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all due respect

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Seokjin fidgets nervously in his bed, he knows his heat his approaching, soon. Unluckily for him, the only Alpha in the dorm was their youngest Jungkook, who just presented as an Alpha a while ago. The other members was out taking a holiday or buried in their in studio, and Seokjin can't care less other than the fact they're not here to help with his heat.


"Jinnie, are you going into heat?" Seokjin hears Jungkook opening the door to his room. He looks back to see the Alpha peering his face inside.


'Fuck,' Seokjin thinks. His omega is sensing an Alpha near him and he can feel his body heating, red creeping up his chest up to his neck to his face. His body feels prickly and tense.


"How many times have I told you to call me hyung?" Seokjin bristles. After presenting, Jungkook has come to call him only by his name, and it was a cause of conflict between them to the point that they stopped talking to each other a while ago. This was the first time they've ever interacted again after their last fight. Him being an omega shouldn't make Jungkook respect him any less, or change the order of their age, Seokjin thinks.


Jungkook only shrugged to Jin's scolding, to Seokjin's annoyance.


"You are, right?" he asks Seokjin again, more just to affirm something he already knows, because Seokjin's pre heat smell has been sweetly invading the dorm for quite some time now.


"Yeah.. uh, can you please go and close the door Kookie?" Seokjin forces the words out of him, distracted by the pain of the incoming heat.


"Hey," Instead of listening to his words, Jungkook opens the door wider and steps inside.


"Jinnie, I can help you know," he said.


The fire inside Seokjin flares up. Jungkook is so close, clearly, he's aroused by Seokjin's smell, Seokjin can tell by the smell of Alpha arousal up in the air and choking up his nose.


"No," Seokjin shakes his head. "It's okay, I can do this by myself,"


"Please hyung, I insist," Jungkook said, crawling into the bed where Seokjin is seated. His words sound benign, but Jungkook's eyes doesn't betray any of his intentions, it was burning with lust, boring into Seokjin's.


Seokjin feels his body burning, his chest rising up and down with excitement. He can feel himself getting so wet. He's sure he is in full heat now.

"No, you just presented, Jungkook. We.. we really shouldn't do this," Seokjin stuttered as Jungkook slowly pushed him to lay down on the bed and crawled slowly over him, dwarfing his body with his bigger figure.


Ever since Jungkook presented, he had grown to be bigger than Seokjin, making him feel small and helpless encased underneath the Alpha.


"Why not?" Jungkook smirked, sniffing at Seokjin's long, exposed neck. Nosing at his nape, breathing in heavily the sweet smell of the omega in heat.


"Hmm, why not?.... Jinnie?" he asked again, hands roaming Seokjin's body over the fabric of his pajamas, feeling, squeezing all to his desire.


Seokjin's hand grasps at Jungkook's wrist, pushing weakly, knowing that he should resist. He really doesn't want the newly presented Alpha to help him with his heat, Jungkook was like a baby to him, yet here he is, groping at Seokjin like he owns him.


"I can smell you're wet Jinnie," Jungkook whispered into his ears, sending shivers down Seokjin's spine. He slowly pulled Seokjin's hand from his wrist with his other free hand, the Omega's hand sliding weakly to the slight tug. Jungkook's now free hands slide lower to his belly before creeping to his private part, making Seokjin gasp in surprise.


"I don't think there's any reason on why I shouldn't help you, right, Seokjinnie?" Jungkook's hand was already on Seokjin's pajama pants, unabashedly massaging his pussy through the fabric and feeling the wetness from within.


Seokjin's glared at him. He was red with both embarrassment and anger, if not for the heat clouding him he would've slap Jungkook for being so inappropriate. But instead his heat addled body hesitated and instead he can feel his vagina pulsing, getting wetter under the warm, big hands cupping it, leaking through his panties and ruining them.


Jungkook smirked, he can both feel and smell Jin's squishy pussy getting wetter as he massage them. They feel exquisite under his hands, even under the fabrics separating his hands and Jin's pussy, he can feel the heat and warmth radiating and it feels so squishy and soft already under his hands that Jungkook can't wait to see them bare.


"Let's get rid of these clothes," Jungkook said, and opened Jin's blue pajama buttons before sliding his pants and boxer off of Jin in one yank.


"Look at you so wet already," Jungkook cooed at the exposed pussy in front of him. It was the first time of him seeing it, and the lips were fat and hairless and glistened with wetness, in between them, the youthful pink flesh winked at him seductively. Of course his hyung's pussy looks even better than porn actors, he thought, feeling his boner grow harder.


Seokjin blushed as Jungkook opened his legs wider, exposing more of his pussy to his eyes.


"This fucking beautiful pussy just begging for it," he slaps Seokjin's red clit, making Seokjin gasp and his hips shake by the sensation. Instead of feeling pain, Seokjin grew more aroused by the Alpha's actions. Jungkook enjoyed the way Jin' fluttering vaginal hole excretes more slick down to the crack of his ass.


"Weren't you the one who keeps saying no, hyung? Why is your pussy getting more wet here?" Jungkook laughed condescendingly, slapping Jin's pussy one more time, this time on the lips, admiring how his hands bounce on the wet smooth skin and how the skin turns red, sending Seokjin's mouth wide open wordlessly from the sensation.


Jin felt so embarrassed and humiliated but at the same time his pussy was wetter than ever, he can feel blood rushing to them and the need for an Alpha knot was beyond what he could handle. The burn on his skin from Jungkook's slap, he wants that again and he bucked his pussy up forward almost unconsciously, whining for some attention. He's pretty sure he is in full heat now, so out of his mind with an equally aroused Alpha playing and touching his body that he can't even say anything anymore.


Jungkook decided that he cannot wait anymore, his dick is so hard now and with Jin's omega in heat pussy right in front of him, he feels like he can pop his knot any moment now.


Jin gazed on blankly as Jungkook slid off the bed to slide his boxer and pants down, revealing his big Alpha cock, making his pussy throb as he saw it. It was the biggest dick he's ever seen and he's quite scared on how it would fit in him. Jungkook climbed back on the bed on top of him and Seokjin let out a gasp as Jungkook, the inexperienced Alpha, directed his cock and slowly entered him with no preparation.


Jin's poor pussy was burning, with how big Jungkook is, it feels like it was filling every space he can possibly offer but his heat addled omega mind tells him that it's so good, it's exactly what his pussy wants and needs.


Meanwhile, Jungkook was panting with pleasure, Jin's little pussy was squeezing him so good and he can't take his eyes off on how Jin's previously tiny hole stretched out around him.


"Fuck, this tiny pussy feels amazing," Jungkook groaned, looking at how Jin's clit jut and pulsed above his cock, begging for attention, but he decided he's not going to play with them for now.


He starts to thrust his cock in and out of the tiny pussy, enjoying the wet sounds from his crotch slapping at Jin's red pussy lips and how his balls bounce on Jin's plump ass.


"Yes, yes please," plead Jin as Jungkook started thrusting, pushing his hips to meet Jungkook halfway in time with his thrusts.


Jungkook shifted his attention to the span of pale flesh before him, and started to appreciate his hyung's beautiful body that looked vulnerable and tiny on the bed with his unbuttoned pajamas. Still thrusting his hips in and out Jin's amazing pussy, he reached out his hands to begin to play with the pretty pink nipples on Seokjin's flat chest and to Seokjin's embarrassment, white liquid started spurting out of his buds.


Jungkook was honestly surprised. He had heard before that some omega lactates when they're in heat but he thought it was a pretty rare occurrence. But his hyung is here leaking milk, right in front of him.


"Hyung, you're lactating? Just as I thought you can get any hotter, fuck," he said in awe.


Jungkook licked his lips before diving in and sucking enthusiastically at the pink nub. It was sweet and runny and was everything he could dream of when imagining an omega's milk, he really can't believe his luck.


He took off his mouth when the milk was running out from one side, licking and nipping excitedly at the pink, pretty nipples before sitting up again.


"This bitch wants my baby so bad you start producing milk early huh?"


Seokjin grew beet red at the comment. "D..don't talk non-sense," he said weakly.


"Aww," Jungkook coos. "Don't worry, let me give you some babies, Seokjinnie," Jungkook grins, thrusting into Jin's pussy hard, hitting his cervix, making him moan Jungkook's name helplessly.


"Fuck, call me hyung," Jungkook said.


"W...what?" Seokjin said in disbelief.


"Call me hyung if you want me to keep moving," Jungkook stops his hips and grins.


"Or I'll pull out and leave you alone," he makes a move as if to pull out and Seokjin's legs immediately wrapped around his waist.


"No! No please," he begs, feeling pathetic and vulnerable, begging for his dongsaeng's cock like this, but he needs that cock, in his pussy. His body is burning and he needs the release that only Jungkook's knot can give him.


"H...hyung," Seokjin mewls shyly. He was so embarrassed, calling his dongsaeng like this, but the burning need in his pussy to be bred is the most important thing to him right now.


"Fuck yess, say it again Jinnie," Jungkook said, smirking.


"Hyung, please fuck me," Seokjin cries, tears welling in his eyes, hips moving on his own, fucking his pussy on Jungkook's cock, begging for him to make a move.


Jungkook slaps his clit again.


"You like that? Our little Seokjinie is a slut isn't he?"


"Y... yes please," Seokjin cries, "H...Hyung... Jungkook-hyung," He said, tightening his pussy on Jungkook's cock, grinding his hips up and down.


Jungkook placed his hands on Jin's hips and assisted him in moving his pussy up and down his cock, his flexible back arching off the bed. His hand slips back and he squeezes at the wide butt his hyung has, relishing at the soft mounds.


"Come on, Jinnie, you can go faster," he said, taunting, slapping his ass hard, feeling them jiggle nicely underneath his hands. He's always liked grabbing and slapping his hyung's ass, but never bare, and obviously not with his cock planted in said hyung's pussy.


Jin could only mewl desperately, he wants to come so bad and he wants Jungkook's knot so bad, but he is so tired from his heat he feels like he can't move anymore.


Jungkook decided to move his hips again, taking pity on Jin who was in heat and start snapping his hips in and out fast, still lifting Jin by his hips.


"A--Ah!" Jin writhes and moans, getting closer to his climax by the sudden increase in speed, and so is Jungkook, whose knot was beginning to form. He increased his pace and looked to Jin's tiny pussy, thrusting harder with each move, trying to jam his knot into the abused, small opening of Jin's pussy.


"Y--Yes please! Knot me! Breed me please!" Seokjin shouts, feeling his pussy slowly gives in to the insistent push of Jungkook's knot, and when it pops in, he cums so hard, pussy pulsing on Jungkook's knot, making his eyes rolled back with the intensity of pleasure he's feeling.


Jungkook also reached his orgasm at the same time as Jin, his knot being massaged by the pussy he's inside of and he released all the seed he has inside his hyung's tiny little womb.



After Jungkook unloads his cum inside his hyung's cunt, his knot softening inside the warmth, Seokjin fidgets, feeling the pooling fullness of Jungkook's sperm filling his belly full. He feels Jungkook's knot soften inside him and the uncomfortable fluid inside him begin to shift without the pressure of the knot plugging his pussy.


"D.. Don't pull out, please," he moans, being needy, his heat induced mind and pussy still wants Jungkook's knot in him.


Suddenly Jungkook starts to pant and growl, startling Seokjin before he feels Jungkook's hips move forward and a hot pressure starting to fill his belly even fuller. He watches in part horror part fascination as he watched Jungkook's face slowly relax as he releases his pee inside Seokjin's warm, cum filled pussy.


Jin is so embarassed that he is getting peed in, that Jungkook, this newly presented Alpha had the gall to pee in him! To mark his pussy from the inside like a base Alpha! Not even the others have yet dared to do this, but instead this young Alpha did it without thinking. But he was too tired and out of his mind to care, and to be honest, he kind of liked it.


Jungkook pulls out his dick , piss still streaming, making cum and piss gush out of Jin's gaping pussy, making Jin gasp when the previously hot liquid was showering his insides and now he can feel it hitting his vagina from outside


Jungkook's stream was still strong, Jin doesn't know how much he possibly drank before, but it wasn't stopping and Jungkook start to aim to his body, scooting forward, encasing Jin's tiny body with his strong thighs and aiming the piss towards his face.


"Fuck, you look so good with my pee, Seokjinnie,"


Seokjin was too tired to even form a slight grimace as the pee hit his face.


"Call me hyung again,"


"Hyung," Seokjin said tiredly as he lets his face get hit by Jungkook's golden piss.


They're just getting started.