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Keep Those You Care About Close

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Augustine felt like the luckiest man in the world the minute he and Delia were married. He loved her so much and anyone could tell by the way he talks about her. He loved everything about her, how warm her amber eyes were, the kindness she showed to Pokémon and people alike. He fell for her the minute they met and no one, not even Aurea, let him live down how he would blush even if he was just in her presence. 


“Congratulations you two. After so many years you’re finally married,” Aurea says walking up to the Augustine and Delia, “When I first met her, I was wondering when you’d ask her out. Seven years later you two are happily married.”

“Thank you, Aurea. If anything, it’s thanks to you that we even started dating. I’m sure we would’ve danced around each other for years,” Delia says with a small laugh. 

“You’ve been by my side for years, I’m thankful you could be here for this,” Augustine says smiling at her. Him and Aurea had been friends for years, even after she moved to Unova they kept in touch and met up again when Augustine was allowed to leave his parents’ sights. 

“Of course I’d be here for this, Auggie! This is the biggest day of your life!” Aurea said with a wide grin, “I’m glad that you chose me of all people to be your best man! Or would I considered your best woman? Anyways, I’m just surprised that you didn’t have Lysandre or your brother as your best man.”

“Aurea, you’ve been there for me for years and you’re like a sister to me, of course I would’ve chosen you!” 

Delia smiled at the two. She’s heard stories from both about each other. It was from Aurea that she found out that Augustine was head over heels for her and she had first heard of Aurea when she and Augustine were pen pals back in grade school. She kisses Augustine’s cheek softly and leaned her head against his shoulder. “I love you,” She says softly. 

Augustine has a small blush and smiles at her, “I love you too,” he says and kisses her back softly. 

“I’ll leave you two be, I’m sure there are others who want to talk to you,” Aurea says. She smiles at them before walking off. 




Augustine had gotten the call from the hospital when he was at the university’s library. Delia had gone into labor while he had been gone. He had left immediately to the hospital. He was worried about Delia, it had been a month earlier than the expected due date which worried him greatly. He wasn’t allowed into the hospital room, something had gone wrong during the birth and they need to perform surgery. He had never felt so worried in his whole life. A nurse had suggested to call a family member or a friend which he did. Aurea was in class and he couldn’t get ahold of Delia’s parents so his best bet was to call his brother.


It felt like hours before his brother had shown up. He felt sick, there had yet to be any news on Delia or the child and he dreaded what could have happened. 

“August? I’m sorry I couldn’t get here sooner,” his brother says as he walks up to him. He could clearly see how antsy and worried he was. “Is there any news on them yet?” He asks softly. 

Augustine shakes his head, “N-none, I’m worried and scared for what could’ve happened.”

“I’m sure they’ll make it. I know how strong Delia is and they’re your child,” he says softly. 

“But… but what if they don’t Colress? I don’t want to think like that but it’s still a possibility,” Augustine says. He was clearly close to tears.

“If… if that does happen, we’ll be there for you. You have Aurea, Lysandre, Delia’s family, and I. We’ll help you the best we can,” Colress says. He does usually hug any but he does now. He knows his brother needs some form of comfort right now. “Where’s Delia’s parents, I thought they’d be here.”

“I tried calling them but I couldn’t get ahold of them for some reason.”


They stand there for a while, waiting for any news about the two. Colress does his best to console and comfort his older brother. Augustine is thankful for at least his brother being there for him while they wait, he’s calmed down somewhat but the feeling of dread hangs heavily. When the doctor walks out the feeling is almost suffocating. The look of sadness is clear on their face. 

“I’m sorry sir, we did everything we could but she didn’t make it,” they say. Augustine feels his world fall apart.

“W-what about my child?!” He says, tears threatening to spill. 

“He made it. He’ll be able to go home tomorrow,” 

Augustine let the tears fall, he was relieved at least his son survived but he still felt utterly heartbroken by the fact his wife didn’t. Colress wasn’t sure what to do, he’s never been in a situation like this. 

“I-I’m sorry, August,” he says softly. Soon a nurse walked out holding Augustine’s son. 

“You can hold him right now, if you’d like,” they said softly. Augustine nods softly and cradles the child in his arms. He smiles softly at his son, who was asleep. He reminded him of Delia greatly. She would be so happy right now if she were here. 


Colress had slipped away to call their parents. 

“Mom, Dad? Can you please come to the hospital? I’ll send you the location but please Augustine’s going through a lot right now, please be nice,” he said in a pleading tone, “It’s not my place to say. Please, he really needs someone to be there for him and I don’t know what to do.” The line goes silent for a while before his parents answer, “Thank you, it means a lot.” He hangs up and quickly sends them the location of the hospital. 


“August? Is everything okay?” Augustine’s head shoots up to see both his parents with his brother. It was his mother speaking. 

“Whatever you have to say, I don’t want to hear it,” He says. 

“Augustine, please, what’s wrong?” His father tries to reason. 

Augustine doesn’t answer, the tears start up again, and it’s hard to breathe, “... Why do you care? You never liked Delia and you’re mad at me for being with her. So why are you here?”

“I called them here. I know you aren’t doing well. August, I know you haven’t been on good terms with them for years but they’re here for you now. I know you’re hurting, but shutting them out won’t help right now,” Colress says softly, trying to be the voice of reason. “Why now?! Why do you only care now?! You hated her but why do you suddenly care now?” He sobs, “Haven’t you hurt me enough?”

“We have no excuse, we should have realized how much you truly loved her. We both regret what did and said. I understand if you don’t forgive us, but at least let us be there for you now. I can see how much your hurting,” his father says.

 Augustine looks at them, they’re all worried about him right now. He breaks down, tears falling as he sobs, “S-she didn’t make it… th-they tried to save her but in the end they couldn’t in the end,” he sobs. 

“Oh Augustine, I’m so sorry,” his mother says. 

Augustine looks at them, his eyes red from crying so hard. He sees how worried they are and how sorry they felt. He hesitates but just weakly nods. The walk over to him and hug him tightly. 

“Oh August, if you ever need anything just call, we’ll be happy to help you,” his mother says, “What do you plan on naming him?” 

He’s silent for a bit, “Ashton Olivier. Delia wanted to name him Ashton in honor of her late grandfather.”

“Let’s get you home. I can tell you haven’t been sleeping well,” she says rubbing his back softly. Augustine just nods softly. Holding his son close. 




Colress went to check on his brother. Their parents decided to bring him to their home instead of his for the time being just so they can keep an eye on him or in case he needed something. HE had been there for the past few days. Colress sighed, his brother would only be staying until he was back on his feet. He knocked on the door gently but there was no reply. 

“Augustine?” He asks as he opened the door. He looked inside to see his brother asleep on the bed with his son in his cribs nearby. He was dead to the world, all the sleepless nights and the stress of the other day had really gotten to him. He frowned, he knew that it wouldn’t last long with Augustine still being a student. Given how he only had a year left before graduating but he still needed to study and go to the lectures. He left him be, knowing how much he needs the rest. 


Mew peaked through the window waiting for Colress to leave. When he finally does they sneak through the open window. 

So this is Arceus’ chosen,” Mew thought looking down at the child in the crib. “ It’s a shame he lost his mother before he even knew her.”

Mew made a questioning sound while looking at the child, something about him seemed familiar.

“Ash?” It was barely coherent and was very quiet. Mew looked to where the voice was and saw Augustine stirring awake. They were quick to hide when they saw him get up. Mew watched as Augustine checked on his son. He must’ve heard Mew and somehow mistaken it for his son. They were curious to see how Augustine would interact. “You have her eyes,” Augustine says softly. Ash had woken up when Augustine had come to hold him. “She would have loved you so much,” he says smiling softly had him. Mew made a move to leave but accidentally bumped into the dresser, altering Augustine of their presence. He looked up, startled slightly. There was Mew, a mythical Pokémon that was viewed as a god in some regions of the world. He was at a loss for words. Why would Mew of all things be here? Mew made a questioning noise as it looks at Augustine. 

“A-a Mew? I thought…” Augustine looked at the pink feline, surprised that one was even here, “What are you doing here?”

Mew wasn’t allowed to answer and slowly started to move back. They weren’t allowed to say, not yet at least. The chosen one had just been born hours ago, it was too soon to tell anyone. Mew left the room quickly, going back to the Tree of Beginning. 


Augustine was filled with worry. Why would a Mew just appear? What did it want? Was it a hallucination? He did pull multiple all-nighters as of late so it could have been fake. So many questions ran through his head. He held Ash close, he was worried about him greatly. If Mew was there for him, he was worried what Mew could’ve wanted. He didn’t want to think about what things could bring danger to his son, he didn’t want to think of the things that could tear his son away from him. Wasn’t losing Delia enough to Arceus?




A  year passes and Augustine graduated with a PHD in Pokémon Evolution. Three years later he becomes the Kalos Regional Professor. The car ride to Lumiose was long but he wasn’t all that surprised. Ash had fallen asleep on the way there. 

“Hey Ash, we’re here,” Augustine says softly. Ash didn’t stir. He sighs softly and picks him up out of the car seat. 

“Slur? Slurpuff!” Augustine smiled at Slurpuff. She had fallen asleep too but woke up realizing that the car had stopped. 

“Did you have a nice nap?” Augustine says as Slurpuff gets out of the car.

“Slurpuff! Puff puff!” She responds. She reaches up, wanting to be held too.

“You love being difficult don’t you?” Augustine says as he lifts up the Pokémon and lets her sit on his shoulders. Slurpuff just nuzzled him and sat there contently. 

“Papa?” Ash says softly as he wakes up from the movement. 

“Slurpuff!” She squealed excitedly seeing that Ash was now awake. 

“We’re finally here. Grandpa should be here soon to help unpack,” he says, “If I remember correctly, the living portion of the building is upstairs. Why don’t you go upstairs with Slurpuff and Lucario while I wait for grandpa.”

Ash nods as his dad puts him down and helps Slurpuff of his shoulders. Augustine pulls out a Pokeball to let out Lucario which gets hugged immediately by Ash. 

“Lu-Lu!” Ash says as he hugs the large jackal like Pokémon. Lucario just nods at him in acknowledgment. 

“Now you three go upstairs, I’ll be down here if you need anything,” Augustine says. Lucario nods and follows Ash and Slurpuff upstairs. 


Augustine looks around the lab area. Multiple computers were still there and some of the necessary machinery. The previous Professor had retired two months prior so it was a given when he had been called by the league and offered to be the New Regional Professor. He looked around and found an outdoor area. It had multiple battlefields. While it was common for some places to have them he was surprised to see them here. Did Lumiose already not have enough? He had seen multiple while he was driving up, he didn’t see the reason to have them here. There was a knock at the door. 

“Coming!” He called out as he walked to the door. When he got to the door it was his father and his brother, “Colress? I thought you said you had studying to do?”

“Yeah but I thought you and dad might need the help right now,” he says, “Where’s Ash and Slurpuff?”

“Upstairs with Lucario,” Augustine says, “Now we should start moving boxes. There’s plenty that needs to be unpacked from the car.”


By four o’clock everything had been moved inside and to the respective rooms. The computers were the first to be unpacked in case Augustine got any work-related emails. With the help from his dad and brother, things had gone faster luckily. 

“Good luck August, I’m sure being a regional professor will be a lot of work,” his father says as they say goodbye. 

“Thanks dad, I know it will be but I’ll be helping trainers and others with this research,” he says. 

“See you soon and make sure to call,” he says before leaving. 

Ash walked over and clung to his dad’s leg. Augustine picked him up and held him, “Is everything okay?”

Ash nods softly, “Tired,” he mumbled softly. 

“It’s been an exciting day. I’m not surprised,” he says. 

“Why does grandpa call you August? Isn’t August a month?”

“Yes but it’s also short for Augustine which is my first name,” he says, “I found an outdoor area that’s for Pokémon battles, how does it sound to turn it into a garden area for Pokémon? That way Slurpuff and the others can have a place to relax instead of just being in their Pokéball.”

“Will they still be allowed inside with us?” 

“Of course, but it’ll be nice to have considering how we live in such a busy city,” he says. Ash just nods. “Let’s get you some rest, we’ll plan it out tomorrow okay?”

“Okay, Papa,” he says tiredly. 


Augustine carries him upstairs to his bedroom. He was already half asleep when he set him down. Ash grabbed the Pikachu plush that sat by his pillow and clung to it tightly as he fell asleep. Augustine smiled at him as he slept. He took a picture which he sent to his mother and Aurea. He always sent pictures to them. Augustine’s mother loved receiving pictures of her grandson and kept them in a family album. Aurea had taken up the title of being his aunt after becoming his godmother so it was a given that she would want to see pictures of Ash. Ash always got excited when ‘Aunt ‘Rea’ would call.


Augustine headed downstairs and let his other Pokémon out. 

“Cinncino!” Said a chinchilla like Pokémon as it looked around the area. “Cino?” He asks looking up at Augustine. 

“Slurpuff’s upstairs right now and Lucario’s looking around,” Augustine says, “Ash is asleep right now so if you go up there make sure to stay quiet.”

Augustine had only brought three of his Pokémon. He had temporarily left his Sawsbuck and Chesnaught with his family until he knew what the lab was like. Once he got the garden situated, he could get the two. 

“Cinn! Cinncino!” Cinncino said as he motioned to be picked up. 

“You and Slurpuff sure are clingy today,” Augustine says as he picks up and carries the Pokémon. 


He never thought much of it until he put Cinncino on his shoulders so he could grab the box of picture frames and took them upstairs. He was putting some of them in his room when he found one of his wedding pictures. It was the one they received as a gift from Lysandre and Aurea. The two had decided to get Augustine a gift from both of them considering they were his only close friends. It was his and Delia’s wedding anniversary. He was so caught up in moving he had forgotten. He had remembered the day so clearly. He had finally married the love of his life and he wishes the happiness could’ve lasted longer. But one thing after another and she was gone. He did everything he could to balance school, work, and carrying for Ash. He was thankful his brother and parents were so willing to help. 

“Cinn…” he nuzzled his trainer softly. He had known how much Augustine had loved and cared for Delia. He did what he could to comfort him. 

“I’m okay Cinncino, don’t worry,” Augustine says scratching his ear. Cinncino let out a purr like sound from the affection. He put up the photo on the dresser next to an old highly decorated music box that had belonged to Delia. It had been given to her by her grandparents before they passed when she was a young girl. 

“Lu! Lucario!” Augustine looked behind him to see Lucario trying to get his attention to come downstairs. Augustine followed him down to see that someone was at the door. 

“Dear Augustine! It’s great to see you!” Said a tall man. 

“Lysandre! It’s good to see you too, I’m surprised you stopped by,” Augustine says letting in his friend. Lucario’s glare went unnoticed by the two adults and Cinncino gave the Aura Pokémon a worried glance.

“Of course I would, August. I hope you’re doing well. How are you and Ash?

“We’re fine. We’ve had quite the day so far. Ash got tired out pretty quickly today so he’s upstairs sleeping right now. I definitely wasn’t expecting this place to be so spacious.”

“Well considering your the Main Regional Professor now, it’s expected since you’ll need it,” Lysandre says, “Do you plan to explore and study evolution as a whole or some aspect of it?”

“I’m exploring Mega Evolution. It’s a topic I read about in my third year. It’s not that well known but it’s extraordinary. Something called Key Stones and Mega Stones were created thousands of years ago after the great weapon was fired off. It’s hard finding what was the first case of Mega Evolution but it’s assumed to be either Rayquaza or Lucario. As of right now there’s only a few species that can use it but I hope to find out more,” Augustine says. 

“I’m sure it is. Do you plan on trying to Mega Evolve your Lucario?”

“I’m not sure. I don’t do much battling any more but it really depends on what Lucario wants,” Augustine says, “Evolution is a choice I let my Pokémon make.”

“Cino?” Cinncino questions as he hops down from Augustine’s should. Lucario scoffed at Lysandre, not trusting the man. “Cinn… Cinncino Cino?” 

“Cario… Lu cari,” he says. Something felt off about Lysandre, he wasn’t the person he was seven years ago and the man’s aura made it clear. The problem was that only he could see it and the only one to believe him was Cinncino.

“I hope Ash has your considerate heart when he’s older. Not many people are like you, you constantly care more about others’ wants rather than any of your own,” Lysandre says completely oblivious to the two Pokémon’s conversation, “Delia would be so proud of you right now.”

“Ash is a lot like her when it comes to personality. Ash is just as kind as she was,” Augustine says softly. 

“You miss her a lot, don’t you,” Lysandre says looking at his friend. 

“Everyday. She was my everything and hurts being without her, I feel bad that Ash could never meet her,” Augustine says, “I won’t lie, it’s been hard to be without her these four years. I’ve kept myself together because I need to be there for Ash. He means the world to me, I don’t know what I would do if something bad were to happen to him.” The night with Mew still worried him. He hasn’t seen them since then but he’s still worried. 

“Auggie, I’m sure she’s proud of you right now. You’re raising him well and your parents are here to help too,” Lysandre says. He rests a hand on his shoulder, “Nothing bad will happen to him. He’s young still.”

“Thank you, Lysandre,” He says softly. 

Lysandre wasn’t going to lie. He thought all the hatred and wars of this world stained it and made everything ugly but Augustine and Delia were still the few pure things here.  It was a shame to find out she had died. 

“I’m sure you’re tired too and I know how you sleep, you should get some rest, I can tell you’re drained,” 

Augustine gave a small laugh, “I sometimes forget that you see right through me.”

“It’s not hard when I had to deal with you passing out at some point during group study. Now go get some rest. I should head back since there’s something I have to deal with,” Lysandre says. Augustine just nods as he leaves. 


“Lucario! Cario Lu Rio!” Lucario yells when he leaves.
“Lucario, what’s wrong?” Augustine says. Lucario was upset but he had trouble figuring out why. He was never one to just shout like that and he never did it to any of Augustine’s friends.

“Cario! Lucari!” He yells pointing at the door.
“Lucario, calm down, I can’t understand you,” Augustine says. He had a feeling it was about Lysandre but Lucario never has acted up like this when he was around. He sighed, “Does this have to do with Lysandre?”

Lucario nodded, “Lu.”

Augustine never doubted his judgment. He could read other’s auras but right now he really wanted to. He had known Lysandre almost as long as Aurea and this was the first time Lucario ever spoke out against him. “Lucario, are you sure? I’ve known Lysandre for years.”

Lucario frowned at his trainer. Was he really going to turn a blind eye to his judgment? “Cari…”

Augustine looked at the Pokémon, Lucario’s disappointment was clear on his face. “Lucario, I know you're worried but I’ve known him for years. He’s not one to hurt someone.” Lucario scoffed and walked off, away from Augustine. Cinncino looked at the two but decided to go after Lucario, yelling for the Jackal-like Pokémon. 

Augustine headed upstairs and laid down on his bed. He looked at the ceiling. Maybe Lucario is right? So much could’ve changed since they last saw each other and Lysandre did kind of seem lost in thought when they were talking. Lysandre was always interested in preserving beauty, maybe it had turned into an obsession. He had the creeping feeling of worry go through him. If it had, how far was Lysandre willing to go? He didn’t like the thought but he knew people changed. Whether it was for the better or for the worse. Cinncino had returned from downstairs and hopped up on to the bed. He rubs his head against Augustine’s before curling up next to his head. He scratches the Pokémon’s head and smiles softly. The last thing he hears is a content noise from Cinncino before passing out.




Augustine was woken up by the sudden feeling of something pressing against his chest and the soft cries of a child.

“Ash? What’s wrong?” he asks softly as he sits up and pulls him onto his lap. 

Ash clings tightly to him as he cries, “I-I had a bad dream.”

“It’s okay Ash, it’s okay,” he says softly. Cinncino has woken up and Slurpuff was there too. The joined Augustine in trying to calm down and comfort Ash, “Do you want to talk about it? It’s fine if you don’t.”

“I-I s-saw something big and sc-scary and then I got pushed into the water,” he cries. He was shaking and clung tightly to him.

“It’s okay, Ash. You’re safe, I promise,” Augustine says softly, “Nothing will hurt you, I’ll make sure of it.” 

The clock on the nightstand reads 5:07 in the morning. Ash had started to calm down slightly but showed no signs of falling back asleep.

“I’m sorry for waking you up, papa,” he says softly. 

“Don’t be Ash, it’s fine. You’re allowed to if you’re having a bad dream,” he says wiping the tears from his eyes, “I have to start getting ready for breakfast and work, do you want to come with me or do you want to try and go back to sleep?”

“Can I stay with you, papa?” He asks softly. 

“Of course, let me get some clean clothes on and I’ll meet you in the kitchen, okay? Do you think you can pull out bowls for Cinncino and the others?”

Ash nodded and followed Slurpuff and Cinncino out of the room. Augustine was quick to change out of yesterday’s clothes that he had fallen asleep in. He was about to leave when his phone went off. 

“Aurea, what do you need?” He asks as he answers the phone. 

“Do you remember the myth from the Orange Islands?”

“Yeah, it was about Lugia was it not?”

“That’s what I thought but I wanted to double-check. I’m going there next week with my dad because he wanted to research it and he thought it would be a good way for me to get some experience,” 

“That’s good. Any plans on where you want to work yet?”

“Well, I might take over for my dad in Unova when he retires. Sorry if I called you too early, by the way,” 

“No, it’s fine, I don’t mind,” he says, “I’ll have to let you go, Ash and the others are up so they’re probably hungry. We can talk more later.”

“That’s fine. Tell Ash I say hi, okay?”

“Of course, talk to you later, Aurea,” he says before ending the call. He headed into the kitchen where Ash and his Pokémon were. 

“Why do you want to turn those battlefields into a garden?” Ash asks as Augustine pulls out food for the Pokémon. 

“Because while they do battle, they do need a place to live. Pokémon like Sawsbuck prefer living in forested areas and Chesnaught is a very large Pokémon. For Pokémon like them, living indoors isn’t the best idea. If you’ve noticed, both of them prefer living in the gardens rather than indoors,” Augustine says, “They need an area to run around in so turning those battlefields into a garden would be best.”

Ash just nods softly, not questioning his papa’s decision, “Who were you talking to, papa?”

“Aurea, she wanted to double-check some information with me,” he says. He puts the food bowls down for Cinncino and Slurpuff. He handed Lucario his bowl, knowing the Pokémon wasn’t the most social out of his current ones on hand. “Speaking of which, she says hi.”

“Tell her I say hi too,” Ash says. He was trying to stay awake but it was early for him to be up. 

“You should head back to bed Ash, I can see your still really tired,” Augustine says softly, crouching down to his level. 

“I don’t wanna… I don’t wanna have that dream again,” 

Augustine pulls him into a hug, “It’s okay Ash, Nothing can hurt you, it was just a dream.”

“B-but what if it comes back, papa?” He says, tears starting to trickle down his cheeks. 

“Ash, it’s okay. The thing won’t hurt you and I’ll there for you if it does,” he says softly. He holds him close and rubs his back gently.

“P-promise?” He says softly. 

“I promise, Ash. I’ll make sure of it,” Augustine says giving him a soft smile. “Ash, you mean a lot to me. I’ll make sure you’re safe.” Ash just weakly nods. He picks him up and takes him back upstairs to his room. 


He sets him down on the bed, “Are you going to be okay or do you want me to stay with you?”

“Can you stay with me until I fall asleep papa?” He asks softly. 

“Of course,” Augustine says softly. He sits on the edge of the bed and rubs his back softly. 

“What was mama like?” Ash asks softly, looking up at Augustine, “Auntie ‘Rea and your friend about her a lot.”

Augustine was taken back slightly by the question but smiled, “She was great. She was always very kind and never lost her temper. She cared about everyone around her. She had a passion not many others had. If someone were to mess with her family or friends she would be so protective. She was the first and only person I fell in love with. She meant the world to me. She loved you before she met you. She would have loved you so much if she could see you now.”

“Will I meet her mama and papa?” He asks. He was half asleep and only somewhat listening. 

“Maybe, I haven’t been able to talk to them recently and they haven’t talked to me in a while,” he says shrugging. There were soft snores from his son. Ash had fallen asleep and was snuggling the Pikachu plush now. 

“Lu… Lucario,” said the Aura Pokémon as it stood by the door. 

“Is something wrong Lucario? Is someone at the door?” The jackal shook his head. He walked over to them and sat next to the two humans. “You’re worried about Ash, aren’t you,” Augustine says. 


“I understand your worry, I’m worried too,” he says softly, “I’m sorry about last night. I shouldn’t have doubted you like I did.”

“Lu… Cario Lu Rio,” he says softly.

“No, don’t apologize, I should’ve listened to you. I know you’re only looking out for me and I ignored that,” Augustine says. 

Lucario looked up at him, he could tell Augustine was being sincere, “Lucario!”

Augustine gave him a small smile. He checked the time, it was almost six and he still had plenty to do today. “Keep an eye on him. I have to pick up groceries and some League officials are going to be here later,” he says, there were a few things he had to do before the arrived. Lucario nodded as Augustine got up. He rubbed the Pokémon’s head before leaving. 


Groceries had taken about an hour. When he got into the kitchen, he checked the time. It’s been two hours since he’s been up. He put away most of the groceries before he started making breakfast for him and Ash. He decided on pancakes as a treat to Ash due to the stress of the past day and from the bad dream. 

“Slurpuff!” The Pokémon called out running up to Augustine to hug her trainer. 

“Hello to you too, Slurpuff,” he says scratching her head, “Is Ash still asleep?”

“Slur!” She says nodding. 

“Can you go wake him up?” He asks. Slurpuff nods before running off to get the younger human. Augustine finishes up making a plate for Ash as he walks in with Lucario and Slurpuff behind him. 

“Morning, Papa,” he says softly as he sits at the table. Slurpuff is insistent on sitting by him and tries to get on the chair next to his.

Augustine walks over and sets the plate down in front of Ash, “Good morning, did you sleep a little better?”

“Yeah,” He says as he starts to eat his pancakes. 

“Some League officials will be here later this afternoon just to let you know, okay?”


“They just want to go over some things with me,” he says. He finishes cooking up the rest of the batter. Some go onto his plate the rest go onto another to either be put away in the fridge or if Ash wants more. 




“This is just great,” groaned Augustine. One of the computer monitors was broken and some of the chords for them needed replacements, “How in the name of Arceus does someone manage this? Especially a professor of all people!”

“What’s wrong, Papa?” Ash says looking from behind the doorway.

“Some of the equipment is broken,” he says, “I’ll have to take pencil and paper notes until I can get it fixed or replace them.”
“Why is it broken?”

“Your guess is as good as mine. Why they didn’t replace when it first broke in the first place?” He muttered to himself. “I’ll have to ask where I can even get these replaced, I don’t think there’s many computer shops around.” Ash just nodded as he looked at his papa. Augustine looked to see there was a second broken computer but it was on the floor. He was careful about grabbing it and the screen was shattered with the glass from it scattered on the floor where it was. He let out a groan as he saw the mess.

Ash frowned as he saw his papa’s upset face, “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, just another broken computer. I don’t think you should come in here. There’s broken glass and I don’t want you getting hurt,” he says. Ash just nods before running off. He grabbed a broom and dustpan from one of the upstairs closets to sweep up the broken glass. He prayed to Arceus that there wasn’t any more broken equipment.




Ash was looking around the main level with Lucario following close behind him when he came across his papa’s study. There he sat looking over multiple books and had his spare laptop with him. He walked over to him and looked up ath the desk on his toes trying to see what he was looking at.

“What are you reading, papa?” Ash asks looking at the books that were crowding his desk. 

“Myths that are similar to Rayquaza’s. There’s only a few though that happened early enough for there to be a connection with mega-evolutions,” he says. “Considering that Rayquaza has one, there’s a chance other legendary’s had them.” Ash looked at the books but couldn’t tell what they said. He scrunched his face in confusion from the words. 

“Why are the words like that?”

“Because it’s in Kantonian. Since the myths of Lugia and the Legendary Birds originated there, most of the books will be in that language,” he says. He pulls Ash onto his lap so he could get a better look of the books and flipped to a page showcasing the Legendary Pokémon. 

“That’s what I saw last night,” Ash says pointing to Lugia. Augustine gave his son a concerned look. How? He was sure this was the first time even hearing of Lugia but even then, what could have caused him to have a nightmare of it?

“Are you sure? There’s a chance it could’ve been something else,” he says. 

“No papa, I know I saw that,” he says, frowning slightly. 

“If you say so,” he says. Augustine frowns, he hoped that the legendaries wouldn’t be involved with Ash’s life after meeting Mew but if Ash had a dream about Lugia he was worried to say the least. No four year old should have to deal with the fear brought by legendaries. 

“Is something wrong papa?” Ash says softly looking up at his papa. He could see that he was worried. Or was he scared? He knew something was wrong. 

“I… It’s fine, Ash,” he says, “Don’t worry about it too much.” He was naturally worried about Ash but would never admit his worry over the legendaries until he knew what was going on. He hoped this had nothing to do with Mew’s visit but he knew that he would be proven wrong most likely in the coming years. He hated to admit it but he knew he wouldn’t be able to keep Ash safe forever. If he was going to be involved with them, there’s no telling what could happen. 

“Lucario!” the pokemon said as it entered into the office and tried pulling Augustine up. 

“They’re already here?” Augustine asks. Lucario nods, letting go of his arm. “Alright, I’ll be right there.” 


He heads to the door and when he opens it he’s immediately greeted by three gym leaders, the elite four, and the champion.

“When I was told we finally got a new Regional Professor, I wasn’t expecting you of all people,” Malva says raising an eyebrow at the man in question. He lets them in, ignoring Malva’s comment.

“Augustine, it’s been a while. I’m surprised you decided to become a professor, you always had a passion for battling. What changed?” Ramos asked. 

“It has been a while, eighteen years I think,” Augustine says, “One thing lead to another after my time in Kanto and I decided to study Pokémon evolution.”

“You’re rather young for a pokemon professor, it think the youngest the league has had was Elm or Magnolia when they first started,” Drasna said, “Who’s the little one?” She asks taking notice of Ash who was next to Lucario. 

“He’s my son,” Augustine says.
“Shouldn’t he be with his mother? This is a lab,” Diantha says, the frown on her face was quite present.

“I don’t appreciate your words. My wife passed away four years ago,” Augustine says, “I’ve been raising my son by myself with the help of my parents and brother.”

“Then have him stay with your parents during the day,” 

“They live four hours out. While I respect you as our champion, I don’t respect you at all as a person. Champion or not, I think that being a little more considerate will do you well,” Augustine says to the young woman. Lucario has Ash stay where he is and cuts in between the two. He was glaring daggers at Diantha, not appreciating how she was talking to his trainer or how she talked about Augustine’s son. 

“Cario!” he yelled out.
“Lucario, calm down,” Augustine says, “I can handle this myself.”

“Diantha, all due respect but Augustine is far from incompetent. Considering his age and the fact he has a son, he did fine balancing things between work and family,” Olympia says as she rested her hand on the younger woman’s shoulder to get her attention, “I remember that there have been countless times where you’ve had to cancel battles because of poor scheduling to accommodate your other carrier. The only reason you’ve stayed a champion is due to the fact to one can defeat you.” 

“Ignore them for now. Diantha is still rather new, she’s been the champion for two years now but I’m sure Olympia can knock some sense into her,” Wolfric says, “Anyways, how has been so far? You just got here yesterday if I’m correct.”

“Yes, I’ve managed to get some work done earlier but some of the equipment is broken. So far it’s been two computers but I haven’t found anything else as of now,” Augustine says.
“Were they broken when you got here?”

“Yes. One has a broken screen and the other is broken beyond repair,” Augustine says. He looks at Lucario with worry as he walks back over to Ash and leads him upstairs.

“Is something wrong Augustine? You seem off,” Ramos says.

“I’m just worried about Lucario. He’s been extremely defensive and protective lately. I know he can sense things we can’t which worries me,”

“Can they now?” Malva says. His choice of words seemed questionable, “What “other things” are you referring to?”

“They aren’t called the Aura Pokémon for nothing,” Augustine says, “They use it as their main attack and they can use it to read others' emotions or if they can trust them. Humans can sense aura… at least not anymore. It hasn’t been done in almost a thousand years.”

“Not many people know about Aura Guardians, I’m surprised you do,” Wikstrom says, “You said earlier that you study Evolution, not history.”

“My friend studies myths and my father has a book on it, so I’m bound to hear about it at least once,” Augustine says.

“Interesting,” he says, “As a professor of evolution, what do you plan on studying exactly?”

“Mega-Evolution, it was always something I found intriguing but there’s little information on it and few actually know about it,”

“Gurkinn may be able to help you. He’s a Mega Evolution Guru and knows quite a bit on it, I’m sure he’d be willing to help you,” he says.
“I still don’t think he’s fit for this job! He may have graduated he may not be able to manage being a father and a professor!” Diantha says.

“Diantha, we all thought that about you considering how demanding your job as an actress is but we gave you a chance. You should do the same for Augustine,” Olympia says.

Augustine sighed and walked up to Diantha, “I understand you don’t trust me and don’t want to give me a chance but it won’t discourage me. I worked hard to be where I am, I’m not dropping all this work just because someone like you doesn’t want me here. If you can at least respect that then I don’t think we should have that many problems.” 

“Fine, if you want to prove yourself as our new professor, then I’ll check on your progress every two months. If you aren’t behind on research then I will put my trust in you,” Diantha says.

“Fine, whatever is necessary,” Augustine says.

“You don’t have to do that, Augustine. Diantha, you’re being unreasonable,”

“Not that unreasonable if dear Augustine is willing to do it,” Diantha says.

“Diantha, you are though. You just met him, I get you doubt him but most of the people have met him before and think he’s capable,” Malva says, “I generally respect your decisions but I don’t respect this.”

“If he’s so capable then he should be able to prove it,” Diantha argues.

“It’s fine if she doesn’t believe me, I’ll just have to prove it to her,” Augustine says.


Ash hugged Lucario tightly as he heard the adults downstairs raise their voices. He had heard what the lady in the white said about him and it made him upset. Was he really going to be in the way of his papa’s work?
“Rio…” Lucario muttered as he hugged Ash. He didn’t like that Diantha woman one bit. She has no right to disrespect either of them. He can tell Ash had a strong aura and knew it could bring danger. He also knew how must his trainer worried about Ash and Lucario started worrying about him. Why does he have such a strong aura? Lucario wish he knew but for now it would remain unknown. The was something pecking at the window of the room. Lucario looked up and saw a Fletchling standing on the windowsill.

“Lu Rio,” he said to Slurpuff who was laying against the two. Slurpuff nodded and hopped up onto the desk that sat by the window to let the Fletchling in. Slurpuff quickly closed it as Fletching flew in. They landed next to Ash and transformed back into their original form. Lucario and Slurpuff were taken back by the sight of Mew.
“Mew…” says softly and nuzzles Ash’s cheek. Ash looked up at them. He scratched them behind the ears which made them purr softly. 

“Mew Mew Mew!” They said excitedly as they got attention from him. 

“Slur… puff?” Slurpuff asked the small cat Pokémon. 

“Mew! Mew Mew Mew!” they said as they flew around Ash. Ash didn’t pay much attention to Lucario’s and Slurpuff’s reaction. He was in awe of the Pokémon that had once appeared as a Fletchling. Mew nuzzled against Ash, wanting more attention from him. He happily gave them scratches and was happy to pet the fine and soft fur. Lucario and Slurpuff were taken back to find out that their trainer’s son was Arceus’s Chosen One. That’s why Mew was here? To check on the small child? Lucario wasn’t sure how to tell Augustine this and neither of them was sure if they even could tell him. For now, they’d just let this happen, Ash was in a better mood which was mattered.