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“He can’t be that bad,“ Jimin answered with a sigh as he watched Yoongi walk up and down the hallway in a nervous manner. Yoongi’s clothes were dirty and there was a hole ripped into his jeans and it certainly wasn’t a fashion statement, leaving Jimin wondering what had happened this time. He heard a few stories about Yoongi’s newest client that was giving him a really hard time. But to him they all just sounded funny and kind of cute. He didn’t really understand why Yoongi was making such a fuss about it. It was their job after all and sometimes it came with a risk. 

“He just keeps you on your toes. He’s human after all, be kind to him, Yoongi.” He chuckled softly and began to clean the feathers of his wings while talking, “Just breathe, restore your energies…and then try again tomorrow. Maybe you’re doing it completely wrong and you need to look at it from a different perspective, hm?”

‘He can’t be that badyeah that’s exactly what I thought at first as well. ‘He’s just having a difficult phase, he has a lot to deal with, hes unconcentrated because of his lack of sleep.’ That’s all bullshit!” Jimin gasped as the other cursed. He could see one of Yoongi’s feathers coming loose and tumbling to the ground. Swearing wasn’t good for angels. But Yoongi was so lost in his anger that he didn’t even notice, “He’s a mess! An unbelievably uncontrollable mess! I tried, okay! I tried a lot! I thought ‘well I have wings and he has just those lanky legs and flailing arms’ but god can he cause trouble with it! If he wasn’t so obviously pure then I would have sworn he has a piece of demon inside of him, like, it’s not possible to do that much damage to yourself and others without some mischief in you - but his consciousness is as clean as angel feathers. Not a tiny spot on it! I’m going crazy!”

“Yoongi! Don’t talk about him like this! It’s not his fault and it is your job to keep him safe after all!” Jimin reached out for his friend, soothing over his arms but Yoongi only swatted him away again. “But…you’re his guardian. He should listen to you…did you try to talk to him while he sleeps?” Jimin asked carefully and in the sweetest voice, knowing anything could make Yoongi even angrier now and he didn’t want to make him pull out his feathers in frustration.

“Does it look as if I’m not doing my job?!” Yoongi stopped short and motioned down to his ripped jeans and the ruffled tips of his wings where the feathers had been smashed. If he didn’t heal that fast, his left side would be also still littered with bruises but because of his healing powers there was nothing but smooth, creamy and flawless skin. “I talked to him like a million times and he either ignores me completely like I’m not even there - or he tries to pull me into some philosophical excursion about how strawberries can only truly have the color red and what it means for the world that white strawberries exist! I mean he’s amazingly smart when he’s awake and concentrated enough to properly think but with all the absent-mindedness and abstruse sleep talking I’m really, actually considering filing for a change.” His lips went thin when he pressed them together. One didn’t just ask for a transfer like that. It was a real act and also considered rude. He just didn’t know how else to do this without one of them getting seriously hurt in the end.

“A change?” Jimin gasped and raised his eyebrows. “But Yoongi! You can’t…just…do that. M-maybe he’s not too bad and it’s just a phase with him right now. You know how humans can be sometimes.” He came closer again, when Yoongi sat down at his office desk, wings hanging dreary down his back and face hiding in the palm of his hands. Jimin walked around the desk, sitting himself on the side of his desk and crossed his arms in front of his chest. “You’re not giving up if we haven’t tried everything, yet. Maybe I can help? I have a new protectee who isn’t out very often, so I have some time to go over your guy’s file. What do you say? Maybe I’ll find a new way to get through to him…” 

“Yeah, sure, go over his file. Go over his whole life if you need to. There’s no trauma to heal that would make him stop hurting himself because he’s just mindless, nothing else. He concentrates on his thoughts and passions so much that his mortality is just a side note to him. Why don’t you just take him if you think so highly of him, try to do all you can think of and learn how fucking frustrating it is to see that nothing helps and you could instead just watch him kill himself with a toaster because in the end it will go like this anyway. And before you ask yes that was an actual thing. He was washing the dishes and almost knocked the toaster into the water. While it was plugged in.”

Jimin couldn’t count the many times he had gasped now, shocked at the way Yoongi was talking about his protectee. He would never dare to say such things. Jimin was about to scold the angel again, when Yoongi asked him to take over. “Yeah, sure. How should I handle two protectees at the same time then? I can’t do that.” Jimin rolled his eyes when another feather fell on the floor and picked it up again, pushing it into the jar by their desk where he stored all of Yoongi’s feathers. There were a few by now. It was his own little version of a ‘swear jar’. 

“If you would have been fast enough it wouldn’t have happened,” Jimin pursed his lips and leaned in closer to Yoongi, “And just because you’re lazy you can’t make me do two protectees.”

“That was a joke, Minnie. I would never let you within that man’s reach. He might have you hurt the very first hour.” He shook his head. “Really, you don’t wanna do that. Be happy about your calm new human and visit my grave please.” He sighed dramatically, knowing damn well that he couldn’t die that easily.

“Why not? Do you think I can’t handle it?” Jimin’s voice almost tumbled over and he got up from the table. “Do you still think I’m too soft for this job? I’ve been through the guardian training just like you and I am very much capable of handling a difficult human.” The younger angel huffed in anger, staring down Yoongi. “I’m not visiting your grave since you’re not able to die, you idiot of an angel…ah!” Jimin squealed when something pulled at his wings and he saw a tiny feather slowly descending to the ground. He pushed his hands dramatically over his mouth, before his eyes narrowed and focused on Yoongi again. Trying to calm himself, Jimin turned away from Yoongi, mumbling something under his breath. Rubbing the bridge of his nose, Jimin closed his eyes, taking a deep breath before he snapped around to his friend again. “Okay. One week. Not more! Just seven days…that’s it.” Jimin held out his hand to seal the deal. 

“Yeah, says the angels who’s squealing from losing a singly down feather...” He was careful to mumble it under his breath to not anger Jimin any further. But he was worried. No one could handle Namjoon. However he knew that Jimin wouldn’t let it go and if Yoongi would stay stubborn and not let Jimin catch a glimpse for himself the younger would pout forever. At least a few weeks (Angels had a different understanding of time of course). Also there was quite a big part inside of him who just wanted some peace and to sleep for a full night and to rest his wings and recharge his healing powers and just... not be on edge 24/7. And Jimin could always request them to change back. So, despite better knowledge he reached for Jimin’s hand - and took it, sealing the deal.

The younger angel bit his lip nervously, nodding to reassure himself that he hadn’t done something stupid right now. Because somehow it felt like he had done exactly that. 

“No one is telling Yooa? Or any other angel?” Jimin cocked an eyebrow but both of them knew better than to mess with their boss, the head of the guardian angel department. She looked sweet, like pure innocence personified – but she didn’t like it when you ignored the rules. Rules were there to protect them, to keep them safe. Letting go off Yoongi’s hand when they both agreed, Jimin opened his drawer and got out Jungkook’s file and then quickly switched it with the one the other was holding. Namjoon’s was looking way thinner than Jungkook’s and Jimin really wondered what it was about that human. Was it really just because of mindlessness? 

Well, he was about to find out…

“So…Jungkook he is really soft, you have to be ca-,” The angel stopped mid-sentence when there was a whiff of fresh air and Yoongi was gone. The other had barely looked at where Jungkook lived and had taken off, not even caring about the file. While some said, that getting to know your protectee without any prejudgments were good, Jimin thought at least a little knowledge wouldn’t have hurt for Yoongi not to run into trouble. 

“Great…,” Jimin shook his head, opening Namjoon’s file with a sigh and with a -poof and a little bit more sparkle- he was gone, too. 

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Yoongi landed with a soft sound in a little squat to cushion the weight. It always felt a little strange to come back to earth after being in heaven. Being weightless felt natural to him and even though he had no physical body being on earth still felt different. He was there with earth beneath his feat and gravity keeping him there. He could even feel the wind rustling through his feathers. Which was something he liked a lot. Generally he liked experiencing weather on earth (there was nothing like it up there in heaven). There was nothing sweeter than opening up your wings in a summer rain letting the droplets caress it and then create rainbow with the sunlight... 

Yoongi sighed, bringing his thoughts back on track. he was stalling a little, nervous that maybe Jimin’s sweet nature had painted Jungkook in nicer colors than he actually was. Though seriously, he absolutely couldn’t be worse than Namjoon. He straightened up - and then walked determinedly through the door.

There was a soft yawn coming from the other side of the room and then the door opened. The human ruffled through his curly hair, waddling towards his small kitchen, passed the coffee machine and got out a carton filled with delicious banana milk instead. With the biggest smile Yoongi had ever seen on an early morning, Jungkook took a sip from his beloved milk and giggled. 

Yoongi blinked. 

Then he rubbed his eyes. 

This was his protectee? At first he wasn’t sure if he hadn’t chosen the wrong house and had run into a fellow guardian angel but the boy didn’t see him. So he must be human. He didn’t look like it though. He had big eyes that were literally sparkling, curly hair that looked as soft as feathers and a smile that lit up the room like heavenly light. If this was actually Jungkook then Yoongi couldn’t believe how Jimin could let him out of his sight even for one second.

・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

A guardian angel was always just guarding one human at a time – their protectee. Not every human had someone assigned to him, only those who really needed someone to guide them and help them to stay safe. Guardian angels were invisible to the eye of humans. They could hear them, feel their voice inside of them like warm chocolate on a cold winter day. Usually it was enough to talk to a human to make him consider a different option or another approach to something but not everyone was reacting right away. Some needed a pull, then angels could reach out for the humans. They could make them feel their touch. And then there were people who were effectively ignoring their inner voices or the soft push. 

Every human had their own individual reasons why and apparently Namjoon was just really adamant on not taking care of himself and getting himself into danger constantly.

Jimin had closed the file again, letting it disappear with a snap of his finger when he stood in what seemed like Namjoon’s living room now. Jimin was about to take a step forward, when he slipped on something. He screamed, flailing his arms as he tried to save his fall but still rather ungracefully landed on his butt. Jimin shook his head and blinked his eyes to get rid of the stars that were dancing in front of his view. Now that Namjoon-guy already rubbed off on him, Jimin thought and he hadn’t even properly seen him, yet. The angel was about to get up, laughing to himself, searching for the human, when he was met with an impressionable pair of…

“Thighs,” Jimin gulped heavily, his eyes slowly wandering up his muscles legs until it met a torso and… “Oh my god,” The angel let his eyes linger on Namjoon’s naked chest for a little too long. There was water dripping down from Namjoon’s wet hair onto Jimin’s face. Quickly, he scrambled away and up on his feet, pressing himself against the wall – only hoping that Namjoon hadn’t felt anything. But if it had been true what Yoongi said, Namjoon didn’t react…like ever.

Namjoon stopped as he saw the small bottle of hairspray rolling away and then bend over to pick it up. He was lucky he had seen it now, someone could have slipped on it if it was just lying there. And as he knew himself it would have probably be him. With a sigh he placed it aside. He should really be more careful. He knew that, obviously with all the bruises and marks he already had but after what had happened yesterday he had really sworn himself to be more careful. It could have ended real badly, he actually could have broken his neck and be dead! 

After staying too long in the shop again and overworking himself (they had gotten a new piece and he had wanted to clean it and have it presentable and sellable for the next day) he had slipped on the stairs and had fallen down a few steps. He had regained grip on the handle like a miracle so he hadn’t tumbled all the way down but it had been a close call. 

He could still feel it in his bones.

Jimin observed Namjoon closely and how the other placed the hairspray bottle somewhere, not even really caring where he was putting it. Now that he was looking more closely, Jimin could see the chaos all around. It wasn’t dirty or packed with stuff, but rather unorganized. Jimin took a look around, letting his fingertips soothe over a few papers that were strewn all over Namjoon’s kitchen table. There were bills, receipts and a lot of ordering lists thrown all over and Jimin had to fight the urge to start organizing it all into different folders. The dishes were piling high in Namjoon’s kitchen, just like his dirty clothes that the human was now trying to push into the washing machine. All of it at once. Jimin was about to turn to look at the rest of his apartment, when he saw the opened door of the bathroom cabinet right above Namjoon. His eyes widened. The bathroom was narrow and with the way Namjoon was squatting, he would definitely hit his head the moment he would stand up again. While Namjoon was still busy, Jimin leaned in. “Be careful when you get up, will you?

Namjoon had already started moving when Jimin had whispered into his mind - though instead of stopping or reacting in a safe way he just looked up, almost poking himself in the eye. ‘Luckily’ he only banged his head on the cabinet door. Hard. Namjoon cursed, so colorfully that it made Jimin blush. In his anger Namjoon threw the door of the washing machine shut, with a little too much force so instead of snapping in and closing the door cleanly swang back to bump right against Namjoons shin.

Jimin couldn’t believe what he was witnessing. He had made it worse. Pouting, Jimin let Namjoon pass with an angry groan and followed him into the kitchen. Namjoon was getting out some frozen peas to put it on top of his head to cool the bruise that was about to form and Jimin felt awfully guilty. “I’m so sorry, Namjoon.” He whispered, “Maybe you should lay down and rest a little more, hm?” Jimin came a little closer, when the human leaned back with his eyes closed. Luckily for him, Namjoon had gotten dressed somewhere in between his observations and the incident but even now, when he looked at him this closely, Jimin couldn’t deny his handsomeness. Namjoon was truly beautiful, Jimin thought to himself and cocked his head aside admiring him a little more.

Namjoon got out some painkillers and caffeine, effectively nipping Jimin’s advice about laying down and resting in the bud. It was almost as if he heard the angel’s whispers in some way, as he was supposed to do - but instead of following them he acted on them in a completely different way that would have been healthy. Namjoon swallowed the pills and then got back to closing the machine properly and starting it. Then he sat down at the table to work with the mess that were his papers.

Observing Namjoon and his handsomeness for a while, Jimin quickly shook himself out of his stance, remembering his deal with Yoongi. He was supposed to show the angel that Namjoon wasn’t a hopeless case. That Yoongi just hadn’t found the right approach and Jimin was able to handle this all on his own. He nodded affirmatively to himself, busy with his own thoughts, when he noticed Namjoon rushing off to get his jacket and keys and then ran back into the kitchen to make himself a coffee-to-go. Apparently the human was late for work now (Jimin always forgot human time was going by faster) and he had tried to stuff all of the important papers in his bag. The angel’s expression turned into a frown when he saw the carelessness and how the papers were sticking out. But wasn’t he owning a shop? Jimin remembered something that he had read in his file, but he wasn’t so sure anymore. But five minutes couldn’t hurt either way, especially if it was his shop.

If you keep being so hasty you will spill hot coffee all over your hand, Nam-,” Jimin froze dead in his tracks when the human did exactly that and jumped back, almost knocking over the cup if it wasn’t for Jimin who reached for it last minute to keep it in place. “Really?” Jimin shook his head and face-palmed himself. But there wasn’t much time to dwell on it, when Namjoon was effectively cleaning it up and ran out the door – almost forgetting his keys in the process.

The angel was following Namjoon quietly, biting his lip in thought as he observed every motion of his body closely. He was bumping into quite a few people on his way to work, apologizing in a respectful manner each time. So, he wasn’t doing it because he didn’t care but because he was literally not paying attention to his surroundings. Jimin counted the tenth yawn in a matter of fifteen minutes and really began to worry for this human. Namjoon needed more than a guardian angel, maybe a life-coach, or a professional organizer. Jimin made a mental list of things Namjoon needed to improve on, wondering if he could somehow get the human to call an agency who could assign him a personal assistant. Maybe if he left notes? Or google searches for agencies? Maybe Namjoon just needed a little push in the right direction? Skipping happily, Jimin couldn’t help but smile. He felt like he had a plan now, something that he could do to make Namjoon’s life a little easier. Maybe this was what he needed? If he didn’t listen to his inner voice, maybe he would listen to a few signs.

Jimin was about to catch up onto the human, when his eyes widened and he saw how Namjoon wasn’t paying attention - again! For the third time today and it was early in the morning! How was it possible for someone to be this unattentive? 

Jimin was behind Namjoon in a second, whispering, trying to get him to notice that he was straight up walking into a very busy street right now, coffee in one and phone in the other hand. But he didn’t hear him due to his music or  maybe he didn’t want to hear him either or his mind was too occupied only waving him off as if he was an annoying fly not his guardian angel. He tried to grab his shirt, pulling at it but Namjoon just walked a little faster. How could he be so blunt? Jimin was starting to panic, knowing now how Yoongi must feel everyday. This was exhausting! Jimin screamed internally, whipping around to try and find another human that he could use to make Namjoon stop. But there was no one. He was alone. There was a car honking loudly and Jimin just reacted on instinct. 

Namjoon had walked a little too quick because he was late to work and therefore his mind was already ahead, planning his day at work, mentally immersing himself in the projects he would work with. There was something uncomfortable lingering at the edge of his mind, something that was bothering him and trying to tell him that he was missing something, that something wasn’t quite right but he pushed it aside for later to deal with it then in favour of finishing his thoughts. He couldn’t, however, as there was suddenly someone grabbing ihm and pulling him backwards. Within a blink of his eye, Jimin had fully appeared out of nowhere and forcefully pulled Namjoon back by his jacket with the strength of a human, because apparently the other didn’t want to listen to his guardian and inner voice. Mid-pulling him back, Jimin was about to open his mouth and scold Namjoon angrily, the other turned, stumbling, throwing the coffee and wrapping his arm around Jimin as if he wanted to hold onto him. Jimin yelped, the angel’s eyes widened. Namjoon flinched, and because it felt like he was attacked he turned around ready to fight, accidentally spilling his coffee over the both of them and then losing balance from his quick turn. Instinctually he held onto the boy who had just grabbed him, making them both fall over themselves and into a heap onto the side of the street.

Jimin landed rather softly, only scraping his hands on the asphalt where he had tried to keep himself from falling. There was a car honking and rushing by fast and Jimin breathed out a heavy sigh. He felt a little dizzy from the fall, ignoring the coffee stain on his white shirt and shook his head to get rid of the stars that were dancing in front of his eyes. 

“For heaven’s sake, please watch where you are going ne-,” Jimin blinked his eyes open and gulped heavily, when he realized the position they were in. Lips only inches apart, eyes gazing deeply, and chests pressed onto one another. Namjoon’s arm was still wrapped tightly around his waist and Jimin could feel the human’s heartbeat right under his chest. His own was beating fast, with a few occasional jumps. This close he was even more handsome. 

“What.. just happened?” At second glance the boy didn’t seem the type to just randomly attack people so why had he grabbed him? “Did you…,” Could he have actually been so lost in his thoughts that he had overseen a car? Had that strange boy just saved his life? Namjoon tried to get up which was kind of difficult with the boy unmoving on top of him and then reached around to see if he could find his glasses hoping that the were still usable. He hated contacts as he had forgotten to take them out to sleep one too many times with uncomfortable consequences. 

“Did I save you? Yes. I tried to call ou-,” Jimin stopped, slowly sitting up when he saw Namjoon was searching for his glasses. “You weren’t really paying attention. I am sorry that I made you lose your balance.” The angel still awkwardly sat on Namjoon’s lap, examining the palm of his hands that already began to heal and quickly put them down, when his eyes met the human’s again while he put on his glasses. Why was this human so god damn handsome and yet such trouble?

“Thank you, that’s... that was nice I mean…” He tried to get up again, failing at the solid weight on his legs, “Excuse me, can you please get off me? I think it’s a little dangerous if we keep lying there at the side of the road. Someone might oversee us.” He felt horribly awkward and with a hot, awful rush of heat he realized that now he would definitely be way too late and there would probably customers be waiting in front of the store angry and annoyed and the doors still being closed and he would lose what little customers he had and…

“I.. I have to go!” Hurriedly he patted the dust from his clothes to get himself somewhat presentable.

“Mr. Kim!” A young boys voice shouted from across the street, looking left and right and then ran towards them. “Mr. Kim…Namjoon, are you alright? What happened?” Jungkook gave Jimin a soft smile and then froze for a second, furrowing his brows as he looked at the young man who was trying to get up from the ground as gracefully as he could despite the situation.

Great. Jimin bit his lip. What was his protectee doing here? Why did he know Namjoon? And if Jungkook was here then… The joyful laugh of someone he very well knew, made Jimin snap his head around to see Yoongi holding his stomach while pointing at him only a few feet away. Of course, the others couldn’t see him. Yoongi was still an angel, while he himself had quickly unveiled his human form to save Namjoon. He had never done this before. 

But this had been an emergency.

Narrowing his eyes, Jimin was about to put out his tongue at the angel, when Jungkook interrupted him again. “Do I know you?” Jungkook asked softly, reaching for Namjoon’s hand to help him up but at the same time never leaving Jimin’s gaze.

“Kind of new here, so no,” Jimin quickly shook his head and got up himself, wiping over his now dirty and not so white anymore shirt and pants. Jungkook nodded at that, looking at Namjoon full off worries. But before he could open his mouth, Jimin spoke, “You should maybe check in the hospital to see if you haven’t hurt your head. And please…be a bit more mindful.” The angel smiled at the human, “There’s not always someone around.”

Jungkook nodded at that, dusting off Namjoon some more and because the other wasn’t saying anything, Jungkook thanked Jimin with a bow. “No worries,” Jimin pulled at his clam shirt, “Thanks for the coffee, I guess.”

Namjoon finally really looked at the guy who had pulled him off the street and gasped audibly. He had been so busy searching for his glasses and calming Jungkook and then worrying about the shop and dusting off his clothes that he hadn’t really seen Jimin. Of course he had noticed that the other was wearing -formerly- white clothes all over as if he was on his way to a “midsommar festival”. Though what was shocking him most was the pure beauty of the younger. He was no stranger to beauty (he knew Jungkook after all) but he had never seen someone with so sincerely kind eyes and such a honest smile. His face looked soft as if someone had blurred all the sharp edges to make him look like some otherworldly, ethereal creature... if there hadn’t been the dirt on his pants and the massive, brownish ugly coffee stain all over his shirt. “Oh, oh , I’m... I’m so very sorry, I’m really... you could give it to me and I’ll clean it I promise, I’ll have it just as before by tonight and...”

Jimin had half-heartedly turned already, not being able to overhear Yoongi’s laugh coming from the sidelines of the scenery. He really wanted to shut him up, but every little anger was forgotten when Namjoon talked to him. “And…you want me to undress right now?” Jimin raised an eyebrow, chuckling at Namjoon’s sudden blush that appeared on his cheeks. “It’s fine, Namjoon.” Jimin shook his head, “It’s just a coffee stain. You’re alive and that’s what matters to me.”

Jungkook still awkwardly stood at the sidelines. He could see the hesitation in Namjoon’s eyes and knowing the shop-owner, he was probably torn between running off to his café and making this right. Also, Namjoon was really awful at flirting on top of that. He had seen this happening a couple of times whenever he had visited the little antique shop. It was cringe-worthy and one couldn’t look away nor look too closely. But Jungkook loved the small café that Namjoon had build in his antique shop, small little bookshelves on each side and so many antiques that Jungkook loved to hear the stories about. “Mr. Kim, do you maybe want me to open the shop? I know where everything is.” He whispered and held out his hand for the key, “I can work the coffee machine. I helped you before, remember? There will only be the morning customers right now…so you can…” Jungkook nodded towards Jimin and whispered, “Thank him properly. He saved your life! This could have gone way worse.”

Namjoon would never give his shop over to just anyone because he cherished the little shop a lot, it was his everything. Though Jungkook wasn’t just anyone. He didn’t really knew the boy, not in a proper way at least where Jungkook had talked about himself. But they had talked about books and their love for music at seemingly random visits and Namjoon had seen Jungkook handle his treasures. It said a lot about a person how they touched the things he had for sale. There were those who just went for the glittery stuff, the things that looked expensive although Namjoon didn’t have a lot of those. There were those who didn’t really have eyes for them at all, just passing by (Namjoon always wondered what they were doing there in the first place and if they might have walked into the wrong shop or were just trying to pass the time in their lunch break) and then there were those who came in and saw, who took everything in, observing, admiring. It always had Namjoon smiling when he witnessed a customer carefully caressing the beautiful arch of an armrest or trail their fingertips along an ostrich feather of a headpiece he had just arranged. Jungkook was such a customer. And this was why despite better knowledge he gave his key to the boy that he didn’t even knew the last name of.

Jimin watched Jungkook walk away with furrowed brows and then turned back to Namjoon. He had only been Jungkook’s protectee for barely more than a few weeks and although he had found what the younger needed pretty quickly he never once had mentioned Namjoon or stumbled upon him, even if he followed Jungkook almost everywhere in his guardian form. Thinking about it...Jimin only realized now for how long he was already in his human form, something he had never been in before (except for in training). “This was an emergency right?” Jimin mumbled, when Yoongi came closer, eyeing him from the side, his heart racing fast in anxiety. There was a strict rule about using one’s human form. And Jimin had just broken it and the guilt was lying heavy on him, needing Yoongi’s reassurance. “Oh god, I’m going to hell.” He mumbled under his breath

“What?” Namjoon hadn’t gotten a word that Jimin had just said but his mumbling sounded suspiciously guilty. Namjoon thought hard what Jimin could feel guilty about and then his stomach filled with ice. The boy had just called him ‘Namjoon’. Even though he might have gotten it from Jungkook he had used it so casually as if they knew each other. And how had he been so quick as to rescue him at all? He must have been very close and paying lots of attention to him. Did that mean that Jimin was... a stalker?

“Hm?” Jimin looked up at Namjoon, when he saw the color fading from his face. It shut Yoongi up effectively as well, who just wanted to tell Jimin how dumb he was for thinking about even going to hell, because he wouldn’t survive down there a second, as he watched the scenery unfold once more. This was truly entertaining to watch.

Jimin reached out for the human carefully. “Are you okay?” He asked carefully, “You look kind of pale…are you sure you didn’t hit your head? You really need to pay more attention to the traffic, though. And maybe work on your balance skills.” He giggled, blinking up at the taller man, Jimin searched Namjoon’s eyes while a warm smile played on his lips to cheer him up. “I’m really sorry I startled you so bad, but I panicked when I saw the car coming closer and you just went ahead. I reacted out of instinct.”

“So you... don’t know me? You just helped a random stranger to not get killed in a car accident?” Jimin looked way too nice to be a psychopath. But didn’t they say that that’s exactly one would think before getting murdered by one? Namjoon swallowed hard.

Jimin’s expression turned confused and then chuckled, “Yeah? What else would that be?” His eyes widened when he realized what Namjoon must have been thinking. “You…oh my heaven, did you think? That I was stalking you or something?” Jimin couldn’t help but laugh, “As cute as you are but I wouldn’t even be sure what I would stalk you for? Anyways.” Jimin smiled at Namjoon, shaking his head, still not over his idea of being stalked. Where the heavens did he get that idea from? This human really was…different – that was for sure. “There are good people out there in the world, too you know.” Jimin winked at the human and turned around. 

Namjoon turned bright red when the boy saw right through him as if he had his thoughts spelled it out on his t-shirt. “, that’s not…,” He tried to lie but as always he wasn’t very good at it. The boy turned to go and that was the last hint he had needed before getting the guts to call after him. “Wait! As I already spilled coffee on you do you want... some more coffee? As thanks? Not on you, I mean.. can I take you out for coffee to say thank you?” He cringed internally at that mess of a sentence.

Jimin halted in his steps and his heart sped up so fast that he felt dizzy for a second. Was Namjoon asking him out? His guardian angel? That he didn’t know was his guardian angel – at least for a week, because he was dumb enough to fall for Yoongi’s tricks. Jimin looked over his shoulder to Namjoon. “Me?” He pointed at himself, “Eh…I…yeah okay, sure.” Jimin nodded, blushing like crazy out of a sudden, completely ignoring his moral instincts.  

Namjoon could feel the younger’s shyness, gathering confidence that the other wasn’t out there with bad intentions. “It doesn’t need to be awkward and there’s no need for coffee either we could go for something to eat or some bubble tea if you like, your choice, just let me give you a little something in return for saving my ass.” He tried a little smile, actually enjoying the thought of taking the other out now that he had gotten out of his head and really looked at him and his well behaved manner. It would be nice to see him again under different circumstance that weren’t as dramatic like an almost-car-accident.

Cocking his head aside, Jimin giggled softly. “Or we can do all of that. For saving your ass I do deserve some more than a coffee right and I am not sure if I can smell coffee anymore.” He pulled at his shirt again that was awfully sticking to his chest. Before his angel instincts and morals could kick in and while ignoring all of the rules there were, Jimin agreed. His heart took a leap, his breath got stuck somewhere in his lungs and he had to bite his lip to keep from smiling. “Meet me here at eight then. Tomorrow?” Before he turned around, he added with a shy smile, “I’m Jimin, by the way.”

“Yeah, sure, that… that’ll work.” Before Namjoon could properly wrap his head around it Jimin had said yes, fixed them a date and then flirtatiously told him his name. As Jimin already knew his there was no point in telling him and Namjoon wasn’t sure if he should tell him anyways or if it would be stupid so he just stood there, smiling awkwardly giving Jimin a little wave while thinking that it was totally fitting that someone so soft looking had such a pretty name.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

What was he doing? Had he just agreed to a coffee date with a human? To a human he was supposed to protect. It was like the moment their broke eye-contact and Namjoon turned around Jimin came back to his senses. He had acted completely selfish and ignored every rule there was. Yes, maybe he had supposed to keep Namjoon safe and in emergencies it was allowed to use their human form but…he should have been back in the realm already, back to his natural form. Not talk and flirt with his protectee. Or agree on dates. Jimin was just hoping Yoongi hadn’t been around to see the mess that conversation just was. What even had happened? Jimin raked a hand through his hair in a desperate manner and took a deep breath. It took him two steps before something made him stop. Slowly, his eyes wandered up the white jeans that was held up by grey suspenders and white shirt underneath. “You know I always loved those grey tones on you…” Jimin tried a smile, when he came face to face with Yoongi, but it fell soon after, “I can explain!”

“Stop flirting! You won’t be able to flirt your way out of it this time, Park Jimin! What in heaven’s name where you thinking? I get that you had to save him and thank you for not letting my protectee die by the way but why on earth did you do it like this?” Yoongi had found it funny when Jimin had materialized to save Namjoon and then had that awkward conversation with him because Yoongi had been convinced that Jimin would say goodbye quickly, then return to their realm to take a breather and then finally tell Yoongi that he had been right all along and Namjoon was unprotectable. He had not expected Jimin of all people to break the rules. Jimin was soft and sweet and took pride in following the rules nicely to make everything work perfectly as it was supposed to be. This wasn’t it. And the worst thing was: Jimin knew all this. And he had broken the rules nonetheless, on purpose. Yoongi felt like someone had shaken his world so everything had been tumbling around to rearrange in some totally confusion way.

“I…ehm…I just wanted to be nice?” Jimin answered, ignoring the woman who just passed him and looked at him as if he was crazy for talking to thin air. She couldn’t see Yoongi. “It’s all part of my plan, okay!”

Yoongi scoffed.

“Trying to be nice? Your.. your plan? Jimin, you do remember that I know you and that we are both angels and therefore you can’t lie to me because I literally feel when you’re trying to bullsh.. to dupe me and.. what is your plan then? Just for kicks, tell me your plan. What will you say when he asks you where you’re from? What you’re doing here? What your job is? If you to can see each other again. Do you want to break his heart? Or get yourself tangled in too many lies until it’s too late and you’ll have to face the consequences? This is not a game Jimin. This is someone’s life your toying with!”

“Since when are you the one scolding me?” Jimin pouted, averting his gaze to the ground as he just kept on walking. “I might have not thought about that, yet but I can come up with something that makes sense without lying. I just want to protect him, and I figured if he doesn’t listen to his inner voice…then he has to…to my human voice, you know?” Jimin was gesturing around with his hands, “Break his heart? It’s not like he asked me out on a date or something. He just wants to say thanks and although it is my job…it can be nice to get a thanks from time to time, right?”

Yoongi sighed unnerved. Apparently Jimin wasn’t going to let this go easily. So he grabbed him by the arm and pulled him forwards, effectively an forcefully pulling him into the heavenly spheres where they could talk to each other properly without taking the stupid route of Jimin talking to air and Yoongi yelling soundlessly at him. Jimin gasped painfully, when he fell against Yoongi. Wings on full display again, his aura shining just as brightly as ever but Jimin wavered still. Every beat of his heart hurt, and the angel felt dizzy from the sudden change of realms that he wasn’t prepared for. “Ouuuw, that hurt.” Blinking his eyes, a couple of times, Jimin kept himself steady against Yoongi.

“You are not good at lying Jimin, you know that. Also why should he listen to you, he doesn’t know you it might even make him suspicious again if you try to manipulate his decisions.“ He yanked at a loose feather in Jimin’s wings that was about to fall out and then shook his head. “You know what I mean. He doesn't trust easily any more. Abusing his trust or making him feel like you played him or lied to him will break his heart if he loves you as a friend, a love or not at all wont matter there.”

“Since when…,” Jimin took another deep breath, “Do you care about sticking to rules so much, hm?” Jimin slowly stretched out his wings and looked at his friend, “I don’t want to break his heart, Yoongi, trust me. I just want him to get better. He’s got chaos all around and he needs someone to organize it so that he can take a breather. Namjoon never stops working and that’s why he’s never in the moment but always overthinking, overanalyzing and…” Jimin sighed, “I know you know all of this. I am sorry.” Tears dwelled in the corner of his eyes but Jimin ignored them. “You know I would never hurt a human. I’d rather hurt myself.”

“Don’t do this Minnie...” Yoongi’s voice turned soft and he loosened his hold around the youngers wrist to caress up his arm in a gentle gesture. “Don’t talk like that about yourself, as if you were worth less. You aren’t. And I’m not so adamant about the rules because I won’t you to be flawless - I’m just a little scared that you might have gotten yourself in on over your head. I don’t want anyone having to face uncomfortable consequences . and that applies to Namjoon as much as it does to you. You know I care about you.”

Jimin nodded, patting Yoongi’s chest softly, “It was just a tiny mistake.” The angel hugged Yoongi tightly, needing the physical reassurance right now and placed a kiss on his cheek. “I know you do and now please, go and watch over Jungkook. He always needs help at night.” When Yoongi still didn’t move, Jimin crossed his arms in front of his chest, “Oh come on. He’s just a protectee in the end. A client. A human. It’s not like I will risk my life for him.”

Yoongi hesitated for a second, contemplating if he would terribly regret it, if he let Jimin go his way now. However there was no way to see into the future and so he could only hope that it would turn out as it should be. 

Time would show if it had been the right decision - or not.





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