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Horror Neighbor

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"Hello! my name is y/n, nice to meet you!" You said while holding a big bright smile.

"I hope we can get along!" You nearly sing the last sentence.

You have been doing this in front of your bathroom's mirror for the past 40 minutes or so now. Earlier today, the landlady told you that someone is moving into the room next to you this evening. It surprised you as to why anyone would want to live in this old apartment, but you're not complaining. You have been alone for so long, and the only friends you got are online friends. You don't mind living an introvert life, it's just sometimes you wish you have someone to go out and have fun with once in a while, so when you heard about this big news, you couldn't help but start grinning like an idiot and start doing things that you wouldn't normally do like wearing makeups, getting all dress up fancy-like and practicing your first impression speech in front of the mirror.

"Maybe I should wait a couple of days before I go and greet them..." You shake your head violently and snap your head back to the mirror.

"No. I have to do this, no more procrastinating." You can't stop now, you don't want to spend another year alone again.

Then again....maybe you're just not ready?...No No No NO! You can do this, you will do this. Nothing to worry about, it's just a normal human being just like you....but then again 5 months ago, the government just released new species out of their care...monsters you've heard. You've seen monsters before, you even made a somewhat friend with one of them. You can't really call it fully friendship because he was only doing his job when he's talking to you, but hey, any social contact counts when you're a lonely college student right? Yeah, keep telling yourself that.

You start hearing something moving around next door, you glanced at your watch to see that it's almost 4 pm now. Just how long have you spent your time in the freaking bathroom? You check yourself in the mirror quickly before you leave, you're wearing a very uncomfortable white dress, you know the kind that anime girls going to the beach would wear? Yup, it's this one and it's uncomfortable as hell. The dress is super long! almost touching your toe, how can anyone walk in this is beyond you. Welp, you only hope it would make you look harmless and friendly to whoever you're going to meet right now.

"You boys sure you don't need any help? I can ask my grandson to help you if you need." You heard an older lady voice speaking to someone next door. That's probably your landlady, she's always so helpful to her tenants, she's probably trying to help your new neighbor right now.

You walk over to your front door and pressed your ear against it, hoping to hear any identification of your new neighbor. A girl or a boy? Young or old? Maybe doing this will help you make a good first impression on them!

"uhh......Nope" A deep voice replied back awkwardly.

It's a boy!! Holy it's a boy!! You backed away slowly and slides down to the floor, staring at the door very intensely. What do you do now? I mean a boy is nice and all, but you were half expecting a wanted a girl as a friend. You wanted to do girls' things like go to a salon, girls' shopping, etc.

"I mean I could do all of that with boys too." You said softly, making sure the person on the other side won't hear you. They couldn't possibly hear you anyway, but you have a habit of making sure of it before it's too late.

You picked yourself up and move over to your sofa, sitting down and wait for the commotion outside to settle down before you go and introduce yourself. As you wait, you start fidgeting around with your hands, thinking things over, trying to choose the right words to make your first impression. You also want to show him around the area, and also visit your favorite fast-food place, the one with that cute cat boy working in it.

"I didn't bake anything, so I've decided to take you out for some snack instead." You practice your line in a hushed voice. Wait...that kinda sound like a date invitation? Scratch that one then.

"I'm going out to grab something to eat, wanna join me?" Much better? No? Maybe so?

"I would like to eat with you please." There it is, much better? Arrghh No!

You've been doing this repeatedly for an hour until you snapped out of it and glanced at your front door. It's quiet now.

"I guess it's time for me to go...let's do this!" You march over to your door and snatch the poor thing open. Nothing is holding you back...but...the rain?

"Huh?" You look up at the sky to see that it is indeed raining. "What a great start for me." You said sarcastically.

You ignored the bad-timing weather and marched down the stairs quickly and once you've reached the bottom of your apartment you moved your way to another set of stairs, leading up this time. No time to lose. It's like the rain wants you to move faster to your destination, it starts to pour down harder this time. You dashed up the stairs, making sure not to trip over your own annoying dress and the now slippery staircase.

"Okay, here I am." You stop in front of your neighbor's door. Ok ok deep breath. You raised your hand up to knock....but the knock never occurs. Instead, you just stood there silently as you were trying to contemplate on what you should say.

"Just go along with what you practice y/n, deep breath." You took in a huge breath before letting it out in a loud huff. You just need to say what you've been practicing all day. Hello, my name is y/n, I like your eyes...or just compliment their face! people like compliments right? And then I would say "I would like to take you out to eat." Easy. No need to freak out.

The wind is picking up, splashing droplets of rain against your skin as you start to shiver. You tried to move in closer under the roof until you step on your dress. Funny. You knew it would happen sooner or later.

"S-s-shit!!" You fall face-first against the door in a loud bang. There's your knock, thanks to your stupid dress.

You used your hands to now hold yourself up against the door, feeling your hair is now covering your face in a wet sticky mess due to the fall and the rain. Today is not your day, you could feel it in your...face, that will probably leave a big bruise for everyone to see tomorrow.

Your train of thought stopped as you hear light footsteps coming slowly to the door and stop. This is your moment, he's here. You stood up straight and stare at the door. Say something, anything! Do it now y/n! do it! Just do it already!!

And without thinking it through, you screamed at the top of your lungs...


"........" Silence...nothing came through the door that separate whoever on the other side and the moron..yes moron on this side.

You feel your face heating up each second that had passed by. Stupid stupid stupid!! Why out of all things did you say that for!!!? This is this is what they called social suicide? Yes, you feel like death will be a blessing at this point. Maybe you can leave. Yes, leave now and he will never find out who was banging on his door so loudly and threaten to eat his face. also screamed your own name..great...


Before you could retreat from any further embarrassment that you're about to create, the door creaks open. Why must the world be so cruel?

"You wanna say that again buddy?" A deep chilling voice asked you to repeat in a calm but menacing way.

You look up through your hair to see a man....bones?....Skeleton. You see a ...skeleton. The skeleton is a head taller than you, he's wearing a blue hoodie over his white t-shirt, black shorts and what seem to be pink fluffy slippers. Heh...the slippers are kinda cute actually, you couldn't help yourself when you let out a small grin.

" are a freak ain't ya?" The deep voice snapped you back to reality as you stare into the eyes..uh..sockets of neighbor? You would have admired what seems to be a red light shining through the sockets if not for something else that's distracting you. A big crack in its head. Don't talk about the crack, don't talk about the crack. Compliment his smile, yes! that creepy wide smile that he has on his face right now, compliment him like your life depends on it!!!!

"Nice crack."

NOOO!! Why oh why did you say that!? Nice smile!! not crack!! oh my goodness y/n why are you like this? Your mother would be so disappointed in you. You were raised better than this and you couldn't even maintain a basic manner when greeting a new pal!?


Silence. You have no idea what the skeleton guy is thinking right now, but you can imagine what it's about judging from how he's staring you down as his smile is twitching ever so slightly. You. A strange woman who had just threaten to eat him, and pointed out his...lets just say this is not a good start on our neighborly relationship. Oh boy, it's gonna be a long can feel it already.