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Baekhyun isn’t sure, but something just woke him up. Only what he doesn’t exactly know. Either this stranger and snoring guy next to him, his headache or his mother having a loud breakfast with someone, woke him up. 


With a lot of power and the overcoming of these inner pigdog, he lifts his eyelids and after a few seconds Baekhyun realizes that he is staring at the ceiling, he turns left to the side. 


Briefly, with his eyes still half closed, he checks his counterpart. He is pretty, but his snoring annoys him.


Without hesitating he slaps him on the shoulder, so that he too awakes. The fact that his bed isn’t large enough for two people and the fact that the guy is lying on his side with his back to him, makes the unknown Man fall out of bed after he has hit him on the shoulder. 


With a dull bang, thanks to the blanket he has entrained along, the stranger lands on the ground.


»Damn, what was that?« Baekhyun hears him ask and a few seconds later he sees his head beside his bed as he sits up.


»You fell out of bed.«, lied he. Baekhyun lies on his back and stretches with relish, before he pulls the blanket aside and gets out of the bed. He looks down in surprise. 


Either there was nothing between them last night or he dressed, after the one night stand, again. Because he has actually still or again his boxer on. 


He looks briefly over his shoulder, on the other side of the bed to the young man. Apparently he had dressed again, because his hook up stood there as God had created him. 


When Baekhyun sees that he is almost staring yearningly at him, he just rolled his eyes and leaves the room without saying anything. 


It was always the same, he went out with Lucas in the evening to have fun later and the boys always thought it was serious. But Baekyhun hasn’t been looking for something serious for a long time, he just wanted to have fun. 


When Baekhyun leaves the bathroom freshly showered half an hour later and returns to his room, the boy is still there. He easily sighs annoyed, at least the boy has dressed in the meantime. »You can go.«, he just growls and leaves the room again. 


Baekhyun is just gone to his room to see if he had disappeared, but as expected he was still there. He had already changed in the bathroom, he had become accustomed to it, so Baehyun didn’t have to walk in front of the strange guys in underwear.


»I actually thought I would stay and have breakfast with you, my beauty. As a little strengthening for later.«, he hits him on his butt. Baekhyun stops angry and turns to the tag.


»You're really pretty and all that, but that was a one-time thing. So go away.«, he continues, opens the front door and shows him clearly that he should go. 


The stranger puts only a grin on his lips and is approaching him. He stops in front of him and bends down to him. Annoyed Baekhyun hisses, why was he so tiny.


»Okay, I'll go sweety, but I'm sure you'll miss me soon«, breathes he, then straightens up and smiles seductively at him. When he then stepped through the door frame and stands in front of the house Baekhyun roars after him. »Then you can wait a long time, because you weren't so good!«, so he slams the door and goes to his mother in the kitchen.


Shocked, he stops in the door and stares at the man sitting in front of him at the kitchen table, angrily. »Who was that?«, he asks him directly and Baekhyun can only hiss, what does that even matter to him, he was never there anyway. 


But if he wants to play, then he likes to play with. With a nasty grin on his face, he enters the kitchen and looks at his grower. 


»Basically nobody, just another bed story, even though he wasn’t that good and he didn’t even bother to look after my wishes. So I'm not really...«


»It's enough Baekhyun! Sit down and shut up!«, his grower interrupts him angrily and puts the newspaper, from which he has just looked up, onto the table. »I never thought my son was going to be a slut«, he says angrily, looking at his son, who is sitting on the chair opposite him.


»You’ve never there, you always leave me alone with mother, for me you're nothing more than just my grower-«


»Byun baekhyun, guard your tongue and don’t speak so disrespectfully with your father!«, he is interrupted this time by his mother, who even slaps her palm on the table. 


Angry, Baekhyun looks at his mother. Again and again, this woman takes her husband in protection, although he does nothing for it.


»Why should I. You have to earn respect and if you always leave your wife and son alone, then you don’t deserve it.« Before the two older ones can say something against him, he get up and leave the kitchen again. Once again, his meal had passed thanks to this man.


Baekhyun is back in his room, when he hears the voices of his parents again. But a bit surprised that his parents argue loudly, he stops briefly with his hand on the doorknob and tries to understand the words. 


It was rare that his parents argued loudly, but what did he actually think, after all, it was rarely that this man was there.


So he opens his room door and enters the room. With the last step, he closes the door behind him so that it bangs loudly into the frame. 


In his room, he grabs his Smartphone from his desk and sits on the bed with his cell phone in his hand. While Baekhyun unlocks his Smartphone phone, he sits cross-legged.




in half an hour at Antonio?


Baekhyun is very sure, that Lucas wants to get away from home as fast as possible. Because often enough her two fathers came back to their families at the same time.




Of course. See you in half an hour.


He immediately locks his Smartphone and drops it onto his bed. Meanwhile, he himself jumps up from these and hurries to his closet. Now Baekhyun had only to swap his comfortable clothes for sexy clothes. He took a red shirt with black writing on it and black leather pants from the wardrobeQuick he has already found his clothes for outdoors, this he throws to his handy on the bed. 


Then Baekhyun closes his wardrobe, then turns back to his bed and touches the hem of his T-shirt. »Party Time!«, he hums happily and pulls the T-shirt over his head. He happily dances to his bed and grabs his red shirt. Still humming the current hit he puts his shirt on. Then he exchanges the sweatpants for his leather pants.






Baekhyun meanwhile stands in front of the restaurant and smokes. 


»Baekhyun.«, shouts Lucas pleased and slowly approaches his best friend, but when he sees Lucas he drops the cigarette and kicks it out, then hugs his best friend into welcoming. Only briefly does Lucas return the hug.


»Let's sit somewhere.«, says his best friend and goes without waiting for Baekhyun, in the ice cream parlor. He laughs briefly dry and then follows his friend shaking his head.


After settling down at their regular place in the ice cream parlor, the two of them no longer stop and start talking about their parents. 


»Do you know what I don’t understand?« Baekhyun mumbles thoughtfully and leafs through the map bored, actually he already knows what he will take. Lucas raises curious his head and observed his thoughtful friend.


»My dad wants to get more respect from me, but I he hasn’t earned any, he comes home at most once every six months and then only for two days.« Baekhyun mumbles and raises his head to see Lucas's reaction. 


»Believe me when I tell you, I can understand you, i’ve no more respect for my father. Firstly, he is hardly there like yours and then in the past he often told me, that he rather wants a girl.« 


Lucas hisses furiously, Baekhyun looks at his friend compassionately, how many times they had cried together as children, because they missed their fathers and wanted more love from them. 


But at some point they were old enough and only went to party to suppress their sorrows with alcohol. Also the whole love affairs, with the unknown guys, gave them both the feeling of love and security for a short time.


»Ah, my favorite boys!«, both start to grin and turn their heads to the waiter. 


»Antonio, how are you? you shouldn’t always say that, what should your husband think about this?«, Laughs Lucas, but doesn’t go straight to the Italian. 


They both had only love affairs and one-night stands, but they aren’t adulterers. They had both promised each other never to sleep with a married man, after all, they just wanted to forget their grief and not destroy relationships.


»Oh, he knows that you’re both my boys.«, he said casually and grins at the two. 


Baekhyun knows he doesn’t flirt with them, after all, he is already 40 years old and looks at the two as his own children.







Both have just eaten their sundaes as their smartphones vibrate on the table almost simultaneously, indicating that an SMS has been received. 


The two look skeptically in each others eyes. They’re both sure that something is wrong. Each of them, suspiciously, picks up his own device and opens the message.


»From my mother!« Both said that the same time and look up. »Okay, that's weird, why are they both writing at the same time?«, mumbles Baekhyun, looking thoughtfully at his Handy. 


»Should you come home too?«, asks Baekhyun and looks back up to Lucas. He just nods and makes his lips twist.


»There's something in bush.«, the blonde mumbles, looking back at Baekhyun skeptically. »I think so too. Come on let's go we're done anyway.«, so he grabs his Smartphone and takes out his wallet and puts the money on the table with a little tip. 


After all, he knew the Café here and also how much the ice costs, so he could just lay the money and go. Also Lucas just puts his money down and then goes out with Baekhyun from the ice cream parlor.


»Bye guys.«


»See you tomorrow, Antonio!« Baekhyun smiles and waves goodbye to the Italian behind the counter.


Outside the ice cream parlor, both stop for a moment. »You should stop it Baek, this is really not a good vice.« Lucas complains as he watches Baekhyun as he tries to light a cigarette despite the wind. »Lucas.. Finally.«, he interrupts himself. 


»Yes?«, asks Lucas annoyed while Baekhyun pulls on the cigarette. »Isn’t every vice bad?« He replies calmly, letting the smoke out of his lungs.


»Hm, we’ll see each other tonight. See you then.« That's how his best friend went home. Meanwhile, Baekhyun just stands there watching his friend who just shake his head. 


He didn’t know why Lucas kept talking about this topic and then disappeared furiously, knowing that Baekhyun wouldn’t quit smoking that fast.







»I’m back! Is he already gone?«, shouted Baekhyun when he enters the house an hour later and takes off his shoes.


»No he isn’t, but soon!« with the words Kien appears before him. »Oh well, then goodbye!«, he says and tries to slip past his father.


»Baekhyun, I’ve something to tell you!«, while he talked to him, he have grabbed his arm and now holds him so, that Baekhyun can’t get away. 


The silver haired looks angrily at his grower in the eye and only puffs back. »What do you want? finally move out?«


»Your manners have come to an end now.«, his father hisses angrily between bitten teeth and then pulls Baekhyun into the living room.

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»Let me go!« Baekhyun hisses furiously and tries to get his hand out of Kien’s, but no matter how much he pulls on his arm, he doesn’t get it free despite his years of martial arts training.


Only when they’re in the living room and standing in front of the couch, he lets go of him, but just to press him, not really gently, on the couch.


»What should that?«, he hisses back angrily and pushes himself upwards with his arms to bring himself from his lateral position to the upright posture, so that he sits upright on the couch.


Now, If his grower wants to play the caring father, then he will make a huge stroke by the bill. »All your escapades are enough. As the son of a Navy chief, you don't behave yourself that way.« He closes his mouth for a moment and looks at Baekhyun angrily through his light brown eyes.


Baekhyun doesn't care about his gaze on him and so he wants to use his silence and give him a lot of contra, but his grower let it not happen. Without even giving him the hint of a chance, he continues talking.


»Your Mother and I decided that things couldn’t go on like this. Therefore, you’ll would accompany me.«, harder couldn’t this words hit him.


As if he had doused him with a bucket of ice-cold water. A shock goes through his body, so much that he gets goose bumps.


While all this happens, his brain briefly stops and he stares at the man shocked and with his mouth open, but only briefly. As Baekhyun recovers quite quickly, he closes his mouth again and gets up angrily.


»What do you mean with I accompany you? Should I drive with you to one of the war zones? Do you want to get rid of me? If you want exactly that then say it, then I'll move out from here, but you don’t have to kill me for that!« Baekhyun roars, showing him what he thinks about this stupid idea.


That such a crazy idea from his grower would come, he had already thought, but he would never have believed, that his Mother would agree to this!


»I didn’t say you would go with me to a war zone. You're accompany me to some kind of practice for the new pilots, who need to practice landing on an aircraft carrier.«, the voice of his father makes it clear, how annoyed he is to explain that to him. Which makes him even more angry.


Isn’t it his right to assume, that he is being taken to a dangerous area with his father? Silently he stands in front of him and just stares at his grower angrily, while he seething inside and wants to jump on the throat of his grower.


»Your Mother has already packed your suitcase, get it out of your room so that we can finally go!«, again just an annoyed hum from him, which makes Baekhyun hiss furiously, but instead of turning around as if ordered and to fetch his suitcase.


He stops and looks him straight in the light brown eyes and once again he is relieved to find out, that he inherited the eye color from his Mother.


»Why did Mom pack my suitcase?«, asks Baekhyun without further thought. He crosses his arms over his chest.


»Because we don’t want you to run around like a slut on the ship.«, he replies dryly and looks back into his eyes, without any facial expressions.


Without another word in his direction, Baekhyun turns around and stamps angrily out of the living room. With very quick steps he crosses the hall and heads directly to his own room.


While Baekhyun walks down the hall, he can't hold it back, it hurts too much and a few tears roll down his cheek, which he frantically tries to wipe away.


This action from his parents showed him too clearly, that they both didn’t understand him. That they don’t want to understand, why their Son has become the way he is now.


Arriving at his room, Baekhyun opens the door, enters the room and closes the door directly behind him. He sighs softly, turns around and leans his head slightly desperately against the door.


As his thoughts whirl around and he tries to think of something else, he just stands there and keeps his eyes closed.


Only slowly does he lift his right hand lightly to lock the door, but come to him a clear thought and he must not take too much time, because his grower, will certainly not wait long for him!


Baekhyun knows that he has already straddled the arc and if he would let him wait too long, he will most likely tear his door out of the angle. So he sighs one last time, then opens his eyes and slowly moves away from the door.


Only a few seconds he treats himself to get a clear head again, only then he goes to the left side of his bed and kneels down.

Baekhyun slowly approaches the floor with his upper body and slowly to slip under the bed. Carefully, he pushes himself with his feet into the middle under his bed.


Since childhood, he has secretly hidden things from his parents there. From candy's, through love letters to his secret crush which he had never gave to him and which still serves today for his cigarettes.


But this little hideout is also dangerous, often enough Baekhyun would almost have been caught and that only because the loose latte squeaked while bending up.


He is also aware of this now, he bites on his lower lip and raises the bar only a few inches high, he only has to get out the five packings.


Just when Baekhyun fished out the first one and lays it down next to him, it occurs to him that he doesn’t know how long he will be away. What if he needs more than five packs.


Shortly Baekhyun stops in his motion and considers whether his grower may have said it and he only suffers from alzheimer's disease. But if he goes through the conversation with his father, he is even very sure, that he hasn’t called a period of time.


With the thought that it doesn’t matter, Baekhyun concentrates again on his hiding place and fishes out the remaining four packings.





»Will you finally come out of there now?«, comes it through the door and Baekhyun breathes softly relieved out. He was finished no second too late.


He quickly unfolds the handle of his suitcase and then grabs his bag. »I'm already here. Mum has just forgotten to pack my beauty items.« Baekhyum growls out of tune and leaves the room.


As he crawls out from under his bed, he has unlocks the door, that his grower doesn’t get too suspicious and may even search his suitcase, in which he has hidden his cigarettes.


»Well, then we can finally go!«, without another word grabs his grower the suitcase of him and carries it out of the house to the car.


»I would have got it alone, besides has it roles.«, he mumbled only before him and follows him with slightly sweaty hands. He's a little scared that his father discovers his cigarettes.


»How long will take that at all?«, Baekhyun asks after quickly catching up with him, hiding his hands deliberately behind his back.


»Half a year.«, replies he dryly and opens the trunk to then throw Baekhyun's suitcase next to his own.


»Are you kidding me? I'll don't come back here until Christmas?« Baekhyun felt nothing more but pure rage in this moment. How dare he take capture him for so long.


He is already sure that, he will not take care of him anyway! »Get in now and stop arguing with me. You behave like a twelve-year-old.«, apparently he had now spanned the arc, because his grower had yelled the words directly in his face.


Baekhyun jumps startled and opens his mouth for a moment, only to close it again.


Without another word he turns away from him and opens the door behind the driver. While Baekhyun sits behind the tinted windows in the back seat, Kien walks past him and then gets on the driver's side.


They drive quietly through the area for a few minutes. Baekhyun wanted to groan loud and annoyed, because not even the radio is running, so he only hears the driving noise.


Desperate for these boredom, he reaches for his smartphonet, as his eyes glide briefly from the opposite window. Confused, he stops in his movement, he even sits down straight.


He has just noticed that the way, they’re driving definitely doesn’t lead to the port, on the contrary, it leads exactly in the opposite direction.


He knows this road too well, because this road he has going so many times in his life, that he could even walk it blindly and then as they turn there, where he always has to turn in.


Is he sure they drive to the Yukhei's. But he doesn’t quite understand, what they want here. Then the car stops in front of the house, where his best friend lives.


His dad turns off the car, unbuckles himself and gets out. Just as he wants to unbuckle himself, to follow him, Kien locks the car and looks him straight in the eye.


His mouth opens in shock. He has actually locked him out in the car, apparently he is really afraid that he will run away. Baekhyun grins at the thought.


It's nice to know that his father thinks that he's just going to disappear, even though Baekhyun himself hasn't considered it yet.


Minutes pass and Baekhyun has no choice but to wait bored and play a game on the phone. He looks up for a moment and sees an annoyed lucas going to him.


Immediately he packs his Handy and puts it in the bag, next to his feet on the floor and then sees his friend reaches the door behind the passenger, the car is then unlocked and Lucas allowed to enter.


Baekhyun has to stop himself from laughing, as he could now use the chance to get away now.


»I don't know what that even should!«, growls Lucas and sits next to Baekhyun in the back seat. Baekhyun remains tense, just to know if it will click again and his grower locks the car again, but when nothing happens, he turns to Lucas.


»They're probably thinking that's we're going to change.«, mumbles Baekhyun, looking, behind Lucas, out of the window and looking a bit confused for his grower.


»Do you know how long we're gone?«, his best friend asks rather disinterestedly and scrolls through his Smartphone, he doesn’t notice Baekhyun confusing state.


»Half a year.«, mumbles Baekhyun half-present. He is still too busy looking for his father. »WHAT?«, screams Lucas suddenly, causing him to flinch in shock. Lucas turns shocked to him and stares at Baekhyun.


»Baekhyun, how can I survive half a year on a boring ship?«, asks Lucas desperately, but baekhyun is already lost in his thoughts again. Annoyed, he sighs and waves in front of his eyes.


He recoils and looks at his best friend, who stares at him.


»If you're looking for your father, he's still talking at the door with mine upstairs. They really get along wonderfully.« Lucas hisses and Baekhyun becomes aware of what they have to prepare for.


»Sorry Lucas, but I think we will be able to wash our clothes there. Only i don't know what's in my suitcase.« Baekhyun mumbles at the end and tries to remember something he might have seen, when he had hidden his cigarettes, but nothing appears before his inner eyes.


»Yes, mine secretly packed my suitcase, too. I didn’t know exactly what she packed, but I smuggled something along.«, whispers Lucas enthusiastically and leans over to Baekhyun, who comes to meet his friend in the middle, so they can whisper better to each other.


»What did you take with you? I’ve packed my cigarettes!« Baekhyun quietly admits. If he had known that Lucas would come with him, then of course he would also have smuggled something else. »Really? No more?«, asks him his best friend in horror and leans backwards.


For a moment he shakes his head in disbelief, but explains to Baekhyun what he took with him. »So i took condoms with me.« Lucas chuckles and Baekhyun's eyes widened.


»Don’t look at me like that, Baek. My first thought was that many young, good-looking Men will be there.« Lucas winks at him. Baekhyun puts his index finger to his chin for a moment, then realizes that Lucas's idea isn't so bad.


But even before Baekhyun can praise his friend, for the good idea, the driver's door suddenly opens. Quickly, the two strap on, with Lucas then bends over to Baekhyun again.


»Chewing gum?« Lucas asks with a diabolical grin on his lips. Immediately, Baekhyun understands what he mean and takes a bubble gum. Yes, he is sure that it will be more fun with Lucas than if he were alone. But for now it's time to chew gum, making bubbles and bursting them.






Two hours later they reach the harbor, because they live directly on a military base and the aircraft carrier is in the harbor is thus better accessible from there.


»You just leave the car here?« Baekhyun asks confused and interrupts himself in the sentence, making a bubble with the chewing gum and making it burst.


»Yes. Get out!«, he replies only and gets out of the car, without looking at the two young men. For a moment, Baekhyun and Lucas looks at each other, only to grin then. They nod at each other and alight at the same time.


Without further words, they go to the trunk, grab their suitcase and without even knowing in which direction they have to go, the two just go straight on.


»Left!«, yells Kien suddenly and the two of them stop in their movement in shock. They can clearly see the ship standing in front of them. Why they should turn left then, they don't want to understand it completely.


Meanwhile, his grower locks his car and then goes with his suitcase to the two.


Without explaining to the them, why they should turn left, he passes the twos and then turns left on the way, pulling his suitcase behind him and creating a constant clack through the uneven floor.


Baekhyun and Lucas crabbly turn their eyes, but then follow the man with their clacking suitcases, even if it’s rather involuntary.


They couldn't flee, since the first control had already been behind them and they would never get past it, without being noticed. So they have no choice, but to follow him.


After several searches and signing of any important documents, the three finally leave the main building and head for the next ship.


As they walk on the jetty to the stairs of the aircraft carrier, Baekhyun stops for a moment and looks around in confusion.


Not that it bothers him that the footbridge is made of wood and looks pretty old and broken, no, he is rather confused because quite a lot of ships are in the harbor.


»Baek are you coming?«, asks Lucas and he turns to him, quickly Baekhyun nods and grins his friend apologetically, this is already on the stairs and patiently waiting for him, while Lucas chews on the bubble gum and makes then a bubble.


He quickly runs to him and lets the case so just pop over the wooden boards. When Baekhyun is on the first step of the stairs, Lucas turns around and goes up the remaining steps.






»Sir!«, surprised Baekhyun raises his head and now sees a young man standing in front of his father and saluting.


Without really being aware, he looks at the young man and then feels safe, at least when everyone looks a bit like him, then Lucas and he will have a lot of fun.


As Baekhyun sinks into his thoughts, his father gives the man permission to speak.


»Lieutenant Oh and Lieutenant Park say that they come to us in a few hours.« Kien just nods, with which the young man steps away again and Baekhyun comes out of his thoughts again.


»You both can leave your bags here, they are taken to the cabins by the staff. I'll show you the ship first.« Baekhyun looks at the man a bit skeptical.


He should really leave his suitcase here? A quick look to Lucas reveals, that even the blonde haired doesn't like this idea.


But when he looks back to Kien, he releases his grip on his suitcase. Because his gaze clearly doesn't tolerate a opposition and since Baekhyun didn't wants to get caught, he obeyed.


While Lucas is slowly letting go of his suitcase, his father just go off and doesn't wait for them to come along. Baekhyun is still with Lucas, who just didn't want to leave his suitcase.


Then Baekhyun remembers something, which gives him an eerie goose bumps. »Wait a minute, where do we sleep anyway?« Baekhyun roars and runs as fast as he can to his grower.


Only by Baekhyun's loud voice does Lucas come to reality, and sees in shock how his best friend slowly desapears.


Immediately Lucas running after them and tries to catch up with the two.

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After only a few steps, he finally reached Kien. Which was basically not difficult for Baekhyun, since his father was going only very slowly and he literally ran to him.


When Baekhyun reaches him, he hopes he will answer his question, but his grower just keeps walking and doesn't answer him at all. 


Kien doesn't heed him at all and even worse, doesn't even pay him a glance. No, he just keeps running and looks straight ahead. 


Only when his grower suddenly stops, he turns to Baekhyun. So he stops too and looks at him, his silence drives him slowly, but surely to incandescence.


Silently, the two face each other and wait for Lucas. Since Baekhyun doesn't want to look at his grower all the time, so he looks disinterestedly around. 


He chews bored on his bubble gum, which has lost it’s taste for a long time, around. 


Again and again Baekhyun causes a bubble and brings them to bursting, with the action he pursues only the goal that his father soon bursts and sends him and Lucas back.


But it seems to him so, as if he suddenly had nerves of steel and nothing can disturb him.


Just as another chewing gum bubble bursts, Lucas stands finally next to him and grins broadly at him. Baekhyun doesn’t fully understand why the Yukhei is grinning.


»Since you finally arrived. I can finally start explaining.« growls Kien and glances at Lucas, before he looks at him again.


»Right now we're on the flight deck. I will start from here and will introduce you two to the ship. In the end, I'll show you where your cabins are.« Baekhyun nodded to show him that he understood, but his eyes twisted in thought.


He could now say what he wanted, Baekhyun would no longer listen to him anyway.


His ship and everything around it doesn't interest him a bit, he just wants to go home and he will do his best, to get away as soon as possible.


»So as I said, we are currently on the flight deck, from here, in the coming days, the jets take off and land...« Baekhyun switched then  off and was depends in his thoughts again.


He didn’t stop at a certain thought and his thoughts simply turn senselessly in his head around.


Only when he addresses him directly, stop his thoughts and he ends up in reality again, where he faces him.


Immediately and without Baekhyun being able to suppress it, he has the thought that he has probably seen his blank look and has noticed that he isn't listening.


»Baekhyun, watch out! I don't want to see any of you two here on the deck during flight operations, it's just too dangerous. If you both hang around here in spite of my warning, you will get kitchen duty for the remaining Months!«, from his voice can be clearly heard, that he doesn't tolerate a opposition.


Therefore, the two young men just nod and Baekhyun wants like to release all the curses he knows, it just bothered him too much, that no matter what they do, they will not get away from here.


For a moment, Baekhyun looks right at Lucas, who shrugs his shoulders and grins slightly. He immediately understands what his friend thinks. It doesn't matter, the main thing is fun.


Even though it tempts Baekhyun to twist his eyes, he somehow has to agree with his friend as well. Where else could you find so many young men in one place?


His grower, who clearly misunderstood the silence of the two, continues talking.


»Okay, if you both have understand it, I'll continue. We are here in the middle of the flight deck, behind the planes are so-called hunters. Each of the pilots who are present here, was assigned to one after passing the exam. So everyone has to take care of their own jet. In short, some of them here are more viable than you two together.«,

he hisses in a huff and shocks the two Men with his words.


»To the left of us, the only building here, is the island, or rather our control board. As soon as we drop off, I'll just be there, if you should look for me.«, growls Kien and starts to walk away.


»That means you don’t take care of us?«, asks Baekhyun after calming down from the shock and processing his words. 


It's just like he has predicted, his grower will not move a finger to deal with him and don't want to understand, why he has become this way.


»Exactly, but I've already assigned two lieutenants to take care of you both.«, but that the two young men doesn’t know about their luck yet, he prefers to ignore it and then moves on to the building.


»By the way, this building is the only entrance to the interior of the ship, so come now!« he says angrily when he realizes that the two aren't following him again.


Once inside the ship, Kien explains to the two how the ship is set up. How many decks are there, exactly what spaces are there and of course, where these rooms are located.


Furthermore he explains to the two, what the names on the hatches stand for. Baekhyun and Lucas follows him rather disinterested and listen to him with the same interest.


After all, they weren't voluntarily on the ship and had no plans to make a career in the Navy or the Marine and yet explains Kien them everything, he goes too far in the descriptions and stories, as he could realize how much he annoys the two.


Only when he says: »Here you will sleep!«, listen the two him again. After he has their attention again, he opens the door for them to enter it.


As the Two enter the cabin and looks around full of enthusiasm. »Wow!«, they wouldn't have thought, that the old ship has such a great room.


The cabin has two beds, two wardrobes and a desk. Everything the two needed, good the bathroom was missing but it will certainly be somewhere.


»Yes, so comfortable travel my deputy and I or also our valuable guests.« says Kien calm and shocks Baekhyun once again.


Meanwhile, Lucas looks around with interest and doesn't seem to have heard the words of his grower. »What do you mean?«, hisses Baekhyun and steps in front of his father.


»Just as I said it. This is my cabin where you will spend the next half year with me. On the other side is the cabin of my deputy where your friend will sleep. He's an old buddy of mine.«, his grower extra emphasizes the word old, which makes Lucas schocked and to turn around.


»What?«, croaks Lucas and stares in shock at his friend, but Baekhyun shrugs his shoulders, what can he to do about it?


»Here you two are far enough away from the cabins of the crew and I can make sure that you don't seduce anyone.«, says he curtly and then continues talking.


»Now unpack your Suitcases and put your stuff in one of the closets. After that, look around the ship, we'll cast off. Your guardians will come in two days.« and then he leaves the two men alone.


Baekhyun just looks at his producer disapprovingly as Lucas slowly moves past him to disappear into the room opposite.


One question remained open to the two. Where should they hide their smuggled things now?







Half an hour later they’re both ready. All the clothes in their suitcases, were neatly stacked in the closet.


Baekhyun's only problem is the cigarettes packs. Which of course are in his suitcase, it could be that every second someone came in to see after him and he would have been exposed immediately, when he sees his cigarettes in his hands.


Deep in thought and uncertainly chewing his lower lip, Baekhyun considers where the best hideout for his packs is. After all, there was no wooden floorboards, here was simply no hiding place.


Baekhyun is so lost in thought that he does not notice how the door opens and someone comes in. Therefore, he also jerks slightly as the person taps him on the shoulder.


When he turns around to face the person, he sees Lucas standing behind him, the blond-haired man grins cheekily at him. Which causes Baekhyun to frown in confusion.


Then he watches silently as his friend walks past him and heads for the closet. Then Lucas opens the door and goes to his knees. A little skeptical, Baekhyun watches him as Lucas carefully scans the bottom of the cabinet.


»I don't like to support the fact that you smoke, but here you have your hiding place. The cabinets are poorly processed and since they aren't directly stands on the floor, they have a small void down here.«, explains Lucas suddenly to him and raises slightly up the thin cabinet floor.


Delighted, Baekhyun quickly goes to his suitcase and digs out the five packs. »Tell me, how did you come to that, Ino?« He asks as he puts his packs into the hiding space.


»Should i be Honest?« Lucas asks with a grin and continues to hold up the  board for Baekhyun. This one just nods and looks briefly to his friend.


»I was talking with one of the people here. Don't worry he was still young and new here, so he can't betray us.« Lucas chuckles and lets go of the board carefully as Baekhyun has stowed everything well in the meantime.


The silver haired just hopes, that they don't have too much waves when his dad is in the room. After all, he would then the slip back and forth, the cigarette packets hear.


»And what do we do now?«, asks Lucas while he sits down on one of the two beds. Meanwhile, Baekhyun just stands in the middle of the room, thinking about what they both could do now, especially which his dad doesn't have to know.


»How about we both get to know the crew a bit better, after all, we sit here with them for half a year.« Baekhyun grins mischievously at his friend.


Immediately a grin forms on Luca's lips. Supple, the blond haired man gets up and goes to Baekhyun.


»I think the idea is great, besides, you should always be friendly and introduce you well, when you're new somewhere.« Lucas agrees and winks at him. Baekhyun then turns and leaves the bedroom followed by his friend.


While the two walk through the corridors, Baekhyun gets a thought that automatically forces him to stop.


His memory is just comes up again. Lucas, who didn't expect Baekhyun to stop suddenly, runs into him.


»Ouch!«, mutters Lucas, but the silver haired doesn't move. Lucas looks  at Baekhyun scrutinizing, he walks past his friend on the left and then stops in front of him.


Annoyed, Lucas sighs and rolls his eyes, because as he had already thought his friend is immersed in his own thoughts again. He raises his right hand and snips around Baekhyun's face. In fact, he brings the silver-haired back to reality.


»What happened suddenly? Is everything okay? Because you just stopped.«, said Lucas worriedly and looks at him just as worried. Baekhyun briefly shakes his head and then grins his friend apologetically.


»Nothing, everything okay!«, lies he, although he knows that Lucas always sees through him. »Baek, don’t lie to me!«, he says sternly. 


He just sighs annoyed and turns his head to the ground. Why did his eyes have to reveal everything and why can Lucas read him so well? If it wasn’t so, he wouldn't have to tell Lucas the truth.


»It's really just a stupid memory from my past.« Baekhyun takes a breath and gathers himself. He had no choice anyway, Lucas would annoy him until he had told him everything.


»I never told you that, but after my 14th birthday, my dad come home in the middle of the night. I heard his and my mother's voice back then and woke up. Carefully, I had sneaked out of my room. Actually I wanted to greet him, but his words stopped me and i listened to them. He has raved my mother that he has a new young man in his team. He was so excited about this boy, that my mother joked that you could easily think he loved him like a son. After that, it was quiet for a while, until my father said that Sehun really is like a son to him.«, ends Baekhyun and raises his head angrily.


Lucas nods in understanding and then asks the all-important question. »Do you think that this Sehun is here on the ship?« He asks cautiously.


»I don't know Lucas, unfortunately I don't how he looks like or what his last name is. As far as I can remember, my dad once said that the guy is a pilot.« Baekhyun mumbles thoughtfully, twisted his mouth slightly.


»If he's here, you'll have to seduce him and take your father his "son" away. That would be the perfect revenge.« Lucas whispered to his friend, as people walking past them.


Baekhyun can't help but grin broadly and nod slightly at Lucas's suggestion. That would be really the perfect revenge!

Chapter Text

»But since we don't know how this Sehun looks like, I would suggest we should choose something else.«, without Baekhyun looking at his friend, he knows just how his best friend scans all the young Men around them.


Baekhyun, meanwhile, can barely concentrate on those Men in the corridor, it annoys him too much that he doesn't know who the guy is, maybe even he's near him, here in the hallway.


»Lucas, help me, I can't get the guy out of my head!«, The silver haired wails desperately and looks in the direction in which Lucas has stood until a few seconds ago.


The emphasis is on has, because he stand no longer on said place.


»Hey you, my friend and I need your help.«, confused to hear the voice from Lucas behind him, Baekhyun turns.


When Baekhyun turns around, he sees Lucas seductively standing in front of a young Man, who is leaning against the aisle of the corridor, looking at his friend with interest.


»I like to help two pretty young Men!«, the boy whispers back, letting his gaze wander over Lucas body.


Lucas hears his friend giggling and Baekhyun watches as the blonde plucks at the shirt of the boy and and gently wrap the fabric around his finger.


»We just wanted to know how we get on the flight deck. You have to know our orientation isn’t the best, right Baek?« Lucas asks the silver haired and turns his head to him.


Baekhyun meanwhile had the brown-haired boy patterned and had to admit that he was really attractive. So he looks at him extensively and nods his friend agreeing.


»I like to help you. You go up the stairs, walks straight ahead the hallway, then the next staircase up and then the door on the right side.«, he explains in his deep voice, which makes Baekhyun smile and Lucas giggles.


»Do you already have plans for today??«, asks the blonde seductively and Baekhyun can barely hide his grin. His friend was already in hunting mode and he had found his Prey, now he only had to seduce his victim.


»I'm sorry, honey. You're really hot, But I don't want any sexually transmitted diseases.« Baekhyun stops his pattern and stares at him horrified in the gray-green eyes.


»What do you mean?«, asks his friend shocked and slightly stuttering.


»Our boss, Mr. Byun, said that you are on board, he even showed pictures of you and I thought, Steve chatting doesn’t cost anything, just don’t sleep with them.«, he answers relaxed and twitching with the Shoulder.


While Lucas stares at him in shocked silence and doesn't move anymore, it seethes in Baekhyun


»Did he say we have sexually transmitted diseases?«, he hisses furiously and approaches the two.


»No not that, but he just said that you sleep with everything and everyone and if he finds out that one of us has something going on with you guys, the one leave the ship immediately and sorry, but i love my job too much, that it’s not worth it to me.« Steve walks past the two and leaves her alone and shocked.


»Well, at least your father didn’t say that we have AIDS.«, mumbles Lucas softly next to him and grins at his friend discreetly. Baekhyun then furiously turns his head to the blonde.


»No, not that, but he proudly told everyone that we’re sluts and he even showed a picture of us. Lucas this is really the summit!«, the silver haired stirred on.


»Let's go!« Baekhyun hisses and turns to walk the corridor in the same direction as the guy.


»Where do you go?«, asks Lucas clearly confused and follows with quick steps his friend.


»To the canteen, I need nerve food.« Baekhyun growls back and walks quite aimlessly through the corridors.


»Do you even know where the canteen is??«, asks his friend skeptical and looks at it again and again.


»No!«, Baekhyun mumbles back, but continues his way without stopping.


»Don’t you want to ask someone?«, Lucas asks curiously and follows his friend even more skeptical.


»No!«, rejects the silver haired directly and continues his way stubbornly, while Lucas sighs surrender.


»Maybe we find another hot guy. I mean this ship is full of guys, maybe one guy will not listen to your father.« Lucas mumbles in despair, for him it was the worst at the moment, to get lost and then to starving on a Navy ship.







An hour later, the two young men have still not managed to find a young man, but they have finally arrived in the canteen.


»Didn’t I tell you it doesn’t make sense.« Baekhyun complains, dropping onto one of the benches.


»That's not directly what you said.«, mumbles his friend and sits down opposite him on the bench.


»But I didn’t think that every guy would really listen to him here.«, growls Lucas, resting his head on his hand.


Baekhyun looks up, at the words of his friend for a moment, but said nothing in return and then devotes himself to his chocolate pudding, which he has just taken.


»Well, he has them all under control and what do we do now?«, sighs Baekhyun before he pushes the next spoonful of pudding in his mouth.


»I've such an idea!«, says Lucas suddenly pleased and leans over the table to him.


»How about if we both, of course, after you finally finished to eat this pudding.« Lucas grunts and looks skeptical to Baekhyun and interrupts himself.


At his words, the silver haired looks a bit surprised, with the spoon in his mouth to his friend.


Baekhyun didn’t quite understand what Lucas was upset about, yes he was eating the pudding slowly, but only because he tasted so good and his only glimmer of hope was on the ship.


Without answering Lucas, Baekhyun takes the spoon out of his mouth again, shrugs his shoulder and continues eating.


»Anyway, my idea is that we go back to our rooms, get towels or blankets, put on something short and then lie down on the flight deck for sunbathing.« Lucas finally pronounces his idea and looks at Baekhyun enthusiastically.


He stops short in his eating and thought about this idea.


»Hm!«, He grumbles musingly but pushes a spoonful of pudding into his mouth again.


Meanwhile, Lucas watches him impatiently and taps his index finger on the table again and again.


»Sounds good, I'm in.«, Baekhyun finally answers happily and gets up. Yes, he was done and now he has to find their cabins again.









»Sir, you should check this out!« Kien is with these words greeted as he enters the starboard after his lunch again.


»So what's going on? On deck there should not be anything going on, after all, Park and Oh are not there yet.«, growls He, goes straight to the window, around the counter with it's buttons.


When he reaches the window, he looks outside and lets his eyes wander. Everything was quiet out there, the sea hardly moved, the sun was shining, without it being covered by clouds.


No one of his men could be seen on the flight deck. He only spotted two young men whom he knew too well on the flight deck. With a deep sigh, he turns away and goes back to his workplace.


»Sir?«, asks the young man, who had discovered the two boys, just confused and looks after Kien. He just ignores the young man and turns to his deputy.


»When will Oh and Park arrive?«, he asks in a serious voice.


»Unfortunately, I can’t give the exact time, but the helicopter that brings them, is already in the air.«, Kien nods understanding and then turns his head to the young man, who has alerted him to Baekhyun and Lucas.


»Sit down and do your job. Thank you for pointing me out, but Oh and Park can take care of it right away. After all, our runway isn’t a sundeck.«, Then he looks forward out of the window and sighs inwardly.


He already knew Sehun for years, and right now he really hopes that the young Man, doesn’t feel attracted to his Son.


Because as much as he liked him, Kien knew Sehun's past and that was an aspect, that left him with doubts.









»Sehun look, there is finally the ship!«, roars Chanyeol with relief and ramming his black-haired buddy the elbow in the ribs.


Sehun, who is this buddy, groans shortly painful and struggles to not throw Chanyeol immediately, out of the Helicopter.


»Yeah, but don't yell around like that.«, he complains coldly, rubbing his ribs once more, into which Chanyeol has just rammed his elbow.


»If you ram your elbow somewhere at me again, you may not be able to reach the ship anymore.«, he hisses in the microphone of his helmet.


Both have to wear the helmet, because it is quite loud and otherwise, they couldn’t talk to each other or with the pilot.


While Chanyeol looks excided out of the window and fend off Sehun's words with just a simple wave of his hand. He just twists his eyes and looks out of the window on his side and in fact he had to admit that they didn’t take to long for them to reach the ship.


The weather is on their side. The sun was shining brightly in the sky, no clouds were visible and also the wind was weak. All that played into their cards, so that they had actually reached the ship within 2 hours.


The only reason they’re so late, was actually Chanyeol’s fault. At the thought Sehun looks once more to the right, on the back of the brown-haired.


He briefly shakes his head and looks back outside, not only that this idiot had overslept, no when Sehun then picked him up personally, the Park just couldn’t part from his Boyfriend, Kyungsoo.


That had been the reason why Sehun had called at short notice and had said that they're late.


And so it comes that they now sit in a helicopter and wait bored waiting for it to finally land on the aircraft carrier.


The helicopter is approaching its destination more and more, the pilot is even aiming for the landing point, while Sehun looks bored out again and has a good overview of the ship.


His eyes immediately caught his and Chanyeol's jet. An almost invisible smile creeps on his lips.


Finally, after a month-long break, he was finally able to do what he enjoyed the most. Flying, really and not with a Helicopter.


Well, he has to show the new lehrlings first how best to land on an aircraft carrier. But nevertheless he would finally be able to fly again.


The helicopter is spinning on its own axis to land better, than Sehun stings something in the eye. Slightly acidified, he narrows his eyes to slits.


He was seriously wondering if someone wanted to fool him, with the thought that there are two pilots sunning himself on the flight deck, he literally pulls the helmet off his head.


He had heard many times that some of the generation that comes after him, aren't useful, but please who sunbathing on a flight deck? Yes, at the moment no one flew, but if suddenly an order comes out or an airplane would come in need, the two Men would be squishy.


Not a second after the helicopter has touched the ground, Sehun grabs his suitcase, which stood in front of him on the helicopter floor and gets out.


Chanyeol, who hasn't seen either the Men or Sehun's rage, is completely surprised when he sees his friend jumping out of the helicopter, putting on his sunglasses and slowly walking away.


As fast as he can, Chanyeol grabs his suitcase and leaves the helicopter with his head bowed.


Only when he is out of reach, he stands straight up and runs to his buddies. When he Sehun, after a few steps, arrived he taps him on the shoulder.


Without being surprised, he had heard the trampling footsteps of that Yoda, Sehun turns his head to the right and raised an eyebrow. 


»What are you running so suddenly?«, asks the brown-haired who hasn't understood the situation talk to his buddy.


»Look ahead and open your eyes.« Sehun hisses furiously and continues straight ahead with fast steps.


Chanyeol, who is still running slowly, looks at his buddy's back and tries to understand why he was in such a bad mood now.


But when he looks forward, as Sehun had advised him to do, his eyes almost fall him out.


There were actually two young Men, just on two towels and sunning themselves. Both wore only a pair of shorts.


The black-haired meanwhile has almost reached the two men and is now pretty sure, that both aren’t pilots.


Their bodies weren't built as if they were practice a heavy job and when he also sees that one of them has silver hair, he just knows for sure who is lying on the flight deck.


When he is only five steps away from them, he lets his suitcase fall to the ground and draws attention to himself.


Good, not both react. The blond-haired, who lies on his stomach, doesn’t move. Only the silver-haired slightly raises his upper body and pushes his sunglasses in the hair.


When Baekhyun sees him running towards them, he slaps his best Friend on the back and whispers something to him. 


That Sehun can’t understand by the distance, but he already know what it’s about and that he is right in his assumption, will not be a second later confirmed, because almost hastily the blonde turns around and starts to look at him.


And only when he stops at the feet of the silver-haired, their friend ends his pattern. Annoyed by it and especially angry at the two, because of their stupid behavior, Sehun takes off his sunglasses and looks the young Man directly in the front of him.


»Byun Baekhyun!«, Sehun pronounces his name and crosses his arms over his chest. Immediately, the shine leaves the eyes from the silver haired and he narrows them furiously to slits instead.


»Before you address someone by his name, you should have the decency to introduce yourself.« Baekhyun looks to the side and looks shortly at Chanyeol.


But then he looks him straight in the eyes again and looks at him challenging. »Oh Sehun.« he introduces himself in a cold voice.


Immediately, Baekhyun and his friend wide-eyed, eyes wide open, staring at him in stunned silence. »Sehun?«, He hears Baekhyun whispern and can't understand why he is so shocked by his Name.