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Sabriel/Destiel Oneshots

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It was Christmas and instead of flying home for the holidays Sam was stuck at Stanford with his boyfriend, every flight having been cancelled

He was really looking forward to seeing his family again, his older brother Dean who was more like a bestfriend, his mom who'd talk his ear off about meeting Gabriel and his Dad who'd laugh as she did it

But instead for the first time ever he was spending Christmas without his family


So he buried himself in school work and ended up passing out for a good couple hours next to his boyfriend, but when he woke he found that Gabriel was not in bed at all

Huffing annoyedly and rolling his eyes he got out of bed to see what the hell Gabriel was up to now, and didn't really bother to put a shirt on

He noticed that the door was already opened which wasn't that strange, but what was were the snowflakes that lead him into the living room

When the snowflakes stopped he was standing in the middle of the living room and was getting more annoyed but the minute "Seriously? it's 3 am Gabe what the hell are you doing?" All he got back was the sweet sound of silence before music began to play and Sam noticed the song almost instantly, it was Mariah Carey's 'All I Want For Christmas Is You'

Gabriel walked out from wherever he was hiding and Sam looked him toe to head; he was wearing red and white striped socks, and sexy Santa outfit, red boxers with fluffy white at the bottom that had red suspenders that went over his arms and sat on his shoulders and finally the classic  Santa Clause hat

Sam burst out laughing at the sight "Oh my god Gabe-" He swallowed trying to tone down the laughing, he nodded "I- am so turned on right now"

"Merry Christmas" Gabriel smiled strutting up to his boyfriend and wrapping his arms around his neck letting Sam's hands fall to his waist "This is the best gift ever" Sam chuckled softly

"Only the best for my moose" Gabriel grinned and Sam frowned "How long have you been planning this?" He asked curiously knowing that Gabriel was great at keeping secrets

Gabriel shrugged and kissed his neck "Not long.. I know how much you wanted to go home this year" Sam smiled softly, his boyfriend really could be sweet

Gabriel nibbled his ear "Now are you gonna fuck me or what?" He whispered seductively and Sam scoffed lifting Gabriel up causing the him to yelp in surprise "Ah!" He laughed and Sam walked them over to the back of the couch sitting Gabriel on it as they began in a heated and passionate make out session with tounges, nipping of lips and soft moans

Sam pulled at one of Gabriel's suspenders before letting it go with a 'snap!' making Gabriel harder at the feeling, Sam then let the suspenders fall down to Gabriel's sides before he focused his attention on Gabriel's un-bruised neck

He attacked and kissed until he felt there were enough hickey's, pulling away from Gabriel with a sharp look "Knees now" He demanded and Gabriel growled inwardly before obeying

Sam stood back a bit a giving Gabriel space as he went to his knees, looking up before pulling down Sam's shorts so his hard cock could spring at him, he gripped Sam's length firmly maintaining strong eye contact as he licked the base of Sam's cock making him break eye contact and gasp as Gabriel took all of him bobbing his head and swirling his tounge all while pumping him slightly

Sam moaned, fuck he was getting close, but he didn’t want to come just yet, he cursed quietly before pulling at Gabriel's blonde locks and away from his cock, the man on his knees frowned

Sam pulled him up and turned him around bending him over the couch causing his hat to fall onto the pillows and pulling down his sexy boxers just enough so that Sam could see his hole

Gabriel smirked, he was all for being a power bottom but Sam's force turned him on more than ever and was the sexiest he had ever seen

He smiled as Sam smacked Gabriel's bare ass lightly before easing the red jeweled butt plug his boyfriend had shoved up there earlier, he stroked his hard cock few times, slapping it on Gabriel's ass cheek before grabbing Gabriel's hips and ramming into him without warning

Gabriel's eyes were lost at the back of his head as Sam fucked him over the couch, he would probably never admit it but being bent over like this was a lifelong fantasy that sent blood to the all the right places

Sam groaned as he went faster slowly losing himself "You look so good like this" Gabriel screamed out when Sam hit his spot "OH, fuck!" He couldn’t even form words anymore just gasps and moans as he was slammed into repeatedly

"Sam- fuck-" Gabriel tried to get the words out to warm his lover that his orgasam was nearing but the pleasure was so immense that he could barely get a word out, he just let Sam fuck him until had came, which surprisingly didn't take very long

Sam moaned loudly and buried himself deep in Gabriel as he came, his vision going blurry for a minute before he could see agian, Gabriel on the other hand, his dick had already been dripping cum and it was forming a small puddle down on the floor as he had his head buried in a pillow, panting hard until he got hold of his breath

He groaned biting his lip as Sam finally pulled out leaning on the couch he bent down and kissed Gabriel on the head "Merry Christmas babe"

Sam laughed and stood up walking his naked self to the shower when he was met with the silent middle finger from Gabe

..It was a Merry Christmas indeed


Bonus because I just had too

Sam and Gabriel sat in front of fire wearing their ugly Christmas sweaters, Sam in a snowman one and Gabriel with a reindeer (get it?) as they opened the last few of their presents, some from friends and some from each other

"Aww right!" Gabriel exclaimed happily "Charlie got me a bag of candy!" Sam sighed and took the bag from his hands "Yeah I'll just take that"

Gabriel pouted "It's Christmas!"

"Yeah, and you already have four candy bags just like that one in the kitchen"

"Your point?"

Sam laughed and handed Gabe his present, he unwrapped the box excitedly and gaped in awe of what was inside it, it was a beautiful gold wing pendant and he immediately knew what it meant because Sam always called him his 'little angel'

He smiled "You really are something Winchester" He handed it to Sam to put it on him "If this your way of proposing to me, I accept"

Sam froze and Gabriel gasped placing a hand on his chest "Oh my god are you proposing to me?!"

Sam shook his head "No!- not yet at least" Gabriel raised his brow suspiciously before turning around and pulling out 3 boxes "Okay- I have one more present for you- well more like presents"

Sam read the note that was one of the boxes 'Because you couldn't be with us this year' -Mom

"Gabriel you didn't..?" Sam's eyes started to water when he realised what the presents were, they were from his parents and his brother

"I know that your family means everything to you, so when you couldn't go home for Christmas I called Dean and asked him to ship your presents over here" He shrugged "It's no big deal really"

"No big deal?- Gabe.." Sam couldn't hold back the tears anymore "I don't.." He broke off and hugged Gabriel crying into his chest "I don't deserve you"

Gabriel kissed him on the head "You deserve everything Sam Winchester"