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The Avenger would always see Ms. Marvel, Nova, and Spider-Man around each other. They were happy that the youngest Avengers were close to one another, but they didn't know how close. Whenever the three were alone, they would get into all kinds of fun.

In one of the quarters of Avengers Tower, Kamala laid on a bed sandwiched between Miles's and Sam's naked bodies while both boys fucked her tight holes. Miles and Kamala were in a make out session as he was groping her breasts while Sam was sucking on her neck, leaving hickeys on her dark olive skin and roughly massaging her ass.

Kamala was in bliss from both the boy's assault on her. Both were easily seduced since they could barely keep their hands to themselves. For weeks whenever Kamala wasn't busy, one or both boys would take her somewhere private and release any pent-up frustration they had on her. Mostly on her face.

'God, I think I'm in love' she thought as Miles dominated her mouth.

When Miles had 'accidently' seen Kamala naked a few weeks ago, he never thought he'd be doing lewd acts like this... oh who was he kidding, he jacked off to these things when he thought of her. Her pussy gripped his cock tightly, probably because of her powers, as he hammed away against her soaked taint. He felt his lust spike when Kamala began sucking on his tongue, like she would when she sucked his cock. She was almost as good as Black Cat, almost.

When Sam had caught both Kamala and Miles doing the deed, he didn't expect Kamala to ask him to join, even surprising himself by not objecting the offer. Her ass squeezed tightly around his shaft, his balls slapping against her thick thighs as he grabbed her hair, yanking her out of the hot kiss and shoving his tongue into her mouth, easily dominating her own. With his other hand kneading her rear, his thoughts drifted to Kamala's predecessor, thinking of the woman in her original Ms. Marvel outfit with those thigh high boots.

"I swear Kamala I can never get tired of your pussy" Miles said before taking one of her nipples into his mouth.

"And I'll never get tired of your fat cock filling me" she moaned out and resumed her kiss with Sam.

Kamala's pussy and ass burned, but in a good way. Both boys didn't hold back on her, wanting to satisfy both their needs with hers. Whenever Sam's cock pulled back Miles's would fill her snatch with his, then he pulled back Sam's would fill her ass up again.

Kamala moaned into the kiss when Sam spanked her ass, whimpering when he released his mouth from hers. That all changed when both boys began to speed up their thrusts. They were getting close.

"Better get ready babe, cause we're going all out" Sam warned her.

"Oh Sam, I'm getting close, oh god" Kamala whined as she was tightly pressed against the two.

"You won't have to wait long either" Miles chipped in, releasing her nipple from his teeth.

Kamala turned into a hot mess as their hips turned into blurs, their cocks raging hard inside of her. Their big balls were filled with hot cum, ready to cream her insides. As both cocks neared climax, Kamala screamed when she came around Miles's hard on, making her holes grip them tighter and causing them to explode.

Hot cum was fired deep in her, her womb being filled up by Miles's spunk, Sam coating her bowels with his semen. Sam's and Miles's balls contracted as their cocks were pumped until both were drained. Soon all three's orgasms had subsided, both boys pulling out of Kamala as cum leaked from her holes onto the sheets. As Kamala was resting from the ordeal, she opened her eyes to see Miles and Sam rubbing their cocks against her face.

"Don't think we're done yet; we still have a few rounds left in us" Sam said playing with her bust.

"Yeah, by the time we're done you'll be walking funny" Miles added stroking his cock.

All Kamala did was smile and began to clean their cocks off.

They were the best of friends she could ever ask for.