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Yours, (Restored)

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Firstly, I would like to apologize profusely for my lack of manners in writing this, but this is a dire situation. You see, as the only heir to the Ellison kingdom, my status as omega means that I must be married in order to rule.

My parents, of course, already have a suitor for me but I have known this person my whole life, and I know he would not take kindly to being forced into marrying me. I fear our union will end in misery for both of us, and I have come to you in the slim chance you may know of a way for me to stop it from happening.

I am aware that you have no reason to help me, but I am desperate. I will give you a truth in hopes that it will sway you.

Even if our relationship was better, I would not want to belong to Jared; he would have me do nothing but breed for him. And I know I have no proof that you would not do the same, nothing but what the ill tongues will say, and I try not to pay any heed to rumors, but I wish this one may be truth.


Evan Hansen.

[Connor is intrigued, and a little charmed, but he does not let anyone know of the second; nor does he let it show in his writing how much he really wants to help. It’s better for Evan to think him reluctant than to think him interested; Connor would like a chance to know the omega before making such claims.]

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I have always had a strong dislike of formal letters, though I appreciate your intentions in apologizing. I will respond to your sincerity with my own as best as I am able, and ask your forgiveness now for any offenses.

I confess your dislike of Kleinman is what really sold me on your story, as I hold him in the lowest regards; and I would not wish anyone to be stuck with him. It is true that I care very little about pups, and if I assume correctly, I am glad to not be the only one; what I will offer is more beneficial to me that it may be to you.

There exists an old law in your lands that any family of an omega of noble status must hold a tournament with all eligible suitors, for omegas are rare and denying a noble alpha the chance to mate one is akin to treason against them. And if you would allow me I would like to participate, not only to get a chance to exhaust my anger towards Kleinman without incurring a war, but also to see if your words are really true.


Connor Murphy.

[Evan finds himself smiling despite himself, the alpha is a little rough, but not at all as the whispers would paint him; and that causes him great relief. He stores the letter somewhere safe, so that no one will learn of what he’s done, is it weird that he’s a little giddy over this? He can’t answer that now; no, he has a given plan to set in motion.]

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You are absolutely brilliant! My parents agreed almost immediately once I brought the law up for discussion, you should have seen the look on Jared’s face!!

I have been allowed to partake in the making of all the invitations, which is honestly a tedious task, but I am far too glad for the fact that your plan worked that it has been a lot more bearable than it would have probably been otherwise. You will find I attached the invitation to the letter, and I am to tell you this is not just a contest of strength but also wit; though I have no doubt you will excel at both of these areas.

I look forward to meeting you on the next moon for the beginning ceremony, though I am afraid our interactions past that will have to be brief as I am not to “play favorites” with any of my suitors. Mind you, that rule exists solely because my parents somehow still believe I want Jared, as ridiculous as that may sound.

I am beyond thankful to you, and shall you ever need of anything I can offer assistance with, I will gladly help you in return. I know you claimed it was just as beneficial to you, but it remains the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for me; so again, thank you.


Evan Hansen.

[There’s an advantage to using personal birds for sending letters, Connor thinks, because he’d hate for anyone to see his expression right then, as he reads Evan’s words. The omega’s happiness is almost palpable, and there’s a feeling of warmth to the knowledge that he’s the cause of it.]


Crowned Prince Connor of the house of Murphy:

You are hereby invited to the tournament that will be held in place for the hand of Crowned Prince Evan of the house of Hansen, as it is the law of the Ellison kingdom to have all eligible alphas compete for our noble blooded omegas.  The tournament will begin upon next moon with the required ceremony and will end after a week of different contests with the celebration of the union of whoever comes out as champion and our prince.

Best Regards,

Ellison Court Head Malory Scarlay.

Ellison Crowned Prince Evan Hansen.

[Connor called on Trevor, as the messenger had the amazing ability to not even lift an eyebrow at Connor’s bullshit; Trevor does give him a knowing look as Connor gives him the invitation and asks him to pretend it got on the normal mail, but he says nothing. Connor is grateful for the beta, as Trevor does an excellent show of making the invitation sound just important enough that it would seem offensive for Connor not to partake in the tournament; which means not only is he allowed to go, but made to practice all of his best abilities as he has an omega to impress.]

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You are right that I would have enjoyed seeing Kleinman’s reaction to our little ruse, but I will have to do with the one he will get once we’re face to face. It is nice though, to read from you in such high spirits, and know that I look forward to our meeting as well.

I am sure I could find a way to

If you wanted for a longer interaction

I am sure that, if we really so desire, we will find a way to steal moments away from other eyes

I want to steal you away from them, so that I may perhaps show you just how good I can be, I want to be good for you

I apologize if this may seem too forward of me, but how dare they do that to you; this entire tournament is about finding your mate, the person you will be with forever, you should be allowed to know your suitors better. Even if you did favor Kleinman, who is to say that would remain the same were you allowed to spend time with other alphas?

Then again, I am sure you would rather not have to deal with alphas at all; and I would not blame you for it if I happen to be correct in this assumption. It is terribly unfair, and I wish you had the option; but as things are, I am aware all I can do is help you stay away from Kleinman; I wish I could do more.


Connor Murphy.

 [Evan feels stupidly enamored with Connor’s passion in what he believes, and also with his beliefs. He also finds Connor to be rather amusing to read from, sweet as the sentiment in his words are, even though they bring color to his face, they also leave him smiling and chuckling; the smile remains afterwards, but he doesn’t give much thought as to what it means.]

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Connor’s a little surprised that Trevor’s making the trip with him, but thankful for his presence, any other messenger would’ve told his parents of the presence of a Ellisen dove where there should be a Ausmaian magpie; inevitably blowing his cover. But Trevor has not told anyone, nor has he asked for any favors in exchange for his silence, so he’s won Connor’s tentative trust.

It’s good to have someone trust-worthy when going to a different kingdom, and Connor was pretty

sure he could convince Trevor to help him with the whole, talking with Evan without his parents knowing.

He was made to dress properly for the beginning ceremony, which consisted on each of the participating alphas walking the center aisle of the throne room, bowing to the rulers and the omega they were to compete for, introducing themselves, and presenting a gift to the prince. Most brought things that spoke highly of their homes, but Connor had picked his present with the Ellison kingdom in mind; thankfully Ausmao was known for its silver, so part of it was somewhat connected to his land should anyone criticize his choice.

All six of the kingdoms that possessed alphas as heirs had sent their children to compete, and as an unspoken rule, ceremonies such as this one started with those who had traveled the furthest; this left Connor to enter before Kleinman, and encountering his fellow alpha on the doorway. The expression on Kleinman’s face upon seeing him was one of raw panic, which was to be expected considering Connor’s reputation.

And then his heartbeat starts increasing its speed as Connor walks the hallway to the three thrones. The king, Mark Hansen, sits in the middle, his wife, Heidi is at his right, and to the left there’s Evan.

Though there are portraits of the omega, none of them have prepared Connor for the sight before his eyes; Evan’s crown is white gold so to not clash with the golden hair in his head, with small rounded emeralds that pale in comparison to the lake-green eyes beneath them, sun kissed skin from spending hours in nature frames soft looking lips that curve into a smile briefly, meant for Connor’s eyes only. The alpha wonders if Evan is making a similar evaluation of him, if he’s caused an impression on the omega then he hopes it’s a good one.

“Prince Connor Murphy of Ausmao”

Connor does the expected curtsy, before presenting his gift, a silver belt, with a design of plants, with fluffy leaves and flowers, every three of which had a tsavorite dead center; though Connor’s kingdom is certainly known for its mining and precious minerals turned art, the design and colors of the piece are undeniably Ellisen in their nature; it’s a bold thing, presenting something related to a country not your own, but it’s worth the expression on Evan’s face as he sees it.

Connor suppresses a smile as he explains how the gift is made of precious metal and stones from Ausmaian mines, and been crafted by the most skilled hands per his specific request, finishing with his wish for Evan to enjoy it. He only smiles briefly, when he’s sure there’s only the one set of eyes on him, before bowing again and taking his leave, to join the other suitors in the room.

Jared enters last, and gives Evan the best bathing lotions his kingdom has to offer, though Connor pays little attention to it, as after he is done and finishes making his way to the rest of them, Evan stands up, and speaks.

“I want to thank you all for coming and for the gifts you’ve given me, and I would like to welcome you all to my kingdom, as well as wish you the best of luck in the challenges that will start this afternoon”

Connor savors that voice, keeps it safe in his mind to use when he’s re-reading his letters again; half-mindedly joining the clapping that follows Evan’s statement, because he’s too distracted by Evan to pay attention to him properly.

They’re finally allowed to leave the throne room, multiple castle employees guiding them to their respective rooms. The person that takes Connor to his room is quiet but gives him a look like they know; it isn’t until Connor is finally in his room that he learns why.

“Prince Evan asked me to give you this, for your eyes only”

Connor takes the offered piece of paper with a smile.

“Thank you”

They give him a quick bow before going away. Connor sits on his borrowed bed, and reads.

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I am sorry not to have responded to your last letter, as I was suddenly drowned with the responsibilities of helping plan a tournament. Know that I wanted to, as your words helped ease my own anger towards my parents.

You are, however, mistaken in thinking Jared’s been enough to make me swear off all alphas, as he has only made me cautious at most. You will think it silly, but I have always wanted to be noticed, not the way Jared notices me but… I just wanted someone who would see me, someone who would like me for me and nothing else.

Please don’t share that with anyone though! If my father were to find out he might cancel the whole thing and force me with Jared to teach me a lesson. I am trusting you with this Connor.

I send this letter through my most trusted servant, he has been assigned to you for the time being, he knows how not to be seen in the castle. I hope you enjoy your stay here, and wish you the best of luck in the tournament.


Evan Hansen.

[Connor feels anger seize him briefly, as he knows better than antagonize the king of a kingdom he’s visiting for a tournament, particularly if he wants any chance at winning. Once Evan is married king Richard will have to step down, but it’d be too late if he gets to marry him by force before Evan has the chance to rule; Connor knows most of his rivals would not allow the omega to do that, and uses it to justify himself, because without justifications he’s no better than them, and he can’t do that to Evan.]