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We gay?

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Steve Harrington:Mom/Princessđź’›

Billy Hargrove:biLLY(not yet kids-)

Eleven|Jane Hopper:Janey

Mike Wheeler:hot wheels

Will Byers:wise will

Dustin Henderson:Dust

Lucas Sinclair:Sin chair

Maxine "Max" Mayfield:mad max

Robin Buckely:Aunt Lesbian/Queenđź’ś
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ princessđź’›:I did it

Queenđź’ś:holy shit really??


Queenđź’ś:what'd they say??

Princessđź’›:that they don't care as long as I don't embarrass them!

Queenđź’ś:sweetie that's good? And bad

Princessđź’›:oh I know babe I know!

Queenđź’ś:whatever fuck them! Sooo you can start doing the thing? Being a girl? My favorite girl?

Princessđź’›:shut it we all know who your favorite girl is ;)


Princessđź’›:anyways yes yes I can!!

Queenđź’ś:fuck yeah my baby girl is gonna be herself yes!!

Princessđź’›:Babe no!! Anyways come tomorrow with me?? They literally booked me to meet up with a doctor tomorrow start all of it

Queenđź’ś:sure just don't expect me to cry

Princessđź’›:I expect candy tho