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A Collection of One-Shots

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You sigh. You really are a night owl.

No matter how much you try, you can't seem to fall asleep, even with Black Hat and Flug cuddling you. A soft smile graces your face as you push yourself into a sitting position. Black Hat's head is nestled by your hip while Flug's head is resting on your lap, paper bag left abandoned on the bedside table. You gentle rub your hand along Flug's back, almost cooing out loud at the sigh of him snuggling deeper into you form. Then you softly rub your thumb over Black Hat's soft, gray cheek. His mouth is slightly open, soft breaths warming your thigh.

God how did you get so lucky with these two?

They cared so much for you, always checking in on you and making sure you're alright. Flug does all that he can to support you and take care of you, while Black Hat makes sure you never push yourself too hard and are getting enough nourishment, among other things. You love the way their eyes light up when they see you, or the way they make sure to tell you that they love you and give you a kiss on the cheek before they leave you, even if it's during the rare arguments you guys have.

You love both of them, so so much.

You almost don't want to get up. Sadly though, you feel restless. As carefully as possible, and without disturbing your sleeping lovers too much, you slip out of bed, smiling and almost cooing, again, as they immediately cuddle up to each other, Black Hat tucking Flug protectively under his chin and against his chest.

As quiet as a mouse, You slip out of your shared bedrooms and make your way to the kitchen, phone tucked inside your hoodie pocket.

You let out a soft shiver as the cold tile floor of the mansion comes into contact with your bare feet. You shuffle through your music, getting out the items necessary to make chocolate brownies. You smile as one of your favorite songs come on.

You hum softly, and begin singing the lyrics.


"Lying, isn't better than silence.

Floating, but I feel like I'm dying.


"Still no matter where I go,

at the end of every road,

You were good to me.~


"You were good to me, yeah.~


"I know it's easier to run,

after everything I've done,

You were good to me,

You were good to me.


You sway your hips lightly, making sure not to make as your soft voice rings through the silent mansion halls. Swaying back and forth, you try to keep your voice low as emotion flows through your voice as you become completely oblivious to your surroundings, caught up in the song. 

Which means that you didn't notice Black Hat or Flug enter the kitchen quietly, simply watching you from afar, affection making their hearts light. They watched the way your hips moved slowly back and forth, the way you twirled every other moment, balancing the brownie mix in your hands. They watched the way your eyes would close and your face would overflow with emotions when you reached a certain lyric. 

Your voice rang out softly, reaching your lover's souls as they observed you, completely enraptured, as if in a trance.


God how had they fallen so incredibly hard for you?


Black Hat slowly made his way into the kitchen, Flug in hand. Black Hat's voice was deep and smooth, the lyrics rolling off his tongue, sounding practically as if he purred them. He placed his hands on your hips, and you jump, startled by his sudden appearance. He mumbles a few more words, and you blush, leaning into his touch as you sing the lyrics with the eldritch. 


"Leaving, isn't better than trying,

Growing, but I'm just growing tired.


"Now I'm worried for my soul,

and I'm still scared of growing old,

You were good to me.~


"You were good to me, yeah~


Soon enough Flug catches on, and joins in. His soft spoken voice echoes the lyrics as he wraps his arms around your waist, swaying with you. Warmth lit like a fire in your chest, and you felt like crying. 


"And I'm so used to letting go~

But I don't wanna be alone~

You were good to me.~


"You were good to me, yeah~


Now you all switch between the lyrics, taking turns to sing your parts, voices echoing through the halls, creating a perfect harmony. 


"God only knows,

where our fears go~


"Hearts I've broke,

now my tears flow~


"You'll see,

that I'm sorry~

Cause you were good to me,

You were good to me~


You sing the last part, leaning into your lovers as they embrace you, pressing soft kisses to your cheeks and hands. 


"And now I'm closing every door,

'cause I'm sick of wanting more,

You were good to me,


"You were good to me, yeah~


"Swear I'm different than before,

I won't hurt you anymore,

'Cause you were good to me.


You finish with a smile, practically tackling Black Hat and Flug into a hug. Flug lets out a startled yelp and Flug grunts. Soon, you're all chuckling softly on the ground as you hold each other close, simply enjoying one another's presence. 


You wouldn't change your life for anything in the world.