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Rebuild Our Worlds

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‘You know, I gotta admit. I didn’t expect this,’ Clay thought as he collapsed to the floor, thankfully landing on his back. Footsteps echoed in the hall, the vibrations making it obvious that their owner was centimeters away from his face. Fighting to open his eyes, he only got a glimpse of a face before he felt his eyes close again.  

His body felt heavy. Or did it feel light? He couldn’t tell. He could tell that his chest hurt though. Blindly reaching up, he felt his fingers brush against a plastic handle. ‘Oh right. I was stabbed,’ he thought as he allowed his arm to drop back down. Was that a splash he heard? He could feel warmth seeping into the tear in his spacesuit’s arm.

Breathing was hard. Hard and painful. It felt like he had a twenty pound weight on his chest, and part of said weight was a spike and that spike was going into his chest. A weak smile formed on his face. ‘Spikes... I wonder if ‘pollo’s hair is spikey enough to stab someone...’ he thought as his fingers started to feel numb.

‘Small, spiky guy...’ he thought, mind turning towards his best friend. Memories of the two of them hanging out flashed before his mind’s eye.

Then, it hit him.

‘Oh. I’m dying, aren’t I?’ He thought as he realized his eyes were too heavy to open. ‘Heh... it’s almost funny...’ he thought as he heard a gun go off far away. At least, it sounded like it was far away. He couldn’t tell if it was or not.  

‘Clay Terran. Worked his ass off for years of his life to go into space, and now, minutes before he was supposed to go into space, he died,’ he thought. Then, his thoughts turned to Apollo again. ‘’pollo... god, how’s he going to deal with this?’ He wondered. He couldn’t really feel anything anymore. Instead, he was retreating to his mind.

‘Have the others seen him deal with grief?’ He wondered. ‘I doubt it... he doesn’t show it...’ he thought. ‘Didn’t I promise him I’d be by his side forever?’ He wondered.

It was interesting. In his last moments, the only thing he could think about was Apollo. Wondering how Apollo would react. Wishing he could have more time with his friend. Wishing he wasn’t the only person who Apollo trusted with absolutely everything.

‘Wait... if I die... ‘pollo won’t have anyone...’ he thought. Light flickered on outside his eyes. Light. Was it the bright light people supposedly saw when they died? He hoped not.  

Movement. He felt someone touch his arm. It was faint, but it was there. Had someone found him? Was he going to get help?

‘Please... don’t let me die. I can’t leave ‘pollo all alone. He needs me...’ he thought as the touch faded. His mind felt fuzzy as an inviting warmth overcame his body. ‘Please...’ he thought again. ‘I can’t...’

As the darkness swallowed him, one voice cut through everything.

“He’s alive!”


Apollo grinned as he looked out the window of Klavier’s office. ‘Any moment now!’ He thought as he stared out the window eagerly. Klavier had gone to get the pair lunch a few minutes ago, smiling as he promised to be back soon.

It was an exciting day. Clay was going into space finally, and despite not being able to go and watch the launch from the Space Center, he was determined to watch the launch.

‘It’s gonna be a weird year,’ he thought as he smiled softly. A year without Clay... that was going to hurt, though knowing that he was up there, living his dream made everything worth it. Clay had wanted to go into space for well, two decades. He had held onto this dream since he was five. As he stared out the window, his phone rang.

Glancing down at the caller id, Apollo was surprised to see that it was from the Space Center. ‘Maybe Clay is able to make one final call?’ He wondered as he shrugged and accepted the call.

 “Hello?” He asked, instantly ruling out Clay, as he didn’t get cut off.

“Hello, is this Mr. Apollo Justice?” The person on the other line asked.

“Yeah, that’s me,” Apollo said as unease started to settle into his stomach. The way the person had started this conversation... something was wrong. “Why?” He asked.

“There... was an incident at the Space Center,” the person said. Apollo’s stomach dropped. “There was an explosion and...” they trailed off. Apollo felt a chill go through him.

“A-and what?” He asked tentatively. Instantly the idea of Clay being hurt came to mind. Hurt right before he went into space. That’s the only reason he’d call him. “Wh-wh-“ 

“I regret to inform you that Mr. Terran was murdered.”

Everything around Apollo froze. He felt like he had been dipped in ice as his mind scrambled. “E-excuse me..?” He asked.

  “After the explosion, Mr. Cosmos found Mr. Terran and Mr. Starbuck collapsed onto the ground,” the person said. “Mr. Starbuck came to quickly but... there was a knife found in Mr. Terran’s chest.”

“O-oh,” Apollo said as he felt tears fill his eyes. “I... I’ll...” He couldn’t finish his sentence. Hitting the hang up button shakily, he stared at his phone for a few second. Then, he threw the phone across the office and collapsed to his knees.

Images of the pair hanging out flashing through his mind as the words ‘murdered’ and ‘knife’ ran through his head. Tears filled his eyes as he slowly wrapped an arm around himself and put another one over his mouth. It was like his emotions hadn’t caught up with what his body wanted to do.

 “I bro- schatzi?” Klavier asked as he opened the door, food in his hand. “Schatzi, what-“ Apollo just scrambled to his feet as he threw himself at Klavier and wailed.

He wailed until his throat was raw. He wailed until he couldn’t feel his face. He wailed until he ran out of tears. He continued to wail even after he couldn’t cry anymore.

After almost an hour of crying, Apollo managed to somewhat stabilize himself. Pulling away slightly, he looked up at Klavier. He looked absolutely pitiful, eyes displaying just how heartbroken he was.

“Apollo... what happened?” Klavier said. An email notification caused the computer screen across the room lit up, causing both to look at the screen. They had been looking at the news before Klavier left, and it was clear that it had refreshed.  

‘Mysterious explosion at the Space Center leaves multiple injured.’ Read a headline. Then, another headline. ‘Astronaut Clay Terran murdered in Space Center.’ Apollo felt fresh tears spring to his eyes as he quickly turned away.

“Oh my god...” Klavier whispered before he pulled Apollo into a tight hug. “Mausi...” he trailed off. “Solomon Starbuck arrested for the bombing and murder at the Space Center...” he whispered. “It seems like they-“ Apollo just pushed himself to his feet as he blindly walked over to his phone. A few seconds later, it rang.

The detention center phone.

“I’ll be there soon,” Apollo said before the person on the other line could say anything.

“A-Apollo... I-I’m so sorry,” Solomon said quietly. Apollo just grit his teeth.

“You didn’t do it. I’ll be there within the hour,” he said. Then, he hung up. Spinning around, Apollo looked at Klavier and stared at him. “Take me home. I need to get something.” Klavier just blinked before opening his mouth. “Either take me home or I’m getting an uber.”

“I... okay,” Klavier said. Stalking out of the office, Apollo made his way towards the car park. Standing beside his boyfriend’s motorcycle, he said nothing as they got situated.

Then, they were off. Apollo just stared ahead blankly as he wrapped his arms around his boyfriend’s waist. Then, he closed his eyes.

A few minutes later, they were at the apartment. “We’re here,” Klavier said softly. Apollo just nodded.

Getting off, he numbly walked up to the apartment complex. He continued up the stairs, mind running on autopilot as he unlocked his door and walked into the apartment.

Brown eyes locked on a familiar object, and he walked over to it. Picking it up, he slid it on.

“Schatzi...” Klavier whispered. “Just... let Herr Wright take this,” he said. Apollo just shook his head. “Or Fräulein Cykes. They’ll understand why you can’t take whatever case this is,” he said. Apollo shook his head again, face completely devoid of emotion as he looked at himself in the mirror.

Then, he turned and started towards the door without a word.

“Apollo- please,” Klavier said. “Just let me text Herr Wright!” He exclaimed as he put a hand on Apollo’s shoulder. Apollo just shrugged his hand off and continued to make his way towards the door. “Why are you so determined to take this case?” He asked as Apollo opened the door.

Apollo didn’t even look back. “I need to solve this.” Then, he walked out and closed the door, ignoring Klavier’s protests as he walked away from the apartment.

As he walked outside, he pulled Clay’s jacket tighter around him and looked up at the pale outline of the moon.

“Don’t worry Clay. Whoever did this won’t get away with it. I don’t care what I have to do.”


 “We can’t tell him.”

“I can’t lie to him- you and I both know he can figure it out.”

“Then dodge the question! If word gets out...”

“Word will not get out, and if it does, those fools will wish they never opened their foolish mouths.”

“The autopsy report went through, sir.” 


“Are you sure this will work, Miles?”

 “It’s our only choice, Wright.”


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When Apollo woke up to a repetitive beeping sound for the third time in four days, he wasn’t exactly surprised. In fact, he kind of expected it. He had discharged himself against the doctors’ advice twice in two days, and he had been hurt pretty badly- burns up and and down his back and arms (some of which had become infected), about three broken ribs, a fractured left wrist, a broken left hand, a huge laceration to the back of his head (which had also gotten infected), a pretty bad concussion, and a sprained ankle. Frankly he shouldn’t have been able to walk, but, well... Apollo didn’t want to think about that. Instead, he decided to focus on the weight he felt on his uninjured hand- another hand was in his own and he was pretty sure he knew who the owner of it was.

Cracking an eye open as slightly as he could, Apollo confirmed that it was indeed his boyfriend, blonde hair pulled into a messy bun as he slept on the edge of his hospital bed. Sighing, the defense attorney closed his eyes again. ‘You’re too good for me, Klav,’ he thought before he started staring up at the ceiling.

He barely reacted when light flooded into the room, though he did look towards Klavier when he felt his boyfriend stir slightly. Looking down, he watched as his boyfriend curled up more, tightening his grip on Apollo’s hand as he settled down again. “Is Apollo awake?” Came a soft female voice from the doorway.


Holding a finger to his lips, Apollo sat up. “Yeah,” he said quietly. Athena let out a sigh of relief, hand reaching up to cover widget. He could see shuffling behind her, probably a nurse or doctor.

“Good,” she said as she walked closer to the bed. “You’ve been out since last night,” she said. “It’s barely six am,” she explained as she gently picked up a chair and walked it over to Apollo’s bed before sitting down. “Oh, and I brought this- I figured you’d like to have it,” she said as she reached into a backpack and pulled out a familiar blue jacket.

“Clay’s jacket...” he murmured as he took the coat, holding it for a second before gently setting it on the desk next to him, shooting a grateful look at Athena as he did so. “Wh-why are you up?” He asked as he sat up, keeping his uninjured hand as still as possible.

“I was picking up Prosecutor Blackquill from the detention center,” Athena said. “Mr. Edgeworth sped the release forms along, but it still took a little bit,” she explained. “I was officially released a little bit after you passed out,” she said. Apollo winced. Then she glanced behind her at the door. Following her gaze, he locked eyes with Simon. Apollo’s eyes widened.

‘Since when was he there?!’ He thought as he watched Simon carefully enter, muscles tensing on instinct. He’d had a hawk turning on him one too many times for him to relax. Gulping he sat up even straighter, accidentally pulling his hand out of Klavier’s and waking him up.

“Mmm...” Klavier mumbled as he sat up, the movement causing Apollo to look at him. As their eyes met, Klavier smiled, though Apollo couldn’t bring himself to do anything in return. “Good morning, schatzi,” he said as he pulled Apollo’s hand up and kissed it softly. Apollo just looked away, unable to bring himself to muster even the tiniest of smiles.

“Hmp. I was wondering why you were here,” Simon said as he looked at Klavier, face dark. Klavier just met his gaze. “I didn’t realize Justice-dono had a partner.”

“Herr Samurai, I didn’t realize you’d be here,” he said, tone steely. Simon just looked at him, and the two just stared at each other as if they were about to fight. Then, they just grinned.

“It seems you took my advice about being more focused on Justice, Rockstar-dono,” Simon said, snorting in amusement at his own joke. “Though, this wasn’t the justice I was talking about,” he said.

“You never specified,” Klavier said, grinning back at Simon. “In fact, I believe your words were ‘you should focus more on justice than music,’” he said. Simon crossed his arms. “And I am paying more attention to Justice than I am to music,” he said.

“Wait. I didn’t realize you two knew each other,” Athena said, confusion on her face. “When the heck did you two meet?” She asked. Simon shrugged.

“We met right before his first case,” he said. “Then Rockstar-dono ran into each other last year,” he explained. “We spoke about some cases after I was allowed to start prosecuting again.” Athena hummed as she batted at her earring.

“I guess that makes sense...” she said before she looked at Klavier. “Why’d you come to visit him?“ She asked. “You don’t seem to be the kind to go and randomly visit people in jail- especially ones on death row.” Apollo watched as Simon looked away. He knew the reason.

“Well, I’m at the detention center a lot, ja?” Klavier said. “I just decided to talk to him while I was there for cases,” he explained as he ran his fingers through his hair. A lie. He didn’t need his bracelet to notice this one.

If Apollo cared, he would’ve said something, but right now, he couldn’t bring himself to care. What was the point? He was gone. ‘And I’m pretty sure why he’s lying,’ he thought before he looked down at his lap. If anyone noticed his movement, they didn’t mention it.

As the three others in the room continued to mingle, he just tuned them out. He wanted to go back to sleep. He had slept maybe three hours in the days before he collapsed, not even staying down when he had been knocked out by the bomb explosion and then the murder attempt.

He didn’t know when he passed out last night, though if he had to guess it was some time around midnight. He had pushed himself well beyond his breaking point, so passing out wasn’t surprising. It wasn’t good, but it wasn’t a surprise. ‘At least with that I didn’t have to deal with nightmares,’ he thought, wincing as images of the crime scene flashed before his eyes.

‘Doubt I’ll be able to say that again for a while...’ Apollo thought as felt his eyes start to sting as he fought down tears. Too many people. Squeezing his eyes shut, he took a deep breath, wincing as he did so.

Releasing his breath, he continued to keep his eyes shut and lie back down. Maybe if he willed himself to sleep he could get some. Nightmares or not, it made time go by and that’s what he wanted. ‘Time supposedly heals all wounds,’ he thought. It wasn’t a good saying in his opinion. He’d seen one too many murder cases revolver around someone getting revenge.

Revenge. It went hand in hand with greed, and greed was the reason behind the the last five days. Actually, it was the basis of most of his cases, though it hadn’t hit him nearly as hard until recently. Then again, he hadn’t really thought about this stuff until recently.

’Never really had to think about it,’ Apollo thought. ’Never had to think about a lot of things…’ he thought as he opened his eyes and stared at the ceiling. He felt numb. Like every emotion had been sucked from him. It was nicer than how he had felt, though that wasn’t saying much. It wasn’t like you could get much worse than feeling like you wanted to scream at everything for just existing.

“Apollo?” Came a voice as a someone grabbed his hand, causing Apollo to jump slightly. Sitting up, he blinked as he realized that the room was now missing two people.

“Wh-where’s Athena and Prosecutor Blackquill?’ Apollo asked as he looked over towards Klavier. He didn’t remember hearing them leave.

“They left a few hours ago,’ Klavier said softly as he gently grabbed Apollo’s hand. “It’s eleven,” he said softly. Apollo blinked.

“O-oh,” he said. ‘Has it really been five hours since I woke up?’ He wondered. ‘It only seemed like a few minutes...’ he thought as he tried to push the numbness down for a few seconds. Klavier sighed.

“I was asking you if you wanted me to pick you up some lunch,” he said softly. “You haven’t eaten since yesterday morning,” he explained as Apollo just blinked owlishly. He hadn’t even thought about food recently.

“Lunch?” Apollo repeated. He couldn’t remember eating much, maybe a few bites of cereal or something. Despite the fact that he knew he hadn’t eaten for a while, he wasn’t hungry. In fact, the thought of eating just made him feel queasy. “I’m good,” he said eventually, looking away as he did so. “I’m not hungry,” he said. It wasn’t truly a lie, but it wasn’t the truth either, and by the way Klavier looked at him, he knew that his boyfriend knew this.

“Are you sure?” Klavier asked, worry in his tone. “You should at least try to eat something,” he said as Apollo sighed heavily. He knew he should- he knew that eating would help him feel a bit better, but he couldn’t bring himself to want to eat. “Herr Terran would want-“

“You have no idea what Clay would want!” Apollo snapped as he ripped his hand out of Klavier’s, anger surging through his veins as his friend was brought up. No one had the right to even speculate what he wanted, especially since no one else really knew him before this. Sure the agency had met Clay a few times, and Klavier had met him quite a few times, but that meant nothing to Apollo. “I already said I’m good. Go get yourself lunch,” he said, eyes narrowed as he glared daggers at Klavier. Klavier just sighed.

“Okay. I’ll be back soon,” he said, choosing not to argue. “I love you...” he said as he stood up, voice full of pity. He wasn’t mad. Apollo just looked away, anger slowly fading from his body as he realized what had just happened. He didn’t respond though. He couldn’t bring himself to say anything as he watched the prosecutor walk out of the room, even when he looked back at Apollo sadly.

‘I shouldn’t have snapped...’ he thought as he watched the door close, wincing as the door clicked shut. ‘I should apologize to him...’ he thought before lying back down. Guilt flooded his being as tears formed in his eyes.

‘All he was trying to do was help...’ he thought as he looked away from the door, shame burning in his chest. ‘And I just snapped at him...’ he thought as tears started rolling down his face. He hated it. He hated all of this. He hated himself, his situation… everything

“Damnit!” He cried as he wiped at his face with his good hand. He didn’t know what to feel anymore. He kept switching between feeling angry at the world, hating himself, wanting to cry, and wanting to just stop the pain.

“I-I just want my friend b-back!” He screamed to the empty room before he broke down into sobs. He blindly grabbed at the coat on the desk next to him, pulling it to his chest as he hugged it as tight as he could.

His heart felt like it had been stabbed. His entire body felt empty. He had been pushing the feeling back as best he could, but with the case closed, he couldn’t force it back anymore. Loosing Clay HURT. It felt like he had physically lost a piece of himself.

Letting out a sob, Apollo buried his face into the jacket and inhaled. He could still smell his friend on it, though it was fading fast. Curling up, he rolled onto his side, not caring about the pain that shot through him as his cracked ribs moved. Pulling his knees to his chest, he just hugged the jacket tighter.

As sobs continued to wrack his body, exhaustion started to settle in. He was still recovering, and couple that with the sheer amount of grief he felt, it wasn’t very long before his sobs slowly turned into soft whimpers.

By the time Klavier got back, those whimpers had turned to soft snores as Apollo drifted off into sleep, exhaustion dragging him back into unconsciousness.


When Clay came back into consciousness, the first thing he noticed was a really annoying, constant beeping. Letting out what was supposed to be a groan, he winced as pain shot through his throat. That... wasn’t exactly what he expected.

Opening his eyes he found himself staring up at a ceiling. Wincing at the bright lights, he squeezed his eyes shut and blindly reached an arm up, covering his eyes from said light. As he did so, he heard noise from another side of the room.

“He’s awake,” came a female voice. “Don’t sit up yet, I’ll get nurse,” continued the woman. Clay just blinked.

‘What’s going on..?’ He wondered as he tried to raise his head, only to feel pain shoot through his chest. He instinctively let out a hiss of pain, only for more pain to shoot through his neck.

“Foolish fool. I told you not to sit up,” said the woman, causing Clay to frown. The voice itself wasn’t familiar, but it seemed like she at least knew him. “And I thought your foolish friend was the foolish one...” she grumbled. So she definitely knew him.

‘Wait... friend?’ Clay wondered as the words sank in. ‘Is she talking about Apollo?’ He wondered as her heard a knock on the door. Then three more in rapid succession. The door opened soon after that, and someone scrambled in.

“What’s going on?” Came a male voice. A nurse? Clay just pulled his arm off of his face. “Oh! You’re awake!” Came the excited reply. More footsteps. “I’m Nurse Mynor Chara- I’ve been the nurse in charge of you,” said the voice as a face appeared in his field of vision. Mynor gave him a smile before he quickly ducked back out of vision. “Hm... vitals seem fine...” he mumbled.

“Can you try to breathe?” Mynor asked as he returned to view. Blinking in confusion, Clay did was he was told, wincing at the pain. “Good, good,” he said. Then, he gave Clay a sympathetic smile. “This will feel really weird for a couple seconds and it’s going to hurt,” he said. Clay didn’t get a chance to react before he felt something in his chest start to move.

Squeezing his eyes shut, he eventually felt something slide out of his throat and mouth. “There! That should feel a bit better,” Mynor said as Clay opened his eyes again. “Now, your throat is going to be very sore for a few days,” he explained.

“Wh-what h-happened?” Clay asked as wincing as he spoke. Attempting to sit up, he let out a strangled gasp as searing pain shot up his chest. Mynor was instantly by his side.

“Don’t try to sit up by yourself yet,” he said before he grabbed something from the chair next to him and handed it to him. “Here, this will let you sit up,” he said. Clay nodded as he grabbed the remote. “You shouldn’t really talk for a while- your chest...” he trailed off. Clay frowned as he slowly sat the bed up.

‘What’s going on here..?’ He thought as he looked towards the door. The woman he had heard talking was there. ‘Now... where on earth do I know you from..?’ He wondered as he looked at her. Gray eyes, short silver blue hair, and some odd clothes. She shifted and tightened her grip on something. A whip.

‘Oh. Prosecutor Von Karma,’ he thought. ‘Wait. Why is she here? What on earth is-‘ he froze as memories hit him like a sack of bricks.

Approaching HAT-2 excitedly. Dropping his helmet as the explosion went off. Choking on the fumes of burning rubber  and other chemicals as he risked his life to drag his unconscious mentor out of the launch pad and into one of the main rooms. Coughing and sputtering as he carefully placed Mr. Starbuck down. Seeing the detective Apollo sometimes worked with and approaching him. Asking him to call for help. Noticing that he had the HOPE Capsule in his hands. Stumbling backwards and collapsing to the ground as pain shot through his chest. Looking down and realizing he was stabbed. Closing his eyes as he slipped into unconsciousness.

‘I nearly died,’ he thought as he pulled the collar of the hospital gown out to look at his chest. It was completely wrapped in gauze. From right below his armpits to right above his stomach. ‘Was the stab that bad..?’ He wondered.

“Wh-what-“ he broke off with a hiss of pain. ‘Okay. Don’t talk. That’s a bad idea, Terran,’ he thought as he glanced around.

“Here. This should help,” Mynor said, handing Clay a notepad and a pen. Then, he smiled. “I have to go now. If you need anything, the red button on the remote will call someone, though Prosecutor Von Karma will be here,” he explained. Then, he turned and walked out the door.

Looking over at Franziska, Clay opened the notepad. Taking the pen, he bit his bottom lip before sighing. ‘Gotta bite the bullet at some point.’ As he started writing things down, he noticed something. Or, more specifically, a lack of something. Narrowing his eyes, he finished up writing down his questions and tore the piece of paper off.

“What are you doing?” Franziska asked, looking over at Clay as she heard the sound of paper tearing. Clay just held the paper out towards her. “That’s a foolish idea,” she said as she walked over towards Clay and grabbed the piece of paper from him. “‘What day is it?’” She read, glancing at Clay who just nodded. “December 19th,” she answered.

“Wh-what?” Clay asked before wincing again. Talking hurt. ‘I did hear her correct, right? December 19th?’ He thought. Franziska huffed slightly.

“Today is December 19th,” she repeated. “You were out for five days,” she said. Then, her gaze softened slightly. “You lost a lot of blood,” she explained. Then, she looked back down at the paper. “‘What happened to Mr. Starbuck?’” She continued before snorting. “Those foolish officers arrested him for your murder, Mr. Clay Terran,” she said before holding a black gloves hand up. “And before you ask that foolish question, I said murder,” she said.

Eyes going wide, Clay started scribbling on the paper. “My foolish brother knows more, but you were presumed dead at the scene,” Franziska explained as Clay looked up. “That detective thought you were dead too,” she spat, eyes hardening as she tightened her grip on her whip. “It took too long for your foolish friend and his foolish agency to manage to take him down,” she said before lashing her whip at the ground.

“If they had just come to me, I could have taken him down in minutes!” She exclaimed before she took a deep breath. “The detective is now in police custody, and unable to do much. Some foolish fool decided to shoot him,” she explained. Then she looked Clay in the eyes. “Mr. Clay Terran, the world believes you are dead,” she said. “My foolish brother realized that if that detective were to find out about you being alive, he would most likely come to kill you. That’s the reason I’m here.” She paused.

“So there was a trial set up,” Franziska continued. “My foolish brother was going to get his foolish partner to take the case, but your foolish friend took it,” she said before huffing again. “The foolish fools at the police force found an intact bomb in the rubble of the spaceship, but not the wireless detonation device,” she said.

‘Oh shit,’ Clay thought as his eyes widened. It wasn’t hard to realize where Franziska was going with this, though he didn’t really want to hear if his idea was correct. If Apollo was the defense in the case...

“That’s the reason your foolish friend isn’t here right now,” Franziska said. “Because of their incompetence, he was badly injured in the explosion,” she continued. “Burns, broken ribs, sprained ankle, fractured wrist...” she trailed off. “But did that fool stay here? No. He discharged himself to go defend the foolish girl accused of the bombing!” She exclaimed. “And then, as he was foolishly trying to help that foolish girl, he was attacked, leading him to end up back in the hospital,” she said.

‘What the fuck, ‘pollo?!’ Clay thought as he just stared at Franziska. ‘Discharging yourself against medical advice after getting blown up, and then getting attacked?!’ He thought. His friend had had some stupid ideas before, but this... Franziska whipped the ground again.

“He discharged himself once he woke up then as well.” Clay’s jaw dropped. “He foolishly went searching for the truth of your murder after that, and after he and the rest of the foolish agency solved everything, he collapsed,” she finished. Then she scanned down the questions a little bit. “‘Where is Apollo?’” She read. “Downstairs. His foolish partner made sure he didn’t leave,” she explained. Then, she looked away.

“They don’t know you’re alive,” Franziska admitted. “Not many do,” she said. “It was decided that hiding this fact would be safer than announcing you were alive.” Clay just stared at her, eyes wide. “My foolish brother said he’d bring a few people in tonight,” she started. “Those fools wi-“ she cut herself off as the door swung open.

Before Clay could so much as blink, the whip shot out and a crack of leather against skin rang out. Flinching involuntarily, fear spiked through his chest. ‘Oh god, am I going to die?!’ He thought as his eyes went wide. Then, the stream of german curses hit his ears and he relaxed.

“I believe I told you to wait for me, Prosecutor Gavin,” came a smooth, regal sounding voice. One that he quickly identified as Edgeworth. “I did not ask such a thing for no rea-“

“Auntie Frannie!”

Clay grinned as he saw a blue and brown blur shoot through the door. ‘Trucy!’ He thought as he watched the young magician all but tackle Franziska to the ground. ‘Aw...’ he thought as he watched Franziska smile back down at her. His mood instantly soared as he watched the excitable girl look Franziska like she was he greatest thing in the world.


Clay looked back at the door, watching as Athena looked in the room in awe. That one word seemed to freeze the room, bringing everyone’s attention to the man in the bed. Looking at the multitude of people just staring at him, he did the only thing he could really think of doing.

“H-hey,” he said as he gave a weak smile, wincing as he spoke. ‘I really need to stop talking,’ he thought as he looked down at his chest. It really hurt for a stab wound. As he was looking at his chest, he didn’t see the figure approaching his bed until he felt someone hug his arm. Looking down, he realized that it was Trucy.

“Y-you’re alive!” She exclaimed as she looked at him, eyes shining with happy tears. “You’re actually alive!” She cried as she hugged his arm tightly, a huge grin on her face. Then, he heard footsteps and looked around the room. There were... more people than he was expecting.

“Clay... you’re alive,” Athena said as she looked Clay over. “I... how?” She asked as she looked between Franziska and him. “I helped defend someone in your murder case!” She exclaimed.

“Herr Terran...” Klavier whispered as he walked over to Clay, eyes wide in disbelief. “Herr Terran,” he repeated. Clay just smiled and waved at him. “What’s going on?” He asked as he looked around the room.

“Mr. Terran,” Phoenix said as he nodded to Clay. “It’s nice to see you again,” he said. Clay gave a thumbs up. “I’ve got to admit, your case was one of the most interesting cases I’ve seen,” he said.

“Did you forget about our orca case, Wright-dono?” Simon asked, smirk on his face. Then, he turned his attention to Clay. “Terran-dono,” he started as he approached the bed. “I’m glad that your spirit has not yet faded,” he said.

Glancing around, Clay frowned as he realized that there was someone missing. ‘Apollo,’ he thought as he carefully removed his arm from Trucy’s grip and started writing. Then, he handed the notepad to Klavier.

“‘Where’s Apollo?’” Klavier read, face falling at he looked at the door. “He’s... downstairs,” he admitted. “He’s asleep. He’s... not coping very well,” he continued.

“Polly’s been really sad recently,” Trucy said as she looked away and placed a hand on her broach. “He just stares at nothing and gets really angry...” she said. Clay frowned. Quickly scribbling something down, he thrust a note towards Edgeworth. Watching as the silver haired man read through the note, he looked up at the ceiling. ‘I really hate this,’ he thought. Then, Edgeworth sighed.

“I apologize, Mr. Terran, but it’s not the best idea for you and Mr. Justice to reunite just yet,” he said. “You both need to focus on healing, and if we were to reunite you two, you’d be more focused on helping each other than yourselves.” Eyes wide as he tried to process what was just said, Clay just stared at Edgeworth.

“Are you serious?!” Klavier exclaimed. “Herr Edgeworth, Apollo has been absolutely miserable!” He said. “He won’t even eat- he needs to see Herr Terran if he’s going to get better!” He exclaimed as Clay nodded along.

“Prosecutor Gavin is right,” Athena said. “Seeing loved ones actually helps speed the recovery process up,” she explained. “Especially mental healing,” she said as Clay looked over at her.

“That only works if the foolish fools keep still and allow themselves to heal,” Franziska said as she crossed her arms. “And those two foolish fools wouldn’t be able to sit still,” she said.

“Franziska is right,” Edgeworth said. “As much as I’d like to allow you two to reunite, it’s best to wait,” he said with a nod.

“Cykes-dono is correct,” Simon said, not bothering to uncross his arms. “It would help both if they were reunited,” he said. Athena looked over at him, a grateful look on her face. “The body heals faster if the mind is free of shackles,” he said.

“I wish I could let Apollo and Mr. Terran reunite,” Phoenix said as he glanced over at Edgeworth. “Trust me, I’ve seen how much pain he’s in,” he said. “But I have to agree with Edgeworth,” he said. Clay looked around, narrowing his eyes as he looked from person to person.

‘I get that I almost died but really?’ He thought as he looked around. He couldn’t really understand why there was an argument. If the two people who had psychology degrees were saying that they should be reunited, then they should be reunited.

“If you’d seen how much pain he’s in, you’d agree that they need to be reunited!” Klavier snapped as he glared at Phoenix. “You have no idea how horrible he feels!” He exclaimed. “Or maybe you just don’t care,” he spat. Clay jumped as there was a bang on the table next to him.

“Prosecutor Gavin, that is enough !” Edgeworth commanded, eyes blazing. “We have our reasons to keep the pair separate,” he said. “And frankly, none of you have the right to that information,” he said. Clay’s eyes narrowed.

‘What information?’ He thought as he looked Franziska, Edgeworth, and Phoenix over. ‘What do they know that I don’t?’ He wondered. Looking over at Klavier, he frowned. It seemed like Klavier was ready to back down. ‘As much as I hate to admit it, Mr. Edgeworth is not someone I’d be willing to argue with...’

“Why don’t we put a curtain between them?” Trucy said, causing everyone to look over at her. “We don’t need to let Polly know that Clay is there,” she continued. “But we can let them at least be in the same room until they’re healthy enough to reunite,” she finished. Clay blinked for a second. Then, he nodded.

“That’s actually a really good idea, Truce!” Phoenix said as he smiled at his daughter. Klavier sighed before nodding.

“I guess that’s fine,” he said. “It’s better than keeping them separate,” he said. Then he looked at the door. “I should go back to him... he may be awake,” he said before he looked back at Clay, a soft look on his face. “I can’t speak for mein schatzi, but I’m sure that he will be thrilled to learn you’re okay” he said. Clay smiled back and just gave him a thumbs up.

As Klavier walked out of the room, Clay looked around before grabbing the notepad. Looking down, he began to write. Looking back up, he turned the notepad around.

‘Let’s get us into the same room.’







Chapter Text

When Clay awoke later on, he was greeted by the sound of familiar soft snoring. Blinking, he glanced around the room before grinning. ‘They managed to get me in!’ He thought excitedly. Soon after everything had been decided yesterday, his chest started hurting pretty bad. Nurse Mynor had given him some painkillers, and said painkillers caused him to fall back asleep. 

Sitting his bed up, he quickly honed in on the curtain that separated him from Apollo. It was too far away for him to reach. Sighing internally, Clay started looking up at the ceiling. There wasn’t anyone on his side of the curtain, and the overhead lights were off, so he couldn’t write. 

Glancing over at the digital clock on a desk next to his bed, he was surprised to see that is was only a little bit after six. ‘That would explain the lack of light...’ he thought as he looked over at the window. Too early for light and too late for stars. Clay’s least favorite time of the day. ‘Bland, bland, bland,’ he thought as he rolled his eyes. 

Looking back up at the ceiling, he quickly realized that he was quite bored. No one to interact with, no TV, no books... there wasn’t much he could do besides stare at the ceiling and count the tiles. ‘Maybe I can convince Klavier to go grab me one of my books?’ He thought as he looked from tile to tile. 

‘Oh look. That one’s cracked,’ Clay thought as he stared at a tile with a rather large crack in it. Or what looked to be a crack- he couldn’t really tell with there being almost no light. ‘I wonder how a ceiling tile got a crack,’ he thought as he cocked his head before hissing at the pain in his throat. 

‘Stupid tube,’ he thought as he glanced over at the desk again, trying to see if there was a water bottle or something. Thankfully, there was. However, as he reached over to grab it, pain erupted from his chest. “Fuck!” He cursed reflexively before wincing as he brought his hand up to his neck. 


‘Huh. Sounds like ‘pollo’s awake,’ Clay thought as he laid flat, glaring at his chest the best he could. However, as he did so, something hit him. Along with where he had been stabbed, a line down the middle of his chest and a line right under his left pectoral lit up with pain as he moved. ‘Huh. Weird,’ he thought. 

“Mm... schatzi?” Klavier asked, drawing Clay’s attention back towards the curtain. “What’s wrong?” He asked, obviously exhausted. “Schatzi?” He asked again. 

“I-it’s nothing,” Apollo said, voice cracking. “I just... I must’ve been dreaming,” he said as he sniffed. Clay could just picture his friend sitting there, eyes darting around as he forced back his grief. 

“Apollo... what happened?” Klavier asked as Clay heard shuffling. Perhaps he was getting closer to Apollo’s head? Ready to cup his cheek gently like he did whenever Apollo seemed sad. 

“I said it was nothing,” Apollo spat as more shuffling ensued, only to be followed by a hiss of pain and then a pause. “Since when was someone else in the room?” He asked. 

“Since last night,” Klavier responded. “You were asleep when they brought him in,” he explained. “He’s not in amazing condition, so if he doesn’t respond to you or do anything, that’s why,” he said. Clay rolled his eyes. 

‘I’m still in good enough condition to get the attention of you two if I need to,’ he thought before frowning. His throat still hurt. ‘Should I call a nurse to get me my water?’ He wondered to himself. 

“O-oh,” Apollo said. Then he sighed. “I thought I heard Clay,” he mumbled, voice almost too quiet for Clay to make out. “A-and I know, it’s n-not real,” he continued, voice cracking. There was the faint sound of a kiss. 

“It’s okay, schatzi,” Klavier murmured, probably cupping Apollo’s cheek. “It’s alright to miss him,” he said. There was a heavy sniff. 

‘He wouldn’t need to miss me if they let me see him,’ Clay thought bitterly. More movement on the other side of the curtain,  though it sounded slightly closer, as if someone was grabbing something right next to the curtain. ‘Sounds like fabric of some sort,’ he mused as said thing was moved again. 

“I-I’m fine,” Apollo said. “I-I’m Apollo Justice and I-I’m fine,” he said quietly. Clay bit back another sigh. That was too weak. Apollo had been the one to yell it the loudest. Even when they got noise complaints, he didn’t get any quieter. To hear him say their catchphrase so quietly... it was a pretty good clue as to how much pain he was really in. 

“Will you be okay if I go get some food for us?” Klavier asked as Clay’s eyes widened. More shuffling.

“I’m not hungry,” Apollo said quietly. A sigh. “I’m just not hungry, okay?” He repeated as there was more shuffling. “You can go get some for yourself,” he said. 

‘Klavier, you better bring him something back,’ Clay thought as he heard someone stand up- most likely Klavier. ‘He’ll eat if you make sure he does- he always does,’ he thought as his mind flashed back to the times Apollo had grieved over something. He always got into these fasting phases. He had them when his pet rabbit died, he had them when the alley cat they played with was hit by a car, and he even had a short phase when Phoenix Wright got disbarred. 

It was hard as hell to get him to eat during these phases, as he just didn’t have the desire to keep himself going strong. You basically had to force it down his throat before he’d agree to eat. ‘Yet another area we’re complete opposites in,’ he thought. Clay had the opposite problem. When his mother died, he started eating to comfort himself, and it happened once again when his dad died. Apollo was good about making sure he didn’t eat too much though. He sighed. 

“I’ll bring you something anyways,” Klavier said. Apollo huffed but didn’t argue. Well. Not verbally anyways. That huff pretty much meant that he’d refuse it anyways. If Clay had to guess, Apollo was looking away as well. 

Hearing footsteps retreat, Clay watched as Klavier appeared in view. He sat his bed up, managing to catch the German rockstar’s eye. He nodded up at the lights, something that Klavier picked up on. As he walked out of the room, he flicked the lights on. 

Hissing internally, Clay covered his eyes for a second. He removed his hand after a few seconds, and then he looked at the desk. He quickly spotted the notepad and pencil, grabbing it quickly before reaching over and managing to get the water without having to stretch too much. Opening it wasn’t very hard, as it was one with a flip cap instead of a twist cap. 

Once he had satisfied his thirst, and stopped wincing every time he moved his throat, he opened his notebook. While not the best thing, it’d have to do. 

‘You should eat something.’ He wrote before tearing off the page. Balling it up, he turned and aimed, gently tossing the ball over the curtain. He’d always had great aim, even when not looking. He had to- you didn’t get to look around when flying a space ship. 

A shift in the bed next to him let Clay know he hit his target. 

“What’s this..?” Apollo mumbled as the sound of paper crinkling filled the air. “‘You should eat something’,” he read. “Oh, you must be the guy next to me,” he said, though he didn’t really introduce himself, instead opting to sigh. “You too?” He asked. 

Clay frowned as he heard his friend sigh again. “Look. I appreciate your concern, but you have no idea what’s going on with me,” Apollo said. Clay rolled his eyes as he wrote something down and tossed the note to Apollo. “‘Does this have to do with Clay?’” Apollo read. “Ah. I guess you heard that...” he muttered. 

“He... yeah. He’s my friend. Or. Was, I guess,” he said, voice trailing off as he gave a watery laugh. Clay sighed internally. 

‘Is. I’m still your best friend, ‘pollo. You’ll see this soon enough,’ he thought as he looked down at the notepad and shook his head slightly. 

‘Well, I don’t know what happened but what would he think about you not eating?’ He wrote before he tore the paper off. Balling it up, he tossed it towards Apollo. ‘If he doesn’t say exasperated and annoyed I’m gonna go punch him,’ he thought as he smiled softly at his own thoughts. 

“What would he think about it?” Apollo asked. “He’d... p-probably annoyed,” he said. “And exasperated,” he continued. Clay grinned. 

‘Ha! He’s correct!’ He thought before his body face softened. ‘Well. Not completely...’ he thought. 

“H-he’d definitely be worried,” Apollo continued. “And probably upset,” he said. “Maybe a little guilty...” he trailed off as he sighed. “He always put my happiness and comfort above his own…” he finished, voice cracking at the end of the sentence. 

‘Apollo...’ Clay thought as looked at the curtain sadly. It hurt to hear his friend so hurt. It really hurt. They were teased about being practically close enough to feel each other’s pain when they were kids, but in all honesty they were right. If Apollo was hurting emotionally, Clay felt hurt too, and vise versa. ‘At least, ‘pollo’s said he can feel my pain,’ he thought before his attention was drawn back to his friend.

“H-he was the one t-to get me out of my ruts,” Apollo continued. “I-it didn’t matter what he had t-to do the next day,” he said. “A-all he ever wanted in his l-life were two things. F-for me to be happy, and t-to go to space,” he said. “He was a-amazing...”

“H-he would spend hours staring up a-at the night sky,” he continued, causing Clay to smile as a memory of them sitting and staring at the stars popped into his head. “H-he’d tell me all about the constellations he could see,” he said. A watery chuckle. “I-I used to tease him that he was dating the moon,” he said. Clay chucked under his breath as images of them playfully shoving each other under the light of the moon.

“He’d d-drag me away from my studies to study the stars with me,” Apollo continued, obviously getting lost in memories. “He loved pointing out Corvus,” he said. “Apparently C-Corvus has to do with Apollo,” he said. “His favorite one was Canis Major,” he said.

’Sirius,’ Clay thought as the image of Canis Major popped into his head. ‘The brightest constellation in the sky,’ he thought. Smiling to himself, the reasoning behind his love for stars popped into his mind.

“He... he w-was supposed to g-go into space,” Apollo said. And just like that, the pain came back. Apollo let out a muffled sob. “I-I’m sorry,” he choked out. “I-I don’t know wh-why I’m telling you about this,” he said. Then, he let out a watery laugh. “Y-you’re writing, i-it reminds me of how he used to talk,” he said before sniffing heavily. Clay closed his eyes as he realized that Apollo was biting back his sobs. 

‘He’s desperate to cling to anything that reminds him of me,’ he thought as he opened his eyes again, looking at the curtain in pity. Letting out a soft sigh, he realized that it wasn’t just his friend’s pain that caused him to hurt. ‘Oh. I forgot about that...’ he thought as he turned his head to his desk. 

Picking up he remote, he was about to press the call button for Nurse Mynor when the door opened, revealing Mynor. “Good morning you two!” He chirped before turning his attention to Clay. “Here, your painkillers should be wearing off, so let’s get you some more,” he said. Looking over at the curtain, Clay turned his attention back to Mynor and nodded. 

Watching as the IV bag he was attached to was unhooked, he closed his eyes. He hated this. He hated that he had to watch as his friend collapsed. 

As a cool rush went through his veins, Clay opened his eyes and saw that he had been attached to a different IV. Almost instantly, he felt his eyes grow heavy. As the pain in his chest quickly faded, he closed his eyes and allowed the blackness to consume him. 

As the movement from the bed on the other side of the curtain ceased and the nurse left, Apollo squeezed his eyes shut. He was tired. He had managed to calm himself down to an extent as he hugged Clay’s jacket to himself. ‘I hate all of this,’ he thought as he buried his face into the fabric. 

“Schatzi? I brought you some food,” Klavier said as the door opened. Apollo lifted his head slightly as he looked at Klavier. “I know it’s not exactly the kind you like but...” he picked a muffin out of the bag. “Fräulein Wright told me to take some to you,” he explained. “She’s in the hall right now, but she’s waiting for Herr Wright and Herr Edgeworth to come before she comes to see you.”

“Trucy..?” Apollo asked as he blinked in confusion. Klavier nodded as he approached Apollo, sitting in the chair next to him. “I didn’t realize she was here,” he admitted. Klavier just smiled empathetically as he made himself comfortable. Once situated, Klavier held one of the muffins out towards 

“Here,” he said. Looking at the muffin, Apollo just stared for a few seconds, blinking at it. His stomach grumbled as he carefully reached over and grabbed the muffin. As hungry as he knew he probably was, he really didn’t want to eat. Just the thought of eating made his stomach churn. Still, he knew he needed to at some point. 

Looking over at Klavier, he took a deep breath before taking a small bite. Despite the fact that he knew that it should taste good, Apollo couldn’t taste anything. It was bland and tasteless to him, much like everything else he’d managed to choke down over the past few days. ‘Will anything ever taste good again?’ He wondered as he forced himself to take another bite. 

He managed to eat about half of the muffin before his stomach became too queasy to continue. Looking down, he handed it back to Klavier. “I’m sorry,” he mumbled as Klavier took it. “I’m just not hungry,” he said. “I know I should eat but...” he trailed off.  Klavier just nodded. 

“That’s okay, schatzi,” he said as he squeezed Apollo’s hand. “I’m proud of you for eating something,” he said with a soft smile. Apollo just nodded along. “It means you’re starting to get better, ja?” He asked. 

“I guess...” Apollo mumbled as he looked up at the ceiling.  He didn’t want to think about the future. Not yet. ‘Is it worth it to even think about a future without Clay?’ He wondered as he glanced over at the curtain separating him and the person who had been writing to him. Then he looked back over at Klavier, who was just smiling encouragingly at him. 

‘I wonder how long he’ll be willing to deal with me,’ he thought as he just blinked at him numbly. ‘He has to get sick of me not being able to do much soon,’ he thought. He really didn’t understand why Klavier was still there, but it did feel sort of nice. Well, it made him feel a little less empty. 

The idea that he would ever feel happy again was a foreign thing to Apollo. Sure he’d been told that it would get better if he just kept going, but he couldn’t really believe anyone when they said that. So far, the pain had only gotten worse with the passing days. It wasn’t getting sharper or harsher, but it was getting more intense. Like he was becoming more and more aware of the fact that Clay was gone. 

He jumped as Klavier grabbed his hand, pulling him from his thoughts and back into the present. ‘Was I staring at him this whole time?’ He wondered as he blinked at his boyfriend. “Y-yeah?” He asked as he shifted slightly, clenching his jaw as pain from his broken ribs shot up his side. 

“Polly..?” Came a tentative voice from beside Klavier. Trucy. 

“O-oh! Trucy!” Apollo exclaimed as he forced a smile. “What’s up?” He asked. Trucy just frowned as she looked at him, brown eyes boring into him as if she could see through his soul. ‘She can pick up tells almost as good as I can though... probably knows I’m not happy at all,’ he thought as his smile faded. 

“How are you feeling?” Trucy asked as she pulled up a chair and sat down next to Klavier. Then, she paused. “Physically, I mean,” she added as she placed a hand over her broach. 

“U-um... a little better,” Apollo said, guilt flashing through him as he lied. He didn’t feel better at all, even physically. However, Trucy just looked at him before holding up her wrist to reveal that she was wearing his bracelet. 

“You look at your wrist when you lie,” she said calmly before sighing. “Polly... you don’t have to lie,” she said softly as she gently placed a hand on his shoulder. “It’s okay that you don’t feel any better,” she said. Then, she gently squeezed his shoulder. “It’s too bad you don’t share daddy’s luck,” she said with a big grin. 

“Mr. Wright’s luck..?” Apollo asked as he looked at Trucy. The young teenager was grinning as she looked at him, obviously having something in mind. Of course, Apollo couldn’t exactly tell what it might be that she was thinking of. 

“Yeah!” Trucy exclaimed with a giggle. “Daddy has the craziest luck ever!” She exclaimed happily. “He fell off a burning bridge into the Eagle River!” She chirped. Apollo didn’t even bother to hide his shock.

“The E-Eagle River?” He asked in awe. “The river known for killing almost everyone who falls in it?” He asked. Trucy nodded happily. 

“He ended up getting a cold, and papa had to take his place at the trail the next day,” she said. “I’ve read the transcript- Auntie Frannie was the prosecutor that day,” she finished.

“I can’t believe I agreed to do that,” came Edgeworth’s voice from the door, the sound of his voice causing both Apollo and Klavier to sit up straight.

“Fuck!” Apollo hissed under his breath as he slowly lay back down, clenching his jaw as pain shot through his chest. ‘Right. Sitting up quickly is bad,’ he thought with a groan.

“Here- I gotcha!” Trucy chirped before stepping away from the bed. “One, two- rise!” She exclaimed as she threw her hands in the air. The bed started to rise up as she held her hands up, only stopping when she lowered her arms. “Tada!” She exclaimed happily.

“How did you-“ Apollo shook his head. “Never mind,” he said. “Thanks,” he said with a smile. Trucy just gave him a thumbs up as she bounced on the balls of her feet. 

“Mr. Justice, Prosecutor Gavin,” Edgeworth said with a nod as he looked at the two before giving Trucy a smile. “Trucy,” he said. Trucy just waved happily.

“Hi, papa!” She chirped with a huge grin. “I’m telling Polly about daddy’s crazy luck,” she said. Surprise flooded through Apollo as Edgeworth actually chuckled. 

‘I didn’t know he could do that,’ he thought.

“Yes, your father does have crazy luck,” Edgeworth agreed before sighing. “Again, I can’t believe I actually agreed to be the defense attorney for the State v. Iris case,” he said as he shook his head. 

“It’s cause you’re nice,” Phoenix said as he approached Edgeworth from behind. Grinning, he wrapped his arms around Edgeworth. “And you lo- OW!” He exclaimed as the sound of a whip crack filled the room. “Hey!” Phoenix said as he rubbed his arm, only to yelp as he dodged another whip crack, only for Edgeworth to jolt as he was hit. 

“Auntie Frannie!” Trucy exclaimed as she raced forwards, practically leaping into Franziska’s arms. Or at least, that’s what Apollo thought was happening. He had thrown his arms up in front of his face when the first whip crack rang through the hospital room. 

“Trucy,” Franziska said, voice... warm? “Your foolish fool of a father and my foolish fool of a brother seem to have forgotten something,” she said as Apollo slowly lowered his arms and cracked open an eye. To his surprise, Franziska was holding Trucy. 

“That if they’re caught, papa will probably lose his job?” Trucy asked. Franziska nodded. 

“Aw, come on,” Phoenix said. “We’re in a hospital room on the fourth floor! We’re- GAH!” He exclaimed as he was hit by the whip again. “Okay, okay! I’ll stop!” He exclaimed. Franziska let out a hmp before she turned to Apollo. 

“You,” she said, causing Apollo to jump. “You’re the foolish fool’s foolish apprentice, correct?” She asked, stepping towards him, Trucy still in her arms. “Mr. Apollo Justice?” She asked. 

“Y-yeah,” Apollo squeaked as he shrunk in on himself. “Th-that’s me, Ms. Von Karma,” he said. “I- um, I’ve h-heard great things about you!” She exclaimed. 

“Hmp,” Franziska said. “What has your foolish fool of a mentor told you about me?” She asked as she glared at him. 

“Aw, come on!” Trucy said as she poked Franziska‘s forehead. “Stop terrorizing Polly,” she said. Franziska held her stern look for about five seconds before smiling. 

“If you say so,” she said before looking at Apollo. “Mr. Apollo Justice,” she started. “I must say,  it is quite the admirable trait to seek the truth until the end,” she said. Apollo blinked. 

“O-oh, um, thanks?” He said as he glanced at Klavier. ‘It’s not like it helped anything,’ he thought as his mood fell yet again. “Clay’s still dead,” he mumbled as he looked down, not noticing the looks that everyone in the room exchanged. 

“Apollo...” Phoenix started before sighing. “You did everything you could,” he said. “I’m sure Clay is pr-“

“YOU KNOW NOTHING!” Apollo exclaimed as anger flooded his veins, Chords of Steel coming out in full force. “YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT CLAY- DON’T YOU DARE TRY TO TELL ME HOW HE’D FEEL!” He cried as tears filled his eyes. “DON’T EVEN SAY HIS NAME!” He screamed. 

“Polly…” Trucy started, trailing off as she wiggled out of her aunt’s arms. “It’s okay,” she muttered as she went to place a hand on his shoulder. Apollo just jolted away from her.

“Don’t,” he said as he just looked away. “Just… leave,” he said, ager fading. ‘God, I’m even snapping at Trucy of all people,’ he thought as he sighed. “Please,” he said. 



“O-okay,” Trucy said. Goodbyes were mumbled as the group left the room, leaving Apollo and Klavier alone.

“Apollo… schatzi…” Klavier started as he reached out to grab Apollo’s hand. Apollo just pulled it away. “It’s going to be okay,” he said. 

“Is it?” Apollo asked, grabbing Clay’s jacket and pulling it to his chest. “Is it really going to be okay?” He asked as he closed his eyes. Klavier just sighed.

“Yes, I promise you that everything will be okay,” he said as Apollo opened his eyes again. “After all, you’re Apollo Justice and you’re fine, ja?” He asked. Apollo gave Klavier a weak smile before he noticed the bags under his boyfriend’s eyes.

“Klav, you’re exhausted, aren’t you?” He asked. 

“Honestly? Ja,” Klavier said before stifling a yawn. “But staying here with you is more important,” he said. 

“Klav…” Apollo trailed off. “Go home,” he said. 

“But, schatzi-“

“I can spend one night alone,” Apollo said, cutting Klavier off. “Please, just go home and sleep,” he said before sighing again. “You need the sleep,” he said. ‘And I want to be alone,’ he thought as emotions began to bubble up in his chest. 

“Fine,” Klavier said eventually. “I’ll go home,” he said as he stood up. Then, he reached over and grabbed Apollo’s hand. “I love you,” he said. Apollo didn’t respond. 

Watching as his boyfriend grabbed everything and left, he turned his attention back to Clay’s coat. ‘God… I miss you…’ he thought as he fought back tears. 

Glancing at the door as it shut, he waited until Klavier was definitely out of hearing range before he broke down into sobs. He hated this. He hated every single part of this. He hated the anger that surged through him every time his friend’s name was mentioned. He hated the way he couldn’t even remember what it was like to be happy.

He hated being alone.

“C-Clay…” he sobbed as he clutched the jacket as close to him as physically possible. If he pretended hard enough, he could imagine that he was hugging Clay. 


Apollo froze mid sob. ‘No… that’s…’ He stared at the curtain, eyes wide.

“Y-you called, ‘p-pollo?”

Apollo’s breath caught in his throat. He wasn’t imagining it, right? The voice was actually speaking as if it knew what was going on. “C-Clay..?” He asked tentatively, voice weak. ‘This has to be a dream…’ he thought. ‘Or I’m hallucinating. There’s no way-‘

“Y-yeah. I-if you don’t b-believe me, pull b-back the curtain.”

It was Clay’s voice. Clay was actually responding to him. Sliding to the edge of his bed, he slowly got up, hissing in pain as he put weight on his ankle. ‘That rules out a dream,’ he thought as he limped over to the curtain. Hand shaking, he reached out and grabbed the edge of the curtain. 

Pulling it back, he felt his entire world just freeze as Clay, his supposedly dead best friend sat in the bed and waved at him.

“Claaaaaaaay,” Apollo whined as he walked out of the house, following his best friend. “It’s three in the morning!” He complained as Clay led him outside. 

“I know!” Clay chirped, looking back at Apollo with his signature toothy grin. “That’s why we need to get to the spot! It’s gonna start soon!” He exclaimed as he grabbed Apollo’s hand and yanked him along. 

“What’s gonna start?” Apollo asked, accepting his fate as he allowed himself to be pulled forwards by his best friend. Clay just turned back and grinned even wider. 

“Come on! You’ll see!” He exclaimed as he started running, earning a surprised yelp from Apollo. Stumbling forwards, Apollo shot his friend a glare as he regained his footing enough to run with his friend. 

“It better be good,” he huffed as the pair reached a small hill. As Clay looked up, he followed his friend’s gaze. “What’s going on?” He asked. “Did you just bring me out here to look at stars?” He asked in annoyance. 

“No- I mean, sorta,” Clay admittedly before sitting down, pulling Apollo with him. “Just watch! It’s gonna start any second now!” He exclaimed. 

“I don’t see anything,” Apollo complained. Then, his eyes widened as the sky started to light up with streaks of light. “Whoa...” he breathed, brown eyes wide as he stared up at the sky in awe. Sparing a glance at his friend, he saw that Clay looked like he had just been given the most amazing thing ever. As the meteor shower continued, Apollo looked back up at the sky. 

“Persids,” Clay said as they continued to look up at the sky. “The most amazing meteor shower!” He exclaimed as the stars continued to shoot across the sky. “I bet it’ll look even cooler on the other side!” He exclaimed. Apollo giggled. 

“Would you even be able to see it from space?” He asked with a grin, not bothering to look away as the meteor shower slowly started to draw to a close. He saw Clay shrug out of the corner of his eye. 

“I don’t know, but that’s the fun of it!” He exclaimed as he looked at Apollo. “Once I’m up there I’ll tell you!” He said. Then, the pair looked up as a much larger flash of light shot across the sky. “Oh! Look! I think that was a comet!” He exclaimed. Then, he looked at Apollo. 

“Are those the ones you make a wish on?” Apollo asked. “Or are those...” he trailed off as he scrunched up his nose, trying to remember what his friend had called them. “Astroids?” He asked. 

“Asteroids,” Clay corrected. “But you can wish on both of them!” He said, puffing his chest out with pride. “So come on! Make a wish, ‘pollo!” He exclaimed. Looking back up at the sky, Apollo smiled and closed his eyes. 

‘I wish that Clay and I can stay together forever!’ He thought, eyes squeezed shut before he opened them. Looking at his friend, he cocked his head. “What did you wish for?” He asked, eyes wide with curiosity. Clay giggled as he gently pushed Apollo. 

“You can’t tell anybody your wish, silly!” He exclaimed. “If you do, it won’t come true!” He said, giggling as Apollo pushed him back. “Hey!” He exclaimed as he gave Apollo a playful glare. 

“I bet I can get your wish out of you!” Apollo said as he smirked before launching himself at his friend, wrapping his arms around his stomach, pinning him down quickly. “Ha! I got you!” He exclaimed before yelping as Clay flipped their position over so that he was pinning Apollo down. 

“Now I got you!” Clay said proudly, laughing as Apollo smirked playfully at him. “Just because you’re taller doesn’t mean I’m not able to pin you!” He said. Apollo smirked. 

“You sure about that?” He asked before he pushed up, planning to reverse the position again. Instead, the pair let out yelps as they were sent tumbling down the hill, eventually landing in a mess of limbs at the bottom of hill. 

The pair looked at each other for a second before they burst out laughing. It was odd. If it had been three years ago, Apollo wouldn’t have dared be loud at night. After all, he couldn’t risk allowing Nahyuta, Dhurke, or Datz to get hurt. 

But now? He didn’t have a care in the world. He was with his best friend! As the laughter died down, Apollo looked at Clay and smiled warmly. Clay just smiled back as the two ten year olds allowed the warm night air to surround them. 

“I hope we’ll always be best friends,” Apollo said suddenly. “Even when you’re in space and I’m a defense attorney,” he said. Clay giggled and hugged him. 

“Of course we will!” He exclaimed as Apollo hugged him back. “We’ll be best friends forever!” He said. “We’ll be by each other’s side forever and ever, no matter what!”


Chapter Text

It was a minute between Apollo sending Klavier home and him breaking down sobbing. Clay counted. Not that he was surprised by this. Apollo liked to send people away the more he was hurting. ‘And Klavier is obviously exhausted,’ he thought as he winced at Apollo’s sobs. 

They were wordless sobs, somewhat muffled meaning he was covering his mouth. Despite this, Clay could practically hear his name being repeated in his friend’s mind. ‘He’s mourning me,’ he thought as Apollo let out another sob. 

Narrowing his eyes, Clay looked at the curtain. ‘Injures be dammed,’ he thought as he sat the bed up. ‘Instructions be damned. I’m not letting ‘pollo suffer anymore,’ he thought before reaching over and grabbing his water. His throat was not going to appreciate this. 

“C-Clay...” Apollo whimpered as he shifted slightly. Clay took a deep breath as he stared at the curtain. It was now or never. 

“Y-yeah?” He asked, wincing at the pain in his throat as the sobbing stopped abruptly. “Y-you called, ‘p-pollo?” He asked. He heard something soft and light drop, like a blanket or shirt or something. 

“C-Clay..?” Came Apollo’s tentative voice. It was weak, like he wasn’t even sure he was able to ask the question. Or maybe he was just scared of what the answer he would receive would be. “I-is that y-you..?” 

“Y-yeah,” Clay replied. Silence. “I-if you don’t b-believe me, pull b-back the curtain,” he rasped before he winced and took a drink of water. There was the sound of something heavier hitting the floor followed by a sharp intake of breath. Then, footsteps. A few seconds later, the curtain was slowly pulled back. 

Apollo stood there on the other side, eyes wide as he locked eyes with Clay. Clay just grinned as he carefully waved at Apollo. Apollo just stood there for a few seconds as he scanned Clay’s face. Clay just continued to smile. 

“H-hey. B-before you do a-anything, I’d push o-our beds together,” he said, watching as Apollo blindly nodded and walked over to the other side of the bed before carefully pushing it so that it was touching Clay’s bed. “S-sit,” Clay said weakly before wincing as he brought a hand up to his throat. Apollo just blinked for a second. 

“Clay...” he whispered as he carefully reached towards Clay. Clay just smiled as he grabbed Apollo’s hand. “Your alive...” he whispered, eyes full of tears. Clay shrugged. 

“C-can’t get r-rid of me- oof!” He exclaimed as he was wrapped in a tight hug, pain exploding through his chest. “O-ow!” He hissed. 

“Shit- sorry!” Apollo exclaimed as he released Clay. “I... I know this has to be a hallucination or something, but...” he trailed off. 

“N-nope,” Clay responded. “I-it’s real,” he said as he reached over and pinched Apollo’s arm. Apollo let out a hiss of pain before pausing. 

“Y-you’re...” he tailed off as he scanned Clay before all but collapsing into him and sobbing. Clay just smiled as he pulled his friend closer and rubbed his back. Then, tears filled his eyes. 

‘God... you were in so much pain,’ Clay thought as he hugged Apollo as tight as he could without hurting his chest. “Shhh...” he whispered as he forced the pain in his throat away, allowing the tears to start falling. Then, he let himself break. 

As strong as he had been the past few days, the fact that he was finally holding Apollo again... it made everything seem so real. He been caught up in an explosion. He had inhaled a ton of toxic shit. He had dragged his mentor out of the flames. He had been stabbed. 

He had almost died. 

It wasn’t an easy thing to brush off, but with all the pain Apollo was in, he had ignored it. However, as Apollo’s pain came from the fact that he thought Clay was dead, reuniting would ease the pain tremendously. That knowledge was the go ahead Clay needed to finally allow himself to break down. 

The two stayed like that for a while, sobbing into each other as the harsh pain of the past few days slowly faded into a very dull throb. It wasn’t going to fade anytime soon. Hell, it might never fade. But that didn’t matter.

He was here. Apollo was here. They were here. “We’re Apollo Justice and Clay Terran and we’re fine,” he said, smiling as he heard a watery chuckle from the man hugging him. 

“Yeah. Yeah we are,” Apollo said as he looked up at Clay and smiled. Clay just smiled back as the pair gently bumped their foreheads together. Pulling away, Clay slowly leaned back before he turned and grabbed his water bottle, downing a quarter or so of it quickly before wincing as his throat lit up in pain. “Clay! Are you okay?” Apollo asked as he leaned on Clay’s bed. 

“Y-yeah,” Clay said. “M-my throat and ch-chest still hurt,” he explained, glancing down as he did so. He still couldn’t understand why the right side of his chest radiated pain all over and there were really only three points on the left side of his chest, but he didn’t put too much thought into it. Probably had to do with he fact that he had been stabbed in his left lung along with the fact that he had inhaled a lot of some pretty bad stuff. 

“Shit- talking probably hurt,” Apollo said. “I’m sorry,” he apologized before his eyes lit up. “Oh- give me a sec,” he said as he turned towards the other side of the bed and reached down, only to pull up a familiar blue coat. “Here,” he said. 

Clay stared at the jacket for a second, eyes scanning it before he smiled. “H-heh. Didn’t expect t-to see this so soon,” he said as he grabbed it and pulled it close before frowning as he realized he couldn’t put it on due to his IV. “W-well, I guess i-it’s gonna be used for a b-blanket tonight.” He looked at Apollo, who just smiled. “I w-woke up two d-days ago,” he started. “S-so, what did I m-miss while I w-was out?” He asked. 

Apollo’s smile fell as he sat his bed up and sat back himself. “So... I take it you know about the case?” He asked. Clay shook his head. 

“J-just that I was th-the murder victim,” he said as he grabbed Apollo’s hand, allowing the two of them to feel tethered to each other. “T-tell me about it,” he said. Apollo sighed. 

“It was... bad. Very bad,” he said. “I mean. Obviously the fact that you were...” he trailed off. “Apparently the victim was hard,” he said as he took a deep breath. Clay just squeezed his hand gently. “I mean... I had to go and look at your chalk outline and inspect your blood,” he said with a shudder. 

“And Athena...” Apollo trailed off. “I had to wear an eyepatch,” he admitted. “She lied about almost everything and it was driving me insane,” he explained before looking down. “Led to me accusing her of your...” he trailed off, sighing as he glanced at Clay. “I... wasn’t in a good place,” he admitted, face full of shame. 

“Of c-course not,” Clay said as he gently squeezed Apollo’s hand. “N-no one expected you t-to be,” he said. Apollo sighed. 

“Mr. Starbuck was the defendant,” he continued as Clay’s eyes widened in shock. “Yeah, he was the only one not accounted for between the bombing and the finding of both of you,” he explained. “He got off fine, as Mr. Wright managed to prove that Mr. Starbuck had been purposely overdosed on his anxiety medicine,” he continued before letting out a bitter laugh. “They had put sleeping pills in your lunch,” he said. 

“Th-they... what..?” Clay asked, confusion evident in his entire body. ‘Overdosed Mr. Starbuck on his anxiety meds? Tried to make me fall asleep? Were we both supposed to die at the launch pad?’ He wondered. 

“Ms. Blackquill and Mr. Cosmos planned it,” Apollo explained. “Mr. Cosmos had been warned by The Phantom about what was going to happen if HAT-2 launched,” he started. “However, despite telling the higher ups about it, they demanded that the launch go ahead,” he said, eyes narrowing. “Prosecutor Blackquill is taking them to court,” he said. “Athena is his co-counsel,” he explained. 

“Mr. Cosmos got off the hook too. Mr. Wright managed to argue that he felt pressured to keep the launch going but he also wanted to keep you and Mr. Starbuck  safe, so he thought knocking you two out before you could even get onto the rocket would protect you,” he continued before laughing bitterly. “If I hadn’t gotten you lunch that day...” he trailed off. Clay just squeezed his hand and shook his head. 

“I know, I know. I shouldn’t blame myself,” Apollo said. “Anyways, Prosecutor Blackquill and Athena are taking the higher ups to court,” he continued. “They said they’re suing for both myself and Mr. Starbuck but...” he trailed off. “I guess Prosecutor Blackquill knows you’re alive, huh?” He asked. Clay nodded. “He’s probably suing for you and Mr. Starbuck then,” he said. The, he paused. “Both of us were visible to anyone entering the room.” 

“Y-yeah,” Clay said. “E-everyone knew,” he admitted. “B-but Chief Prosecutor Edgeworth was q-quite insistent on keeping it secret,” he said. “D-don’t know why,” he admitted. Apollo just huffed and glared at the door. 

“So they just followed him without question,” he stated. “Everyone...” he repeated as tears filled his eyes again. “Damnit!”  He exclaimed as he covered his face with his hands. “Did they just not care?!” He asked. Clay sighed heavily. 

“N-no, they didn’t like h-hiding it from you,” he said. “K-Klavier was ready to d-drag me from th-the ICU to here himself,” he admitted. ‘God. I won’t be able to talk tomorrow at all,’ he thought. “Ch-Chief Prosecutor Edgeworth, P-Prosecutor Von Karma, and Mr. Wr-Wright wanted to k-keep it secret, th-though they seemed to b-be more worried than anything,” he said. “Athena, K-Klavier, and P-Prosecutor Blackquill wanted to reunite us,” he continued. “T-Trucy was the one to suggest th-this set up,” he finished before turning and grabbing his water, wincing with every gulp. 

“Mr. Wright wanted to keep us separate..?” Apollo asked as he looked up from his hands. “H-he...” he trailed off as Clay grabbed his hand. “I’ll talk to him tomorrow,” he said before shaking his head. “A-anyways, back to the trial,” he said. 

“After Mr. Wright proved that Mr. Starbuck was innocent, the case didn’t exactly end,” he said as he continued the story. “I... wasn’t at the courthouse when it happened, but... Athena was indicted for your mur- for the HAT-2 bombing,” he said. Clay didn’t miss the way the brunette flinched as he tried to say murder. “Her fingerprints were found on a lighter that Ms. Blackquill saw while “evacuating”,” he continued.

“Wh-why weren’t you at th-the courthouse?” Clay asked quietly as Apollo glanced away. “W-were you here?” He asked, though he already knew the answer to that question. 

“I... no,” Apollo admitted. He closed his eyes and attempted to pull his hand away, but Clay just squeezed it tighter. “I-I wasn’t here,” he said. “I was at the Space Center,” he admitted. “I was so desperate to solve everything,” he said. Clay just gave his friend a look. 

“D-didn’t you get, y-you know, blown up a-and hit on the f-fucking head?” He asked, smirking as he did so. His smirk quickly fell as Apollo looked away. “‘p-pollo?” He asked. 

“Y-yeah,” Apollo answered. “I just...” he trailed off. “I couldn’t sit and do nothing,” he admitted. “If I did... I honestly don’t know what I would’ve done,” he said. 

‘Apollo...’ Clay thought as he reached out and placed a hand on Apollo’s shoulder. ‘Everything’s going to be fine,’ he thought as Apollo turned his head. “W-well, everything’s fine now,” he said. Apollo just gave Clay a weak smile. 

“Yeah. Everything is going to be fine,” he said before a large yawn escaped him. Clay followed suit a few seconds later. “Heh. I guess this took more out of me than I thought,” he said before yawning again. Clay smiled tiredly. 

“Y-yeah,” he said before yawning again. Despite their exhaustion, the pair looked over when the door opened, revealing a nurse the pair hadn’t seen yet. 

She froze as she stared at the pair on the bed before shrugging, “Lights off?” She asked. 

“Yeah,” Apollo said as Clay was suddenly hit with exhaustion. 'I was woken up from my painkiller induced sleep, wasn't I?' He thought as the lights were turned off.

“Night, ‘pollo,” he whispered as his eyes slipped close. He was out cold before Apollo could so much as take a breath. 

Apollo sighed softly as he was gently pulled back into consciousness, nuzzling his pillow out of instinct as he slowly woke up. Blinking open his eyes, the brunette just stared at the familiar sleeping face in front of him. Smiling tiredly to himself, Apollo closed his eyes again. After all, if Clay was still asleep, then there was no real need to be awake himself. Sighing contently, he started to let the inviting warmth of sleep over take him.

Then it hit him. 

Eyes flying open, Apollo sat up quickly, cursing under his breath as pain shot through his chest. He didn’t pay it any mind however, as adrenaline shot through his veins. Looking over at his friend in shock, he reached up and rubbed his eyes. “C-Clay..?” He asked, voice trembling as he careful reached forwards, fingers brushing against Clay’s hand as he carefully grabbed it. 

His attention was turned to his friend’s face as he watched Clay open his eyes. They locked eyes pretty quickly, with Clay smiling weakly as he reached up and waved with his free hand. Memories hit him like a sack of bricks as the events of last night came flooding back. Tears sprang to his eyes as Clay slowly sat up. 

“Y-you’re alive…” Apollo whispered as he carefully pulled Clay into a hug, remembering how much pain he had been when he hugged him tightly last night. Clay hugged him back, and the pair stayed like that for a little bit. When they eventually pulled away from each other, Apollo was beaming. “God… you’re actually alive!” He exclaimed. Clay just nodded.

“Y-“ he cut himself off with a hiss of pain.

“Clay!” Apollo yelped as he stared at his friend in horror. “Are you okay?” He asked worriedly as Clay turned around and reached for something on the table next to him. He watched as Clay grabbed his water, wincing with every drink before setting it down and grabbing something else. Scribbling sounds filled the air as Clay stared writing something. A few seconds later, he turned around.

‘Can’t talk- throat feels like it’s been clawed out.’ Read the notepad. Apollo nodded.

“Ah, okay,” he said before wincing. “Um… that’s not… because of me, right?” He asked. Clay shook his head. 

‘I did too much talking last night. Talking that I didn’t have to do.’

“If you say so…” Apollo mumbled before a smile made its way onto his face. He pulled Clay into another hug, this time closing his eyes as he gently rested a hand on Clay’s chest, beaming as he felt the soft heartbeat. It was hard to feel it through the hospital gown and the bandages, but it was there. Resting his head on Clay’s shoulder, he felt a hand get placed on his chest and a head rest on top of his head. 

They stayed like that for what felt like hours, with Apollo’s mind going blank as he focused on the man in front of him. His best friend. His brother. His family. Clay was the most important person in his life and he was there. His heart was beating. He was alive.


The pair looked up, not bothering to remove their hands from each other’s chests as they turned and looked towards the door. Apollo’s eyes narrowed as he focused on the man at the door.

“Prosecutor Gavin,” he said, voice cold as ice. Anger surged through his veins as he pulled away from Clay, turning his full attention to the blonde rockstar in the doorway. Klavier winced.

“Schatzi…” he said, trailing off as he ran his fingers through his hair. “Let me explain,” he said as he locked eyes with Apollo. 

“You knew,” Apollo said, hands trembling as he fought the urge to scream. Clay just placed his hand on his shoulder, the touch calming him down slightly. “You knew, but you didn’t say anything,” he said icily. “Explain. Now.”

“I was instructed that I couldn’t tell you,” Klavier said quickly as Apollo scanned him, eyes searching for even the smallest of movement. “Herr Edgeworth and Frua Von Karma told me that I wasn’t allowed to tell you,” he explained. No movement. Apollo looked over at Clay, who just nodded. 

“Why?” Apollo asked, voice still hard. That got Klavier to stiffen.

“I… I can’t say,” he said eventually as Apollo glared at him again. “The doctors want Herr Terran to be stronger to explain what happened,” he said. Apollo searched his boyfriend’s face, looking for any of his tics. While Klavier was stiff and nervous, Apollo couldn’t pick up any sign he was lying. 

“Fine,” he said eventually, glare softening as Clay gently grabbed his hand, squeezing it softly. “Did you sleep okay?” He asked eventually, watching as Klavier walked into the room, moving the chair so that it was once again next to Apollo.

“Ja,” Klavier said as he ran his fingers through his hair. “I slept…” he paused as Apollo just looked at him. “Terribly,” he admitted as a satisfied look appeared in Apollo’s eyes. “I didn’t get too much sleep,” he said. “I was too worried about you.”

“Klav…” Apollo murmured as he gently removed his hand from Clay’s grasp, reaching over to grab his boyfriend’s hand. Klavier squeezed it gently as Apollo leaned forwards. “I’m fine,” he muttered as he pressed their foreheads together. “You don’t need to worry about me.” Klavier just reached up and cupped his cheek.

“I’ll always worry about you, Apollo,” he responded before gently pulling him into a kiss. Apollo just smiled as he returned the kiss, melting into it as he allowed his mind to focus on just how content he felt. 

‘And just yesterday I was convinced I’d never be happy again,’ Apollo thought as the pair pulled away, opting instead to press their foreheads together as they stared into each other’s eyes. “I love you,” he whispered as they continued to gaze into each other’s eyes. 

And then he felt a ball of paper hit the back of his head.

“Really, Clay?” Apollo asked as he turned to face his friend, smile worming its way onto his face. “You could’ve just tapped my shoulder,” he said, grinning as Clay just shrugged. 

‘Yeah, but throwing things at you is much more fun.’ Clay wrote as he grinned. Apollo just rolled his eyes.

“Of course you think it’s more fun to throw shit at me,” he said before he turned back to Klavier, smiling as he gazed at his boyfriend lovingly, only for another ball of paper to hit him.

‘I don’t need to see you making out with your boyfriend!’ Read the notebook that Clay was holding up.

“CLAY!” Apollo screamed as his face turned beet red. “We aren’t doing anything,” he groaned as he buried his face in his hands. 

“Despite how good of an idea it is~” Klavier said, voice taking on a purr like tone. Apollo just turned and glared at his boyfriend. Klavier laughed as he put his hands up in surrender. “I’m joking, schatzi,” he said as. Apollo suddenly smirked. “Though I wouldn’t be op- mph!” Apollo cut him off by yanking him into a deep kiss. 

It wasn’t too long of a kiss, but when Apollo pulled back, he was smirking. “That. That is what us making out looks like,” he said, chuckling at Klavier’s somewhat dazed look. ‘He’s so cute when I take him by surprise like this,’ he thought before he turned to his friend.

“So we definitely weren’t…” Apollo trailed off as he looked at Clay’s face. “What’s wrong?” He asked as he realized the way his friend’s face was twisted in pain.

Clay just slowly pointed to the notebook. ‘Page nurse.’ It read, the words shaky. Apollo nodded as Clay slowly laid down.

Leaning over, he quickly scrambled for the call nurse button, pressing it with far more force than necessary before turning back to Clay. “Button’s been pressed,” he said as he started running his fingers through his friend’s hair comfortingly. Clay nodded shakily, giving a weak smile before he closed his eyes.

“You’re going to be okay,” Apollo murmured as he continued to run his fingers through Clay’s hair. Glancing over towards Klavier, he found that his boyfriend was playing with his own hair, eyes darting between Apollo and Clay as he continued to nervously play with his hair.

“You’re telling me what’s going on after this,” Apollo said sternly. ‘And I don’t care what the doctor says,’ he thought as he turned his attention back to Clay, frown deepening as he saw just how pained his friend’s face was. 

It didn’t take very long for the nurse to appear. “What’s going on?” Mynor asked as he looked around the room, eyes falling upon the beds pressed together before he looked at Clay. “Did the night shift nurse forget to give you more pain killers?” He asked as he quickly made his way to Clay’s IV, frowning as he reached it. “Of course she did,” he grumbled as he quickly turned and opened a cabinet, pulling out a rather large vial.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be bringing this to the attention of our director,” Mynor said as he quickly attached a needle to the vial. “Now, this is going to be more than you’re used to,” he said as he walked over to the IV bags, frowning as he switched from the empty IV bag to an almost full one. Apollo watched as Clay’s arm stiffened slightly. 

‘Must be due to the IV,’ he thought as he watched Mynor jab the needle into the new IV bag, quickly emptying the vial into Clay’s IV.

“As a warning, he’s going to be out in a few seconds- he needs to have as much rest as possible,” Mynor explained as he disposed of the needle. True to his word, Apollo felt Clay go limp under his hand, his body quickly slipping into a relaxed state. “Now, I believe I told Prosecutor Gavin to make sure you two stayed separate,” he said as he looked at Klavier.

“It wasn’t him,” Apollo said as he shifted closer to Klavier, grabbing his hand as he did so. “Clay was the one who revealed himself to me, and I was the one to push the beds together,” he said before he narrowed his eyes. “And you’re not separating us,” he said. Mynor sighed.

“I told them this would happen,” he said before he shook his head. “I may. I’ll have to talk to the doctor on Mr. Terran’s case,” he said. “The most that would happen is that the beds will be separated. At this point it’d only slow the healing processes down,” he said before he looked at Apollo. “I’m assuming you’re curious as to what happened to Mr. Terran?” He asked. Apollo nodded.

“Yeah,” he said. “I…” he took a deep breath. “I know about what was in the a-autopsy,” he admitted, squeezing his eyes shut as he tried to banish the image of his friend’s death report from his mind. He opened his eyes and looked at Klavier gratefully as he felt his boyfriend squeeze his hand. “I know he was stabbed in the lung, a-and he inhaled a lot of smoke,” he said.

“That’s what he came in for, yes,” Mynor said before he looked at Clay. “He had lost a lot of blood,” he admitted. “So we had to set him up on a transfusion,” he said. “His left lung was completely collapsed when he arrived,” he continued. “The knife managed to slice pretty deep- much deeper than expected. The first thing we did was suture it closed but…” he trailed off. “It continued to collapse, and after the fourth collapse…” he trailed off as he looked at Clay’s monitor.

“F-fourth collapse..?” Apollo trailed off as he looked at Clay in horror. “I-it’s fixed now… r-right?” He asked. Klavier just squeezed his hand tighter. Mynor sighed.

“We couldn’t fix it,” he admitted. Apollo felt his blood freeze. 

‘No, no, no, no, this is not going where I think it is, it ca-‘

“We had to remove it,” Mynor said, and Apollo just froze. “Unfortunately, as you could probably see, the fumes he inhaled seriously damaged his throat and vocal chords, though it wasn’t too bad. With a lot of rest and liquids it should heal up well,” he continued. “His remaining lung is still functional, though it wasn’t strong enough to support his entire body, so we ended up doing an emergency lung transplant.” Mynor paused as he looked at Apollo’s most likely horrified face. “I’ll give you some time to process this. Just hit the button if you need anything,” he said before quickly exiting. Apollo just stared blankly at his friend. Then, he looked at Klavier.

“He’s never going to space.”