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inseperable LITERALLY

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You see what had happened was … I was shot. It was really just an unfortunate situation, but as we all know the hero Snipe never misses. I get that. But what I don’t get is how I'm sitting in the son of the number two hero Endeavors bedroom contemplating my existence.

The oddest thing about this moment is that I remember being shot clean through my chest and left arm. I remember my whole body going numb and the world going dark before I wake up in this bland dark room staring at the sleeping face of the number two hero’s son.

He's kind of pretty, hair split in the middle between red and white a scar covering the top left corner of his face. The scar going over a very pretty blue eye.

WAIT his eyes are open!

“Who’re you” an obviously tired voice slurred out. I looked at the living Canadian flag with an unimpressed expression. “You do realize this is called breaking and entering.” Mr. Canada stated. I sighed this is going to be tough considering I don’t know what’s going on. I can’t just say I was shot and am now somehow in your bedroom not bleeding all over your flooring.

“It’s not breaking and entering if I didn’t break in nor enter your house.” I reply with a slightly condescending tone.

“Then how might you have gotten in my father's house?” This kid is starting to piss me off. I look at him unimpressed, hell I don’t want to be in this brat's house anyway I just appeared here anyway.

“Not a clue” I answered as I stood up. He quickly stood up as well probably getting ready for a fight. “Settle down tiger I ain’t gonna fight you” He looks at me skeptically as I make my way to his window when I go to open the window my hands go straight through the frame.

“WHAT THE HELL!” I yell as I fall through the second story window before being feeling an immense pull as I'm yanked right back up right before I hit the ground. I’m thrown right back throw the window and into the number two hero’s son. I look at the bicolored boy only to then notice a silvery string coming from his chest and meeting with a green one that is going into my chest. I look at him with my best ‘What the fuck’ expression I can give. He shrugs before asking me once again.

“Who are you?” Why does this kid care so much about who I am. Then again, I did just show up in his room out of nowhere. It seems I can’t leave so why not give him the truth.

“Midoriya Izuku” I sigh.

“Why are you here Midoriya?” He asks with the most confused face he could make given he’s been only giving me a blank face for the past few minutes I'll take it.

“Hell, if I know why I'm here, one minute I'm dyeing and the next I'm in your bedroom definitely not bleeding out from bullet wounds.” I exclaimed, I shouldn’t have to do this I should be with Dabi and making fun of facepalm not dealing with the curiosity of the son of the number two hero, said hero has tried to kill me on various occasions.

“Are you sure you’re not dead?” Canada man asks me with a serious expression on his face. I double over in laughter did that kid really just ask me if I'm dead damn that’s hilarious. As I sober up, I look at the heterochromic boy “Does it look like I'm dead?” I ask him with a slightly crazed smile.

“I mean you are translucent,” The boy points out. I'm what, I look down at myself to see I am in fact translucent being that you can see a lamp through my chest. What the fuck am I dead I was shot so it’s a possibility, shit I'm probably dead.

“If I were to be dead then how would I be conversing with you right now?” I ask the curious teen.

“No one knows what happens after we die, whether it be reincarnation heaven or ghosts we don’t know until we die.” Was all he responded with.

“So, you believe that I died and became a ghost that is somehow attached to you?” I asked him.

“You could always check your wounds see if any were fatal to prove or disprove my claim.” Endeavers kid prompted. There’s no harm in not checking so I lift the sleeve on my left shoulder to see a gaping hole in my arm where I was shot not a scar not stitches just a gaping black hole about the size of a walnut. I lift my black hoodie and white t-shirt to see another black hole right where my heart is this hole is a lot larger though almost as big as my fist with a little bit of scaring surrounding it. The holes right over my heart I look at the boy with a horrified expression he looks at me with an equally scared look I don’t want to touch the gaping hole in my chest so I hastily press my middle and index fingers to my neck, nothing. There’s no pulse.

“WHATS YOUR NAME?” I quickly asked.

“Todoroki Shouto,” He hastily replied.

“Todoroki check my pulse I can’t feel it” I choke out trying to hold back tears. Todoroki rushes over and checks my wrist then my neck looking more and more fearful by the second he can’t find it either.

I’m dead,

I died,

All Might Killed me.