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Feeding People, Cooking Things, The Family Business

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"Oh God, it's disgusting. This is a true abomination of cooking. I just might be an evil genius!" Dean Winchester exclaims as he tastes the food in front of him. "Tuna and peanut butter."

Then he laughs, unable to contain it, "Jesus. It's even nastier than I thought!"

"Dean!" Dean's dad, John, calls from inside the food truck. "Our judge is here."

"Be right there." Dean calls back, grabbing his bandana and tying it around his head. "Let's cook."


The pans sizzle,  the food is flipped, and in minutes, two servings, one made by each Winchester, are set in front of their judge, Astrid, a girl only a few years younger than Dean, who stops by here for more than just the food.

All the surrounding customers ooh and ahh at the two bowls of chili, with John saying, "Enjoy.", while Dean takes off his bandana and says, "Bon appetit, Madame."

Astrid tries to stay calm as she tastes the delicious food from the Winchester Mystery Truck, but the flavors are just so heart-poundingly delicious.

It's dead silent for a few seconds as they all wait to hear her deliberation.

But then, she takes one finger, and points to their left, "This is the one.", and John raises his fist in victory.

Dean can't help but bang the counter with his fist in frustration, growling at having lost yet another match to his dad.

"Looks like you're still not quite up to my level yet, are you, Dean?" John asks, looking at Dean with a smug smile.

Dean starts to walk out, calling back, "Guess I've been beaten. For now."

But John's not gonna let him have the last word, "You realize you have to beat me at least once before you can say something like that, right? And how many times have you lost now? 600?"

That makes Dean stop, turn around and point a finger back in John's face, "You know as well as I do it's only 589. So don't even try to pull that with me, old man!"

John tries to say something encouraging, "Don't worry. You'll get there."

Dean's in no mood for pep talks, "Whatever you say, Dad. You don't know anything."

But, at the very least, they seem to make their customers happy, who are all too busy stuffing their faces with their cuisine of the day.

But Astrid still tries to assure Dean, "Yours was really good too, though, Dean. But John's was just completely out of this world."

Dean has his back turned to her, but he says quietly, " problem."

Even the girl can see there's something off about his tone, "Huh?"

Dean tells her, "Care to try this new dish I just whipped up?"

Then Dean turns around, holding a plate of something she can't identify on sight, telling her, "I think you'll really like it."

Seeing there doesn't seem to be anything wrong, she agrees enthusiastically, "Sure! I'll try anything once!"

Dean holds up a spoonful, "It's pan fried tuna with peanut butter."

The girl starts to back away, and the crowd looks worried as well, while Dean keeps pursuing her, saying, "Just one bite. So nasty, you'll puke."

And next thing the girl knows, the spoonful is being shoved in her mouth.

It doesn't take long at all before she actually tastes it, and it's worse than she thought.

The art of cooking is a wide and astounding spectrum, no doubt about that, a never ending horizon filled with new ideas, some amazing, some even worse than tuna and peanut butter.

But for Astrid, the dish was enough to traumatize her enough to where a friend of hers finally takes her by the shoulder, giving Dean a dirty look as she leads Astrid away.

John, who saw everything, tells Dean from inside the truck, "Pretty good. But trust me, mine are waaaay worse than that. Remember when we ran out of peanut butter, so I tried to substitute sardines with the jelly?"

Dean now smiles as he looks back to his dad and says, "How could I ever forget? That should never have left the truck. But my peanut butter tuna is way more disgusting."

The two start arguing back and forth about who's dish is more gross, while simultaneously serving everyone that orders from their truck. In many ways, it's just another busy day for the Winchester father-son team.


As the sun starts to go down, the customers dwindle down, but not by much. Since his dad has the cooking handled for the moment, Dean makes himself useful by bringing the food to the customers himself so they don't have to wait in line.

But what they don't see is the suspicious looking black car parked about a block away from where the truck is set up.

But for the rest of the night, Dean just cleans up tables and throws away trash, whole muttering to himself, "Should've let the chili simmer for a few more minutes."

Then he hears someone walk up, and Dean turns to say, "Sorry, were clo-."

But then he sees who it is, and immediately, he's on guard.

The blonde woman in the pantsuit speaks first, clearly the leader, "Sorry to barge in. Looks like you're closing up for the night. Hope you don't mind some last minute walk-ins. You understand." And gestures her cronies to follow her as she walks right up to Dean, greeting him,

"Hello again. Nice to see you. Remember me?" This could be Dean's imagination, but he swears she actually puffs her chest out a little bit.

Dean already knows who she is, and so doesn't feel like wasting any more time with her than necessary, "Need something? We got Winchester style chili, and…"

The woman interrupts, "No, I'm not here for food today. No, instead, I'm here about…" she pulls out a paper she had tucked under her arm, "That little plan we were talking about. I'd be more than happy to explain it again, if you want."

Looking closer, Dean can see a mock-up flyer for what looks to be an apartment complex.

She goes on, "Were trying to follow other places example and bring luxury condos to this-hey!"

Dean promptly picks up the flyer and crumples it into a ball and throws it behind him carelessly, "Yeah yeah. You want our truck to go away, right? Believe me, you're not the first person to ask that. Save your breath and get the hell out of here. Our truck is not going anywhere."

If the woman is pissed, she doesn't look it, just says, "So you've told me."

She pulls out a business card, with her name, "Antonia Bevell" along with her contact information, and hands it to Dean. "Here's me card. Might change your mind. I know it can't be easy, especially lately. Pretty tough competition, huh?"

Dean says flippantly, "Well, not here."

Toni pretends to be intrigued, "Oh really?"

Dean calmly explains, "Here at Winchester Mystery Truck, we firmly believe the customer is always right, and do everything to give the customer exactly what they want.

Toni argues, "Sounds to me like you might just be exaggerating a tad. Ever stop to think what would happen if you found you COULDN'T give the customer what they want?"

She moves closer, so she's right in Dean's face as she asks, "Hm, Dean? How would you deal with a situation like that?"

Dean doesn't snap at her, just does the same thing with the business card and crumples it up into a ball as he says confidently, "If that were to ever happen, we'd gracefully park the truck and never start up again for the rest of our lives."

What Dean doesn't realize is she was counting on this, and asks, "Do I have your word on that?"

Dean nods, "Yes."

"Fine." Then she walks away with her goons, telling Dean, "I'll be back.", before disappearing into the night.

That taken care of, Dean calls to his dad, "Hey Dad! We got any holy water lying around? We really need to get all the unholy residue out of here."

John jokes back, "Nah, she's not worth it. Come back in here and help me finish up."

Dean does, and before long, they're parking the food truck and heading to bed at their motel of the moment.