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Sebastian Michaelis: Ciel’s Hired Alpha

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Sebastian Michaelis frowned as he wandered through the grimy London streets.

A strong, handsome alpha, Sebastian was looking for something.

But what?

Sebastian had been roaming around for awhile now, taking odd jobs, wasting time, meandering aimlessly.

He bedded whatever omega caught his eye.

How boring.

How dull.

Sebastian wished that he had something to do.

A goal.

A purpose.

An omega of his own?

Hm, well, maybe not.

No one had ever fulfilled his requirements for such an important position in his life.

They probably never would.

As Sebastian let out a sigh in the chilly morning mist, he thought to himself for a few minutes.

Just as Sebastian was delving deeper into his musings, his eyes widened as a screech startled him out of his reverie.

“Watch out!” One man shouted as a carriage dislodged and whirled down the street, hurtling right towards a terrified man who stood helplessly in the way.

Sebastian smirked.


This looked like fun~.

In a flash, Sebastian raced into the street and tackled the man out of the carriage’s way just in time.

Panting and out of breath, Sebastian climbed off of the man and offered a hand to help him up. “Terribly sorry about that, sir. Are you alright?”

The man looked back at Sebastian, momentarily lost for words. His hair was a very unusual color, grey mixed with strands of blue, and his eyes were a deep sapphire shade of blue. The man was probably in his late thirties or early forties, Sebastian guessed.

At length, the man recovered his speech and took Sebastian’s hand, pulling himself to his feet, “Yes, sir. Thanks to you, I believe I am. How can I ever repay you?”

Sebastian grinned. He enjoyed it when people felt indebted to him.

It made him feel powerful.

Alphas liked to feel powerful.

“That won’t be necessary. I was just passing by and happened to be useful.” Sebastian smiled.

He could tell by the fine clothing that the bluenette man wore that he must be nobility, or at least, a wealthy businessman.

“More than useful, I’d say. Where are you headed to, sir? I’d be very happy to give you a lift. It’s really the least I can do.” The man offered.

“That’s very kind of you.” Sebastian said with a polite smile and nod. “But I’m not sure where I’m going, actually. I suppose I was just…searching.”

“For employment?” The bluenette man asked.

Sebastian blinked.


A purpose……….?

Sebastian saw hope sparkle in the bluenette man’s sapphire eyes.

What did he have in mind?

“Possibly.” Sebastian nodded.

“Can you speak French, sir?” The other man asked.

“French, German, Spanish, and a smattering of Russian.” Sebastian nodded with a confident smile.

“You seem well educated. Are you adept at tutoring?” The man pressed.

“Tutoring, cooking, management, and economics, if I dare say so myself.” Sebastian grinned at his own compliment.

The hope in the bluenette’s eyes seemed to grow.

The man extended his hand to Sebastian. “I am Earl Vincent Phantomhive. I’m extraordinarily grateful to you for saving my life. You seem like quite the exceptional fellow. My wife and I are looking for a…...a sort of caretaker for the heir to the Phantomhive estate. Such a person will need to be patient and thorough, able to give lessons and corrections where needed. So far, I’m afraid my child has rejected all the governesses we’ve submitted and all the tutors…...If someone as refined and skillful as yourself would be willing to give it a try, we will surely make it worth your while.”

Sebastian was intrigued.

While babysitting sounded uninteresting, working for one of the finest families in England certainly didn’t.

Besides, think of all the noble omegas Sebastian would surely have the chance to claim as his secret conquests………

In the meantime, he would at least have something to do besides wander around the dirty streets.

Sebastian reached out and shook Vincent Phantomhive’s hand. “Alright, very well. I’ll give it my best try then.”

Money was not discussed, although Vincent Phantomhive intended to pay Sebastian handsomely.

Sebastian didn’t care, he wasn’t interested in money.

“Very good!” Vincent said excitedly. “I do hope Ciel will be pleased!”

“Ciel is your wife, sir?” Sebastian asked as Vincent led him over to the Phantomhive carriage.

That was a strange name for a woman.

Vincent chuckled as he explained. “No. Ciel is my child. The heir that will be your new charge.”


After following Vincent on his errands in London that day, Sebastian found himself riding beside the Earl Phantomhive as they rode towards his estate.

It was well after dark when they finally arrived.

Sebastian dismounted the carriage after his new employer.

Walking into the grand house, Sebastian marveled at the beauty and splendor of the vast Phantomhive Manor.

Elegant and damask, the house seemed as eccentric as the Earl himself.

Sebastian was quickly given a full tour.

Sebastian was introduced to Rachel Phantomhive, the lady of the house, then Tanaka, Vincent’s butler, Mey-Rin, the maid who blushed furiously as soon as she laid eyes on Sebastian, Baldroy, the cook, Finny, the gardner, and Snake, the footman.

It was a strange mixture of characters, Sebastian thought to himself.

But that was alright.

It just made things more interesting.

Sebastian was shown the house, the gardens, and what would be his new room.

Sebastian was given a uniform, which had already been manufactured in various sizes for whenever his position was filled.

But Sebastian still hadn’t met…….

“I’ll take you to Ciel if you’re ready.” Vincent said to Sebastian once he met the bluenette in the hallway, wearing his new Phantomhive uniform, complete with white gloves and black wool tailcoat.

“That sounds lovely, sir.” Sebastian nodded.

Silently, they began to walk.

Ciel was the one aspect of the Phantomhives that Sebastian was most curious about.

Why had no other stayed with the young heir?

Was Ciel vicious?

Mentally handicapped?

Why did they need someone for Ciel anyway?

Why did——

“Here we are.” Vincent Phantomhive announced, coming to a stop at a large door at the end of a long hallway.

“Ciel.” Vincent called, knocking at the door.

Sebastian stood beside him, waiting anxiously.

“What is it, Father?” A quiet, low voice called from inside.

“I have someone new for you to meet.” Vincent called.

Silence passed for a moment.

“I don’t want another governess.” Ciel’s voice cut through the door.

“I don’t have another governess, my darling. I have a butler.” Vincent replied.

Sebastian raised a brow.

What kind of man called his son “my darling”?

Silence passed again.

“A butler?” Ciel asked though the door.

“That’s right.” Vincent said.

“Alright.” Ciel said quietly.

Vincent looked over and smiled at Sebastian.

Earl Phantomhive opened Ciel’s door and stepped through it.

Sebastian followed.

“Ciel, this is Sebastian Michaelis, the man your mother and I have hired as your new caretaker.” Vincent said, speaking in a soothing voice to someone sitting on the bed.

Sebastian glanced over his employer’s shoulder to see.

Sebastian’s eyes widened.

His mouth fell open………

That was Ciel?!?

Sitting on the bed was a very petite, very beautiful, bluenette.


Clearly a female, and certainly not a child, Ciel’s slender hips highlighted her curves, which were beguilingly proportionate. Her face was beautifully pale, like glazed porcelain, and long, dark eyelashes framed deep, sapphire eyes, which Sebastian recognized were the same as her father’s.

Besides the bluenette’s striking beauty, it was her alluring scent that hit Sebastian quite hard.

Ciel was an omega.

Sebastian shifted uneasily where he stood. Even though Ciel was fully clothed, Sebastian had to force himself not to get visibly aroused, lest he be fired before his job began.

“Sebastian…..” Ciel said curiously.

His name rolled off her pink tongue in the most decadent of ways, sending chills down Sebastian’s spine.

Sebastian noticed that the omega’s cheeks began to tint a deep shade of pink.

Perhaps Ciel found him to her liking as well………….

Vincent seemed not to pick up on the sexual tension between his daughter and his new employee. He stood with a smile and nodded to both of them. “I’ll let you two get acquainted for a moment. Remember, Sebastian, your job begins now. I expect you to guard my daughter with her life. Her safety and her chastity are your highest priorities.”

Vincent walked out of the room and Sebastian felt like he had been shot in the heart as he gazed at the beautiful bluenette.

This was at once the easiest and most challenging task Sebastian had ever encountered,

Sebastian would happily defend this dear creature with his life.


Her chastity…….

A virgin, unmated, flawless omega…...

Did Vincent Phantomhive really expect to offer such a scrumptious treat to a tall, handsome alpha without anything happening?

Sebastian swallowed hard.

Ciel watched him curiously, her cheeks turning a deep fuschia.

She couldn’t recall when she had met a more handsome alpha……

And Sebastian smelled amazing……..

Like chocolate and warm vetiver~.

Ciel crept a little closer to Sebastian and he bit his tongue to keep from purring.

Forget aimless searching……...

Forget all the other omegas…...

Sebastian decided right there and then that Ciel Phantomhive was the one thing in the world that he wanted.

And when Sebastian Michaelis wanted something, he found a way to get it~.