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One Girl 13 Soulmates

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Cold wind whipped her hair through the air, twirling the long tendrils delicately as she strode down the sidewalk. She shivered, pulling her jacket closer trying to ward off the cold. She just wanted to get home out of the pestering winds of Autumn, and into the heated air of her small apartment after a long day of work. Her name was (Y/N) (L/N), and she was a college student that worked at a small coffee shop, just down the street actually, from her apartment. She was going to school for a degree in art. She loved the subject from when she was a tot. Paints, clay, pastels, you name it! And she liked it. It was her passion above all everything else.

Sighing, she saw her apartment in the distance, walking a little faster to get out of the cold and into the warm. But while increasing her speed she failed to see the pale and bony man she was about to crash into. By the time she realized he was there, it was too late. Running straight into his chest knocking him and herself back onto the frigid sidewalk. She immediately started apologizing, “Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry sir! Are you Okay!?”

She hopped up and reached up to help the man up, still rambling on about being sorry and asking if he was okay. He reached his hand out for hers to be helped up, but when they made contact a farting noise emitted from in between their connected palms. The man chuckled and stood up his hand still clasped in hers. It was then she realized that this wasn’t just any male, it was a male monster, a skeletal one at that! He was tall and broad, with a perma-grin it seemed. He sported a white T-shirt, a blue comfy looking hoodie, black basketball shorts with a blue stripe on them and fuzzy pink slippers. She gaped at the sight of the skeletal monster. Now she wasn’t racist on any level at all, she was just shocked to see a monster out of the little town they had made out near the mountain they emerged from, New City she recalled was the name.

The skeleton took his hand back before speaking, “Names Sans, Sans the Skeleton, and you kid are looking surprised a ton, a skele-ton.” He giggled at his own joke. She shook her head to get out of her amazement that any monster was out here in the first place. “I’m so sorry for starring!,” She exclaimed, “I was just surprised there was a monster in this town, they all usually live in New Town.” Sans nodded at her statement, it was true. It was a rare occurrence for a monster to come out of New Town, or live anywhere else in general, so he could understand her shock at seeing him.

After the death of a monster in the protest and riots against monsters and their rights, the king and queen decided to make their own town where monsters could stay together and stay close. It was terrifying, seeing the dust float around the giant crowd after the monster got trampled. So the whole community though it was best to stay close together, just to be safe. But Sans was sick of being confined so he took his bountiful amounts of money he got from trading his gold to the human, packed up his brother and valuables and moved to the city,

“Yea I live around here, I understand how much of a surprise that might be haha,” He rubbed his head delicately while talking to the human that ran into him. She realized that he hadn’t told the understanding monster in front of her, her own name! “Oh my named (Y/N) (L/N)! Sorry for not telling you that sooner!” She exclaimed smiling brightly at the skeleton. He of course was cautious, it was an unknown human after all. He decided to check her soul traits and her STATS. Her soul looked like a soap bubble, cyan, blue and green with a small sparkle to it. ‘Patience, integrity, kindness, and a bit of magic, huh seems like a good soul. Let's check her STATS,’ Sans though while (Y/N) babbled a bit about being sorry and how it was rude of her not to say her name sooner.
LV: 1
HP: 20/20
AT: 10
DF: 10
*Just wants to find a real friend!

Sans wasn’t particularly surprised to see what he saw, but it was the quote at the end that shocked him...Maybe she was okay to be friends with. “Again I apologize so mu-,” (Y/N) was cut off by Sans pulling out his phone and holding it out to her. “Here put you number in my skelephone so we can text later,” He giggled a bit at his own pun, and to his surprise he got (Y/N) to giggle too. She took the phone gently and entered her number in and put her name down. She giggled again, “Thanks a skeleton, I won't tell a fibula I was worried I would only be able to talk to you this one time and never see you again!” She smiled up at him since she was only 5’7 and he was 6’7, a full foot above her.

The skeleton giggled at her puns used and took his phone back from her outstretched hand. He was going to pun back but his phone buzzed with a text from Papyrus. “Sorry kid,” He said a little dejectedly, “But my brother texted me saying he wants me back for dinner.” (Y/N) nodded understandingly shooing him away with a “Goodbye and a text you later.” After he disappeared around the corner, she sighed and trudged to her complex. When she got there she crept up the stairs slowly but surely. Reaching her door finally it got enveloped in a bright aqua colored glow and opened slowly. Crawling in she flopped down on her couch and sighed. ‘Its been a long day, maybe i should just take a….nap’ And she was out like a light on her couch.

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She woke up groggily, face smushed up against the plush of the couch cushions while her body was hanging half off, half on the couch. Rubbing her face she sat up, stretching and cracking her back as she went. ‘What time is it? I have to get some homework done yet,’ She pondered to herself as she trotted over to her actual bedroom, away from the couch. Pushing open the door she peered inside. The lava lamp she had bought after moving out of her parents house illuminated the room, showing off the small oak desk and chair on the far wall, where all her college work sat, as well as her queen sized bed with her 10 blankets on it and only 1 pillow that sat towards the middle of the room, headboard smushed against the wall. The last thing inside the room that was seeable was the small sliver of the bathroom in her room that was towards the desk and the door that lead into her closet set by her bed.

Huffing a bit she slapped her hand around on the wall to find the switch to turn the main light on. Finding it she flicked it on and stalked into the room fully, stopping right before the separation between the desk and the bed. ‘Okay!’ She thought to herself, ‘I could go do my homework, or I could hop on into my bed just for a bit.’ Her hands were up to her face in a pondering position. “Ahhhh screw it I can dick around just for a teenie bit,” She exclaimed while flopping onto the plushness called her bed.

Just as she was about to roll into the blankets and make herself a burrito, her phone rang. Sitting up quickly she grabbed her phone. ‘Mr. Funny Bones’ the caller read, it was Sans, she answered immediately. “Hey Sans,” she squeaked out, “What up!” The skele on the other end chuckled at her eagerness to answer. He spoke in a deep rumble, “Sup (Y/N), and nothing much just was just feeling bonely and want to talk to yah.” (Y/N) giggle from the pun, but she was happy someone wanted to talk to her! No one ever wanted to be around her anymore. She spoke up quickly not wanting to stall the conversation, “So did you make it home safe? How was your dinner with your brother?” Sans was shocked to say the least, she wanted to know if he made it home okay. His soul stuttered, and he clutched his chest. Why his soul did that he had no idea, but he was happy that she cared.

“Yep I got home safe and sound, and dinner was great, what about you, what did you do when you got home? You looked bone tired when we met up.” He questioned popping in the little pun with a chuckle, eliciting one out of (Y/N) too. She blushed because of her laziness, “Well im not going to lie, I fell right into my couch and took a nap.” She giggled nervously, but she wasn’t expecting a guffaw of laughter on the skeletons end. He was laughing because that was the exact same thing he did when he got home. He wiped away some tears of laughter, “Wow kid,” he said while still chuckling, “Didn’t know we were one in the same, I did the same thing when I got home!” That's when he got a giggle from (Y/N), joining in on his laughter.

“Welp looks like we have the same love of na-,” (Y/N) was cut off by a loud voice on the other end that wasn’t Sans. “CLASSIC WHY IN THE HELL DID YOU NOT HELP CLEAN UP DINNER WHEN YOUR BROTHER ASKED YOU TOO?” The voice was loud enough to be heard on her side of the phone which made her wonder how loud the voice was in real life. Sans sighed and took the phone away from his ear, “Edge why are you in here?” Sans questioned the edgy version of his brother who was standing next to his work desk in the basement. The edglord didn’t find it hard to answer, “BECAUSE YOU LAZY SACK OF BONES, YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO HELP AND YOU DID NOT, THERE FOR YOU NEED REPRIMANDING!” Sans sighed, why couldn't he be left alone for more than 10 minutes at a time.

But no, it had to get better because in came Red, Mr. Edgelords brother. Red tilted his head up a bit to stare at his brother, “What's all da screaming ‘bout boss?” Red questioned. Sans answered before Edge could start again, “Your brothers angry I didn’t do some dishes.” Sans slammed the phone down onto the workbench in his anger, not realising his phalanges hit the speaker button. “Well maybe if you just did the dishes, we couldn't all be listening to Edge screech,” a new voice piped up. Sans and the other two turned their heads to look at Stretch in the corner, sucking on one of his usual cigarettes. Sans ran a boney had over his face. But no, it only got worse. Cause then in came Black and Mutt. Of course the little runt had to pipe up, “IF YOU WOULD HAVE ONLY DONE YOUR CHORE YOU INSOLENT FOOL WE WOULDN’T HAVE TO BE LISTENING TO THIS WORM SCREECH!” His brother next to him nodded his head, dog treat bouncing around with him.

(Y/N) was at a loss at what to do, should she pipe up or not? She should she just stay silent? But then a huge crash on her side made the decision for her. All the skeletons turned towards the phone as an angelic, but small, voice spoke up after the crash. “Um hey sorry Sans for listing in, I don’t think I should stay any longer I got homework anyways, i'll text you later thanks for talking with me bye bye.” And it was gone with a click. All the skeletons eyelights were big and fuzzy, but the first to speak up was Stretch, “Who was that, hm Classic?”

She was so embarrassed she listened in on that conversation by accident. She rubbed her hand over her face to maybe wipe away some of the blush covering her face. Groaning she took her hand away and pointed, as well as glared, at her feline companion, “You sentenced me to death you meanie!” The cat looked up and let out a soft ‘meow’ as it trotted over to its owner, blue almost purple eyes shining in the light. “Uhg what am I going to do with you Aika,” She exclaimed picking up the black, purring feline. Falling back onto her bed she snuggled the cat while covering them both in blankets. “Screw the project I need another nap,” She said while hunkering down onto the plush bed, Aika giving out a ‘mew’ as agreement and snuggling closer.

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Sans had beads of sweat rolling down his face, with all 5 skeletons eyelight on him it felt like he was under attack in a way. He coughed gently into his hand, “So um well,” He didn’t want to explain to them who she was. All that was running through san’s mind at that second was ‘mine mine MINE!’. “I DEMAND TO KNOW WHO THAT WAS THIS INSTANT!,” Black screeched his eyelights trying to morph into a different shape as he talked. Sans sighed once again, looks like his secret was out, “That was (Y/N) a human I bumped into earlier today, I wanted to speak with here before you all started making a big ruckus.” Stretch’s eyelights bore into San’s skull, ‘Does he know what he’s just done? Is he even aware of what she is?’. Stretch has always been a more perceptive person by nature, but this was just too easy to figure out. Childs play one might say. He took his eyes of Sans and flicked them towards Mutt and Red, the other two who should have figured it out as well.

Mutt was grinning like a kid in a candy store, but had the gleam in his eyes that he was going to do something bad in said candy store. Stretch ignored him, in turn for observing Red, who was staring right back at him. They both gave a nod in understanding, ‘We need to tell Sans’. “WHY WOULD YOU WITHHOLD INFORMATION LIKE THIS FROM US?!” Two cheery voices chimed in sync at the top of the stairs, where Papyrus and Blue stood. “DEAR BROTHER!,” Papyrus exclaimed, “YOU SHOULD HAVE TOLD ME SOONER I COULD HAVE INVITED HER OVER FOR SOME OF MY FRIENDSHIP SPAGHETTI!” Sans cringed ‘MINE MINE STAY AWAY,’ was replaying in his head, his instincts telling him to snap at everyone and be Alpha and take his mate. Sans shook his head quickly, he must be getting close to his heat.

Red finally spoke up, “Well why don’t cha invite da doll over classic we can have a grand ol time.” Red finished his sentence with a lecherous grin plastered onto his face. Edge smacked his brother upside the head, getting the implied statement. Blue was bouncing around like he down 5 fun dips but just the powder. “PAPY PAPY! CAN WE PLEASE HAVE THE HUMAN OVER! I WANNA MEET HER!” Stretch grimaced, he didn’t know who this woman was except for that her name was (Y/N) and that she was his soulmate. He didn’t want blue getting hurt at all because his infatuation with a human.They all started talking all at once to their brothers. Whether it be about if the human could come over, or what she was like, it was noisy as hell. Sans let out a huff, guess he was going to have to invite her over to meet the gang….Joy.


She groggily let out a whimper, it was cold and she was so uncomfortable in her work clothes, and the stabbing pain in her stomach didn’t help. It felt like she was hit by a truck. ‘My heats coming soon.’ She thought loosely, her mind on getting to the bathroom and getting changed. After she changed into a comfy blue tank top and black shorts, she sat her butt into her desk chair and decided to finish up her mosaic project of a forest overlooking the sea. As she got more and more into it, the more she realized that she was hungry, and by hungry I mean pretty much starving. She grumbled about having to put aside her project once again to go make a cup of instant noodles.

Grabbing her phone off her bed, she journeyed out into her living room. Plush carpet met her feet and a black couch, a flatscreen t.v., and a little oak coffee table met her eyes. Walking past the comfy looking couch she made it to her kitchen. White floor tiles and creamy cabinets greeted her, as she took out a ramen cup poured the water in and popped it into the microwave. Being impatient, she took out her phone to fiddle with. Going on the Undernet, a new app that popped up after monsters surfaced, that was like Instagram but for monsters, and people if they so choose. After scrolling for a bit her phone chimed, a new message popped up.

Mr. Funny Bones 10:56pm - hey kiddo, was wondering if you would be interested in hanging out tomorrow?

She smiled gleefully at this, Sans wanted to hang out? OMG SANS WANTED TO HANG OUT!!! Act cool!

(Y/N) 10:59pm - Sure! I would love too, just text me the address and what time and i’ll be there!

She heaved out a happy sigh, hugging the phone to her body and pulling out the Ramen noodles, which beeped while she was responding. Plopping down on her couch and chowing down, she thought happily, ‘I’m finally making friends!’

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After she giddily ate her noodles, she realised that she was still hungry, and making another ramen cup was out of the question since she was out. ‘Now that I think of it, I only have a jug of milk and some fruit left in the fridge. I need to go to the store badly.’ She internally groaned, going to the store would be a now thing since she was so hungry. Since all the good fast food places in walking distance had closed, that forced her to go to the store. Looking at the time, 11:05, she decided that the ‘7 Eleven’ down the street would be enough to quell her monster of a stomach for a second. Then after visiting Sans, she could go to the actual store, and pick up ingredients to make a proper meal.

Singing and moving to get up to grab her (F/C) jacket, that had fluffiest hood ever, she stopped mid motion. Grabbing her stomach she let out a tiny whimper, her stomach twisting painfully with a deep seated need. “Shit!” she cursed softly just using her magic to grab her jacket. A soft aqua glow picked up her jacket and hovered it over to her. Grabbing and shrugging on the fluffy jacket she pushed herself up, even when her cramps hurt, to get her shoes. ‘I’m getting that pizza whether my heat come or not!’ She thought peevishly, stomping her foot into her shoes, leaving them unlaced. She took a deep breath and opened her door, ready to get her pizza!


Red was pissed. Classic had found his soulmate and didn’t tell him! Granted it was close to heat season, his instincts had some effect in this. Red shook his head, thinking back onto the conversation.

Red, Mutt, Stretch and Sans stood in the basement they called a lab. Each with their respective frowns on their faces. Sans was mad at himself for not telling them, but also inviting their soulmate into a house of horny preheat boss monsters. Sans couldn't decide which one was worse. Stretch was mildly upset, Sans can’t be blamed. He had just met her but a few hours ago and his instincts made him more protective of their soulmate. Yet that's also what made him upset, (Y/N) was all off their soulmates, not just his, like Stretch wanted. Red though, he was furious. His soulmate was kept from him, and Sans hadn’t told them he had found her.


His inner Alpha was screaming, KILL HIM TAKE YOUR MATE. But Red knew that was just the heat talking, so he decided to hear Sans out. Mutt on the other hand, was on the other side of the spectrum. He was ecstatic! He never thought he would have a soulmate! He was upset he wasn’t able to learn this sooner, due to Classic hiding shit from them. Sans decided to break the ongoing silence as each on of them stewed more and more in their thoughts. “So heh i’m guessing you all want the story as to how I met her?” Sans questioned, finding the rest nodding to continue on.

He took a quick breath and started his explanation, “Well I was walking home from Grillby’s, as per usual. But my clumsy ass was daydreaming and I bumped right into our little soulmate, (Y/N)...There that’s the story.” Sans shrugged at the end, that’s all there was to it really. Red was the first to speak up in a low and growling tone, “N’ you chose to tell us this just now?” Reds eyelights were focused solely on San’s face that harbored beads of sweat. Stretch piped in to stir the pot just a bit, “Yea wanna tell us why you decided to keep that a secret for several hours?”

More sweat poured off Sans as Mutt nodded along with Red and Stretches statements. “U-uhm w-well, you see,” Sans stuttered embarrassed he let his Alpha make his decisions, “Um it was m-more or s-so the heat t-talking.” Sans rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. Reds eyelights shrank to pinpricks. He was ready to let HIS Alpha out and kill this fucker. But Red just blipped away to his bedroom, to escape the stupidity radiating from Classic. The other two had followed suit leaving Sans a sweaty and awkward mess in the basement.

‘That was the stupidest thing I heard outta classic, since he blamed the cum on his sock on the sock mating cycle.’ He thoughts directed back onto (Y/N), his soulmate. He wanted to meet her, see her beautiful face, see her beautiful body bathed in his magic as he fu- JESUS he needed to get a grip. And one of the best ways for him to do that was to get some monster liquor in him. Smirking he stood up, from brooding in his bed, and took a shortcut to the ‘7 Eleven’ that was a couple blocks from the main house. Sure he could just go to a bar, but tonight he wanted to get tipsy in the comfort of his room.

Stepping forward he thought he was going to be met with a door, but instead he knocked into a body that let out a shrill screech. Falling onto his own coccyx, he was about to look up and let the person have a piece of his mind. But he was stopped when he took and intake of air through his nasal ridge. Which allowed him to smell their intoxicating scent. It was like a citrus explosion in his nose. He looked up to find his human. Fresh squeezed oranges, lemons and a hint of vanilla. He took another deep breath in, basking in his mates scent. Looking at her right in her wide blow eyes, he growled deeply. She shivered and gave a soft mewl at Reds dominating gesture. Suddenly a bright aqua light surrounded him, it was warm and comforting. He looked up finding (Y/N)’s eyes aglow with the same color. ‘Magic! His soulmate had MAGIC!.’

One second he was on the sidewalk with his mate surrounded in her magic, the next he was on a strange couch surrounded in her scent with her on top of him nuzzling against his scent gland. While she was busy rubbing her scent all over him and his on hers, Red focused on his pants and how tight they were. ‘Your soulmates strong,’ His Alpha inside whispered, ‘She can use magic and teleport, she’s strong.’ His soul thrummed happily at the thought of a strong mate.

Looking back down at her, he found her with her eyes blown wide looking right back at him. He growled lowly at her again, causing another mewl to slip free, then leaned down and caught her soft lips into a heated kiss. She moaned happily into the kiss, grinding into his forming magic. He broke the kiss going for her neck instead, trailing light kisses and harsh nips down her throat, eliciting mewls and small moans out of her, as she continued to grind down onto his member. Nipping harshly at her scent gland that made her moan loudly throwing her head back. Red crooned at his beautiful mate in his lap, making her squirm against him.

Leaning close to her ear Red growled out, “Undressed now ‘Mega.” She shivered and got off his lap, quickly shucking her jacket, shirt, shorts, and undergarments, throwing them to an unknown corner of the room. While she was doing this Red took off his shirt and pants, leaving him in his cherry red boxers. Red welcomed her naked form back into his arms, and into his lap. She immediately ground her sex against his now hard member. Her meek voice called out submissively “A-alpha?” Red hummed against her neck as a way of saying ‘go on’. “What should I scream while you take me Alpha,” His mate whispered breathily in his ear while grinding against him. He rumbled back into her ear, “You can call me Red doll, what should I call you baby?” He asked while slipping his fingers down to her dripping sex, and squeezing one into her tight hole. “(Y/N)!” She cried out her answer, while he fingered her slowly.

“Mmm good girl,” He praised her, while inserting another falange, making her shiver and moan. She slowly rocked against his fingers as he added a third one, trying to get my friction and reach her peak, which was oncoming fast. “Now now princess,” Red taunted slipping his fingers out and laying her down gently on the couch, “I want you to cum ‘round my cock not my fingers.” He then trailed kisses down from her lips all the way to her chest, making love bites and hickeys all over her bosom. She writhed under him as he tended to her. “Ah Red! Alpha please! No more teasing!,” She begged, holding the back of his skull as his tongue skillfully swirled around her pert nipple. He chuckled, backing away from her chest with a wet popping noise. With a click of his fingers, his boxers were gone exposing his glowing, ruby red, cock. “I can’t deny my omega what she wants now can I?” He questioned, making her squirm in agreement.

He leaned down taking in her scent of fresh squeezed oranges, lemons and a hint of vanilla, before lining himself up and plunging himself inside her warm, wet cavern. He groaned at her tightness, slowly rocking himself in and out of her while listening to her delicious moans. “Alpha! Please faster! Harder!” His soulmate begged him needily. He sped up and slammed into her harder, “Like that baby? Do you like my thick cock ruining you inside?” Red asked pridefully, looking down at her completely wrecked face. His soul sang, because this was his doing. “Yes! Oh yes!,” She called out to him, “I love how your cock feels inside of me!”
He could feel her clench around him when she said the word ‘cock’. “Ohoho~” Red sang out as he pistoned into her faster, “Does my little omega like my dirty talk?” He looked down at her nodding head, with her tongue lolling out due to her pleasure. He decided to tease her a bit, “Is my dirty little cocksleeve enjoying this? Huh enjoying me filling up my pussy?” She squeezed around him tighter than before. “Do you want me to fill you up you slut? Are you hungry for my cum?” He taunted again as he began rubbing her clit, as she clenched around him from his words. “Yes! Yes! Yes Alpha! Fill me up with your cum!” She pleaded. That got his mind really going. His soulmate round and aglow with his pups.

The image spurred him on as he slammed into (Y/N), massaging her clit rapidly grunting out in his own pleasure, while listening to her loud whines and moans of his name. He felt her clench tightly around him and felt himself smirking. “You ganna cum baby?” He asked her huskily, “Ganna cum around my cock while I fill you up?” She nodded clinging to his shoulder blades. “I’m ganna cum Red!” She screeched out for him. He growled his own pleasure coming to the edge, “Then cum with me baby!” With one last thrust and twitch on her clit, they came together. Red filling her up to the brim while her juices leaked all over his member. Red flipped them over so that (Y/N) was resting against his chest as they came down from their high.

Red spotted a fuzzy black blanket laid on the floor, and used his magic to cover both of them up with it. When he was done with making sure that they would stay warm, he looked down. (Y/N) snoring softly, hand clenched around one of his ribs, hair every which way, and with his marks all over her. To him it was the most beautiful sight he could ever imagine. He was content with everything that happened tonight, very content. With the memories of the night and his soulmate pressed up against his chest, Red fell into a deep dreamless sleep.

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Waking up was an airy fog. Warmth pooled around her whole body. The scent of motor oil, pine needles and crisp air surrounded her. Warm arms pulled her closer and someone breath fanned across her neck, sending goosebumps spiraling down her body. Giggling as the person nuzzled the marks they created last night. Flipping over she nuzzled the underside of Red, as his magic that marked her as his drifted around her bare chest as it absorbed into her soul. Tucking herelf closer, Red cooed, liking the feel of his mate against his bare bones.

Sure, it had been a mighty quick meeting between the two of them the night before, but their animalistic sides knew that they were soulmates. So why be mad that they didn’t meet differently? They were together in each others arms now, and that’s all that mattered. She decided that she was going to stay in Red’s arms all day, no matter where she was ...But wasn’t she forgetting something? Oh well, she was here for now and that’s how she wanted it.

Her stomach growled slightly, and she whined. She had gone out to pick up a pizza last night, and never got it due to ‘bumping’ into Red. Hearing the rumble Reds mind finally clicked on for the day. “Sorry sweetheart, got ta get cha some food,” he apologized while untangling himself from her small form. He wanted to stay in that bed so bad, to stay with her. But her well being came first, before his instincts. His rut was mostly over, although hers wasn’t. Being with her had calmed his alpha, but her omega was craving more of his alpha around which had aggravated her heat on for longer.

Sighing, Red walked to the kitchen to scout out the cupboards and the fridge. Stepping into the kitchen he went for the fridge first. Opening the white door, he spotted half a jug of milk and some apples that were close to going bad. Shutting the fridge he went to the cupboards, but again found nothing but a sad jar of peanut butter. He shook his head, “What the actual fuck does she eat then?” He was angry that his soulmate was living like this, if she would come to live with the rest of them she would be okay.’But that would mean that all the others would claim her as well,’ he contemplated sourly.’But at least she would be safe, and well fed!’ He decided to bring it up to Classic after he went home for a change of clothes.

He blipped to the store, after putting his clothes back on and telling her where he was going, to grab a simple bag of pizza rolls. Cause who doesn’t like pizza rolls? After making his purchase of the pizza rolls, and grabbing some other essential items such as bread, jelly, and some bags of chips, he shortcutted back to her apartment. Though he didn’t expect her to be on the couch in his jacket he left behind, gently levitating seashells from a small jar onto the table to keep herself occupied. He smiled happily at the sight, and went to go pop the pizza rolls into the oven.

Coming back from said task, he sat beside her on the ground next to her coffee table. As he watched her, he noticed that she was sorting the seashells by color. There were grey, pink, and orange piles spread out in front of her. She looked so cute while she focused.

There was a beep from the kitchen, alerting them the pizza rolls were done. Red shortcutted to the kitchen, pulled the pizza rolls out, plated them, and shortcutted back. Placing the plate in front of her, warning her that it was hot. As soon as they were cool enough she dove right in to her portion, enjoying every bite. “Thank you Red!,” she exclaimed to him, cheeks stuffed full of pizza. Red smiled and wiped a bit of sauce off her face, “S’no problem sweetheart.” Red dug into his portion after making sure she had eaten her fill.

After they had both finished Red put the dishes in the sink for later and went back out into the living room. “Hey doll?” he called out to get her attention, “I gotta run home and grab some clothes I'll be right back ’kay?” She nodded her head in understanding.

He shortcutted back onto the porch of the house. Opening the door he was bombarded with 4 skeletons. They all fought to get in front of each other, just to get a whiff of the scent coming off Red. Stepping back he let Sans, Stretch, Mutt, and G fall out of the doorway, and onto the porch. Red growled, “What in the hell are you all doing? I just came back to get some clothes.” Sans was the first to stand up, his eyelights pinpricks. “Where. Is. She?” Sans ground out while he stalked towards Red slowly. The rest of the skeletons on the porch got up and stood behind Sans as he interrogated Red.

“No where you guys are, look at you all your ruts have really taken over this time around.” Red tried to explain to them why they couldn’t see her but they didn’t really listen to him, more focused on the scent on him. “Now I know you guys want to see her, but you nee-.” Red was cut off as a strong scent of fresh squeezed oranges, lemons and a hint of vanilla hit him in the face. He thought he was imagining it but the hands grasping his shirt on the back said differently. “Red,” she whimpered out, “It hurts.”

He turned his head to see her eyes lit up in an aqua hue and tears streaming down her face. “(Y-(Y/N)?” he whispered out in hopes that he was wrong. The others were focused on her tears, all wanting to make her feel better. But before they could move a step, Red was gone, as well as (Y/N). They could feel him magic signature up in his room, and they all sprang into action. The 4 of them all tried to shortcut into his room, but there was a magic barrier up around his room. They tried the door but it was locked as well with magic. Sooner or later they all gave up and decided to just wait it out, he would have to come out sometime and when he did, the barrier would be gone, and they would all get to meet their mate.