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Sara: "Joe... is... the Sage..."









Q-taro: "Huh, really? Joe is the Sage?"


Reko: “I see... So, that's how it is...”


Alice: “What's the meaning of this? Following that logic, don't you have to be the Keymaster? If... that's the case, Sara... You sold him out!! So, you could survive!!”


Joe: “That's wrong! Sara... is trying to save everyone! She isn't someone who just thinks for herself!!”


Keiji: (Hmm, normally I would believe what Sara said, but Joe's definitely acting weird right now)


Q-taro: “H-hey, all that...Tha's just a strong possibility, right...?! Joe! You won't admit it, will ya...?!”


Joe: “...”


Miley: "All right, time's up. It's time for the final vote."


Q-taro: “Hey, the discussion hasn't even finished!!”


Miley: “Okay, everyone. Please vote as you like!”


Vote time:


Sara: I I

Joe: I I I I

Sou: I I


Kai: I I I


Sara: “No, Joe. This... can't be...”


Nao: “I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry...”


Everyone feels sorry for Joe, until the roles announcement…


Miley: “Okay, everyone. You all did a great job. Now I will announce the roles. First, the Keymaster. The battle within you two was surely a sight to see. Awesome! It was Sara Chidouin.”


Everyone stares coldly at Sou in silence...


Miley: “Second, the Sage. Whoops, you guys were wrong. It was...”


Sara: "Wait, what? I was wrong..."


Miley: “Kai Satou!”


The others started to panic.


"Then, who's the Sacrifice?"


"It's... Don’t tell me."


"Maybe... It's Kanna...?"


Miley: “Ah ah, lastly the Sacrifice who successfully completed his objective. It was Jou Tazuna.”


Reko: "What the heck??"


Alice: "So, this is it. We're doomed. Hahahaa.."


Gin: "Big bro Joe...."


Sou: "Ahahaa, so this is the end, huh? Even though I tried so hard to survive, but instead this happened."


Nao: *sniffle... sniffle...* I still want to live…


Sara: "...."


Q-taro: "You!?? tricked us??!!"


Keiji: "So.. That's why you..."


Kai: "...."


Joe: "Sorry, guys. Even though, I know none of you is one of the bad guys. In the end, I... I wanna survive too."


Q-taro: "I would've done the same thing, but now we're all gonna die. Dammit!"


Miley: "Now, now. Don't get too worked up and just accept your punishment. Joe Tazuna, who do you choose to take with you? Sara Chidouin? After all she's your dear best friend."


Joe: "Yea, I wanna escape with her. I'm sorry, guys. I know you all won't forgive me, but I wanna be selfish for once. Because I still wanna live on, and I want Sara to stay beside me, always..."


Sara: "..."


Miley: "Well then, I shall proceed with the executions. Joe Tazuna, please take your selected partner and leave the Main Game grounds. Unless, you wanna see your dear friends die. Ehehehe… Don't worry, I'll escort you both to freedom after I kill everyone here."


Joe immediately takes Sara’s hand and leaves the Main Game grounds.


Sara: "I'm sorry, everyone. Goodbye..."