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My Parenthood Academia

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It's 6:11 p.m, February 2nd, and Shouto Todoroki holds a squaling, red-faced, slightly sticky newborn baby. His squaling, red-faced, slightly sticky newborn baby. A little boy. He's only seconds old, and so very, very tiny. Is he supposed to be this tiny?

A giggle from one of the nurses causes his face to flush. He said that out loud.

He tunes them out and looks back down at the newborn lying against his chest, completely overwhelmed with all sorts of emotions. Emotions he hasn't felt since he realized he was falling in love with Izuku and-- Oh, he's really thankful they gave him a Quirk suppressant before delivery or else the room would be on fire.

None of this was going how it was supposed to. The baby wasn't even due until the end of the month, but clearly, fate had other plans. He wasn't supposed to have a natural birth either, but the baby was in such a rush, by the time he realized he was in labor and made it to the hospital they didn't have time to prep him for a cesarean. Is that why he's so tiny? Is he going to be okay?

A hand squeezes his forearm and he's pulled away from his thoughts. He looks to Izuku, still dressed in his hero costume as he was on patrol when he had gone into labor, and Shouto feels calm. Izuku's hand moves up to cup his cheek and kisses his forehead as they both begin crying.

They're parents.

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It's 10 a.m, February 3rd, and Shouto Todoroki combs out his hair while Izuku rocks the baby, listening as his fiancé talks to him in a soft voice. He and the baby would be here for a few more days, the doctor wanted to keep an eye on them after he had gone through, what she called, rapid labor, so this room would be their home until the weekend no doubt.

Shouto's thankful Izuku had managed to convince everyone not to visit today, so the two of them had a full day just to rest and spend time with the baby.

Izuku looks up at him. "We still need to name him, Shouto,"

Shouto stops combing his hair, resting the comb in his lap. He hums in thought. "What was your father's name?"

"Hisashi, but I..." Izuku trails off, expression turning blank. "It's not a good fit."

"Izuku? What's wrong?"

Izuku's usual smile is back on his face in an instant. "Nothing's wrong, I just never really knew my father, you know? I want to name our baby something meaningful, and if we're going to name him after someone we know, then someone who's been there for the both of us."

"Like All Might?" The second it leaves his mouth, green eyes turn wide; smile growing wider.

"Yeah! I mean, he's been more of a father to us than our actual fathers, so why not?"

Shouto smiles softly. "Okay,"

The young couple spends the next hour or so going over names, Izuku having pulled up a list on his phone and right now they were torn between Toshiharu and Toshiyuki.

"I think I like Toshiyuki more," Shouto ponders as he looks at the sleeping baby in his arms. "It's old fashioned, sure, but we can call him Toshi for short and I like the meaning more," he looks out the window, watching the snowfall outside. Izuku follows his gaze, smiling gently.

"It suits him," he says, scooting his chair closer to the bed. "Toshiyuki Midoriya has a nice ring to it, huh?"

Shouto smiles. "Yeah, it does."

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It's February 18th, 7:03 a.m and Izuku Midoriya leans heavily on his fiancé, nearly knocking him over with his weight. Neither of them has slept much for the past two and a half weeks and it was starting to show. He hugs Shouto from behind, burying his head in the back of his neck, grumbling a good morning.

In one hand, Shouto holds an egg carton and in the other, a baby bottle as the baby cries from his cradle in the living room. He feels Izuku's chin dig into his shoulder.

"Bottle this morning?"

"I'm tired," was the groggy response. The dual hair colored man stares at his hands for a moment before placing the eggs on the counter and switching the bottle from his right to left hand. He waits a moment and hands the bottle to Izuku who drips it onto his bare wrist.

"It's perfect," Izuku kisses the side of his head, earning a grumble from him before entering the living room.


Shouto listens to Izuku talk to their son, telling him the good news of 'I am here, with a bottle!' in his best All Might impression. He snorts and cracks some eggs into a pan and waits for them to cook. He looks away from the eggs as they start to sizzle, looking over his shoulder in order to watch Izuku feed Toshiyuki his breakfast.

He watches as Izuku smiles in content while the baby nurses the bottle. Slowly yet surely, they were adjusting to parenthood. Izuku more so than himself. He always seems to know what he needs and when. It all seemed to be natural to him. He had hoped that after he got home from the hospital and had some more one-on-one time with the baby, that he'd know exactly what to do, but sometimes it still felt like he was just... Babysitting. Simply taking care of him out of obligation and nothing more.


Shouto pokes at his eggs. They're burnt. He always burns food when he tries to cook, but Izuku eats it anyway. Always saying "it's good because you made it" with that sweet smile of his. Shouto stabs the yolk, watching it ooze onto the plate and his stomach turns, causing him to shove the plate away.

"Shou?" Izuku asks as he stands and gathers his plate.

"I'm not all that hungry this morning," he takes the plate into the kitchen and sets it on the counter. The baby starts to cry again and he lets out a sigh. He's tired. "I got him, you just eat."


Tossing a soiled diaper away, Shouto turns back to his son, wiping him clean before putting him in a clean diaper. He redresses him and lifts him from the changing station.

"Is that better?" Toshiyuki responds by whimpering before crying once again. Shouto's eyebrows knit together. "You shouldn't be hungry again already... Are you sleepy?" he pulls the baby close to the left side of his chest, activating his Quirk to provide a steady and (hopefully) comforting warmth. He buries his nose in soft white hair and closing his eyes. "Me too."

Shouto settles into the padded chair beside the crib, stroking Toshiyuki's head as he begins to rock him.

The infant begins to settle down after a few minutes, having a vice grip on Shouto's shirt. "You're actually kind of sweet when you're not screaming at three in the morning," he tells him. "I'm sorry that I'm not as good at this whole parent thing like your dad. I'm trying my best but... It's hard."

He kisses the baby's head and closes his eyes. "I promise I'll get better."


Shouto jolts awake when he feels someone try and take the baby from him. Ice springs forward as he holds the baby closer to his chest, and he hears Izuku cry out in alarm.

"It's me! Shouto, it's me!" he cries, partially trapped within the ice.

Shouto visibly relaxes, despite his heart pounding in his chest and the baby wailing in his ear from the sudden commotion and the drop in temperature. He sighs, carefully shifting him to his other arm to use his left hand to defrost Izuku's prison.

"I'm sorry."


Completely thawed, Izuku sits on the couch wrapped in a blanket as Shouto makes them both some hot chocolate. The baby sleeps in the bassinet as the nursery is still partially frozen over. Izuku sneezes and tries to rub some warmth into his arms. "If it helps, I think it's great that your natural instinct is to protect him," he comments, shivering.

"I should be more careful... I could have seriously hurt you," Shouto responds, setting two mugs on the coffee table. "I'm sorry," he apologizes again and Izuku just smiles at him.

"It's not all your fault, I should have woken you up before trying to take the baby from you." Izuku's hands poke out from the blanket to grab hold of the mug and blows before taking a sip.

Shouto opens Izuku's blanket and joins him under it, pulling him close to his left side. He smiles as Izuku snuggles into him and sighs in content as he warms him up. "Are you sure I didn't hurt you?"

"I'm fine, Shouchhan. I promise." Izuku kisses his neck. "I'm sorry if I scared you,"

"I didn't even realize I fell asleep... I could have dropped him..."

"I doubt you're the first person to fall asleep while holding their newborn. We're both sleep-deprived and we're going to make mistakes. But, and I know we've only been at this for maybe two weeks now, I think we're doing a good job."

"You think so?" Izuku nods, wild green curls tickling Shouto's nose. "You're better than me though. Which means you'll be his favorite when he's older, I just know it," he says almost in a whine, earning a snort from his fiancé. "And now you're laughing at me."

"You almost made me into a popsicle, I think we're even."

Shouto reaches for his mug of hot chocolate and takes a drink before leaning back into the couch with a yawn. "I'm sleepy,"

"Me too," Izuku places his mug back on the table and curls up with Shouto, head on his shoulder. He looks at the bassinet and smiles. "Toshi has a good idea. Let's follow his lead."

"Mm, good idea."