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Nowhere to Run

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In an alleyway in Rome, with a trail of blood and bodies following them, they had chosen each other. It was too late to back out now.

“Anthony - please -” Ezra begged, and tugged at the hands that held him, “I want you. Oh God, I want you right now.”

“You have me,” Anthony whispered back, shoving him against the wall of the alley. He stole a kiss with such ferocity that Ezra’s knees almost gave out.

They had been left for dead by their respective sides, but they had proven their loyalty to each other that day.

Anthony pulled away to take a gasping breath, “Angel. Are you sure? Are you absolutely fucking sure?” In response, the hands on his shirt gripped tighter, Ezra’s half-lidded eyes shined at him. He began to lean in again as if reeled in by a magnetic force, and Anthony pushed him away.

“There’s no turning back.” Anthony warned, “There’s no going back to normal. This is it.”

“I don’t want normal,” he said.

“You’d be leaving everyone behind, all your family and friends.”

“I don’t have any.”

“You’d be in danger. You might die.”

And Ezra moaned, “Anthony. I’m more sure than I have ever been in my life.”

“Take me, then.” He said breathily.

Ezra grabbed his hand and ran out of the alleyway. Both of them felt incredibly dazed. One thing was certain though: they needed to find a car.

Anthony offered, “I can steal keys off someone, or try to hijack-”

“No need to bother with that,” Ezra said in an innocent tone, “If you can get me in a car, I can hotwire it,”

Anthony tugged at his hand, “Oh, you brilliant thing. Don’t ever stop surprising me.” He continued down the street and proceeded to pull on every handle of every car door until he found one that was left unlocked, “Go on, do your magic.”

Anthony wanted nothing more than to watch his love steal a car. He gazed dreamily at him over the open door, while Ezra sat in the drivers’ seat and began to mess about with the wires until a familiar engine purr began, “And there we go…”

“Okay, now scootch over.”

Ezra began to buckle himself up, “I’m driving, my dear.”

“No offense, but I gotta drive. It’s a control thing. Move over.”

Ezra gave him a grumpy look, and shifted himself over to the passenger seat, “Anthony, get in,” he pulled on his arm, “Get in, I think that man owns the car.” Ezra pointed to someone running their direction.

“Fuck, okay.” Anthony climbed in and floored it. The owner of the car only barely managed to jump out of the way. Ezra grabbed onto the dashboard in fear but laughed hysterically all the while.

After a few more near-misses of pedestrians and a lot of tire screeching, Ezra asked, “Do you actually know how to drive?”

“Of course. I’m doing it right now, aren’t I?”

“I mean, do you have a license?”

“I’ve been legally dead since I was about seventeen, angel. And before that, I was in and out of trouble… I never really had the chance to. But, I can drive, obviously.” He punctuated this point with a quick gear change, and the car lurched.

“Whatever you say,” Ezra was starting to feel a little nauseous at every crash they just barely escaped. Things started to get better when they left the city limits. Although he was still driving insanely fast - faster than before even - there were much fewer things to crash into. Anthony was driving them out until there was nothing except for vineyards as far as the eye can see. Not a soul around for miles. The sky was beginning to turn orange by this point, giving both of them a nice glow. Anthony pulled over on the empty road and stopped the car.

Ezra first thought that Anthony might finally be deciding to kill him, after everything. For some reason, he felt a twinge of excitement at the prospect, rather than fear.

When he finally spoke, Anthony’s voice was anything but threatening, “Wanna spend the night here?”

“I would love that,” Ezra responded, putting his hand on Anthony’s thigh, flickering his eyes up and down his body. He bit his lip as Anthony took his hand and slid it further up the thigh until it reached -

“Fuck,” Anthony groaned, leaning back in his seat, slowly pushing his hips up against Ezra’s hand.

“Oh,” Ezra was speechless, “O-oh my.”

“Enjoying yourself?” Anthony peeked out one eye, and pointed to Ezra’s trousers. He looked down at himself and blushed, his excitement clearly evident.

Anthony climbed over to the passenger side, seating himself right on Ezra’s lap. They had never felt so connected before. Ezra’s hands explored all over his willowy frame, his breath was hot on Anthony’s neck. Anthony ground down on his lap, and smirked at the sounds that movement had caused.

“You looked so fucking hot holding a sword,” Anthony said, “I’m going to fantasize about that for the rest of my life.”

Ezra had lost all control over his actions. He gripped Anthony’s hips and pulled him as close as physically possible. The friction sent sparks up both of them. Anthony gasped at the sudden sensation, and threw his hands into Ezra’s hair, the feeling of his blond curls between his fingers eliciting yet another moan.

“I want you,” Ezra groaned in his ear, “I want you right now.”

“You have me,” Anthony whispered back.

They both began to tug at the clothes standing frustratingly between them. The car was hardly a big enough space for this, and in the rush, Anthony kept hitting his sore head against the ceiling, and Ezra kept banging his elbow against the car door. But, fuck, they were powerless to do anything else.

Ezra drank in the sight of Anthony’s bare chest as he finally wrangled the buttons undone. He leaned in and bit him, all over. Anthony squealed with every brush of teeth. It stung beautifully and left bruises and teeth marks all the while.

Ezra pulled back, “You’re mine.

“I’m yours.” Anthony agreed, breathlessly, helpless to do anything but hold on tightly to the hair in front of him, “I’ll always be yours.”

Ezra roughly managed to pull down Anthony’s pants, just enough. He stuck a finger in his mouth. They locked eyes while he moved his hand down and began to tease him.

Anthony growled through gritted teeth, “Oh, I’ve waited too long for this, just fuck me already - Ahh,” His eyelids fluttered closed as Ezra slid inside. Ezra’s heart skipped a beat, and he let out a choked moan, already feeling himself grow harder than he has ever been in his life at the sight in front of him.

Anthony couldn’t wait any longer. He unzipped Ezra’s trousers. Gasping, “Fffuck. You’re beautiful.”

Spurred on by Anthony’s enthusiasm, Ezra pulled him down on himself. Both their mouths fell open as he entered him, far more slowly than Anthony had expected or wanted. Once he was in all the way, they went still, taking a trembling breath, getting used to the feeling. It slightly hurt in their haste to get things going, but Anthony loved it.

He began to shift, up and down. After Ezra let out a sound that could only be described as divine, Anthony smiled and quickened. Faster, faster…

He nearly died when Ezra wrapped his arms around and began to thrust into him. Anthony cried out the fire inside him coursed its way through his entire body.

The rough consummation left them unable to move and gasping for air. Their fates as intertwined as their bodies.




What the fuck am I doing, Antonia asked herself as she walked up to the scruffy cottage in the middle of nowhere. You better be sure about this.

She was five years older now, and she was more careful than she was in Italy. So, of course she was sure about it. She had taken three buses to get there, for Christ’s sake.

The cottage looked so decrepit and uninviting that it had to be intentional. Caused by active destruction rather than simple neglect. She took a few steps over some broken pots and had to push past the overgrown shrubbery to get to the front door, where she gave a little knock. No answer. If she didn’t know any better, it would seem like the home was abandoned. But, she did know better and knocked a little louder. Receiving no answer again, she twisted the doorknob.

“Hey, it’s me.” She said, poking her head in the dark living room, “Look, I know we haven’t-”

She gritted her teeth as she was roughly pulled into the home and shoved against the door, slamming it closed.

“Alright, Ezra,” She squirmed against his strong hold, and tried not to sound as worn out as she was, “hope you’re doing well.” Ezra was looking weary too, the years weighing down on him, but not in an unattractive way. He looked more scruffy than the last time she had seen him, he’d let his facial hair grow out, for one thing. She squeaked when she felt something sharp press on her abdomen, just enough pressure for her to be aware of the knife’s presence.

“Anthony. I’m not scared of you,”

“Believe me, I know that. And I’m not here to, you know-”

“Face the wall.”

“Are you serious?”

Ezra spun her around and began to systematically pat her down, pulling out a few dangerous items from her pockets and stockings. And then a few more, and a few more.

“Couldn’t wait to get your hands on me, could you-” Ezra’s glare cut her off.

“My dear. This is a lot of weapons, even for you.” He gestured to the small pile building up of things discovered on her person, before tossing each one out his door.

“Well, I had reason to worry, didn’t I? With you waving a knife around the second I pop in for a friendly visit.”

“I would have been quite happy to never have seen you again. And I told you as such last time we spoke.”

“No, I don’t think that’s true,” Antonia turned around, and leaned seductively against the wall, “I’ve missed you a lot, angel.”

“Don’t call me that.”

“You’ve missed me too.”


“What do you miss most about me, huh?” She licked her bright red lips, knowing full well what effect that had on Ezra.

He shut his eyes heavily, “Just tell me why you are here.”

“Truth is, I need your help. And it has to be you, I can’t ask anyone else.”

Ezra scoffed.

“I do!” Antonia risked reaching out and taking Ezra’s hands, moving them back to her own body, but much more tenderly than the pat-down, “You know I don’t like coming back here with my tail between my legs, but I-”

“On the contrary, I think you’re enjoying yourself quite a lot. Whatever scheme you’ve got yourself tangled up in, I don’t want to be involved,”

“What happened to our arrangement? I help you, you help me-”

“You know full well what happened to that,” Ezra snapped, sharply pulling away, “Whatever you want, I’m saying no.”

Antonia winced, “How ‘bout a drink then? For old time’s sake.”

He then paused and took a moment to examine her. She certainly seemed to be doing much better than the last time he had seen her, and it would be good to keep track of what she’s been doing. So, he conceded, “One drink.”

He walked over to the kitchen placing his knife down within reach before opening a new bottle of wine, pouring two glasses. Antonia took hers and drank it down so quickly it burned a bit. Ezra, meanwhile, sipped it lovingly, savouring the taste on his tongue.

She knew well enough that, deep down, he had already agreed to help. He just needed a little bit of time to realize it.