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Hey there demons

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hey there demons [6]

10:02 am

bambam: attention people!!!!!
bambam: friends!!!!
bambam: human-like beings that live on this planet!!!
bambam: guys come on, respond to me!!!!
bambam: give me your attention!!!!

Mark: ffs
Mark: what u want now

bambam: more attention please!!!!

JB: I'm here as well

Jinyoung: me too

jacks: yeah i'm here

Youngjae: present

bambam: great!!!!
bambam: guys there's a new student in my class

Jinyoung: that seriously all you came to say??

bambam: :(

Youngjae: ooh a new kid!

bambam: yes! :))
bambam: and i'm gonna be best friends with him!

JB: have you met him yet?

bambam: kinda? i mean he introduced himself to the class but we didn't really speak much
bambam: but he sits next to me, so we did talk a bit

jacks: omg okay
jacks: what are your first impressions

bambam: tall

Mark: what a great first impression he must have made if the only thing u can say is that he's tall

bambam: shut up i'm not done

JB: mark, stop being sarcastic
JB: bambam, show respect to your hyung

bambam: ok fine
bambam: but back to my future best friend!

Youngjae: you can't know that bammie, you're not an oracle

jacks: no offense but why are you so set on befriending him

bambam: very funny youngjae hyung
bambam: but i just have this gut feeling about him
bambam: and also his smile is extremely cute

Mark: ...

Jinyoung: are you sure you're looking for a friend and not, let's say, a boyfriend?

bambam: what? no! i've only known him for like an hour!

JB: yet you keep saying he's gonna be your best friend

bambam: okay whatever
bambam: i just know that i'm gonna be friends with him because i know that i wanna be friends with him
bambam: also, i have almost no normal friends :(

jacks: might have something to do with the fact that you're not normal yourself

bambam: excuse u
bambam: i'm offended

Jinyoung: you're literally a demon bammie

JB: so the new kid isn't anything supernatural?

bambam: idk
bambam: at least nothing obvious
bambam: as in, i saw no tail and no fangs, but who knows

Mark: did u get his number

jacks: lmao
jacks: as if bambam would remember to ask for that
jacks: he'd be too busy talking his head off

bambam: actually, i did get his number

jacks: oops

bambam: yeah
bambam: actually can i add him to this chat?

Youngjae: yeah that'd be fun :)

jacks: yeah sure

bambam: but don't mention any of your,.. special identities
bambam: i don't know how much he knows and i don't want us to be exposed

Mark: "special identities" lmao

Jinyoung: we won't say anything that could expose us

bambam: i mostly meant jackson, but thanks hyung

JB: no need to thank us
JB: it's our secret just as much as it is yours
JB: and who knows, maybe he already knows about supernatural beings and won't be scared off if he accidentally finds out

bambam: a boy can dream...
bambam: but i'm adding him now!

bambam has added Gyeom to hey there demons

bambam: hello yugyeom!
bambam: it's me, bambam!
bambam: we sat next to each other in the class we just had!

Gyeom: yeah i remember, hi!
Gyeom: omg who are all these people

JB: Yugyeom, hi!

Gyeom: jaebum-hyung, is that you?

JB: Yes it is hahah

Gyeom: oh, hello hyung!
Gyeom: i guess i don't have to give you my number now lol

Jinyoung: wait, jb you know him?

JB: I mean I've met him
JB: he tried out for the dance team earlier this morning

jacks: ooh, did he make the team?

JB: this would be pretty awkward if he didn't

bambam: oh i didn't know you danced yugyeom!

Gyeom: uh yeah
Gyeom: but we met like an hour ago, so i don't think you should be surprised by not knowing stuff about me lol
Gyeom: but who are all these people?

bambam: oh they're my hyungs!
bambam: we're kinda like a squad since most of them go to our school
bambam: well, everyone except jinyoung hyung because he doesn't go to school
bambam: but we've all been friends for a few years

Gyeom: oh
Gyeom: am i intruding?

Mark: no, you're fine

bambam: i mean, i'm the one who added you to the chat, and they all think it's okay for you to be here
bambam: so don't think we don't want you here!
bambam: and this way u can make some new friends :)
bambam: didn't the teacher say you just moved to korea from somewhere?

Gyeom: oh yeah, from saudi arabia
Gyeom: but before that i lived in america

jacks: oh, a traveler

JB: were you born in america?

Gyeom: no, i moved there when i was thirteen :)
Gyeom: before that i lived in korea

jacks: important question
jacks: how much money do u have?


Gyeom: 69 cents

jacks: oh, u know what that means!

Gyeom: i don't have enough money for chicken nuggets T-T


bambam: i know we got seated next to each other for a reason!
bambam: aside from the fact that the seat next to me was empty but yknow what i mean

Jinyoung: ...what did i just witness

jacks: i know ur old but u gotta keep up with the culture!

Mark: they just quoted a vine jinyoung

Gyeom: oh is jinyoung the oldest?

bambam: uuh
bambam: he's actually third youngest
bambam: or, now that you're here, i guess he's exactly in the middle

Gyeom: oh okay

jacks: hyungs can we please keep this child? he knows vines

Gyeom: you barely know me though
Gyeom: also i'm still confused about who you guys are
Gyeom: right now you're just a bunch of names on my screen
Gyeom: well, aside from bambam and jb hyung

Jinyoung: he's already calling you hyung

JB: that's cause I said he could
JB: didn't really wanna be called sunbaenim

bambam: oof

Youngjae: lol

Mark: guys, maybe we should introduce ourselves

bambam: can we do it after class? we start in like a minute

Gyeom: yeah that'd be great

JB: sure, of course
JB: text when you're finished and we'll do that then

jacks: see you guys soon

JB: we're literally in the same class

jacks: i know
jacks: i was talking to the young beans

bambam: oh, yugyeom! youngjae is actually in our class as well!
bambam: i'll introduce you to him right now!

Gyeom: great!
Gyeom: thank you so much

bambam: it's really no problem

Youngjae: see u guys in a bit

Jinyoung: put your phones away and focus on school

bambam: yes mom

Gyeom: lol