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A Grimm Royal

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Renard was sitting at his desk glancing through the glass out of his office to look at his detectives desks. His eyes were locked on where Nik was sitting, he had given Adalind so many chances to get the key from her but it had all been fruitless so far. He needed that key, his brother and the rest of the family were very insistant at this point in their efforts.
Adalind had been unable to get Nik to give up the key and she had lost her powers in the process, she was just one disappointment after another lately. He had written off her ever being any use from her on out.
As far as he knew Nik was unaware of his involvement in any of this, Adalind had assured him of this much at least. He couldn't let her know that he was the royal in Portland or things could go south for his plans, he decided that he had to be the one to get the key.
He sighed to himself thinking. He had asked Adalind to make sacrifices for their efforts- she had seduced Hank and lost her powers- now he would have to make his own sacrifices.
It was late and he could see Nik was the only one still at her desk, most of the office was empty now except for the night shift. Hank and most of the other detectives had gone home almost an hour ago.
Standing, Renard walked to the door of his office and took a deep breath, if this went bad he could lose a lot more than his powers. Renard went through the door and put his coat over his arm stopping at Nik's desk looking at the woman. He swallowed and sighed steeling himself for everything, he put on his best charming smile.
"Nik it's late." he said getting her attention.
Nik looked up from her computer rubbing her eyes "Hey Captain I thought everybody had went home."
"You should be heading home too. You solved the case, paperworks already been turned in. You alright?" he asked gently.
"Yes sir just avoiding going home I guess." she admitted smiling.
"Well, I have a solution to that that also gets you out of the office. I'm going for drinks, it's been a long day why don't you join me?"
Nik hesitated seeming a little surprised by the invitation.
"Yeah. That sounds good." Nik said standing up to grab her coat.
"Do you have your car?" Renard asked gesturing her out ahead of him.
"No it's still in the shop I don't live far from here so I walked."
"Then I'll drive and give you a ride home after."
They got into the elevator that went to the parking garage and stood in silence for a few minutes on the way.
While they were waiting Renard subtle looked Nik over, concidering her like he never had before. If he could get in that mindframe then he knew he could make this work long enough to get the key from the Grimm.
She was a bit taller than most of the women in the office with a nice frame to match. She was curvy with a thin waist, he knew he could easily grip her hips, her legs were long and curvy. She had barely tanned white skin, blue eyes, full red lips, and short black hair that never quite laid right. She always wore jeans, black shoes, her black belt with her police issue gun, usually nice button up shirts, and her black leather jacket. She had a nice ass that would be nice to cup in his hands, her breasts were average.
He looked away quickly when she turned to glance at him, very aware that he had been caught checking her out. When he peeked out of the corner of his eyes he could see she looked sceptical of what she had caught him doing, she didn't believe he was checking her out.
When they got to the garage and walked to his vechile he stepped forward to open the passenger door for her. She seemed surprised but slid in anyway, looking at him curiously.
He took them to a little wine bar that was a little farther then Nik had thought they would go, it was the opposite direction from where she lived. She glanced around them and frowned as they stopped at the curb.
"This is my favorite wine bar, you hungry they do light meals here as well?" he asked getting out and moving quickly to come around.
"A bit but I can get something when I get home." she said shrugging.
"Nonsense my treat. Have dinner with me." he said giving her another charming smile.
He could tell she was still a little nervous when she followed him around to the large glass double doors. A doorman reached out and opened the doors for them, then they walked to the hostess standing behind a counter. She turned to them with a smile, her eyes locking on Renard hungrily.
"Hello, Captain Renard your regular table?" She asked giving him a flirty smile.
"A table for two please and my regular bottle." he corrected with a smile looking towards Nik.
Renard saw the sharp look the Hostess gave Nik as she grabbed two of the small menus as she lead them towards the back of the bar. He reached out and gently put his hand against Nik's back to guide her as they went down the line of tables.
He could see Nik glancing at the other people sitting at tables as they went by "I feel so under dressed."
Renard saw her glance at him with a humorous smile. They arrived at their table and Renard walked over to the chairs pulling one out for Nik. He smiled at her as she slid into the seat and then he glanced at the somewhat sour Hostess as she walked away to get the waiter. He sat across from her putting his coat on the back of his chair.
"So you come here often?" Nik asked after a few minutes of glancing at the menu.
"I live next door in the apartments." Renard said with a shrug. "So I'm here pretty often. See something you'd like to eat?"
"Uh, yea." Nik hesitated.
Renard smiled at the woman and hoped his plan could go the way he wanted it too.
It was almost two hours later when they stepped out of the glass double doors onto the street, with Renard holding Nik's arm to steady her. He had made sure they drank a large amount - or he had pretended to drink a large amount- so that Nik was tipsy enough to have her guard down a bit.
As she let him lead her along the sidewalk he started to angle her back towards his apartment building across the road.
"I can just catch a cab." Nik insisted with a smile.
Renard held her hand on his arm as they crossed "Well you can wait in the lobby at least until it arrives if you must."
Renard and Nik walked into the lobby of his apartment building , the desk clerk smiled at the two as they walked in.
Renard sat Nik down on the couch in the lobby then went over to talk to the clerk with a small smile.
"Yes Mr.Renard?" he asked with a smile.
"I need you to pretend to make a call to the cab agency then come over and tell us that they will not be able to make a pick up at this time." he said slipping a twenty to the man.
"That seems unethical Mr.Renard...I don't know." the desk clerk said with a frown.
"I'm a member of the Portland police department you don't have to worry about anything."
The clerk nodded his head slowly and turned to pick up the phone with a frown still creasing his brow. He made a few motions like he was dialing the phone and turned away to act as if he's talking to someone. While he did that Renard walked back to the couch to sit beside NIk who had leaned her head back to rest her eyes.
Renard looked over the Grimm with a cautious smile as she laid there almost asleep beside him.
"Mr.Renard, I called the cab service like you wanted and they don't have anyone available to make a pick up at this moment." the clerk said causing Nik to sit up a little straighter.
Nik looked a bit worried and sighed "I can call a friend and he'll come get me, I think."
"Don't worry about it I have a guest room you can stay in." Renard said with a wave. "It's late come on."
Renard stood and gave a gesture with his hand towards the elevators, Nik frowned to herself she usually wouldn't of went with him. She would've worried about her image at work but she had had way to much to drink tonight to worry about that right now. Renard watched as she got up and started to follow him to the elevators lining the wall on this side of the building.
Once they were inside the elevator Nik turned slowly and looked up at Renard her eyes suspicious.
"Captain -" she began.
"You can call me Sean." Renard said smirking at her. "We're not at work after all."
"Sean... What was tonight about?" Nik asked her eyes narrowing.
Renard turned to face her, he stepped closer to her backing her against the wall as she stared up at him. He leaned close smiling.
"Tonight was the closest thing to a date that I could think of without calling it one, so I could ask you to go to dinner with me tomorrow night." he said leaning closer with a smile.
"I- but you're... You're my superior officer." she said weakly.
Renard smiled putting his hand under he chin tilting it up to where he could press his lips to hers. At first she stiffened and he worried that he had underestimated how well she could read him, but she slowly relaxed. He felt her mouth begin to return the kiss and he reached his arms around her pulling her against him as he deepened the kiss. He pressed her back against the elevator wall as he parted their lips his tongue dipping into her mouth eagerly. He could feel her responding just how he had hoped.
Her body pressed against his eagerly in turn and he felt her relaxing into his arms, he tightened his grip to hold her body to his.
The elevator buzzer sounded that they were stopping and the doors swished open. He heard a cough and pulled away to glance up to see one of his neighbors standing at the door.
Nik seemed surprised and blushed chuckling.
Renard grabbed her arm gently and they exited the elevator heading towards his apartment with quick steps. He didn't want to lose the chance to keep her thrown off guard, if she had the key on her person he may be able to find it tonight. If not he may be able to string her along to get the key from her house or wherever she had it hidden, he still had officers looking for Aunt Marie's trailer.
When he got them into the apartment he closed and locked the door behind them then turned to look at Nik who was looking at his apartment. Renard took a deep breath and moved quickly over to her dropping his coat on the floor so his hands were available.
Renard turned Nik to face him and leaned back down pressing his mouth back to her's eagerly. He felt the same reaction as before, hesitance before she began to respond in kind. As he took his time exploring her mouth he reached up to remove her jacket letting it fall back to the floor. He ran his hands gently over her arms down to her hips to pull her body against his even more.
He felt Nik's arms slowly wrap around him and he moaned into her mouth as she shuddered against him. He took his time moving his mouth around to gently bite on her chin before dipping to her neck kissing, sucking, and biting on her neck as she moaned.
"Sean." she gasped as he reached around to grab her ass lifting her.
Once her feet were off the ground she wrapped her legs around his hips and he settled her against him with a smile. His plan was working so far, he just needed to keep this going. He had managed to seduce Adalind to get her to do what he wanted but she had been infatiuated with him for years. To his knowledge Nik wasn't so easily manipulated, he would see.
"Your so beautiful." he sighed kissing any exposed skin he could on her body.
"Captain, we ...shouldn't." she panted her eyes rolling slightly.
"Sean, please. Why not?" he corrected with a smile. "Do you want me to stop, I can take you home if you'd like."
He saw Nik hesitate as she looked at him and he held her a bit tighter against him.
"I've wanted you for so long." he whispered softly to her.
He saw Nik swallow looking taken aback by this confession, was she really this lonely? Renard wondered vaguely. A little wine and sweet whispered words she was putty in his hands.
Nik leaned down and she seemed to relax into his arms her eyes seeming to search his for something. Then her mouth was pressing to his hungrily as he started to slowly carry her to the back of his large apartment. He didn't break the kiss but used his foot to kick the door to his bedroom gently open.
The only time he broke the kiss is when he gently dropped her back onto the queen sized bed carefully craddling her as he laid himself over her body. He smiled gently at her and she looked up at him breathlessly.
Renard leaned back and began to remove his suit jacket and shirt, her eyes sweeping over his chest quickly. He smiled as she sat up a bit her eyes hesitant. He smiled as she slid closer to him her hands moving to help him out of his clothes, her hands pulling off his belt helping him remove his pants. Once his clothes were removed he gently pushed her back onto the bed.
Renard began to slowly remove her clothing, he did it slowly making it appear seductive but he was watching to see if he could find the key. He was vaguely disappointed when he didn't find the key but his eyes ran over her body hungrily. He decided he at least was getting himself closer to earning her trust so he could get the key.
"Sean- I.." she began blushing as he looked over her body.
Renard crawled onto the bed putting himself over her as he looked over her body "What is it?"
She swallowed blushing "I don't have any protection."
He actually laughed at that and shook his head with a friendly smile "I'll take care of that dear."
Renard reached into his bedside table and dug into a box of condoms he kept there, not that he really worried about using them lately. He held the item up and he saw he smile at him blushing again as she averted her eyes a bit, she was so embarrassed by all this.
"You always this shy?" he asked, as he opened the wrapping.
"It's been awhile..." she admitted vaguely.
Renard slipped the condom over his six and a half inch cock looking down at her.
"Oh really?" he asked gently. "How long?"
Nik blushed as he laid himself back on her his hands running over her body again waiting to actually get the deed done.
"A year maybe a bit more."
Renard seemed surprised, he had to admit Nik was a very attractive woman and he was sure that others were aware of that. He had seen a few of the newer officers give her a few looks before they continued on as business only, he was vaguely curious but decided he would ask later.
Renard took his cock and lined it up to her entrance slowly "I'll be gentle." he promised.