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War of ReConquest

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Okay, so here is how my canon divergence, differs from the GoT show. Region by region.


The North

- Domeric Bolton is not poisoned by Ramsey. He remains Roose's heir. But is fearful of Ramsey.

- He is the one who marries Sansa Stark. It slowly turns into a loving relationship and together they conspire to overthrow his father, get rid of Ramsey and restore the Starks to power.

- Theon escapes from Ramsey's dungeon, before he is castrated and returns to Yara earlier.

- During the Battle for Castle Black, Ygritte is wounded by Olly, but survives.

- After Jon's death and resurrection, Ygritte forgives him and the two rekindle their love towards one another.

- Rickon is brought to Roose, before he is killed by his bastard son - Ramsey.

- Domeric, Rickon and Sansa escape from Ramsey and go to Castle Black, just after Jon is resurrected by Melisandre.

- Ramsey usurps Domeric's place as lord of Winterfell and the Dreadfort.

- Jon, Domeric and Sansa gather allies and in the Battle of the Bastards, defeat Ramsey with the help of the knights of the Vale and Baelish.

- Ramsey is killed by Sansa, with the man's own dogs.

- Jon Snow is declared King in the North.


The Crownlands

When Tyrion escapes from the dungeons, with Jaime's help, he discovers Shae in Tywin's chambers and learns she was forced by Cersei to testify against him and now she wanted to murder Tywin and Cersei both. It is too dangerous to go after Cersei now, but they kill Tywin together and escape to the Free cities with Varys.

- Right before the Destruction of the Great Sept of Baelor, The High Sparrow relents to Margaery and allows for the evacuation of the sept. Margaery and Loras, as well as several other people, manage to get to safety, but most of the people do not make it out alive.

- Margaery and Loras manage to get safely back to Highgarden, during the chaos in the capital.

- Cersei is crowned queen, after Tommen commits suicide, thinking that Margaery is dead.


The Reach

- After Olenna is reunified with her grandchildren, she decides to ally herself with the Dornish and the returning House Targaryen.

- She arranges a betrothal between Daenerys and Loras, as a way to seal the alliance (and to benefit from it).

- Margaery is to become the next Lady of Highgarden.



- Jaime and Bronn are captured by the Dornish in the Water Gardens.

- Jaime hears about what Cersei did in the capital and decides to stay in Dorne, to protect his daughter from Cersei's madness destroying their last child.

- Arianne Martell, from the books, exists here and is Doran's heir. Doran dies, poisoned by one of Qyburn's little birds.

- Arianne declares war on Cersei and allies with Daenerys, and later on the Tyrells.

- Arys Oakheart breaks his vows and marries Arianne Martell.

- Bronn escapes and goes back to work for Cersei.



The Iron Islands

- Everything remains the same, except Theon returns earlier to Yara.

- Theon is not as damaged as he is in the books.

- He matures, as a survivor from his experiences with Ramsey, and becomes a better person.

- After the Kingsmoot, Euron Greyjoy, who reveals himself as the man who murdered Balon, is elected king and Theon and Yara flee, planning to ally with Daenerys Targaryen before him.



Daenerys and Daario become lovers earlier on.

Daenerys and Daario have a child together, named Vaelor. Daenerys legitimizes him on birth. The child is born soon after she takes Meereen.

- She puts a dragon egg, found in the Meereenese treasury, into the crib of the baby and it hatches.

- Tyrion is kidnapped by Jorah on the way to Meereen and they arrive in Meereen as in the books.

- Jorah doesn't get infected by Greyscale.

- They are joined by Shae and Varys soon after, just before the Second Siege of Meereen.

- Daenerys is forced to marry Hizdahr, just like in the books. Hostages, among them Daario, are handed to the Yunkish invaders.

- After the events of Daznak's pit, Daenerys flies off with Drogon.

- Hizdahr declares himself king.

- Tyrion, Varys, Shae and Missandei look after Vaelor, while ser Barristan and Grey Worm, along with those still loyal to the queen, protect them. Jorah goes looking for Dany.

- Hizdahr tries to kill them, but fails.

- Hizdahr is imprisoned and the Siege continues. Daario, as well as the other hostages, are executed by the Yunkish, who crucify them as a way to scare the enemy.

- Yara and Theon, looking for an alliance with Dany, come and help the defenders of Meereen.

- Daenerys returns and breaks the siege with her new Khalassar of 60000 men.