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Mon cassé, Ma belle

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   It didn't matter.

No matter how hard Damien tried to escape he was just a step behind, ready to grab his ankle and whisk him back into the endless darkness. It wasn't like Damien had started to lose hope, no, he had already done that a long while ago. Constant endless darkness does that to you. And on nights like these when dreams of sunlight haunt him, of little bursts of a soft breeze, of gentle winds rustling certain sandy blonde hair onto a beautiful face, of uncontrollable peals of laughter that kept ringing in his ears long after having passed, of a pair of strong arms that wrapped around him silently promising the word 'safe' now just an indecipherable murmur at the back of his head, of a pair of sparkling blue eyes that had the audacity to look at him in a way that said all those unsaid things between them. But now, sitting here in this darkened room, he can't seem to remember any of it, no light, no breeze and definitely no pair of loving blue eyes. What he can see are the rich brown eyes that stare back at him, the sinister promise they hold within and what it was that it meant for him. Damien wants to escape, he really does but he knows there is no place for him out there, where would he even go, this was his home now, his safe place... Damien wasn't so sure about that last part but what could he do, just like everything in his life... it didn't matter.

 Nothing did.