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Just Ask Him Already!

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Shiro had been planning this for months, he was going to pop the question. Lance had been heavily hinting to him that he wanted to get married and soon. He even went as far as to what he thought was casually showing Shiro different styles of engagement rings. Shiro noticed that Lance kept going back to a particular style; it was classy yet sophisticated. A silver band with three stones in the center, a small diamond in the very center with the couple’s birthstones on either side of it. He had to admit that one was is favorite out of all the ones Lance had shown him, however, he had acted as if it blew right over his head. The pair have had multiple talks about marriage Shiro just acted as if it was one of those times. He was madly in love with the younger man, so why was he in a diner on a Friday morning with Keith freaking out about how to propose?

“So,” Keith began, leaning back, crossing one leg over the other, and resting his right arm on the backrest of the booth. “What pleasure do I owe you being woken up at six in the morning to be brought out to the old diner we used to go to back in the day?”

The two of them were given their mugs of coffee and had their orders placed. Perusal Keith took his black, while Shiro took his with one cream and two sugars. Shiro was anxiously sipping his coffee; he didn’t know as to why he was having these thoughts, why he was second guessing himself. He thought Keith would help him come to terms as to why he was in the position he was currently.

“It’s about Lance and I.” The older of the two started, he sighed.

Keith grew a look of concern on his face, he knew about Shiro’s plans, he knew Shiro already purchased a ring; had things turned sour for the couple in such a short span of time? “Everything okay with you two?”

“Oh yeah everything’s great! ‘Was a bitch getting out of bed this morning, thought I was going to be late; he clings to me like an octopus. He’s so cute in the morning when he first wakes up.” A soft smile grew on Shiro’s face, he was truly blessed being able to wake up next to such an incredible man each morning; the day they decided to get a place together was one of the best decisions that they made a couple. They grew stronger from it, built each other up. “I’m so in love with him Keith.” Anyone with eyes would be able to see the mushy gooey love that practically oozed from his voice.

“I’m quite aware of that Shiro.”

“Yeah, yeah I know you are.”

“But, what does that have to do with me why are we here so early in the morning?”

“I really want to marry him Keith; so, so badly.”

The raven hair man scoffed as he took a sip of his coffee, “Isn’t that what you said about Adam?” he places his mug back on the table “How madly in-love you were with him?” his voice dripping with sarcasm.

“Yeah, but that was different!” Shiro felt his cheek heat up.

“How was that any different than how you’re acting now?” Keith was joking, but Shiro didn’t know that.

Keith knew that Lance and Shiro’s relationship completely contrasted Shiro and Adam’s relationship. Adam was more reserved, formal, and focused; while Lance brought out the best in Shiro, let him live his life as any good partner should. Keith wasn’t saying Adam was a bad partner for Shiro, they were a great couple, it was just Lance was so much better for Shiro. At first, he didn’t want to admit it, but soon realized how well they worked together as a couple. They kept things professional but at the same time were open about their relationship, Keith couldn’t explain it; he could care less, as long as they were both happy and healthy that’s all that mattered. He supported the both of them through and through, he honestly couldn’t wait to have Lance as his brother-in-law.

He continued to joke, “You were all heart eyes then and you’re all heart eyes now.”

Shiro’s face dropped; if he wasn’t was already riddled with anxiety before he was now. Stressing over whether or not tonight was the night he proposed or if he should wait a bit longer. Was the timing right, were Lance and him truly ready for this sort of commitment? Yet, Keith wasn’t wrong ten years ago Shiro was in the same boat; just with much, much, much, less anxiety and a thousand times more confidence than he has now. Even the amount of confidence he had his last engagement didn’t end well who’s to say it won’t happen again with this one; he didn’t want that to happen.

Their food was severed, Keith dug right in while Shiro sat quietly for a moment.

“You, good bro?” Keith asked with a mouth full of omelet.

Shiro lifted his fork up to eat then placed it back down again. “I-I should probably wait then?”

Keith was puzzled. “To eat? No, dig in!”

“No! I mean proposing to Lance, maybe a year or more?” Shiro’s face read so many emotions; sad, confused, stress, uncertainty. He looked as if he was about to cry.

What Shiro just said surprised Keith where did that come from? “Whoa, back up, what are you talking about? Aren’t you proposing to him tonight?”

“I was, now I’m not so sure! I mean I wasn’t fully sure before hence why I got you up so early. I want to make sure everything is right.” He was staring blankly at his plate.

It finally hit Keith; he was mad at himself. Cracking the jokes didn’t help, he knew Shiro’s breakup with Adam did a number on him. Shiro was worried about losing Lance. Shiro was ever so cautious about everything he did with Lance, thankfully Lance was patient with him.

Shiro continued, “I’m going to hold off on asking him tonight; I’m still going to take him out, I already told him I was, plus the reservation took forever to get. However, I’m going to hide the ring.”

“Wait, Shiro, no! You should definitely ask him tonight! What’s the worst that can happen?”

“I’m nervous is all,” a pause “I just can’t mess this up, I don’t want to mess this up. I love him with everything I got, I just need the moment and timing to be perfect.” He undeniably close to crying now.

Keith shifted his tone to a brotherly approach; this was usually the other way around. “Shiro, look at me,” Shiro did as he was told and looked up from his plate. “Listen, you have nothing to worry about. If he loves you, which I know for a fact her does, anything you do would be perfect to him.

Shiro began to grumble like an upset kid, pushing his food around on the plate. It took everything in Keith to not start cracking up at what he was witnessing.

“I know,” the older of the two groaned. “I feel so dumb for thinking this way. I just don’t think right now I’m in the proper mindset and I should wait a while. I’m still dead-set on proposing to him, just not tonight. I’ll ask closer to our anniversary, maybe even on it, it’ll be more romantic that way. Yeah!” a smile began to develop on Shiro’s face.

Even Keith was smiling at this point. “That’s adorable, however what is your plan for keeping the ring hidden for that much longer?”

“I didn’t think ‘adorable’ was a part of your vocabulary! And if it is, never thought I’d hear you use it in that context.”

Keith rolled his eyes and kicked Shiro from under the table, “Shut up old man.”

Shiro laughed, “Now, as for the ring, you could always hold it for me?”

“I suppose I could do that.”

“I’ll even pay you fifty bucks for doing so.”

“Shiro, you don’t need to pay me so your lover boy doesn’t find the ring. I’m doing it for free because knowing you, you’d place it somewhere obvious and he’d find it within an hour.”

“You know, I really hate that you’re right. He and I living together doesn’t help the situation. Hell, last year he found all his Christmas gifts days prior but he didn’t have the heart to tell me he did until he opened them all Christmas morning. But, thank you Keith, you’re a lifesaver.” Shiro had much gratitude for his brother he wouldn’t know what to do without him.

“Of course, he did; you probably just stuffed them in the back of your closet, and by the look on your face you totally did. But, you’re welcome, I just want to see my brother happy.”

Shiro beamed with joy, he had a set plan and he was confident with it. He’d do anything to woo his boyfriend. “Oh also, don’t forget about bro night tomorrow.”

Once again Keith rolled his eyes, “That was one time two years ago, my date with James ended up overlapping and I said I was sorry. Plus, it’s at my place this time, I’ll try not to forget.”