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MPA: Headcanons, Ideas, Storyline, and More!

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Possible Main Key Ideas(Highlight):

  • The story line is similar to Pokemon Adventures Manga, specifically the XY,the Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, and SM chapter. Marinette has more of a role of X and Ruby since the death of her cousin Bridgette that happened in her childhood resulted her in becoming a bit of a sullen, reserved and a bit of a shy person till she met her friends. Alongside with Chloe and Sabrina being hellbent on making her life miserable. Her cousin, who was her first best friend, died due to a illness when she was younger and she said hurtful things to her before she passed away. She plays the violin and her cousin taught her a song that is said to soothe the most bitterhearts. She is still cheerful and optimistic but has a tendency to hide her feelings and push them away, especially the topic of her cousin. It's a quite heavy and touchy subject for her.


  • The hometown is Hau'oli City where she lives with her parents at the bakery. Later became a cafe due to the increasing popularity for the bakery's goods.  Her father may look tough and is tough but he is actually pretty cool since he owns a Slurpuff and Alcremie. Her mother owns a Fletchling that acts as a alarm clock by waking Marinette up, a Kangaskhan that she calls Mama Kang and a Leavanny called Tailor. They were used in Pokemon Contests during her time as a Pokemon Coordinator. Both worried ( but are so proud and supportive of her when she appears on TV) when Marinette left with her friends for her journey and made her promise to call often but know that she is a strong person and can handle herself. (They all left around 16 since she wanted to help out at the bakery and 16 is when someone's technically independent. I mean a ten year old became champion but they're Ten. So anime logic.)


  • It didn't go too well with the fact that her Mom and cousin used to be a well-known Pokemon Coordinators, her Mom having won the Ribbon Cup in her youth when she traveled to the Hoenn region, thus being one of the well-known Top Coordinators. That and her bakery is really staring to become quite popular so certain people think she gonna follow their footsteps. At least, That's what she feels. But she gonna do it her own style, just like how her mom and cousin did. It didn't help that she got picked on for many reasons (out of spite and jealously are Chloe's, it was usually Chloe).


  • In Chloe's eyes refusing to be a key to people's popularity of meeting a former celebrity and as a result of not living up to their expectations. Since her daddy's a famous, well-known judge who supported many regions by donating money, along with her mother being a famous fashion designer and former Kalos Queen as well as a Top Coordinator before losing to Mari's mother. In many ways of course she won every competition Mari joined, Plus feeling bitter that her mom lost to a commoner. Despite that, Marinette knew she wanted to be a coordinator by heart and perform with her pokemon but in her own way, mostly as a Pokemon Stylist and makes fashion designs for both people and Pokemon.. Thankfully, many people respect that and she has many supportive friends as well.       


  • Marinette isn't interested in battling, she more of a coordinator and prefers performing. She doesn't really like battling and if only Chloe understands that. It might be because even though Chloe won every competition she was with Marinette, she never really have the family and friend support when she sees Marinette's family and friends give Mari even though she lost.  And that just makes Chloe feel hatred and jealous towards her, along with extermely bitterness cause she thinks her Mom took her Mom's title away from her and now she wants to follow in her footsteps. 


  • Almost everyone is well-known: Ondine's the daughter of the Water Trails (Her dads tend to switch the roles), Aurore's sisters currently are working at the Sky Trainer Academy in  but tend to perform more in Contests with Aurore being a great Sky Trainer but wants to fight to become Champion and Marinette's parents bakery is just staring to become well-known. 


  • Mendeliev is the professor who gives out the starters of the Pokemon Academy (The Pokemon School formerly known). She knows Marinette's parents,Ondine's dads, and all of the other parents since they went to this school. (Running gag is Jean wondering how old she is.)


  • Mari switched classes during the following years (when she was younger, like seriously, how do schools work? in the Pokemon universe?) when her parents found out she was getting pick on cause she's needs emotional supportive. She went to Mendeliev's where she met Ondine,Aurore, and later Marc and Jean who became her first friends, becoming best friends with Aurore as she sat next to her. Ondine came to her house later with her dads and had a jungle adventure where they befriended a Drampa. Jean a couple days  after pulling a prank and Marc during their time at Summer Camp where she helped him get better when he was injured. Aurore's the first and currently only person to know about her cousin's death. They all support their each other's dreams.  


  • Ondine's dads are the Water Trail Captains but she's very mellow about it and doesn't make a big deal about it. She's just so proud of her dads and maybe someday her sisters are going to take control of the gym. She has two twin sisters, Serena and Marina (sea folk puns) are ten years old, where Serena has a Gorebyss and Corsola while Marina has a Huntail and Ludvisc.  Right now, she wants to be the best Water-Type Trainer there is!


  • Aurore has three older sisters called Dawn, Iris, and Lyra that tend to tease and pull pranks on her a lot but they love her. Maybe that's why shes immune to Jean's craziness. Her parents are currently traveling the world but video call and send letters. Her sisters tend to put on shows a lot and often tend to put her down since she's young so she's determine to show her sisters and prove to them that she is incredible just the way she is. They may be the reason why Aurore isn't really into certain Pokemon like Marinette's Froakie. Aurore dreams of becoming Champion after losing to Mireille, the current Contest Queen in Alola (In Alola are a bit different depending on the theme and those who end up winning becoming Contest Queen, King, or Royal, a combo of Pokemon Showcases and Contests but anyone of any gender can join.)


  • Jean has many younger siblings and lives with his moms while Marc is a only child and his mom is very supportive of him, playing off the Mom character from Pokemon and (yes I gave them all families since we know nothing about them so I'm giving them original character families). Jean's determine to be a magician or a stand-up comedian in order to bring happiness and joy to people and make other laugh. Marc wants to be a writer and writes down all of their adventures and what's going on. Someday he'll turn this into a comic so people can read their adventures. 


  •  Manon may travel with them. She  befriends a galaxy like creature that she calls Nebby. Except now they are targets of Team Kosmos, who want to get Nebby for their own personal reasons. Helps Manon realize that she needs to try and help in any way she can to protect Nebby and starts to mature a bit. 


  • Each of the main characters named their team after a certain theme that I though related to them (Marinette with fabrics and needleworks to reflect that she is a designer, Aurore ,space-themed base off her name, Ondine with water-related,etc) or  probably something related to their appearance or abilities. 


  • When they first met (and get attacked by Team Kosmos for knowing too much) Marc and Jean are the first ones to geek out, with Jean happily stating cause he a bit of a comic book nerd "The business suits, We're being attacked by super villains or a super evil organization. I mean, yes they're trying to kill us but it's so cool!" Marc agree if Jean wasn't giving him a mild heart attack by yelling it lot cause they're trying to escape with their lives. He's kinda cute cool but Marc just wants to live to see another day. 


  • Team Kosmos wants the powers of Cosmog in order to open what is called an Ultra Wormhole to another dimension. Their attempts to open them without Cosmog's power often result in bringing what is now known as an Ultra Beast (Inspired by the akuma forms) since their way of doing it is unstable and results in Wormholes opening anywhere in Alola so now these kids have to fight them since they cause destruction, with Mendeliev offering them a hand.


  • On a darker note, Team Kosmos members are being brainwashed and force to do against their will (well most of them) and when caught, heavily implied to leave and take their own lives to escape police and destroy any evidence. Unknown to everyone, the leader of Team Kosmos is none other than well-known fashion designer and creator of many things like the Holo Castor  Gabriel Agreste. Has his own labs in Agreste Paradise and wants to use Cosmog for his own unknown purposes. Main higher members include Nathalie, The Slaking, and Amélie (who's was part of the Elite Four). 


  • Current champion is Felix Solanacée, the first Alolan Champion (yes I discard canon and he is not at all related to the Agreste family) with his partner Gallade who he can mega evolve due to their close bond. Knows Mr. Agreste since he helped sponsored him before he became champion and is older than what he appears to be, around his twenties. Was formerly a model and tends to put on a disguise to avoid paparazzi( only the Main Gang know). Running gag is that no one knows who he is, (Oblivious Fans: That man looks so much like the champion, he even has a Gallade! cure dramatic eye roll from Gallade)