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Angels, you had found, were assholes.

Unnaturally attractive, self-centred little pricks, the lot of them. 

All they did was watch the lives of humans, day in day out, like it was some sort of television programme or something.

“And that is why I died?! Because you were too busy watching it, to do your job?! ” You were slack-jawed in disbelief, standing barefoot before your ‘guardian angel’ in a perfectly good white nightie that had been ruined by dirt and a smear or two of blood. 

You wish you could say you had a cool death, but unless falling from the second story balcony into an empty garden bed was cool, you’d be lying.

The angel chuckled, clapping his hands together softly before walking closer and draping an arm over your shoulders in a failed attempt to placate your rising anger.

“Well, yes, but you know we’re not meant to meddle too much…~” Despite his words, the bastard was openly smiling, and not in the “I’m-sorry-my-negligence-resulted-in-your-death” kind of way either. The screen to your right was playing what you could only describe as a highlight reel of your life, the imagery only feeding into your anger from your peripheral.

“Besides,” He continued quickly when you levelled him with a dark stare, “this isn’t necessarily the end for you!” 

Your tensed shoulders sagged slightly and you blew out a slow breathe as he laughed, rubbing your arm in an over-friendly manner.

“Why didn’t you mention that in the first place, feather boy?! Hurry up and send me back with a sprained neck or something, already!” You had been here for far too long already, and it had taken quite some time for you to even calm down enough to get to this point. 

The whole ordeal had forced you to speed run the five stages of grief, as well as a panic attack. It was terrible, horrible, no-good, and you wanted to go home.

Pulling out of the touchy — and still unnamed — angel’s hold, your spun to face him with arms outstretched and eyes screwed shut.

“Go on, I’m ready. Hurry up!”


Then he laughed .

You cracked open an eye, brows furrowed at his open mockery.

“Ahh… This is why everyone enjoyed watching you..~” His calm voice held an amused lilt as he leaned back on the desk, and you balled your hands into fists, jaw clenching and unclenching apprehensively.

“But I’m afraid I can’t send you back , I can only send you elsewhere .” 

All the courage you had built up evaporated faster than water in the desert.

“Elsewhere-?” Your voice cracked. “What do you mean elsewhere?” 

Sure, your life wasn’t one of fame and glory, it was simple enough, but you’d found your happiness there… It was your life..

The angel seemed to fret over your distress. Despite the lax attitude he displayed, his wings had been quite ruffled during your initial hour or so here as he attempted to mollify your hysteria with soft whispers of your name. Right now the appendages were shuffling, their mottled grey and white feathers sticking up here and there.

“Easy there, poppet, let me explain..” 

You shook your head furiously, scrubbing your cheeks as hot tears began to make their unwanted entrance.

“You-you better have a damn good explanation.” Your glare was watery, but he seemed to get the idea, holding his hands up as a gesture of peace.

“You’re dead in that world, your world. You can’t go back, your spirit wouldn’t be accepted and you’d be bounced right back into my office. But there’s somewhere I can send you, somewhere you’ll love.” You continued to rub away the few traitorous tears that had spilled over as you listened, sniffling slightly.

“Think of it as an apology gift, from me to you.” He extended a hand, palm facing upwards and glowing softly as he smiled, the curve of his lips gentle but his eyes dark and distant. It wasn’t threatening, just uncomfortable.

“Where are you sending me, feathers..?”

“It’s a surprise, poppet,”

Eyes cautiously shifting between the male’s unrelenting visage and his outstretched hand, you took a slow breath. It wasn’t like you had much of a choice. Your choices had been made clear enough. Either stay here in the weirdly corporate office of your indolent guardian angel, or leap headfirst into a new life you had no knowledge of and could very well result in a quick second death.

“Better be a good one…” You mumbled, running a hand through your tangled hair in a poor attempt of righting your disheveled appearance.

Locking eyes with him and his unfazed smile, you reached out and clasped his hand.



I can’t breathe.

Why can’t I breathe?

It’s dark.

Where am I? 

Where did he send me?

You jolted upright, a shuddering gasp filling your lungs with air as you hunched over uncomfortably. Hands patting the surrounding area frantically, you felt soft a duvet folded over on itself as it pooled around your waist. The mattress beneath you was also very comfortable, and your body sunk into it as you moved about the bed.

It’s still dark..

You blinked rapidly, and that’s when you felt it.

Lifting a hand, you snatched off the silken sleep mask. Slivers of sunlight blinded you, and your eyes remained squinted and half closed as you turned the item over in you hand to inspect it’s plain black surface. 

You had never owned one of these before, figured they were reserved for those stereotypical ‘live, laugh, love’ facebook moms…

With a snort of amusement you tossed it aside and blinked blearily at the wooden door facing the bed. Then the cogs started turning.

“Wait a minute-” The words died in your throat, eyes widening in horror. 

“What the hell is wrong with my voice?!” Bolting out of bed, you stumbled over to a mirror hung on the wall. It was slim, tall and rectangular, but in its reflection you could see all of yourself. 

Or rather, all of someone who was very decidedly not you .

You stood taller, shoulders broad and waist slim, although not in the sense you were used to. Lifting a moderately well-built arm, you flexed lightly and watched the muscles beneath the skin tense in a way you’ve never been able to achieve before.

“I don’t know if you can kill angels, but I’m sure as hell about to find out.” The words left your lips in a deep growl, fists clenched furiously.

“Ah, yes… My apologies about the body, it was the best I could find, I hope it’s not a problem..?~” 

Your head snapped up to face the shimmering figure, face twisted in rage. 

The angel stood by the door with a complacent smile that only served to make you see red.

“Not a problem? Not a problem?! You made me a- a-” You couldn’t say it, the shock was still setting in, and saying it out loud would only make it all that more real.

As you floundered for words, the flickering figure stepped back, passing through the door and leaving you to chase after his smug countenance.

“Get back here!” You thundered, storming up to the polished oak and throwing the door wide open after successfully twisting the lock.

“You- You- ” He stood with his hands folded patiently in front of him, a railing behind him. If your vision hadn’t been so tunnelled, you may have recognized the floor you were on, and the view of the living space below.

You silver-tongued, shit-faced, lying, bitch-ass, feathered fuck!” Trembling with animosity, you swung a fist at the angel, only to have it pass through him as he stepped aside, as if mocking your attempt.
“Now, now, poppet-”

“Shut up! I’ve had enough of you!!” A door opened behind you, but you paid it no heed.

“Oh my… I’ve forgotten how frail you humans are when it comes to your vessels… Well, I can’t change it now, remember what I said? Only one life, then you can’t return,” 

Someone was calling out a name you didn’t recognise and you grit your teeth, intending to take another swing at the unperturbed creature. 

He wasn’t even looking at you, at what he had done. 

He had the audacity to look past you.

“Eyes on me, you incorporeal bastard!” 

Taking a step forwards, you were met with something solid. A person.

“Get off me-” You grunted at the sudden contact, trying not to wince at how deep your voice was. 

“Whoa whoa, easy there, Nagata!...” The guy holding you back hand one hand braced against your flat chest, the other gripping your shoulder firmly as you tried to shoulder past him.

“You’re in good hands now, poppet. I’ll see you around…~” The angel bowed, and as he began to fade your struggles increased by tenfold.

“No, no- Get back here, dammit! Let go of me! I need to- He’s- H-he’s-...” The stranger’s grip was unrelenting, and even with the kind of muscle this body had, there was no way you were escaping his hold.

You struggled for a few more seconds after the angel had gone. Only when you realised he wouldn’t be back, did you let your body slump. Finally, you tuned into the voices that filled the corridor.

“What’s happening..?”

“Jesus.. Is he okay?”

“I don’t know, I’ve never seen Nagata-kun lose it like that…”

The last person, a girl, something she said didn’t sit right with you..

Hang on, wait. Kun? Just what in the fresh hell-

“I’m speaking Japanese…” Eyes widening as you stared at the floor, your head spun. Pulling away from the person you’d been leaning on, you whipped your head around to take in the people forming a circle around you.

The faces that greeted you were familiar, but they certainly shouldn’t be here.

No, that wasn’t right, you were the one that shouldn’t be here.

Holy shit… Holy fucking shit….

“Hey man, take it easy..” You turned your head slowly.

“Kirishima…?” The guy who’d been borderline restraining you all of twenty seconds ago now stood across from you, his hands raised with the palms facing you, making a placating motion.

And by god if he wasn’t as gorgeous with his hair down in reality as the internet made him out to be. The animation could never hope to do him justice.

“You okay?..” The aforementioned teen spoke carefully, and you swallowed thickly. He was at least giving you space, which you appreciated, several other students of U.A.’s infamous Class 1-A remaining nigh silent as they watched the exchange with bated breath.

You tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife.

“I… Yeah, yeah…” You nodded, hands running through your short hair as you glanced around.

“I’m sorry, about that- I- Christ.. Fuck- I’m sorry-” 

Today has been the absolute fucking worst.

Voices travelled up the stairs and you turned quickly enough to warrant someone steadying you. You glanced over to see a blond with mid-length hair that had yet to be brushed. It took a moment to register, but the lightning bolt gave it away.


A quick once over of his odd hair pattern and you turned back around before it got weird.

Turns out it was a part of his hair. The individual strands just, did that .

“What the hell is going on here?”

There was no way you could mistake that droning voice. 

A grumpy Aizawa was all fun and games, until he was glowering down at you in the flesh. 

And dear lord did the man look like death warmed up with those dark circles beneath his eyes.

You opened your mouth, but nothing came to mind. No believable excuse or reason. 

It’s not like I can just go ahead and confess that I’m not whoever owned this body, and that an incompetent angel with a flair for reality TV unceremoniously stuffed me in it after letting me fall to my death...

The rest of the class had their eyes on you, they wanted to know just as much, you supposed.



Oh.. Nagata was you .

Mind racing, you mentally skimmed through ever reader-insert fanfiction you’d ever read on this scenario, and came up with the best possible solution to your dilemma.

It was clear they knew you.

And you knew them.

The only issue was…

“Who am I?”

You didn’t know yourself.

You’d been thrown into a situation every fangirl could dream of. Living in the world of your favourite anime, surrounded by incredibly and unfairly good-looking anime guys.

Only, this was unlike all those reader-insert fanfictions that you’d spent late nights blushing and awwing over, the ones in which the reader was able to woo those wonderful characters thanks to outside knowledge.

No, this was the worst possible outcome of the best possible situation.

Because, unlike in all those reader-insert fanfictions, you too were an incredibly and unfairly good-looking anime guy.