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Burning that Midnight Oil

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“Working for this company, comes with certain... amenities, shall we call them,” Director Alison said. She was a brisk fifty something year old woman who was no nonsense. She pushed everyone to work hard because she would only have the best for her company and nothing less than that. Which was why Lena fit in so well here. She was naturally a hard worker and she always gave her all. Many a night she had stayed late, going over documents extra times just to make sure there were no mistakes and that her underlings had had everything in order.

She may not be CEO like Alison was, but at least she had her own team.

“What do you mean?” Lena picks her head up from the paper she is working on, pen in hand. She's listless to continue her work, but her body is listless for other reasons she cannot control.

Alison takes a deep whiff in, checking with herself that she is in fact correct. “I may be older now and less in tune with pheromones since I'm mated. But if I'm not mistaken, you are in heat, Lena.”

Lena flushes here. Heats are not something to be typically discussed with bosses. “Uh, I'm not really in heat,” she admits, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear, even if her hair is in a tight ponytail already. It's a nervous habit of hers.

Her director's eyes flash open. “Are you sure? If I can smell it than I can only imagine how strongly it smells to fellow alphas!” She turns to look out the glass wall of Lena's office in concern. This causes a couple of alpha males to scurry away at being caught staring. “Are you taking anything for it?” she turns her eyes back to Lena, motherly worry coalescing in her stomach for her omega employee. She values Lena. She wouldn't want any unwanted alphas annoying her.

Lena lifts her wrists to subtly smell her skin. Hm, she doesn't smell any different, but she knows her body is already showing the signs of heat. Hot flashes, stabs of arousal at random intervals of the day. Technically her heat isn't supposed to arrive until next week. Maybe something triggered it to start earlier? Maybe the stress of the upcoming company projects which she is co-managing?

“I have suppressants at home,” she says, because she might have to pop some. She's noticed alphas staring at her more intently and she doesn't have time to deal with brushing off their unwanted advances.

“Of course. But if you find they don't work, the company does offer alternatives in it's health benefit plan.”

Lena has heard cooler talk of this vaguely. Like how Maggie had to take an emergency leave on her heat because it had struck her strongly. But Lena had never bothered to learn more because typically her heats were manageable, barely making waves. But she was nearing her thirties. Women's bodies did start changing so it was possible her heats were about to grow worse as her body punished her for not being mated or not starting a family yet, which was coded into omega DNA. She wasn't quite ready for that, or even sure she wanted it.

First, she wanted to advance her career. Then she could see what she wanted from the rest of her life.

“Like what?”

Alison lowers her voice. “We hire people to take care of your needs, is one way to put it.”

Lena's cheeks flush. “Oh.” Escorts. The company hires escorts for heats and ruts. Is it even legal?

“Just let me know if you'll need to take a day or two off,” Alison adds, winking and walks off, leaving Lena feeling hot all over. She quickly dismisses the idea. She has work to do; she can't afford to take the day off.

Her resolve crumples when she wakes up next morning, sheets rumpled, shirt glued to her back because of sweat, and hand already working between her legs.

She's never felt her heat this strongly before and the suppressants she took last night haven't kicked in at all. She jerks her hand out from between drenched folds and marches herself over to the bathroom for a cold shower. It doesn't help, much, and she grumbles in annoyance as she takes two more suppressants.

She wavers between showing up to work or not. But she knows it might not be the smartest thing going out smelling like this. She paces in front of her window, gnawing on the pad of her nail in indecision and worried as to what to do now. She quickly closes the window of her fifth floor apartment when she realizes her scent has crawled out and caused two alphas to stand by her window and look up. She shuts it and it snaps them awake, making them shake their heads and walk off, casting lingering looks at her. She draws the blinds for good measure.

Maybe she can work from home today?

It might be her only option. She emails her boss and gets an instant reply.

Just take the day off.

But that's not likely to happen, so Lena responds with a no and begins the tedious process of trying to focus on her work.

It's irritatingly hard to do so, because her whole body is aching, her face feels hot, and the throbbing between her legs has not eased in the slightest. But she is nothing if not determined and biting her bottom lip and jiggling her legs, she ignores this as best she can.

Eventually, by the time lunch comes, she has to excuse herself to her bathroom so she can jill off. Legs spread out wide, cheeks pressed against the cold lid of her toilet seat, it's the perfect contrast to her hot sex, oozing with need of relief.

She lifts her shirt up a bit so it won't get in the way, grateful she didn't change out of her pjs or else she'd get her nice clothes ruined. Fingers glide through the wetness easily before two dive inside her and she gasps at how nice this feels. She comes almost right away, that's how badly wound up she is.

She cleans up the mess and goes back to work, able to focus a bit better now. But the relief doesn't stay long. The desire creeps back into her skin, settles there with it's long fingers that rake into her mind, turn her insides to slush.

“This fucking heat sucks,” she grumbled to herself.

She completely caved the next day.

She had to. Her heat had gotten even worse. She couldn't sleep at night, having to wake up to masturbate several times just so she could drift off for a moment's respite before having to do this all over again.

She hated having to give in. She hated caving. Hated pushing her work aside. But she had to use her company's sources or else she would go mad with desire. That's at least how she felt like.

With a trembling hand, from both nerves and something more, Lena called the company and made the arrangements, feeling like she was being judged for this badly. But the operator on the other end didn't seem to care, only notifying Lena that her alpha would be there in an hour to take care of her.

That sent a wave of heat rolling down Lena's stomach and she rushed around the apartment, getting ready, not even knowing how to get ready, but needing to in order to impress this alpha.


In the end, she's the one impressed by the alpha. She's exactly Lena's type. Tall, athletic, blonde. And wearing sweatpants that do nothing to hide the sizable bulge there.

Lena swallows dryly and averts her eyes, not wanting to seem like a perv.

“I'm Kara,” she holds out her hand to shake and Lena takes it tentatively, noticing how strong and warm it is. She has callouses on it, indicating hard work. “I work for special emergency heat and rut services. I'll be your caretaker today or for as many days as you need. Say the word, and I will do my best to please you.”

The word please brought up the slew of images of Kara on her knees, pleasing Lena with her mouth, but Lena shook her head away.

“I've actually never used these services. My heats have never been this bad before. And then my boss suggested I use the services to get through this all since medicine isn't working and I'm ummated.”

“I find it hard to believe a stunning woman like you is unmated,” Kara said without batting an eye and Lena felt a flush rise to her cheeks.

“I'm too busy with work to focus on love,” Lena explained before realizing she was keeping Kara on her doorstep and allowed her to come in. “Do you want anything? Tea? Coffee?”

Kara chuckled, a low sound that made the hairs on the back of Lena's neck stand up. “I'm here to take care of you. So just relax, and let me do my thing.”

“What exactly do you do?”

“Since I'm an alpha-” Lena nodded her head. Oh yea, Kara was an alpha for sure with the way she smelled, held herself, and with that big bulge in her pants. “-I usually help omegas in heat. Which means feeding them, making sure they don't feel lonely, or having sex with them to help their heat end.”

Lena felt a jolt at that in her core. Sex with Kara. Could she truly have sex with a near stranger?

Lena didn't know, but her heat was screaming at her another thing. Her inner omega wanted an alpha and she was being dumb for not jumping on one now that it had been presented to her like a gift.

“So, what do you need me to provide for you?”

Lena licked her lips which suddenly felt very dry. “My heat scent won't bother you?”

“I'm used to it by now. I'm very well behaved, I can assure you. You'll be safe with me.”

“Right,” Lena nodded her head. “Um, I guess for now...” she shrugged undecided. She knew what her heat wanted, but she also knew that wasn't a smart idea. Lena didn't make it a habit to allow beautiful strangers to knot her. Much less ones she was paying for.

Well, the company was paying for it, but technicalities. It still felt a bit wrong to ask her for that.

“How about I make breakfast for you? I make some fluffy pancakes,” Kara suggested when she saw Lena's look of unsure nature. She made way to Lena's kitchen like she belonged there.

Lena let out a breath she had been holding. Maybe this wouldn't be too awkward.

Maybe Kara could actually help her. She knew some omegas simply wanted to nest and having an alpha by their side helped them feel at home with their nest.

Because despite what Lena's groin was telling her to do, she was not going to jump on Kara.

Lena hadn't needed an alpha to end her heat before, and she wouldn't certainly be starting now. But soon, she began to realize, that there were some things her stubborn nature could not win over. Ignoring Kara's charms was one of them.