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Jiminie's outfit for university^^


       Jimin sighs as his first class of the day ends and everyone starts gathering up their things to leave. After fixing his beanie, he grabs his bag and starts to make his way out the row of desks and chairs, pushing some in as he passes them. Suddenly, an arm snakes it's way around his shoulders and he looks toward the source, already knowing who it was.

       "Jiminie! Why are you ignoring me?" His best friend, Taemin asks with a cute pout on his face. Jimin rolls his eyes with a soft smile, knowing his alpha friend really was worried that he wasn't talking to him.

       "Taeminie, just because I didn't pay attention to you while you were throwing paper balls at my head during our biology lecture doesn't mean I'm mad at you. Just means I want to learn."

       At that, Taemin huffs and walks with Jimin to the east wing of the building so they can get some coffee to stay alive for the rest of their morning classes. "You could've at least texted me back."

      Jimin opens the door to the cafeteria as they finally arrive and stop to take in the scene in front of them.

      Both Jimin and Taemin had seen their fair share of food fights, don't get them wrong. But this was on a whole other scale. It looked like someone had come in and dumped a garbage truck full of food in the rather large area, and then a few more, just in case. Tasteless spaghetti and hard cornbread crumbs were everywhere - the walls and floor was covered in in it, and the place smelled strongly of tomato paste.

       With a disappointed sigh, Jimin just starts walking, finding a small walkway that was clearly made by other students who weren't involved. He nor Taemin was surprised by the state of the cafeteria. This had never happened before but their school was kind of known for things like this, other universities knew that this school contained some of the smartest crackheads you'd ever find.

       The two best friends didn't go to an elite college, per say. But it was well known for its high scores and great sports teams, and was also highly recommended to high school students.

       "Hey, sweetheart! You want your usual; two creams, three sugars?"

       A beautiful smile overtakes Jimin's face as he sees the lunch lady he was the most fond of, even though he was close with all of them. "Yes please, Ms. Brenda. You're too kind, seriously."

       Ms. Brenda waves her hand, as if Jimin was speaking nonsense, and begins to make his beverage. "Anything for you, sweetheart." Her eyes narrow as she looks at the man beside Jimin, remembering as she always does when she sees him about their first encounter.

Taemin's eyes narrow in response, as they always do when he sees the sweet old lunch lady, also remembering their first meeting.

Jimin just rolls his eyes at the two, a small smile on his face. "Listen, I know he threw a bra at your face and I know she interrupted your precious quickie, but can I have my coffee?"

Taemin huffs and looks away first, muttering under his breath that if it hadn't been for old Ms. Brenda, he would've had that omega girl by his side at this very moment. Jimin just shakes his head at his best friend while he flashes his eye blinding smile at Ms. Brenda while taking his coffee from her and in turn handing a five back, knowing that the lunch ladies didn't do that for anyone else.

Taemin eyes Ms. Brenda. "Do I get a coffee?"

"Sure you don't want a room instead? Would hate to walk in on you again in the cafeteria kitchen."

At her response, Taemin gasps and clutches his chest as if physically hurt by her words. "Oh you've gone too far." Ms. Brenda smirks, wrinkles appearing around the corners her mouth. She was an old woman, around 70 or so, but she looked more like 50, and she had a lively, playful spirit. "Maybe I should get you a deathbed then, yeah? You may not want me fucking on school property, but we sure wouldn't want you to drop for good on these lovely kitchen floors, now would we?"

Ms. Brenda gasps and points a wrinkled finger at Taemin's chest over the counter that separated the staff and students. "Now listen here kid, when I was your age-"

Jimin quickly steps in, sensing one of the pair's playful arguments coming on, and being mindful that there were people behind them, waiting to be served. "It was great talking to you, Ms. Brenda!" He says while slowly but surely pushing Taemin from behind with one hand (the other holding his coffee cup) to steer him away and to their table. "Real great, but we have to go now, goodbye!" Taemin just kept his narrowed eyes on the old lady while not moving his feet, just allowing Jimin to slide him down the clear path on the floor and to their table.

When they finally got there and Jimin forcefully pushed his best friend into his seat, he stared him down with a glare. "What have I told you about arguing with that sweet old lady?"

Taemin gapes and puts his hands up, acting offended. "Sweet old lady? She ruined my potential future girlfriend!"

"You tried to fuck in her kitchen! All over her counters!"

"She didn't even let me pull my pants back up!"

"You threw a bra at her face!"

"Forgive me, but I'm a bit perplexed. Who threw a bra at who's face?"

The new but familiar voice made both the men look away from each other. A huge smile overtook Jimin's face when he saw his other best friend. "Kai!"

        Kai beams at the small man that just jumped into his arms. A laugh escapes him. "Careful Minnie, you might hurt me, I'm delicate."

      From across the table, Taemin playfully pouts in jealousy. "You never hug me like that, Jiminie." Jimin turns his head to the man in response and Taemin wipes a fake tear.

       "Oh shut up, Taeminie. You know I'm always excited to see you."

        He raises an eyebrow. "Not as excited as you are to see this fucker." Taemin nonchalantly points at Kai, who lets out a dramatic gasp and carries the small mochi to sit down at their table, Jimin siting comfortably in his lap. Kai's wolf was happy and content with Jimin in his arms, because even though he knew they weren't mates, he felt a connection to Jimin that he hadn't felt with others. One with no sexual tension or a want for anything romantic, just an intense need to protect him from anything and everything, and a strong bond formed from years of friendship and lots of skinship.

        Many people around school had formed their own opinion on his and the cute omega's relationship, and they were aware that many people were convinced that they were together, but they'd never really cared, if those people couldn't realize that they loved each other in the most platonic (albeit touchy) way, then they just couldn't. But Kai and Jimin wouldn't go around trying to convince everyone that they weren't together, it didn't matter what other people thought, all that was important was that he, Jimin, and the other person he was closest to - Taemin, knew what the deal was.

       "Did you eat, Minnie?" Kai questions while still holding the omega close with one arm, and blocking Taemin from sticking a random spaghetti noodle he'd found on the ground into Jimin's coffee with the other.

The small but beautiful man let out a cute "no" and shook his head slightly. Kai frowned at that. "Why didn't you tell him to eat, Taeminie? Wow what a bad friend." He playfully scolds the man that was now gaping, looking for a way to defend himself.

"Hey! In my defense, I was trying to ask him if he wanted to go get something to eat with me before we had to go back to class, but he ignored me!"

Jimin's head suddenly emerges from its place in the crook of his closest friend's neck. "Oh no don't even try to blame this on me. Why should I pay attention if you're trying to distract me from gaining useful knowledge?"

Taemin points at Jimin as if something important was just revealed, with wide eyes and his finger wriggling in small circles, partially standing. "See! This is all his fault. Maybe if he wasn't such a nerd-"

Jimin gasps as if he was offended, even though he didn't mind being called a nerd at all. "This is why Kai's my favorite."

Taemin clutches his stomach like he's been shot, "Right in the gut, Park," the dramatic man says, wounded, "right in the fucking gut."

Kai just rolls his eyes at his best friend's antics, knowing they'd just keep going at it if he didn't stop them. "Alright I think that's quite enough from you two. Minnie, I'm going to get you some food, my treat for saying I'm your favorite-" at that, Jimin smiles cheekily and Taemin just slowly shakes his head, "and Taemin I swear if you put a noodle in his coffee you'll get much worse than some paper balls thrown at you. Are we clear?"

Both Jimin and Taemin respond to the alpha who was staring at them like a parent reprimanding their children. "Yes sir."


        After Jimin was finished with his last morning class, he went directly to the library. When he passed by the front desk, he saw the young librarian with glasses perched at the tip of her nose. "Reading that book I recommended you, Ms. C?"

         Ms. C smiles, "That I am, Mr. Park. It's great so far, I'm excited to see who she chooses." At that Jimin smiles and waves before making his way to the last row in the huge library. Once there, he starts trifling through the books, looking for one in particular.

        A voice sounds from next to him and he looks up, startled at the unexpected presence. "Are you looking for something, Mr. Park?"

        He was a man, an extremely good looking one at that, and Jimin couldn't deny the immediate attraction he felt to the tall male. He had brown hair, pushed back with a bandana. His face was practically flawless, and his eyes were intense as he stared back at Jimin. His jawline could've cut a diamond, and his lips were small but soft looking, perfect, really. But those weren't the first things Jimin noticed about the man; no, the first thing he noticed was his smell. He was so close, and to say that his smell was intoxicating was an understatement. Waves of chocolate rolled off him, but it wasn't overbearing. It had a certain balance to it, more like chocolate covered strawberries.

        Jimin loves chocolate.

        He also loves strawberries.

        Needless to say, he was hooked.

       "I-I'm sorry. Who are you?" Jimin manages to say with only a small stutter. An achievement really, because this guy was staring at him so intensely, and Jimin thought his heart might just jump out his body.

        The man's tongue shoots out to lick his lips, and Jimin couldn't help but follow the action with his eyes. It was only when the man started to speak that he looked away. "My name is Kim Taehyung, and I'm your partner. We need to talk sometime."

        Jimin was a bit confused. His partner? They needed to talk sometime? Where did this man, and he could only assume he was an alpha since his scent was so prominent to Jimin, even come from? Though he thought all these things, he only managed to get one question out.

        "Kim Taehyung?"