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Miracles of Sherwood

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And the Greenwood Tree is where I shall be, waiting for you my love.

 These days are not of calamity, but of peace. With our rightful king, a good king, sitting on the throne of our land, we know the only mischiefs that will strike us are from boys on the streets or a sprite’s play.

Yet there were times not like these, when the people would shy away from the king when he rode through town, when they were live in fear that the next tax day would bring ruin to them, and when the hanging gallows stood imposing over the people.

Though in times of calamity and chaos, it seems, a light breaks through the darkness to guide those lost to freedom, and to restore the hope of the people. In those times when brave Lionheart sailed away into the east, to the Holy City, and his brother stole the throne from him, when the Greenwood Tree was the safest place to be, there was an archer, whose tunes carried out from Sherwood Forest. And there was a lady, who sought to bring a close friend home, whose tails mixed with his, their tales interwoven into tragedy and fate.

Listen closely, for in this cold winter’s night, when sprites are at play in the star’s light and the fair folk wait for the moon to rise, we shall enter the mystical realm that surround our world. When the Zodiac wait for their leaders’ calls, and the Miraculous create illusions of wonder, and the Taiji watch and keep balance, great things happen.

Now listen, gather round, to the legend of Robin Hood and Lady Juno.