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The One for Me

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Magnus looked around the room in which Underhill left him. It was spacious and lived-in, homey, with the tiny touches of a person Magnus had come to recognise so well. His eyes twitched at the site.

There was a low rumble of sound of two people talking coming from beyond the closed door. The sudden desire to cross the threshold and see the other man had him aching all over.

Hold your horses. He chastised himself.

The click of a door opening brought him out of his thoughts and back to the present.

"I'm sorry Father. It's just my mate is like really tired and I couldn't ask him to come downstairs in that state", Underhill apologized on behalf of his....mate...???

When did these two mate. And even more, how did HIS man mate Underhill!!!

Hold it.... Hold it....

"It's quite alright, my son. Let your mate rest. His condition you say?" He did his best not to show his concern.

"Yes, well, he's pregnant, you see. Six months along, to be exact. And the pregnancy is really hard on him. Especially since I'm not his true mate."


Pregnant with this man's child...

Magnus saw red.

Control yourself. Don't show. Don't blow up everything.

Deep breaths...

"Well, congratulations for the pup. I pray that it brings you peace."

He was grateful that Underhill didn't notice the frosty bite in his tone. God, he really wanted to gut that Man alive.

"Thank you, Father"

"If you don't mind my prying and i don't mean to emphasize anything, but why isn't he with his true mate, if he had found him?"

He really wanted to know what he had told Underhill about him? How had he explained him?

More importantly, had he told Underhill why he ran away from Magnus? Did he tell him why he wanted to run away so much that it was okay for him to become pregnant with another man's child if only it helped him get away from his true mate?

He also hoped Underhill won't realise his reason for all the prying.

"Well, the man died. Car accident. Nice man but nature works in its own way. That was actually how we met. His mate and I worked in the same office. I went to return some of his stuff from his office to his mom's. And there he was. I don't know how to say this without sounding like a sap, but he was the most beautiful man i had ever seen. And well, now we're here, mated and pregnant with our first pup on the way. We didn't meet in the best of the occasions but we turned out okay so there's that."

Underhill was a talker, it seemed.

But Magnus did think that his mate did well for himself. He managed to run away from Magnus and even found a mate to keep himself safe.

No wonder no-one was able to find him sooner. But Magnus was nothing if not a dedicated man.

"Well, I'm sorry that he.... lost his mate like that but he has you now to look after him. He's a lucky man." His voice was emotionless at best.

"Not as lucky as I am. He's the best man. And now he's given me a purpose in life. A family of my own. I couldn't be happier."

Magnus just replied with a tight smile that didn't touch his eyes in the least.

"Actually that's why i wanted to meet you Father. I'm a little religious man and, if you'd be so kind, i would like your blessing. For my mate and the child." Underhill told him.

"I'll be honoured", he said impassively.

Finally, he talked about taking me to him. Magnus thought maliciously. Impatience turning its coils in his chest, making it hard to breath. His mate was just in the other room and he wanted nothing more than to go there and just....

Actually he didn't know what he'd do next.

Will he come with him or will he refuse him? Will he have to force him to come cause there is no way he's leaving him?

There's no way he's going back alone.

There is no chance that he can refuse Magnus.

Magnus won't alow it.

6 months

It has been 6 months since he ran away.

Ran from Magnus

From his True Mate

Loneliness was killing Magnus now. And no matter what happened, he would have his mate with him.

They can solve their problems later.

It's about time his Mate came home .

But what of the child that was on the way?

What of Underhill...?

If it were upto Magnus he'd have Underhill out of the way. Most preferably not breathing. But his mate was nothing if not soft hearted bean. Magnus chuckled internally at the thought.

If a little less bloodshed is all it takes to keep his mate from leaving then maybe Magnus should give it a thought. But deep down he also knew he couldn't promise such things to his mate, given his line of work and all.

Magnus sighed internally.

Guess he'll just have to ask his mate when he sees him, since he's the one who brought Underhill in between them.

He followed Underhill out of the room who was now headed to the longest set of stairs Magnus had ever seens. Underhill stopped in front of a door on the first story and knocked.

"Baby. Father's here for the blessings. Can we come in?"


He hates nicknames.

Just one more thing that you don't know about me nor do you care enough to know. A voice that sounded like his mate shouted in his head. He winced at the memory. His mate had looked at the verge of crying that day when Magnus had called him a self-righteous asshole.

Not one of his finest moments.

I'm going to say sorry for that one first. He decided.

After he has taken his mate with him.

Back to their home.

"Come in".

That voice.....

He'd recognise that voice anywhere.

That was him....

That was his mate.....

All his senses went haywire as he forgot how to breath.

Underhill opened the door and the scent hit him.

Mate, My Mate

His brain short-circuited and he stood aloof in the doorstep.

"Come in, Father."

Underhill must have mistaken his stupification for hesitation and invited him in.

As in a trance, he stepped inside the room.

He was there.

On the bed.

On clean white sheets.

He looked perfect if not a little pale.

He had not yet looked at him, he was looking at Underhill.

Then he turned to Magnus.

The world must have stopped moving cause that was what Magnus felt like. All his senses hyperaware of his mate's presence and his eyes on him.

And then he saw him go still, rigid, staring unblinkingly at him. He felt his breathing harshen and his eyes go unfocused.

He saw him move his right hand move to his abdomen. To his Pregnant belly.

Jealously coiled his insides like never before.

It was not his child that he was carrying.

"Baby, it's Father Clark that i told you about. He's here to bless our pup".

Sweet, oblivious Underhill, who was yet to notice the sudden rigidity that had grasped his mate, chanted happily.

Magnus saw his mate's eyes shift to Underhill at that and suddenly it was enough to break his trance. He looked back at Magnus and when their eyes locked again, Magnus saw something in them he never wished his mate to feel when he saw him, Fear.

Fear for his unborn child?

Fear for Underhill?

Fear for his own self?

Magnus didn't know, but he was hit by an urge to soothe him. To tell him not to worry. To tell him.... Not to fear. Not to fear Him.


His mate whispered through wide eyes stuck on Magnus.

"Are you feeling alright baby. You know you don't have to do this if you don't want to."

Underhill was by his mate's side in a second and perhaps thought that his pale face_ from shock_ was ill health. Bless the man's innocence.

The words seemed to bring His mate out of his trance. His big hazel eyes suddenly seemed to realize a Lot of things altogether.

Magnus had found him.

He couldn't run from him even for his life.

He was stuck.

He was stuck and he was pregnant.

His unborn baby.

Magnus was a merciless man.



He'll kill Underhill. Magnus will kill Underhill.

He had to protect his child and Underhill.

So he did the only thing he could think of at the moment.

He moved to Magnus and fell on his knees.

"Please don't"

Fresh tears clouded his eyes.

If Underhill dies today then his death will be on his hands.

"Please don't kill him. I beg of you", he choked.

Magnus knees wobbled and he fell beside his mate and took his trembling hands in his hands.

That was a mistake.

They both gasped at the contact and their eyes froze over eachother.

There were tears tracking his mate's handsome face. Magnus didn't like the pain in his mate's eyes at all. He wanted it all gone.

"I won't", his wide eyes stared at his mate's.

"I won't. I won't. I won't." He chanted gaspingly as he placed his forhead against his mate, holding his mate's face in his hands.

His mate's eyes flutter closed and he released a shaking breath.

It had been such a long time since he had seen his mate's face this close. Such a long time since he had held his face in his hands. He was beautiful. Pure. Innocent. Perfect.

Then he remembered why he was here in the first place.

"If you decide to come back home with me".

His mate's eyes snapped open. They were still that beautiful shade of ethereal blue that had taken Magnus' heart in shackles since day one and had never let go since.

He felt his mate sag. Felt him go through a series of emotions that were too complicated for him.

Then he looked at Underhill and Magnus felt his resolve crumble. His hands fell from his mate's face.

"Just don't touch Underhill", his mate said with downturned eyes. He wasn't looking at him anymore.

"What the hell is going on? Do you two know eachother?" They heard Underhill's confused voice but both were too focused on eachother to reply him.

Jealousy hit Magnus on his mate's words like never before. He saw red.

"Why. You love him so much that can't fathom even the smallest of the pain falling on him. He can't keep you as his mate same as you can't while I'm here and you know this",he growled.

His mate looked at him with wide eyes.

"He told you", he whispered.

"Of course he did. The man's so in love with you, has practically been gushing his undying love for you from the moment I stepped inside this hell hole. But not anymore, you either come with me willingly or I'll take you by force. And i swear you won't like it", he growled holding his mate firmly. He faintly processed the fact that there were probably going to be bruises later on his mate's arms where he was holding him.

His mated released a very low whining sound from his throat. Probably due to Magnus' bruising grip on his arm.

"That's enough. Take me your hands off my mate." Underhill was suddenly beside them and Magnus had urge to kill him right then and there.

"Underhill, no stop." Before Magnus could say anything his mate was between Underhill and him.

"Babe, what the...?" Underhill looked at his mate, confused.

"Underhill, remember that time when I told you that my mate was dead". Magnus saw his mate talking in a calm voice to Underhill and smirked but no one was looking at him. Underhill was too focused on his mate.

"Yes I remember he died in a car crash. But....", Underhill sounded confused as if he couldn't understand what was going on.

"I lied. This man, he's not Clark. His name's Magnus, and he.... he's.... he is my true mate. And it's time I go with him." He sounded breathless, like a man who had given up on everything in his life.

Underhill suddenly felt his ground shifting. His mate. Lied to him. Used him. For what. To get away from a man.

No, not a man, His True Mate. His mind supplied helpfully.

But if the man was his True mate, then why was he running from him.


"I'm sorry".

"But....this means that you and I....", Underhill gasped and Magnus felt sorry for the man caught in all that drama.

"I'm sorry...", He repeated with tears that were ready to be spilled but won't come out.

"My baby, my pup...", Underhill was hyperventilating now.

He gasped and the trears in his blue eyes broke borders and ran freely on his face.

Magnus' patience ran out here.

"Alright that's enough. We're leaving now."

He pulled his mate to his feet. His eyes focused on the sudden appearance of a mating bite on His mate's neck.

Magnus' lip thinned and a growl escaped his lips as he gritted his jaw.

He pulled his mate to the door. The man allowed himself to be pulled with no resistance at all, like a man lost to the waves in a vast ocean.

They had barely reached the stairs when they heard a growl behind them.

"No. I won't let you take my pup and my mate like that. HE CHOSE ME. You let him go Right Now." It seemed Underhill had finally understood what was going on.

Magnus turned to face the man with his canines out. Underhill was in no state of control. He was sweating and hyperventilating. His canines showed and talons looked ready to tear Magnus apart. The Alpha in him was ready to do whatever it took to keep his mate with him.

Magnus growled at the sight as Underhill attacked him and tackled him to the floor.

Magnus didn't want to hurt the man, so he mainly focused on defending himself, but a wince left him nonetheless when his back hit the beginning of stairecase.

"Undehill let him go", He heard his mate shout.

Underhill turned to the said man with fiery red eyes. He held the man by the neck.

"You bitch. You destroyed my life"!

"Underhill, stop.... You're suffocating me", he choked as he tried to get himself out of Underhill's grip on his neck by using his hands to get Underhill's arms away from him, but it was futile. His pushes looked like mere pats against the werewolf's anger-issued strength.

Underhill didn't seem to care anymore.

"Get the fuck off him", Magnus pushed the man off his mate.
But he miscalculated and Underhill lost his footing on the stairs and went straight down.

"Are you alright", Magnus asked his mate whose whole face was red and was coughing badly.

"Underhill", he rasped out.

The man pulled himself to his feet and was ready to fly down the stairs when a grip on his forearm stopped him. Magnus was staring on Underhill's body from his post up the stairs. Underhill had fell face down and was not moving.

"Oh God, oh God", his mate whispered and hurriedly ran down the stairs. Magnus followed him.

His mate pulled Underhill's head in his lap and looked for signs of life while Magnus stood attentive to any move by the unconscious body.

"He's not breathing", his mate whispered.

"What?", Magnus quickly fell to his knees and looked for pulse.

Sure enough, the man was dead.

"I killed him. Oh my god, oh my god i killed him."

His mate was going into shock.

"Hey, hey hey.... Look at me. It wasn't your fault that the man slipped."

His wide eyed mate stared at him.

"He's dead", he whispered.

"Yes. And we have to leave before anyone comes up."

"We can't leave him here"

"We have to go. Think of your baby. I can't protect you here if someone comes looking".

This seemed to bring his mate to his senses and he was quickly on his feet, following Magnus to his car parked outside.

Magnus opened the front door for him but he barely seemed to notice.

Magnus came around to sit in the driving seat and put on his seatbelts.

And then it hit him.

He had him back.

He had his mate back.

He wasn't looking at him instead still looking up front, but he was there.

Magnus held his mate's hand in his hand.

He turned his wide eyed stare to him and seemed to calm down a little by looking at him.

Magnus started the car engine, still mesmerized by his mate.




"Let's go home, Alexander."