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Becoming Parents

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Marinette and Adrien had revealed their superhero identities a year before graduating. Yes, Hawkmoth was still around, but he was becoming lazier and simply idiotic with his new akumas. The pair felt he was doing it for fun at this point, just to keep the banter going.


However, the reveal was private and sweet. Were they shocked that they danced around each other for years? Yes. But, they immediately felt comfortable as all the puzzle pieces of their life had fallen together. They went to dances, had dates, studied together. They even had late night rendezvous together. They were there for the bad times and good times. The two soon fell madly in love with one another. 


Once they were both established, they began to think about their future together. Marinette working with Gabriel. While Adrien kept his modeling career going, he loved to help Tom and Sabine in the bakery as much as possible. 


Soon, a ring came into play, blessings we’re happily given by an over the moon mother and father to a blonde man, head over heels in love with their daughter.


A romantic dinner at the Eiffel Tower, which didn’t go as planned, but we will talk about how he put a ring on it later.  


Vows were exchanged, promises were made. They were happily married. Everything would change after they had surpassed two years of marriage.


Two weeks before she shared her news to Adrien- 


Marinette fumbles with the dishes as she waited patiently for her timer to go off. 


“Marinette calm down it’s going to be okay!” Tikki said drying off a plate. 


Marinette nodded turning off the water and drying her hands “I’m just glad Adriens busy today” she reached up putting the plates in the cabinet. “I wouldn’t want him to be disappointed if it’s not real” she sighed leaning her back against the counter, running her fingers through her hair. 


“I’m sure he wouldn’t be. He’d understand” Tikki frowned a bit watching her chosen begin to pace. 


“I know that, it’s just…” she throws her hands up in the air out of frustration “I know how Kong’s he’s wanted this and I don’t want to get his hopes up.” She moved to the living room beginning to tidy up, kill the last of the few minutes. 


“Everything’s going to work out just fine. If it doesn’t happen..” Tikki paused rubbing her small head “try again?” She giggled 


It brought a small laugh form marinette, “well yeah..” she blushed. She didn’t know why her Kwami and her had had these conversations before. She bent down under the table to grab the tv remote “how does this even end up here?” She reaches, but jumps hearing her phones alarm going off, hitting her head on the table “ow! “ she gets up rubbing the back of her head, going to turn off the alarm in her room. 


Tikki followed her close behind and gives Marinette a confused look when she stops before going into the room. “Marinette what’s wrong?” 


“I-I can’t do it.” She dropped her head into her hands “can you look for me?” She mumbled. 


Tikki patted her head and floated over to the counter


Marinette raised her head hearing nothing come from the room “Tikki??” She made her way in, looking around for the small red and black figure. 


She nodded coming around the doorway, smiling when her chosen squealed in excitement. 

2 weeks in


Marinette had planned for them to run patrol together that night instead of him and Carapace, she had big news to share that couldn’t wait.


“It’s been a while since we’ve just relaxed on the Eiffel Tower M’lady “ 


“Well Chaton, we usually save these kind of moments for special occasions” she bit her lip keeping her gaze at the sky, she could feel her heart race as she was gaining the courage to spill the beans. Rubbing her hands against her suit to get rid of the sweat. 


 He glanced over at her raising an eyebrow “Really? So what’s the occasion bugaboo? Come to confess your love for me again?” He smirked at her, placing his hand on top of hers, caressing the side of her hand with his thumb. God I love her. 


She closed her eyes tight, it’s now or never marinette, just do it . She thought, letting out the breath she had been holding, smirked a bit using as much of her Ladybug confidence as she could, then looked over at him. “Well not exactly...I have a surprise for you” she gave him a soft smile seeing the confused look on his face as he turned toward her. 


 “ I think I’m in love with another kitten...“ she giggled watching his jaw drop “...or a little lady.” She mumbled, opened her yo-yo pulling out a small gift bag for him, she placed it in his lap sitting criss crossed in front of him.


 His eyes went from upset to a little hopeful seeing the light pink and blue bag. He looked up to give her a curious glance, she bit her lip playing with the finger where her engagement ring and wedding band would be, but they disappeared when they transformed.


 “Open it.” She moved some stray hairs in his face then booped his nose. 


He hesitated, taking in the colored bag and messing with the white tissue paper sticking out. Giving in, he opened it, tossing the tissue paper aside, pulling out a handmade Ladybug themed onesie, all white with tiny embroidered ladybugs. Along with the onesie was a small knitted Chat Noir themed hat, all black with small cat ears, and a small baton, exactly like his, even with the paw print on the backside of the hat. He pondered how long she’s been working on these, while she should could knit a normal sized hat in an hour, the tiny details had to have taken her days. 

Adrien felt his heart beat faster and faster as he ran his hands over the ladybugs and the electric green stitching on the small hat. He was smiling so big that his face was hurting, but it didn’t matter. Realization hitting him like when Plagg threw empty cheese cans at him.


“No way” he looked over at the bright blue eyes outlined by her red and black mask, smiling all giddy at him




 “How long?”



 “ I-I was late last week, I took a test, two lines—but it was so faint....Tikki convinced me and she was so sure, so I made an appointment.” She pulled her her fingers “I went today to the doctor and..” she reached into the gift bag pulling out a sheet of paper “It’s still really, REALLY early..but the blood work came back positive..” she bit her lip holding it out to him. 


Chat took the paper from her hands, being cautious to not rip it due to his claws. He was holding back his tears but eventually let them fall as he read the confirmation on the paper. “Really?” He said breathless as he set the paper down in his lap picking up the hat again.


 She cupped his face wiping his tears, letting hers fall as she let out a small laugh “Really Minou, we’re going to be parents!” She squealed throwing her arms around his neck.


“I’m going to be a father!!” He shouted, lifting her up in one fell swoop spinning her around, holding her tight. She giggled as he nuzzled his face in her neck setting her down. “And you’re going to be the most wonderful mom” he ran his hand up and down her back. Then his eyes went wide..


“Wait until your parents find my Father?! Nino and Alya..” he ran his empty clawed hand through his hair, eyes going in every direction as he imagines all of their loved ones reactions. Then his attention going back to the onesie and hat in his other hand, the toothy grin hadn’t left his face since he saw the tiny outfit. He was snapped out of his thoughts by Marinette shaking her head vigorously. 


No , it’s still early we can’t tell anyone. I shouldn’t have even told you yet..” She gave him a soft smile, cupping one side of his face. “But how could I keep this from you?? “ she smiled bigger as he placed his hand over hers. She knew how much Adrien valued family. And how long they’ve wanted to start a family together. 


“We will tell everyone, once you’re ready of course” he placed a soft kiss on her forehead


“Maybe after my first trimester we can “ she moved her hand to the back of his neck, playing with the short hair, since he’d cut it a while back. Old habits die hard I guess. 


 He wrapped his arms around her small waist “So...should I call you Momabug? Momanette?” He smirked down at her, catching the small eye roll she did, but it was a loving one. She flicked the bell on his collar and chuckled


 “ I think I prefer the nickname you gave me when we revealed ourselves. Remember?  Buganette ...” she smiled thinking back when they were 17 and had no idea that their life would lead them here. “...but maybe I might be calling someone else Mon Minou soon enough..” she giggled running a finger down his sharp jawline to his chin. 


Chat bent down to be face to face with her stomach , he placed his hand lightly on her right hip to help balance himself “ I see we’re starting the challenges early on then aren’t we?” He rested his forehead on her, “ challenge accepted my little lady or lad “ 


They cut patrol short that night to go back home and celebrate. Both were ecstatic, over the moon, soon their small family of two would become three. 


But, it wouldn’t be smooth sailing the entire ride. Marinette didn’t realize how difficult being ladybug and being pregnant would be.