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Hey there demons

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hey there demons [6]

10:02 am

bambam: attention people!!!!!
bambam: friends!!!!
bambam: human-like beings that live on this planet!!!
bambam: guys come on, respond to me!!!!
bambam: give me your attention!!!!

Mark: ffs
Mark: what u want now

bambam: more attention please!!!!

JB: I'm here as well

Jinyoung: me too

jacks: yeah i'm here

Youngjae: present

bambam: great!!!!
bambam: guys there's a new student in my class

Jinyoung: that seriously all you came to say??

bambam: :(

Youngjae: ooh a new kid!

bambam: yes! :))
bambam: and i'm gonna be best friends with him!

JB: have you met him yet?

bambam: kinda? i mean he introduced himself to the class but we didn't really speak much
bambam: but he sits next to me, so we did talk a bit

jacks: omg okay
jacks: what are your first impressions

bambam: tall

Mark: what a great first impression he must have made if the only thing u can say is that he's tall

bambam: shut up i'm not done

JB: mark, stop being sarcastic
JB: bambam, show respect to your hyung

bambam: ok fine
bambam: but back to my future best friend!

Youngjae: you can't know that bammie, you're not an oracle

jacks: no offense but why are you so set on befriending him

bambam: very funny youngjae hyung
bambam: but i just have this gut feeling about him
bambam: and also his smile is extremely cute

Mark: ...

Jinyoung: are you sure you're looking for a friend and not, let's say, a boyfriend?

bambam: what? no! i've only known him for like an hour!

JB: yet you keep saying he's gonna be your best friend

bambam: okay whatever
bambam: i just know that i'm gonna be friends with him because i know that i wanna be friends with him
bambam: also, i have almost no normal friends :(

jacks: might have something to do with the fact that you're not normal yourself

bambam: excuse u
bambam: i'm offended

Jinyoung: you're literally a demon bammie

JB: so the new kid isn't anything supernatural?

bambam: idk
bambam: at least nothing obvious
bambam: as in, i saw no tail and no fangs, but who knows

Mark: did u get his number

jacks: lmao
jacks: as if bambam would remember to ask for that
jacks: he'd be too busy talking his head off

bambam: actually, i did get his number

jacks: oops

bambam: yeah
bambam: actually can i add him to this chat?

Youngjae: yeah that'd be fun :)

jacks: yeah sure

bambam: but don't mention any of your,.. special identities
bambam: i don't know how much he knows and i don't want us to be exposed

Mark: "special identities" lmao

Jinyoung: we won't say anything that could expose us

bambam: i mostly meant jackson, but thanks hyung

JB: no need to thank us
JB: it's our secret just as much as it is yours
JB: and who knows, maybe he already knows about supernatural beings and won't be scared off if he accidentally finds out

bambam: a boy can dream...
bambam: but i'm adding him now!

bambam has added Gyeom to hey there demons

bambam: hello yugyeom!
bambam: it's me, bambam!
bambam: we sat next to each other in the class we just had!

Gyeom: yeah i remember, hi!
Gyeom: omg who are all these people

JB: Yugyeom, hi!

Gyeom: jaebum-hyung, is that you?

JB: Yes it is hahah

Gyeom: oh, hello hyung!
Gyeom: i guess i don't have to give you my number now lol

Jinyoung: wait, jb you know him?

JB: I mean I've met him
JB: he tried out for the dance team earlier this morning

jacks: ooh, did he make the team?

JB: this would be pretty awkward if he didn't

bambam: oh i didn't know you danced yugyeom!

Gyeom: uh yeah
Gyeom: but we met like an hour ago, so i don't think you should be surprised by not knowing stuff about me lol
Gyeom: but who are all these people?

bambam: oh they're my hyungs!
bambam: we're kinda like a squad since most of them go to our school
bambam: well, everyone except jinyoung hyung because he doesn't go to school
bambam: but we've all been friends for a few years

Gyeom: oh
Gyeom: am i intruding?

Mark: no, you're fine

bambam: i mean, i'm the one who added you to the chat, and they all think it's okay for you to be here
bambam: so don't think we don't want you here!
bambam: and this way u can make some new friends :)
bambam: didn't the teacher say you just moved to korea from somewhere?

Gyeom: oh yeah, from saudi arabia
Gyeom: but before that i lived in america

jacks: oh, a traveler

JB: were you born in america?

Gyeom: no, i moved there when i was thirteen :)
Gyeom: before that i lived in korea

jacks: important question
jacks: how much money do u have?


Gyeom: 69 cents

jacks: oh, u know what that means!

Gyeom: i don't have enough money for chicken nuggets T-T


bambam: i know we got seated next to each other for a reason!
bambam: aside from the fact that the seat next to me was empty but yknow what i mean

Jinyoung: ...what did i just witness

jacks: i know ur old but u gotta keep up with the culture!

Mark: they just quoted a vine jinyoung

Gyeom: oh is jinyoung the oldest?

bambam: uuh
bambam: he's actually third youngest
bambam: or, now that you're here, i guess he's exactly in the middle

Gyeom: oh okay

jacks: hyungs can we please keep this child? he knows vines

Gyeom: you barely know me though
Gyeom: also i'm still confused about who you guys are
Gyeom: right now you're just a bunch of names on my screen
Gyeom: well, aside from bambam and jb hyung

Jinyoung: he's already calling you hyung

JB: that's cause I said he could
JB: didn't really wanna be called sunbaenim

bambam: oof

Youngjae: lol

Mark: guys, maybe we should introduce ourselves

bambam: can we do it after class? we start in like a minute

Gyeom: yeah that'd be great

JB: sure, of course
JB: text when you're finished and we'll do that then

jacks: see you guys soon

JB: we're literally in the same class

jacks: i know
jacks: i was talking to the young beans

bambam: oh, yugyeom! youngjae is actually in our class as well!
bambam: i'll introduce you to him right now!

Gyeom: great!
Gyeom: thank you so much

bambam: it's really no problem

Youngjae: see u guys in a bit

Jinyoung: put your phones away and focus on school

bambam: yes mom

Gyeom: lol

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hey there demons [7]

12:01 pm

bambam: wait it's lunch
bambam: yugyeom where did u disappear?

Mark: maybe you wanna join us for lunch yugyeom?

Gyeom: bambam i just went to the bathroom lol
Gyeom: also i can't have lunch with you today, i already promised some other people i'd eat with them, sorry :(

bambam: wait how can u have friends here already
bambam: thought you just moved here

Gyeom: actually,.. that's a really complicated question
Gyeom: basically i have friends in america that have friends in korea that i used to be friends with as a kid

JB: uuh, okay

jacks: makes no sense but sure

Youngjae: maybe another day?

Gyeom: sure hyung :)

Jinyoung: he calls you hyung now too?

Youngjae: i mean, yeah
Youngjae: we're in the same class so i've met him now

JB: why didn't you say that when bambam told us about the new kid then?
JB: weren't u there when the teacher introduced him

Youngjae: being supposed to be there and actually being there is not the same thing

Jinyoung: ...
Jinyoung: were you late to school or were you asleep at your desk?

Youngjae: ...asleep

Mark: whatever
Mark: have a nice lunch yugyeom! i hope we get to meet you soon

Gyeom: yeah you too, and me too
Gyeom: wait that made no sense
Gyeom: i meant you too as in you have a nice lunch as well, and me too as in i also want to meet you soon

jacks: lmao

Jinyoung: that was confusing, but nice

bambam: okay creatures that are having lunch with me
bambam: are you guys already at our table??

JB: hang on, weren't we gonna do introductions?

bambam: oh yeah!
bambam: yugyeom, are you still here?

Gyeom: yup

bambam: great! then we'll do that quick
bambam: should we do it in age order?

jinyoung: which one?

bambam: ...

JB: ...the one in age order, where we go in order of age?

Jinyoung: oh
Jinyoung: yeah, sure

Gyeom: lol what's so confusing about age order? it's not like that can mean different things

jacks: yeah lol
jacks: mark hyung, you're first

Mark: sure
Mark: hey yugyeom! i'm mark, i'm a senior
Mark: guys what else am i supposed to say

jacks: that's too short
jacks: tell him one of your hobbies or smth

Mark: and i guess i like gaming
Mark: also, i used to live in america, so i guess we can relate to each other about that

Gyeom: you did? that's so cool! were u born there?

Mark: yeah, i was

Gyeom: cool! i only lived there for about two and a half years, but i still miss it

Mark: yeah, so do i
Mark: most of my family is still there

Gyeom: that must be hard, to live so far away from them

Mark: sometimes
Mark: but i have a family here, so i don't miss it too much
Mark: i came to korea almost three years ago and became friends with these guys almost immediately
Mark: having friends made it a lot easier

Gyeom: i feel you

bambam: good thing you're in this chat then yugyeom!

JB: fair warning though
JB: what you've seen so far has probably been their best behavior in years
JB: they're usually a lot less civilized

Jinyoung: that is very true
Jinyoung: expect this chat to blow up at random times during the day for the most stupidest reasons

Youngjae: yeah, we're all crackheads here

bambam: we've been surprisingly normal today guys
bambam: we should celebrate that by eating dinner backwards tonight!

Gyeom: oh do you guys live together?

jacks: yes and no

JB: none of us live at home, but we don't live together all six of us in one house
JB: we have two houses between us, and both houses are on the same street, so it's almost like we do

Mark: me and jinyoung live in one house while the other four live right next door
Mark: but everyone spends the night in other people's rooms so many times that it's hard to know who actually lives where

Gyeom: that sounds fun!

jacks: it is! at least most of the time

Jinyoung: guys could you get on with the introductions?
Jinyoung: i need to go grocery shopping but i don't wanna miss my turn

Mark: it's jb's turn now

JB: okay yugyeom
JB: you kind of know me already
JB: my name is Im Jaebum, a lot of people call me JB, I'm the leader of the dance team and I'm a senior
JB: I don't have much more to say

jacks: i can add that hyung has three moods:
jacks: dancing, studying or sleeping

bambam: lmao that's accurate

Gyeom: nice introduction

jacks: my names jackson wang and i'm from china, i'm a senior, and i love fencing

Gyeom: so u like poking people with sticks

jacks: ...

Jinyoung: HAHAH, i like this one

jacks: i am OFFENDED
jacks: i still like u because u know memes, but you're on thin ice yugyeom

Mark: i think we should move on
Mark: jinyoung?

Jinyoung: okay
Jinyoung: my name is obviously jinyoung, i don't go to school, and i'm 112 years old

Gyeom: lol

Jinyoung: also this group has six collective braincells that we share and i'm usually the one who has them
Jinyoung: so if you need someone to be logical, you should come to me and never trust the other ones at all

Gyeom: i'll keep that in mind

Jinyoung: okay, now the next one can go

Youngjae: hello i'm youngjae! ^.^ but you already sort of know me cause we met
Youngjae: you already know what year i'm in, so i don't have to tell you that
Youngjae: but i guess my hobby is sleeping

jacks: don't forget singing

bambam: yeah, he's always doing vocal practice so much that i almost cry as soon as he opens his mouth

Youngjae: excuse you

bambam: and that was a joke but you get my point

JB: bambam, only your introduction left

bambam: well yugyeom, you already know me

Gyeom: fbf

bambam: yes!

JB: wait what does that mean

bambam: it stands for future best friend!

jacks: ohmygod bammie have u already corrupted the new child?

bambam: no!

Jinyoung: seems to me like you have

Gyeom: why?

Mark: cause you just called him your future best friend
Mark: that's what he called you before he added you to this chat

Gyeom: oh, i didn't know that
Gyeom: but he had only talked to me for like five minutes when he added me here?

jacks: we know
jacks: but bambam makes friends easily and doesn't understand that other people may not consider you friends when you've literally just met
jacks: also, didn't u just call him your future best friend?

Gyeom: i mean,.. u have a point

bambam: wait
bambam: yugyeom are you my hyung? when's your birthday?

Youngjae: actually that's a good question since we're all in the same year

Gyeom: oh
Gyeom: i think i skipped a grade?
Gyeom: cause i was born in november so i'm younger than all of you

JB: oh we have a new maknae

bambam: lol, the enthusiasm is real

Gyeom: okay but i'm not really your maknae cause i still don't really know you guys

Mark: give it a week
Mark: everyone shares way too much information in this group
Mark: you're gonna know everything about everyone in no time

Youngjae: i wish i could say he exaggerated, but it's true

jacks: lmao good luck to u gyeom

Gyeom: thanks? i guess?

Jinyoung: okay could we at least try to be nice? maybe
Jinyoung: let's not overwhelm the poor kid

bambam: sigh
bambam: fine
bambam: but i still think we should have backwards dinner tonight

JB: ...and the crackhead is out

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hey there demons [7]

07:25 am

bambam: mooorning fellas
bambam: it's another beautiful day to leave my food the fuck alone!

Mark: i feel like this isn't something i wanna witness

Jinyoung: same, i'm just gonna mute this and leave my phone

Mark: good idea

JB: bambam, what's up with your food?

bambam: i left my apple slices in the fridge! in a box marked with BAMBAM'S FOOD DON'T TRY IT BITCH
bambam: and now, there are no apple in there
bambam: apple gone
bambam: fruit missing
bambam: i am OUTRAGED!!!

Gyeom: why don't you just get some new apple?

jacks: exactly

bambam: YOU!!!


bambam: DAAAAAD

Gyeom: who dat?

JB: it me.

Gyeom: k lol

bambam: APPAAA
bambam: ...
bambam: daddy

JB: what the fuck bambam

bambam: knew it'd get your attention lmao
bambam: but hyung, jackson stole my food!

jacks: you don't know that!

bambam: well you're not denying it!

jacks: well i'm not confirming it either!

JB: jackson, you shouldn't steal people's food

bambam: EXACTLY!

JB: bambam, yelling at jackson won't bring your food back

jacks: mhm

JB: on the other hand, jackson you should apologize

bambam: *-*

jacks: ...
jacks: sorry bam

bambam: k


bambam: IF U DARE

jacks: FUCK U

Gyeom: ...
Gyeom: are they always like this?

JB: sadly, yes

Mark: well gyeom, now you know what usually happens in this chat

Gyeom: lol
Gyeom: you guys are funny

Jinyoung: you may think so now, but just wait..

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hey there demons [7]

4:16 pm

bambam: GAYS

Youngjae: *guys

bambam: i meant what i said

Gyeom: i'm not gay

jacks: omg are you gonna be our token straight guy??

Gyeom: no i'm bi lol

jacks: aww

bambam: GUYS
bambam: i called on you for a reason!

Mark: you mean an actual reason?

Jinyoung: besides annoying us?

bambam: honestly hyung
bambam: fuck u

JB: kids, be nice

Gyeom: you're not my dad

jacks: ugly ass fuckin noodle head

Mark: ...

Jinyoung: wtf

JB: ...what

Youngjae: guys it's a vine
Youngjae: don't be offended

JB: ok bambam what did you wanna say

bambam: right
bambam: i just wanted to tell you that chan is back in korea

Jinyoung: he went to australia, right?

bambam: yeh

Mark: ok

Gyeom: oh wow the enthusiasm is real

Youngjae: yeah lol

spooky bois [6]

4:21 pm

bambam added Mark, JB and 3 others to spooky bois

bambam: i need to mention our special identities
bambam: hence the new chat

jacks: does this have to do with chan being back from australia?

bambam: yeah
bambam: he told me had heard about another korean coven being targeted by some demon?
bambam: apparently one of the members of chan's coven knows a member of this other coven
bambam: i don't know why they were being targeted though

JB: wait, what are you saying?

jacks: is chan's coven being targeted by a demon???

bambam: no, one of their friend covens is!
bambam: or idk if it's still going on

Mark: and you said it's a korean coven?

bambam: yeah
bambam: but i don't think they're currently in korea?

Youngjae: wow bam, you really have all the details

bambam: sigh

JB: was chan worried that the demon would be targeting other covens?

bambam: i dunno
bambam: i'm just relaying information

Mark: was there really no reason why they were being targeted?

bambam: not that chan knew of

jacks: and you said they're not in korea? what's their name?

bambam: ateez
bambam: not sure what country they're in, but they're korean

JB: and they're being targeted by a demon for seemingly no reason?

bambam: yeah
bambam: chan seemed worried about it, that's why i'm telling you
bambam: i don't even think ateez are a full coven

Youngjae: should we be worried?

JB: no
JB: there's no reason for us to worry right now
JB: we have too little information to even be discussing this right now
JB: i'll ask chan more about it next time i see him
JB: until then, none of you have to worry about this

bambam: k great

jacks: nice
jacks: bye guys

ateez [9]

4:52 pm

Gyeom: hello everyone! i started school in korea yesterday ^.^

san: omg gyeom hyung you have to tell us about it later!!!
san: we have practice in like five mins, so text in like an hour??

Gyeom: yeah sure
Gyeom: so, uh, have things cleared up over there?

HongJoong: we haven't seen him since you left, so i think we're safe now :)

Gyeom: good
Gyeom: i hate that you were all in danger

san: don't even worry about it! we know how to deal with demons!

wooyoung: we really don't but ok

san: okay but you have to admit hongjoong hyung did pretty well

wooyoung: he's a warlock, what else did u expect?

HongJoong: okay guys, get off your phones and go to practice
HongJoong: and gyeom, it's so good to hear from you
HongJoong: we're all still a bit sad that you had to leave so suddenly :(

Gyeom: don't worry about me joong, i'm used to it now

HongJoong: i wish you weren't

Gyeom: yeah...
Gyeom: at least i seem to be making friends over here :)

HongJoong: that's great ^-^
HongJoong: talk to you later?

Gyeom: sure, talk to you later!

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hey there demons [7]

1:07 am

bambam: yugyeom!
bambam: what is your third favorite farm animal?

Mark: bambam

bambam: what???

Mark: you have to stop asking people that

Jinyoung: also it's 1 am

bambam: well it's an important question
bambam: i'm just trying to get to know the guy!

Jinyoung: at one am?

Mark: by asking for his third favorite farm animal?

bambam: well, when you put it that way...

Gyeom: horses

bambam: omg why

Gyeom: just because
Gyeom: i don't really have a reason
Gyeom: but chickens are first, then cows, then horses

bambam: hmm
bambam: i think i would switch cows and horses, but otherwise i agree with you

Mark: ...

Jinyoung: ...
Jinyoung: i'm so jealous that the others get to sleep through this shit

Gyeom: why don't you just go to bed hyung? ^-^

Jinyoung: oh i'm not tired

Gyeom: ah okay, i guess i saw you more as a morning than a night person

Jinyoung: oh yeah
Jinyoung: i'm a little mix of both
Jinyoung: but the rest of you should go to bed!

bambam: but mooom

Mark: "no buts"

Jinyoung: no buts!
Jinyoung: oh
Jinyoung: mark already said it

Mark: lmao yeah, i know you too well

bambam: okay then bye guys

Gyeom: goodnight everyone ( ◠‿◠ )

Jinyoung: night yugyeom!

Mark: gnight

spooky bois [6]

7:33 am

jacks: jinyoung your child is crying

Jinyoung: WHICH ONE??? WHERE IS HE??

jacks: youngjae
jacks: he's in the living room and crying because he saw a dead bird this morning

Jinyoung: ...i'm coming
Jinyoung: but also i'm not his parent

JB: the fact that you're his emergency contact and used to go to all his school's parent meetings say otherwise

bambam: wait why is this happening in this gc and not the "hey there demons" one???

jacks: oh
jacks: i just assumed youngjae crying had to do with him being what he is
jacks: or that someone would say something about how jinyoung raised youngjae, which wouldn't make sense if u don't know what jinyoung is

JB: well, you're the one who brought that up


jacks: tf??
jacks: since when do u have animal friends??

Youngjae: since always!!!!!

Jinyoung: youngjae-ah, i'm coming to you

JB: at least someone in this group is nice

bambam: i breathed????¿??

Jinyoung: well i didn't

bambam: ...
bambam: i hate that you're telling the truth

jacks: rip in peace jinyoung's breathing, 1907-1925

Mark: lmao

jacks: but also i have a question
jacks: bambam are you interested in anyone

bambam: no wtf

JB: where is this coming from?

jacks: ...things
jacks: but i didn't ask if you had a crush, just if you were interested in anyone
jacks: cause i think you definitely are

bambam: omg stop pushing your gay agenda onto me!

Jinyoung: so you didn't text yugyeom last night at one am?

bambam: you were all there, you saw it
bambam: or well you weren't there but you're all in the chat so you probs saw it this morning

Mark: i think jinyoung is talking about how you and yugyeom kept texting for like an hour after you said you were going to bed

bambam: whaaat
bambam: who said i did that??

Jinyoung: mark hyung did

Mark: bambam, you're not sneaky

bambam: damn
bambam: and here i was thinking i had gotten away with it

jacks: soo...

bambam: fine! maybe yugyeom is kinda cute and kinda funny and i kinda consider him my friend even though we only met this week
bambam: but it's not like i think about him at night or anything

JB: you texted him at one am?

bambam: ...shit
bambam: ok but it's not like i'm in love or anything
bambam: we haven't known each other long enough

jacks: so you're saying there's a chance you're going to fall in love with him???

bambam: idk,
bambam: maybe???++??????

Youngjae: wow i can't believe you're having this conversation before 8 in the morning

bambam: oh shit i have school!

Jinyoung: you all do

jacks: oh crap we should go

Mark: bold of you to assume i haven't already left the house

jacks: traitor

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hey there demons [7]

3:35 pm

JB: hey kids
JB: i just wanted to tell you that i now have a new Son

Jinyoung: jaebum, you can't just go around adopting kids

JB: isn't that what you did with youngjae and bambam?

Jinyoung: ...that's fair

Mark: lol where did this come from?

jacks: who'd u adopt??

JB: his name is Yugyeom, aka Gyoemie
JB: he is now your younger brother

Youngjae: wait when did you meet him??

JB: we have dance practice right now and he is Talented
JB: he is also an absolute Angel

Mark: lol wut

JB: i mean it's not like i thought he was impolite or anything, but this??
JB: it is the behavior of an Angel

Jinyoung: if you're in dance practice, then why are you on your phone?

JB: break time

jacks: then why isn't bambam on his phone lmao

JB: he's preoccupied with yugyeom

jacks: damn, already??

JB: not like that you perv
JB: they're just joking with each other
JB: but yugyeom is really nice and he's also cute

Mark: oof

JB: i literally just called him my son so don't you dare think i mean anything else you little shits

Mark: little shit?
Mark: i could literally invert your organs

JB: don't say that in this group chat!!

jacks: why?? it's not like he outright said that he can do magic

Jinyoung: well now you've done it

Youngjae: don't worry guys we'll just spam the chat
Youngjae: yugyeom doesn't scroll up

JB: i still think you're all little shits

Mark: i will melt your teeth and put them in a smoothie
Mark: and it will be Organic

jacks: hyung wtf

Youngjae: welp
Youngjae: now we know who makes the best threats

Jinyoung: the scariest part is that i don't doubt that he could actually do that

Mark: emotionally? i could never
Mark: but i mean i have the power to do it

JB: okay, break's almost over

Jinyoung: go back to your dancers then

JB: they're not MY dancers

Jinyoung: oh? so you're not the leader then?

JB: i never said that

jacks: omg hyung just go back to them

JB: k

spooky bois [6]

4:05 pm

Jinyoung: guys, i want to meet yugyeom

Youngjae: say that to him instead of us lol

Jinyoung: no that's weird
Jinyoung: he's only gone to your school for three days, it's too soon
Jinyoung: i mean he's still settling in

jacks: i mean... i wanna meet him too

Mark: i agree with jinyoung
Mark: we could talk to him through the gc for a little longer

bambam: friends
bambam: why are you talking about my new friend like this?

jacks: read our messages?

bambam: lmao i did
bambam: just wondering why everyone is so interested in meeting someone they know essentally nothing about

JB: *essentially

bambam: fuck off

JB: ...

Jinyoung: be nice

Mark: that's actually why i want to meet him
Mark: you, youngjae and jb also know essentially nothing about him, yet you all seem pretty fond of him already

jacks: hyung actually makes a good point

Youngjae: well he's just super pleasant to be around?
Youngjae: and most people at school don't talk to us cause we always keep to ourselves
Youngjae: which is nice and all,
Youngjae: but that makes it hard to meet new people

bambam: that's true
bambam: everyone knows we're a close group so no one really tries to talk to any of us

Jinyoung: hm

Mark: you sure yugyeom's not a siren who's just enchanted you all to like him so much?

bambam: i think i would have noticed if someone was enchanting me hyung
bambam: give me more credit than that

Mark: i didn't mean to offend you
Mark: but some creatures can do it in a really subtle way, sometimes they don't even notice it themselves

jacks: hyung has a point

Youngjae: i don't think yugyeom is anything supernatural

JB: but if we really wanted to find out, i guess he could meet mark hyung

Jinyoung: cause mark would be able to sense it from his aura, right?

Mark: yea i would

bambam: great, then you can have lunch with me and yugyeom tomorrow
bambam: no one else is invited

jacks: hey!

bambam: cause i don't want to overwhelm him

jacks: oh
jacks: okay, valid point

Mark: then i guess i'm having lunch with bambam and his new friend tomorrow

bambam: i guess so

Chapter Text

bambam -> Gyeom [private chat]

7:55 am

bambam: hey yugyeom it's me!
bambam: how would you feel about having lunch with me and one of my friends today?

Gyeom: oh, is it someone from the group chat?

bambam: yeah! mark hyung!
bambam: he's the oldest and he's not as intense to be around as some of the others
bambam: so i just thought it would be easier to meet him before jackson or jinyoung
bambam: and meeting everyone could be kinda overwhelming

Gyeom: oh
Gyeom: yeah, i guess that's true

bambam: i forgot to mention that this is because they all want to meet you

Gyeom: no pressure or anything lol

bambam: lmao
bambam: but you can say no if you want to
bambam: i get that everything is still pretty new here and we're not exactly the most calm group of people to get to know

Gyeom: oh no it's fine!
Gyeom: tbh, i don't think i've ever had calm friends
Gyeom: i wouldn't know how to act

bambam: oh? are you talking about your friends from america?

Gyeom: yeah
Gyeom: and the ones from saudi arabia
Gyeom: even though we were all originally from korea

bambam: you had korean friends in saudi arabia??

Gyeom: well, i was actually there with a dance team
Gyeom: there were nine of us that moved there to train for a year
Gyeom: we were all korean and had auditioned to be there

bambam: wait, were you in a company?? like an idol company???

Gyeom: yeah lol
Gyeom: but we weren't training to be idols, just dancers

bambam: what the actual, that's so cool!

Gyeom: yeah i suppose it is

bambam: wait are you still with them? then why did you move to our high school?

Gyeom: no, i had to leave the group a few weeks ago and that's when i came to korea
Gyeom: they've still in saudi arabia but they only have a month more of training before coming back

bambam: if it's not too rude to ask, why did you leave?
bambam: it sounds as if you liked the group, and i already know that you love dancing
bambam: so why stop?

Gyeom: family problems i guess?

bambam: you guess?

Gyeom: hahha it's hard to explain without getting all deep and personal
Gyeom: but yeah, i couldn't stay because of certain people in my family

bambam: that's too bad..,
bambam: i hope things work out between you and your family

Gyeom: thanks
Gyeom: so do i..

bambam -> Mark [private chat]

8:12 am

bambam: GREAT news my dude! lunch with gyeom is on!

Mark: never call me that again

bambam: why not my dude?
bambam: don't you like it my dude?

Mark: thanks for letting me know about lunch but i will literally block you if you continue

bambam: aww
bambam: don't you like it..,
bambam: my dude?
bambam: ...
bambam: seriously my dude
bambam: respond to me
bambam: my dude?
bambam: dUDE???

You can no longer send messages to this person.

bambam: ...oops
bambam: i DiD iT AgAiN

Chapter Text

hey there demons [7]

11:58 am

bambam: friends...
bambam: family...
bambam: fuckers...
bambam: i have news for you!

JB: did you just call us fuckers?

Jinyoung: immediately after calling us your family??

bambam: okay hyungs that was a long time ago let's move on to the news

Jinyoung: it was less than a minute ago?

bambam: practically AN ETERNITY to me
bambam: oh and someone should tell mark hyung to unblock me cause i need to ask where i'm meeting him

JB: he blocked you?

bambam: is that not what i just said
bambam: but that's not important
bambam: what i came here to tell you is that i'm having lunch!
bambam: food!

jacks: k.

bambam: okay i get that you might not be excited for lunch, but i am
bambam: so please let me be EXCITED about giving my body some NUTRITIENTS!!!

JB: it's nutrients

bambam: oh whatever

Jinyoung: how tf did you spell carbohydrates right but got nutrients wrong??

bambam: you see, it all started when FUCK OFF OKAY LEAVE ME ALONE OKAY
bambam: everyone makes mistakes and i wish you would accept mine

JB: we do accept your mistakes
JB: but we also love to point them out to tease you

Youngjae: in the most loving way we can

bambam: this doesn't feel very loving? like at all?

Jinyoung: yeah, it can easily be mistaken as us being mean
Jinyoung: though that's up for interpretation

Youngjae: no it's not
Youngjae: we always do it with good intentions

Jinyoung: or at least arguably nice intentions

Youngjae: ...

bambam: there's no winning this, is there

Youngjae: there never is

bambam: well i've said what i came to say
bambam: so you suckers (and in jinyoung's case i mean that literally) can stick to this group chat while i have lunch with my new friend!


jacks: we're all atheists but ok

Youngjae: as far as religion go, that's debatable...

jacks: knowing that the devil exists isn't the same as having a religion

Youngjae: true true

JB: keep this type of discussion out of this gc before i kick you all out

jacks: yessir

Youngjae: okay dad

Jinyoung: bambam leaves and so you think you're fine, but then these crackheads come out
Jinyoung: if i could i would leave this group but then i remember my emotional attachment and i'm like
Jinyoung: "dammit, why'd i have to go get attached for?? seriously, what was the reason??"

JB: lmao

Mark: i relate

hey there demons [7]

12:56 pm

Gyeom: what if instead of thursday, it was called thirstday??
Gyeom: ...wait
Gyeom: this is not the chat i meant to send that to

Youngjae: ...

bambam: lMAO

jacks: omfg this child is funny
jacks: hyungs can we keep him???

JB: jackson, it doesn't work like that

Jinyoung: oh?

JB: don't say a word about whatever you're thinking about

Jinyoung: i wasn't going to
Jinyoung: and i definitely wasn't going to mention what you said yesterday about adopting random children

Gyeom: all i said was thirstday and now i'm being adopted??

Jinyoung: no, cause it's not legal

JB: what does legality matter?
JB: yugyeom, you are now my Child

Mark: jb you can't just say that, you'll scare him away

Gyeom: oh no it's fine, my real parents are never with me so like, feel free to adopt me hahah

Jinyoung: ...i retract my previous statements
Jinyoung: congratulations yugyeom, i am now your mother

bambam: what do you mean your parents are never with you?

Youngjae: yeah, don't you live with them?

Gyeom: nah
Gyeom: my dad is a dick so i haven't seen him since i was like a year old
Gyeom: i don't really remember the guy to be honest
Gyeom: and i live alone, but my mom visits like once every year so i'm not entirely on my own

Mark: "visits once every year" sounds kinda like you're on your own to me

JB: welp i guess i have no choice but to adopt you then
JB: we normally have family dinners every friday but consider you haven't even met all of us yet i think we'd freak you out

jacks: i take offense at that

Jinyoung: good, cause you should

Youngjae: omf that's brutal

JB: buuut i guess since i'll see you in dance practice, you'll be able to get to know me better
JB: well, me and bambam
JB: and youngjae since he's in your regular classes

Gyeom: so what you're saying is i have no choice but to get to know you guys since you're around me all the time?

Mark: yea basically

jacks: and since we're a package deal you're gonna get to know the rest of us too
jacks: even if it's only through a group chat
jacks: at least for right now

Youngjae: we're like a "buy one, get five free" kinda group

Gyeom: oml i love that

JB: an Angel

bambam: did you completely miss that he just wrote thirstday??
bambam: what kind of angel do you think says that??

jacks: a fallen one

Gyeom: oh you mean like a demon

jacks: yup lol

Gyeom: lmao i appreciate those kind words

JB: no, i wasn't calling him a demon!
JB: why tf would i do that

bambam: :/

JB: not that there's anything wrong with being a demon, of course

bambam: :)

JB: i was just calling him an angel

Gyeom: lol i love how accurate both those words are

jacks: yugyeom you're not a demon

Gyeom: yeah okay lol

jacks: ...
jacks: are you a demon?

Gyeom: why are you so serious suddenly

JB: well done everybody we got everything we needed now go do something else

Mark: you can't just cut a conversation like you cut a movie scene

JB: is that not what i just did

Mark: ...touché

Youngjae: class started a few minutes ago so we really shouldn't be on our phones

Jinyoung: ffs jaebum why didn't you say something??!?

JB: i'm obviously also on my phone
JB: it would be hypocritical to tell the others to stop when i'm doing the same thing

Jinyoung: sigh
Jinyoung: everyone put your phone away now or i will steal them from you when you sleep tonight

bambam: suddenly i have no phone
bambam: bye hyung!

Youngjae: lol i can see bambam practically throwing his phone into his bag

Jinyoung: that better be your last message in this chat within this next hour youngjae-ah

Mark: you don't get to tell me to put my phone away

Jinyoung: i'm older than you

Mark: that's debatable

Jinyoung: okay fuck
Jinyoung: just don't text in this gc while everyone's in class

Mark: k

Jinyoung: so
Jinyoung: finally
Jinyoung: everyone is gone

jacks: lmao u thought


jacks: oh crap

Chapter Text

hey there demons [7]

10:00 am

bambam: I AM SCARED

Jinyoung: wait what's this, what's going on?


JB: what's wrong with yugyeom?

Youngjae: he wasn't in class today
Youngjae: i suppose he's sick but bambam's being dramatic

bambam: GONE

Gyeom: uh, hey hahah

JB: hi yugyeom!
JB: not to sound like bambam but why aren't you in school?

Gyeom: oh, i'm just sick
Gyeom: i'll be back on monday!

bambam: IT's FRIDAY today
bambam: but also, i hope you feel better soon!

Gyeom: thanks!

Mark: bambam, i have a revolutionary idea
Mark: they're called phones
Mark: you can use them to communicate

bambam: okay?

Mark: so you don't have to keep wailing about missing yugyeom
Mark: you can talk to him everyday until he comes back to school
Mark: isn't that neat?

bambam: hyung i know what phones are

JB: then why are you being so dramatic about this

bambam: dramatic? ME???
bambam: i don't think so

jacks: have a nice time living in denial!

bambam: thanks hyung!
bambam: wait no

Jinyoung: hang on, aren't you guys supposed to be in class right now?

Mark: starts in like a minute

Jinyoung: then get away from here!

bambam: lol yes hyung

Jinyoung -> Gyeom [private chat]

10:14 am

Jinyoung: hello yugyeom, it's me jinyoung

Gyeom: hey hyung
Gyeom: yeah i know who you are hehe

Jinyoung: how are you feeling?

Gyeom: it's just a cold, nothing serious, i just don't want to get others sick by being in school

Jinyoung: okay
Jinyoung: so i guess this might be a weird thing to ask, but do you want me to bring over some food?
Jinyoung: i don't even have to stick around if you don't want me to
Jinyoung: but i remember you saying that you live on your own so i just want to make sure that you'll be fine today

Gyeom: no! you really don't have to bother! i really will be fine!
Gyeom: also, not to sound rude but don't you have somewhere to be during the days?

Jinyoung: yes i usually have work but not today

Gyeom: ah okay
Gyeom: but you really don't have to do anything for me!
Gyeom: besides, i have very nice neighbors that know about my situation and they said they were gonna bring me food today
Gyeom: so i think i'll be okay

Jinyoung: are you sure?

Gyeom: yes, positive
Gyeom: but thanks for offering, it means a lot even though you don't know me hahaha

Jinyoung: whether you know it or not, you already have bambam and jb wrapped around your finger
Jinyoung: also i said yesterday that i adopted you so i have to live up to that role now

Gyeom: lol okay

Chapter Text

hey there demons [7]

6:42 pm

bambam: hyungs, it's sunday

Mark: yes we are aware

bambam: yugyeom hasn't said anything in this chat for two whole days!!!
bambam: what if he's decided that he doesn't wanna be friends with us?
bambam: or what if

spooky bois [6]

6:44 pm

bambam: he figured out what we are and decided to avoid us?

JB: what??
JB: nvm, i just read the other chat
JB: and i don't think he knows what we are

bambam: but what if he does though? i mean, we've left a lot of clues
bambam: not that he ever scrolls up in the gc lmao

JB: if he somehow knows about us, then we'll deal with that

bambam: how???

Jinyoung: chill out a bit, child
Jinyoung: if he did see the weird messages, he would almost definitely think it's a joke

jacks: unless he's also a supernatural creature

Mark: no, i don't think he is
Mark: i would've picked up on that when we met at lunch

jacks: okay, so he's human

Jinyoung: yes
Jinyoung: and unless he knows about supernatural creatures existing, then he'll just think we're joking

JB: and if he does know about the supernatural, then his first reaction probably wouldn't be to run away

Mark: that depends on what experience he has with it though

JB: okay, you're right, but i don't think he has been ignoring us
JB: if he really was running away from us, then he'd have left the chat, which he hasn't
JB: i think he's just been busy this weekend

Jinyoung: or he might have been resting since, yknow, he said he's sick

bambam: oh
bambam: okay
bambam: yeah, i guess that makes more sense ahahha

Youngjae: if you're really worried, you could just go private chat and ask how he's feeling or smth

jacks: yeah, he'd probably respond to that

bambam: oh, good idea!!
bambam: thank you hyungs!

bambam -> Gyeom [private chat]

6:55 pm

bambam: hey gyeom, how are you feeling?
bambam: you haven't said anything in the gc so i just wanted to make sure you're okay



bambam: okay i guess you'll reply when you see this
bambam: ...
bambam: i hope you're okay



01:05 am

Gyeom: ohmygosh i'm so sorry i didn't see this until now
Gyeom: i was out and forgot my phone at home
Gyeom: but yeah, i'm feeling a lot better, thank you for asking ^.^


Gyeom: ??? you're awake too

bambam: oh lol yeah i guess you got me there
bambam: but we have school tomorrow!
bambam: or i guess technically it's today, but yknow it's whatever

Gyeom: yeah so why aren't you asleep right now?

bambam: why aren't you?

Gyeom: i literally started this conversation by saying that i was out
Gyeom: i got home like ten minutes ago

bambam: wHY were you out that late??!

Gyeom: lol what are you my mother?

bambam: no but jinyoung is and i won't hesitate to tell him

Gyeom: so what if you do? it's not like i'm scared of him or anything

bambam: ...
bambam: here i go, pulling up his contact...

Gyeom: okay i was kidding please don't tell him!

bambam: lmao, i won't

Gyeom: okay
Gyeom: are you going to sleep then?

bambam: are you?

Gyeom: only if you are

bambam: then i guess i am

Gyeom: okay

bambam: yeah

Gyeom: good night bambam!

bambam: good night yugyeom
bambam: see you tomorrow?

Gyeom: yeah
Gyeom: see you ^-^

Chapter Text

hey there demons [7]

8:11 am

jacks: WHY did no one tell me that namjoon is back in korea???!???!?

Mark: uuh

JB: maybe cause we don't know him?

Jinyoung: you're the only one who does jackson

Youngjae: how did you find out?

jacks: i had to find out through an INSTAGRAM POST of all things!
jacks: this is peak betrayal
jacks: namjoon is officially not on my friend list

JB: then why aren't you messaging him instead of us?

jacks: i have but he hasn't responded and i need to get out my anger

bambam: go poke some people or whatever it is you normally do

jacks: POKE some people??!??!?
jacks: bambam, it's called FENCING and it's a TOUGH SPORT
jacks: not just a nice little poke with a stick!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gyeom: wait you know namjoon hyung?

JB: wait what

jacks: hang on how do YOU know him yugyeom??

Gyeom: are we even talking about the same person
Gyeom: does your namjoon live in america?

jacks: omg yes he does! but he's currently in korea!
jacks: kim namjoon? moved to the us like four years ago?

Gyeom: yeah, he went to my old school there! we were in the same friend group!

jacks: omg what
jacks: did you know that he's in korea right now?? or am i the only betrayed one

Gyeom: uh yeah i kinda knew that
Gyeom: he's the one i hung out with last night

Youngjae: is the rest of your friend group also in korea right now?

Gyeom: nah not anymore

jacks: ohmygosh
jacks: this betrayal just gets worse and worse
jacks: hang on a sec

spooky bois [6]

8:19 am

jacks: guys
jacks: you know that namjoon's friend group is a coven, right??
jacks: cause yugyeom just said that he's part of namjoon's friend group

Mark: yugyeom is still human though

Jinyoung: yeah, mark already checked with his powers that he is

jacks: ok, maybe yugyeom's human but i think he knows about the supernatural

Youngjae: isn't namjoon an oracle?
Youngjae: they don't really have any quirks that would expose them
Youngjae: yugyeom might not know about him

bambam: but yugyeom said he was in their friendship group
bambam: namjoon's friends are different creatures, not just oracles

Mark: everyone here realizes that the only way to find out is either by asking yugyeom, or if he exposes himself? right?

Jinyoung: mark is right, this discussion is unnecessary
Jinyoung: we won't know unless we ask

Youngjae: or unless he exposes himself

jacks: well whatever

hey there demons [7]

8:24 am

jacks: i will delete namjoon from my life
jacks: i now only have five and a half friends

Jinyoung: did you only have six friends before?

Youngjae: i guess it used to be us five + namjoon hyung

JB: who's the half friend?

Gyeom: is it me??

jacks: yes it is lol
jacks: oh hang on namjoon just texted me

Youngjae: watch him make a 180 and take back namjoon as his friend

jacks: he asked if i want to meet him!
jacks: sorry guys but i'll be busy after school today

bambam: i thought he wasn't your friend anymore??

jacks: oh no he's back on my friend list now
jacks: i mean, he said he'd buy me food

Youngjae: oh a dinner date

jacks: uh, no
jacks: i'm more attracted to the food than to namjoon
jacks: it's definitely not a date

bambam: wow, you're really pushing the anti-gay agenda here

jacks: no!!
jacks: i'm pushing the aroace agenda!!!

Gyeom: no romantic or sexual attraction, just food

jacks: lmao he catches on so quick

Gyeom: and it's not like it could be a date anyway
Gyeom: i mean, namjoon hyung has a boyfriend

jacks: ...

Jinyoung: oh hell no i'm leaving

Youngjae: an explosion is about to happen

JB: bye guys it has been nice knowing you

jacks: He has a WHAT NOW

bambam: wait i thought we were your friends too?


JB: okay he'll keep going for a while so bye everyone!

Jinyoung: hang on
Jinyoung: you all have class?

Youngjae: suddenly i'm illiterate

bambam: okay bye hyungs!!!

Gyeom: bye everyone!

Jinyoung: ...
Jinyoung: sigh

Chapter Text

hey there demons [7]

8:22 pm

Gyeom: after narrowly avoiding death once more, i am here to tell the story
Gyeom: ...fuck why do i always do this
Gyeom: this is the wrong chat again

Jinyoung: tell the story

JB: please do

jacks: i can sense how tense they are lmaooo

bambam: well now you've gone and worried your parents gyeom
bambam: you're gonna have to tell the story now

Gyeom: it's really not as serious as i made it sound

Jinyoung: then you'll have no problem telling us, right?

Gyeom: uh, yeah, right
Gyeom: so i just briefly passed out but it's nothing to worry about! i had everything under control

Youngjae: ...

Gyeom: except during those seconds while i was unconscious, but i mean, i woke up before anything could happen so i would still say i had everything under control

JB: hang on there's a lot to unpack here
JB: WHAT could have happened while you were passed out? like, where did you pass out, was it dangerous?
JB: WHY did you pass out??

Gyeom: uuh

Jinyoung: it shouldn't be that hard to answer

Gyeom: i dunno why i passed out

Mark: you didn't get it checked out? go to the hospital?

Gyeom: i meant that i don't know which reason out of like three different options is the reason why i passed out

jacks: and what were those options then

Gyeom: lack of food, lack of sleep, head problem

Jinyoung: head problem??

JB: ok we'll get back to you about those things because you need to LOOK AFTER YOURSELF
JB: but first, where did you pass out?

Gyeom: ... you're not gonna be happy

bambam: they're not gonna let you avoid the question though

Gyeom: ok i passed out in the street
Gyeom: but there weren't any cars!

Jinyoung: wHAT THE FUCK



Mark: are you home now?
Mark: next time you should stay home when you're suffering from lack of sleep and lack of food

Gyeom: but i can't miss too much school, i have to go out for that!

Jinyoung: no, you don't
Jinyoung: your health comes before your grades and attendance

Gyeom: ok
Gyeom: i'm gonna go take a nap

JB: rest well

Jinyoung: we'll lecture you later though

Gyeom: ...okay :/

hey there demons [7]

04:15 am

Gyeom: sometimes you have a midnight crisis and make stupid decisions!
Gyeom: welcome to my life!
Gyeom: like wtf is up with my brain?? why am i so impulsive??

Jinyoung: uh, good morning?

Gyeom: oh, hyung
Gyeom: i didn't know you were still awake

Jinyoung: yeah, i couldn't sleep

Gyeom: how do you do that so easily
Gyeom: i wish i wasn't but i'm really tired

Jinyoung: might i suggest you go to bed?

Gyeom: i can't fall asleep

Jinyoung: okay, but you should try to get some rest before school starts tomorrow
Jinyoung: or maybe you should stay home
Jinyoung: i mean you passed out yesterday and you're clearly not gonna get enough sleep

Gyeom: yeah yeah whatever
Gyeom: do you wanna see what i did?

Jinyoung: sure

Gyeom: okay i'll send a pic in private chat!
Gyeom: and then i'll go to bed

Jinyoung: that's good
Jinyoung: sleep well yugyeom

Chapter Text

hey there demons [7]

1:05 pm

Gyeom: jackson hyung why didn't you tell me you're handsome?¿?

jacks: uuh, excuse me
jacks: why didn't YOU tell ME how cute you are????
jacks: like holy hell u are babie

Gyeom: ?? i'm taller than u though

jacks: yeah but u are bABIE

JB: i feel like i'm missing something here

Jinyoung: when did you two meet each other?

jacks: just now during lunch
jacks: bambam took too long getting out from his last class so yugyeom sat with me

bambam: his hair is WHAT NOW

Mark: wait, the fuck
Mark: when did that happen?

JB: ok i'm unobservant but i'm not blind, since when does he have yellow hair?

Gyeom: oh, right!
Gyeom: that's what i did during my midnight crisis last night lol
Gyeom: jinyoung hyung said he really liked it!

Jinyoung: it was more like a 4 am crisis but i guess midnight crisis sounds better
Jinyoung: and yeah i did, it looks good on you

Gyeom: thanks ^.^

jacks: cute

bambam: i wanna see too!
bambam: someone send me a picture!

JB: now we've got both ketchup and mustard in the group

Mark: jaebum.

Gyeom: oh right, you have red hair hyung!
Gyeom: ahahha we match!

Mark: ...i guess so, yeah

Gyeom: that's so cool!

Youngjae: lol
Youngjae: he was about to be mad about it but then he saw yugyeom and just accepted the nickname

jacks: come on, ketchup!

Mark: stop it now or i will shave off your eyebrows and glue them onto your toes when you're sleeping

jacks: why are your threats always so fuckin weird hyung


bambam: lmao

JB: i think we should just end this conversation here
JB: everyone, go to class or wherever it is you need to be

Gyeom: i don't have class though

bambam: me neither

JB: well idk
JB: go to the library and study or something

bambam: ohh gyeom! we could go to the roof! i wanna show you a shortcut

Jinyoung: NO
Jinyoung: don't climb on the roof!

Youngjae: i'm pretty sure he's jumped off at least a few roofs in his life

Jinyoung: please do not go there

Gyeom: we could get a sled and go down the staircase

bambam: hey wassup i'm bam the meme man

Gyeom: do you eat ass, smoke grass and sled fast??

bambam: absolutely lmao

Jinyoung: oh no
Jinyoung: now i have two stupid kids i have to stop from doing dumb things

bambam: good luck with that! bye everyone!

Gyeom: bai

JB: well shit then

jacks: don't worry, i don't think they'll be able to find a sled around here

Youngjae: no but they're very creative beings
Youngjae: they might find something else to use as a sled

Jinyoung: ...

JB: i guess i have two kids to find then
JB: goodbye everyone, wish me luck

Jinyoung: good luck!

jacks: luck

JB: ...thank

Chapter Text

hey there demons [7]

6:55 am

bambam: hey there friends, happy friday
bambam: i hope you all have a wonderful day today!

Mark: ...what do you want

bambam: ohmygod can't i just be nice because i feel like it?

Jinyoung: sounds suspicious

bambam: okay wow, thanks for that
bambam: but also
bambam: youngjae hyung can i pleaaase copy your homework?
bambam: i'll buy you coffee or something! pleaaase??

Youngjae: why couldn't you just ask me that face to face

bambam: i honestly do not know what room you slept in tonight
bambam: scratch that, i don't even know which house

Youngjae: i'm in jb hyungs room

bambam: great, so can i copy your homework?

Jinyoung: don't do that!

Youngjae: yeah i don't mind, it's just math

Jinyoung: sigh

Gyeom: jinyoung hyung do you never sleep?

Youngjae: what?

Gyeom: he was snapchatting me at like 3 am
Gyeom: and it seems he's always awake whenever this chat blows up, both late at night and early in the morning

Jinyoung: yeah, i guess i sleep more during the day since i don't have school

Gyeom: i thought you worked?

Jinyoung: yeah, but as a choreographer, so the hours aren't always set

Gyeom: ah okay ^.^

bambam: youngjae hyung i'm skidding down the hallway toward you!!!

Jinyoung: please don't fall and break your neck

bambam: lmao
bambam: nah i won't die, i'm too hardcore for that

Youngjae: that makes no sense but ok

bambam: moving over to a real life conversation now
bambam: bye frens

Jinyoung: finally

Gyeom: lol

hey there demons [7]

2:40 pm

jacks: a teacher just stopped me to ask if i knew the two students who tried to go down the stairs on top of a trash can lid (is that what they're called???) yesterday

Mark: oh so that's what they used as a sled

Jinyoung: did the teacher ask you to say something to them or,??

jacks: i said no

JB: what?

jacks: when she asked if i knew those two kids
jacks: i said no

Mark: i would've done the same thing tbh

Jinyoung: ...why are all my kids stupid

Youngjae: well you're the one who raised us

JB: ...

bambam: wow ok that was unusually savage coming from you youngjae hyung

Jinyoung: no, it really wasn't
Jinyoung: his actual savage personality just doesn't make sense because he (for some reason) has gotten himself an angelic image

Mark: true true

jacks: topic change
jacks: namjoon is going back to america tomorrow and he asked if he could meet my friends!
jacks: i said yes

JB: why didn't you ask us first?

jacks: well i'm asking you now
jacks: who wants to meet him??

bambam: memememe

Jinyoung: i don't know if you're saying 'me' or 'meme', but i'm coming to meet namjoon

Mark: does he know about us?

jacks: our special identities?

JB: not here!

jacks: yeah he does
jacks: so is everyone coming?

Mark: yes

JB: i guess i am, yeah

Youngjae: me too

jacks: wonderful!
jacks: yugyeom, do u wanna come too?

Gyeom: oh i don't know

Jinyoung: is it because you still haven't met all of us?
Jinyoung: wait you've met everyone except me

bambam: feeling special hyung?

Jinyoung: shut up brat

Mark: and you wonder why youngjae is a savage

Gyeom: no it's not because of that, i'm just busy

jacks: wait i didn't actually say when we're meeting him

Gyeom: i know but i'm going back to saudi arabia over the weekend
Gyeom: i've already left school for it!

bambam: oh i thought you went to the bathroom

Gyeom: ??
Gyeom: i hugged you and said goodbye really dramatically

bambam: yeah, so??
bambam: i thought you were coming back!

Youngjae: he literally said "see you on monday!"

bambam: yEAH AND

Jinyoung: did you really think bammie has any braincells?

Youngjae: now that you say it...

Gyeom: sorry bam!
Gyeom: i'm not in korea until early in the morning on monday

Mark: wait, doesn't it take a really long time to travel from korea to saudi arabia?
Mark: will you even have any time there or will your whole weekend just be traveling?

Gyeom: i guess it will be, but it's worth it

JB: i hope you have a nice trip gyeom!

Gyeom: thank you!
Gyeom: i hope you all have a great time with namjoon hyung! tell him i said hi!

jacks: okay! bye gyeom!

Gyeom: bye hyungs!

spooky bois [6]

2:49 pm

jacks: i think he can teleport

Mark: i thought we had already established the fact that yugyeom is human

jacks: let me rephrase that
jacks: i think yugyeom will teleport to saudi arabia and back
jacks: maybe he knows a person who can do that, even if he himself is human

Jinyoung: i mean, i looked it up and the fastest flights i could find took 12 hours

JB: he could go by plane but it seems like a waste of time and money if he's only going to be there for about a day and a half

Mark: hm, that's true

Youngjae: we've also already established the fact that we're not gonna find out by discussing it behind his back

jacks: that's true
jacks: so i think we should ask him

bambam: NO
bambam: i'm not risking the only normal friendship i've had in all of highschool just because you're all curious about him!

Jinyoung: i haven't actually met the guy, but i agree with bambam on this

JB: ...
JB: anyone else?

Youngjae: i think we should ask
Youngjae: i mean, the worst that could happen is that he's really confused and we have to play it off as a joke

Mark: i'm neutral

JB: so am i
JB: which means that we're currently 2-2, and will not be asking him

jacks: but have you seen all the clues he's left??

Jinyoung: that's irrelevant
Jinyoung: give it some more time, jackson
Jinyoung: there's no reason to corner him with information about something that might not be more than us reading into things too much

jacks: ...okay

bambam: great
bambam: now i'm going to study
bambam: don't bother texting me if it's for another stupid reason like this one

Chapter Text

ateez [9]

3:01 pm

Gyeom: i have arrived! i am back! i am here!

HongJoong: i know
HongJoong: i am standing right next to you

wooyoung: just because you got to be his personal export doesn't mean the rest of us don't want updates!

Yeosang: it's escort, not export

wooyoung: oh sorry dad

Yeosang: i'm not your dad
Yeosang: your dad is a bitch

Gyeom: ...
Gyeom: did he just call an angel a bitch??

Yeosang: sure did

wooyoung: for a human, u sure have a lot of confidence

Yeosang: for an angel, u sure are dumb

HongJoong: guys stop it
HongJoong: me and gyeom have arrived and we're heading toward the dorm rooms now

san: it's "yugyeom and i"

HongJoong: ...

Yeosang: hongjoong hyung i apologize on behalf of these little shits
Yeosang: just because they're technically angels doesn't make them saints
Yeosang: quite the opposite, actually

san: okay stop dissing me and wooyoung we did nothing

Gyeom: guys!

wooyoung: sorry gyeom hyung
wooyoung: we're just so excited to see you again!

Gyeom: ...and you deal with your excitement by dissing each other??

san: i mean...

wooyoung: yeah i guess that's accurate

Gyeom: lmao
Gyeom: can't say i'm surprised
Gyeom: but i'm excited to see you too ^.^

spooky bois [6]

4:02 pm

JB: okay, chan told me more about the coven that was being attacked by a demon for seemingly no reason
JB: their coven is named ateez and some of their members are friends with some members from chan's coven

bambam: knew that already

Jinyoung: stop interrupting

JB: ateez only has 3 supernatural creatures but of you count their human friends, ateez have 8 people
JB: they had a ninth member who left a month ago for some reason that chan doesn't know of
JB: and basically it's all really complicated but the demon seemed to be following the ninth member so he's the only one in actual danger right now

Youngjae: why aren't stray kids doing anything about it?
Youngjae: i mean i get why ateez might not do anything since there's only 3 of them, but stray kids has 9 supernatural creatures

JB: mainly because chan doesn't know much about the situation
JB: ateez isn't sharing any more information about the member that left, so chan can't do anything
JB: and neither can we
JB: but at least no one has to worry about a demon going on a rampage against the covens without reason!

Mark: this sounds weird

jacks: did chan really bring this up out of nowhere?

bambam: kind of?
bambam: i mean he said he was worried for stray kids, but also for their friends in ateez so it wasn't out of nowhere
bambam: he was worried

JB: guys, this doesn't involve us
JB: unless chan asks us for help with helping their friends, then we shouldn't be worrying
JB: a lot of bad things are happening in the world without us even knowing about it, and sadly, there's nothing we can do about that

jacks: yeah, but now that we know about this, i'm worried about that ninth member

Mark: oh

bambam: what hyung?

Mark: ...nothing
Mark: or maybe it's something
Mark: but it's too early to say

JB: uh, okay, let us know if it's something we need to know
JB: otherwise i guess we're done here

Jinyoung: yeah

Chapter Text

bangtan + traitor maknae [8]

8:43 pm

Gyeom: hello hyungs!

yoongi: why are you friends with a demon

Namjoon: hyung! let the boy tell us himself
Namjoon: that's the reason he texted us in the first place!

yoongi: i know that but i thought we could save time

junglekook: wow i love my two oracle hyungs

Namjoon: I sense sarcasm

junglekook: you are correct

Gyeom: ...
Gyeom: ok so i came here to tell you that i have made friends in korea
Gyeom: but it seems my life update is not needed here

Namjoon: No, tell us!

yoongi: i mean me and namjoon already know some stuff because you wouldn't tell us so we had to look..

Gyeom: i just haven't had time hyung!

yoongi: i'm joking, it's fine

junglekook: tell us about your new friends gyeom ^_^

Namjoon: I mean, I've met them all already, but feel free to tell the others

Gyeom: also yoongi hyung why did you ask why i'm friends with a demon
Gyeom: there's literally a demon in this group

jimin: yeah but it's different with demons you don't know

junglekook: says the demon himself

jimin: exactly, i should know
jimin: there's like a 50% risk of the demon being an absolute piece of shit

Gyeom: well i don't think this one is
Gyeom: his name is bambam and he's actually been really nice to me!

jimin: careful
jimin: sometimes they pretend to be nice to lure you in before attacking

Gyeom: ?? jimin hyung, you're a demon

junglekook: exactly, so why are u talking as if they're a different species???

jimin: i know my demons
jimin: there's a reason i don't have any other demon friends

junglekook: oh wow, the demon solidarity is real lmao

jimin: you won't be laughing when you end up with a literal knife in your back

yoongi: okay jimin, chill out a little
yoongi: that's not going to happen here
yoongi: bambam barely knows about his own kind

Namjoon: I can testify to that

Gyeom: hyungs, did you look into him ???

yoongi: only slightly

Namjoon: just to check in case he was a bad demon!

junglekook: overprotective much?

Namjoon: I wouldn't say we were being overprotective, given yugyeom's background

Gyeom: ok let's not bring that up

Namjoon: but it's very relevant

Gyeom: no it's not
Gyeom: demons? never heard of em
Gyeom: bambam is the first one i've ever encountered

yoongi: ...sure kid, let's pretend

Namjoon: you may not want to talk about it, but you can't pretend it never happened

Gyeom: i'm not pretending that
Gyeom: i'm just trying to avoid this conversation
Gyeom: am i succeeding??

junglekook: lmaooo
junglekook: sure, we'll pretend you were real subtle about it
junglekook: consider this conversation avoided

Gyeom: yesss!

Namjoon: okay, fine
Namjoon: text us with an update within this next week or I will have to attack jackson with questions that you will not like

junglekook: the dad strikes again!

Gyeom: lol
Gyeom: thanks everyone

junglekook: no probs

yoongi: we did nothing but ok

Chapter Text

hey there demons [7]

11:38 am

bambam: guys, fellow human-like beings that grace this earth with their presence
bambam: i call upon you in a time of need

Mark: the fuck u want now

bambam: rude!
bambam: i want lunch
bambam: you guys
bambam: with lunch

jacks: tf???

Youngjae: he wants to have lunch with all of us

JB: oh

Mark: thanks for translating, youngjae

Youngjae: no problem

bambam: yus
bambam: lunch i want want
bambam: aishhhh you guys
bambam: u want??????

jacks: lol what's the big deal?

Mark: sure, we'll have lunch together

Youngjae: i think the problem is that we've never all had lunch together

JB: ???
JB: ooooh wait, i get it

Mark: he means us five + yugyeom

jacks: or we could escape school and go have lunch with jinyoung too at some other place

bambam: mcdonalds

JB: that's a wonderful suggestion
JB: two problems: yugyeom hasn't met all of us at the same time

jacks: the second problem?

JB: Jinyoung

jacks: ah okay

Jinyoung: excuse me????

Youngjae: hyung, be honest
Youngjae: do u really want us to escape school just to have lunch?

Jinyoung: sure
Jinyoung: i have no problem with it

jacks: wait really???

Jinyoung: really

bambam: kay then i guess we have a plan

Jinyoung: ??
Jinyoung: have you asked everyone involved if they want to join?

bambam: yes i have?

Youngjae: ...

Gyeom: yeah i wanna have lunch with you guys if it's not a problem ^.^

bambam: see?
bambam: everyone already said yes

Mark: sike

Youngjae: we really didn't but ok

bambam: then it's decided!
bambam: we meet by the closest mcdonalds as soon as class ends!

jacks: noice

JB: i'll see u all there

Jinyoung: and remember to not cross the street without looking both ways first!

bambam: i feel personally targeted by that reminder

Jinyoung: good
Jinyoung: you should


Yugyeom wouldn't say he's scared of meeting the entire group at the same time, but maybe he's a little nervous. He hasn't had to make friends in over a year. The last people he befriended had been the members of Ateez, and even then, it had been because they were going to be living and training together for so long.

This time, the only reason Yugyeom is getting to know Bambam's friend group is because they all seem genuinely interested in befriending him. Of course, he already knows exactly what all of them are, but they don't know about him.

Yugyeom moves his eyes to the left, as if guided by some foreboding instinct, and they immediately land on a face he recognizes from the photos that Bambam has showed him. It's Park Jinyoung, the group's vampire, making his way through the light crowd on the street.

Honestly, he's not as pale as Yugyeom expected him to be, but maybe that's just because he hasn't actually had many vampire friends before, so he doesn't know what to expect.

Jinyoung seems to recognize him, as well, because the older smiles and raises a hand as he walks in Yugyeom's direction. The younger is only given a few short moments to prepare himself before the vampire reaches him, trying to take some calming breaths while pocketing his phone again.

"Hi, Yugyeom!" Jinyoung greets as soon as he's close enough to be heard. He doesn't look nervous at all.

"Hey hyung!" Yugyeom returns the greeting while trying not to show how terrifying he thinks it is to meet new people.

"You haven't been waiting too long, right?" the older asks, a slight hint of concern showing on his otherwise calm face. Yugyeom shakes his head with a small smile. It's almost cute to him that Jinyoung manages to care about someone he barely even knows, and suddenly it makes a lot of sense why the others would call Jinyoung the mom of the group. He clearly has the fitting traits.

"I thought we could go inside and wait for the rest", Jinyoung suggests, and Yugyeom responds with another nod.

As they walk, Jinyoung asks him about his classes and how he's been adjusting to being back in Korea, the pair of them making some light conversation while waiting for everyone else. It's not even half as awkward as Yugyeom had thought it could be. To be honest, it's pretty nice. Jinyoung is nice.

It doesn't take a lot of time for the others to arrive. Bambam and Jackson are both looking slightly disheveled, as if they have run all the way here.

"We raced", Jackson explains in between two panting breaths, gesturing weakly between himself and the younger boy. It's not clear who won, but it does explain their appearances.

Yugyeom is kind of freaking out right now. It had only been early this morning that he returned to Korea, so his mind isn't exactly working at full capacity, being too tired to think properly, but maybe that's good in this situation. At least he won't overthink stuff and end up being super awkward.

Him and Jinyoung have already ordered, so Yugyeom expects the new arrivals to go do the same, but Bambam casts a quick glance around before speaking up.

"I know what everyone wants so you can go grab a table."

No one objects, so Yugyeom just goes along with it as they all head over toward an empty table big enough to fit them all. Ahead of him, Jackson and Youngjae are arguing about how you're supposed to measure the results from his and Bambam's running contest rather loudly. Jaebum and Mark are speaking calmly behind the arguing pair, and Jinyoung is walking next to Yugyeom.

Not really having anything to say, Yugyeom glances at his phone screen and sees two new notifications from Jungkook.

junglekook -> Gyeom [private chat]

12:13 pm

junglekook: oh btw namjoon hyung told me youre meeting got6 for the first tiem today

Gyeom: thanks yes i am

junglekook: lmao gotta love those oracle hyungs
junglekook: also namjoon hyung says that i should tell u "honey you've got a big storm coming"

Gyeom: wait what, what does that even mean

junglekook: idk
junglekook: he says you should stay away from danger

Gyeom: don't i always?

junglekook: more like do you ever ??

Gyeom: yah u rite


"Yugyeom", Jaebum says in a rather serious tone, and the younger instantly looks away from his screen, toward the coven's leader. His eyes are just as serious as his tone when he stares at Yugyeom.

The words that follow aren't as serious, though.

"If the Earth was flat, would the sun just spin in circles above it, or would it move in a more spiral-like shape?" he asks.

Yugyeom definitely snorts at that, but he still ponders the question to give a serious answer. He notices that Mark and Youngjae are watching him as well, waiting for what the younger will say, so Yugyeom supposed that this is what they have been discussing.

"Well, it has to move up and down too, right? It can't just spin around. Then we wouldn't have different seasons", he replies.

By now, Jackson has also caught on to the topic at hand, and adds his own opinion to the discussion. Youngjae apparently has a very detailed plan about how the sun would have to move for it to work with seasons and timezones, even though Mark and Jaebum don't appear to agree with him.

While they talk, Yugyeom looks over at Jinyoung, expecting him to look exasperated for having to deal with this mess, but he seems just as interested in the conversation as everyone else. When he feels Yugyeom's eyes on him, he turns his head just slightly and sends a small smile his way.

"What if the sun was like a lamp and could just turn on and off?" he suggest, leaning forward over the table to join the discussion.

How Yugyeom ends up discussing the logistics of a flat Earth with six supernatural crackheads fifteen minutes after his class was supposed to begin, he wouldn't be able to tell you.

At least he's happy to be there.

And, maybe missing class was worth it.

(it was definitely worth it).

Chapter Text

Gyeom -> junglekook [private chat]

10:33 pm

Gyeom: jungkook i'm scared

junglekook: fear is a natural reaction meant to warn you for danger, fear is meant to keep you alive, even though past experiences may have taught you to fear things that aren't actually dangerous and might be something you want to overcome

Gyeom: the fuck ??

junglekook: sorry
junglekook: hobi hyung told me that today and i wanted to spread my knowledge

Gyeom: oh ok.., thanks i guess?

junglekook: lmao
junglekook: but why are you scared yugs?

Gyeom: i think i'm getting attached

junglekook: okay, but why is that a bad thing?

Gyeom: you know why it's a bad thing kook

junglekook: no, i really don't

Gyeom: cause i can never stay! i'm just gonna get attached and then i'll have to run again
Gyeom: or, i'll get attached and then they find out the truth about me being a fucked up mess and they'll hate me
Gyeom: and i'm scared because bambam is a demon and every time i go near him, i'm reminded of what happened last time i got close with a demon even though it literally has nothing to do with him
Gyeom: and they're all so nice to me but they don't even know what i am!
Gyeom: as soon as they find out, they won't be as nice, no one ever is

junglekook: gyeom, me and the rest of bangtan found out what you were and none of us ran away or started treating you differently
junglekook: i mean, you can't help what you're born as and we understand that

Gyeom: what if they don't think the same way

junglekook: didn't you just say that bambam is a demon?
junglekook: they're all supernatural creatures, i think they understand better than anyone that you can't control what you are

Gyeom: i guess

junglekook: and about bambam being a demon,
junglekook: yeah, i get why that freaks you out and the fact that you can sense his demon-ness every time you go near him isn't really something you can control
junglekook: i mean, that's just part of your powers

Gyeom: yeah

junglekook: and it's not your fault that demons make you freak out, i mean that's just how trauma works
junglekook: don't blame yourself for not being over something that affected you so badly

Gyeom: but bambam had nothing to do with that!

junglekook: i know, and one day bambam's demonic aura won't scare you like it does now, but it's okay that it does right now, considering your past
junglekook: stop blaming yourself, i can clearly see that you know that it has nothing to do with bambam, but you can't control your reactions to him

Gyeom: yeah, okay, i guess that's true

junglekook: hell yeah it is, i'm a fucking genius

Gyeom: you're starting to sound like hyung

junglekook: jin hyung? or yoongi hyung?

Gyeom: lol

junglekook: no seriously which one gyeom???

Gyeom: sorry i gotta go
Gyeom: gotta go tell my friends that i had a nice time with them today!

junglekook: yes!! go conquer your fears!!

Gyeom: i'm not afraid of talking to them though

junglekook: stop criticizing me

Gyeom: lmao okay
Gyeom: and thanks for everything you said

junglekook: no problem

Gyeom: yes problem
Gyeom: it was a problem but you helped me come down from it, so thank you!

junglekook: okay, yeah, you're welcome

Gyeom: bye kook :)

junglekook: bye gyeom
junglekook: now go talk to your friends!

hey there demons [7]

10:54 pm

Gyeom: i had fun today everyone, thanks for letting me come!

jacks: omg it was really fun that you came

Youngjae: yes!

Jinyoung: i hope we didn't overwhelm you,.. some of us can be a little much at times

Gyeom: oh no, you were fine
Gyeom: i had a great time :)

bambam: does this mean you'll have lunch with us at school too now??

Jinyoung: chill out child

Gyeom: sure, if you want me to ^.^

bambam: yes we do

Youngjae: you're very welcome to join us any time

Mark: it's weird
Mark: it feels like you've been our friend for much longer, even though we're just getting to know you

jacks: you sure that's not your own fault hyung?

Mark: shut up

Gyeom: lol why would it be his fault?

jacks: cause he can sense people's auras!

bambam: the fuck

Gyeom: are you saying he's like a wizard? lol

jacks: not really, it's just like a gut feeling that decides if he liked people or not

Gyeom: oh, cool

Mark: ...

jacks: nice! i guess i'll see u at lunch tomorrow then yugyeom!

Gyeom: yeah okay, bye hyungs!

bambam: bye yugs :))

Gyeom: bye bambam!

spooky bois [6]

11:10 pm

Mark: jackson, wtf was that
Mark: are you trying to expose me???

jacks: no! i was just trying to see his reaction!

Jinyoung: and did you get any information from that little experiment?


Jinyoung: then don't do it again

jacks: i won't!
jacks: and it's not like i exposed us or anything

bambam: well...

Youngjae: if he knows about the supernatural, then he definitely knows what mark hyung is now

jacks: ...oops?

Mark: i take it none of you noticed what he was doing then?

Jinyoung: what?

jacks: was yugyeom doing something??

Mark: yea

bambam: what
bambam: hyung, he wasn't doing anything weird

Jinyoung: what did he do?

Mark: doesn't matter
Mark: i'll tell u if it does

jacks: sigh

Youngjae: okay hyung, we trust you

Jinyoung: but what happened? is there something off about yugyeom?

Mark: no, i haven't seen anything you need to worry about

bambam: then why these ominous comments?

Mark: i'll tell you if there's anything else
Mark: bye

jacks: but what is going on

Youngjae: mark hyung doesn't stick around after saying bye

Jinyoung: guys, trust hyung's judgment
Jinyoung: he said that nothing is off about yugyeom and that we don't have to worry
Jinyoung: i trust him to tell us if he realizes anything

jacks: i do too

bambam: yeah, okay
bambam: but i still find it weird how it seems like mark hyung always knows something we don't

Youngjae: that's probably cause he does

jacks: truth

Jinyoung: go to bed

bambam: okay mom

Youngjae: goodnight ^-^

jacks: bye peeps

Chapter Text

hey there demons [7]

12:04 pm



JB: why can't you just take chips for those of us who aren't in the cafeteria yet?

jacks: do i look like a fucking delivery boy to u???

Mark: honestly,

jacks: Please no honesty.

Mark: i wouldn't be surprised if you showed up outside my door with a delivery

Gyeom: yeah, hyung is right
Gyeom: i could see u as a delivery boy

jacks: ...traitors, all of you

Gyeom: says the one who won't get us chips :(

bambam: taco tuesday is a scam

Youngjae: i thought you loved taco tuesday?

bambam: no, i love the CONCEPT of taco tuesday
bambam: reality is a lot harsher than you think

Mark: wow, so cynical bammie

bambam: this world is cold and heartless, might as well accept it

Gyeom: thanks for the advice

jacks: wow, i'm loving the positivity
jacks: GYEOM

Gyeom: omg WHAT



jacks: good.

bambam: boi, why u yelling

jacks: i just got excited!

Youngjae: he came to family dinner last week though

jacks: yeah and it was fun!

Gyeom: it was a mess

bambam: hey!

Gyeom: a good kind of mess though

bambam: good.

jacks: so i just wanted to know if we were doing it again!

Jinyoung: why can you kids never text like normal people

Youngjae: maybe cause we're not normal

Gyeom: lmao that's true

Mark: okay everyone, me and jackson got chips for everyone

Youngjae: YAY

bambam: noise

Jinyoung: stop it with those b99 references, i'm tired

bambam: uuh, no

Jinyoung: seriously, you haven't stopped for two weeks, i'm exhausted

bambam: uuuh yeah, cause YA BORING

Youngjae: poor hyung

Mark: bammie, show some respect to your mother


Gyeom: he put his phone away now

Jinyoung: finally, some peace and quiet

Gyeom: excuse me? i'm literally right here

Jinyoung: ...

Youngjae: the demon twins

Gyeom: are you calling me a demon? lol

JB: i meaan...

jacks: yeah we are

Gyeom: but why is bammie a demon?

Jinyoung: uuh

Mark: you've seen his crackhead behavior

Gyeom: ah right
Gyeom: makes sense

jacks: okay i can see yugbam now!
jacks: put your phone away mark hyung!

JB: wait for me and youngjae!

Youngjae: we're there in like three seconds

jacks: too bad everyone else has already put their phone away

Youngjae: aww

jacks: mark hyung got chips for you though

Youngjae: yess!

jacks: said i wasn't allowed to let you starve
jacks: sadly

JB: ...
JB: well thank god for mark hyung then
JB: it seems we're not very loved by everyone else

Jinyoung: i love you

jacks: yeah but you're dating him so that's in the contract

Jinyoung: ?? what contract

Youngjae: the dating contract

Jinyoung: ok i'm gonna go take a nap or something
Jinyoung: bye children

jacks: bai bai

JB: bye jinyoung

jacks: what about everyone else?

JB: i can literally see you right in front of me
JB: i have no reason to say goodbye to you

jacks: o
jacks: kay

Chapter Text

spooky bois [6]

6:50 am

Mark: okay guys i'm leaving

jacks: still don't wanna tell us why?

Mark: i've already told u that i'm going to see some old friends

bambam: hyung, we know that's not the only reason

Youngjae: guys don't press him
Youngjae: he'll tell us if he wants to

JB: i just don't want a repeat of what happened before

Mark: that was a long time ago though
Mark: i had practically just met you

Jinyoung: you had been with us for six months?

Mark: same thing

jacks: it's really not

Mark: okay fine, but that's not what this is about
Mark: i promise i'll tell you what this trip is for once i come back

Jinyoung: are you sure that's the best option?
Jinyoung: i'm not asking to sound like i'm doubting you, i'm genuinely wondering

Mark: i think so

Jinyoung: then i accept it

Youngjae: we won't bother you with any more questions then

Mark: thanks everyone

hey there demons [7]

7:23 am

bambam: mark hyung is now off to america!

Gyeom: oh is he visiting his family?

bambam: nah just some friends, he'll be back soon

jacks: so what are we doing while he's gone guys?

Youngjae: crying

bambam: drama queen

JB: says the drama queen himself

Gyeom: wait why are you crying??

Youngjae: cause mark hyung is gone

Jinyoung: he's coming back though

Youngjae: yeah i guess..

jacks: great
jacks: so does anyone have any plans or what?

Gyeom: one of my friends is actually visiting from america!

JB: wait really

jacks: is it one of the ones from namjoon's friend group?

Gyeom: yeah

JB: oh, that's fun!

jacks: truly..

spooky bois [6]

7:38 am

jacks: uuh hey not to be that person but remember what we said about namjoon's friends being supernatural?

bambam: fuckin get over it

Jinyoung: Be nice.

JB: if we ignore bambam
JB: there's clearly something up with yugyeom, and i would not be surprised to hear that he knows about the supernatural
JB: but mark hyung said that yugyeom is human, and we have to trust that

Youngjae: we could still ask yugyeom though

jacks: or we could tell him about ourselves
jacks: no one's saying that we have to force him to tell us anything he doesn't want to

Youngjae: that's actually a good point

Jinyoung: that we turn the situation around? tell him the truth about ourselves instead of asking for the truth about him?

jacks: exactly!

bambam: hyung left like an hour ago and we're already spiraling

jacks: we're not spiraling, just discussing

Jinyoung: that's right, but bambam is also right in that we shouldn't do anything without mark here

bambam: thank you

jacks: i'll gladly just tell yugyeom that i'm a werewolf
jacks: you guys don't have to do it with me

JB: okay everyone, take a step back
JB: go to school
JB: we'll talk later, okay?

bambam: no we won't

Youngjae: sure

jacks: yeah okay

Jinyoung: ...
Jinyoung: i can already tell this is gonna be a mess

Chapter Text

spooky bois

7:30 pm

jacks: guys, i really think we should tell yugyeom what we are

bambam: ..not this bullshit again

Youngjae: we should at least wait til mark hyung comes back to discuss this

jacks: why would we???
jacks: this is between us and yugyeom

Youngjae: yes
Youngjae: US as in ALL OF US, and that includes mark hyung

jacks: we can't wait until he comes back!
jacks: besides, hyung has been keeping stuff from us

Jinyoung: such as?

jacks: i shouldn't even have to explain, you all know it
jacks: he's been so secretive and mysterious pretty much since he met yugyeom

JB: are you implying what i think you're implying?

bambam: fuck you jackson

jacks: where the hell did that come from??

bambam: you're trying to say that mark hyung is covering up yugyeom's secret identity!
bambam: i was fuckin there when they met and mark hyung very honestly said that he couldn't pick up on anything supernatural from gyeom

jacks: that doesn't mean shit!

Youngjae: are you calling mark hyung a liar?

jacks: as if all of us haven't lied a few times
jacks: but no, i'm just saying that there's a possibility he saw something he didn't like in yugyeom and decided not to tell us

Youngjae: why are you being so mean?

jacks: i'm not trying to be mean! i'm just trying to make you see where i'm coming from!

Youngjae: well it seems like you're attacking both mark hyung and yugyeom

jacks: oh, why don't you go cry to your boyfriend, go hug a tree or whatever

Youngjae: ...fuck you jackson

Youngjae has left spooky bois

Jinyoung: Jackson, that was unnecessary.

jacks: i didn't mean to make him leave

bambam: really? could've fooled me

jacks: i'm trying to make you see what's going on here!
jacks: but you refuse to see that mark hyung knows something we don't, and yugyeom isn't as pure as he seems

bambam: jackson, What the fuck ?????
bambam: yugyeom has been nothing but kind to everyone since we met him!

jacks: that's not what i meant!

bambam: you just said he's not as pure as we think! what else could you mean???

JB: Can you both please stop?

jacks: fuckin hell, i'm not trying to call mark a liar or say that yugyeom is rude
jacks: i'm just saying that i'm no longer content with just sitting back while weird shit happens and no one does anything about it!

Jinyoung: what weird shit are you talking about?

jacks: i dunno, everything!
jacks: ateez being attacked by a demon, yugyeom and his past, mark hyung never telling us what he's thinking, bangtan and yugyeom knowing each other
jacks: there's a lot of unexplained shit around yugyeom

Jinyoung: hang on

JB: what?

Jinyoung: when were ateez being attacked by a demon?

JB: like a month ago, maybe more

bambam: hyung what is this about? ateez have nothing to do with this
bambam: this is about all of you being willing to risk everything just because you're curious about yugyeom!

JB: bammie, no, that's not it

Jinyoung: we're not trying to damage your relationship with him

bambam: stop acting like you actually give a fuck about my friendship with gyeom
bambam: i'm not blind, i get that something's up with him but it's none of our business!
bambam: i really thought you guys weren't the type of people to force others to expose themselves
bambam: guess i was wrong to assume

bambam has left spooky bois

jacks: that's not even fucking true!

Jinyoung: yelling won't solve anything

JB: we need to have this discussion in person

jacks: why???
jacks: this shouldn't even have to be a discussion

Jinyoung: uh, yes it should. we need to talk about it

jacks: if i wanna tell him about myself, that has nothing to do with you!

Jinyoung: it does though
Jinyoung: we live together, and if you tell yugyeom you're a werewolf that would put us in a position where we either do the same or lie to him about it

Jinyoung: and some of us don't wanna lie

jacks: oh?

JB: Jackson, don't.

jacks: i won't
jacks: i just find it weird how he says he doesn't want to lie, yet it seems that's all he ever does

Jinyoung: what the fuck is that supposed to mean?

jacks: "oh i'm just not tired"
jacks: "i just couldn't fall asleep"
jacks: "my family is rich, it's definitely not that i've been working and earning money for about 80 years"

Jinyoung: And what the fuck was I supposed to say?
Jinyoung: "OH I'm nocturnal and need a lot less sleep than normal humans, that's why I'm always awake"
Jinyoung: "I was born in 1907 so I've been earning money for almost a century, hence my economical status"

jacks: no, but maybe don't lie?

Jinyoung: Fuck off

JB: Both of you, stop. This is doing nothing

jacks: why is everyone so against just talking to yugyeom??

JB: I'm not, I'm literally not

jacks: oh? cause earlier you said you were neutral

Jinyoung: that was me

JB: I said I was against it, but not anymore
JB: there's too much stuff that doesn't add up

jacks: then why the fuck do you just let bambam play the victim?

JB: this isn't about whether or not we should tell yugyeom anymore

jacks: yes it fuckin is

JB: It's not

jacks: i can't
jacks: sorry

jacks has left spooky bois

Jinyoung: Jaebum, please

JB: i'm gonna say something i regret
JB: i'm sorry

JB has left spooky bois

Jinyoung: ...
Jinyoung: mark please text me when you see this

Chapter Text

Mark -> Jinyoung [private chat]

4:05 am

Mark: i can't help but think that the death of our spooky bois group is a sign that we probably shouldn't have another chat behind yugyeom's back
Mark: when we're talking about him, he should be included in the discussion

Jinyoung: i agree with you, but i don't think everyone else does

Mark: i know and that's what frustrates me
Mark: i saw what you all wrote before everyone left

Jinyoung: they probably didn't mean anything by it so i hope you weren't offended..?

Mark: i mean
Mark: jackson was right

Jinyoung: WHat??"

Mark: PARTLY, he was partly right

Jinyoung: you're gonna have to explain yourself some more unless you want everyone to freak out at you

Mark: i know, but i'd rather do it with everyone present
Mark: basically, i have been keeping stuff from you
Mark: i didn't pick up on anything supernatural from yugyeom when i met him, that's the truth
Mark: i haven't lied to any of you
Mark: the only thing is that i haven't been completely honest about what i think i've figured out about him

Jinyoung: ...ookay?

Mark: but i think i should tell you in person instead of through a group chat

Jinyoung: good luck trying to get jackson and bambam in the same room

Mark: maybe i don't have to
Mark: i mean, if i say that it's about yugyeom, they'll probably both show up voluntarily

Jinyoung: ...whatever floats your boat

Mark: ...
Mark: that's such an old person thing to say

Jinyoung: thanks i try my best

Mark: bye

hey there demons [7]

8:39 am

Mark: so this chat has been dead for like two days now
Mark: and since yugyeom is currently out with a friend i thought i'd take the opportunity to only talk to the six of you

JB: how do you know that?

Mark: i went to america to see bangtan, and you all know yoongi is an oracle, so he told me when would be the best time to text

jacks: oh? now you can be honest?

Mark: you have full rights to be upset, but please don't call me names

jacks: ...i'm sorry hyung

Mark: thanks
Mark: i'm coming back soon, i'll probably teleport back in a few hours, and i think we should all meet

bambam: no

Mark: we need to talk and i have a lot of stuff to tell you about yugyeom

bambam: why is everyone so obsessed with knowing everything about him??
bambam: if he wanted us to know, he would have told us

Mark: i agree with you and i'm sorry that i have to do this, but i really wasn't trying to figure it out
Mark: i went to america to ask bangtan if i was right in my assumptions about yugyeom
Mark: which i was

Jinyoung: what assumptions?

Mark: well, he left a lot of clues
Mark: i shouldn't be telling you all of it through a group chat
Mark: i haven't been lying to you, but i also haven't been telling the truth, but i will now

jacks: i'll be there hyung

bambam: what don't you guys understand about privacy??

Mark: bambam, i'm on your side in this
Mark: the only reason i figured anything out is because i pay a lot of attention
Mark: i swear i'm not doing this to expose him, or doing it just because i'm curious
Mark: i genuinely think he would benefit from telling us the truth

bambam: This is exactly what I don't want!

Mark: BUT,
Mark: i don't think we should ask him to tell us anything
Mark: i want to meet all of you to tell you what i know, which is far from everything
Mark: there are a lot of things we can only find out from yugyeom himself
Mark: and right now, i'm not saying ANYTHING about talking to yugyeom about this
Mark: okay?

jacks: i've already said i'm coming

JB: i will, too

Jinyoung: me as well

bambam: i'm upset
bambam: this feels wrong
bambam: but i guess i'll come
bambam: and i'll try to act civilized

Mark: thank you
Mark: youngjae? you haven't said anything

JB: he's asleep on my bed

Mark: oh

JB: yeah, cause someone was fuckin rude to him

jacks: i didn't mean it...

Jinyoung: everyone, we'll solve this later
Jinyoung: it's between youngjae and jackson so everyone else should refrain from saying anything
Jinyoung: and i just want to say that i get why everyone is acting the way they are right now
Jinyoung: i mean, telling someone about your supernatural identity is something we all have negative experiences with

JB: true

Jinyoung: mark was disowned by his parents when he started showing signs of magic
Jinyoung: jackson had no friends for YEARS after telling his last friendgroup about it
Jinyoung: which i guess is why you want to do it as soon as possible with yugyeom now?

jacks: yes
jacks: i just want to get it over with and see how he reacts

Jinyoung: understandable
Jinyoung: and i guess bambam doesn't want to tell yugyeom at all? probably because some people are very misinformed about demons

bambam: i mean, it's complicated
bambam: i don't really want to tell yugyeom but i understand that it's the only option if i actually want to be close with him

Jinyoung: I know, and it's okay. You don't have to think it's easy to tell him. The important thing is that you're willing to listen to us when we discuss it, and actually take in our points

bambam: which i haven't really been doing..

Jinyoung: Yes, but we've all done a lot of wrong and said some things we shouldn't have
Jinyoung: Everyone makes mistakes. As long as we're willing to listen and apologize, I think we'll be fine

JB: ...

jacks: ...

bambam: ...

Mark: huh
Mark: i think jinyoung just borrowed every braincell this group has

jacks: yeah but that's not a lot

bambam: true lmao, we have like four braincells

Jinyoung: ...
Jinyoung: does this mean you're all willing to talk it out?

JB: Yes

jacks: yup!

bambam: i am

Mark: me too

Jinyoung: great
Jinyoung: now we should spam the chat to make sure yugyeom doesn't see this

JB: oh yeah

Gyeom: uuuuh
Gyeom: hey guys
Gyeom: …
Gyeom: i think i just saw something i wasn't supposed to

JB: …

Jinyoung: …

jacks: …

bambam: …

Mark: …

Youngjae: holy hell that was a fucking plot twist