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How long?

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The night isn’t his. 

This was again one of Hoseok’s delusions, thinking that a text from Yoongi and a few words from Seokjin were enough to make the night his. Kono was an easy target, the old demon was right, it should have been quick, just a little job on a Tuesday night, something he would have finished before he even knew it. It could have been like that if he wasn’t there, if he didn’t protect the last part of her soul like it was his, the world could have been Hoseok’s for a night but it isn’t and it feels like an offense. 

Kono is slumped on the dirty wall, red hair falling to the front hiding her pale face, looking small and defenseless like a dead body, just another corpse in a club waiting to find something that’s missing in their life. Hoseok’s breath comes out hard; he touches his mouth which is getting cold, just like the bathroom he’s stuck in. Between the dirty toilet and Jimin, the demon feels trapped, forced to talk, look and do things that he didn’t prepare himself for so he pulls out his phone, seeking peace where he knows he’ll get it. 

“Don’t call him…”

Jimin is there just in front of his eyes and Hoseok is losing his mind because he wants to kiss and punch at the same time, because Seokjin’s voice resonates in his mind, Kono’s too. It’s too much, the alcohol starting to make the demon’s mind dirty and sharp, tempting him to let out words he knows he’ll regret after so he bites the inside of his mouth and breathes in the lies, swallows them back. 

“I need to.”

Jimin approaches him and Hoseok backs off, carefully trying to set physical boundaries for his mind to stay clear and sensible. 

“No you don’t, really. Listen Hobi, just leave.”

“No,” Hoseok commands his heart to hold its tongue but it feels like he’ll never see the day ever again, and the air in his lungs knocks him off. “I have a job to finish.”

“I won’t let you do it. I told you she’s under my wings.” 

“I don’t fucking care Jimin.”

Jimin’s wings are gone, hidden probably thanks to a potion and looking at him like this, he looks normal, human almost. Jimin always looked mortal; he was of the three of them, the one who blended in this world the best as if he belonged here, funny how he’s the first one who left.  Hoseok steps back until he hits the wall which is freezing, everything is so cold around here. He wonders what would happen if someone came in and found Kono like that, see them both kill each other with their eyes. Hoseok wants to devour the angel, scream at him for leaving Yoongi, leaving them but it doesn’t feel like he has the right to say anything so he closes his eyes. The sounds of the club grow louder in his ears yet he can still make out the noises of Jimin coming closer until their feet touch.   

“Hobi…” It’s a whisper, so close and real, until the demon can feel fingers twisting in his hair and finally acknowledge that it is real, all of it. 

Jimin is here.

“I like this new hair color, looks pretty on you.” 

“Thank you.”

“You look like an apricot, it’s cute.”

“I would have said an orange, but apricot it is then.”

“You know you can’t do whatever Seokjin-hyung asked you right?”

“And you know that I have too.” 

Hoseok opens his eyes and Jimin’s are right there looking back at him. His hair is cut short and dark, different from the blond strands he left with. His skin looks good, he looks healthy, and seeing that appeases the oldest somehow. At least he was doing great wherever he was.

“Yoongi would love this new hairstyle.”

It gets out of his mouth even before he can think of it and the pink that grows on Jimin’s neck is a sight to behold. 

“He would… I’m sure he would say that it reminds him of the past.”

“When you used to work at that café in Paris?”

Jimin’s eyes transform slowly into crescents just like when he used to think and imagine things in his mind or when he wanted to smile but refrained himself. It’s soft.

“Yes exactly… France was good.”

“Like all the countries we did.”

“Right.” Jimin stays quiet before raising his eyes “but do you like it?”

“Hmm you look handsome.”

“You’re sweet.” 

Hoseok shrugs and takes advantage of having the angel here to watch him and memorizes all the tiny expressions on Jimin’s face as he’s just standing there. It’s weird, doesn’t look like what the demon had in mind for their last meeting but it’s just like their story, unpredictable so Hoseok goes with it. He always does when it comes to Jimin, doesn’t calculate and lets his soul be led by faith, pretty wings and cherry lips. They stay like that a moment, only Kono’s breathing and the club noises as background sounds. Suddenly everything that had happened during the last few weeks punches Hoseok in the face and there’s so much that Jimin doesn’t know; so many things he couldn’t be there for, next to the witch and the demon, and Hoseok couldn’t do anything about it. Youth manifests himself in his mind, big eyes and dark hair so the demon clears his voice feeling like he had to share the news with the angel. 

“Jungkook left…went to the other side.” 

Jimin sighs and it sounds defeated. “It’s good news.” The angel’s head falls and Hoseok wished he could touch and bring those beautiful eyes back to look at him. “I’m sorry…” 

It’s out and it’s just a few words yet Hoseok doesn’t understand their meaning, for what exactly they’re pronounced and it’s making him tremble. 


Jimin jeers, it’s nasty. 

“For Jungkook. I know how much you cared for him.”

“Oh okay.”

The angel’s eyes climb up Hoseok’s body to finally stop on his face, he stares a moment and shakes his head a little. 

“I’m taking her with me.”


“Listen I won’t let you kill her!” 

“I wasn’t about to.”

“So why are you here?”

“To steal the last bit of power she has.”

“Will it hurt her?”

“Well yeah, I’m gonna tear off the last part of magical energy she has. It’s going to hurt like a bitch but she won’t die, especially if you’re with her.” 

“Go for it.”

Hoseok looks back surprised but he can almost see boredom in Jimin’s face so he approaches Kono who’s on the verge of sleeping. 


“Hey, Kono… Hey.” 

“Yes, Hoseok.”

The woman opens her eyes. 

“Stand up.”

She tries to do as asked but she can’t so Hoseok lowers himself to put his hands under her arms and help her get up. After struggling she’s finally up, breathing right and well and Hoseok can start to work. He begins to talk, let his honey tone plug her mind, it’s weird in front of Jimin but habitual too. The demon can’t count how many times Jimin was next to him as he was doing a job nor how many times he saw Jimin’s wings take over a soul, they’re used to it. Jimin had the habit to say that Hoseok was created to be a demon, that everything in him was lust and slyness, that he was hot when he was working, sweet outside of it, like some sort of messy symbol, someone who made your head turn upside down, a demon

Being aware of it Hoseok whispers and touches.

“Does Yoongi know you’re doing witches now?”

The question gives an acidic slap to Hoseok’s face, making his eyes and inside burn but he ignores it, knowing well what the angel was trying to do and preferring to continue his job, Kono is so close. 



“On my…lower…lower back.”

Kono says it and as soon as it is out, Hoseok brings his hand on the spot and squeezes hard, feeling the power slowly pass from Kono’s lower back to his fingers. It’s rewarding, feeling the pounding of the Moon soil enter his body, it’s annoying seeing Kono’s body collapse on the ground. Jimin quickly comes next to them and surrounds the young woman with an enchanted protection bubble before looking up at the demon. 

“She’s a human now?”

“Yes. Why do you protect her?”

“I can’t tell.” 

Hoseok answers Jimin’s question from earlier reluctantly, “Yoongi doesn’t know.”


Hoseok watches Jimin reinforce the spell before deciding that he should go home, that the night has been already long enough. 

“I’m gonna go.”


“Okay…so bye.”

“Yeah bye.” 

Jimin has his eyes on Kono, doesn’t seem like he wants them to meet Hoseok’s one last time and it’s making the demon angry because he didn’t get to say goodbye last time, and weeks after, it doesn’t look like he’s gonna get them anytime soon. He gets closer to the door when he suddenly feels a body holding him still. 

“Take care of him please.” 

Hoseok forces his body to not tremble before turning around in Jimin’s arms. He gazes at the man he spent so many years with; passes a hand through this short black hair to shut the envy that birthed itself as soon as Hoseok’s eyes had landed on the angel. 

“I will try my best. Be healthy and come visit okay?”

Jimin nods and holds him strongly until Hoseok’s fighting for air, struggling to keep it inside to not explode. They both know that it’s a lie, that Jimin will never come to visit, but for the moment they hold onto the idea of it. 

“Come on, go, I’ll take care of her don’t worry.”



Hoseok pushes the door and runs to get out, scared to do something stupid. Fortunately, when he steps outside, the bus is waiting so the demon gets in and takes a seat. He looks through the window when the engine starts to move and would swear that he saw light grey wings soaring within the dark sky. 




Holding onto something, to someone you see every day, can be easier than you think. It only asks that you put yourself in a certain mindset, draw the lies into it so much so that no one could distinguish them from the pencil strokes. When you live with it, embrace it to the point where you forget about it, it becomes a matter of time until the guilt leaves, until it transforms itself into an untold truth; one you happen to believe yourself after some time. 

So how could someone catch you in a lie when it had became a truth for you? 

With this in mind, Hoseok continued his life with Yoongi without talking about Jimin or Kono.  He took time for the actions to change into what they are now, some reflection of mind, peaceful instants, and casual meetings. To say the demon wasn’t surprised that the witch hadn’t caught onto anything during the first days would be a lie, but people had their own secret garden, their own life, even Yoongi so it made sense. He didn’t waste time to ask questions, went with it, let them go where the wind was blowing, and left all the spitefulness behind. 

Hoseok is smoking for the first time since the fifties if he remembers right. It did nothing to his body, didn’t destroy it the way the smoke would on a human body, but social gatherings, surroundings tended to put this invisible pressure on you and Hoseok was no exception. He rolls his eyes remembering Seokjin sentences, those he used to sneak in the middle of a conversation without really putting any specific intent in them, but they still held meaning. 


You’re a demon.

You’re not human. 

You just work for fun, other than that it means nothing in our world.

Your love.


The old demon was right, utterly, yet acting out was easier than being you, whatever people told you about it. Acting, choosing to be something more convenient and that asked for fewer efforts. Hoseok could be whatever he wanted and Seokjin might have been jealous of it, of that freedom and that’s why he kept up his vicious comments. The demon could love whoever the hell he wanted, could pretend to be a mega superstar for one day and turn into a renowned scientific the next. Everything was the way Hoseok wanted it to be, and he could be real in them even if a part of it all was useless or didn’t hold a deep meaning in the other world. 

Yoongi is next to him, a little blanket thrown over him making him look small. The balcony was one of their favorite places in the flat; it was big enough to have a table, three chairs, and some plant jars. The flora’s smell created a weird mix with the tobacco Hoseok was smoking but it seemed not to bother either of them. The sky was colorful, they were in that specific moment when the day had already left but the night hadn’t arrived yet. 

A temporal hole, quick and repetitive. 

“I miss him.”

The him is Taehyung. 

Hoseok looks back at his love only to see that he was staring at the plants carefully. Yoongi had been missing his family more and more and kept getting emotional day after day. Maybe it was Hoseok’s fault but everything appeared to be lacking in the witch’s life like nothing was good enough anymore. They had visited Jungkook a few days ago after Yoongi had said he was missing him as well and the witch seemed to be better. It was good to see his friend again even if it was only for a few minutes, Yoongi looked happy, content, full of something that was lacking and here, the demon remembers that he’s not the only one able to act. 

“We can go see him? Seulgi too.”

“What about your work?”

“Hyung, I don’t care, we can go.”

“Maybe later…”

The silence takes over and isn’t calm like usual, it makes Hoseok shiver.

“Is everything okay?”

“You never fuck me anymore.”

Hoseok turns around to gaze at Yoongi, choking on smoke but trying to look like he isn’t.  

“I was asking about Tae.”

“I don’t know…I’ve been receiving some messages but nothing to worry about for now.”

“Are you sure?”

“Hundred percent. Hob?”


“So why don’t you fuck me anymore?”

“Stop saying it like that…”

Yoongi rolls his eyes and takes the cigarette from the demon’s fingers. 

“It’s what it is.”

“Not really…”

“Oh so you want me to say make love to me?”

Hoseok takes the camel from the witch’s hold and smashes it with his flip-flop. 

“You do talk some shit as soon as you start smoking huh?”

“I don’t. So why, Hob?”

“We still do things. Are you horny?”

“We do and I’m not…but you don’t fuck me anymore. You never did since Jimin left.”

“It has nothing to do with him.”

“Okay sure.” 

Yoongi stands up and Hoseok holds his hand making him sit again, a bit closer this time. 

“You want us to…do it?”

“Fuck Hoseok, fuck you can say it, and no.”

“Then why do you ask?”

“Because I find it interesting that you stopped doing it as soon as Jimin left.”

“I’m tired.”

“You’re a demon.”

“I know?”

“Well it seems like you forget it lately…”

“Can you all stop with this?”


“Who else. I know that I’m a demon and wanting to fuck you has nothing to do with it.”

“You’re an asshole.”

“Whatever, Hyung.”

Yoongi stands up and turns until his back is thrown to Daegu’s city, face and heart looking at Hoseok. From above, Yoongi looks beautiful, breathtaking even, despite the fact that he still has some tomato sauce stuck at the side of his mouth, and hair, a tangled mess. 

“What’s happening to you?” 

“I could ask the same thing to all of you.”

“But you never do Hoseok.”

“Right, must be a reason.”

“You know you can say shit to me, I don’t understand what’s happening to you, whatever is going on in your life, but we said we will talk, always. The three of us, Hob, we said we will talk and not hold useless thoughts in. What happened to that?”

Hoseok stands up as well not liking being watched from above anymore. It made him feel weak. 

“Well a lot!”

“I’m all ears.”

“One of them left so what promises are you talking about?”

“You’re sad…” 

Yoongi’s voice is soft and Hoseok hates it, it’s killing him. 

“I’m not.”

“You are.”

“Not because of him, I’m angry.”

“More like jealous.”

“I’m a demon after all.”

“You miss him?”

“You don’t?”

It’s cold and the demon loves how his body is getting hot. 

“Of course I do.”

“It’s unfair that he left like that.”

“That he left me behind you mean?”

“Yes. It was a coward move.”

“I agree, but Hob, maybe he didn’t have a choice.”

“Why do you always defend him?”

“Why do you always attack him? See how it changes according to the point of view?”

“Don’t be clever.”

“We’re literally talking…”

“Yes and it started as why you don’t fuck me and ended with Jimin again, doesn’t look like talking to me, more like nagging.”

“Stop it. You miss him, accept it and move on.”

”Whatever you say.”

“Sometimes you’re such a demon, it’s disgusting.”

“You still love me so who’s the real winner here?” Yoongi keeps silent so Hoseok adds “So can we fuck?”

“Hell no.”


“No, not after this, whatever this conversation is.”

“Can we cuddle on the balcony then, share the same blanket and gaze at Daegu’s night sky because we’re here and it’s real?”

Yoongi stares holes at him as if he was reading an open book but the pages were all blurry, no matter how focused he was, he couldn’t read it properly. Pretending is easy with most of the world but with the witch it sometimes required more work because Yoongi knew who Hoseok was, no matter what the demon thought about it. 

“And here you’re honestly looking like an angel. You’re making me crazy, but yes we can cuddle Hob, always.” 

They sit down, Yoongi bringing the blanket over to cover a part of Hoseok’s back. 

“I’m not a fly.” Hoseok pouts.

“A fly?”

“Hmm an angel.”

“That’s a Seokjin word.”

“Yes. Kim Seokjin designed.” 

Hoseok laughs quickly followed by Yoongi mumbling that he should keep a book of Seokjin’s expressions and sentences.


Everything goes back on its tracks and Hoseok must admit that being real and true, showing some hidden part of himself to Yoongi is actually the easiest thing he has ever done. 



Hoseok has Yoongi’s hand in his as they walk in the park, the sun is still up but looks like it’s going to start its descent soon. It’s calm and soothing, just like the library makes the demon feel. As they walk he wonders what will be his next safe place, once they’ll move from Daegu for somewhere else, once everyone in their life now dies and leaves them behind. 

“Do you think you can freeze the sun?”

Hoseok hums and continues their stroll, smiling softly by the witch surprising mind. Yoongi was someone who spoke as soon as a thought came to him, he was curious like most of the mystical creatures, right and fair. 

“I’m not god Hyung.”

“I can probably do it…”


Looking back at the fair skin, the eyes and dark hair, Hoseok thinks that the witch could as well. 


“I think so too Hyung.”



They were settled down in Yoongi’s office, Seokjin going back and forth starting to make the young demon who was seated on a black steel chair dizzy. It has already been so long since his encounter with Jimin but since then everything started to take a troubling path just like when Hoseok kept hearing weird voices during one of his jobs, whispering for him to leave. Here, in the middle of the classy looking office, Seokjin felt out of place, like coming right from an old fantasy book. The demon remembers how long it took for the witch to design this room to what it is now; red colored carpet, wood desk and black art on the walls; it was a place where Yoongi came to rest but also work on his magic. Seokjin finally decides to settle down on a table that was just next to the entry, bringing back Hoseok from his daze.



“Is Yoongi here?”

“No he left to buy food…What’s going on?”

Seokjin’s shoulders fall and Hoseok starts to get more anxious, he had only saw his friend like this a few times and all those were memories he wished he wouldn’t be able to remember at all. The movements of Seokjin’s body tell him more and the demon doesn’t know how to take this, mouth silent but silhouette so expressive, it’s just so disturbing. “Hyung, just tell me?”

“I think we’re at war Hoseok-ah…”

“At war?” 

“At war.”

Hoseok stands up a little too strongly as the chair he was seated on fell making a loud noise in the small space. 

“What the fuck is that supposed to mean?”

“Literally what it is, focus for God’s sake.”

“God? Seokjin you’re not telling me it’s starting all over again?”


The two realms had already been in war thousands years ago bringing into their conflicts all the other worlds including the mortal realm. In fact the mortal realm had transformed into a safe place for the magical creatures that wanted nothing to do with the clash that occurred between the Malak realm, the world of the light, of the pure souls, the angels and the Dejin realm, Hoseok’s home, the source of all the fire creatures and sons of Satan. In the mortal world fairies, witches and magicians had found a place where they could protect themselves thanks to the nature and elements or by pretending to be humans. It was a dark time for all species, so much bloodshed that the soil kept throwing it up back to the surface, souls clashed and were stolen until they had finally given up under the torture. Hoseok was too young to remember anything in particular but Seokjin had been in the middle of it, old enough to be sent to fight, to participate in something only the old generation believed in. The young demon will never forget the scar that runs along his Hyung’s side, the one Namjoon had carved in him, forced by hate and someone else’s mind, he’ll forever remember the way he had felt, how Hyoseob and Suran were shaking just like him when the old demon had come back, broken in ways he couldn’t understand at the time. 

Panic rises as the memories flow back in.

Seokjin had been destroyed, their world and people broken into two, and it had taken years for the Malak and Dejin realms to fall under an agreement that held peace until now. 

So why now? What had changed?

Hoseok knew that there were still people from both sides of the worlds who believed in the fact that one species had to disappear, that some weren’t as pure as the others but the fights and wars seemed so long ago that it just didn’t make any sense. It was such a retrograded mindset that the demon couldn’t believe it. Yet again one of the reasons Hoseok had chosen the mortal world was that creatures still had prejudice haunting their minds whenever they saw angels and demons together; witches too as they had helped the angels to fight against the demons back during the conflict. Thus when the opportunity of being a mortal realm demon came through, Hoseok had taken it immediately as it was his only chance to be with Yoongi and Jimin despite the fact that this position wasn’t as good as some other offers he had had. 

So maybe Hoseok believed in his people a bit too much after all. 


“That’s exactly what I’m telling you. I can’t believe I participated in this, I should have checked beforehand. You know I usually do research but this time I didn’t because I was busy and…”

Hoseok interrupts Seokjin’s blathering. 

“Wait…what do you mean?”

The old demon raises his gaze and stares silently. Hoseok thinks he catches something in there he doesn’t like, something scary like guilt, self hatred and feelings he doesn’t want to speak about. “Hyung…”

“I’m so sorry Hoseok-ah. I…I swear I didn’t know. Like I said I was busy and it doesn’t excuse it but…I am sorry…”

“It’s okay Hyung, just tell me what’s happening?”


“What about her?”

Goosebumps grow on the back of Hoseok’s knees, a place where the cold hurts, where it makes you want to scream. Hoseok hated when his own body tried to hurt him in the most ridiculous ways, how sometimes he didn’t have control over his mind and needed Jimin’s feather touch or Yoongi’s spell to appease him. 

“She’s basically the igniter of all this war. By stealing her powers we made the wrong people angry. She was a Saski.”

Hoseok tries to stay calm and let the news set itself in his mind. 

“A Saski? Impossible Hyung, you said she was a witch and Saskis don’t exist anymore.”

“I thought she was, that’s what they told me back home but apparently she was Saski, Hoseok.”

Seokjin pulls at his hair, sighing and Hoseok feels bad, numb too. Saskis were beings coming from the union of an angel and demon, species so strong and pure that they were respected by all the creatures. However they were only legends now, old memories as they were all supposedly killed during the war but apparently they were all wrong. Hoseok sighs because he had nothing to do as panic grew. If a war started, he would be the cause of it all; he’s the one who took Kono’s last powers in front of Jimin. 


“Jimin was there.”

“God, what?”

“Jimin was there when I did the job, said he had to protect her…”

“He let you took her powers?”

It’s a question but sounds more like a dumbfounded comment, still Hoseok decides to answer as talking helps him stay sane

“He did. Watched me empty her body before taking her with him.”

“Oh my god…”

“Hyung, we’re so fucked up right? I fucked up, oh Satan is going to kill me and you used God’s name so many times already, this is the end, I’m going to burn and turn into ashes…Yoongi kept telling me Taehyung was sending weird shit and he wanted to go visit but I…Jimin let me, he knew and still let me… Oh I’m so fucked up I don’t…”

The old demon moves quickly to hold Hoseok’s face between his hands, Hoseok raises his eyes to his friend’s mouth trying to calm his breathing. 

“Calm down, it’s not your fault, all mine. Do you hear me, it’s all mine, you did nothing wrong Hoseok-ah.”

“Fuck that, you’re not gonna weigh yourself with a thing you didn’t even do. I’m the one who fed on her moon pounder. I’m the one who did it.”

“Because I asked you too!”

“I can’t believe Jimin let me do it.”

Hoseok is reminded of Jimin telling him to go for it, like he was talking about going outside or trying a new hairstyle and not like the action Hoseok was about to do would lead to a potential war. He had that aura, like he didn’t care, like it was some trivial thing. A fire pit creates itself in Hoseok’s middle and his eyes turn yellow, like he held so much in him that his body can’t take anything in anymore. He is so angry, feels betrayed and is disgusted with the one he spent so many years with. Seokjin sensing the dark energy growing in Hoseok’s body slaps his cheek carefully which makes the yellow pupils stare at ones who are dark, familiar, and powerful. 

“He might have not known.”

“He knew Hyung, believe me he wanted me to set the fire.”

“Hoseok-ah…don’t make your own assumptions.”

Hoseok scoffs, bitter and feeling bad for believing Jimin once again. 

“Watch me. I’m going to kill him.” 

Seokjin lets his hands fall until they stop on Hoseok’s shoulders.

“You’ll kill him some other time. You need to come back home with me before.”


“His home is here.”


Hoseok and Seokjin turns around to see Yoongi, bags in hand, hair a little wet from the rain that has been pouring outside. He puts down the bags on his desk and glances at them, passing from the old demon to Hoseok, before his purple eyes finally settled down on the youngest. 

“Hob what’s happening?”


“Nothing? Are you kidding me? I can’t even breathe in here.”

“I’m just angry.”

“Listen Yoongi…” 

Yoongi interrupts Seokjin with a look. “Who do you want to kill?” He asked.

“Nobody.” Seokjin tries to evade the question.

“Jimin.” Hoseok says it bluntly.

Seokjin looks back him, eyes wide. Hoseok just shrugs it off, it’s not the first time Yoongi had heard this coming out from his mouth. The witch comes closer and with just one little touch, Hoseok already feel better.

“Why do you want to kill Jimin?”

“Because I miss him.” 

Yoongi brings him into a hug. 

“I know you’re lying but I’ll wait until you want to talk. Just calm down Hob.”

Hoseok watches Seokjin from above Yoongi’s left shoulder and sees in his eyes understanding but also questions he can’t verbally answer now so he just stares back hoping his friend will get his messages. Having Yoongi’s aura all around him soothes his soul and Hoseok closes his eyes trying to find comfort in the eldest’s arms. He can’t talk about what Seokjin came for, can’t share what they discovered or what the demon had done, scared that it will break the witch’s heart for the wrong reasons.  When Yoongi breaks up their embrace, backing off, Seokjin has left, leaving them all alone in the office. 

“Now that Jin-hyung is gone, will you tell me what’s really wrong?”

Hoseok stares but doesn’t seem able to say anything as there are so many answers to that question, so many possibilities for him and choosing right now between one of them makes his head hurts even more. 

“I already told you Hyung.” 

It’s good, simple and the witch might actually believe in it but by the look that grows on Yoongi’s face, it’s not working. 

“Why did he want you to go back?”

“Because there are some issues and Hyung needs my help.” Hoseok goes down to pick up the chair and puts it back to its place. “Should we go see Taehyung?”


Hoseok sits down on the chair and Yoongi decides to do the same on the desk, staying close and making his wood smell hit the demon’s nostrils. This time the smell is making Hoseok feel good, almost high and his body relaxes even though their talk is serious, requires concentration. 

“Well you’re the one who wanted to go visit them.”

Yoongi’s hand caresses Hoseok’s neck endlessly. 

“Yes and you always refused for some reason so why now?”

Hoseok shrugs, looking indifferent but going to visit Taehyung and Seulgi could actually help him in understanding what’s happening in his world. Yoongi had been telling him for a few days now that his little brother kept having visions and that he needed to see his family to talk about them, to decide what they should all do. That’s how usually the Min clan worked and with Taehyung who was one of the most famous seerers in the world of magic, gatherings like those were nothing new to the demon. Most of the time he had felt out of place between people who despised him but kept their hate muted in respect for Yoongi. Also all the times they went, Jimin was there so it was easy, less lonely even if the angel presence had been more allowed by the elders of the Min clan since the beginning. Still, the judgment was there, hovering over their heads, little whispers in the alleys of the mansion whenever the angel and the demon were seen together which was a lot of times considering how busy Yoongi had been whenever he was back home. Those were moments where Jimin and Hoseok were together, jokes, fights and cuddles by hundreds to fight the profound solitude that being in a place where nobody wanted you to exist. Jimin was gone now though and the demon didn’t know if he’d be able to stand there alone, hence why he kept giving negative answers to the witch. However with Seokjin’s news, solitude and side eyeing seemed insignificant.

“I don’t know…a change of scenery?”

“You’re not answering any of my questions, I don’t like it but we can go. I just need to warn Taehyung and aunt Seulgi.”

“You do that. I’m going to go to the library.” Hoseok stands up, styles his orange hair and bites his lips before lowering himself to kiss Yoongi. It’s slow, warm and tired, it’s like solitude mixing itself with fire, it says a lot and the demon knows the witch catches every single word. “I don’t know when I’ll be back.” 



Like that Hoseok teleports himself and disappears. 




The road goes by quickly turning itself into a blur that reminds the demon of Berlin under the snow, how cold it was to walk under the grey sky full of white clouds. Jimin’s hands were always red during their stay in Germany’s capital; Yoongi’s nose used to get pink as soon as they got out. Hoseok loved making fun of them as they struggled with the temperature while his body was in the best environment ever. Beers and greasy diners, dances and long walks, Berlin was good, like a break in their life that made them even closer, especially Jimin and Hoseok. There were screams, fights and warm looks for a long time but that trip, Berlin and its spirit had changed something forever in their relationship making it grow, evolve into something more peaceful and fair. When they had come back to Korea things had been more sober in a way and the demon kept having Berlin in his mind, long empty roads and freezing wind. 

Yoongi kept getting messages from Taehyung, Hoseok kept exchanging thoughts with Seokjin who had given him permission to leave, also believing that it will help their situation, so that’s how they found themselves on the road, trying to calm their minds. Yoongi is driving while Hoseok gazes at the scenery outside, it’s quiet, the radio set on low volume, making the car comfortable enough to keep silent. It feels like Yoongi is running away whenever they go to Seulgi’s house. It’s like he’s fleeing hell after someone finally told him he could go back home, like he’s been waiting for a call all along, standing right by the phone. Hoseok wonders why he had never felt that for the other side, knows that Jimin didn’t as well; having a family, a ground, something that really mattered, it was a Yoongi thing. The demon even sometimes suspected that the only real reason the witch was here, wherever Hoseok and Jimin were, was because he loved them. Maybe he knew that they both needed to leave their world as they couldn’t stay there without being tamed, perhaps he had felt the longing for Jimin to sometimes hide his wings and forget the meaning they had or even how strongly Hoseok wished to be human from time to time. It sounds unfair most of the time, especially when the witch started to tell the stories about home late at night seated on the bed, the demon and the angel by his sides. But the light in his eyes when he looked at them used to reassure them, to make them believe that everything was okay and even-handed. Years later Yoongi is still eager and Hoseok remembers that talk he had with Jimin in their small bathroom in Busan. 


Flash back


Jimin is going back and forth in the crowded bathroom hitting his knee on the sink whenever he turns around which creates a pretty sound. Hoseok just got up and his hair is messy, his eyes still half closed but when the angel had came back from his usual morning walk literally dragging him out quietly to not wake up Yoongi from the bedroom, the demon had no choice but to follow.

“We need to go back. You know that right because we really can’t stay like this...” Hoseok closes his eyes and yawns while listening to the angel spouting nonsense he didn’t want to hear this early. Jimin had a sweet voice most of the time but in the morning it was quite deep, husky in a way that made you want to go back, cuddle the pillow, and lose to sleep. “Hyung!” Comes with a slap and the demon opens his eyes wide this time, anger running out of them.

“What the fuck?”

“Keep quiet, Hyung is gonna wake up.” Jimin’s hair is also messy, something the demon remembers only now. “Ugh you make me so angry sometimes.”

“Why do you want to go back?”

Jimin looks at him with those eyes and Hoseok hates it because they’re absolutely right.

“Hyung is sad. We need to accept Seulgi’s offer.”

Hoseok stands up and the conversation from a few days ago appears in his mind. They were at Yoongi’s home because Taehyung had finally graduated from High school, it had felt different than their usual visits as this time it was for happy news. The angel and Hoseok had been in one room talking about the way Yoongi’s great aunt kept looking wrong at them all evening when they heard Seulgi’s whispers quickly followed by Yoongi’s murmurs.  

“You should come back love, your brother is going to need you.”

“You know I can’t…”

“Because of them? I told you they could live with us.”

“And be under the family’s judgmental eyes and minds all day, no it’s not fair. Plus, Taehyung can do really well by himself.”

“I know he can…it’s just we miss you, you know, you used to love it here.”

“I still do, auntie…it feels so good here.”

“Then keep my proposition in mind?”


“Come on, let’s go downstairs before Woo starts a mess again.”


And the witches had left, at least it had become silent, letting Jimin and Hoseok stare at each other, truth too real to be told. 


“Seulgi’s offer that we supposedly know nothing about.”

Jimin sighs. “Were you listening to what I was saying?”

“I stopped listening at "we can’t live like that" to be honest.”

“I figured.” A roll of eyes. “Anyway we need to be the ones to ask for it.”

“He’ll get suspicious; he knows how much I hate being there, and suddenly I want to be living in that way too big mansion, won’t work.”

“It will just listen to me, I have a plan.”


End of flashback


A plan that ended not well with an upset Yoongi for days and a lot of talking and kisses to bring smile onto his face again. The witch had made it clear that being with them was his choice and not something he was forced to. Then again Hoseok had learnt that love tended to make you do things by force while disguising them as decision you had made willingly. Maybe the demon should believe more in his love, perhaps he and Jimin should have tried harder that time. 

They’re getting closer to their destination, Hoseok can recognize the landscape growing wider and wilder as they go, can almost feel the buzzing that comes with Yoongi’s home, the magic that reigns there.


“You think I don’t know but I do.” 

Yoongi’s voice is hauling the demon out of his mind. He shakes his head to erase the memories and turns to stare at the witch. 

“What do you mean?” 

Hoseok is scared or more concerned because Yoongi is a witch and his voice is way too calm for the inside of the car, it feels out of place making the body of the demon go stiff. It also makes him realize that he had been hiding too much, and that he doesn’t particularly like the feeling. 

“About Jimin.”

Hoseok opens the window and lets the winds comes in; maybe it will take Yoongi’s words away turning them into emptiness and he won’t have to answer, it possibly also could help him not panic. 

“About Jimin, quite vague...” Yoongi slides his eyes on him for a second before they go back on the road. 

“I just wanted to let you know that I was aware and that I’m okay with it.”

Hoseok stays silent an instant, thinks that it might be better to just drop the subject, that Yoongi gave him the possibility to but it doesn’t settle right with him so he opens the window further down. The wind comes fully in the car at the speed they’re going and like that the words have less impact. 

“Okay with what exactly?”

There’s a tilt on the witch’s face that screams cooling off. 

“That you met him a few weeks ago. I don’t know why and to be honest with you I don’t want to.” Hoseok’s heart beats fast but he listens calmly. “Hmm I think you would have told me if it were a matter that concerned me anyway.”

“And why are you telling me all this right now?”

“Because I want you to know that I’m okay with you hiding some things that are only yours.”

“Yet you just turned them into something that is ours now.”

“Are you mad?” 

“Yes. I don’t need to know that you’re okay with what I do in my life or not.”

“Hob… I just wanted to let you know.”

“But why Hyung?”

“I don’t know.”

Hoseok is demonic, mean and all his soul hates. It’s disturbing when your mind turns against itself.

“How did you know anyway?”

The cold is helping, the noise too. 

“The smell, hit me as soon as you came home.”

“And you kept it to yourself all this time but couldn’t anymore.” Hoseok shakes his head. “Of course.” Scoffs the demon, the smell, the hug, the way the angel had left his mark on the demon after betraying him as if it were nothing. “Well yeah I saw him. Happy?” 

Yoongi hums and it’s almost sounds hurt. Hoseok closes the window bringing back the muffled sound, the voice on the radio and the silence. 

“I hope you had your goodbyes.” Says the witch after some time. Hoseok turns back to the windows and ignores the love that there is in the words, try to forget how his heart is eating his soul slowly. 




Seulgi tells them to not worry as soon as they step foot in the mansion but considering what they found there, it’s hard. The home that used to be full of Yoongi’s family members, of familiars going around and passing by, or magical creatures stopping by for some water, some place to stay for the night; the house where the witch had grown circled by ghosts from his clan, souls and natural species is now empty, just walls standing and covered in nothingness. Hoseok tries to do as told but considering what he knows from Seokjin and the situation in his lover’s childhood home, it’s complicated. It becomes almost impossible when he sees Taehyung’s eyes, green as fire gets sometimes, sour that it makes it hard to keep the eye contact, fluorescent as if they held the whole truth which the demon knows they do. It’s practically a war to do so as Yoongi’s brother’s smell is smothering, usually sweet and appetizing like apples, Taehyung’s aura never bothered him but this time when the younger goes downstairs to welcome them, the smell hits Hoseok making his head spin that he has to catch himself on the wall. 

“You’re good?”

“It’s too strong.”

“Taehyung?” Hoseok nods and Yoongi stares back at his little brother before turning around to the demon. “Can you stay outside, I’ll calm him and then you can come in?”

Hoseok shakes his body and teleports himself in the garden where fresh hair fills his lungs, where he can feel his body again and especially where he can realize how truly fucked  they are. For all the years he spent to Yoongi’s sides he never saw Taehyung’s like that, never witnessed Seulgi on edge and even if the witch had tried to be as calm as possible, Hoseok knew that she was as scared by whatever Taehyung had seen. Seulgi was strong, she was there during the war too and the looks on her face made the demon believe that she was a mess, tossed back into memories she wanted to run away from. 

While waiting in the backyard, Hoseok contacted Seokjin to let him know that he had arrived and they exchanged about the situation in each world, in how Namjoon had came to find Seokjin before being thrown out, how everyone slowly seemed to be getting electric, ready for the worst, for a war

The fear and the hurt are in Hoseok’s heart; it’s in his head the way Jimin’s voice sounded while saying “go for it” and he’s thinking that going back would be good, that sparing Kono’s powers would have been easier, so much easier. He pinches his thighs imagining Yoongi so high above, so far from his reach and suddenly everything seems to end, falling apart, leaving his poor body shaky on the ground. Hoseok can’t save them, can’t save himself from something he had done, for the choice he had made, can’t help loving the angel even after all this. His eyes close and maybe he never had been built to be a demon considering how strongly he feels every emotion; perhaps he would have been dead long ago if he were a human. It feels like his insides are pulling him down, forcing him to go back home, to prepare to fight against the population of the Malak world, to watch and stare at Yoongi helping the angels fight his kind, it just leaves a bitter taste in his gut. Taehyung’s scream reaches the garden and Hoseok flinches because the voice sounds like hell. 


It’s late when Yoongi joins him and the demon is surprised that he stayed all this time stunned on the ground, the witch seems stunned too as he falls to sit. 

“I’m exhausted.”

Hoseok turns around to glance at Yoongi and what he sees there makes him scared, something he had never imagined could lay itself on this pretty face he knows is now taking over all of it. 

“How bad?”

It’s a ridiculous question, almost no reason to ask it, but the demon does, lets the words make everything real. Yoongi sighs, his eyes are purple and it looks like he’s thinking too much. 



“A lot…” Yoongi moves a bit to be able to stare at the demon. His eyes say he wishes he had came sooner, warn that he had put his existence on hold to take care of the situation. They also say something Hoseok prepared himself to see, that he’s no longer Yoongi, the man the demon loves and cherishes, that’s he’s Min, the witch, the violet light. “I’m sorry.”


“For the future…for whatever could happen you know.”

“Is Taehyung okay? Heard him scream earlier.”

Yoongi finally breaks their eye contact and gazes at the dark sky.    

“I saw my reflection there, in his eyes, I felt the warmth, like it was burning me alive, heard the screams and the sounds the wings make in the wind. I only saw it, Taehyung felt every piece of it. He’s doing well now but he’s still shaken.”

Yoongi’s words weight heavy, carry with them a million questions but they can’t waste anymore time. 

“You know I have to go.”

“Of course I do, I’m not stupid.”  Yoongi takes his hand without looking at him and it’s petrifying the demon. “Jin-hyung was there right?”

“Yes, he came to check up on me.”

Demons weren’t allowed on the Min propriety but Hoseok knows that Yoongi wouldn’t mind.

“You called him?”

Hoseok smiles and closes his eyes as well; try to take in this moment as much as he can. 

“I was scared.” 

“It’s okay. There’s no one here anyway”

Yoongi’s voice sounds defeated and Hoseok starts to feel like life sucks, like death is in fact a blessing. He knows humans and the world are scared, mortified by death, by leaving everything and everyone behind, he thought he understood. Living as one of them for so long, he got why people wanted to forget about it, understood the pressure it could put on them, how it could change the way they saw their life so he got it, really he did. Now though, now it all changed, how he sees it, how everything makes no sense. Life is what people should be scared of; living is what can destroy you, breathing might be incredible but being alive is what really is frightening. Humans had gotten it all wrong and Hoseok scoffs that he had let himself, a superior being supposedly full of knowledge and fire forces, be fooled by love, laughs, drinks and pretty words. Seokjin had been right all along, Jimin had been right by trapping him like that and Yoongi had been so dumb for falling.


Yoongi’s tone is cold and back full of strength, as if he weren’t tired anymore. 

“You don’t even know what I am gonna say.”

“Please don’t, I just want us to stay like this a little more and not think.” 

“Good for you if you can do that.”

“I’m just tired and want you to hold me. Is it too much to ask?”

Hoseok brings the witch to his side and holds tight, lets the smell turn him dizzy. At the end of the day, the demon wants all that isn’t his, wants things that aren’t right for this world and Yoongi is the same. He needs to leave quietly, they both do because the mess that will stay behind is going to be heavy, the one he’s going to meet down there is going to be challenging, so disappearing in silence, softly will be the best for them. He’s such a fragile foolish demon who fell in love with life when it was the worst thing around, after his creator. Suddenly he thinks of how being here, having Yoongi in his arms, shows how powerful it is, how addictive it can be and maybe humans were just trying their best. 

“You’re going to see Jimin again…”

“Probably yeah, angels already contacted Seulgi…” Yoongi whispers and the words makes Hoseok sigh and bites his lips. He feels Yoongi’s body go rigid. “It doesn’t mean I’m going to take part in any of what might happen though.”

“We both know you will and it’s alright.”

Yoongi raises his head and glances at Hoseok, hurt.

“Why do you say that, we don’t know.”

“Of course we do Hyung and I prefer it that way.” Yoongi lets his head fall back down. “For us to be honest and prepare and talk. It’s okay if you do, that’s how things are supposed to go.”

“We can stop it.”

The witch sounds determined and thinking about it, they could, they might be able to stop it all but for now Hoseok is reserved. 

“We might…” 

“You know I could really do it.”

Hoseok smiles. 

“You probably would, you’re powerful and pretty, it helps.”

Yoongi arms hold him stronger.

“You’re sweet but you know…I will try everything to stop it from happening.” The witch raises his eyes to stare at the demon again, it’s long and soft and quiet, it’s something Hoseok loves and whatever the circumstances they are in right now, he wants to hold this look in his memories forever. “I love you.”

Hoseok shudders because in spite of how many times he had heard those words, they still make him feel bubbly in some type of way. Saying them now is a bit unfair though, dramatic too but Yoongi always had that side to him so Hoseok says it back with all his burning heart. It’s real and easy, needed time for them to learn how to say it, how it could be as comforting as a touch, how it showed how real they were but the demon doesn’t regret learning it.

Hoseok stands up quickly followed by Yoongi who hugs him one last time. 

“I’ve gotta go help Tae…”

“Sure. Come see me okay?”

“As soon as I can.” 


Hoseok teleports himself, violet eyes, sharp eyes and sweet mouth, the last things from this world he sees before darkness, before deliverance.