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Sou's Hamburger

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Sou walked into the restaurant, seeing Keiji sitting at a table alone, being bored and having nothing to do, he walked over to the cop. "Hey, cop!" He yelled, only to get no response.

Grr sou stole hamburger from Keiji but that made Keiji hangry "grr my hamburger" he says tryomg to grab burger


"Yes" He says, whipping out his gun.

"Whoa there buste-"

Suddenly, the hamburger turned into Q-taro Burgerburg?!?!?! :0
"Q-Q-tip?!" Sou scream
Q-tip walk over to Sou "grr you gave me Shin Tsukjmi disease me mad" growls

Sou then ran away like my dad did

The end

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Sou go big run onlt for friendly policeman to carch up

Q-tup come too and scream "sou irs time for the drown"

"No pls me only 21"

"Yes and me 9" he say as he trnsform into 9 year old q-tip

"Yo wtf no thats illegal"

"Only if you get caufht" he whispered seductively in ear

Keiji geowl "that my man u fuckin hamburher" he dropkick because epic

Hambhrher man q-tip cry "but std ans ipdodlfkvkkv" he started having an emo fit

"Smh wtf" sou run away as keiji lick lips
Keiji leave q-tip on ground, aiming to follow jughead jones bit in yttd and better, he went big run, like sonci does in those shows, leabing q-tip burger to die of std

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Keiji big sad because q-tip die but grr his stomach growl, yearnij for hamburger

"So come back here" he scrwm as Sou yums hamhurger

Suddeblu, keiji bushes "im not hangry for huurher anymore"

"Me hamgry for yiu, so"

Sou eats hamburhr bdfore middle finfer. "Foick off ya bloody wanker" oh no!!! Soi is a big bad british now

Keiji cry, for he is unable to date a vritsih guy, because of his emo hacjstiey that im makijg up where his num marry big bad birtish guy who heat him

"So come back to me" he say as so bushes

"Me hear, me hungrt" he say as his stomach rawrs x3

"Give me the food so itll go right in my yummy" grrgrr

"No se need anal first"


Keiji breathe

Then Sou dies of the std, it seems it had finally caught up to him. As the life was fleeting from his eyes, he mumbled one last sentence. "Pp big"

Keiji cried, his love was dead, and on top of that, he was horny. He hesitated before pulling his pants down. "Im sorry" he sheds tear before unzipping dick epically yummy fin time mmm.