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The Waves

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“Look, the two of your are sitting at the fireplace, tending to it.”

Elsa looks up from the drawing. “Okay… but what does this even mean? Vampires hate fire, and we don’t even have a fireplace!”

“Whoa, you know the drill by now. Since when have Maria’s visions ever been literal?” Dallas walked over form where she was leaning against the bar, holding her hand out for the drawing. Elsa handed it over, still looking towards Maria. She wasn’t looking at her, really, more like through her.

As Maria watched Elsa, her own face began to fall. “I mean, it doesn’t look like a bad thing! Look, you both are smiling! Do you just not like the drawing? It looks so much better than before, don't you think?”

“Yeah, Elsa, she used colored pencils this time and everything.” Dallas looks over the illustration closely, a smirk forming on her lips. “At least you and Anna look happy in this one.”

Elsa returns her gaze to Maria as the last prophecy is mentioned. She shudders a bit at the thought of Max sawing her head off- ending her unlife in lovingly crafted detail by Maria. Attempting to reassure her coterie mate, Elsa offers one of her signature dazzling smiles.

“Well, maybe it means that last one won’t happen! Besides, the drawing itself is very good, Maria. You are getting a lot more creative with your work.”

At the kind words, Maria perks up a bit. “Thank you! I thought maybe using color would help make the meaning clearer to the person receiving it, but it doesn’t look like it did its job too well.”

Dallas, handing the drawing back to Elsa says, “It looks wonderful, Maria. Even if it didn’t have the effect you wanted. Elsa, are you going to tell Anna about this?” Elsa rolls her eyes at the question, folding up the paper to stick in her pocket.

“Dallas, come on. She doesn’t even know vampires exist, doesn’t even know she’s a Ghoul. Do you really think I’m just gonna casually tell her one of my friends can see the vague future?”

Dallas grimaces and shakes her head.“You’re telling me she drinks your blood every month and doesn’t even question it?” Elsa gives Dallas a quick glance before looking away very pointedly and busying herself smoothing out her dress. “Oh god, no, Elsa, you didn’t!” Dallas says, a look of horror dawning on her face. Elsa starts to move away from her, creating just a bit of distance between the two.

“I may have… not told Anna she drinks my blood every month.” Following Elsa’s conditional confession is a shocked and uncomfortable silence. Dallas stares at Elsa in horror.

“What do you mean, you ‘May Not Have’ told her?!”

“I mean I didn’t tell her! I mix my blood with a drink every time!”


“What! You didn’t care when I ghouled Peter!”

“Yeah, but Peter’s a criminal! He broke into your house and stalked you! That was more cleaning up a mess than anything else. From what you told me about meeting her, you picked her out and preyed upon her specifically!”

“It’s not like I ruined her life, Dallas! She can still go outside, still live her life!” Elsa snapped, her eyes wide wide and her mouth twisted into a grimace. Maria, seemingly forgotten by the two, shank back closer to the door.

“Didn’t you though? She’s your slave now, Elsa, and she doesn’t even know it! Yeah, for now she still lives her university life during the day, but only due to your Mercy.” Dallas’s voice twists at the last word mockingly. “At any point you could tell her to drop everything and she would have to.” Dallas matched Elsa’s anger, point for point. If she could bristle her hair she would. Her hand clutched the back of the bar chair, willing her claws to stay in. She would hate to re-re-upholster the chairs.

Elsa rolls her eyes, sarcasm dripping off her words. “Oh, I’m sorry Dallas, are you suggesting I turn her? Like that would be so much better.”

“Yes, it would! At least she would have some sort of agency! As a ghoul se has to obey anything you say. I can’t believe you’re just stringing her along like this, making her think you’re her girlfriend- just using her for your own benefit.”

Elsa’s voice drops dramatically.“I’m not stringing her along.”


“I said, I’m not stringing her along, Dallas!”

Dallas’ anger quickly turns to disgust. Letting go of the chair, she makes her way to the door. Elsa calls after her. “Dallas! Where are you going?” Keeping on hand on the door handle, Dallas turns back towards Elsa.

“I’m going for a run. Maybe see if I can find Jaeger. What I’m going to suggest you do if think about what you just said. If you really actually care for Anna, there’s better ways to do this.” Catching sight of Maria by the door, Dallas’ gives her a remorseful look. “I’m sorry, Maria.”

Maria shakes her head, looking very uncomfortable. “No, I’m just gonna go too. See if I can meet up with Ylva.”

As the door closes behind the two, Elsa picks up the nearest object and hurls it across the room. She watches it shatter against the wall, feeling none the better for having done it. With one hand balled into a fist, she shrieks, slamming it into a table- holding just enough back as to not break the table completely in half. As she pulls her hand back, there’s still a clear indent of her fist.

Before she can cause any more destruction, Elsa makes a phone call- thankful that she had sent Peter away on errands earlier that night. On the other end of the line, a voice picks up, sounding hopeful and a little too eager. Anna didn’t have too many friends, and the ones she did have didn’t call this late at night.


“Anna! Its Elsa, my dear. How are you?”

“I’m great! Always glad to hear from you.” A wicked smile passed over Elsa’s face. Always just what she wanted to hear.

“Oh good! I actually called hoping you could come over tonight. I know its getting a bit late but I just really wanted to see you.” Right now, it was probably her blood she wanted more. Anna just had the type of blood to calm Elsa down. It was always a more relaxing time with the redhead- despite what the stereotypes like to suggest.

“Yeah, that's not a problem, I can come over. I dont have classes until later tomorrow. But Elsa, are you okay? Did something happen? You sound… tense.”

Elsa sighed.

“Well, yes. Dallas and I had a little disagreement over something and it's gotten me a little heated. Really can’t hide anything from you, Anna.”

“I’d like to think I know my girlfriend well enough at this point. I’ll be right over.” Elsa could hear the smile the girls voice over the phone.

At the word “girlfriend”, something inside Elsa twisted, and she knew it wasn’t just the thought of the blood that caused it.