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Through The Ghost's Eyes

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Dazai awoke to his home, a bleary and blank slate that he never did much with. Of course, he always expected someone to come after him, which meant moving around if a such thing happened, so, he didn't really put any decorations around.(He couldn't say he would even if there was no enemies around him all the time). He checked the time, noting that he was late for work like always. Dazai never was one for being early- or on time for that matter. Kunikida was certainly going to yell at him when he entered the office door later. Dazai could care less, though he had so much free time that he didn't know what to do with. Kunikida would call him unideal, he knew.

Dazai grunted as he sat up in his bed and moved to get ready for work, though he wished to stay in his apartment and in bed all day. Considering what happened last time, he'd rather go to work than have Kunikida and Atsushi come to his home demanding him to go to work. He stood and moved to walk to the bathroom slowly. Dazai wondered if they would obtain a case any time soon. They'd solved one not too long ago, it had something to do with some dude and a murder, or something like that.

As Dazai made sure that his bandages were not showing what was underneath, and that he looked like he did every day, and then walked outside his apartment. The sun was out, and the city was bustling like usual. Vehicles and people alike moving around, as if the area was alive.

Dazai sighed and walked to the Armed Detective Agency, his workplace was extremely close to his home- Fukuzawa had helped him decide that when he joined the Agency. After he left the mafia behind. He shook those thoughts out of his head as he walked through the door, and indeed, an angry Kunikida was standing at the door glaring as mad as can be.

"You're late." He'd spoken to the raven haired man.

Dazai only offered a smirk and said "Not really!" And moved to sit in his office chair and spin around.

Kunikida only sighed and sat at his desk. "Dazai at least do your paperwork!" He shouted from the other side of the desk.

Dazai snickered and pushed the large pile of paperwork to the side, not bothering with it at the moment. Dazai'd been trying to keep himself distracted from what day it was going to be soon, but he was failing excruciatingly bad. It was hard to distract the mind when the mind had nothing to be distracted with.

Of course he could do his paperwork, but where was the fun in that? It wouldn't help anyway.

His eyes watched the time for what felt like forever, in truth it had only been one minute. Dazai really was bored.

He might as well do the paperwork even if it would make him more bored. Maybe just for a little bit

Kunikida looked over to see Dazai pulling a paper from the large stack of work he would normally push onto Atsushi, who was not there at the moment. It was his day off currently. Kunikida raised a brow and turned to his own work before the kid he had been thinking about pushed through the door in a panic.

"Someone's screaming out near one of the apartment complexes outside!" The teen said.

Kunikida dragged Dazai out of the door and with Atsushi to see what was going on. A girl was standing outside and pointing at the tall building saying something about a ghost?

The other people outside of the building stared at the woman, confused about what even was going on. To them, it looked like someone was going hysterical about something that didn't even exist. At least, Kunikida did not believe something like that could even happen in the slightest.

Kunikida and Dazai, along with Atsushi walked into the building to see what was going on. Though it seemed like just a normal apartment complex, everything inside was normal. None of the pictures were changed, none of anything else was moved, and there certainly was no ghost. Perhaps they should have walked around more, but without it being an actual case they would not be able to do much anyway.

When the returned to the outside, the woman was still standing there, but it seemed like she had calmed down slightly, as one of her family members was consoling her and making sure she calmed down from the state she was in. Kunikida looked over to Dazai, who looked back at the blonde haired male.

"Think something happened with an ability?" Kunikida asked him.

"It seems like it." He said, then smirked. "Or maybe she's just going into hysterics and is losing her mind!" He joked, speaking loudly.

Kunikida looked at him with a face that spoke why are you even saying such things before he moved to walk over to the two people that were talking.

The person that had been yelling in the area before was a tall woman with deep red hair and green eyes. She was still panicked but she now realized the three of them to be a part of the Armed Detective Agency. Kunikida stood in front of the two people as the red haired woman spoke.

"I'm so glad you're here! Something strange has been happening at that complex lately! I need something done as soon as possible, but i didn't know who to ask, seems to be my lucky day that you guys arrived!" She spoke, almost cheery even though she did not look like she would be speaking like that.

Dazai piped up with a "You should talk to Fukuzawa, then." And then smirked. "How about we go on the most beautiful of dates, lovely lady. A double suicide!" And as usual, the woman looked at him with a confused face before rolling her eyes and following Kunikida and Atsushi to the Armed Detective Agency.

As they walked in, eyes were on them, and Ranpo smiled knowingly as they all passed. Atsushi stayed outside of the office of Fukuzawa, but Kunikida and Dazai entered to see what the case was all about. Though, when they entered, Fukuzawa gave Dazai a knowing look, and Dazai seemed to be taken aback by it. Though Kunikida had not noticed.

The red haired woman stepped forward to tell him the case. Apparently weird things have been happening in the complex, people talking that were never there, bothering the girl and sometimes people around her. But it always was people that either had no idea who she was, or were not a part of her family.

Kunikida was quite confused, when the three of them had looked in the place, nothing had even been happening. As if it left them alone as well. Something was off, and Kunikida had no idea what it was. The

Agency had not had a case like this in the past, that was borderline ghost hunting, but Fukuzawa told them that it was worth sending them out there to investigate just in case something really was going on. The girl thanked them, mentioning that her name was Izumi and giving them her phone number so they could call when she was needed.

Dazai had an obvious frown on his face as they walked out of the office, as if he had no idea what they were getting themselves and the Agency into. Though Kunikida figured none of them knew what was going on, except for Ranpo. But he somehow always knew everything. Even with no ability, he still knew so much about everything it was strange, but he had an ability in his own way.

Kunikida eyed at the smart man as he popped a piece of candy in his mouth. He didn't really do much unless he was absolutely positively needed. Kunikida wondered if Ranpo got bored sitting there doing nothing, though he did usually distract himself with games.

They were told to head to the scene right away, to get a better look this time. But, for some reason Fukuzawa didn't want Dazai to go, and Kunikida was confused about it. Dazai hadn't been acting weird, other than doing some of his paperwork for once. He didn't see anything wrong with it.

Instead, he was told to take Atsushi with him, which Kunikida did not mind, as Atsushi actually did work, unlike a certain someone. He collected Atsushi and left.