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love you through the better days

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Jimin groans as soon as his alarm blares in his bedroom. He rolls on his bed, stretching his arms to turn off the stupid thing.


As much as Jimin loves his work, he absolutely despises waking up early. But there's nothing he can do since the bank where he works at opens at 9 in the morning.


He gets up and rubs the sleep off his eyes, getting ready for work.


Jimin works as a bank teller. When he was a child, he developed a particular affection for Mathematics. He'd always ace the subject and join math quiz bees and win all sorts of medals. 


He's been working at the bank for almost a year. His seniors say he's an amazing bank teller because of his wonder personality. Jimin has always been good with socializing. 


Jimin gives himself a bright smile at his reflection on the mirror as he ties his navy blue necktie. He neatens his blonde hair and makes a thumbs up. 


He makes himself a sandwich and decides to bring it with him and eat it while he walks to work. Jimin prefers walking to work rather than taking the bus or a cab, since he lives in the city and the bank is just around 10 minutes away from his apartment.


Jimin eats his sandwich as he walks to work. He makes sure to give everyone he makes eye contact with a smile, so that they'd start their day with a smile.


Jimin finishes his sandwich as he takes a turn to the bank. He straightens his white button up shirt before he enters the bank. 


"Good morning, Mr. Lee!" Jimin greets their security guard.


Mr. Lee chuckles and gives Jimin a salute. "Good morning, Jimin-ssi!"


Jimin puts his bag in their lockers and his co-workers enter the employees room. "Hey Jimin!"


"Hey, good morning!" Jimin greets them, closing his locker. 


"Another boring day ahead." Shiwoo, his workmate, groans.


"I don't think counting money is boring." Jiwoon shrugs, grinning.


"I love counting money too!" Shiwoo frowns. "But I always get those rude old people who I need to talk slowly to about opening accounts."


Jimin and Jiwoon laugh at that. 


"Well, Jimin here is such a kind soul." Jiwoon puts his hand on Jimin's back. "No one is ever rude to him."


"So you're saying I'm not a kind soul? Ouch." Shiwoo playfully puts his hand against his chest.


"I think you're a kind soul, Shiwoo." Jimin giggles. 


"He is. But only deep deep down." Jiwoon laughs. 


Shiwoo launches to Jiwoon and the two playfully wrestle each other and Jimin laughs at them.


Their supervisor enters the room and the 3 of them straighten up and greet her in unison. She nods, and crosses her arms against her chest.


She starts assigning everyone to their respective areas and she turns to Jimin. "Park, Teller 3."


"Yes Ma'am." Jimin answers.


As soon as she leaves, they hurry on to their assigned areas. Jimin sits comfortably in his area, and starts making sure everything is in place on his table.


As they wait for the bank to open at exactly 9am, Jimin's phone rings. He jumps a little on his seat and grabs his phone from his pocket before his supervisor could scold him for not keeping his phone silent.






"Taetae," Jimin pouts. "I'm at work!"


"Oh come on, the bank doesn’t open ‘til 9."


"Still." Jimin lowers his voice. "You know how my supervisor is."


"Oh yeah. Maybe she’s on the verge of a menopause, you know?"


Jimin snorts and immediately covers his mouth. "Tae!"


"What? Just wondering."


Jimin shakes his head fondly. "Why are you calling, anyway?"


"Oh, right! Let’s have lunch together today! Please?”


Jimin pouts. "Well, I don't know.. the bank might have a lot of people coming in today, our supervisor might not issue a lunch break."


"Then someone will replace your spot. Please? It’s just an hour. Plus, it’s a Tuesday. Nothing really happens on a Tuesday!”


Jimin chews on his lower lip. "Fine."


"Yay! I can’t wait to see you! I’ll fetch you, don’t worry.”


"Okay, okay. I gotta go now. The bank is opening."


"Alright. Bye Minie, love you."


"Love you." Jimin smiles and quickly ends the call and pockets his phone, just in time for the bank to open.


Taehyung was actually right about Tuesdays being boring. There weren't a lot of customers and their cue numbers were only up to a hundred.


At around 11 in the morning, the bank was almost empty. There were only about 8 customers inside. Jimin was sure his supervisor would issue a lunch break since the bank wasn't busy.


The entrance doors burst open and Jimin slightly jumps in his seat once again, surprised. 


5 people enter the bank with black masks on and firearms. They block and lock the entrance doors and look around the bank. 


The security guard, Mr. Lee, who was outside, was probably knocked down by now since they got in.


Jimin whimpers in his seat and slowly sinks down but the criminals point their big guns at them. 


"Everyone on the ground, now!" one of them shouts scarily. "Here, where we can see you!"


Jimin flinches but waits 'til someone moves. 


The other 2 starts moving towards them and start dragging the people to the center of the bank. Everyone, including their supervisor and the accountants at the back.


Jimin hurriedly makes his way to the middle, afraid that they'd shoot him if he doesn't. He's shaking so bad. 


"Wait. You."


Jimin freezes and he shuts his eyes tight. 


This is it. This is how I die. He thinks. And I'm going to die single.


He slowly puts his hands in the air and turns around, facing the criminals.


But they quickly lower their firearms as soon as he faces them. From the holes in their eyes and mouth, Jimin is sure they looked scared or like they've seen a ghost.


"Fucking hell," One of them murmurs. "We fucked up."


The tall one of them turns to the shorter one and hits him on the head. "You didn't do a fucking background check?!"


"I-I did!"


"Then why the hell is he here?!" They point to Jimin.


Jimin frowns, his hands still in the air. Do they know him?


“Oh my god, boss is definitely going to kill us.” the one guarding the exit said. “That’s gotta be him.”


“His name plate even says his name.” the other one says. “That is him.”


“Uh..” Jimin clears his throat. “D-do you know me?”


The tall one sighs and walks towards him and Jimin almost whimpers again. He grabs Jimin by the arm but he does it carefully, like he’s afraid Jimin might get hurt.


“What are you all looking at!” the short one snaps at the other bank workers who were just watching the commotion. The tall one brings him to the side, somewhere safe and isolated. 


“P-please don’t hurt them.” Jimin pleads. “Or me.”


“Look, I won’t hurt you. I’d be dead if I do.” He says. “Just stay here while we rob your bank.”


“Why are you afraid to hurt me?” 


The tall guy shrugs. “You’re important to our boss.” 


“Your boss? Who’s your boss?” Jimin frowns. 


“Choi! The police are coming!” the one at the door says. “We haven’t gotten the exact money yet!”


The tall one next to Jimin, who seems to be Choi, pinches the bridge of his nose. “Right.” He turns his back to Jimin. “Jeon is definitely going to kill us now.” he mumbles and walks back to the safe.


Jimin gasps. Jeon? It can’t be.


The criminals grabs all the money they can get and quickly flees the area before the police could arrive. Jimin approaches his co-workers who seem to be shaken by the incident.


“Are you okay?” He asks softly, making sure everyone was alright.


The police burst in and scan the area. Some police start helping them out of the bank. Jimin’s mind is afloat while the policeman guides him out of the bank.


“Jimin! Oh god!”


Jimin turns to the voice and he sees a worried Taehyung running towards him. The policeman lets go of him and Taehyung brings him in a tight embrace. “Oh thank god you’re alright.” 


“I’m fine, Tae. They didn’t hurt me.” Jimin whispers. 


“Are you sure?” Taehyung frowns. “Let’s get you to the medic.”


“No, I’m okay Tae. I promise.” Jimin gives his best friend a small reassuring smile.


“Mr. Park?”


Jimin turns to the 3 approaching policemen with notepads in their hands. “The other witnesses say that the criminals were talking to you. Is it okay if we ask you some questions?”


Jimin clears his throat and stands straight. “Uh, sure..”


“What did they exactly say to you?”


“Just something about me being familiar.” Jimin answers. 


“Hmm. Is that it?” The policeman asks.


“Yeah.” Jimin gulps. “Yeah that’s it.”


“Alright. Thank you Mr. Park.” They give him a nod and walk to the other witnesses around.


“What was that? The criminals were talking to you?” Taehyung asks with wide eyes.


Jimin grabs Taehyung’s wrist. “Let’s go to lunch.”


“You still wanna have lunch? I can take you home—“


“I need to talk to you about something.” Jimin whispers.


“Oh. Oh okay.” Taehyung blinks and guides Jimin to his car.


As Taehyung drives, Jimin stares at the window and keeps repeating the name he heard. It can’t be. 


“Tae,” Jimin turns to his best friend. “I wasn’t completely honest to the police.”


“I noticed.” Taehyung glances at him. “What is it, Min?”


“I.. they were afraid to hurt me Tae. They were implying that if I get hurt, their boss would kill me.”


“Woah,” Taehyung grips the steering wheel. “So their boss knows you?”


Jimin chews on his lower lip. “I don’t think their boss just knows me, Tae.”


“What do you mean?”


“Their boss. I think their boss is Jungkook.”


Taehyung steps on the breaks and the two of them launch forward, and Jimin silently thanks his seatbelt. “Tae!”


“Jungkook?! Your ex-boyfriend-that-was-the-love-of-your-fucking-life Jungkook?!”


“Y-yes I think so!” Jimin blinks. “It’s just.. one of the men mumbled Jeon is going to kill us or something like that.”


“Are you sure it was Jeon? It might be Don or John.”


“It’s gotta be Jeon, Tae. It also makes sense.”


“That your ex boyfriend runs a crime syndicate?”


“No, that he wants me safe.” Jimin answers softly. 


“Oh my god. I always thought Jungkook was going to be some global athlete or a photographer, an artist or even maybe a business man. But running a crime syndicate? What the fuck.”


“I gotta go visit him.”


“You gotta what?!” Tae’s eyes widens. “Are you crazy?”


“He won’t hurt me.” Jimin says confidently.









Jungkook was absolutely furious. 


“I just have one rule. One very important fucking rule.” He says through gritted teeth. “Yet you broke it.”


“H-he wasn’t hurt, boss. W-we promise.” Seojoon stutters.


Jungkook laughs sarcastically. “Of course he wasn’t hurt. You’d all be dead right now if he was. Even just a tiny bit.”


The five men flinch at that. 


Jungkook pinches the bridge of his nose. “I always, always, remind every single one of you to avoid being in the same area as Jimin. Don’t hurt him, scare him.. but you idiots go on and rob the bank he’s working in. Can’t you tell how fucking mad I am?”


The five of them bow their heads and stay silent.


“Get out of my sight.” Jungkook clenches his jaw. “I won’t let this slide. You scared Jimin. My Jimin.”


“S-sorry boss.” they mumble and leave the room, pushing each other. 


Jungkook sighs and puts his hands on the table. Two figures enter the room and Jungkook looks up.


“I’ve never seen you this mad. You always kept your cool.” Hoseok grins.


“It’s Jimin, isn’t it?” Namjoon puts a glass and a bottle of wine on the table.


Jungkook sighs and sits on the swivel chair. “He was probably scared, hyung. And it’s my fault.”


“Nah, don’t be hard on yourself JK.” Hoseok shakes his head. “You did your best to make sure Jimin was safe from your doings or from anything, really.” 


“It’s not your fault those morons can’t follow your rule.” Namjoon says as he pours wine in the glasses. 


“When I found out, I just wanted to hurt them.” Jungkook clenched his jaw. “How dare they scare my Jimin?”


“Your Jimin, huh?” Hoseok teases.


Jungkook ignores him and grabs a glass of wine and gulps it down.


“If you still love him Kook, why don’t you reconcile with him?” Namjoon asks.


Jungkook chuckles. “Hyung, I lead a crime syndicate. It’s like I’m the devil and Jimin.. he’s an angel. Pure and genuine.”


“You can just try.” Hoseok shrugs.


“I don’t want him to be with me.” Jungkook answers sternly. “He’ll be my weak point. Even now he’s my weak point.” He stands up. “I’m leaving. Update me about the shipments tomorrow.” and he walks out of the room, not turning back to his two hyungs.


He drives home in his black Bugatti, thinking about how his angel was frightened earlier. Jungkook can’t stand the picture of Jimin frightened in his head.


Jungkook missed Jimin. He always did. 


He and Jimin were in a relationship in high school and some parts of college. They were together when Jungkook was in the 9th grade and Jimin was in the 11th. 


When Jungkook got to college, Jimin was already in his 3rd year. They didn’t go to the same university so they were slowly drifting apart. 


But Jungkook knew Jimin still held on to their relationship. Jimin would bring ramen when he visited Jungkook’s apartment, just to see his boyfriend.


But Jungkook broke up with Jimin when he found out about his family. Jungkook’s father led the crime syndicate and Jungkook was next in line.


Jungkook didn’t want to lead some crime syndicate. He wanted a normal life, with Jimin. He wanted to become a director or a photographer, travel the world with Jimin, but that thought was far away now.


Apparently Jungkook had no choice but to lead the crime syndicate. It was his father’s dying wish and the organization would crumble to pieces if a Jeon didn’t lead it. 


Jungkook wouldn’t have given a flying fuck about it but he forgot that it was a crime syndicate. They’d go lengths for Jungkook to accept the position.


Being a son of a crime syndicate leader was bad. Even though he didn’t accept the position, his life was still in danger, and so was his mother’s and everyone he loved. That included Jimin. 


He broke up with Jimin so that he won’t be connected to him anymore. His angel would be safe. 


Jungkook, being devastated about breaking up with Jimin, gave in and accepted the position his father owned before. 


Lost in his thoughts, Jungkook didn’t notice he reached his home soon enough. He loosens his tie as he walks to the kitchen and he looks through his refrigerator. 


He grabs the vanilla flavored ice cream and sits on one of the counter stools to silently eat his ice cream.


Jungkook is halfway finished when he hears the doorbell echo around his two story modern house. Jungkook frowns but gets up anyway.


It must be Namjoon and Hoseok hyung. Jungkook thinks. So he lazily walks to the door and opens it in a swift.


“Hyung I said tomorrow—“




Jungkook’s heart stills. He whips his head and sees Jimin, standing right in front of him. He was wearing a white long sleeves Chanel sweater and pants. His blonde hair is slightly disheveled from the night air. 


“Jimin-ssi.” Jungkook blinks. “You’re.. here.”


“Yeah.” Jimin chews on his lower lip, a habit when he’s scared or nervous. “I asked Tae to pull some strings to find out where you live.”


Jungkook hides his hands behind his back and tries to pinch himself. “O-oh. Okay, uhm, do you need something?”


“I actually wanted to talk to you.” Jimin gives him a small smile. “If it’s okay, of course.”


Jungkook opens his mouth to speak but Jimin places his thumb on the corner of his lips and rubs it gently.


Jungkook stares at Jimin and Jimin must’ve noticed because he immediately pulled his hand away. His full cheeks immediately turn into a shade of red. “I-I’m sorry, t-there was some smudge.. I.. it was—“


“It’s okay hyung.” Jungkook answers and opens the door wider. “Come in.”


“Thank you.” Jimin says softly.


Jungkook closes the door and they walk towards the living room. Jungkook goes to the kitchen to get some of the left over lasagna he had and heated it up.


He took deep breaths before he want back to Jimin. He found Jimin roaming around the living room.


“Your house is amazing. It looks really familiar though.”


Jungkook freezes. Oh. Oh no. 


Jungkook’s house now was the house he and Jimin had imagined when they were still together. When Jungkook had enough money, he hired the best engineers and architects to make their dream home.


“This.. this was our dream home.” Jimin mumbles as he stares at the staircase. He turns to Jungkook with wide eyes. 


“What did you want to talk about hyung?” Jungkook hurries to change the subject.


Jimin’s eyes soften. “I just wanted to ask how you were.”


“Well I’m okay.”


“What do you do now?” 


“I run a business.”


“I know what you do, Kook.”


Jungkook crosses his arms. “Excuse me?”


“The robbery earlier..” Jimin starts. Jungkook flinches. “They were careful around me like I was expensive porcelain. And they said their boss would kill them if they hurt me.”


Jungkook stayed silent.


“Their boss.. I heard them say it was Jeon. Is it..” Jimin took a step forward. “you?”


Jungkook sighs. “Yes.” 


Jimin stays silent and stares at him blankly. Jungkook’s heart starts breaking slowly. Is Jimin disappointed? Angry? Disgusted?


“I run a crime syndicate.” Jungkook says. “I’m a bad person, I know.”


Jimin still says silent but his eyes start to water.


“You left me because you wanted to protect me.” Jimin softly says, realizing it now.


Jungkook sighs. “Jimin, I’d never ever want to hurt you. I will always hate myself about what happened earlier. I’m so sorry.”


Jimin shakes his head. “Jungkook.. it’s not your fault.”


“I’m a crime syndicate, Jimin. You don’t understand—“


Jimin chuckles shakily. “You think I’d immediately hate you? You’re acting like I don’t know you, Kook. Like I never loved you.”


“Nothing’s still gonna change the fact that I run a crime syndicate, Jimin.”


Jimin‘s lips start trembling. “You’re always like this. You always take care of me but you never let me take care of you.”


Jungkook sighs. “Just let me protect you. Please. And to protect you, I need to stay away from you.”


“No,” Jimin answers shakily.




Jimin stands straight. “No. I don’t want to.”


Jungkook slowly approaches the small figure standing with him in the living room. Jimin stands stall, chin high with tear stained cheeks.


“You’re afraid of me.”


“I will never be.”


“I might hurt you.”


“You will never.”


Jungkook wipes away the tears from Jimin’s cheeks. “Why do you sound so sure?”


“Because you love me so much.” Jimin answers, holding Jungkook’s hand on his cheek.


“I do.” Jungkook whispers.


Jungkook rests his forehead against Jimin’s. Jimin cups Jungkook’s face with his small hands.


“I don’t want you to get hurt Jimin. I’d never forgive myself. I’d go insane if I lose you forever.” Jungkook whispers painfully.


“Shhh,” Jimin pressed a soft kiss on the tip of Jungkook’s nose.


Jungkook puts his hands on Jimin’s hips and pulls him closer, afraid to let him go.


“You’re the only one I’d get down on my knees for.” Jungkook confesses.


“Do you like your job?”




“Leave it.”


“Jimin. I can’t just do that.” Jungkook sighs. 


“Promise me you will. Maybe not now, but you will.”


Jungkook takes a deep breath and presses a kiss against Jimin’s forehead. “Alright. Not now, but I will.”


“And when you will, you’ll come back to me.” Jimin adds. “I’ll wait for you.”


Jungkook nods. “Okay.”


“You won’t get hurt.”


“I won’t.”


“Okay. I’ll wait for you. I promise.” Jimin whispers. 


Jungkook nods, leaning forward. “I love you so much,” he murmurs and presses his lips against Jimin.


Jungkook had kissed Jimin plenty of times when they were together, but now, it feels like the first time. Jimin’s lips were so soft, like the first snowfall, like cotton candy, 


Jimin sighs between the kiss and he eagerly kisses back, pulling Jungkook closer by the neck. 


They kiss until the can, like they’re both drowning in each other’s kisses. They let go of each other, staring into each other’s eyes, both out of breath.


“I love you,” Jimin whispers lovingly. “I still do. I always have.”


Jungkook smiles softly. “What did I do to deserve an angel like you?”


Jimin smiles and leans in again for another heated kiss.





— ♡




Jimin yawns as he waits for another customer to approach his teller but it was yet another Tuesday. He’s been working in a new bank for 7 months now. 


Tuesdays were dull for all banks, he concludes.


Jimin is startled awake when the doors burst open, and the scene just seemed so familiar.


“Everyone in the middle where we can see you! Now!”


Everyone scrambles to move to the center, including Jimin. 


The back door opened and a tall man enters, wearing a mask with a rabbit painted on it. The man was wearing an expensive suit. 


“You,” he points to Jimin. “Show me the safe.”


“O-okay..” Jimin hurries to stand up and the rabbit masked man grabs his arm and let’s Jimin guide him to the safe area.


As soon as they enter the room alone, the rabbit masked man let’s go. Jimin turns to him. Jungkook removes his mask and runs his fingers through his long wavy hair.


“What in the world are you doing?!” Jimin whispers angrily.


“Relax, I’m not stealing anything. I’m a good boy.”


“This doesn’t look like ‘not stealing’!”


Jungkook chuckles. “I just wanted to see you.”


“You couldn’t do it without initiating a robbery?” Jimin rolls his eyes. “Like, I don’t know, visiting my apartment?”


Jungkook grins and pulls Jimin closer. “I’m going to miss this a little. Just let me be.”


“Wait, what?”


Jungkook shrugs. “Namjoon and Hoseok hyung agreed to take over. I’m going to be free as a bird.”


Jimin’s eyes widened. “Really?”


“Yeah,” Jungkook smiles. “I’m just going to be your regular boyfriend.”


Jimin squeals and pulls him closer for a kiss. He moans as soon as Jungkook starts nipping his lips, and he runs his fingers through Jungkook’s soft hair.


Jungkook starts kissing his neck ang collarbone and Jimin tilts his head. But then he remembers what’s happening and grabs Jungkook shoulder. “Jungkook!”


“Yoongi hyung disabled the security cameras, don’t worry.”


“No, the police will arrive soon!”


“Jin hyung has got it, don’t worry.” Jungkook chuckles.


“You really planned this through.”


“Just to see you, sunshine.”


Jimin frowns and punches him on the shoulder. “You’re scaring my workmates! I have to transfer to another bank again!”


Jungkook just laughs at him.


Jungkook brings him back to the hostage area wearing his mask again. “Let’s go. We got what we needed.” Jungkook says to his men and they flee the area.


Jimin’s co workers approach him and ask if he’s okay and starts comforting him. He feels bad for acting like he’s scared.


Later on, Jimin was outside with the police and his co workers.


Jimin explains to the police that they just dragged him to show them the safe.


“This is odd,” Jimin hears one of the police say. “The bank didn’t lose a single penny.”


“But the witnesses say that the mastermind said that he got what he needed?” another police says.



Jimin leaves the area fetched by a Jungkook who was now wearing casual clothes.