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Yours, (Restored)

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Firstly, I would like to apologize profusely for my lack of manners in writing this, but this is a dire situation. You see, as the only heir to the Ellison kingdom, my status as omega means that I must be married in order to rule.

My parents, of course, already have a suitor for me but I have known this person my whole life, and I know he would not take kindly to being forced into marrying me. I fear our union will end in misery for both of us, and I have come to you in the slim chance you may know of a way for me to stop it from happening.

I am aware that you have no reason to help me, but I am desperate. I will give you a truth in hopes that it will sway you.

Even if our relationship was better, I would not want to belong to Jared; he would have me do nothing but breed for him. And I know I have no proof that you would not do the same, nothing but what the ill tongues will say, and I try not to pay any heed to rumors, but I wish this one may be truth.


Evan Hansen.

[Connor is intrigued, and a little charmed, but he does not let anyone know of the second; nor does he let it show in his writing how much he really wants to help. It’s better for Evan to think him reluctant than to think him interested; Connor would like a chance to know the omega before making such claims.]