and give me as much skin on skin contact you want to. I need it actually. It’s what Yoongi and I did to heal myself…” Jimin quickly got under the blanket and pulled it up to his chin. “Therefore, I prefer to sleep naked.”

“Yoongi?” He frowned, imagining both of them cuddled up close to each other with their wings folded over each other and their limbs entangled. “Hm, I guess it is stupid to be jealous of an angel. But I’d like to be your number one naked cuddler from now on please. And I promise to be all pure with you as long as your wings are out.” He kneeled onto the bed so that he could hover over Jimin and whisper into his ear “I also can’t wait to explore your human body one day to see if you can experience pleasure the way I do.”

Jimin gasped, hiding his giggle behind his hands when Namjoon was busy taking off his clothes, only peeking a few times to adore the view of seeing Namjoon’s beautiful body. The angel had already lost his own clothes within a blink of an eye, only waiting for the human to cuddle under the blanket with him. Jimin nodded reassuringly, when Namjoon hesitated because of his wings but the moment he laid his head down on the soft feathers he sighed in pure bliss. He embraced them with his wings once more and even though they weren’t as perfect as Jimin hoped they were, they were protecting them.

Jimin placed a soft kiss on Namjoon’s hair, cuddling a little closer again. “I love you.” He kissed his nose again and then his lips, “I’ll never leave you again.”

Namjoon trailed his fingers absentmindedly over Jimin’s feathers again, a barely there brush because he liked how it had Jimin shudder in bliss. “I hope so. Because else I’ll go to heaven to find you. You’re my angel, love. Only mine.”


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