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Jiminie's outfit for university^^


       Jimin sighs as his first class of the day ends and everyone starts gathering up their things to leave. After fixing his beanie, he grabs his bag and starts to make his way out the row of desks and chairs, pushing some in as he passes them. Suddenly, an arm snakes it's way around his shoulders and he looks toward the source, already knowing who it was.

       "Jiminie! Why are you ignoring me?" His best friend, Taemin asks with a cute pout on his face. Jimin rolls his eyes with a soft smile, knowing his alpha friend really was worried that he wasn't talking to him.

       "Taeminie, just because I didn't pay attention to you while you were throwing paper balls at my head during our biology lecture doesn't mean I'm mad at you. Just means I want to learn."

       At that, Taemin huffs and walks with Jimin to the east wing of the building so they can get some coffee to stay alive for the rest of their morning classes. "You could've at least texted me back."

      Jimin opens the door to the cafeteria as they finally arrive and stop to take in the scene in front of them.

      Both Jimin and Taemin had seen their fair share of food fights, don't get them wrong. But this was on a whole other scale. It looked like someone had come in and dumped a garbage truck full of food in the rather large area, and then a few more, just in case. Tasteless spaghetti and hard cornbread crumbs were everywhere - the walls and floor was covered in in it, and the place smelled strongly of tomato paste.

       With a disappointed sigh, Jimin just starts walking, finding a small walkway that was clearly made by other students who weren't involved. He nor Taemin was surprised by the state of the cafeteria. This had never happened before but their school was kind of known for things like this, other universities knew that this school contained some of the smartest crackheads you'd ever find.

       The two best friends didn't go to an elite college, per say. But it was well known for its high scores and great sports teams, and was also highly recommended to high school students.

       "Hey, sweetheart! You want your usual; two creams, three sugars?"

       A beautiful smile overtakes Jimin's face as he sees the lunch lady he was the most fond of, even though he was close with all of them. "Yes please, Ms. Brenda. You're too kind, seriously."

       Ms. Brenda waves her hand, as if Jimin was speaking nonsense, and begins to make his beverage. "Anything for you, sweetheart." Her eyes narrow as she looks at the man beside Jimin, remembering as she always does when she sees him about their first encounter.

Taemin's eyes narrow in response, as they always do when he sees the sweet old lunch lady, also remembering their first meeting.

Jimin just rolls his eyes at the two, a small smile on his face. "Listen, I know he threw a bra at your face and I know she interrupted your precious quickie, but can I have my coffee?"

Taemin huffs and looks away first, muttering under his breath that if it hadn't been for old Ms. Brenda, he would've had that omega girl by his side at this very moment. Jimin just shakes his head at his best friend while he flashes his eye blinding smile at Ms. Brenda while taking his coffee from her and in turn handing a five back, knowing that the lunch ladies didn't do that for anyone else.

Taemin eyes Ms. Brenda. "Do I get a coffee?"

"Sure you don't want a room instead? Would hate to walk in on you again in the cafeteria kitchen."

At her response, Taemin gasps and clutches his chest as if physically hurt by her words. "Oh you've gone too far." Ms. Brenda smirks, wrinkles appearing around the corners her mouth. She was an old woman, around 70 or so, but she looked more like 50, and she had a lively, playful spirit. "Maybe I should get you a deathbed then, yeah? You may not want me fucking on school property, but we sure wouldn't want you to drop for good on these lovely kitchen floors, now would we?"

Ms. Brenda gasps and points a wrinkled finger at Taemin's chest over the counter that separated the staff and students. "Now listen here kid, when I was your age-"

Jimin quickly steps in, sensing one of the pair's playful arguments coming on, and being mindful that there were people behind them, waiting to be served. "It was great talking to you, Ms. Brenda!" He says while slowly but surely pushing Taemin from behind with one hand (the other holding his coffee cup) to steer him away and to their table. "Real great, but we have to go now, goodbye!" Taemin just kept his narrowed eyes on the old lady while not moving his feet, just allowing Jimin to slide him down the clear path on the floor and to their table.

When they finally got there and Jimin forcefully pushed his best friend into his seat, he stared him down with a glare. "What have I told you about arguing with that sweet old lady?"

Taemin gapes and puts his hands up, acting offended. "Sweet old lady? She ruined my potential future girlfriend!"

"You tried to fuck in her kitchen! All over her counters!"

"She didn't even let me pull my pants back up!"

"You threw a bra at her face!"

"Forgive me, but I'm a bit perplexed. Who threw a bra at who's face?"

The new but familiar voice made both the men look away from each other. A huge smile overtook Jimin's face when he saw his other best friend. "Kai!"

        Kai beams at the small man that just jumped into his arms. A laugh escapes him. "Careful Minnie, you might hurt me, I'm delicate."

      From across the table, Taemin playfully pouts in jealousy. "You never hug me like that, Jiminie." Jimin turns his head to the man in response and Taemin wipes a fake tear.

       "Oh shut up, Taeminie. You know I'm always excited to see you."

        He raises an eyebrow. "Not as excited as you are to see this fucker." Taemin nonchalantly points at Kai, who lets out a dramatic gasp and carries the small mochi to sit down at their table, Jimin siting comfortably in his lap. Kai's wolf was happy and content with Jimin in his arms, because even though he knew they weren't mates, he felt a connection to Jimin that he hadn't felt with others. One with no sexual tension or a want for anything romantic, just an intense need to protect him from anything and everything, and a strong bond formed from years of friendship and lots of skinship.

        Many people around school had formed their own opinion on his and the cute omega's relationship, and they were aware that many people were convinced that they were together, but they'd never really cared, if those people couldn't realize that they loved each other in the most platonic (albeit touchy) way, then they just couldn't. But Kai and Jimin wouldn't go around trying to convince everyone that they weren't together, it didn't matter what other people thought, all that was important was that he, Jimin, and the other person he was closest to - Taemin, knew what the deal was.

       "Did you eat, Minnie?" Kai questions while still holding the omega close with one arm, and blocking Taemin from sticking a random spaghetti noodle he'd found on the ground into Jimin's coffee with the other.

The small but beautiful man let out a cute "no" and shook his head slightly. Kai frowned at that. "Why didn't you tell him to eat, Taeminie? Wow what a bad friend." He playfully scolds the man that was now gaping, looking for a way to defend himself.

"Hey! In my defense, I was trying to ask him if he wanted to go get something to eat with me before we had to go back to class, but he ignored me!"

Jimin's head suddenly emerges from its place in the crook of his closest friend's neck. "Oh no don't even try to blame this on me. Why should I pay attention if you're trying to distract me from gaining useful knowledge?"

Taemin points at Jimin as if something important was just revealed, with wide eyes and his finger wriggling in small circles, partially standing. "See! This is all his fault. Maybe if he wasn't such a nerd-"

Jimin gasps as if he was offended, even though he didn't mind being called a nerd at all. "This is why Kai's my favorite."

Taemin clutches his stomach like he's been shot, "Right in the gut, Park," the dramatic man says, wounded, "right in the fucking gut."

Kai just rolls his eyes at his best friend's antics, knowing they'd just keep going at it if he didn't stop them. "Alright I think that's quite enough from you two. Minnie, I'm going to get you some food, my treat for saying I'm your favorite-" at that, Jimin smiles cheekily and Taemin just slowly shakes his head, "and Taemin I swear if you put a noodle in his coffee you'll get much worse than some paper balls thrown at you. Are we clear?"

Both Jimin and Taemin respond to the alpha who was staring at them like a parent reprimanding their children. "Yes sir."


        After Jimin was finished with his last morning class, he went directly to the library. When he passed by the front desk, he saw the young librarian with glasses perched at the tip of her nose. "Reading that book I recommended you, Ms. C?"

         Ms. C smiles, "That I am, Mr. Park. It's great so far, I'm excited to see who she chooses." At that Jimin smiles and waves before making his way to the last row in the huge library. Once there, he starts trifling through the books, looking for one in particular.

        A voice sounds from next to him and he looks up, startled at the unexpected presence. "Are you looking for something, Mr. Park?"

        He was a man, an extremely good looking one at that, and Jimin couldn't deny the immediate attraction he felt to the tall male. He had brown hair, pushed back with a bandana. His face was practically flawless, and his eyes were intense as he stared back at Jimin. His jawline could've cut a diamond, and his lips were small but soft looking, perfect, really. But those weren't the first things Jimin noticed about the man; no, the first thing he noticed was his smell. He was so close, and to say that his smell was intoxicating was an understatement. Waves of chocolate rolled off him, but it wasn't overbearing. It had a certain balance to it, more like chocolate covered strawberries.

        Jimin loves chocolate.

        He also loves strawberries.

        Needless to say, he was hooked.

       "I-I'm sorry. Who are you?" Jimin manages to say with only a small stutter. An achievement really, because this guy was staring at him so intensely, and Jimin thought his heart might just jump out his body.

        The man's tongue shoots out to lick his lips, and Jimin couldn't help but follow the action with his eyes. It was only when the man started to speak that he looked away. "My name is Kim Taehyung, and I'm your partner. We need to talk sometime."

        Jimin was a bit confused. His partner? They needed to talk sometime? Where did this man, and he could only assume he was an alpha since his scent was so prominent to Jimin, even come from? Though he thought all these things, he only managed to get one question out.

        "Kim Taehyung?"



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Taetae's outfit for uni ^^




       "Kim Taehyung?" 


        The man smirks, the look in his eyes still intense. "That's what I said." Jimin swallows hard, wondering what has gotten into him. He never acted like this, like he couldn't form a coherent sentence, and he definitely was never this attracted to someone. But could you really blame him? The man was gorgeous, eyebrows perfectly shaped, eyes a beautiful brown. And the smirk. God, the smirk just wasn't fair. He looked so smug, like he knew what Jimin was thinking about him. Jimin only wished that he knew what the taller man was thinking, because he just knew he was imagining the faint hint of desire in the man's chocolatey scent. 


       "What's wrong, Mr. Park? Cat got your tongue?" At the smug tone in his voice, Jimin narrows his eyes, his thoughts slowing down and allowing him to form an actual sentence. 


        "My tongue is perfectly fine, thank you. Just wondering how creepy you must've looked sneaking up on me so silently." The guy, who's name was apparently Taehyung, let out a small chuckle and leaned back against the bookcase, while Jimin tried his best to focus on his current task. "So... Taehyung-ssi. I'm your partner? What does that even mean?" 


          "Well I was trying to catch you before you left the classroom, but you move surprisingly fast to be such a cute little man." Jimin would've said something immediately in response, however, he was currently wondering how he hadn't noticed that Taehyung had such a deep voice. The new revelation had him blush a little, because he had to admit, it was hot. Jimin knew his scent had probably given him away as he bit his lip to attempt to control himself. By the way Taehyung's smirk deepened and his scent reflected Jimin's own, he hadn't succeeded. 


          Desperate to divert the attention from his slight arousal, Jimin responds to Taehyung's remark, ignoring the fact that he called him cute. "First off, I'm not little. Second of all, you were in the classroom with me? I'm pretty sure I would've noticed a scent like yours." Taehyung raises an eyebrow. "Not that it's noticeable or anything, I just - I like chocolate and that's how you smell, so. I mean, not that I like you, or your smell - well maybe I do like your smell but not-"


       "It's ok, I get what you're saying. Yeah I was in there, but all the way in the back, and a lot of people had just come from soccer practice, so their smells probably overpowered mine." Taehyung smiles, and suddenly his whole face lights up beautifully.


         What at first was a face with all angles and jawline, was now a softer one. One that had crinkles around the eyes and cute squishy cheeks, his lips opening up to show pretty white teeth that formed an even prettier smile. Jimin didn't know what to call it, but it kind of reminded him of a box shape. A box smile, he decided. 


          So pretty. We need him, min.


          Jimin's wolf said with certainty, but Jimin already knew this. It wasn't hard to tell. His wolf was mostly quiet, just like him. He was always there, and he always offered his snarky little comments, or his help during tests if he remembered something Jimin didn't, but he never came out for anyone else. The only person he really acknowledged was Kai, and even then it was just a soft hum of content when they cuddled. 


         But when Jimin saw Taehyung, his wolf didn't hesitate. The humming started almost immediately, bordering on a purr when Taehyung called them cute. 


         Jimin's answering smile was immediate upon seeing the other man's. "Hm, we should talk about it at one of the tables, yeah? You can go pick one, I'll come as soon as I find this book I want."


         Taehyung nods with the smile still on his face before waking to a random table, his scent happier after seeing Jimin's smile. He'd been keeping his eye on the man since he'd noticed a delicious smell in the mathematics classroom and followed it, guided by his wolf. There in the 5th row of the large classroom, sat the owner of the delectable smell. 


          Taehyung remembered clearly what Jimin had on. A black face mask, his soft looking blonde hair pushed back to reveal his forehead. He'd been sitting at first, but then got up to stretch, giving Taehyung a full view of his outfit. 


           Jimin had on all black; a black t-shirt that had short sleeves that outlined the curve at the very tops of arms, the rest of them on full view. And his pants. God, his pants. He wore these tight pants that accentuated his thighs, which Taehyung knew must've been carved by God Himself. And don't even get him started on that man's ass. It was, quite simply, perfect. Taehyung normally would've felt like a creep just staring at the unsuspecting student, but how could he not stare, there wasn't a flaw on him. 


           For about the next two weeks, Tae kept an eye on him. He even asked his friend if he knew who he was at lunch one time. 


          "The hot one? How don't you know! That's Park Jimin. The only male omega in the college. Everyone wants him man, but his friends are like his personal body guards. Kai sunbaenim and Taemin sunbaenim. Everyone thinks Kai sunbaenim might be dating him, but no one knows for sure. Hope not, if I ever got past his defense, I'd totally go for it, not just to fuck him though. Everyone says he's a really nice person, and I always see him helping out anyone he can. Damn, he'd be the perfect omega. But that Kai is so protective. It's hard to even talk to him when he's there."


           His wolf had growled at that. Everyone wanted him? And who was this Kai character? 


           We need to claim him, Tae. He's gonna be ours. Our pretty little omega. Tae had definitely agreed.


            "Ok! I'm back." Jimin had slid into his seat and put his book aside, intertwining his small cute fingers and looking at Tae expectantly. "What'd you want to talk about?" 


              The man in question clears his throat. "Well you seemed in a hurry when you left, but the teacher was yelling at everyone that she had one final announcement to make before we zoomed on outta there, but you were already gone. If that was anyone else she would've gotten upset, but everyone seems to like you. Can't say I don't see why." 


       At that Jimin blushes and looks down. Tae's wolf howls in pleasure at the scene before him. Both he and Tae were more than satisfied that they could make Jimin feel this shy already, and the animal inside him was bouncing in anticipation of spending more time with him. Jimin noticed the shift in the taller man's scent and blushed even more, but finally looked him in the eyes. 


       "I guess you could say that. I like to help a lot, so the teachers all know me pretty well. What was her announcement?" 


      "We're working on a science project, and you're my partner."




       Jimin was making his way to the cafeteria for the second time that day, people scattered all around just as they had been earlier. When he walked in, he saw the same mess that had been there before. He briefly wondered why no one had come in to clean up the mess yet. 


       They'll probably come when everyone's done with their classes so they can make sure no one else is in here anymore. Jimin's wolf supplies helpfully. 


       Agreeing, Jimin walks along the clear pathway from earlier and to the front of the counter. There was no one in front. Another lunch lady calls out to him. "Hey Jiminie!" the 46 year old exclaims. "What're you doin' here? Shouldn't you be at your dorm resting up?" 


       Jimin eyes crinkle as he smiles. "I was going to, Mrs. Glynn, but I'd remembered that there was a big mess here. I thought I'd help out, if it's okay?" 


       Mrs. Glynn looks at the man adoringly. He was always so sweet, so willing to help. You had choice but to love the guy. "Sweetie we wouldn't want you to do that, plus, we're gonna call the cleaning crew and see if they can come over. If not, we lunch ladies will handle it."


       Jimin vigorously shakes his head. "No! I couldn't have you guys do that. And isn't it the cleaning crew's day off? That's not fair." When Mrs. Glynn looked ready combat this, Jimin waved a finger at her. "We students did this, it doesn't matter if I wasn't a part of it. I'm a student, it's partially my responsibility."


       Jimin knew that Mrs. Glynn was going to keep insisting that he didn't do it, so he just turned and quickly ran off, already having accomplished his goal. "See you at about 9:00 Mrs. Glynn!" 


       The lunch lady could only shake her head in admiration at the retreating figure.  




-     jimin's fav

          hey minnie 


kai's baby     -



-     jimin's fav 

           wyd rn?


          kai's baby    -

nm, just at the dorm. what's up? 


 -     jimin's fav 

          do you wanna go to a party with me and Taeminnie? 


 kai's baby     -

a party? you know I never go to those.


 -      jimin's fav 

           but minnieeee


kai's baby     -

listen, I would, but I  promised Mrs. Glynn I was gonna come in and help clean up the caf 


-      jimin's fav 

          I knew you were gonna do that. thats why my dad's cleaning crew is already coming 


kai's baby     -

... seriously? you're not just saying this to get me to come with you? 


-      jimin's fav

          I know you too well, so I thought a step ahead 


-      jimin's fav 

          now what were you saying about coming? 


kai's baby     - 

you suck 


-     jimin's fav 

         see you there! <3 







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^^ sksdghak y'all remember this look?? it's his outfit for the party 




       Jimin didn't want to be here. Did he say yes to going? Absolutely.


       But that was only because he thought he wasn't really going to have to go. He was so sure that he'd get out of it by his promise to clean up the kitchen, and he'd even virtually patted himself on the back for unconsciously thinking ahead. He obviously wasn't as clever as he thought.


       Kai had sent him another text about an hour after their conversation with all the information of the party and a picture of his dad's cleaning crew hard at work in the cafeteria. "Because I know you're stalling" he'd said as a caption. 


       So yeah, Jimin wasn't exactly stoked about going to a crowded house with loud music and horny people. But he was here now, with no chance to leave because Kai and Taemin both had one arm wound tightly around each of his. 


       "What's even the appeal of partying?" Jimin asked as they dragged him through the crowded living room. "Wouldn't you rather be reading or you know, doing something useful?" 


       Kai shrugs. "I don't know, it's not even fun until you get drunk." 


       Jimin rolls his eyes as they round a corner. "That's not having fun, Kai. That's being oblivious to your actual situation." 


       "Fine, then let's get drunk so we can be oblivious and forget our problems for a little, yeah?" Taemin asks as he joins the conversation. Kai nods quickly in agreement. 


       Jimin just huffs, knowing he'd much rather face his problems head on - thank you very much, and lets them pull him every which way through the large house, which belonged to the parents of one of the college students. Jimin thought his name was Kyung-sook. 


       It seems that the boys had finally arrived to their destination as Jimin's two best friends finally unlink their arms and pull him forward instead. They were in a huge kitchen, with granite countertops and cherry hardwood floors. Jimin felt bad that the next day, beer would probably be dried up all over the expensive house. 


       There were only about 6 or 7 people hanging out in the kitchen. One of them looks up and nods at Taemin, who drags Jimin toward him, Kai following close behind. 


       "What's up, man?" The guy asks Taemin while they do the bro handshake. 


       Taemin smiles, "Nothing much, these two are my best friends that you catch me texting all the time." 


       When he finishes speaking, the guy glances over at the two boys, his eyes lingering on one in particular. He sticks his hand out to Jimin. 


       "Hey, my name is Kyung-sook, but my friends call me Sookie or K, but you can call me whatever you want, sweetheart." 


       Jimin internally sighs. He knew this was coming, because why wouldn't he? It was all too obvious because it happened so many times before. Alpha sees omega, everyone wants omega, alpha wants him for himself, alpha makes a move. It was an equation that Jimin knew well. 


       Kai knew it too. The protective man smoothly slides an arm around Jimin's waist, flashing a convincing smile at the man that clearly wanted his best friend. He'd been through this too many times before. He couldn't really blame the people though, especially the alphas. Jimin was way past attractive, he was absolutely beautiful, and not just on the outside. He was always seen picking up books that some random person dropped. Or staying after school to help a student with their studies, with no pay, even if they weren't in the same class. That type of shit was attractive, and Kai knew that. Omegas also wanted him. And betas. And humans too, the few transfer students they had at least. 


       Jimin smiles at Kyung-sook. "You might already know this, but my name is Jimin." 


       "Believe me, I know." He responds. 


       "Well my name's Kai." The said man asserts rather protectively. He just didn't like people hitting on Jimin the way they did, plus, he didn't like the way he smelled. 


       Kyung-sook finally takes the time to properly look at Kai, seeing that he was actually pretty attractive as well. But he wasn't the hot omega with the pretty lips, so he wasn't interested. 


       "What's up Kai-ssi?" He nods at him before turning his attention back to the omega with intense eyes that clearly conveyed what he wanted from him. 


       When Kai felt Jimin shrink into him a little, clearly put off by the almost possessive look in Kyung-sook's eyes and the aroused smell in his scent - which was an unattractive copper type smell - his wolf growled in anger that he was making his best friend feel this way. Kai's hand tightens where it rests on Jimin's waist. 


       Taemin takes notice of the situation and quickly steps in. "Well K, I think w'ell go and dance for a little. Thanks for the invite man." Kyung-sook just nods, but his eyes stay on Jimin the entire time they walk away. 




       Hoseok just wanted to forget. Whether it was by drinking or some girl, he didn't want to think about his piece of shit ex.


       He didn't understand why she had cheated. He knew he was a good fuck, he knew he was a great boyfriend. He tried his hardest. He sent her flowers every week. He payed off her phone bills, and if his girl wanted to go out to a nice restaurant, then he would take her out. 


       And what was her reason for cheating again? Oh yeah, "it just kinda happened." 


       Hoseok takes a sip of his vodka and closes his eyes as the disgusting taste goes down his throat. He hated drinking, but he wasn't in his right mind, and he wasn't going to try to correct himself. 


       "Are you even listening?" The girl on his lap asks with a perfectly shaped eyebrow raised. 


      Hoseok gives her a practiced smile. "I'm listening baby." The girl is clearly satisfied with his lie and starts in again about how her best friend was a bitch for stealing her boyfriend. 


       He zones out again and keeps thinking, only listening enough to nod and say his "oohs" and "ahhs" where he knew he should. He wasn't exactly sad about the whole situation with his ex. Yes, it was fucked up and yes, he should probably be upset. But if she was the type of person to cheat on him, and give such a shitty reason on top of it, then was she even worth the tears? No. 


       All Hoseok wanted was to forget that he'd ever been with her in the first place. If there was one thing he hated, it was a cheater. 




       "I reallyyy don't want to be here, Kai." 


       Jimin had spent the whole party next to the man's side. When Jimin asked why, this was his response. 


       "You know a lot of people hit on you. I have to protect my baby, don't I? Plus, my wolf gets anxious when you're not near us in crowded places." 


       "I'm not a baby." 


       "No you're not. You're my baby. There's a difference." 


       So that was that. Jimin had to go to a party he never wanted to be at in the first place, ad he couldn't even do what he wanted. 


       Kai wasn't wrong though, a lot of people did hit on him. The whole night he kept spotting the not so subtle eye fucks he was getting, even though he tried to dress as simply as possible. When they were drunk enough to do so, some of them actually came up to make a move. Kai quickly shut them down. 


       Taemin had left them already. A pretty girl had come up to Jimin, but when she saw the look Kai gave her, she switched over to Taemin, who definitely wasn't complaining. 


       So here Jimin was, sitting on the couch with Kai's arm swung around his shoulder. He'd resorted to a book on his phone - Wattpad always made him laugh - while he blocked out the rest of the world. 


       Suddenly, a slightly deep voice rises above all the others. "Hey pretty." Jimin glances up and has his breath stolen away for the second time that day since Taehyung, who stayed in the back of his mind no matter what happened. 


       There was only one way to describe this man. Beautiful. 


       His eyes were so pretty. And his hair was kind of a chestnut brown, which definitely suited his complexion. His outfit made him look, quite simply, delicious. Jimin couldn't come up with a different word. The whole look suited Jimin's taste perfectly, just like Taehyung's did earlier. The man licks his lips up from where he was standing, examining Jimin in his place on the couch with dark eyes, and Jimin couldn't help himself. His scent started showing his interest.


(A/N: y'all I chocked ngl 😭) 


       And the nickname? Jimin didn't know if he could take it. There was something about the way he said it, so hungrily. So dominantly. Jimin bites his lip to control himself. 


       "I... hello." He definitely wasn't a bit breathless. Nope. Not at all. 


       The man smirks. "You dance, pretty?" Jimin swallows. That damn nickname again. 


       "Not usually... but..." Jimin glances over at Kai, who he'd briefly forgotten in his sudden thirst for this random man. 


       He just smiles. He wasn't Jimin's alpha, and even though his wolf would always want to protect his closest friend, Jimin wasn't his omega. He had no say in what Jimin wanted to do, he could only make suggestions. Plus, the fact that Jimin even wanted to dance with this man was astonishing. Kai's protectiveness was really just a precaution, since Jimin could very well take care of himself, despite his giving nature. But Kai saw the way Jimin's eyes had taken in the new guy. He smelled the spike in his scent and noticed the way his best friend's body had relaxed, immediately and unconsciously submitting to the man who was obviously an alpha. 


       So he smiles at his friend and pats his shoulder. Jimin smiles wide at Kai's approval, not wanting to upset his friend, and instantly, the new man's arm is around Jimin's waist. 


       They disappear into the sea of dancing bodies.




Chapter Text

       "So your name is Jimin?" 


       The man in question nods, looking down. He wasn't usually this shy, but being here with the new hot guy's hands on his waist holding him close, he couldn't help himself. 


       "Wait, I've heard that name before." 


       Jimin looks up and meets pretty brown eyes. "It's a relatively common name. Others must have it as well."


       But he shakes his head. "No like... I don't know. Are you well known around the school?" 


       Jimin nods. "I guess. I mean many talk about me, and I get gifts a lot, but I don't know if the whole school knows me." 


       Suddenly the taller man furrows his eyebrows and before Jimin can register what was happening, he was so close Jimin could smell his breath that was tinged with alcohol he would regret having in the morning. The man takes a sniff and Jimin freezes, taken aback. 


       "What're you-"


       "Shit! You're Park Jimin. The only male omega in the school. That's why I know you - my friend doesn't shut up about how hot you are. Now I see why." 


       His comment at the end just made Jimin blush and look away before he composed himself enough to look back into the man's eyes, their bodies still swaying to the surprisingly slow beat. "What's your name?" 


       He flashes an eye blinding smile that makes Jimin think the sun should just pack up its things and go home, because the pure happiness that emitted from his face at the small action was enough to make Jimin smile as well. "My name is Jung Hoseok, but my friends call me Hobi. I have a request though." 


       Hoseok. What a pretty name, Jimin thinks before responding. "A request? What is it?" 


       Suddenly, Hoseok leans in close once again, taking a small sniff that Jimin didn't notice. "Can I still call you pretty?" 


       Jimin swallows hard as his wolf immediately purrs at the nickname, begging Jimin to agree. When he tries to calm his scent down so it doesn't convey his arousal so clearly, he definitely succeeds. 




       "Do you call all your one night stands that?" His voice was surprisingly steady, even though he was feeling anything but, and he wanted to slap both himself and his wolf for inwardly submitting to the alpha so quickly. 


       The smirk Hoseok gives has Jimin feeling a little too hot all over. "No I don't. Actually I didn't know it was a nickname at all. It was just the first thing I thought when I saw you." 


       He called us pretty, Min.  


       Jimin was someone that loved receiving compliments just as much as he loved giving them, so when he heard this he couldn't deny the fact that he had a small smile on his face. 


       And maybe he got a little closer to Hoseok. 


       Just a bit, though. 


       Hoseok licks his lips before he speaks. "I also just thought you should know, words can't describe how good you smell, pretty. Like beautiful flowers and a rainy day. My alpha and I are obsessed, I won't lie." 


       Jimin had to stop himself from purring out loud, which he has never had to do before. But then again, it seemed that today was a day for firsts; starting with him actually liking Taehyung's smell (more like being in love with) and now with him being so attracted to Hoseok. 


       "Thank you," he says while struggling to breathe. Don't judge him. Have you ever had someone this beautiful look into your eyes this intensely with their hands on your waist? He doubted it. 


       However, Jimin paused his sudden asthma attack to realize that he couldn't smell Hoseok because of all the sweaty bodies which projected others' smells on a much larger scale. Not to mention all the arousal in the air. Jimin couldn't believe he'd managed to forget where he was while in Hoseok's arms. 


       He clears his throat, embarrassed. "Uh, actually, I was wondering... well I haven't gotten a chance to smell you. And I kind of base my first meeting with someone off their scent, so. Could I?" He asks, his voice becoming slightly smaller at the end. 


       Hoseok just smiles at his rambling. "Cute. Of course you can." 


       While Jimin's wolf internally preens at the "cute" part, Jimin leans forward and takes a sniff. 


       And then one more. 


       And just one more, to be sure. 


       To be sure that someone could smell this good. Because damn, how was even Hoseok's scent hot? Wild berries. That was it, Jimin thought. And how did he manage to make fruit hot? 


       Jimin didn't know, but he wasn't complaining. Plus, it was more than that, he smelled like wild berries, yes, but something else too. 


       Hoseok smelled wild in general. 


       Like he was a bit impulsive, like it was exciting that he didn't know what he was going to do when he walked into dark alleyways. Like he would be up to try anything, anywhere. Including the bed. 


       Like Jimin said, hot. 


       Slowly, he pulls back and looks at the sun of a man. 


       Hoseok tilts his head, obviously curious about Jimin's expression, which he kept carefully blank. "Come on now. Don't worry me. Do you dislike how I smell?" 


       Jimin licks his lips and shakes his head. "No definitely not. You just smell so... delicious." He didn't know where he found the confidence to say this, but judging by Hoseok's reaction, he was glad he did. 


       "Don't tease me, pretty." 


       And Jimin decided that there must've been something in the air that gave him this confidence, because that's exactly what he did. 




       Now don't get it twisted, Hoseok had been with many people before. Men and women alike. 




       This was Jimin, and there was no one like him. 


       After Hoseok's warning, Jimin had decided to do just that by pressing even closer up against him, staring him in the eyes. He could feel where the curve of Jimin's ass started, and he had to force himself not to slide his hand down. He was now so close that Hoseok could smell the light scent of his shampoo. Was that strawberry? 


       The omega had on light blue ripped jeans, yet they were fitted enough to show the strong lines of his thighs, which, by the way, were about as thick as his ass - and that was quite a feat. Jimin’s shirt was big on him, and he'd tucked the bottom half of it into his pants, but there was space between the shirt and his body. Hoseok didn't know how he'd made it look as good as he did, but then again, this was Jimin. The one everyone wanted.


       The one he was suddenly determined to have. 


       His alpha was going crazy, growling with pleasure at the lean but built stature of the omega, who fit perfectly in their arms like he was meant to be there. Hoseok didn't know when this had suddenly happened. People's scents had never particularly appealed to him. But when he'd smelled Jimin, his alpha spoke to him.


       Hobi, he smells so good. I think... I want him? 


       Hobi did too. 


       "Jimin, you really are testing my limits. Careful." 


       Jimin cocks an eyebrow, wanting to see just how far he could go. "That's not my name." 


       Hobi furrows his eyebrows in confusion. That was the name he'd told him, right? "Then what is it?" 


       "I'd much prefer if you called me pretty." 


       Hobi's mouth hangs open a little. "Ah... so you like that, huh? Noted." 


       "I also like your smile." 


        So Hobi does smile wide, partly because he was happy that Jimin likes it, but also because the alpha in him wanted to give Jimin what he liked.


        "Noted times two." 


        Suddenly, the song they'd been dancing to changes into a faster one, a rap song. 


       Jimin frowns and states, "Do you still want to dance?" Hobi shakes his head. "Okay, well you can decide where we go next. That's only if you still want to talk to me, I won't try to force you or anything..." 


       Hobi smiles at Jimin's cuteness while his alpha coos at the shyness in his tone. "Let's go." 


       Hobi whisks Jimin away and down some steps. After crossing some corridors, he finally brings him out what he remembered to be the front door. 


       As they step out into the fresh night air, Jimin secretly can't thank Hobi enough for getting him out of there. It had been suffocating, all sweaty and crowded. Though Jimin wasn't antisocial or anything of the sort, he couldn't help but dislike being in that environment - where most weren't in their right minds. He hated feeling outside of his body like that, so unaware of his surroundings. 


       "I want to take you somewhere," Hobi states, grabbing Jimin's hand. He quickly thinks it over. He was an omega. A male one, at that. And he was with a male alpha who could surely turn on him or let his instincts take over, and no matter how strong Jimin was, there was a small chance he'd be able to overpower him. 


       But the man had been nothing but kind to him. However, Jimin was smarter than that. These kind of these happened all the time, and he refused to be apart of the growing list of omegas being raped. On the other hand, Kai had trusted him. If he didn't, there was no way he would approve Jimin to go with him, so there must have been something. 


       "Okay we can go, but I'll have to text my friends so they don't freak out." 


       Hoseok chuckles. "Alright." 


       - the mentally challenged turtles -


     ~  cute turtle

           hey guys 


smart turtle  ~

what's up baby? having fun?


deformed turtle  ~ 

I'd just like to say that I still strongly object to this name 


smart turtle  ~

shhh it's okay I'll get you your meds so you'll calm down


deformed turtle  ~


what have I done to deserve this slander 


     ~ cute turtle

           fuckin crackheads 


           I'm going somewhere with Hoseok


deformed turtle  ~ 

ooo is that the hot dude that stole you from Kai


     ~ cute turtle

           he didn't steal me cause Kai approved tyvm


smart turtle  ~ 

what he said idiot 


deformed turtle  ~

I never ask to suffer but I always do 


smart turtle  ~ 

anyways, where are you guys going?


     ~ cute turtle

            uh, idk 


             I'll tell you guys when I get there, k? 


smart turtle  ~ 

...if you're not back by midnight I'm tracking you down


deformed turtle  ~ 




     ~ cute turtle 



smart turtle  ~



deformed turtle  ~


I'm suing you both for emotional distress


smart turtle  ~ 

see you at court bitch


     ~ cute turtle

            and on that note, I'm out 


smart turtle  ~

dont get kidnapped 



       Jimin shakes his head at his best friends and puts his phone away, turning to Hoseok who had been patiently waiting. 


       "So where we goin'?" Hobi smiles.


       "To get some burgers and squid." 




Chapter Text

^^ Seokjinnie's outfit (I think I stopped breathing when I first saw this) 




       They were in the fast food restaurant that pretty much every university student came to on their breaks during and after school - Belle's Burgers. It was late, maybe 10:00 or so, and Jimin knew that if he wasn't at the dorm he shared with his two best friends at twelve, Kai really was going to track him down. The alpha was way too protective. 


       "Alright Hoseok-ssi, we got less than two hours."


       Hobi was confused by Jimin's words. "Did you set a timer or something?" Jimin lets out a small giggle, and Hobi thinks his heart might just combust.


       "No, I didn't, but my best friends want me home by twelve." 


       "These best friends... are they alphas?" Jimin nods. "Are they mated?" He shakes his head and Hobi clenches his jaw. "Are they men?" A nod. "They seem quite protective of you." 


       Oblivious, Jimin smiles. "They are, but they mean well. A lot of people have tried to take advantage of me, and they only want what's best."


       Hobi does his best to calm down his alpha, who had already claimed the omega. Hobi knew he still had to court him, but before he could do anything, they had to spend a lot more time together. 


       "So when I first came up to you, was that one of them, your protective male alpha friends who seem quite fond of you?" 


       Jimin furrows his eyebrows. Was that... jealously in the beautiful man's voice? Jimin internally flicks himself. He was being too hopeful, Hoseok didn't like him that much. 


       "Yeah that was Kai." He says with a smile on his face. 


       "The one that had an arm slung around your shoulders while you leaned into him?" 


       Before Jimin could answer him, the man behind the counter called for the next people in line. 


       Hoseok orders first, "Hey uh, I'll have a number three. Yeah the squid with a side of lobster. What do you want, Jimin?"


       Though he frowns at the lack of his nickname, he answers. "I'd like a number four, please." 


       The man that seemed to be their age looks at Jimin and smiles, clearly experiencing what his best friends liked to call the Jimin Effect. People that met him just couldn't help but like him, no matter how bad of a day they were having. 


      "Sure thing, man." He inputs their order in the system and they go find a table. 


       "So we should get to know each other, Jimin. Shouldn't we?" Hobi was trying his best to forget their earlier conversation, though jealously still burned in his stomach like he swallowed hot coals. 


       The smile that appears on Jimin's face is enough to calm Hobi's scent. "Yeah we should. I'll start?" The alpha nods. "Ok. Well you know my name's Jimin, but my friends call me Minnie or Jiminie. I major in dance and performance, and minor in journalism. I read like... 24/7 and I obviously like to write as well. I'm 20. Um... oh yeah I'm clearly an omega."


       Hoseok swallows, apprehensive at the question he was about to ask. "Are you mated?" It may have been a stupid question, what with the way Jimin had so clearly been flirting with him earlier, but he couldn't help but be anxious. 


       He wanted the omega all to himself. 


       Jimin looks down shyly and slightly shakes his head and Hobi thinks he might just nut right on the spot. "No I'm not."


       Though relieved, Hoseok was confused. "Why not? I mean you're gorgeous, your personality would make any alpha want you, and you're obviously intelligent. You could pretty much snatch up anyone you wanted."


       The blush that appears on Jimin's cheeks is enough to make Hoseok bite his lip, and he hoped Jimin noticed. (He did) 


       "Well I've never really liked anyone's scent. I mean... Kai's and Taemin's calm me down, and we scent each other a lot, but not in that way." 


       They scent each other?! Hobi... I don't like these ‘friends’. 


       He voices his alpha's thoughts out loud. "You scent each other? That's..." 


       As Jimin takes in Hoseok's distressed scent and clenched jaw he becomes confused. "Uh yeah. Whenever I leave they like to scent me because they know how many times I get approached. Is that- are you okay Hoseok-ssi?"  


      Said Hoseok-ssi takes a deep breath in order to calm himself and not worry the cute omega. He was in front of him right now. He had him for the night - well at least for about  another hour and a half - and he wasn't going to waste it with rotting feelings of jealously and anger. 


       "Yeah," he manages a smile, "yeah I'm good. Anyways, it's my turn right?" 


       Jimin smiles, reassured. "Yeah." 


       "Right. Well my name's Hoseok. I'm 22. I major in dance as well. I don't like reading, but I do love manga - Naruto is the superior anime and you can fight me on this. We don't watch One Piece in this household. Anyways yeah dance is the only love of my life, but I can always make an exception for you, pretty. I'm an alpha - an unmated one at that. I'm looking for a beautiful omega with soft blond hair to be my mate. Think you could help me find 'em?" 


       Though Jimin was blushing like crazy, his wolf gave him the confidence he needed to flirt back. "Hm... I don't know if I want you to find another omega and leave me all alone. Aren't I your pretty?"


       Don't fucking pop a boner, Hoseok. Think of One Piece or your mom or that old ass librarian. Yeah she creeps me the fuck out sometimes.


       Despite his internal panic, Hoseok remains calm and confident on the outside with a smirk adorning his face. "That's right, baby. My pretty." 


       Jimin swallows down a purr but can't stop his eyes from becoming the slightest bit darker. "I don't know - Kai also calls me baby. You'll have to show me if you deserve to call me that." 


       Hoseok's eyes also darken at this revelation. "Oh yeah? And what did he do to prove that he can call you baby? Does he touch you, Jimin?" 


       Hobi couldn't stop the low rumble of his growl from reverberating in his chest at the thought of someone touching the sexy omega he wanted to call his. 


       When Jimin hears this and takes in the almost possessive expression on Hoseok's face, he can't help but let his light arousal seep into his rainy scent, and it mixed with the smell of flowers beautifully.


       "Suddenly I can't remember, hyung. I'll ask him to remind me when I get home tonight." 


       When Hoseok's eyes flash red, Jimin is just about ready to get on his knees right there on the tiled floor of Belle's Burgers at 10:43 at night, but is fortunately prevented when their waitress comes to the table. 


       "Well fuck - what y'all been talkin' about over here? Jesus these pheromones are intense. And this kid right here," she points to Hobi, "he's hella jealous right now. What'd you say to him to make him so upset, hottie?" 


       Jimin blushes at the nickname, still trying to come down from his blatant arousal. "I... I guess I was teasing him a bit." 


       Hoseok snorts, also calming himself down, though his anger still simmered beneath the surface like the bottom of a pot on a hot stove. " 'A bit' he says." 


       The waitress laughs lightly and sets down the tray of food she'd been holding. "So," she starts as she distributes the meals, "you guys mated?" 


       Hoseok smirks and Jimin giggles. "No," the cute omega replies. 


       But Hobi's alpha didn't like this answer and decided to add on: "Not yet." 


       The smaller man bites his lip and just stares at Hoseok, who stares back without hesitation. 


       "I see," the waitress grins while looking between them, "well I'll leave you two to it. And you-" she points at Hobi, "take care of him. It's easy to see how precious he is. Treat him like it, you got me?" 


       The alpha finally breaks eye contact and smiles at the waitress. "Yes ma'am," he replies. 


       She walks away with a shake of her head and a smile tugging at the the corners of her lips. 


       About 20 minutes pass with the university students eating in comfortable silence, the tension from earlier fading with each bite.


        Hoseok finishes first and is content with watching the younger's cheeks puff with the food in his mouth. He was already so whipped for him - with his sunny and energetic personality, he always seemed to want to move. But with Jimin he could just sit back and enjoy all the small things. Appreciate the way his eyes widened as he ate, giving him a look of innocence that didn't belong on the face of someone who moved the way he did. He could take in the way his lips looked even more plump or how you could see the veins in his neck when he chewed. 


       Hoseok's staring was cut short when Jimin finished his food only a minute later. He looks up with a smile. 


       "So what now? We have like," he looks at his watch, "54 minutes left." 


       "Aw, so little?" The pout on Hobi's face made Jimin want to kiss him. "Guess we'd better make the most of it, right?" 




       They found themselves walking on campus near Jimin's dorm unit at 11:47. There weren't many people out and they were both thankful for the silence. 


       When they left Belle's burgers they just started walking - anywhere and everywhere, and ended up back on campus where they sat on a bench, just watching the moon and learning more about each other. 


       Jimin had learned that Hoseok had wanted to dance since he was little and first started street dancing in his teens. He was an absolute sunshine and Jimin forgot it was so late every time he smiled. 


       Sadly, their time was coming to an end, and even though they both wanted to stay with each other, they knew Jimin had to go inside or his best friends would skin him alive. 


       "But Jiminnnn, we still have like 13 minutes don't we?" Hoseok whines cutely. 


       "I have to go, Hobi hyung. But we can see each other tomorrow, okay? I'll text you."


       Hobi smiles, remembering that they did indeed exchange numbers while sitting on the bench. 


       "Okay, pretty. I'll talk to you tomorrow." 


       Jimin smiles at his handsome hyung who was walking away from him, content that he would be able to talk to him tomorrow. He turns around and knocks on the door. 


       A loud sound of something falling comes from the other side of the door quickly has Jimin's beaming expression turning into one of exasperation.


       "Shit- JUST A SECOND, MINNIE." More tumbling and a faint "ow!" "COMING!"








       Jimin pinches the bridge of his nose and lets out a long sigh. 'They're gonna wake up the whole damn campus at this rate.'


       Finally, after fumbling with the knob for a bit, Taemin swings the door open with a big smile. 


       Jimin might've smiled back too, if his best friend wasn't covered with blood. 


       Jimin heaves another sigh. "What the fuck did you do now, Taemin? And do you at least have an alibi?" 


       A loud guffaw that Jimin wasn't familiar with sounds from somewhere behind Taemin as the alpha in front of him huffs. 


       "I didn't kill anyone, Minnie. And if I did I sure as hell wouldn't involve Kai's bitch ass."


       Jimin could hear Kai's cry of indignation even from his spot outside. "Now listen here you monkey lookin' headass-"


       The omega quickly cuts him off. "Okay okay. I get it, you two hate each other and that's cool and everything, but could you maybe move aside so I can, oh I don't know, not be outside in the fucking cold?" 


       Taemin's eyes widen and he nods vigorously. "Yeah yeah sorry 'bout that Minnie." He finally moves aside and Jimin walks inside with a grateful nod. 


       But he stops as soon as he does because once again, there's blood everywhere. 


       All over a man he didn't know.


       The unknown man smiles a dazzling smile from his spot on their blood riddled couch.


       "Hello, beautiful. My name is Kim Seokjin, but my friends call me Worldwide Handsome."




Chapter Text

Kai's outfit above (yes he wears a onesie cause he's a ˢᵐᵒˡ ᵇᵃᵇʸ) 


And if you were curious abt taemin's:


Babies I tell you






       The smile on the handsome man's face didn't falter as he got up and moved toward Jimin, seemingly unaware of his blood stained clothes. 


       "I understand this might all be a bit... alarming, but don't worry! We didn't kill anyone." 


       Jimin sighs and once again pinches the bridge of his nose. "Would you like to start by telling me why you're in my dorm in the first place?" 


       "Why yes I would," Seokjin beams. "So you see, it all started long ago when-”


       Suddenly, Taemin cuts in. "Bro, it was literally like... an hour ago- it ain't that deep." 


       Seokjin huffs and goes back to flop down on the couch. "Fine you tell it then." 


       Taemin smirks, "Gladly." But before he could start, Kai intervened.


       "Yeah no. You're both idiots and you wouldn't tell the story right. Let me do it." 


       Seokjin pouts cutely and Jimin almost coos. "That's hyung to you, brat." 


       Kai rolls his eyes and stands up, walking toward Jimin before stopping in front of him. Jimin was relieved to see that at least one of his friends didn't look like a crime scene. His cute bear onesie and wide beautiful smile making him look so innocent Jimin had to stop himself from squishing his cheeks. He settled on beaming at him and taking his hand instead. 


        Kai leads them over to the other couch that was (thankfully) blood free and sits them down. "Let me tell you how it really went down," he states grandly, sliding his arm around Jimin as they get into a cuddling position with Kai as the big spoon. 


       Taemin pouts from his place next to Seokjin. "I wanna cuddle with Minnie." 


       Kai rolls his eyes as Jimin giggles. "Well he's my baby and I missed him the most. I deserve cuddle time because I was the one who created the plan."


       Though Jimin had gone soft at Kai's words, he was still confused. "What does 'the plan' mean?" At Kai's guilty face, Jimin narrows his eyes. "What the hell did you do now, Kai?" 


        A sheepish smile makes its way onto his face as Seokjin tries not to laugh and Taemin grins with smug amusement. 


       "Well you see... it was all because I missed you. You can't blame me for that, can you? Well I mean I guess you can, but still! I just... Okay we were at the dorm and everything was fine, except that you weren't here to call us stupid and make us laugh; you weren't here to smile and make everything better and I don't know why but I suddenly missed you so much. So I asked Taemin if he missed you and he just looked really sad because we're always together - you know, the three of us - but it was only two and we could feel your absence and it didn't feel good. So I said, 'Well I know he's with that alpha but we don't know him, what if something happened to Minnie?' and Taeminnie was all like: 'Yeah you're right' so then I was like 'Well we should find out if he's okay, you know - for my science experiment' and he was like 'Oh yeah, that science experiment' so I made up this plan to go to the party and find your scent and follow it to wherever you were and then we would spy on you for our experiment and make sure you were good. Cause I can't just leave my baby like that, you know? And I'm sorry Minnie, we just love you so much."


       As Kai somehow said all this in one breath, Jimin took a deep one and tried to keep the love and fondness from showing on his face. He wasn't supposed to find this endearing - they were planning to invade his privacy - to stalk him. 


       But Kai was just so damn cute. 


       Jimin looks up at a nervous Kai and can't help but softly smile and tuck his head back into his chest. He sighs, "I'm a grown ass man, Kai. You shouldn't spy on me or worry about me so much, I can take care of myself." 


       Kai bites his lip. "I know..." 


       "But," Jimin looks up at Kai upon hearing his sullen tone, "it's cute that you care so much about me." He turns to Taemin with another smile. "Both of you. It makes me feel safe." 


       Taemin beams back in response just as Kai does, and Seokjin thought they looked like two little excited puppies. Jimin did too. 


       Just like Taehyung when he'd smiled earlier. 


       As the two little puppy look alikes radiated happiness and contentment from their scents, (therefore making Jimin's scent mirror their's) Seokjin leans a little closer to Taemin. 


       "Are they mated?" He asks quietly. 


       Taemin laughs out loud. "No. They sure do act like it though, don't they? But nah, they're just really good friends - known each other for a long time. And they've been through a lot together. You can't really get closer than them without physically being mated, and I think that's beautiful." 


       Seokjin looks at them as Jimin and Kai have their own quiet conversation on the couch. "Aren't you his best friend too?" 


       Taemin nods with a proud smile. 


       The handsome man tilts his head curiously. "Do you ever get jealous of how close they are?" 


       Taemin lets out his beautiful laugh. "Honestly, no. It's complicated, sometimes I wish I did have that connection, especially with Jimin. He's just the guy you always want to be close to, he's the bridge that connected our little group. I wouldn't be as close as I am to Kai right now if it weren't for him." 


       "If you don't mind me asking, Taemin-ssi, why is that?" 


       "Well," he looks at Seokjin, still smiling, "Kai used to like Jimin." Seokjin's eyes go wide and his mouth gapes open. Taemin laughs. "Yeah, and I used to like Jimin too. It was awkward for a while. Kai had pretty much liked Jimin since they first became friends, and it was clear to everyone but the little mochi. Then I come along, so whipped for little Minnie already. You know, I thought I was straight at that time." Seokjin laughs at Taemin's horrified face. "But I guess you could say Jimin was my gay awakening, because no matter what I tried, I just couldn't get it up to a girl. His face appeared in front of me every time. Anyways, yeah, we were both whipped for him,  he was oblivious, the usual. Then one day Jimin comes to me crying. I panic, and I ask him who's body I have to hide. But he just goes, 'Kai likes me, Taeminnie,' all cutely and shit, and one thing leads to another - we're back at the dorm and just getting all our feelings out in the open. Jimin was a bit overwhelmed. He was crying, and neither me nor Kai can take that, so we just ignored our feelings so we didn't do that to him - it wasn't fair and we knew it. Now we're here." 


       Seokjin looks down, taking all this in. He knew how he felt about the omega already because he was one to catch feelings very quickly. He was beautiful, inside and out. Anyone with eyes could see that. But he wouldn't make a move - especially not after hearing that story. He'd just get closer to him, and if he had to deal with his feelings so Jimin could be happy, he would. 


       "So," he finally speaks, looking up at the couch where Jimin was now making a weird face and Kai was laughing his ass off, their conversation sounding miles away, "you still like him?" 


       Taemin laughs. "You can't just like someone for that long, Seokjin-ssi. At some point those feelings either go away or strengthen, and for me it's definitely the latter." 


       Seokjin stares at him incredulously. "You love him?" Taemin nods his response, still smiling, albeit sadly. Seokjin lets out a breath. "Wow... do you- Is Kai-ssi still in love with him?"


       "No, not anymore - we actually talked about it yesterday."




       "Wait wait wait, I still don't know why Seokjin-ssi is here and why they're covered with blood." 


       "I believe this is my portion of the story to tell." Seokjin states with a huff as him and Taemin come out of their little bubble. 


       Kai rolls his eyes (he'll get them stuck back there one day) and leans forward, arm still around Jimin's waist. "Yeah, yeah. Go ahead, hyung." 


       Seokjin smirks at the honorific and begins his tale. 


        "Well you see, Jimin-ssi, I was going about my night, standing outside a club I'd gone to cause I was bored when suddenly something is thrown at the back of my head. When I turn a around, it's a shoe. Behind me were these two clumsy bitches, who thought I was an inanimate object but threw something at me just to be sure."


       Taemin interrupts with a cry of indignation. "Hey! To be fair, it's pitch black and all I see is this tall lookin' thingy with something bright at the top. I thought you were a lamppost!"


       "I'm not that fucking tall, Taemin-ssi!" 


       "Oh but you are you goddamn giraffe!" 


       "Now listen here you leprechaun-"


       "Oh don't even start you sky scraper-"


       "Say that to my face! Oh wait - you can't reach it."


       "How's the weather up there you Jack and the Beanstalk lookin' headass?" 


       They go back and forth until Jimin tunes them out with a sigh, looking over to Kai who had done the same. 


       Kai shakes his head. "Seokjin hyung will fit right in." 




       Jimin lies down on his bed with a sigh. Today had been such a long day - what with meeting all these new (and not to mention hot) men and the situation with the cafeteria. Also, let's not forget the fact that one of said hot men was in his dorm room. 


       When Jimin had first walked in, he didn't get a chance to really study Seokjin's face, even though the man kept stroking it at random times. During the night though, Jimin got a chance to really look and see just how beautiful he was, and eventually he couldn't stop looking.


       The only way to describe his face was sculptured. His pink plump lips had Jimin salivating and the strong line of his jaw wasn't helping any. He also had pretty eyes that sparkled with playfulness no matter what was happening. He was naturally gorgeous, and Jimin was living for it. 


       As the omega turned on his side in his bed, he thought about how they had finally told him where all the blood had come from. Apparently after the whole shoe incident, Seokjin started walking towards them to see what was going on and was pulled into another alley. They were thieves and told Seokjin to take off his clothes and give them to them. When Jimin heard this he felt like his heart stopped. He knew that if that scenario played out, the sweet and playful man might have been raped. Though he was also an alpha like the other two, two alphas against one will never be easy. The thought filled him with rage. But as soon as Seokjin assured him that he was very much okay and thanked him for his concern, Jimin couldn't help but be disarmed at the smile on the handsome man's face. 


       After that, he was told that his two best friends who had initially run away came back after hearing the other alpha's scream. When they got there Seokjin was vigorously fighting against the attackers and joined in. Though it was three against two, the thieves pulled out their secret weapon - a gun. They didn't get to shoot anyone, but they did fire stray shots on accident, and eventually managed to start beating them with the butts of the guns.


       But Seokjin "wasn't having any of that. No bruises on this worldwide face." So he folded the attackers - that is, he chopped at their legs when they were unstable and they ended up falling.


       To summarize the next events for everyone's sake, good guys fought bad guys, they were both injured (but thankfully most of the blood wasn't his friends') and good guys got away. 


       Happy ending, right? 







Chapter Text

It's their outfits for the chapter (including tattoos but you can imagine them without them if you want) 

Also mayhaps my heart stopped 




       Jimin should've known that something like that could never really be the end. 


       And he did.


       At the very least he was apprehensive. But then Seokjin smiled his "worldwide smile" and Kai cuddled him and Taemin was being his usual crackhead self and he couldn't help but feel like everything might just turn out okay. 


       Looks like God had other plans. 


       "Don't scream and keep your hands right where the fuck they are, beautiful."


       Usually Jimin would've been scared to death - he might have tried to fight back too. 


       But today had been so long he couldn't help but sigh. Of course he had to wake up at 4:00 in the morning with a gun to his head and of course he heard a raspy (albeit hot, he couldn't lie) voice in his ear because that was just his fucking luck. 


       He does as the man says with little effort. He couldn't muster up the energy to be scared so he just felt exasperated instead. 


       He keeps his hands underneath his head and rolls his eyes, not even bothering to try to see who was holding the gun to his head. 


       "Oh? Well since you seem pretty calm this should be easy, yeah? Now how about you slowly sit upright. Try anything and I'll blow your brains out. Got it?" 


       Jimin just rolls his eyes in annoyance. Tomorrow (make that today, actually) was supposed to be his off day away from university and hot men and projects - which Taehyung had sent him the information for by the way. But he just had to be in danger, didn't he?


       The omega does as the man with the deep raspy voice says and slowly sits up. He lets his hands rest behind him on the bed, leaning back. 


      But when he turns to the left to see the threat, all his boredom suddenly packs its things and yeets itself off a building at the sight before him. 


       He had a squishy face, yet it was in no way cute. His jawline was sharp and his lips: plump. He had a cute little nose but his eyes were piercing. Every feature on him contrasted the other - from the sexy smirk gracing his lips to the almost adorable ears attached to his head - he was deliciously confusing. 


       And don't get Jimin started on his outfit. The loose sleeveless t-shirt exposed his delectable arms (Jimin wanted to follow the tattoos with his tongue and he wasn’t ashamed in the least); he was lean but muscly - perfect for Jimin's taste. His ripped jeans hugged his legs like a second skin and the pale of his thighs stood out against the dark blue of his pants. 


       "Are you finished, beautiful?" Jimin looks up, his cheeks aflame. 


        "Shut up," he says indignantly. The funny thing was, he wasn't embarrassed about being caught staring - he was embarrassed because he could finally smell the man's scent. 


       Because this was the fourth scent in 24 hours he'd fallen in love with immediately, and it was kind of freaking him out. It wasn't just rare for him to be attracted to someone's scent - it was unheard of. But suddenly all these beautiful men showed up with their delicious bodies and their suggestive nicknames and their perfect scents and they had to go and fuck up Jimin's life in the best way possible. 


       The man smelled strong and mischievous- he smelled like an alpha. Like the ocean. He also had a little bit of a rainy scent, but mostly Jimin inhaled what he could only describe as manliness. 


       He's able to push his thoughts away when he feels a hand on his exposed bicep (all he was wearing was a fitted t-shirt and shorts.)


       "You there, beautiful? I know I'm handsome but jeez." 


       Jimin couldn't seem to stop rolling his eyes in the alpha's presence. 


       He just smirks. "Alright, you're coming with me." 


       Jimin looks up at him. "Uh... I'm not really feelin' that." A snort sounds from the alpha as he just grabs his bicep and drags him toward his bedroom door and out into the living room. 


       There he sees both his best friends and Seokjin, who looked just as tired as he did. Though they looked a little more scared than Jimin cared to be. 


       The other men were masked and holding the other residents of the dorm lightly, like they knew they were too tired to try to escape.


       "Alright," the alpha gripping his arm says, "take 'em out to the truck." 


       The masked men nod and trudge off with his friends. 


       "Where are you taking us?" Jimin asks even though he didn't particularly care - it was more out of curiosity than anything. 


       He smirks. "We're taking you to the boss. Your friends will just be in the interrogation room." 


       Jimin's eyes narrow. "And what will happen to them in the interrogation room?" 


       Another snort escapes him. "Relax, little omega. They'll just be questioned. We don't do all the torturing if it's not necessary."


       Reassured, Jimin just huffs and allows the man to pull him into the dimmed sunlight that came with an early morning until he was gently pushed into the truck. 




       "We got him, Joon." 


       The man sitting in the chair of a seemingly normal office finally glances up. 


       The lip rings entranced him first. Then the dark of his eyes. Then the softness of his lips. Then the pure dominance that radiated out of his woodsy scent. 


       Then those goddamn tattoos. 


       With Yoongi's he wanted to do things that shouldn't ever be spoken aloud - things he didn't know he knew about. 


       But with this man he wanted to learn his story. To sit with him and listen for hours about why he chose this specific tattoo; or how he got this one on accident. He admittedly did want to do those unspeakable things to them as well, but mostly he wanted to find out why. 


       "Damn." Is the first word that comes out of the man's mouth. Though his voice wasn't as deep as Taehyung's, it was still deep, and incredibly sexy. 


       Jimin looks at him in confusion. 




       The sexy man smirks, and his dimples are enough to make Jimin's scent reflect his thoughts. He obviously notices as his smirk grows and he leans back in his chair, his scent reflecting Jimin's own. 


        "You're hot. Didn't expect it. I mean, I've heard a lot about you. The beautiful omega with the sweet personality. Lot of people like you, but not just for your fat ass. But I wouldn't judge them if they did, cause Jesus. You're lips are unfair, little one."


        By the end of his oh so innocent statement, Jimin was left gaping. He was used to compliments but from a man this hot... yeah no. 


       "I... what does one say to that?" He manages to get out. 


       Both the men in the room let a laugh and Jimin thought that it sounded like heaven. 


       "No words have to be said if you prefer it that way, pretty little omega." 


       Jimin bites his lip as blush blooms across his squishy cheeks. He looks down.


       Why do all these men know just what to call me? Pretty, little one, omega - I swear if someone calls me baby I'll fucking lose it.  I already almost did once with Hoseok...


       Jimin shakes his head as if to banish his thoughts that have once again taken a rather dirty turn when he thinks about just how submissive he'd get if someone called him baby. 


       He looks up to see the shorter man smirking at him. "What are you thinking about to have that cute little blush on your cheeks? They better not be naughty things."


       Jimin swallows. "No of course not. I was just thinking..." And then he came to a standstill because what else would he be thinking about? He clears his throat. "Never mind that, why am I here?"


       "Well," the taller man sighs as he leans back in his chair, "it is to my knowledge that your friends recently ran into a bit of trouble, yeah?"


       Confused, Jimin slowly nods. 


       "Yes well we've been looking for them for a while now." He looks up at Jimin. "And we need your help.”




       Two hours later they had come to a compromise. If Jimin helped them, they would let his friends go, but he had to stay in the mansion they lived in until the thieves were found. 


       He was currently in the room he was given. It was quite spacious. The cream walls and black furniture mixed beautifully. 


       As Jimin heaves a sigh his bedroom door swings open, banging against his wall loudly.


       Jimin looks up to find the last person he expected to be here. 


       Standing in the threshold of his door with a big smile and muscly physic is Jeon Jungkook. 








Chapter Text

^koo's outfit minus the mask





       Jimin stared at Jungkook, mouth agape for about a minute before he slowly looks down and clenches his jaw.


       He heard Jungkook's confusion when he spoke, though when he looked up the bunny like boy was still smiling his bunny like smile. "Jiminie hyung? Aren't you so happy to see me?! Yoongi hyung just told me we had a new hostage so I asked him if you were cute and he said extremely so of course I asked him what you looked like and when he started describing you I got really excited because I just knew it was you and-"


       But he didn't get to finish his ramble because the cute little omega had just punched him in the jaw and now he was getting Jimin's piercing stare and he saw for himself exactly why everyone had always been so scared when the small but strong (his jaw was fucking pulsing) man looked at them like that. 


       Jungkook swallows roughly and looks at Jimin with frightened eyes. "Uh..."


       Trying to calm himself down, Jimin sits himself on the soft bed, telling himself not to kill the boy because no matter how mad he was at him, he still missed him like hell.


       "Jiminie hyung? Are you okay?" Jungkook asked him with wide eyes. He hadn't yet realized why Jimin had hit him but he was sure he'd done something wrong.


        Jimin sighs deeply and pinches the bridge of his nose, willing himself to calm down enough to hear the bunny out. 


       "Jungkook," he speaks for the first time, "where he fuck did you go?" 


       At that, Jungkook's eyebrows un furrow as he finally realizes why Jimin seemed so mad at him.


       It was because he left him.


       The bunny swallows and looks down, biting the inside of his cheek. 


       You see, they were once best friends. 


       They knew each other since they were babies because both their mothers were friends (ones that liked to gossip about their husbands any chance they got) and therefore were always around each other.


       As they grew up and started to walk and talk and understand each other, the bond was inevitable. Jimin said hi for the first time when they were young, and Jungkook could only look at the boy with his big bambi eyes, entranced with his hyung's innocent ones. 


        Their friendship just grew from there. Jungkook was someone Jimin could count on - someone he trusted with his entire (but small) being. Jungkook protected him and made him feel happy. 


       For Jungkook, Jimin was an angel. He always helped anyone he could and he once saw the boy give a homeless man all the money he had in his pocket (money he was going to use to buy ice cream with Jungkook) and not hesitate to hand over all his candy too.


       The homeless man had been moved to tears.


        With all the kind and selfless things he did, Jungkook couldn't help but feel an intense urge to protect Jimin, so that's what he did all while they grew up. 


        When he was 15 and Jimin was 17, he developed a crush. 


        He could remember everything that was happening when it became clear to him. 


       They had been on Jimin's bed doing homework with soft music playing in the background. The 17 year old had his lip between his teeth, a small frown on his face while he was looking at some problem on his paper. 


       He was focused on his homework, but Jungkook couldn't take his eyes off of him.


       The boy had always been cute. Jungkook knew that. But it was only then that he decided to verbally acknowledge it.


       "Shit," he unconsciously said while swallowing.


       At that, Jimin looks up, confused. "What's wrong, Kookie?" 


       He just keeps staring until his eyes slowly drift down to the older boy's lips. "You're so fucking cute."


       Jimin's eyes go wide as his pen drops from his hand and he feels something he can't identify swell up in his chest. "I... Kook... you can't say things like that."


       Jungkook didn't know when he got so bold - especially when he just realized he had the biggest crush on the cutest boy - but it happened. 


       "Why not?" He leans forward, a smirk gracing his lips. 


       Jimin blinks slowly. "I don't... what?"


       The smirk on his face just grows as he tilts his head. "What's wrong, hyung? I can't call you cute?"


        "No I just- when did you start doing things like this, Jungkook-ah?"


        "Since I noticed how adorable you were."


       "I'm not adorable," he says with a pout.


       "Fuck," Jungkook bites his lip. "Yes you are. So goddamn adorable."


        So it went on like that for about two more years with Jungkook doting and teasing him (he always got too close while they were sleeping or held on too long when they hugged) and Jimin getting flustered, but then Jungkook was  17 and Jimin was 19 and the younger boy moved away. 


       They hadn't seen each other since then, though Jimin tried numerous times to text Jungkook who had suddenly up and left with no warning. At first he was sad, and then he was sadder, but after he had his first heat he was way past angry because Jungkook had promised him that he'd be there no matter what to help him through it.


       "Jiminnie hyung, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to..."


        Jimin looks at the ground. "You promised, Kookie. You promised that we’d always be together.”


       Jungkook's heart was beating so fast he couldn't hear himself speak over the roughness of it. "Hyung... I know it was hard for you. It was hard for me too. And I know I don't have a right to say that, but I swear, hyung. It wasn't my choice. My parents... they told me only a week before I left."


       Jimin quickly looks up at that, surprised that he had just about as much a warning as Jimin did. 


       "Yeah. And I know that I could've spent that week telling you but I couldn't. Every time I thought I mustered up the courage I would look at you and you would smile your beautiful, carefree smile and make me forget about all my problems." While Jimin's heart speeds up at the fact that the boy had just called his smile beautiful, Jungkook's voice quiets to a whisper. "I couldn't be the one to erase that smile, hyung. I couldn't watch you hurt. So I decided to leave so I wouldn't have to see it and I'm so, so sorry."


       Whilst the bunny started to ramble in self shame, Jimin could focus on nothing but his speeding heart and the butterflies fluttering all in his stomach and the blush on his cheeks and all the chaos Jeon Jungkook has caused.


        The thing that snapped him out of his trance was when he realized Jungkook had started to cry, probably from the guilt he'd been carrying the whole year.


       "No no no, don't cry Koo. It's ok. I forgive you. Shhh, come here baby." Jimin wraps him up in his arms as he soothingly rubs his back. 


       His mission to comfort the alpha was going well and dandy before Jimin took notice of how different his best friend was. 


       It wasn't just his built but lean physic or the strong alpha pheromones he was releasing in his smooth, honey like scent. No, it was the look in his eyes.


       After Jimin had called him baby, it was like some magic spell had been broken and suddenly he was the baby - he'd never felt more like an omega than in that moment. 


       Because this wasn't a boy anymore - no. This was a whole ass man. 


       And this whole ass man was currently looking in his eyes with an intensity he didn't think he could handle, let alone hold. He looks down, his blush light on his cheeks as a swallow goes down his throat. 


       A large hand lifts his chin and he's met with the the dark bambi eyes of his childhood best friend. 


       When he spoke his deep voice was so close that Jimin felt something hot coil deep in his lower abdomen. 


       When Jungkook smelled it his eyes got impossibly darker as he leans forward, now a hairsbreadth away from his face.


       "You're an omega," he notes.


       Jimin swallows again and slowly nods.


       "Perfect. And you smell like the rain.


       The omega that apparently smells like the rain raises his eyebrow.


       "And you somehow got even cuter."


       Jimin frowns. "I'm not cute, I'm 20."


       "That adorable pout on your face says otherwise."


       When Jimin realized that he was indeed pouting, he bites his lip. 


       The omega huffs. "Fine, so you think I got cuter, what's your point?"


        He regretted asking when the man (who was now taller than him, to his dismay) smirks and drags a hand across Jimin's lip, and for once Jimin wished his scent wouldn't convey his arousal so clearly. 


       "You got hotter too."


       His smirk only grows as Jimin's breath hitches in his throat.


       "You know, Minnie, we always used to cuddle. Wasn't that fun? We should do it again, shouldn't we."


        Oh no. Oh no no no absolutely the fuck not. Jimin was not about to start getting teased again when he'd already met four other beautiful men that just loved to fluster the hell out of him. "Actually I'm really hungry. We should eat - come eat with me, Kookie!"


       Jimin could practically hear the alpha's confident smirk even as he pulls him forward and out of the room. "Take out the 'with' in that sentence, add an 'out' after the ‘me’ and I'm all for it." 


       While his omega internally preens at the obvious suggestiveness of his statement, Jimin groans, trying not to think of the possibilities. 


      I should've just stayed home and read a book.





Chapter Text

^ jiminie's pajamas in case y'all were wondering 




       "So Jungkook, how have you been?"


       The bunny smiles, munching on a peanut butter jelly sandwich like the child he is. 


       "I've been really good, hyung! I've missed you though." He finishes the end with a pout so cute that Jimin can't contain his cooing.


       "Fuck Kook," he says with loving eyes as he walks to him, squishing his cheeks. "You said I got cuter, but I didn't think fetus Jungkook could. Guess I was wrong."


       Now don't get him wrong, if it was anyone else the alpha would've definitely slapped their hands away - maybe even broken a few fingers. But this was Jimin, his best friend that he hasn't seen for an entire year. There was no way he was going to push him away now.


       Plus, no matter how much he tried to deny it, both him and his alpha were loving the attention. 


        "Do you really think I'm cute, Minnie hyung?" He says while looking up at said Minnie hyung with his bambi eyes. 


       The omega bites his lip. "The cutest," he promises. 


        Just then, the refrigerator makes a noise signaling that it'd been open too long. Jimin stands up with a smile and goes to pour the rest of his previously forgotten milk in the bowl before closing it.


       Jungkook can only stare at his hyung's back with a pout. Even though he loved any attention from Jimin, he wanted all of it, and the goddamn fridge was getting in his way.


       Aish, when did we become such babies, Jungkook? We're so soft for him. 


       Jungkook agreed with his wolf, unashamed. 


       "Hyunggg," he drags out until the older man turns around to look at him, "come eat next to me. We haven't seen each other in so long. We have to catch up."


       Jimin smiles at him fondly and Jungkook thought that his eye smile was the most beautiful thing in the world, especially with the way it was making his cheeks look even squishier. 


       "We do, don't we Jungkook-ah. Alright then, I'm coming."


       Jimin started walking to the kitchen table, but is mystified when Jungkook suddenly stands up and pulls at his hand that wasn't holding his bowl of cereal. 


       "Kook-ah? Where are we- oh!"


       Jungkook sits down on the couch, pulling Jimin down with him until he landed with a plop! Jimin swallows. They were so close that Jimin could feel the heat radiating off his dongsaeng's body. 


       Jimin only just realizes when he looks at Jungkook that the innocence had disappeared from the younger's eyes. 


       Shit. Fuck. Shit.


       Jimin knew what that look meant already - Jungkook had worn it when they were younger and he decided he wanted to see Jimin drown in his own perpetual state of flustered-ness .


       The omega was about to be teased. 


       The alpha tilts his head in mock innocence. "What's wrong, hyung. Why do you look so cautious?"


       "Oh hell no," Jimin says with wide eyes, carefully scooting back from the strong body of the man next to him. "I refuse to be teased when there's a bowl of cereal in my hand."


       Jungkook leans forward with a smirk. "Whatsoever could you mean, Jimin hyung? I just want to talk."


        Jimin narrows his eyes. "You never 'just want to talk' you're not fooling anyone, you little shit."


        Jungkook holds back a chuckle but allows an amused smile, determined to not be deterred from his plan to find a way to touch the smaller man.  


       "Tsk, tsk. That's no way to talk to your dongsaeng, is it? You should really be nicer to me."


       Jimin's eyes somehow narrow further. "Now listen here you horny fuck, I know your games, so don't try to play the innocent baby with me. Yah! Get away or you'll regret it- Keep your hands to yourself! This is harassment- Did you just bite me?! Oh you little bitch..."


       They carry on like that for a little while, with Jungkook laughing uncontrollably trying to touch his hyung anywhere he could. Jimin, however, was not as amused.


        The omega kept whacking at the alpha, spewing threats left and right ("Don't underestimate me, Jungkook-ah. If you don't believe me, meet me outside - I'll drop your ass, I swear!) while the younger man paid absolutely no attention to his hyung.


        When Yoongi walked in, he was met with Jimin and Jungkook tangled up on the couch, cereal was spilled everywhere, and while Jungkook burst into a whole new fit of laughter, Jimin looked scandalized. 


        "You spilled the food, jackass! You've gone too far - you know what, this is why fetus you was a goddamn coconut." He continues to mumble as he climbs off the couch. "...knew I was better off without your gay ass anyway... spilled all the cereal, my beautiful Cinnamon Toast Crunch... should rot in hell for that, you really should..." 


       Jungkook was already cracking up at his ramble, but when he calmed down enough to sit up on the couch, he saw that Jimin was on his knees next to the spilled cereal, scooping it up in some vain effort to preserve it, a very serious look adorning his face, and he fucking lost it.


       Yoongi watched it all go down with a sigh, seeing the tears gathering in Jungkook's eyes and the anguish on Jimin's face.


        "What the hell am I witnessing?"


       Both boys freeze and look up at their hyung with wide eyes. 


       "Uhhh," Jimin bites his lip, "to be honest, I'm not even sure what just went down so..."


       Yoongi can only shake his head when Jungkook snorts. 


       He points at him, "I bet it's your fault."


       The maknae has the audacity to look offended. "Me?! Well... I guess... but! I just really missed Jiminie and we always used to cuddle. I wanted to cuddle him, and you can't even blame me. His cheeks got even squishier! And his lips somehow got plumper. Do you hear me? Plumper. How is that even possible? I mean, he always had really nice lips, but damn."


       Jimin was a blushing mess when the youngest finished and he kept looking down as if he expected the ground to swallow him whole. 


       Yoongi rolls his eyes. "Yes Jungkook, I am aware that he's cute as fuck and his lips would look perfect around a dick. Now can you two come with me?"


       The oldest turns and starts to walk away while Jungkook nods in agreement with his statement and the blubbering mess that is Park Jimin follows behind them. 


       Yoongi leads them to Namjoon's office and enters without knocking.


       "Joon-ah, I've got them."


       Namjoon looks up and smiles at them (but mostly at Jimin because he's already whipped), gesturing for them to take a seat. 


       Jimin frowns. "But there's only one seat."


       Namjoon looks around the room and then shrugs. A smirk appears on his lips. "Odd. Maybe you'd like to sit on my lap then, little one?" 


       Before Jimin could melt into a puddle of wide eyes and pink cheeks, Jungkook steps in with narrowed eyes.


       "H'ell be perfectly fine sitting on my lap, Joon hyung."


       Yoongi didn't think the omega's eyes could get wider, but oh boy-


       they did.


       "I- you know what, why don't I just sit on the floor? Yeah, that's a great idea! Yeah I should..." He starts to sit down on the floor but Jungkook didn't seem too fond of the idea.


       The maknae sits down in the chair and pulls Jimin with him so the shorter man was seated directly on his lap. 


       Yoongi pinches the bridge of his nose. 


       They're gonna kill the poor boy.


       Namjoon only huffs, mildly annoyed that he wasn't the one to have the rather thick boy sitting on his lap. 


       Yoongi didn't want to admit that he felt the same way. 


       You're so whipped already. Ha-ha. Humans are so weak.


       Yoongi rolls his eyes, knowing very well that his alpha was just as whipped - maybe a little more - than he was. His wolf just internally shrugs, completely unashamed. 


       I want him, and eventually, I'll have him. Yoongi didn't bother arguing with his alpha, for their interests were in complete alignment. 


       He couldn't wait until the day they became reality. 





Chapter Text

       "I'm sorry, you want me to do what?" 


       Namjoon smiles brightly like what he just proposed was the cleverest thing in the world. Jimin ignores the dimples that appear in favor of glaring at the alpha.


       "I want you to go undercover and get sold to those two thieves as an omegan sex slave!"


       It is all he can do to keep his hands at his sides, even though they want to strangle the boss to death. 


        "And why the hell would this be a good idea again?"


       Namjoon's smile falters briefly and a look of confusion takes over his features. "Uh, cause why not?"


       Jimin breathes deeply and looks at Joon with narrowed eyes. " 'Cause why not?' What do you mean 'cause why not?' There are so many reasons to not, hyung! Do you know how risky this is? Anything could go wrong!"


       By the end of his exclamation, the blonde haired man was standing tall (even while leaning over the desk) over the other seated alpha boss in front of him. His nostrils were flared, and he glared at him with annoyance dripping from his stance. 


       Namjoon had wide, fearful eyes as he leans back in his chair. It didn't matter that he was supposed to be a boss or that he was an alpha, he only knew that somehow this cute, small man in the cute, small pajamas could be wildly terrifying. 


       "I'm sorry, I'm sorry! Jeez, you can be quite frightening to be so adorably tiny, little omega."


       Jimin's eyes narrow further as he simply huffs.


       Suddenly, Yoongi's voice sounds from somewhere in the back of the room. He sounded a bit strange, like he was holding something back. 


       "You might want to sit down, small one. The maknae is enjoying your ass in his face a little too much."


       With pink cheeks, Jimin remembers that he was sat (unwillingly, he might add) on Jungkook's lap before he stood and leaned forward in his rant to the boss. Slowly, he turns around to an expected sight.


        The 18 year old was leaned back in his chair with a smirk, clearly admiring the curves that made way to Jimin's hips which framed his ass beautifully. When he slowly licks his lips, Jimin's blush turns into a furious fire inside his cheeks as he looks down and fidgets with his fingers, keeping his head lowered as he makes his way from in front of the alpha and to the back of the room, muttering cute "sorry"s and "excuse me"s as he ambled past.


       The omega can't help but flashback to a time when Jungkook used to always make him that flustered - seems like he hadn't lost his touch.


       - flashback -


       Jimin sighs and braces his hands on his knees, exhausted from the long self imposed dance practice. 


       He goes to get his water bottle with his knees feeling like jelly, but a sense of deep accomplishment settles in his bones when he remembers that he worked this hard to get better. 


       He distantly hears the practice room door open and knows it's Jungkook. The way he had to bite his lip from smiling wide was ridiculous - all the boy did was walk in the room after all, and Jimin hadn't even seen him yet. 


       But he just couldn't help it.  It had been about 10 months since Jungkook had made it his life goal to fluster Jimin, and it was driving the older boy crazy. 


       He hated it because it kind of seemed like a game to the bunny like boy. 


       He loved it because game or not, Jimin cherished attention from Jungkook, especially since it seemed like Jungkook didn't like him that much when they were younger. 


       Suddenly, he is pulled from his reverie when he feels a large hand experimentally squeezing his ass and can practically hear the smirk in his best friend's voice when he speaks: "Damn, hyung."


       By now, you would think Jimin would've gotten used to his suggestive comments and less than appropriate touches, but it seemed like every time it happened, he couldn't stop the blush from rising to his cheeks.


       "Yah! You can't just touch people like that, Kook-ah!"


       He only gets a slap on his ass for an answer until Jungkook turns him around and encircles the smaller man in the warmth of his arms. 


       Jimin can feel his dongsaeng smile into his neck as he also wraps his arms around his waist, savoring the strong outline of his body and his warm touch before the younger speaks again.


       "I missed you, hyungie."


       Jimin feels his heart surge but desperately pushes it right back down. He couldn't catch feelings - he'd ruin their relationship, he convinces himself.


       Still, he can't help but smile in response. "We just saw each other yesterday, Kookie." He says with a soft giggle. 


       It doesn't go unnoticed by him that Jungkook lets out a sigh of contentment. 


       "Yesterday is way too long. Plus, that means I haven't seen your ass in more than a few hours. Can you even imagine what that was like for me?!"


       Jimin lets out a sound that resembles a pained whine as he weakly pushes Jungkook's chest, cheeks aflame. "Stop saying things like that, you're supposed to be a small baby bunny."


       The teasing in Jungkook's tone intensifies, but what Jimin doesn't notice is the truth behind his words. "But I grew up, hyung. And I know what I like now. For one, I love delectable things. And can I just say - what I'm looking at right now looks unbearably delicious."


       And Jimin might have been able to protest his way out of Jungkook's arms and they would have laughed it off and went home and cuddled up to go to sleep like they always did, but the way Jungkook was looking at him was different than all the other times. 


        Usually, the boy would have smirked and the playful glint in his eye would remain as his comments slowly got more and more lewd until Jimin has to shut him up before he pops a boner. 


       But there was nothing playful about how he was looking at him in the dance studio. 


       No trace of teasing had remained, all that was left behind was an intense look of want in his eyes; real and true and raw want that Jimin felt with his entire being. 


       The both of them had been dancing around their feelings for so long it had become their routine. But for some reason, Jungkook had decided to break out of that mold - even for a second, to unmask his eyes and show the dance he wanted to partake in with his hyung that ignited an unbridled fire inside of him that he didn't want to put out. 


        They stayed in that position until Jimin finally snaps out of it, realizing that Jungkook's hands were still resting on his ass and his arms were still around the taller's waist. 


       "I should... yeah. We should go, it's getting really late."


       Jungkook, however, didn't want to let go of Jimin just yet and kept his intense stare up until Jimin casts his eyes down and manages to stutter: "W-what's wrong Kookie?" 



       His eyes don't move from Jimin's. "Shh, lemme state at you for a little longer."


       "Why?" Jimin asks, eyebrows furrowed. 


       "You're too beautiful not to look at." 


        The clear sincerity in his tone didn't help Jimin's racing heart and growing feelings (ones that he wasn't supposed to catch by the way - so much for that) but he just playfully hits the alpha's shoulder. 


        "I keep telling you not to say those things. Come on, I'm starving. But you're paying for groping me." 


        Eventually, they get to some ramen place, laughing and talking and loving each other's presence, but the tension - sexual or emotional, they didn't know yet - lingered in the back of their minds even as they fall asleep curled into each other. 


       - end of flashback -


       When Jimin comes back from his memory that seemed a lifetime ago, Jungkook is staring at him with an unreadable expression. Jimin smiles fondly because even though the alpha doesn't express his emotions on his face, Jimin knew him well enough to know that he was worried for some reason. Jungkook smiles his bunny smile in return.


       Namjoon and Yoongi had carried on speaking about the arrangements for the boss's 'plan'. 


       In this most safe and fool proof idea, Jimin was to act as Jungkook's slave and be sold to the two thieves his best friends (and future boyfriend, if he could help it) were attacked by.


       Since they had been looking for them for so long, they were able to gather information about the criminals.


       Lee Junghyun, 26, a former cashier at a jewelry store before he was caught stealing from both the store and his wife, who was a kind beta that'd been getting beaten since they married. 


       Choi Minhyuk, 25, a dangerous thief that is known for doing low key jobs; mainly those that stemmed around something being stolen. He doesn't have many personal facts about him because he'd taken care to erase any ties he may have previously had with anyone else but Junghyun. 


        The whole point of the plan was to get two people the men had never seen before close to them - not personally, but just physically - because once they were in the range of the criminals, they had trackers on them that would alert Namjoon and his gang about their whereabouts. 


        Jimin wasn't exactly nervous about going through with it, no. It didn't seem like his calmness from when he'd been kidnapped released its hold yet, so Jimin thought it might be here to stay. No, he wasn't scared that something would happened to him. 


        There were just so many things that could go wrong. 


         What if the trackers didn't work as planned? What if they weren't able to get the location and Jimin really was sold? What would Taemin say? How mad would Kai be about this? And how the hell was he going to text Hoseok like he promised he would. 


        Even more pressing, why could he feel the absence of Taehyung, Seokjin, and Hoseok already, even when he'd only met them once? 


        But much, much more importantly, why are they suddenly trying to dye my hair?!




Chapter Text

   that's right 

   I'm bringing black haired jimin back 

  he's physically hurting my heart but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  no regerts 

   anygays onto the story 




       I hate these people. 


       Jimin huffs as he registers another hand in hair, pulling and tugging.


       "Ow! Could you ease up a bit, noona?"


       The woman first narrows her eyes but eventually smiles, her hand relaxing its grip in his hair a bit. "Fine, but only cause you're cute."


       As Jimin beams at the 29 year old lady that was currently dying his hair black, his phone vibrates with a new notification. 


~ taehyung 🥰 ~ 


   -   taedy bear 🐻

              hey Jiminie, it's almost 3. ready to work on our project? 😁


       Jimin smiles at what the alpha input his name as before responding.


       mochi omega 💖   -


uh... I'm in a bit of a situation 


    -   taedy bear 🐻 


           a Situation or a situation? 


 mochi omega   💖    -


a siTuAtiOn 


    -   taedy bear 🐻 

           ahh I see

           and how do I help you out of this siTuaAtiOn?


mochi omega   💖   - 

lmao you can't really 


   - taedy bear 🐻 

        cmon now, I'd literally do pretty much anything to help you with whatever you want 


mochi omega   💖   - 

pretty much?


   - taedy bear 🐻 

        well if you ask me to hurt you in any way I'm afraid I'd have to decline but for anything else, you got me in the palm of your hand sweetheart 


 mochi omega   💖   - 


whipped already, huh?


    - taedy bear 🐻 

        and unashamed to be so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 


       Suddenly, a voice pulls Jimin's gaze away from his phone. The lady dying his hair speaks. "What you giggling at, cutie?" 


       Jimin smiles. "Nothing noona. Just this guy... I think I like him."


        Before the woman can respond, Jungkook's voice sounds from next to him and Jimin jumps, startled. 


       "I'm sorry, what'd you say? You like this guy?"


       Jimin's eyebrows furrow, confused at the tone of Jungkook's displeased voice.


       "Yes? He's really nice and sweet and really, really handsome." 


        As blood rises and spreads through Jimin's squishy cheeks just thinking about Taehyung, Jungkook huffs. "Jimin-ah, I'm warning you now, I'm a bit possessive. Not that much, but I get jealous very easily."


        Jimin's eyes widen in realization (and then warmth spreads in his chest, but he'd never admit it) but he narrows his eyes.


       "Yah! That's hyung to you, brat."


        Jungkook was very close - so close that Jimin could see his lips that had formed a pout. His dongsaeng was looking down, obviously saddened. 


        Jimin softens at the sight. "Yeah I remember how jealous you used to get when I went on dates."


       Jungkook's eyes are wide when he looks up at Jimin from where he was kneeling on the floor next to him. "You noticed that?"


       Jimin smiles. "Yeah I did, Kookie. You were never exactly subtle."


        Jungkook's pout only grows, even though he was trying hard not to smile at the small giggle falling out of his cute hyung's mouth. 


        "But Jungkook-ah, I have to do a project with this guy, so even if I didn't like him, I still have to respond."


        Jungkook reluctantly nods as Jimin ruffles his hair affectionately. 


        The omega looks back at his phone. 


~ taehyung 🥰 ~ 


mochi omega 💖   -


back to the project 


   -   taedy bear 🐻 

          ah yes

          what we're supposed to be talking about 

          call me impatient, but I'd much rather talk about how whipped I am for you sweetheart


mochi omega 💖   -

we must talk about the project now 

you know, the one that's almost HALF our grade?


   -   taedy bear 🐻 

           grades schmades I always say


mochi omega 💖   -


stfu and lets find out another day to meet up


   - taedy bear 🐻 

           fine fine you're so cranky

           is it that time of the month already, little omega?


mochi omega 💖   ~

I hope you understand that you're talking about my heat, alpha 


   -   taedy bear 🐻 


           alpha huh? 

           careful, if you keep calling me that I might want to help with your heat  


mochi omega 💖   -

who said I didn't want that?


   -   taedy bear 🐻 

           certainly not me cause I'll find you right now and if I do that you won't be able to walk for days sweetheart 


mochi omega 💖   -

     too bad it's not my heat I guess


   -   taedy bear 🐻 

         I can make that happen

         I can already tell you're really sensitive when it comes to sex, yeah?

         believe me, if I wanted to I could trigger your heat 


mochi omega 💖   -

and suddenly you seem much less like a taedy bear and more like a hot alpha


   -   taedy bear 🐻 

           I can change that too 😁


mochi omega 💖   -

you're cute


   -    taedy bear 🐻 

             you're cuter 


mochi omega 💖   -

damn it's just our second time really talking and we're already flirting 


   -   taedy bear 🐻 

            I don't like that it's only our second time talking 

            let's meet up after school on Wednesday, ok? 


mochi omega 💖   -


bye taetae


   -   taedy bear 🐻 

           make sure you think about me, sweetheart 


       Jimin's cheeks were sore from how much he was smiling by the time the lady finished dying his hair.


       "Alright cutie, you're done. Now talk to your boyfriend before he busts a vein in jealousy."


       When the now black haired boy looks to his right, he sees that Jungkook was laying on the floor with his legs spread out, glaring at the ceiling like he thought if he stared at it long enough he could burn a hole through it. 


       Jimin gets on his knees and leans over the alpha with a blinding smile. "Kookie, are you okay?" 


       The man huffs. "I'm trying really goddamn hard to go against my nature which, by the way, is telling me to track this guy down and gut him slowly for talking to you like he does."


       Mmm, hot. 


       Jimin couldn't help but agree with his wolf. 


       The omega knew that a lot of people didn't like for their partners to be possessive, but for some reason, Jimin did. 


       Now don't get him wrong, he didn't like it when they told him what to do or what to wear or who not to talk to - he was a grown ass man, after all. 




       There's a difference between being smothering and being possessive, and Jungkook was not smothering. 


       It wasn't like he told Jimin to stop talking to him. But his scent did convey feelings of possession. 


       So you see, Jimin didn't like feeling oppressed. 


       But possessiveness had never made him feel oppressed if it came from the right person. 


       When Jungkook got all macho-alpha-I'll kill you if you look at my omega, Jimin couldn't help but feel protected and loved. 


       And aroused.


       Taehyung was right. Jimin was definitely sensitive when it came to anything sexually related. 


       So there was no doubt that the room suddenly got way too warm when Jungkook indirectly claimed him. 


       Jimin clears his throat, doing his best to dispel his thoughts that were only going to get more explicit. 


       Shit. Fuck. Shit.


       Jimin had forgotten that he couldn't do anything about his scent when he started imagining the things he did. They expressed exactly how he was feeling, and everyone could pick up on it.


       Especially alphas.


       Sucks, right?


       A slow, lazy smirk appears on Jungkook's face as his previous anger dissipates and a new mission appears on Jungkook's agenda:


       Strengthen the arousal in my omega's scent. 


       "Are you thinking naughty thoughts, Jimin-ah?" 


       The omega does his best to gather himself and straightens from his position where he was leaning over Jungkook in order to sit back on his knees, look down, and fidget with his fingers. 


       The alpha sits up, one leg still bent on the floor. He leans forward until his face is inches from Jimin's.


       "It's hyung to you, Kook-ah."


       Jungkook's smirk doesn't falter as he chuckles low and deep, and Jimin feels his minty breath hit his face. 


       "Don't try to change the subject. What were you thinking about?" 


       The omega swallows. "Nothing."


       A finger tilts his chin up until he makes eye contact with Jungkook who's eyes express his feelings of dominance and arousal just as clearly as his scent does. 


       "Tell me the truth Jimin-ah. Were you thinking about me? Do you like it when I'm jealous? When I'm possessive over you?"


       Jimin can only stare as his eyes flick down to Jungkook's lips. 




       Jungkook's eyes darken. "Do you want to be mine, baby?" 


      Shit. Fuck. Shit.


      He did it.


      He really fucking did it.


       Welp, I warned you all. Prepare to meet the ridiculously submissive side of me.


        "Shit," Jimin voices as he swallows again. 


        Jungkook watched it all happen with wide eyes. 


       Jimin nearly goes limp as he slumps forward and into Jungkook's front. His eyes get dark, he bites his lip, and suddenly he's leaning on Jungkook as if for support. But the thing that was most prominent was his scent.


        The light, rainy, fresh smelling omega was now releasing pheromones like rapid fire. His arousal was the most clear, but Jungkook could see how soft he just made him. 


       "Damn. You like that? You like it when I call you baby?"


       Jimin's only answer was a whimper as he clings to Jungkook like the cutest, hottest koala you've ever seen. 


        Jungkook smirks once again. So that's what Jimin's was.


       You see, every omega had their word. And they simply called it 'the word' because they all had one word that could make them really tap into their wolf's side, which was naturally pliant and eager to please. 


       A lot of people's words were endearments. Such as my omega, love,


       or baby.


       Jungkook rests his hand on Jimin's waist and uses the other to tilt Jimin's face up toward him. He was met with blissed out eyes and plump lips.


       "So submissive. So good for me. You're so fucking pretty, you know that? My little omega."


       "Yes alpha, I'm yours."


       Jungkook's tongue darts out to lick his lips. "Fuck, I really want to kiss you, but I won't."


       Jimin eyes go wide and sad as he leans over Jungkook until the younger was beneath him on he floor. 


       "Why not, alpha? I'll be good for you, I promise! I'll let you knot me and I'll suck your dick if you want me to and.. and..."


       Jungkook's heart feels with admiration and another feeling he can't quite place as he pushes the omega's hair back and pinches his cheeks from his spot on the floor. 


       "I won't take advantage of you while you're in this state, hyung. Plus, I still have to court you - I still want to court you. You deserve to be claimed the proper way. You're too precious for something like this, baby.  Let's go."


        The muscle maknae picks his hyung up with little effort, carrying him out the room (that they didn't know was evacuated as soon as Jimin began talking to the younger) while the omega grumbles incoherently into his dongsaeng's shoulder. 


       Damn, I really wanted him, Kook. I still want him. It's okay though, I'll claim him soon enough. 


       Jungkook decided he'd never agreed with his wolf more.





Chapter Text

Minnie's outfit and here's kookie's


Y'all I'm crying 




       When Jimin woke up it was dark. He looks to his left side though the window to see pitch black, giving no natural light to his equally dark room - Jimin couldn't see a thing. A sigh escapes his mouth as he blinks slowly and looks up to the ceiling. 


       The man thought back to the way he acted with Jungkook earlier and groaned in embarrassment, bringing his hand up to facepalm. 


       Goddamnit, why did my word have to be so common? 


       Though his wolf had no problem with what they did (he was rather content, actually), Jimin couldn't stop thinking about how he tried to force himself on the younger man. 


       "Fuck," he voices and slowly sits up on his bed. A sound from his phone indicates a new message.


   ~ hoseok ☀️ ~


   -   your hoeᵀᴹ

        hey you alive? 


 pretty 😘   -


yeah it's just a lot has happened tbh


   -   your hoeᵀᴹ


 wanna talk abt it 


pretty 😘   -

...i feel like you'll get mad 


    -   your hoeᵀᴹ

           no I won't 


pretty 😘   -



   -   your hoeᵀᴹ

          I promise 


pretty 😘   -



perhaps I maybe really definitely begged my childhood best friend to fuck me even though he kept telling me no...


   -   your hoeᵀᴹ


         so that's why I'd be mad

         before I break something in my jealous rage, I'll ask you why you wanted him to fuck you so bad


pretty 😘   -

thank you hyung 


   -   your hoeᵀᴹ

          yeah yeah

          now tell me before I commit murder 


pretty 😘   -

so basically I was texting this guy that I may or may not like (please don't kill him) and he saw  and he got really jealous and possessive and mayhaps I found that hot but that's besides the point so anyways I went to cheer him up but I was leaning over him and he was saying how he didn't like that I was talking to this guy and kinda like,,,, indirectly claimed me (please don't kill him) so then he got really close and was kinda,,,, dirty talking I guess and then we were both turned on but then it got even worse cause he did it hyung 


   -   your hoeᵀᴹ

          what did he do, jimin ah


pretty 😘   -

he found my word 

he called me baby


   -   your hoeᵀᴹ

          oh shit

         don't omegas get like,,, hella submissive when that happens


pretty 😘   -

unfortunately, yes 


   -   your hoeᵀᴹ


          I wish I found it first


pretty 😘   -



   -   your hoeᵀᴹ

          I'd say I'm kidding but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 


pretty 😘   -


yeah I basically was ready to suck his dick and kept asking him to fuck me and he said he did want to but he wouldn't take advantage of me in this state 


   -   your hoeᵀᴹ

          that was... sweet


pretty 😘   -

yeah it was ☺️ 


   -   your hopeᵀᴹ

          you tryna make me jealous, pretty?


pretty 😘   -

just a little



       Suddenly, the bang of his door pulls Jimin's eyes from his phone and dimmed light enters the once pitch black room. 


       There, Jungkook stood in jogging pants and... 




       That was it. Just jogging pants.


       Jimin gulps as his eyes travel down the body of the younger man, taking in his defined abs and clear curves. He didn't understand how the man's waist was so tiny and perfect, yet his stance was so dominant and confident. Jimin could see every ridge and indent on Jungkook's upper half and couldn't stop himself from taking in the rest of him too. The gray joggers were baggy and they hung loosely around his petite waist, giving Jimin the delicious view of the top of his Calvin Klein boxers which hugged him with a vice grip, the black of them creating a contrast to the man's golden skin. 


       The dimmed light filtered through the room with a golden glow much like Jungkook's skin, framing him beautifully, and it was enough for Jimin to see the intensity in the taller's eyes once his gaze finally reached them. 


       Jungkook slowly and deliberately licks his lips, his eyes never leaving Jimin's as he walks in the room and leans over him to put the cups of water he'd been carrying on the bed stand.


       Jimin thought he was going to move back and act like nothing happened. 


       Instead, he simply put his hands on either side of Jimin until the older was caged in and stares at him, hungrily taking in all his features up close. 


       Jimin didn't feel any heat in his cheeks to form a blush, no - all the heat was elsewhere, in much more private places.


       The way Jungkook's nostrils flare to take in Jimin's delicious scent and how his eyes were tinged with lust and possessiveness should've scared him - he was an omega after all. 


       But Jimin had never been scared of much. 


       Certainly not his best friend.


       Jungkook's fingers grip the sheets and he leans down until they are face to face, lips inches away from lips, alpha to omega.


       "Why're you lookin at me like that, baby?" 


       The word combined with Jungkook's deep voice had Jimin's head spinning, lost in the heaven that was Jeon Jungkook and his sweet, honey scent and the dominant pheromones he was releasing like wildfire.


       "Jungkook I-" Jimin has to try his hardest not to slip into the he submissive headspace he always went into when called baby.


       "What Jimin? Tell me what you want." Jungkook's voice sent shivers down Jimin's back that didn't go unnoticed. 


       "I want," Jimin bites his lip, looking Jungkook in the eyes.


       "I want you."


       A growl sounds in the room as Jungkook leans even closer, Jimin's lips a centimeter away. Jimin's eyes close as he takes a breath and readies himself to kiss his best friend. The air around them was soaked with intense pheromones that spoke of want and desire, chasing down any rational thoughts until the only thing they could think of was mate mate mate...


       Finally, Jungkook's lips ghost Jimin's and it felt like the world around them disappeared. No one mattered but them and their pure, raw instincts. Feelings explode in their chests: adoration and care and the ache of missing each other and was that... that couldn't be the faint hint of lo-


       "Oh shit! Fuck guys, I'm sorry. I didn't know... my bad. Continue!"




       Jimin's huff sounds loudly in the truck. He was still bitter about Yoongi cockblocking him yesterday night, right when he and Jungkook were finally going to kiss and take up what they left off the year Jungkook left.


       Yoongi bites his lip from his spot across him, again mumbling sorry. 


       Thing was though, that was a complete and utter lie. 


        Yoongi was in no way sorry about interrupting Jimin's kiss, in fact he was quite overjoyed. 


        The alpha could smell the aroused pheromones even in the lengthy hallway. The thought of someone touching the omega he wanted to claim for himself compelled him to do something about it, so he did.


       No regerts, he always says.


       Jungkook was just as annoyed. He finally got the chance to reestablish his place in Jimin's life as the resident tease and protector. Kissing the man would've taken things a step further. 


       But no, Yoongi just had to accidentally walk in on them when things were just getting good.


       "Hyung where are we going anyway?" Jimin asks Namjoon with a pout that made all of them want give him what he wanted. 


       "This is where you and Jungkook-ah will meet Junghyun-ssi and Minhyuk-ssi. It's where the deal will be made."


       "Why do we need the trackers if you guys already know where to take us and where we're meeting?"


       Yoongi shakes his head. "We can't trust them, Jiminie. They'll most likely take you both to another location. They have a whole group of men acting as body guards - all alphas. We won't take any chances with you."


       Jimin holds back a smile and looks out the window.


       It felt like it'd been forever since he'd been out that mansion, even though it was only three days. 


       On the way there they spot cherry blossoms and Jimin marvels at them with wide eyes.


       It had been his dream to get married under cherry blossoms when he was little and he'd never given up on it. His heart expands just thinking of preaching his vows surrounded by the pink of nature. 


       "It's gorgeous," he whispers to himself.


        "Do you want me to do the cheesy thing and go all 'yeah, you are' while staring at you? Or can I just say that you're the most beautiful person I've ever laid my eyes on and I'd love to fuck you until all you know is my name - either way is alright with me, really." 


       Whilst Jimin sputters with a deep blush Namjoon bursts out in laughter and Yoongi tries to contain his. 


       Jimin thought Jungkook would be smirking at him, smug that he could make his best friend feel this way.


       But he wasn't. The alpha was softly smiling at him as if he was the most precious thing in the world, like he was diamonds and gold and everything else he might've wanted in life. The sight made Jimin feel soft inside and he silently moved to sit next to him, shyly cuddling into his side while biting his lip.


       Jungkook thought he might have a heart attack.


       Jimin was so cute with his cheek squished against Jungkook's shoulder, his right arm intertwined with the alpha's left. Happiness and content radiated from the omega in waves of a rainy day. Jungkook bites the inside of his mouth to stop himself from pulling the little one impossibly closer and showering him with all the love and kisses in the world. He settled on humming and placing his hand on Jimin's thigh, his head leaned on Jimin's full head of shiny black hair.




       "Goddamn. And you're willing to give this one up?"


       Jungkook glared at the criminal identified as Junghyun. "I'm not just giving him up, Lee. 20,000,000 won or nothing."


       Jimin was quite bored. He was in a warehouse with a small army of men guarding all entrances and exits as if Jimin and Jungkook were suddenly going to go all Ip Man and Kung fu chop everyone in their throats. 


       The two men standing next to each other were very different. They were both attractive, don't get him wrong, but the biggest difference was in how they carried themselves. While one always had a sneer or cruel smile on his face, the other was aloof and impassive, and honestly?


       Jimin was intrigued.


       He didn't want him or anything (he had six alphas too many to add another) but he got the feeling that he wasn't a bad guy. 


       Mr. Emotionless was Minhyuk and Mr. Sneer was Junghyun, but he much preferred to call them by the names he gave them. 


       Mr. Sneer smirks at Jungkook's response. "20 million won? That's light. Come on now young alpha, don't you wanna play with the big boys?" 


       Jimin could see that Jungkook was struggling to rein in his instincts that were screaming at him to punch the shit out of the guy for being irritating and looking at Jimin the way he did. Apparently, Minhyuk could too.


       "That's quite enough, Junghyun." he states with authority. "Back to the deal, Mr. Jeon. You wish to... provide us with this omega? Why? There aren't many male omegas around these days, and he is quite beautiful - and I don't mean to disrespect."


       As Jimin registers the fact that his tone was soft and respectful as he talked to Jungkook despite also being an alpha, he also notices that he didn't want to say the word 'sell' in his earlier statement. Instead, he used 'provide'. Something warmed inside of him as Jimin sees the underlying regret in the older man's eyes. He was trying so hard, yet he didn't want to do this at all.


       The revelation wasn't lost on Jungkook and it was clear by the unclenching of his jaw and the sigh that escapes his mouth. 


       "He is beautiful, and he's a great omega. But... I thought it was time for a change. I've had this one for years, a new female omega showed up just in time."


       While in reality Jimin knew that the man was making all this up to sell their story until the boss and Yoongi caught the exact signal, he still had to fight down the urge to growl at the imaginary threat trying to get between him and his alpha.


       Junghyun smirks. "Well we'll be glad to take him off your hands. I mean damn. That ass is amazing. Look at his plump lips, they'd look so good around my dick. You want that, omega? You want to suck my dick, nice and slow?"


       Jimin couldn't help but roll his eyes, itching to put the asshole in his place.


       So that's what he does.


        "Alright listen, Mr. Sneer. I get that I'm a rare male omega and that I have a nice ass. I also get that you probably haven't gotten laid in a while. All understandable frustrations. However, if you could please stop ogling me with your creepy ass eyes and making up all these scenarios that would never be carried out in a million years, that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, and shut the ever-loving fuck up."


       Laughter sounds in the room, from the guards to Jungkook and even to Minhyuk.


       Fuming, Junghyun stalks out of the warehouse, muttering things about having Jimin on his knees for him one day, he'll see. 


       Mr. Emotionless smiles a pretty smile at Jimin. "That was amazing. No one's told that dick off for years except me. And here you come, an omega at that."


       Jimin smiles back but doesn't register the sudden stiffness in Jungkook's frame at seeing their interaction because he was too busy with a more pressing thought.


        The man obviously wasn't a bad person and he seemed to secretly harbor a certain hate for everything he was doing and who he was doing it with. But in no way did he look like a small or weak alpha, quite the opposite, actually. No, he's not staying for his own gain, there's something rooting him to this illegal profession. 


        I want to get Minhyuk out. 





Chapter Text


       Jimin wasn't expecting Minhyuk to agree so readily. 


       "Wait... did you just say yes?"


       Minhyuk shrugs. "I mean, why not? I've hated this place for so long, any chance to get out is a chance I'm willing to take."


       Jungkook however, was not so fond of the idea. "Why do you want to get him out so bad, Jiminie hyung? You just met him," he states. 


       Minhyuk holds back a smirk while Jimin sighs. He knew that there was something going on between the two men and couldn't help but be amused at the disdain on the curly haired man's face when he found out Jimin wanted to get him out. 


       "Kookie, we can both see he's not a bad person and most importantly that he wants to get out. I don't know what's rooting him here, but it can't be good."


       Jungkook just sighs and looks away, crossing his arms like a child. 


       "Jimin-ssi, thank you so much, but I don't know how possible this actually is." 


       Confused, Jimin tilts his head and waits for the man to elaborate. "You see, I have... I had a daughter. She was my life but," Minhyuk swallows. "I haven't seen her in years."


       "Why not?" Jungkook was empathetic to the man's situation, so he allowed himself to be curious. 


       Minhyuk sucks in a breath and readies himself to speak. "7 years ago, I was happily married. Maybe it was because I was young and stupid, but my wife and I really loved each other and didn't care about any consequences we might've faced. We should've. When I was about 15, 16 maybe, I was in a gang. My family has a sort of dynasty with that type of thing, so of course I had to join and of course I eventually became the leader, young as I was. I didn't really have a problem with it until I met Jiyoung, my wife. It was in a police station, funnily enough. I was there to get out of some trouble I'd caused with my recklessness and she was in there because her brother had been attacked by a gang. Surprise surprise, it was my gang that did it and I was in that group when it happened. We weren't supposed to do it - we had no reason except that we were bored. 


       "I sit down next to her in the station, not knowing at that time that I was part of the reason she was a crying mess. I try to console her, we start talking, months go past, we start dating. Keeping up with her and my gang was already hard enough, being the leader was even harder. I couldn't do it anymore. At 18 we got married and I decided that I didn't want to be involved with this life, especially since she was still grieving her lack of a brother and family in general all while carrying our child. I made the worst choice possible and resigned from my position. 


       "The person that took over for me was someone I was close with, someone I trusted. He was already my second in command so no one questioned it. Some months later, he was killed by someone in the gang. That someone was Choi Jongin, my brother. Chaos ensued because no one knew what to do now. We trusted everyone in the gang and didn't anticipate anyone betraying us. People with bad backgrounds that grew up with each other. We were a pack, and I was their alpha, in a way. Numerous members came to me, trying to get me to return to that life and become their leader.  No matter how many times I said no, someone was always asking. One day, a member came when I wasn't there and was met with my wife, who had just given birth to a beautiful babygirl that she would do anything for. When I come home I'm met with an angry Jiyoung and a crying child. After that day we had too many arguments to count; mostly all of them about why I didn't tell her and that I was risking our baby. When we were 21, I came home only to find Jiyoung splayed on the ground, covered in her own blood. You can imagine how hurt and angry I was, how hurt and angry I still am. How broken I feel because the last words I spoke to her were 'I don't think this is going to work out'. I could still hear the baby crying in her room, and when I ran there covered in the blood of the love of my life, I saw her and my brother. 


       "I hate him, fuck. I hate him so much. He's got her with him right now, just like he had her with a gun up to her head that day. She's 7. I missed 4 years of her fucking life, all because I was stupid enough to be in that gang. He's held her over me all this time, said that if I didn't run the gang he'd kill her, and shit, I know he would. I knew why he wanted me to be the leader - the members would never have agreed to him running the gang, he was the one person no one fully trusted. They're good people, Jimin-ssi, no matter the situation they're in. They didn't want someone who kills innocents for fun telling them what to do. So of course he took my daughter and can use me like a puppet. I'm not leaving until I know she'll be safe if I do. I need her with me, Jiyoung would want her with me."


       By now both Jimin and Jungkook were ready to do anything they could to help this man they'd just met, the strong alpha who was crying in the middle of a coffee shop because he wanted his daughter back. 


       "Fuck hyung," Jimin says, feeling much closer to him now that he'd shared something so intimate, "that's messed up. We're going to help you. We'll find a way." 




       "Uh Jimin? Why do our sources say you're in a coffee shop with the enemy right now?"


       Jimin purses his lips and shrugs even though Yoongi can't see him. "We were thirsty."


       "What the fuck."


       Jimin sighs and leans against the bathroom stall's door. "Blame our bodies, not us."


       "I don't even- you know what? Never mind. There's only one there with you. Where is the other?"


       "Ah yes, I have a lot to tell you, hyung."


        "Well you better start talking, cause Namjoon-ah and I are quite perplexed."


       Jimin walks out the bathroom and puts a finger up to signal his kookie and his hyung that he'd be back momentarily. Walking to Minhyuk's car, he gets in and situated. 


       "You ready, Jimin-ah?"


       The omega reclines his seat and closes his eyes.


       "Yeah, I am hyung."




        Jimin knew what polyamory was. 


       In fact, he'd been in that type of relationship before. 


       It was with two girls. Which is funny, because he was currently about as straight as a rainbow. 


       They were both kind, sweet, beautiful girls that truly loved Jimin. 


        One was a blonde named Sana.


        The other was a brunette named Jisoo. 


        Sana and Jisoo had met Jimin in their freshmen year of high school. They both developed a crush throughout the year and eventually, both confessed that they'd been slowly falling in love with him in the middle of the year. 


       Jimin didn't know until later that they were already together before he came and when they both developed feelings for him, it caused chaos in the relationship.


        Jisoo thought Sana would leave her, Sana thought Jisoo loved Jimin more than her, and so on and so forth. 


        Initially Jimin wasn't sure about the growing feelings he had for both girls and told them so, not wanting to lead them on. Scared and confused, he turned to Taemin with the problem, oblivious to the fact that he also liked him.


        His hyung had simply held him close, not letting Jimin know how much it hurt that he could have feelings for not only one, but two girls, and not him. 


        "It's okay, don't cry, Jimin-ah. Do you know what a polyamorous relationship is?"


         Jimin had shaken his head while sniffling. 


        "It's when you love more than one person, so you enter a consensual relationship with those people."


        The omega had looked up with wide eyes. "People do that, hyung?"


        Taemin smiled through the pain. "Yes. And you can too, if Sana-ssi and Jisoo-ssi are okay with that."


        The next day in Sana’s  room after school, Jimin had eagerly told the two girls of his newly found knowledge.


        Jisoo smiles. "We know, Jimin-ah. We wouldn't have mentioned anything if we weren't okay with that."


        Sana nods. "That's right. Jisoo and I have had many arguments over this before Moonbyul noona told us what polyamory is. We know we're young, but we just don't have a problem with it. Maybe we'll regret it later, but right now we know that we love each other and we love you. We'll cross whatever difficult bridges are in front of us when it gets to that point."


        By sophomore year, they were dating. 


        It was a challenge. It wasn't lost on Jimin that he was already with two girls at the age of 16, and on top of that he liked Jungkook a little more than he should. The two boys had just about had it up to here with the platonic nature of their relationship and Jimin was getting ready to break it off with Sana and Jisoo in order to fully give himself over to the feelings he got when he was around Jungkook with a clear, conscious mind that he wasn't cheating, even though the girls knew the thin veil of their teasing relationship and the feelings they hid under it. In fact, they were also going to break things off despite their love for him in order to make him truly happy.


       Needless to say, Jungkook was quite upset.


        Even more needless to say, Jimin didn't really want to be in the relationship anymore.


        Somehow even more needless to say, the omega was once again, scared, confused, and most of all, in love.




        "Wow that's... wow. No yeah, alright we'll get him out. That Minhyuk guy had a fucked up life."


        Jimin smiles. "Thanks hyung. I don't completely know why, but I really want to help him."


        The omega could hear the smile in Yoongi's voice. "You're very sweet, little one."


        A rap on the door gathers Jimin's attention. 


        Rolling down the window, Jimin beams at a suspicious Kookie.


       "What were you doing in here, Jimin?"


       "That's hyung to you, brat."


        "What were you doing in here, hyung?"


        Minhyuk's rare laughter sounds from the back seat when he slides in and hears the two young men bickering. 


        Jimin gets in the driver's seat and starts the car. 


        Minhyuk looks at the trees from within the speeding vehicle and then up at the omega driving his car and the kookie lounging in his passengers seat. A feeling he hadn't experienced in a long time settles in his chest. The alpha thought this might be what happiness felt like - here, sitting in the backseat of the car with a protective alpha and kind omega and the outside world that didn't seem like it was out to get him for once. 


        "Where are we going Jimin-ah?" he asks.


        He briefly turns his head and smiles. "You're going to meet the boss."




        When they get back home they could hear the faint sound of talking in Namjoon's office and head there first. 


       "-so I came here."


       A voice that sounded sort of familiar to Jimin had just finished speaking.


       Jungkook reaches forward and opens the door. 


       A mop of blond hair spins around to face them.


       A sculpted face is what Jimin sees before it breaks out into the biggest smile possible. 


       "Hey Jimin-ah! Guess who's back?!"


        "What the actual fuck- Seokjin?!"




Chapter Text

^low quality pic but a high quality man




       "Did you miss me, Jimin-ah?"


       The omega sighs and turns right back out of the room, wondering if one of his other alphas were going to mysteriously appear.


       Wait... my alphas? 


       Choosing to ignore the fact that he just called Seokjin his alpha (along with the other 5) he goes to the kitchen and makes a bowl of cereal.


       "Uhh, Jimin-ah? What do you want me to do?"


       The man in question looks back at Minhyuk. 


       "Oh yeah, uh you hungry? Seems like the boss is a little busy."


       Minhyuk smiles, "Sure."


       Making Minhyuk a bowl of Cheerios, he takes his Cinnamon Toast Crunch and sits on the couch with the alpha following. 


       Yoongi's voice sounds from the hallway.


       "The boss needs you, little one."


       Jimin huffs and stands up before putting his bowl in the sink while Minhyuk shoots him a thumbs up. 


       "What's up, hyung?"


       Namjoon smiles. "So I see that you are acquainted with Seokjin hyung already."


       "Yeah he got blood all over my couch and him and his broad ass shoulders slept in my guest room."


        Seokjin shrugs. "I don't deny any of that."


        Jungkook laughs from behind Jimin. 


       "Excuse me," he says. The curly haired man was carrying an entire couch like it was nothing, doing his best to fit it through the doorway. Jimin quickly gets out of his way. 


        Setting the furniture down, Jungkook smiles brightly at Seokjin. "Alright hyung, there you go."


       Seokjin beams right back at him before sitting down; apparently everyone was in a happy mood.


        Everyone except the grumpy omega, of course.


       "I came here to talk to you about officially getting Minhyuk out of this fucked up business and what do I find? A Worldwide Handsome, a Namjoon, and a Yoongi chatting it up like they're old friends."


       Sheepishly, Jungkook rubs his head and looks down with a slight smile. "Well I mean..."


       Jimin points accusingly at him. "You too?! Goddamnit I can't escape all you alphas."


       Laughter that kind of sounded like a windshield wiper graces Jimin's ears. "Yah Jimin-ah, no need to get so worked up. What's the matter, beautiful?"


       Jimin's finger is now pointing at Seokjin. "That! That's the matter, beautiful. All of you flirt with me way too much, and frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if Taehyung suddenly showed up and showered me with all his alpha pheromones just like the rest of you and-


      "Are you fucking kidding me?"




       Taehyung smiles brightly. "What's up, Jiminie?"


       Jimin just stares at him with a blank face, smelling his scent mix in with the other's now that they all were standing right in front of him, side by side, with toothy grins. 




       Jimin stops himself and takes a much needed deep breath. "You're here too, Taehyung?"


       The alpha nods enthusiastically.


       "So nearly all the people that have been flirting with me for the past days are in one place, right in front of me?" His tone was eerily calm.


       It was now Jungkook who nodded with a little too much pep.


       "...So what now, huh? Hoseok shows up?"


      The office door slams against the wall. "Hey pretty!"






       The six alphas standing in front of Jimin were all still smiling like they thought this was the funniest thing in the world. Jimin was not as amused.


       He was guessing they caught on when his eyes narrowed into slits. 


       What he didn't notice was his eyes turning the icy blue they always did when he experienced strong emotions.  


       "Hey uh, Jimin? I know you're mad at us and everything, but is that why your eyes are blue?"


       Confused, Jimin shakes his head. "I'm not that mad. My eyes are blue?" He leaves the room and goes to look in the mirror of the bathroom. "Shit my eyes are blue."


       Taehyung speaks from outside the door. "Yeah why is that? If you're not mad then what else could you be feeling right now?"


       Jimin's eyes widen as he realizes why his eyes changed color when the combination of all the alpha's smells hit him once again and his pupils dilate. 


       "Oh," he says and pushes through the alphas as his vision blurs.


       "Jimin?!" Namjoon shouts, concerned as his (his?) omega stumbles into his room.


       "I'm fine I just-" Jimin sits down on the bed and covers his face with his hands, doing his best to quiet the sudden pounding in his head. "I just need a little." The scents of the 6 other men in the room overwhelm him to the point that it's a challenge to not just lay down and take a nap. 


       A hand grabs his arm and tries to gently pry it away. "Jimin-ah, are you okay?" Yoongi asks. 


       No. He wanted to say. I'm not okay. But it was becoming a little too much. Too many smells and sounds, too many hands and voices; it was too hot and stuffy and fucking suffocating. Jimin had never experienced what they called a pheromone high, a time where you were around an alpha or smell you really liked and they were so close that they were all you could smell and it overwhelmed you. 


       But in Jimin's case, there were six.


       So yeah, it was pretty bad. 


       At this point, the boys were extremely worried and confused. "Jimin-ah, please tell us what's wrong. Your eyes just became an even lighter blue and - where the fuck did you pupils go?!"


      The omega couldn't take Jungkook's loud tone and clamped his hands over his ears, doing his best to quiet the thoughts and feelings running rampant through his body. 


       He was ridiculously aroused because all the scents he'd become obsessed with were in one place.


       He was scared because he was surrounded by six men that all clearly wanted him, and that was a disaster waiting to happen - alphas don't like to share.


       He was worried because he was worrying them, which is the last thing he wanted to do. His wolf had already claimed them as his alphas, but Jimin was a little more hesitant. 


       Six alphas?


       He didn't know if he could take it. 


       The only reason he was only now realizing just how many people wanted him was because he'd been in a polyamorous relationship before and wasn't new to flirting with more than one person at a time. But this? This was a whole other level. 


        Jimin was an omega, this was something he knew well. How to deal with everyone hitting on you. How to deal with being groped by random people, how to put disrespectful alphas in their place, how to deal with his heat on his own - all the works. 


       The only problem was that he'd never liked anyone back. 


       And now he did.


       To say the least, this was problematic. 


       His head doesn't stop spinning even when someone removes their hand from his shoulder. Namjoon speaks. "Guys, I think he's going through a pheromone high."


       "You mean like when an omega is around an alpha they want and get overwhelmed by their desire?"


        Jimin couldn't see, but Namjoon nods. "Yeah, except I read somewhere that with male omegas it's even worse. We all know that when female omegas experience pheromone highs, their judgement is so clouded by arousal that they forget all reason and only want to be bred. With males, it's, nearly the same, but there are additional thoughts. They're scared and feel kind of dizzy. I think that's what is happening."


       "Shit Jimin hyung," Jungkook says with regret laced in his tone, "we didn't know - we're so sorry."


       Jimin wanted to comfort his dongsaeng and tell him that it was okay because he didn't know, but he couldn't will the words past his lips. 


       A chorus of apologies fill Jimin's now uncovered ears, their words tumbling with each other as they all desperately try to express their apologies to their omega. 


       Yoongi speaks over them. "Okay guys, I think we need to leave. Our scents are too much and we shouldn't make him feel like this anymore. Taehyung-ah,  could you get him some water? Everyone else file out."


       Worries are still being mumbled while the men reluctantly trudge out the room to give Jimin some space. When Taehyung comes back with his water, another apology is the last thing he hears before allowing the darkness to take hold. 




       Namjoon was worried. 


       When he first saw the omega, he'd been so headstrong yet submissive at the same time. His cute ass blush would appear every time any one if the alphas made a comment. 


       The boy wasn't innocent, but he was adorably shy. 


       Especially when he and Yoongi called him little one. 


       The alpha didn't know why he did it, he'd never called anyone something like that before - in fact, he didn't have a pet name for anyone at all.


       It was just the first thing he thought of when he saw Jimin. Cute, tiny, sweet, yet somehow incredibly sexy, confident, and beautiful Jimin who made Namjoon see red when Jungkook pulled him onto his lap.


       But he had to be calm and collected. He was the boss, after all. The boss of Yoongi, Taehyung, Jungkook, Seokjin, and Hoseok respectively, but he also ran an entire network of men and women who's only job was to help who they could and subdue who they couldn't.


       Taehyung's sigh interrupts Namjoon's reverie. "I hope he's okay."


       "He is," Jungkook answers, "hyung's always been strong. We just need to give him time."


       Taehyung smiles at Jungkook.


       "There's something we need to address," Seokjin states. 


       "What's up, hyung?"


       The oldest takes a deep breath. "We all like Jimin."


       And in an instant, the room's atmosphere is that much heavier. 


       Jungkook raises his hand, "Love," he states.


       The other 5 alphas are shocked. "Love?! You love him already? I mean... shit. Is that what I'm feeling?"


       Jungkook rolls his eyes at Taehyung. "No idiot, Jimin is my childhood best friend I talk about all the time. I've loved him for years, but we hadn't seen each other in a while."


       "Well shit," Yoongi says. "You've got a head start, you cheating fuck."


       "Hey! I'm not cheating! We just knew each other already."


       "Whatever you say, Kook."


       Jungkook was still grumbling when Hoseok speaks up. "Ok ok, enough of that. Anyone else got something to admit?"


       When no one says anything, he nods. "Ok, back to the problem at hand. We all like him."


       Namjoon frowns. "It doesn't have to be a problem."


       "What does that mean?" Seokjin speaks for everyone.


       "You guys ever heard of a polyamorous relationship?"


      They all shake their heads expect for Jungkook. His eyes widen. "Oh shit! Yeah. Jiminie hyung was in one."


       "He was?" Taehyung asks.


       "Yeah. With these two girls - Jisoo noona and Sana noona."


       Hoseok frowns. "Wait is he straight?"


       It's silent as everyone thinks of the possibility of Jimin not wanting them.


       Well, nearly everyone.


       Jungkook is wheezing, unaware of the other five alpha's eyes on him, surprised.


       "I'm sorry you just- Jimin? Straight?" Another round of laughter bursts from the maknae. "Oh no, oh no no no. Jimin is most definitely not straight or anything of the sort."


       "Then why did he date not only one girl, but two?" Seokjin asks.


       Jungkook snorts. "I don't think hyung even wanted to be with them. They dated when they were like 16. Not exactly the best age to be making those types of decisions."


       "I suppose you're right," Namjoon mulls. "Why don't we just ask him."


       The men decide that Namjoon's idea was a good one with a nod. 


       For some reason, they completely looked over the fact that Jimin basically just passed out from arousal caused by their scents and gets all flustered when they flirt with him in favor of being worried that he was really a hetero.


       They also conveniently forgot that there was a whole other person in the room, awkwardly sitting there with his hands folded in his lap. At one point, he got up and went to get something real to eat. While out, he decided that he didn't want to be around all the tension in the room and stayed at a hotel after sending Jimin a quick text - he got his number when they entered the coffee shop, much to Jungkook's dismay.


       Hours go past.


       The men were getting fidgety, wondering if they should just go check on him, but worried that if they did they'd make it worse.


       The sound of a door opening causes their heads to swing in that direction.




       The omega is swarmed with alphas from all sides. Squishing his cheeks, fixing his hair, just touching him period.


       "Back up fuckers!" He yells and they all step back, quite amused.


       "Sorry, Jimin-ah," Hoseok smiles, "we were just so worried. You're okay right?"


       Jimin smirks. "I will be... if you guys let Kai and Taemin come here so I can talk to them."


       Namjoon is sputtering like a fish so Yoongi answers. "But this is our secret domain!" he whines.


       Jimin rolls his eyes. "It's a fucking mansion in the middle of a nice ass neighborhood with expensive ass cars in the paved ass driveway - and they've been here before."


       Though clearly reluctant, Namjoon nods, a slight pout on his face that made Jimin's heart stutter. "Fine..."


       Jimin beams and pulls out his phone while Jungkook and Taehyung go to the kitchen to get something to eat. 


        Finally going into his messages that he's been ignoring for the past few days so he wouldn't get yelled at, Jimin sees how many times people tried to text him. 


       113 new messages


- the mentally challenged turtles -


    ~ cute turtle 

          ...hey guys


deformed turtle ~



smart turtle ~



deformed turtle ~

I was first suck it 


smart turtle ~

shut the fuck up monkey


deformed turtle ~

no u


     ~ cute turtle

           you know what? why do I even try


smart turtle ~

baby we've missed you!

are you ok?

did they try something?

shit we should've come earlier...


     ~ cute turtle


           what do you mean "should've come earlier"?


smart turtle ~



deformed turtle ~


way to fucking go kai

you've alerted him of our presence

not such a smart turtle now, are you?


smart turtle ~



     ~ cute turtle 

           what the fuck 

            where are you guys?



       The door bell rings and Jimin looks up from his phone, deathly calm. Walking to the door, he swings it open.


       Kai smiles sheepishly. "Surprise?"





Chapter Text


       Jimin's only response to the sheepish men standing at the threshold of the mansion is to close the door.


       "Hey!" he hears through the wood. It was Taemin, who had the audacity to sound offended.


       "Hey my ass! What the hell are you two doing here?"


       Kai responds to Jimin this time. "If you let us in we'll explain everything!"


       Jimin huffs, unaware of the six alphas standing behind him, spectating the showdown with untamed curiosity. 


       "If I let you guys in, you have to promise not to hug me. I'm still mad - I'm a grown ass man after all. You don't need to know where I am at all times!" 


       Jimin could practically hear the whines from the other side of the door. "Finnneee," the men chorus. 


       Slowly, Jimin reaches for the door handle and turns it. 


       And the air is knocked right out of his lungs. 


       "Jiminie!" Taemin yells, giving him a bone crushing hug. 


       "I've missed you so much, baby!" Kai exclaims, but Taemin didn't like that statement.


       He narrows his eyes. "I missed him more."


       Oh God, Jimin thinks, they can never just get along.


       "I think the fuck not," Kai says with an eyebrow raised. 


       "Well you don't think at all, so for once you're right." 


       Taemin's smug smirk makes Jimin sigh.


       5 4 3 2...


       "Now listen here you demented ferret," Kai begins, "you have no idea how much I missed my little baby, so you can shut the fuck up, cause all you're spouting right now is bullshit."


       "Hey! If I spout bullshit, you spout rainbows you gay fuck," Taemin protests.


       "You're gayer than I am!"




       "Taemin, yesterday you asked me how much tickets to a Lady Gaga concert is. What straight men would you find at that concert, huh? None! Because straight men go to strip clubs, not Lady fucking Gaga concerts."


        "I-I'm sure there are some."


       "Taemin her name is Lady Gaga. Do you hear me? Cause I don't think you do."


       Taemin huffs and crosses his arms, looking more like a cute pouty baby more than anything at this point. "That's discrimination."


       Kai's bewildered expression made Jimin giggle. "Discrimi-" Kai inhales deeply. "Taemin sweetie, I think you got your definitions wrong. Look in that shallow word bank of yours and pick out another one. Come on, you can do it." 


       "Fine then - that's cremation."


       At this point, the little argument between Jimin's best friends had greatly amused the other six alphas, who were all laughing. The other two men, however, were paying no attention to anything else but their intense search for an appropriate word.


       Kai just blankly stares at him for a moment. "No, Taemin. That is not cremation."


       Taemin's eyebrows furrow. "Uhhh, classification?"


       "That's a little better," Kai says uncertainty, "but I was going more for 'stereotypical'."


        Taemin's eyes light up. "You're so smart, Kai! Did you hear him, Jiminie? Stereotypical... genius!"


        Jimin can't help but smile lovingly at his hyung. "Yeah, I saw Taeminnie."


       "Minnie!" Kai suddenly exclaims, walking towards him with open arms. Jimin happily hugs him, realizing that he missed his best friend's scent that always grounded him. "I've been so lonely without you - I haven't had cuddles in so long." Kai pouts cutely. 


       Jimin feels another pair of arms wrap around him and Kai and hears Taemin's offended voice next. "We just cuddled yesterday, Kai."


       "Yeah but they're not Jimin's cuddles."


       Taemin punches Kai's arm. "Bitch."


       A throat clears, popping the little bubble of reunion the friends had constructed. Jungkook's eyes narrow. 


       "Hey uh, who are they?" 


       The suspicious tone in Jungkook's voice didn't surprise him. The man had always been quick to jealousy, especially when it came to the omega. It seems like he didn't remember Kai from their childhood, either. He was always so focused on Jimin.


       Jimin just smiles brightly. "They're my best friends!"


       The gasp of offense Jungkook lets out makes Jimin giggle and his five other suitors coo. "I thought I was your best friend! How could you... after everything?"


       Jimin couldn't wipe the smile off his face as he walks over to Jungkook and hugs him around his waist, tucking his face in his chest to smell Jungkook's manly scent. The alpha did his best not to have a seizure but it was hard when you a had a small, cute mochi clinging to you with the squishiest cheek on your hoodie covered chest.


       Seokjin huffs. He felt like everyone had had more time to spend with Jimin than him, especially with the way they all treated each other like they went way back.


       "Let's move to the living room," he says with a bright voice, doing his best to temper down his jealousy. When they reach the circular couch they all snuggle up to one another. Jimin was in the middle of Yoongi and Kai, who both held on to him like a life line, but for very different reasons. 


       Kai just missed his best friend, the sunshine in his life along with Taemin; Jimin was his other half.


       Yoongi, however, couldn't keep ignoring the growing feelings he was developing every time Jimin looked at him. Or the way his heart fluttered when the omega smiled. Jimin breathing was enough to brighten Yoongi's day. 


       In the middle of them, Jimin was a blushing mess. Cuddling with Kai was something he was extremely familiar with. His best friend gave him a sense of comfort in the way he lovingly (albeit platonically) held him. 


       So no, he was certainly not blushing because of Kai. The one to blame for the heat in his cheeks was Yoongi. Yoongi who silently engulfed him in his arms, even being as short as he was, he made Jimin feel loved in a much different way than Kai or Taemin did, and Jimin was starting to crave that feeling. But he wasn't the one to blame. When you give an omega with a praise kink six alphas who couldn't keep their hands off of him and constantly flirted with him, what did you think was going to happen? He wasn't going to magically be cured of his praise kink, especially not when the six alphas that constantly doted on him also happened to be incredibly hot. 


       Jimin was in heaven. 


       The other alphas, however were not as euphoric. 


        Don't get them wrong, Jimin was in the same room as them, so they were all happy to an extent. But Seokjin and Taehyung had spent the least amount of time with Jimin than everyone else and felt like if they didn't do something soon, they would lose their hold on him. 


       Seokjin was a little more calm about it, thinking it was best to keep a level head so as not to trouble the omega with the pressure of pleasing six men at once. But Taehyung didn't think that far, all he knew was that Jimin was spending all his time with someone else that wasn't him and he was worried that Jimin would forget all about the clear attraction between the two. 


       "Yoongi hyung, Kai hyung," he whines, "you guys have to share Jiminie."


       Jimin narrows his eyes at him but the sight was nothing more than adorable since he had his cheek squished against Yoongi's chest, who thought he might just die young, and from a heart attack, nonetheless. "How come those two get to be called hyung and not me?"


       Taehyung sputters. "It's only like two months though!"


       Jimin shrugs. "I'm still older."


       Taehyung just sighs and lays down again, hugging Namjoon. 


       Jimin speaks first. "So Taeminnie, Kai, why were you guys at the door?"


       "Well you can guess how worried we were. I mean, we're kidnapped super early in the morning and taken to this big mansion and it's like something straight of a cliche book and then we're told that you somehow found a way to get us out of there but you have to stay and we keep texting you but you never answer and-" he takes a deep breath, "and then you finally do text us but even before you did were we had already been on our way to find the mansion and we got lost like six times because we were going off of a very vague memory so it wasn't that reliable but luckily we found it and now we're here."


       Jimin was going to respond to his best friend's rant, but something else was nagging at the back of his mind. 


       What am I forgetting? I feel like someone's supposed to be here... Jimin's eyes widen.


       "Where's Minhyuk?"


       The room is silent. "Uhh," Hoseok speaks up, "I don't really know. I think he left at some point..."


       Whipping out his phone, Jimin quickly finds Minhyuk's contact.


       - Minhyuk 😁 -


       ~Minnie ☀️ 

          Minhyuk? where'd you go?


hyuk 👌 ~

oh hey jimin

there was a lot of tension earlier so I just kinda... left


       ~ Minnie ☀️

             damn I'm sorry


hyuk 👌 ~

You weren't even there why are you apologizing 


       ~Minnie ☀️

            I just consider myself responsible for their stupidity for some reason

            but that's besides the point 

            where are you right now?


hyuk 👌 ~

oh I went to get smth to eat but didn't want to trigger my alpha with all the dominant pheromones in the air so I'm at a hotel atm


       ~ Minnie ☀️

            Oh ok well I think everything's calmed down now and you can come back if you want 


hyuk 👌 ~

omw 😁


       Jimin smiles at his phone, satisfied. There. Now everyone will be here and I won't have to worry about anyone getting themselves in trouble cause Lord knows they wi-


       Holy fuck what happened here...


       The air was thick with pheromones of all kinds. Jealousy, anger, possessiveness, dominance, you name it. 


        The sight would've terrified any omega. Hell, betas too.


        Six alphas were glaring at each other, all their scents battling for the top spot, which was essentially just the scent that Jimin would be able to smell the most. If he could smell it and see the way it triumphed over everyone else's, he would think him the strongest alpha. 


       But they were all even. No one could get the higher ground - as soon as one scent would start to intensify another would match it until they all did. 


        The whole process was just so very alpha. So animalistic and aggressive and stupid that Jimin could feel himself fold into the warm inside of his oversized hoodie, looking cute as ever but feeling only fear. 


       The two other best friend alphas in the room were mentally fighting their instincts which told them to dominate and establish their place. They were so focused that they didn't notice the spike in Jimin's scent. They didn't notice the way Jimin was also doing everything in his power to fight his own instincts that told him to run without sparing a glance back. 


       This wasn't a good environment for him, but then again it wouldn't be a good environment for any omega.


       They couldn't help that the instinct to protect themselves was just as strong as their instinct to eat, and it was essentially the same thing - survive. 


       If it was any other omega, they probably would've taken off already, many would've cried. Their nests would be the first place they went to try to soak themselves in their own scent so as to find comfort in the familiarity and comfort of home. 


       But Jimin wasn't just any omega. He went to a large university as the only male omega, and to make things that much worse, his scent was intoxicating. 


       People all around the world loved the simple smell of a rainy day. What made Jimin's different was all the smaller smells mixed into it. Jasmine, myrrh, roses. Yeah, it was pretty nice.


       But despite being different from many others of his class, he didn't differ in his genetic makeup. And right now, his genetic makeup was telling him that it couldn't handle all the different smells and violence in the air. 


       Jimin abruptly stands up, interrupting the alphas' petty scent war as they stare up at his sudden movement. "Jimin," Taehyung asks, "everything alright?"


       And Jimin wanted to respond, he really he did, but the room was too suffocating. He was scared that if he opened his mouth he might cry just because that was what his brain was telling him to do. Show them you're weak. Don't look like a threat. Make sure they know you're harmless. Don't let them hurt you...


       His body wasn't any better. It was like he could feel the weight of the room on his shoulders, the tension built up over the past week in his legs, disabling his ability to walk. He couldn't move, all he could feel was the intense gaze of 8 alphas on him, searching him for the cause of the scared look on his face. 


       Namjoon gets up. "Jimin? You alright, little one?" He puts his hand on his shoulder.


       It was the last straw for Jimin.


       The omega looks up at the man with terrified eyes. He was going to hurt him, he would take advantage of his weakness, he would force him...


       Jimin seizes up. 


       He would force him.


       Just like his father did.


       - flashback -


       "D-dad please stop."


       "Shut up, slut." His father roughly grabs his neck from behind and squeezes. Jimin can feel the air escape his lungs until he can't breath anymore. The air that he always took for granted until he didn't have it anymore. 


       His father releases his throat after a good thirty seconds, right when Jimin felt like he couldn't take it anymore.


       Right when he felt like it might've been better that way.


       Jimin takes a gulp of air before coughing as his father leans in closer. 


      In that moment Jimin swore that evil was a tangible thing. Something you could feel and touch. Something that could feel and touch you. He felt like it could be in the way you thought and how you acted. In the air you breathed in and out.


       He felt that his father was the epitome of evil in the way he forced Jimin over and tied him up over the desk, the top of the chair digging into his groin and his ass unbearably hurt. But no pain could compare to the deep void that grew in his heart every time his father took advantage of his weakness. Jimin had a hard time believing that someone could ever truly make him whole again. His father had taken big chunks of his happiness away every chance he got. There was no coming back from this. 


       Hell wasn't temporary. 


       - end of flashback -


       "...Jimin? Jimin!"


       Someone was shaking his shoulders but Jimin didn't care, he couldn't breathe. At first the dominant pheromones were suffocating him, now it was the cloud of fear weighing in the room, and it was almost like Jimin could still feel his father's sweaty hands wrapped around his neck, making him feel like he could be killed at any moment. 


       Jimin didn't need Jungkook shaking him by his shoulders, his entire body was doing enough of that all by himself. 


      His eyes were wide, too wide. The pure terror in his eyes shined as bright as the fire raging in his heart. The feeling was quickly consuming him. He couldn't think. It was too crowded. Everyone was too close. They were gonna hurt him. They were gonna force him...


       Jimin's lips trembled. "P-please. Please don't I can't- I can't take it anymore. I don't w-wanna be here anymore. You're gonna hurt me... you're gonna force me..."


       The boys broke. They'd never seen the omega so scared before, so broken. He was scared. Scared of us?


       Jungkook's confusion and fright was the same as everyone else's. Kai swallows. 


       He knew what was happening. He knew what that piece of shit did to him. 


       He knew that the person that broke Jimin beyond repair was his own blood. His father, the one that was supposed to guide and love him. The one that was supposed to stop anyone from hurting him. 


       The one that took Jimin's happiness away from him, piece by piece with a satisfied sneer on his face and cruelty in his heart.


       "Let him go," Kai speaks. The other alphas look at him with narrowed eyes. 


       "Why?" Hoseok questions. 


       "You're scaring him, this isn't something I can explain - it's his story to tell and it isn't pretty. You have to give him space." 


       Swallowing their urge to wrap the omega in their arms and never let him go, they all step back. Kai slowly makes his way through the small crowd.


       "Jimin? Jimin baby please let me help you."


        But Jimin's memory was too fresh in his mind. It was something he did his best to forget, but you can't just leave things like that in the past. 


       He frantically shakes his head, his eyes far away. "Please don't touch me, I can't take anymore. You're hurting me, please."


       "Baby you have to listen to me. It's me, Kai, remember? Your best friend, your platonic soulmate. I found you, remember? I was with you, I'll protect you. I won't let anything happen to you, you trust me."


       Jimin swallows. "Kai?" He wasn't calming down, he was still too scared to move. But at the very least he could listen to Kai. Kai who always protected him, who stood by him when Jungkook left, who held him all the nights he spent crying until he couldn't cry anymore. Kai who couldn't fI’ll the void in his heart but was damn sure going to try. He took bricks of love and laughter and built a wall around the void so it couldn't suck in whatever happiness Jimin had managed to scramble together in the 2nd half of the year that Jungkook had left. 


       Kai smiles, always loving, and gently cups Jimin's cheeks. "That's right, baby. I'm here I've got you, I've got you..."


       The alpha picks Jimin up, gently and slowly, knowing he wouldn't be able to move; knowing he could still feel his sad excuse of a father gripping his body violently, spouting degrading names, calling him a fag, telling him he would never be loved. 


       Jimin focuses on breathing, trusting Kai to not hurt him like his father did. He wraps his legs around Kai's middle and tucks his face into the crook of his best friend's neck, still shaking even as he breathes in the scent that always grounded him. The scent that enveloped him in the silence of the dark night, the only sound being Jimin's broken sobs as his hands clutched Kai's shirt, the loving alpha telling him that maybe everything wouldn't be okay, but that he would always be there to hold him when he thought he couldn't take anymore. 


        And that's exactly what he did when he tucked him and Jimin under the covers of the comfort of a bed in a random room, breathing in the familiar scent of the omega that he put his life on the line for, thinking about that day a year ago when he found Jimin half dead on the floor of the room they had made so many memories in. Back when everything was okay. 





Chapter Text


       Taehyung's foot taps rapidly on the cherry hardwood floor of the mansion he and the other men lived in. 


      When they formed their little group (it wasn't a gang, it was actually made to prevent gangs from hurting innocents) they were already extremely close, even though Jungkook came late. It was a no brainer that they would live together, especially if they wanted their little organization to operate smoothly. 


      But perhaps little wasn't the right word to describe the group. All six of them were the head of the group with Namjoon being the leader since he was the most level headed. They'd been together for a while now, and they knew things about each other that no one else knew. 


      Taehyung was glad that he had the other boys to be around. He didn't exactly have the easiest life and felt like if Hoseok hadn't found him and taken him in then he would be on the streets somewhere, a part of the gangs the boys were hunting. 


       "Tae, please stop with the foot tapping," Seokjin says and Taehyung bites his lip. 


       "Sorry hyung," he simply responds and bites the inside of his cheek to distract himself from the stifling silence in the room. 


       Yoongi sighs. "We should check on Jimin-ah. I'm worried..."


       Jungkook, who was leaning his elbows on his knees with his hands clasped in front of him, scoffs. 


      "Yeah you do seem very close with Jimin hyung now, don't you? You must be so worried."


      Yoongi glares at Jungkook but Namjoon jumps in before the two can go at each other's throat. "Both of you, calm the fuck down. I know tension is high but we have to stay calm for Jimin, understand?"


       The alphas nod stiffly.




      Suddenly, the door to the room Jimin was in quietly, almost silently actually, opens but the alphas' senses were already heightened because of their worry for the omega. 


      Hoseok shoots up first with Jungkook following until all the men are standing. 


      "Is he okay?" Taehyung asks, his voice heavy with worry.


       Kai sighs. "He's... trying to get there. Listen, I wouldn't advise any of you to touch him for a few days. He might seem like he's happy all the time but he didn't have the best life. But that's not my story to tell."


      The alphas mull over what they've just been told before Seokjin speaks up. "What's he doing right now?"


      "Trying to convince himself that he's okay enough to come out here and face you guys."


       Yoongi looks away sadly. "But he's not, is he?"


      "No. I'm sorry guys. I should be going back though, just came out here to get him some food."


      Taemin bites his bottom lip. "Please take care of him, Kai hyung."


      Kai softly smiles. "I always will."




       When Kai gets back into the room Jimin is sleeping again.


      He walks up to him with a soft smile. "Jimin? Baby can you wake up for me? You need to eat."


      As the omega slightly stirs awake Kai sets the plate of food on the bedside table. 


      "Kai? Are they okay?"


      Kai smiles at the caring omega. "Yeah, they're just really worried about you - they don't know what I know. Even Taemin is worried."


      Jimin's eyes go wide. "Shit! Taemin... could you bring him in here? I think I'm okay now."


      Kai looks at him worriedly. "Do you want me to tell him not to touch you? I know how triggered you can get, and with reason. Don't push yourself to do anything you're not ready to do."


       Jimin smiles and places a hand on Kai's arm. "I'm okay, Kai."


      Kai nods with a small smile and goes out to get Taemin. 


      Jimin was slightly nervous, which was weird because this was just Taemin, his best friend who he trusted more than anything. He doesn't think he would've minded having Taemin come with them when he had his breakdown, he was just so out of it that he didn't think about anything else but being safe in Kai's arms because he knew he wouldn't let anyone touch him.


      Kai comes back in the room, a frazzled Taemin right behind him. 


      "Jimin?" Taemin asks. 


      Jimin smiles, but it isn't the smile Taemin is used to. "Come here, Taeminnie."


      Trying to get the smile that almost seemed broken out of his head, Taemin hurries to Jimin's side, still not touching him because triggering another panic attack was the last thing he wanted to do. 


      Jimin just smiles again (that broken smile that hurt Taemin's heart) and pulls his best friend to him.


      The omega gently pulls on Taemin's middle to let him know that it was okay, he was okay.


      Even if he wasn't. 


      Taemin slowly puts his arms around Jimin until they're tangled up in each other like they usually are.


       It hurt Taemin that his best friend and the man he loved was so broken at one point in his life that a simple hand on his shoulder was enough to send him off. 


      What happened to him? He's always fine whenever we cuddle - it's even him that initiates our cuddles. Who did this to him? Who made him feel like he couldn't trust me not to hurt him?


      Jimin laughs, but it isn't his regular laugh that makes him fall all over the person closest to him. This laugh was empty of joy, a cheap re-enactment of his joyful giggles. "Loosen up Taeminnie, I won't bite."


      But Taemin couldn't. Jimin's whole demeanor was ticking away at his initial happiness of seeing the omega. He wasn't sure if he wanted to see him at all if it wasn't really him. 


      Taemin sits up and turns to Jimin, releasing his waist and instead places his hands on Jimin's cheeks. He was staring at Jimin with a painful look in his eyes, like it hurt him to even see the normally happy omega as broken as he was. "Jimin don't act like everything is okay when it's not. I know you, so don't even try to tell me otherwise." The alpha swallows. "Please Minnie, tell what I can do to make it better."


       Jimin knew it was pointless to try to argue with his best friend who knew him more than he knew himself. But he couldn't reassure him either. 


       He couldn't even reassure himself. 


       All he wanted at that moment was to tell his friends that he was sorry for always being such a burden to them. Kai was with him when his father abused him and Taemin had unknowingly been giving him strength over the months after. 


       But the experiences were too fresh in mind. He could still feel the aching in his stomach from being bent over for days at a time with no food with water given every 72 hours. 


       The omega doesn't know how he survived it. He doesn't know how he didn't completely break. How he didn't become a whole other person.


       He's pretty sure it was because of Kai. The alpha never even wanted Jimin to be alone, even if there was a slim chance anything would happen to him. He wanted to be with him every second of the day; he'd seen how alone Jimin looked when he woke up surrounded by IVs in his arm and machines everywhere around him. He didn't get the luxury of being able to move on from everything he suffered yet, and he doubts he ever will. But he tried his best, every goddamned day, because he wanted to be happy. He wanted to be able to fall in love and mate without constantly thinking of the way his father's hands gripped his throat so roughly that it left handprints for a week. 


       He wanted to enjoy his life.


       But it felt like his father had taken that away from him without a second thought. 


       Jimin looks down at the bed before closing his eyes tightly, turning his head to the side as if the action could ward off the depressing thoughts running through his head. He bites his lip. 


       "You can't make this one better, Taemin. I can't be fixed this time."




       Yoongi's leg bounces rapidly , his lips between his teeth as he stares with the other boys at Jimin's closed door. 


       "What even happened?"


       It was Minhyuk, who's gotten back about 20 minutes ago. The alpha had nervously walked in the mansion, cursing Jimin for telling him that the house wasn't as tense as before. Minhyuk guessed Jimin wasn't wrong though, it wasn't as tense as before, because this was much more suffocating. 


       Namjoon looks down and pinches the bridge of his nose. "I don't really know for sure, but I think our dumbasses scared him with the petty scent feud we were having."


       Minhyuk's eyes widen. "You had a scent feud with an omega in the room?!"


       Yoongi dejectedly nods. 


       "Well that was stupid."


       Jungkook glares at him. "No shit Sherlock."


       Minhyuk's eyes narrow. "Fuck you Watson."


       Seokjin rolls his eyes. "Both of you shut the hell up."


       Jungkook huffs and Minhyuk crosses his arms, leaning back in his seat at the kitchen table. 


       The sound of a door opening interrupts the silence. Taehyung is the first to shoot up. "Jimin?"


       It was indeed the omega. He was looking down nervously, his left hand holding his right arm with his lips between his teeth. 


       Kai was right behind him with an arm around his waist. The look in his eyes as he stared at his best friend was painfully concerned, and Taehyung was all too aware that the reason he was so worried was because they did something that triggered a bad memory from Jimin's past. 


       All the boys were standing now, anxiety could be seen in their stances and handsome faces, but they tried their best to keep the feeling out of of their scents so as not to overwhelm Jimin. 


       "Jiminie hyung? I'm so sorry... we're so sorry."


       Jimin glances up quickly and swallows. "Don't apologize, Kookie. You guys didn't know."


       Namjoon shakes his head. "No Jimin, we may not have known that you had something happen to you before that would make this situation even worse, but what we did know was that it's not good for an omega to be in the same room as competitive alphas, but we completely disregarded that. Please forgive us for our idiocy." Namjoon bows to Jimin and all the others follow suit. 


       Jimin bites his lips as he gazes at his suitors with affection clear in his eyes. "I forgive you all."


       And that was all good and well, but they could all feel something off about him, and it worried Hoseok. 


       When he'd been with the boy that night that seemed years ago, he was all smiles and pure happiness. But now his entire aura emitted bittersweet feelings; stress, worry, sadness, emptiness, anger... all things that didn't sound right when talking about the angel with sinful black hair. 


       Oh yeah, Hoseok noticed the color change, and goddamn was he happy about it. The omega looked like a beautiful angel in the form of a man with blonde hair, but with black?


       That was a whole other story. 


       Knowing that his thoughts were going to get filthier and filthier, Hoseok pinches himself but yells immediately after. 


       Jesus! I didn't know I pinched that hard. I'm so sorry Taehyung...


       Everyone looks at Hoseok with confused eyes as the alpha jumps up and down, holding his arm with a comically pained expression. "Dammit why did I even do that? This hurts like a bitch... Shit why does it feel like someone's stabbing me repeatedly?! Just end me now..."


       Jimin begins to giggle while more profanity spills from Hoseok's mouth, who was now doing some weird noodle dance as if to expel the slight stinging from his body.


       And when Jimin giggled, the other members laugh as well, but mostly just from joy from seeing their omega with a real, untainted smile on his face, mirth shining in his eyes as he watched his hyung doing the worm on the floor. 


       Hoseok could always make everything better.





Chapter Text

       Jimin bites his bottom lip so hard he almost draws blood. 


       - flashback -


       "Come out, come out wherever you are, little slut."


       Jimin shakes in his spot in the cupboard. He was going to hide under the bed, but decided that wouldn't be the best idea. Too easy to spot. No, Jimin was going to hide in the cupboard until he heard his father walk past and far away enough. But his father wasn't unfit. It'd be too easy to catch him, especially when Jimin was a scrawny, malnourished  teenage boy.


        But that didn't matter anyway. The omega's labored breathing was apparently too loud, the sound heightened by the tight space. 


       The door flies open and Jimin's wide, scared ayes stare up at his father's cruel face. The sick man smirks. "Found you, bitch."


        - end of flashback -


       "Jimin? You okay?"


       The man swallows. "Y-yeah. I'm okay."


       Yoongi's eyebrows furrow, concerned, but he nods, not wanting to trigger something that might make Jimin feel even worse than he already does. 


       Jimin takes a deep breath and stands up abruptly. "Wait, don't we have to go to uni tomorrow?"


       Taemin's eyes widen. "Oh yeahhh. And don't you have morning classes, Minnie?"


       "Yeah, with Taetae."


       Taehyung's eyes widen, looking around the room at the alphas.


       I got a nickname? I got a nickname!


       Haha, suck it, hyungs. Does he call you  Taetae? Didn't think so, hehe.  


       The smug smile on Taehyung's face made Namjoon roll his eyes. Children...


       "Jiminie can I have a nickname?" the man that was condescending before asks with no shame. 


       The omega giggles, simultaneously melting the hearts of six men. They were already ridiculously whipped, but the fact that he was perfect in every way wasn't helping. 


        I think we just have a Jimin kink in general... That can't be healthy...


       "Of course! I'll call you Joonie hyung! And that's Hobi hyung and Jinnie hyung and of course we have Kookie - but wait, what should your nickname be, Yoongi hyung?"


       Yoongi smiles softly at the omega and shrugs. "You pick, little one."


       As Jimin blushes at the nickname he looks away and thinks hard, his eyebrows furrowing and a cute pout resting on his face. He begins to mutter: "Yoongi hyung... Yoonie, no. Min Yoongi... Min... Min? Min. Min? Mean?" Suddenly he snaps with wide eyes. "That's perfect! You're mean and your first name is Min. I'll just call you Mean hyung!" The smile on the boy's face was blinding in its beauty, and all the boys were entranced. 


       Yoongi sputters, mouth opening and closing, and the sight was so funny to the other alphas, considering that they'd rarely seen Yoongi not be confident about anything. He was either way too sure of himself or he didn't care at all, there was no in between with Mean Yoongi. 


       Jimin just smiles, obviously proud of himself and closes his eyes, small nods coming from the boy almost as if he were thinking yes indeed, me. I am a very smart boy, I am. 


       Yoongi swallows. "But - and hear me out, little omega - I'm not mean to you."


       Jimin's eyebrows furrow. "But when I first met you you told me that you'd blow my brains out if I tried to run."


       This brought a whole new wave of laughter to the alphas, including Minhyuk, Taemin, and Kai, all at Yoongi's expense. 


       "But I just didn't want you to try to escape! We needed you. Plus, it was Namjoon-ah's idea!"


       Jimin gasps, scandalized. It was now Namjoon's turn to be in the spotlight. His eyes were as wide as Jin's shoulders and he put his hands up next to his head.


       "I didn't think he was really going to do it!"


        But the omega wasn't having any of that and he slowly shook his head at the alpha with the caramel colored hair and beautiful tattoos. "How could you. And I even gave you a cute nickname!"


       Jungkook nods somberly. "Indeed he did."


       Namjoon's eyes narrow. "Shut up you instigator."


       Jungkook points at him accusingly, and suddenly his eyes were as wide as Namjoon's and Yoongi's. "At least I didn't try to kill his cute ass before I even met him!"


       Jimin unknowingly pouts and looks down, picking at his shirt. "I'm not cute..." he mutters.


       Hoseok seemed to have heard him over the yelling. "Yes you are, pretty. The cutest."


       Jimin couldn't stop the heat rising to his cheeks and he hated that these men could make him so flustered with a few words. He doesn't always blush this much, he swears; it was just that he had several men constantly doting on him for days straight and now he was feeling all soft and giggly. 


       Well you know, except for the heart squeezing fear he felt every time he thought of his father. 


       And the weight of being courted by six people (alphas at that) all at once. 


       And let's not forget that the men didn't seem to want to share the omega. 


       But yeah, other than that, everything was just dandy.




       Jimin was trying to calm himself down. 


       Deep breath in. Deep breath out.


       Satisfied, the omega slightly nods and opens his eyes. 


       When he steps into the closet (if you could even call it that) he is again amazed. No matter how many times he sees it, he couldn't stop marveling at all the pretty clothes and shoes. This "closet" could fit Jimin's entire dorm room easily, and Jimin was half envious, half fascinated at the sheer size of it. 


       After picking out his clothes (a plain black t-shirt and black skinny jeans) he quickly gets his things to get in the shower. 


       Meanwhile, in his own room, Taehyung gets ready for university. 


       They think none of us will be able to talk to him as much today. Ha, I have morning classes with him, so suck it.  


      And Seokjin hyung is at a disadvantage since he's already out of college and Jungkook ah and Yoongi hyung barely go to school. 


      I'll end this little feud we have going on for the beautiful man.


       The omega is mine.




      It was good to be back in school, Jimin decided. 


      The campus had a new air, one that wasn't as addicting and stifling as the one in the mansion. 


      A random beta runs up to Jimin. 


      "Hi, my name is Kim Sungwoo and I just wanted to say that you're so pretty..."


      Jimin smiles kindly at her, ever graceful as he turns to face her. The girl nearly faints when she hears him speak directly to her of all people. "Thank you so much, but I think you're prettier.


      Sungwoo's eyes nearly fall out of her head and roll onto the grass. 


      "What?! No! You're so much prettier than all of us, even the girls. I don't know how you do it, but your natural beauty is just... wow. I feel like an avocado standing next to you right now."


      A blush rises to the omega's cheeks and he laughs, hand reaching out to land on the girl's shoulder to steady himself. He was very prone to falling, especially when he was laughing.


       Jimin shakes his head and brings his hand up to his mouth, still smiling. "You're wrong. All you ladies are gorgeous, plus, I'm a man. Shouldn't I be handsome instead of pretty? I kind of hate my feminine features if I'm honest, Sungwoo-ssi. I'd be pretty for a girl, but I'm ugly for a man."


       Sungwoo looks properly scandalized. "Beautiful is beautiful, no matter the form. Whether you're handsome or pretty, you're extremely attractive. And that's not even just on the outside. You help everyone you can Jimin-ssi, and even now, when you're probably gonna be late to class, you stand and speak to me. Please don't ever degrade yourself in any way, because you exceed any standards you set for yourself." 


       The girl takes a deep breath from her rant and smiles at the wide eyed omega in front of her. "Sorry for ranting, I've kinda been wanting to say that ever since I saw you stand up to an alpha for that omega girl who was getting bullied. Before seeing that I would've never thought to stand up for anyone other than myself, but seeing you, an omega, stand up to a big, strong alpha really did something to my morals. Thank you, Jimin-ssi. And please hurry to your lecture. I'm sorry for keeping you, but I do hope we can speak again."


       Jimin bites his lip to hold back a smile. This girl had just made his day. His weekend had been filled with chaos and unexpected experiences, but she'd managed to make everything a bit better with her heartfelt words.


       He gently grabs her arm before she can walk away. "I really would like to talk to you again, Sungwoo-ssi. You seem really nice and funny."


       She smiles shyly. Truthfully, she'd wanted to be his friend ever since she saw what a kind person he was. Unlike the other unmated girls in the university, she had wanted to be that, his friend, that is, and nothing more. He was breathtaking in every way, but that didn't mean she wanted to date him. Plus, even if she did want him, his best friends would make sure that didn't happen, the protective fucks.


       "Well maybe we can exchange numbers, then we can meet up and get to know each other more. I mean! That's only if you want..."


       Jimin returns her smile. "Yeah that would be nice, here let me see your phone."


      After inputting his number in her phone and saving it as 'Jiminie 😊', he nods, contented. "Ok, I have to get to class but text me so I can have your number too. It was nice meeting you, Sungwoo-ssi."


       The beta looks at him fondly. "Please, just call me Sungwoo."


       Jimin walked to his first class with the biggest smile on his face.




       "You're late, Mr. Park." 


       Jimin sheepishly rubs his neck. "Ah yes, forgive me, Mr. Lee. It won't happen again." He smiles at the teacher.


       And well, the teacher smiles back. How could one blame him though? It was impossible not to be charmed by the man, he was too sweet!


       "I'll hold you to that, Mr. Park. Please take a seat."


       Jimin walks to his normal spot and quietly sits down so as not to draw attention to himself. The action was in vain - everyone's eyes were on him anyway. With an ass like his, you couldn't help but stare. 


       Taehyung smirks as Jimin sits in the seat next to him. When the omega finally notices who was at his side, he almost has a heart attack. 


      "When did you get here?!" He whisper yells. 


       "I've always been here, sweetheart."


       Jimin swallows at the nickname but wills himself to speak and his heart to not jump out of his chest. "Yeah but since when did you start sitting next to me?"


       "Since we started talking and it wouldn't be weird if I sat next to you to let everyone know you're mine."


       Jimin smirks. "Actually I'm not."


       But Taehyung wouldn't be deterred. "You will be, believe me when I say that, baby."


       Shit. Fuck. Shit.


       And down he goes. 


        The omega looks at the alpha with his bottom lip between his teeth, a new found sultry look in his mesmerizing eyes. "And how will you make that happen, alpha?"


       Taehyung nearly growls at the name. He wasn't sure why of when this developed, but hearing Jimin call him alpha was ridiculously hot, especially when he said it in such a suggestive way. 


       "You overestimate my self control, omega."


       Jimin's wolf purrs, begging him to scent the man. He was suddenly all too aware of way the girls stared longingly at the man sitting next to him. 


       Taehyung was his alpha to look at, not theirs. 


       His to touch and smell, to want and be wanted by. 


       But nothing was set in stone yet. If Taehyung saw a girl that he wanted more than him he could easily leave since they weren't mated, and that angered the omega.


        He needed Taehyung to be his and him to be Taehyung's, and that wasn't going to happen with the way he could practically feel the longing stares of the women omegas, unaware that some were staring at him. 


       All he knew was that they wanted the alpha for themselves. 


       We need to be his, Min. Jimin's wolf conspires. Maybe we could... make him jealous? It's a classic. 


       Jimin couldn't agree more. 


       He swiftly turns his head away from the alpha's predatory eyes, still under a high from the use of his word. 


       There was an alpha who sat right next to him, and Jimin could feel his gaze everyday day. He knew the alpha wanted him, he also knew that he was epitome of a fuckboy. 


       The omega thought his name was Wonho, but he was only half sure, especially in this state. 


       He tries his luck. "Hey Wonho, I'm Jimin."


       Wonho smirks. "I know. You need something, beautiful?"


       The endearment had a whole different feel than when Seokjin said it, but Jimin pushes that to the back of his mind. He fakes a giggle and thinks of Namjoon's smirking face to get a blush in his cheeks. "Yeah I just... I'm feeling really... hot all of a sudden. I know it's not my heat but my hormones are more prominent. Do you think you could help me?"


       Wonho's cocky smirk only grows. "Let's go, baby boy."


       Jimin would've had to stop his cringe if not for Taehyung's low growl.


       And oh cheese sticks, did that turn Jimin on.


       It was low and menacing, dangerous and possessive, and Jimin thought if Taehyung wanted to mark him right now he wouldn't object. 


        Taehyung leans forward, scarily calm. The look in his eyes was beyond aggressive. It was piercing in a way that looked so hot on his angular face - like if Wonho were to even think about looking Jimin's way again he wouldn't hesitate to break his neck. 


       The one word uttered in Taehyung's deep, growling voice had heat pooling in the omega's lower stomach. 




        Wonho's eyes become panicked. "I uh, sorry! I didn't know he was mated. I'll just, yeah." The buff man swallows and turns forward, his eyes not straying from the teacher. Very wise on his part.


       Taehyung stands up and pulls Jimin with him, not saying anything and just walking out the room. The teacher seemed to know that it would not be smart to add his commentary. 


       The alpha roughly pulls them into an empty storage room, pushing Jimin against the wall and locking the door from the inside. 


       The space was minimal and Jimin was smirking in anticipation of what's to come. He knew that Taehyung was very territorial, along with the other alphas. Provoking him was not the best idea if Jimin wanted to keep himself sane with the heavy feelings of possessiveness rolling off the body of the alpha in the form of pheromones.


       Luckily, all Jimin wanted was to fall apart in the strong arms of the alpha - his alpha. 


       Taehyung takes one look at Jimin's smirking face and roughly grabs his tiny waist, holding them both against the wall. There would be fingerprints where he was holding the omega and frankly Jimin was excited to see them when he woke up the next morning.


       "You think this is a joke, baby? If he touched you you wouldn't have seen him tomorrow."


       "Why not? I wanted it, he wouldn't have forced me."


       Another growl escapes the alpha, who's eyes were now a fiery red. "Then I'll just have to make you mine, won't I?"


       "And how will you do that?"


       Taehyung doesn't respond and goes right into it, burying his nose in Jimin's neck and breathing deeply. His lips skim Jimin's jawline and the omega could hardly breathe. 


       He puts his hand on Taehyung's fitted black t-shirt and trails it down his chest, loving the way the taller shivers and pushes their bodies closer, his lips now leaving hungry kisses all over Jimin's neck. 


       He knows he found Jimin's sweet spot when he hears a soft whimper come from his omega and quickly latches his mouth on, sucking and biting until Jimin bites his lip to try and stop the sounds. 


       Suddenly Jimin feels a slap on his ass and gasps, a little worried by his reaction. Shouldn't he be hurt? But he wasn't, instead he was ridiculously turned on.


       "Don't do that. I want to hear you, baby."


       The alpha moves from Jimin neck and to his earlobe, sucking and nibbling lightly. Jimin finally lets out the moan he'd been holding in when he feels the muscles in Taehyung's arms after slipping his hands under his shirt. 


        The moment was so intoxicating - the alpha's chocolaty scent and strong body combined with his sure actions, touching him like he knew exactly where Jimin wanted him to. 


       Taehyung fills his hands with Jimin's ass, squeezing and kneading until Jimin was a whimpering mess beneath him. 


       "So pretty, so good for me, aren't you, baby? You want your alpha. You like it when I touch you, when I praise you, don't you?"


       Jimin moans and begins to suck Taehyung's neck just as eagerly as the alpha had been sucking his own. He feels another slap on his ass. 


       "Use your words, baby."


       Jimin ruts against Taehyung's thigh and the alpha groans, sitting on a box and sitting Jimin on his lap so the omega can grind in a better spot. "Y-yes alpha. I like it."


       Taehyung sneaks his hand up Jimin's shirt, grabbing the skin of his waist and running his hands along his curves. Feeling the hot skin against his hands only seemed to make Taehyung hungrier and hungrier. 


       "Fuck, sweetheart. You're so perfect. I want you."


       Jimin's wolf was growing desperate. "Please alpha. Need you - I need you."


       Taehyung groans and goes in to kiss his omega. 


       "Hey! You kids better not be fucking in my storage room!" 


       The men freeze.





Chapter Text

       So maybe scenting each other in the storage room wasn't the best idea Taehyung and Jimin ever had, but it was totally worth it. 


       For one, when they returned to their classroom no one dared to look at Jimin because he was soaked in Taehyung's chocolaty scent. 


       Jimin didn't think Wonho was breathing at all. 


       The omega felt terribly bad about making Wonho be as terrified of Taehyung as he was, so he decided to apologize.


       Again - not his best decision.


       "Hey Wonho hyung, I'm really sorry about, you know, doing that to make Taehyung jealous. I wasn't trying to make you two dislike each other... but Tae really isn't that bad! He's just territorial..."


       Wonho's eyes were wide but he didn't even glance at Jimin, too scared that Taehyung was going to think he was flirting. 


       Jimin continued to speak, ever the oblivious boy. "But yeah maybe you guys can actually become friends once we get past this misunderstanding. Or you and I could be mates! Not like mates mates just mates, you know? Friend mates, but mates nonetheless."


       Taehyung leans over with a dark look on his face. "What's this I hear about mates? The only way you should be talking about that is if it's with me, sweetheart."


       Jimin narrows his eyes but Wonho looks like he might pee himself. "Now you listen here, Taetae. I can have friends if I want them and we were not talking about mating! And even if we were, I can mate with whoever I choose. You got that, you overgrown alpha baby?"


       Taehyung looses the menacing look after Jimin scolds him. "But Jiminie, you're my omega."


       Jimin just rolls his eyes at Taehyung's whining. "Not yet. What if I wanted to mate with the rest of you overprotective fucks?"


       Taehyung instantly knew that Jimin was talking about Jungkook and the hyungs. "Is that a thing? Can you mate with several people?"


       Jimin blinks. "Oh no I was talking about... wait is that a thing?"


       Taehyung shrugs. "Let's ask Mr. Choi next class." Jimin nods.


       Wonho, however, was not as carefree about the situation. He was scared that if Taehyung thought he was even breathing in his omega's direction he would be pummeled. 


       Sure, Wonho was an alpha. A muscular, dominant one at that. But he was actually just a big softie on the inside who didn't like violence. Even if he did want to challenge Taehyung for the omega, he would surely lose because he'd gone to Taekwondo classes with him in the summer and Taehyung would have him on his ass before he could say 'I surrender'. 


       Wonho swallows when he feels a hand touch his arm. "Please look at me, hyung." Jimin's voice sounded apologetic.


       Wonho fights his instincts that urge him to ease the omega's distress and keeps his eyes carefully trained on the chalkboard. Their lesson was coming to an end.


       Suddenly, he hears a deep voice and goes rigid in his seat. 


       Taehyung sighs, "Wonho hyung, I'm sorry for being so possessive. You can talk to Jimin, I won't interfere."


       Wonho feels another tug on his arm from small, cute hands. Still apprehensive, he slowly turns his head to face Jimin. He's met with a wide smile and kind, sparkling eyes. The kid was too nice for his own good. 


      "I'm sorry, Wonho hyung," the boy says with wide, apologetic eyes, "I didn't mean to make Taetae hate you. Can you please forgive me?"


      Wonho glances at Taehyung and the alpha just nods with a smile, no doubt at how cute his omega was. Wonho sighs and ruffles the omega's hair affectionately. "That's okay, little omega. I know you didn't mean it - plus, I wasn't even mad, I just didn't want Taehyung-ah to be upset with me. I don't mean to come between you two's relationship. I did have a tiny crush on you though. But don't kill me Taehyung! I've already gotten over it. Especially when I can see how much he means to you."


       Taehyung smiles widely and Jimin excitedly hugs Wonho. "Yay! Now we can all be friends!"


      Taehyung pats the omega's head gently. "That's right, sweetheart. Now we can all be friends."




       Jimin and Taehyung were really starting to regret their decision to scent each other.


      Mainly because there were now five jealous alphas standing in front of them with angry eyes and one who was secretly fuming. 




      Taemin knew he'd have to try to move on from Jimin sooner or later, especially when he already had six alphas courting him and the omega didn't seem interested in him like he did with the others. 


      Kai reassuringly rubs his back as Taemin just sighs and puts on a convincing smile. 


      They were all in the living room with Jimin and Taehyung standing at the threshold of the foyer since they weren't able to properly walk in before Jimin's other five suitors were glaring at them. 


      Jimin huffs. "This is all your fault," he accuses Taehyung. 


      Taehyung gasps, offended. "How is this my fault?! You're the one who provoked me!"


      Jimin shrugs. "Not my fault you're a possessive, hot-headed alpha."


      Taehyung narrows his eyes at him. "You knew what would happen - that's why you did it. You're the one to blame for being so perfect that any alpha would jump at a chance with you."


      Jimin's eyebrows furrow, confused. "Thank you?"


      Taehyung huffs angrily. "You're welcome."


      Jungkook finally speaks up. "Hyung! This is not fair. Jimin isn't yours."


      Taehyung crosses his arms. "His smell says otherwise."


      Seokjin gasps. "Bitch, I'm the queen. I should've been able to scent him first!"


      Jimin pouts. "But if you're the queen then what am I?"


      "Oh shit you're right. Okay then you're the queen and I'm the king."


      "But I'm a man."


       "Fuck okay. You're the omega king and I'm the alpha queen."


      "But omega's aren't kings?"


      "Oh yeah... well-" 


      Namjoon cuts them off with a sigh. "Can we please get back to the situation at hand? Taehyung-ah, you scented Jimin but you know we all want him."


      Taehyung sighs. "Sorry hyung, he provoked me."


       Jimin narrows his eyes. "I had a good reason! You knew all those omega girls were staring at you." 


      Taehyung vigorously shakes his head. "Did not. And even if they were, everyone stared at you too."


      "But I could see how they looked at you. They were lurking, waiting until they could get their manicured nails on you! They needed to know that you're mine."


      Taehyung smirks, slightly turned on at the way Jimin claimed him and kisses the omega forehead with a hand on his slender waist. The other alphas were surprised at their own reactions: all of them were also slightly turned on for some reason. This should've made them upset at how Taehyung was claimed by Jimin but they weren't, it was weirdly hot how the omega sounded so fierce and confident. They were anticipating the moment he would feel the same about them, not aware that he already did. 


      Hoseok bites his lip. "Damn pretty, so possessive already, huh?"


      Jimin raises an eyebrow. "If an omega touches any of you we have problems," he confidently states. 


      Yoongi's mouth opens a bit, feeling as all the alphas did an intense affection since this was basically the first time the omega had directly stated that he wanted to be mated to all of them. Jungkook goes up to Jimin and hugs him tightly, Taehyung smiling at him before hugging him and Jimin at the same time. All the other alphas followed until there was a big group hug in the middle of the foyer. 


      Minhyuk groans, head thrown back over the top of the couch and arms spread out on either side of him. "Why do I always feel like a third wheel around them?"


       Taemin shrugs and sits next to him, Kai following. "Correction: we're eighth wheels."


      Kai sighs. "I didn't even know that was a thing. "


      "Maybe it wasn't, but they just made it a thing." Minhyuk states dejectedly. "Whenever they stop all their lovey dovey shit I'll have to talk to Namjoon about getting my daughter away from my brother."


       Taemin and Kai nod in agreement, the three of them wallowing in loneliness at hearing the continuous cooing the other alphas were making at the omega squished in the middle of their disgustingly cute hug.


       Jimin was getting kisses everywhere on his face and couldn't stop giggling at how affectionate the alphas were being. 


      "Guys can't we move this to my room?" he asks. 


       Yoongi nods and picks the omega up, carrying him to his room. When they were all in there they cuddle up to each other. The light was shining through Jimin's bedroom window and hitting his face, framing his features beautifully. Namjoon, who was on the right side of Jimin, lost his breath as he gazed at the omega he longed to call his own. The younger had a small smile on his face, looking so happy with the scents of his suitors whom he was coming to deeply care for enfolding him like a warm blanket. They all radiated contentedness like they were breathing out happiness. 


       The six alphas had been together for years; they knew each other inside and out. No secrets were kept, no unheard feelings harbored. They loved each other dearly, bu they were scared. Scared that the battle for the omega was going to tear them apart. But they wouldn't let themselves give up, nor their pride nor affection nor wolves - no part of them was willing to back down. Each and every one of them could feel themselves falling hard. Every moment they spent with the small omega had their wolves crying out for more, their hearts screaming that he was the one, their minds telling them that this was right, he was right. 


        But they wouldn't worry about that right now. How could they when the one they longed for was radiating euphoria, snug in their arms. Despite knowing that there would be hard times coming soon, none of them would let that get in the way of being happy and carefree in this moment because that was all they could do. 


       Jungkook, who was on the left side of Jimin, softly moves a piece of black hair out of Jimin's eyes with an adoring gaze. "Hyung?"


       Jimin smiles, eyes still closed. "Yes?"


       "Promise us that you'll stay even when things get hard. That you'll bring us back together when we fight for you. Promise us that you'll stay by our sides because we can't make it without you, hyung. Promise us that, please."


       Jimin's heart swells, the soft, small smile still on his face. "I promise."




Chapter Text

I'm not sulli's fan but I recently heard that she committed suicide and shit, this isn't right


Degrading people to the point where they take their own life is disgusting 


She had family and friends and fans - people who really loved her with everything they had - and some people took her away from them because they find pleasure in others' pain 


I didn't even know Sulli before but I was on YouTube and saw some posts about it. Regardless of whether or not I'm her fan, I wanted to pay my respect because idol or not, she is human, they all are, and they deserve to be treated and missed and loved like one. 


I'm so sorry to all her fans who supported her through her rough times and a big fuck you to whoever drove her to this. 


R.I.P sulli ❤️




Chapter Text




       Jimin sighs and leans his head back, thinking of ways to kill himself without making anyone suspicious beforehand.


       Why do I have to go to university again? Oh yeah, cause this world revolves around money and to get money you need an education and to get an education you need money and to get money you need your parents or a shady job and it's honestly quite sad that we scramble around like ants just to live how everyone should be able to for free and - goddammit why is Taemin throwing shit at me again?


       Another sigh escapes Jimin's mouth and he turns around with a deadpan expression, staring at his best friend with exasperation. Taemin was sitting a few rows behind him with a big, devious smile. He waggles his fingers at the omega.


       - big minnie -


       ~ mini minnie 

            tf do you want m8


big minnie ~

rude 🤧


       ~ mini minnie


            why are you disturbing my learning time 


big minnie ~


you weren't even paying attention


       ~ mini minnie

            don't come for me 😔



big minnie ~

yeah yeah


I was trying to get your attention




 ~mini minnie

            *relentlessly assaulting you with paper balls by which you could've gotten a paper cut



big minnie ~

because I  noticed that you had a, how do I say...

𝑙𝑎𝑑𝑦 𝑓𝑟𝑖𝑒𝑛𝑑 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 


       ~ mini minnie

              I just don't even-

               w h a t


              big minnie ~

don't play dumb with me mister 

you know who I'm talking about ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 


       ~ mini minnie




big minnie ~

you're so aggressive 🥺


       ~ mini minnie 

             that's because Sungwoo is just a friend 


big minnie ~

for now ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


       ~ mini minnie 

alright that’s my cue 

see ya 



big minnie ~




I thought we would be forever...

I cri

fine let's see how you fare without your best friend



ttyl minnie 💜


        ~ mini minnie 

              see you at home crackhead 💜


       Jimin looks up from his phone to see Taehyung frowning at it and Wonho suggestively wiggling his eyebrows with a creepy smile. "A lady friend, huh?" he says with a questionable gleam in his eyes. 


       Jimin narrows his. "Yeah?"


       Taehyung leans closer to Jimin so the omega was squished in the middle of the two nosy alphas. He made a mental note to stone Taemin later for causing this. 


       "Is she a lady friend or a lady friend?"


       The omega rolls his eyes. "She's a lady friend. And why the fuck are we calling her that? She just a girl who's a friend of mine."


       Wonho repeatedly raises his eyebrows. "So a girlfriend?"


       Jimin pinches the bridge of his nose and goes to safari on his phone, typing in 'how to commit uninstall life'. Both Taehyung and Wonho laugh, causing the professor to narrow his eyes at his unruly students. "Something funny, boys?"


       Taehyung smirks. "Hilarious."


       Mr. Choi's eyes narrow. "Would you like to share with the class?"


       Wonho purses his lips as if contemplating the question. "Nah not really," he says with a confident grin. 


       Mr. Choi looked like he might bust a vein, so Jimin steps in, ever the angel. "We apologize sir. We won't interrupt your class anymore, please resume your lecture." He smiles and his eyes turn into crescents.


       But Taehyung pouts and Jimin turns to glare at him. "But that's fun," the alpha says. 


       "If you say another word before the end of this period I won't talk to you for the rest of the day."


       Taehyung!s mouth immediately clamps shut.


       Jimin turns to Wonho. "And you, if you say another word before the end of this period I'll flirt with you."


       Wonho's eyes go wide and he stares straight ahead at the board, mouth wisely closed.


       Jimin turns back to the teacher with an angelic smile, urging him to go on. Mr. Choi swallows. He was a little frightened to be honest, the omega had shut two strong alphas up without lifting a finger. Just who was this kid?


       Park fucking Jimin, that's who. 




       Jungkook smiles evilly.


       He was in school for the first time in two months. The alpha was lucky that Namjoon donated to the school so often, otherwise he would've been kicked out.


       But that wasn't what had him grinning so deviously, no, the reason for that was because apparently he had an afternoon class with Jimin.




        Jimin looks at him with wide eyes and a gaping mouth. "What the hell are you doing here?!"


        Jungkook smirks. "What do you mean? I go here."


       Jimin sputters. "No you- but-...well fuck me."


       Jungkook's cocky look grows and Jimin wants to smack him. "Gladly."


      He narrows his eyes. "Fuck you."


      Jungkook pretends to tap his chin in thought. "Isn't that my job?"


       "Fuck!" Jimin groans and plops down in his chair which was oh so conveniently placed right next to Jungkook's.


       "I just can't catch a break, can I?" he mumbles to himself. 


       Jungkook chuckles right when their professor walks in and begins his lecture.


        Thirty minutes later filled with lots of note taking on Jimin's part and snoring on Jungkook's, the lesson ends.


       "All right, class, I'll see you tomorrow. And don't forget to study those notes you were supposed to be taking - you have a big exam in two weeks!"


      Complaining fills the room as everyone gets up to leave. Jimin gathers his things and stands, glancing down at Jungkook.


       I wonder if I should just leave and not wake him up... hehe, that would be funny. Plus, he's so cute like this!


       But I can't be that cruel - he'll miss his next class. But it's not like they'll notice his absence either way.


       Jimin sighs and repeatedly pokes the alpha's soft cheek. 


       "Kookie... you have to get up or you'll miss your next class. Please get up, I don't want to be late. My lecture starts in twenty minutes."


        His best friend stays fast asleep and Jimin groans. "Fine then I guess I'll just have to go to my next class without you. Kai's in that one anyway - he'll keep me entertained."


       Jungkook shoots up and looks at Jimin with narrowed eyes. "Did I hear that fucker's name?"


       Jimin raises an eyebrow. "By that fucker do you mean my best friend?"


        Jungkook gasps. "I'm your best friend!"


       "Not since you left," he shrugs, teasing.


        Jungkook pouts. "But I came back. And now that I'm here, I'll prove to you that I'm a better best friend than he is!"


        Jimin smirks, relishing in the fact that for once he be could the confident one. "Oh? Is that all you want to be?"


       Jungkook gapes. "Wha- no! No, definitely not. Is that all you want to be?"


       Jimin grins with mischievous eyes. "I don't know, is it?"


       "That's why I'm asking you! Do you want to be more than friends or not?!"


       "Do I?"


        Jungkook groans and leans back, deciding that even though Jimin might look like an angel, he was actually the devil personified. 


       Jimin ignores his grumbling and happily skips to his next class. Luckily, he didn't have this one with Jungkook. 


       When he gets in the classroom, he takes his usual seat by the window that he always looked out of when he wasn't taking notes. 


       Hmmm, I still have twenty minutes until this class starts. Maybe I'll go grab something to eat since I haven't yet.


       Jimin stands up and makes his way out the building, stepping into the slightly cold air of September. The wind was stinging his face in its relentlessness, but he savored the way it made him feel new and free. 


       The omega makes his way towards Belle's Burgers, happy that he would be able to see the waitress he talked to the last time he came with Hoseok. It was weird that so much had happened since then and Jimin felt giddy about how much more time he was able to spend with the alpha. 


       As he skips down the sidewalk the people grow denser. Hundreds of different scents fill his nose and he scrunches it, longing for his nest back in his dorm room. He'd attempted to recreate the comfortable space in his given room at the Bangtan residence. 


       His thoughts were as happy as his smile. The omega was feeling euphoric from all his suitors' scents and attention and the fact that he was living with the men courting him; they always made sure he knew their intentions by constantly hitting on him. A blush rises to his cheeks.


       But of course, his happiness never lasts long. 


       The omega feels a hand grab his arm and looks up with a smile. "Hello?"


      People bump into him from all sides but his attention was focused on the man before him, an alpha by his scent, Jimin guessed. The stranger smiles. "Hello, I was wondering if you could speak with me for a moment?"


       Suddenly, suspicion grips Jimin's thoughts. "What about?"


       This time when the stranger smiles, the look was predatory. "Now now, pretty little things like you shouldn't worry about such things. Why don't you just come with me so I can show you a good time?"


       Jimin swallows, realizing the reality of his situation as the man tightens his hold and drags Jimin somewhere that the omega couldn't pay attention to because of the cold feeling spreading through his body. 


       It was going to happen again. He would be raped because he was too weak, too fragile to do anything about it. The damaged omega couldn't breathe. 


       First his own father, now a man he didn't even know. This person would take what he didn't have - what was already stolen from him. His innocence, childhood, body, his happiness. 


        His happiness? Jimin internally scoffs. Someone like him didn't deserve happiness. 


       When he was 7 his mother left him. It was an age that allowed him to remember everything about her - all the moments they shared, the things she taught him, the way he was raised in her once loving hands. 


        He was also at an age that allowed him to hurt as much as he would if he was older. Those very same memories that once made him beam in happiness now made him cry in loneliness. 


       His mother didn't leave because of Jimin. She wasn't cruel to him and didn't blame him for anything. 


       No, it wasn't because of him. 


       It was all his father's fault. 


      He beat his mother and Jimin didn't even know it, he was too young to notice the thinly concealed bruises his mother hid with makeup. He didn't expect anything - sure, his father was never the most affectionate to Jimin, but domestic abuse? The idea wasn't in Jimin's scope of fears.


       But when his mother left his father didn't have anyone to beat on. Anyone but Jimin. 


       The rape didn't occur until many years later, though.


       But even that endless darkness couldn't compare to the crushing reality that he unconsciously stood by and let his mother get hurt by the man who claimed to love her. He let it happen, he could've done something. But he didn't. And now she was gone. 


       And in some ways, so was Jimin. 


       He felt detached from the situation he was currently in, as if he was just someone standing off in the darkness, watching all this happen with tears in his eyes. Just like he did all those years ago his mother. 


       He thought he paid for his ignorance with his father's daily abuse and eventually rape, but he now supposed that maybe he was going through it again because he still deserved it. Maybe his mother was still out there in the world, crying because her mate hurt her like this, or maybe because her son let it happen. 


       Distantly, Jimin hears a voice crying out, screaming for anyone to help. With a start, he realized the voice was his own. 


       He thought he gave up, but it seemed that something inside of him was pushing him to fight back. 


       So that's what he did. 


       "Let go of me, you sick fuck!" Jimin sobs, pulling against the strong alpha with all his might. 


       The stranger just chuckles. "No one's gonna hear you here, pretty omega. Now be good for daddy and get on your knees, yeah?"


       Jimin pulls his arms which were restrained by the man. "Please just let go!"


       But he seemed to have had enough, Jimin realizes as he feels a stinging pain on his cheek. "I told you to shut the fuck up," he whisper yells in the dark room. Jimin had no idea where he was, but even if he wanted to find out he couldn't; he couldn't even move his head, for the man now held it tightly between his fingers. 


        The man's eager fingers fumble with the button of Jimin's pants. "Don't worry, omega. I'll make sure you enjoy this. After this you'll be mine, won't you?"


       The tears steadily stream down Jimin's face. He knows what happens next, he dreads it. 




       He suddenly regrets not ending his miserable life those few months ago. If I wasn't here this wouldn't be a problem.


       The man finally gets his fingers inside Jimin's pants, harshly jerking his dick as Jimin begins to sob, reliving the hurt he experienced mere weeks ago all over again. "You like that, huh?"


        Jimin struggles against his hold but it was no use. He couldn't move, he couldn't breathe; couldn't think or speak or plead or beg or fight or break. He felt disgusted with himself - I'm not even strong enough to fight back. I'm weak, unwanted, nothing but a toy, useless, even my best friend left me. Everyone hates me, I hate me...


        Jimin's pants were fully off now and as much as he wanted to detach himself from the situation he couldn't, he was all too aware of the way the man quickly removed his own pants and immediately pounded into Jimin, giving him no time to adjust to his size (which was naturally large because he was an alpha), causing him to gasp in pain. He was all too aware of the blood running down his legs form the roughness of his thrusts. Jimin was completely dry but that didn't matter to the alpha who was groaning and harshly gripping Jimin's neck. 


       Tears blurred Jimin's eyes as he realizes that nobody could help him, no one was there to save him from the bottomless pit of depression he would no doubt sink into after being violated once again. In this moment he felt a deep resentment for his identity. His instincts screamed at him to beg and plead for the alpha to leave him alone but it was no use. The man was too far gone in his pleasure to listen to Jimin's sob cloaked screams. 




         "Please I can't do this anymore, I can't take it. Just let me go, I won't say anything, I won't tell anyone. I can't go through this again. Fuck!"


       Eventually, his heartbroken pleads turned darker when he knew the man was listening. His thrusts were sloppy and slower, and Jimin knew he just came. 


       His voice quiets to a whisper. "At least kill me after this, please. I don't want to hurt anymore."


       The man completely stops his thrusts, frozen, and intensely stares into Jimin's eyes. "You're ready... to die?"


       Tears stream from the omega's eyes. "Please," he whispers. "I'm just a plaything anyway, no one will notice."


       The man suddenly swallows and sits back, breathing rapidly, eyes searching Jimin's. "...I did this to you?"


       Jimin sits up, silently crying at the pain in his lower regions. "I've been feeling like this for a while. I just hide it behind my smiles. I've even convinced myself that I'm happy. I hate you right now, but I hate myself more."


       The man sucks in a breath and slightly shakes his head back in forth. He felt disgusted that he really did this just to quiet his raging rut. His eyes were terrified, staring into Jimin's broken ones. 


       "I- what do you want me to do? I'll leave, fuck, I'll leave. Shit I did this, I fucking raped someone. Fuck fuck fuck. What did I do?! I'll turn myself in, I deserve to rot in hell for this. That's what you want, right? You want me to-"


      "I don't want to live anymore."