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Baekhyun isn’t sure, but something just woke him up. Only what he doesn’t exactly know. Either this stranger and snoring guy next to him, his headache or his mother having a loud breakfast with someone, woke him up. 


With a lot of power and the overcoming of these inner pigdog, he lifts his eyelids and after a few seconds Baekhyun realizes that he is staring at the ceiling, he turns left to the side. 


Briefly, with his eyes still half closed, he checks his counterpart. He is pretty, but his snoring annoys him.


Without hesitating he slaps him on the shoulder, so that he too awakes. The fact that his bed isn’t large enough for two people and the fact that the guy is lying on his side with his back to him, makes the unknown Man fall out of bed after he has hit him on the shoulder. 


With a dull bang, thanks to the blanket he has entrained along, the stranger lands on the ground.


»Damn, what was that?« Baekhyun hears him ask and a few seconds later he sees his head beside his bed as he sits up.


»You fell out of bed.«, lied he. Baekhyun lies on his back and stretches with relish, before he pulls the blanket aside and gets out of the bed. He looks down in surprise. 


Either there was nothing between them last night or he dressed, after the one night stand, again. Because he has actually still or again his boxer on. 


He looks briefly over his shoulder, on the other side of the bed to the young man. Apparently he had dressed again, because his hook up stood there as God had created him. 


When Baekhyun sees that he is almost staring yearningly at him, he just rolled his eyes and leaves the room without saying anything. 


It was always the same, he went out with Lucas in the evening to have fun later and the boys always thought it was serious. But Baekyhun hasn’t been looking for something serious for a long time, he just wanted to have fun. 


When Baekhyun leaves the bathroom freshly showered half an hour later and returns to his room, the boy is still there. He easily sighs annoyed, at least the boy has dressed in the meantime. »You can go.«, he just growls and leaves the room again. 


Baekhyun is just gone to his room to see if he had disappeared, but as expected he was still there. He had already changed in the bathroom, he had become accustomed to it, so Baehyun didn’t have to walk in front of the strange guys in underwear.


»I actually thought I would stay and have breakfast with you, my beauty. As a little strengthening for later.«, he hits him on his butt. Baekhyun stops angry and turns to the tag.


»You're really pretty and all that, but that was a one-time thing. So go away.«, he continues, opens the front door and shows him clearly that he should go. 


The stranger puts only a grin on his lips and is approaching him. He stops in front of him and bends down to him. Annoyed Baekhyun hisses, why was he so tiny.


»Okay, I'll go sweety, but I'm sure you'll miss me soon«, breathes he, then straightens up and smiles seductively at him. When he then stepped through the door frame and stands in front of the house Baekhyun roars after him. »Then you can wait a long time, because you weren't so good!«, so he slams the door and goes to his mother in the kitchen.


Shocked, he stops in the door and stares at the man sitting in front of him at the kitchen table, angrily. »Who was that?«, he asks him directly and Baekhyun can only hiss, what does that even matter to him, he was never there anyway. 


But if he wants to play, then he likes to play with. With a nasty grin on his face, he enters the kitchen and looks at his grower. 


»Basically nobody, just another bed story, even though he wasn’t that good and he didn’t even bother to look after my wishes. So I'm not really...«


»It's enough Baekhyun! Sit down and shut up!«, his grower interrupts him angrily and puts the newspaper, from which he has just looked up, onto the table. »I never thought my son was going to be a slut«, he says angrily, looking at his son, who is sitting on the chair opposite him.


»You’ve never there, you always leave me alone with mother, for me you're nothing more than just my grower-«


»Byun baekhyun, guard your tongue and don’t speak so disrespectfully with your father!«, he is interrupted this time by his mother, who even slaps her palm on the table. 


Angry, Baekhyun looks at his mother. Again and again, this woman takes her husband in protection, although he does nothing for it.


»Why should I. You have to earn respect and if you always leave your wife and son alone, then you don’t deserve it.« Before the two older ones can say something against him, he get up and leave the kitchen again. Once again, his meal had passed thanks to this man.


Baekhyun is back in his room, when he hears the voices of his parents again. But a bit surprised that his parents argue loudly, he stops briefly with his hand on the doorknob and tries to understand the words. 


It was rare that his parents argued loudly, but what did he actually think, after all, it was rarely that this man was there.


So he opens his room door and enters the room. With the last step, he closes the door behind him so that it bangs loudly into the frame. 


In his room, he grabs his Smartphone from his desk and sits on the bed with his cell phone in his hand. While Baekhyun unlocks his Smartphone phone, he sits cross-legged.




in half an hour at Antonio?


Baekhyun is very sure, that Lucas wants to get away from home as fast as possible. Because often enough her two fathers came back to their families at the same time.




Of course. See you in half an hour.


He immediately locks his Smartphone and drops it onto his bed. Meanwhile, he himself jumps up from these and hurries to his closet. Now Baekhyun had only to swap his comfortable clothes for sexy clothes. He took a red shirt with black writing on it and black leather pants from the wardrobeQuick he has already found his clothes for outdoors, this he throws to his handy on the bed. 


Then Baekhyun closes his wardrobe, then turns back to his bed and touches the hem of his T-shirt. »Party Time!«, he hums happily and pulls the T-shirt over his head. He happily dances to his bed and grabs his red shirt. Still humming the current hit he puts his shirt on. Then he exchanges the sweatpants for his leather pants.






Baekhyun meanwhile stands in front of the restaurant and smokes. 


»Baekhyun.«, shouts Lucas pleased and slowly approaches his best friend, but when he sees Lucas he drops the cigarette and kicks it out, then hugs his best friend into welcoming. Only briefly does Lucas return the hug.


»Let's sit somewhere.«, says his best friend and goes without waiting for Baekhyun, in the ice cream parlor. He laughs briefly dry and then follows his friend shaking his head.


After settling down at their regular place in the ice cream parlor, the two of them no longer stop and start talking about their parents. 


»Do you know what I don’t understand?« Baekhyun mumbles thoughtfully and leafs through the map bored, actually he already knows what he will take. Lucas raises curious his head and observed his thoughtful friend.


»My dad wants to get more respect from me, but I he hasn’t earned any, he comes home at most once every six months and then only for two days.« Baekhyun mumbles and raises his head to see Lucas's reaction. 


»Believe me when I tell you, I can understand you, i’ve no more respect for my father. Firstly, he is hardly there like yours and then in the past he often told me, that he rather wants a girl.« 


Lucas hisses furiously, Baekhyun looks at his friend compassionately, how many times they had cried together as children, because they missed their fathers and wanted more love from them. 


But at some point they were old enough and only went to party to suppress their sorrows with alcohol. Also the whole love affairs, with the unknown guys, gave them both the feeling of love and security for a short time.


»Ah, my favorite boys!«, both start to grin and turn their heads to the waiter. 


»Antonio, how are you? you shouldn’t always say that, what should your husband think about this?«, Laughs Lucas, but doesn’t go straight to the Italian. 


They both had only love affairs and one-night stands, but they aren’t adulterers. They had both promised each other never to sleep with a married man, after all, they just wanted to forget their grief and not destroy relationships.


»Oh, he knows that you’re both my boys.«, he said casually and grins at the two. 


Baekhyun knows he doesn’t flirt with them, after all, he is already 40 years old and looks at the two as his own children.







Both have just eaten their sundaes as their smartphones vibrate on the table almost simultaneously, indicating that an SMS has been received. 


The two look skeptically in each others eyes. They’re both sure that something is wrong. Each of them, suspiciously, picks up his own device and opens the message.


»From my mother!« Both said that the same time and look up. »Okay, that's weird, why are they both writing at the same time?«, mumbles Baekhyun, looking thoughtfully at his Handy. 


»Should you come home too?«, asks Baekhyun and looks back up to Lucas. He just nods and makes his lips twist.


»There's something in bush.«, the blonde mumbles, looking back at Baekhyun skeptically. »I think so too. Come on let's go we're done anyway.«, so he grabs his Smartphone and takes out his wallet and puts the money on the table with a little tip. 


After all, he knew the Café here and also how much the ice costs, so he could just lay the money and go. Also Lucas just puts his money down and then goes out with Baekhyun from the ice cream parlor.


»Bye guys.«


»See you tomorrow, Antonio!« Baekhyun smiles and waves goodbye to the Italian behind the counter.


Outside the ice cream parlor, both stop for a moment. »You should stop it Baek, this is really not a good vice.« Lucas complains as he watches Baekhyun as he tries to light a cigarette despite the wind. »Lucas.. Finally.«, he interrupts himself. 


»Yes?«, asks Lucas annoyed while Baekhyun pulls on the cigarette. »Isn’t every vice bad?« He replies calmly, letting the smoke out of his lungs.


»Hm, we’ll see each other tonight. See you then.« That's how his best friend went home. Meanwhile, Baekhyun just stands there watching his friend who just shake his head. 


He didn’t know why Lucas kept talking about this topic and then disappeared furiously, knowing that Baekhyun wouldn’t quit smoking that fast.







»I’m back! Is he already gone?«, shouted Baekhyun when he enters the house an hour later and takes off his shoes.


»No he isn’t, but soon!« with the words Kien appears before him. »Oh well, then goodbye!«, he says and tries to slip past his father.


»Baekhyun, I’ve something to tell you!«, while he talked to him, he have grabbed his arm and now holds him so, that Baekhyun can’t get away. 


The silver haired looks angrily at his grower in the eye and only puffs back. »What do you want? finally move out?«


»Your manners have come to an end now.«, his father hisses angrily between bitten teeth and then pulls Baekhyun into the living room.