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Slytherins Spell

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The Spell 

Tom 1944

Tom Riddle gasped in pain as he awoke from his sleep. 

His body was drenched in sweat and his right arm was burning as though a hot iron was being branded onto his wrist. 

He reached over to his bedside table and grasped his wand casting a silent lumos as he wrenched back his damp sheets and looked down at his wrist. 

Gazing up at him as though they had always been there were three ink black letters and a date.

HJG 1979

He put his wand between his teeth so he was able to see clearly as he reached down with his other hand and ran his pale fingers over the ink, trying without success to rub it away. 

His wrist began to burn even more as he touched the affronted area, noticing for the first time that it was slightly red around the small symbols as though someone had really branded him. 

His brow furrowed. What could it mean? he wondered. He knew of magic tattoos of course, he’d studied them along with all other types of magic, but he’d never heard of a type of magic that appeared on it’s own like this. 

Unless, no, they wouldn’t dare. He knew no one would even dare try and do this to him at Hogwarts. He was leader and heir of Slytherin, feared and respected by all those in his house he knew that none of them would even think of trying their magic on him. He was too powerful.  

He didn’t think any other students at the school would either, not with him being Head Boy and with all of the student population either afraid, jealous or infatuated with him he knew that it couldn’t be a student who had caused this. 

A teacher? He questioned, his brow furrowing even more. He only knew of one teacher that would do something like this to him. 

But what would Dumbledore have to gain from this? He thought, staring down once again at the small symbols. 

After contemplating the endless possibilities of what they could mean and who or what they came from he decided his best bet would be to head to the library tomorrow morning and find out anything he could. 

With a last glance at the symbols, he said a silent Nox before placing his wand once again on his bedside table and laying back down, his eyes staring at the roof of his head boy dormitory before falling into a restless sleep. 


Tom cursed inwardly as he closed yet another dead end book and threw it onto a pile that he had made over the entirety of the desk. He noticed a young Ravenclaw witch turn her nose up at his treatment of the book and glared at her, making her scurry off behind some shelves.  

Over the last few days Tom’s frustration had grown as he had searched through countless books in the library trying to find any information about magically appearing tattoos, but he was unable to find a single source of information in any book to help him figure out what the symbols on his wrist meant. 

He reached for another book in the pile, Wizarding Markings and Runes for Completing Complicated Spells, one of only a few left he hadn’t tried yet. He flicked through the pages ignoring notes on runes and spells used to make specific markings and how to create them. He stopped when he found a small paragraph entitled 

Traditional Wizarding Tattoos 

This is it! He thought eagerly.

'Often it is very uncommon for Wizards and Witches to be seen with tattoos or any other markings as they are considered very much apart of muggle culture. Most Wizards or Witches who are seen with any type of tattoo or rune like marking are often Muggleborn or Half- Blood, or are working on rune magic. Rune markings are often more distinguishable as they mostly cover the chest and back area and are a repeated pattern of runes used for a spell that have been drawn on by the witch or wizard, and thus often disappear once the spell is complete. 

However these tattoos or rune markings are not to be confused with the traditional pureblood custom known as the Soulmate Bond or Soulmate Spell. Which was often cast by traditional pureblood families to ensure their lines did not end. A witch or wizard would cast the spell on a young member of their blood line and when they reached the age of eighteen their soulmates initials would appear on their body as would their own initials appear on their soulmates body. It is unknown what the incantation to cast this spell is as many pureblood families keep it within their own bloodline and often change the spell in some way to be more purposeful such as by bonding the two soulmates together so they will never find love in another only with their Soulmate.' 


Tom slowly looked up from the paragraph that he had just read, and glanced down at where the symbols were hidden beneath his school robes. A soulmate bond? That was his only possible explanation, it all fit except for the part about the date, which puzzled him, as it wasn't for another 35 years. But everything else made sense. Today was the date of his birth. His eighteenth year, and all though he never revealed the date  to anyone, not even his most loyal followers, someone had to know, someone had to have been aware of who he was as they had cast the spell on him when he was an infant if the book was to be taken as fact.

But who? 

His first thought was of his mother, but no he knew that she had died during the first few minutes after child birth, that she had only lived long enough to tell the midwife what his name was. He knew of no one else who could have cast the spell, except...

The book had said that Traditional Pureblood families would often cast the spell on their decedents to ensure the line continued on, so what if it wasn’t his mother who had cast the spell, but instead his original ancestor, Salazar Slytherin himself? 


Quickly he shut the book and jumped up from his table in the library, with a flick of his wrist the books that were on his table got sent back to their places on the shelves and he was off through the door. 

He strode purposefully through the halls, ignoring the stares and whispers and glad that he was so feared and adored that they moved out of the way for him. 

He came to a stop in front of the entryway to the Head Dorms where a portrait of Rowena Ravenclaw and Salazar Slytherin sat side by side, one reading and the other staring at the hall in silent contemplation.


“Password?” Rowena Ravenclaw said without looking up from her book. 


“I’m not here to get in, I need to talk to Salazar Slytherin, it’s about important house information” Tom stated firmly, keeping his voice low so those students still dawdling through the hall didn’t hear him and lag behind to hear what was so important the Head Boy had to talk to a portrait about. 


Salazar didn’t show any indication that he had heard him or was interested to hear what he had to say, just continued on staring into nothing. Tom’s frustration grew, but he knew Salazar had probably spent years dealing with annoying students pestering him about questions he had no interest in, and probably thought Tom was just the same as them, an eager Slytherin student keen to learn some secrets. 


Knowing what he needed to do but frustrated that people were still around Tom turned to the last students in the hallway, two Hufflepuff girls who were leaning against the wall giggling and casting nervous glances at Tom. 

He glared at them eyes narrowing dangerously, “If you two babbling fools do not leave this passage and go to your class I will take 15 points, from each of you” he snapped.

At the look on the Head Boy’s face and the threat of loosing house points they quickly scurried off to their class without another look in Tom’s direction. He waited until he was sure they were out of ear shot and that no one was hiding in the shadows before he spoke to the portrait again. 

“I want to know, did you cast the Soulmate Spell on your bloodline!” He spat in un distinguishable hisses to anyone else that was listening. 


Rowena Ravenclaw’s eyes widened at his use of Parseltounge, as she lowered her book and looked between Salazar and Tom a hint of curiosity in her eyes. Salazar eyes finally locked with Tom as if noticing he was there for the first time. Tom watched impatiently as the old wizards hand came up to his long white beard and began twirling it around his pale fingers. 

It was a moment before he spoke, 

“Rowena leave us, I need to speak with this student alone” he said in horse voice not even looking at Rowena as he spoke, his eyes still fixed with Tom’s as if searching for deception.

Rowena looked as if she was about to protest before she huffed loudly and glared at them both, then closing her book with a loud snap she stood and walked out of the left side of the portrait, Tom saw her striding through the other portraits down the Hall.


“You are a descendant of mine?” Salazar questioned speaking for the first time to Tom and in Parseltounge, his fingers still twisting around his beard in interest. 

“Yes, I am your Heir” Tom hissed back. 

Salazar simply nodded in response, Tom seethed inwardly as he had to repeat his question, not used to having to do so for anyone.

“I want to know if you cast the soulmate spell on our bloodline, and if you altered it in any way?” He questioned, trying to keep his tone as undemanding as possible, knowing that he would get no where if Salazar decided he didn’t like being demanded of.

“Why do you wish to know?” The portrait questioned, eyes narrowing slightly. 

Although most students would be in the Great Hall eating breakfast before class started, Tom looked left and right down the passage way, making sure once again that their were no curious eyes. All he needed was some snivelling Gryffindoor first year to go to Dumbeldore and tell him that they’d seen him speaking parseltounge and he would have Dumbeldore watching his every move even more so than usual.

He held up his right arm and pulled up his sleeve just enough to show his wrist, displaying the small inked symbols to the ancient wizard. 

Salazar smirked stopping his twirling of his beard momentarily.  

It is good to see my magic still has influence even centuries after I am gone” 

“So you did do this?” Tom said accusingly lowering his arm back down and glaring at the face of the stupid smirking portrait. 

Yes, yes I did, I needed to ensure that my line would continue, that my magic would never be gone!” He said, eyes flashing, much in a way that Tom’s own did. 

So these initials, they are the initials of my”… he paused as if he couldn’t quite speak the words… “my soulmate then?” he spat the last part as if it was a bitter taste, trying not to sneer at the portrait who had caused this mess.

Yes” the portrait said simply, his hands resuming the twirling of his beard once again. 

Tom cursed at the thought, how could he, the Dark Lord!, have a soulmate? He was not someone who had a soulmate, he was not someone who felt such things as love and emotion. No this would not do at all

He looked back to the portrait who had seemed to have resume his silent brooding from before. 

How can I change this, how can I get rid of it?” he hissed to the portrait 

“There is no undoing it, those markings will remain on you until you have found your soulmate and both of you have accepted one another”

This time Tom couldn’t hold back the anger that played on his features as a snarl escaped his lips,

“What am I to do then, this was not part of my plan, this was your doing!” he growled.

Salazar glared at him, “I thought as my descendant you would be more intelligent" he said snidely 

"You have to find her, and accept her, there is nothing else to be done, whatever plans you had, she is now apart of them to” Salazar stated as if it was obvious.

Tom cursed, all last remaining hope of fixing the curse and getting rid of the fucking symbols died at those words. He glared back at the portrait remembering what else the passage in the book had said about some families altering the spell in different ways. 

“Did you change the spell in any way, is there anything else that I should know about this fucking spell?” Tom seethed at the portrait. He was loosing his patience quickly with the ancient wizard. This wasn’t supposed to happen, he wasn’t supposed to have a soulmate, it was supposed to be him in charge of the world, wizarding and muggle alike, not with another by his side. Especially not one dictated by his centuries dead ancestor! 

The portrait did not look at him when he spoke this time, but instead resumed starring into nothing, as if remembering the times he had once uttered the spell. 

“Yes, I altered the spell to not only identify the initials of your soulmate, but to deter you from any other Witch, you will only find her interesting, captivating, all others will seem beneath you - 

Tom opened his mouth to tell the portrait that all were beneath him, but the portrait continued without being interrupted

- but that is not all. My bloodline is one of the most powerful left in the world, I was not going to allow just anyone to be the soulmate of my descendants. So again I altered the spell to match the person to them who was not just compatible mentally and physically but also magically, someone who was also as powerful as that witch or wizard of my line, to ensure that my line stayed the most powerful. And so I knew that to do that I would have to cross boundaries into time, that is why the date now appears with the initials. It is the date of the soulmates birth.”

Tom stood their feeling shocked. The date of the witches birth? He hadn’t expected that!

“But it says 1979, thats not for another 35 years! How is it possible that a witch born in 35 years time is my supposed soulmate?” He hissed fighting the urge not to blast the portrait to splinters and then burn it to ash. 

The portrait Slytherin glared at him, not used to being spoken to in such a way even if it was his own descendant. 

“You think I am foolish? He asked, pointing a weathered wrinkly old finger at him.

Tom did not answer but only waited for the portrait to continue his explanation of his ancient spell work. After what seemed like hours, and Tom was about to demand if he ever intended on finishing his explanation Slytherin continued. 

“I knew that by crossing boundaries of time by matching those of my line with the most compatible to them in the entire universe that age would be an issue. If one was born in one time and the other in another time it would not work. So until your soul mate is born and is of the age you are now you to will not age.”

Tom couldn’t help the grin that graced his features, a rare occurrence for it being real and not fabricated to charm some teacher or witch. He would not age! Not at least for another 53 years it seemed, but his grin faltered, there had to be more, he knew all to well that it was never as that simple as that convenient that he was gifted with an extra forty years of youth and life.  

He frowned up at the portrait, eyes narrowing in accusation. 

“What happens if I don’t find this witch, this soulmate he asked cautiously. 

Salazars eyes hardened. 

You will find your soulmate and continue the bloodline, the bond will ensure you to forever be entwined in fate, however if you reject her then you will die and so will she.” He hissed, his eyes flashing dangerously. 

Tom sneered.“So to continue the bloodline you made the spell for your descendants to die if they don’t accept their soulmate, how does that continue your line if they are all dead?” 

Salazar rose from his wooden throne his eyes locked with Tom’s. 

“If my descendant chooses to disobey my legacy, my magic then they are not of my blood they are Not. My. Heir!” He spat at Tom leaning as far forward as he could. 

Tom hissed under his breath, “And what if she rejects me?” 

“Then the same will happen, one cannot live without the other” He spoke in a whisper like hiss, sitting back down on his wooden throne. 

At this Tom promptly stalked away, knowing that if he stayed any longer he would indeed burn the portrait to ash.  


He walked out of the front gates, ignoring the fact that class started 10 minutes ago. He had potions with Slughorn anyway and he had the professor so tightly wrapped around his finger that he could probably be gone for a month and Slughorn would still be fine with it. He strode towards the black lake, its dark murky depths ripping slightly as creatures from below swam close to the surface. He walked along the edge of the lake towards the forbidden forrest away from the castle ensuring that no one could see or hear him. 

His mind was whirling with the information he had gained and his mind kept replaying the words ‘One could not live without the other’. What was he going to do? His plans, his desires all seemed squashed with the information of this spell. No this curse'.

On one positive note he didn’t have to deal with the issue for the next 53 years and in that time he wouldn’t age. Which meant he had that time to establish himself as the leader of the Wizarding world, gaining more power and followers whilst he still had his charm and allure that seemed so often to fade with age. But on the other hand he now had the problem of his soulmate. 

He had never once thought about love or witches in that way. He had only used them to fuck occasionally when he was board or frustrated with his lack of progress. But they never were anything to him. He couldn’t help but slightly wonder what she would be like, 'if she was supposedly as powerful as Slytherin had said, could she best him? No, nobody could do that, not even someone who was magically compatible to him. He was above everyone.' 

He flicked his wrist accioing a flat round stone towards him and then skimming it across the water, watching it bounce far too many times than what was normal before sinking into the inky black depths of the lake. 

He knew he would never tell his followers about the spell. He wouldn’t let them know of why he remained as young as he was, he wouldn’t let them know that there was another who was like him, someone that could be used as a weakness. He wouldn't allow it.  

His anger spiked. But what could he do if she refused him? He doubted that she would, there wasn’t one female in the whole school that didn’t swoon after him, but what if she was the exception? 

He glared, using his wand to pick up another stone and hurl it as far as it would go across the lake before watching it splash down into the water. 

“NOOO!” he screamed. He turned his wand to the nearby trees, firing curse after curse at them, never once uttering a sound. The only noise the blasting of the trees as they were smashed, torn, teared and burnt to splinters and ash. Finally after no trees remained in the vicinity around him he heaved out a deep breath. 

He would not succumb to some ancient spell, he was the most powerful dark wizard to ever have lived and nothing would stop him from achieving his goals, not even some stupid soulmate. 

He accioed another stone as a plan started forming in his mind. 

Yes’ he thought grinning as he sent the stone skimming over the water like the first. 

He would use this time to establish himself as the darkest wizard to have ever lived. That would not change. Nothing would stop him in achieving that goal. And when the time came he would find his soulmate, and train her, she would be his second another one of his followers, his most loyal. He would mould her from the very start, teaching her to be what he wanted. 

And if she did reject him, well he would have other ways to cheat death. He watched as the stone sunk down into the water like the others. 

At that he grinned.

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He was obsessed. 


That’s what Abraxas was thinking as he watched Tom in the library, yet again spending hours combing through the books piled up in stacks on the table next to him.


Abraxas watched from behind a dusty book shelf, careful not to be seen or he knew that he would be punished if caught, his Lord did not take kindly to being watched. 


Although he was still the fearsome leader of Slytherin, commanding and conducting power wherever he went, he had changed. 


Ever since Christmas, which Tom always stayed at Hogwarts for, he was different. Spending hours alone, even more so than before, in the library or his private Head’s common room. 


He no longer gave as many orders to his followers, no longer did he seem as interested in playing the perfect Head boy. Instead he spent his time searching, reading through countless books for who knows what, no one dared ask. 


Abraxas frowned, frustrated. 


‘He is letting something get to him. He is letting his duties down. He is letting us down’ he thought, not happy with his masters clear disinterest. 


He knew that others were starting to notice, starting to question his Lord’s ability. 



Tom looked up from the book he was currently reading in the Library, noticing a flicker of movement behind one of the nearby shelves and a flash of platinum hair. 


His eyes narrowed. Malfoy.


“Abraxas”, he spoke cooly in the direction he had seen him. 


Hesitantly a nervous Abraxas appeared around the corner of the shelf he had been hiding behind.


“My Lord”, he spoke voice quivering slightly.


“Not here you fool!” Tom spoke in a hushed whisper.


“Do not utter that name here, there are too many curious ears.” 


“Forgive me Tom.” Abraxas said nervously glancing around at the nearby students hoping no one had heard his mistake. 


Closing the book and placing it on the table Tom leaned back in his chair smirking, deciding to have some fun with Malfoy. It had been a while since he had had fun.


“So do tell me, why were you spying on me.” he spoke in that same cool voice that anyone who did not know him would think was playful even happy, but to those who did know him knew that it was not to be trusted.  


Abraxas gulped nervously. 


“I - I wasn’t I was j-just coming to see if y-you needed anything” he stuttered nervously.


Tom’s grin widened enjoying Abraxas discomfort.  


“You need to get better at lying Abraxas. Now tell me what were you doing watching me.” He spoke a hint of threat lacing his words. 


Abraxs gulped again before slowly lowering himself into the seat opposite Tom. 


“I was worried, I fear…I fear that you are forgetting your plans, you seem to have changed since Christmas, you seem no longer as interested in gaining power. I fear others are starting to notice this change to.” Abraxas spoke barely whispering the last words for fear of being crucioed right on the spot.


Tom’s stare turned to stone as his anger bubbled to the surface. How dare they question him! How dare they assume anything!


Abraxas eyes widened in fear at Tom’s expression. 


“You dare to question me, to doubt me?!” Tom’s tone now as cold as ice.


N- no, I just w-wanted to inform you that some have started to n-notice your ch-change”, Abraxas said quivering in his seat.


Tom’s eyes narrowed into slits as he glared at the Malfoy heir before him. Deciding if he should punish him or not. He did admit, he was one of his most loyal followers, if not the most. And he came from a very influential family that could be very valuable. But he couldn’t allow the questioning and the doubting to continue. 


Tom decided that some truth would not hurt, especially if it would appease his followers and stop any more questioning. 


“Tell those others that my plans have not changed I am simply... researching alternative ways to gain this power” Tom said voice still icy but less threatening than before.


Abraxas nodded, “Y-yes my Lord,” he said ushering the last part in a whisper as he rose to stand. 


“And Malfoy, 


Abraxas glanced back at Tom nervousl., 


“Tell them if they ever think to question or doubt me again, their doubts will be the least of their worries” he spoke quietly but with venom clear in his voice. 


“Now get out of my sight” he said turning back to his book, rage still bubbling inside of him.


Abraxas all but ran from the library. 


Tom clenched his fist, trying to hold down the anger bubbling beneath the surface. It would be no good to have a random outburst in the middle of the library he told himself. He had to maintain his cool persona. 


He tried to concentrate on the book in front of him, Secrets of the Dark Arts, it was one from the restricted section. All he had to do was mention to Slughorn that he wanted to do some extra reading on rare potions and the old fool had written him a letter allowing him in to the restricted section. 


He had charmed the cover of this book to read Goblin Wars, making sure that nobody caught him reading a Dark arts book.


He had found some interesting spells and curses so far but nothing of much use to him for cheating death. He was just about ready to give up and move onto a new book when his eyes flickered over an unknown word. Horcrux. 


His eyes glimmered maliciously as he briefly read the short paragraph underneath. This was it. 




Tom knocked on the old wooden door, a wide smile firmly in place as it swung open. A small house elf stood before him her large blue eyes starring up at him. 


“Master Riddle, it is good to see youse sir, Mistress has been very eager for your arrival!” The house elf spoke in a squeaky voice. 


“Thank you Hokey, yes I am quite delighted for tea as well,” Tom spoke in his most charming voice. 


“Come come Master,” squeaked the elf as she ushered Tom inside the overly stuffy House.


Tom followed the elf into the large living area where he normally ate tea with Hepzibah, trying not to grimace at the overly frilly curtains and lace that adorned the entirety of the house. 

He plastered his most charming smile onto his face as he walked over to a short plump witch with horrid orange hair and pasty white skin. She was sitting in a purple cushioned arm chair that clashed horrendously with her orange hair and pink robes. 


Oh Tom you get more handsome every time I see you.” She giggled up at him from her seat offering her hand to him.

Tom bent and kissed her hand, trying not to screw up his nose at the horrid perfume surrounding the witch.


“Not as lovely as you do Hepzibah,” he spoke in what he hoped was a warm tone as he lowered himself into the arm chair opposite her. 

She smiled flirtatiously at Tom.


“Oh Tom you bad boy, how have you been, it’s been so long since I’ve seen you, what have you been up to?” Hepzibah said her shrilly voice hurting Tom’s ears. 


“Just the usual, working with brogan and the shop, searching for ancient artifacts, nothing to strenuous,” he said stirring the tea that Hokey had handed him before taking a sip and grimacing at the amount of sugar in it. 


“Found any more rare gems for me Tom,” she giggled leaning towards him in earnest. 


“Nothing that would interest you Hepzibah, all very boring and if you ask me, nothing quite like what you have” Tom spoke giving her a grin.

Hepzibah smiled in response. 


"Oh Tom you and I are just the same, nothing but the most finest pieces will interest us,” she giggled lightly stuffing a small pink iced cake into her mouth. 

Tom smiled, dipping his head in agreeance. 


Now that reminds me Tom, I did promise to show you my most prized pieces today on our last get together didn’t I,” she spoke in what Tom suspected she thought was an alluring voice.


Tom tried to refrain from acting to eager as the witch pulled a key from a long chain around her neck and handed it to Hokey.


“Hokey go and get the pieces to show young Tom please, I think he is most deserving to be able to see them,” she smiled eyes glinting at Tom.


The elf disappeared for a moment with a quick 'pop!' before once again reappearing, however this time with a small wooden chest in its hands. 


Tom gently placed his tea cup on the table next to him, turning his attention to the witch. He could feel the excitement in his veins as she waved her wand over the box and the lid slowly opened. 


Hepzibah first pulled out a small golden goblet, no bigger than his palm. It looked to be very old, not nearly as shiny as it once would have been. On one side it had an engraving of a badger sitting in a field and underneath the words barely readable. Helga Hufflepuff. Tom’s stomach did a small flip at it’s sight and his eyes flashed. 


But it was the next item that she pulled forth that caused a fit of anger and jealously to course through him.She opened a small blue velvet bag that was nestled in the chest and pulled out a long silver chain and on the end hung a golden octagonal locket with an ornate green S in its centre. Tom’s eyes flashed dangerously at the sight of it. Mine, he thought. He couldn’t help but glower slightly at the witch who held it to her chest greedily. How dare she hoard it for herself! She was not worthy to have such a possession, especially when it was rightfully his!


Hepzibah smiled smuggly at Tom seeing the glint of something in his eyes and thinking that he was jealous of never owning something quite so rare.


“Hokey go and get us some more Tea whilst we look at these priceless artefacts, I fear we will be here for quite some time admiring them,” she spoke haughtily, emphasising the word priceless as if to convey to Tom how rare they were.  


She slowly placed the artefacts on the table between them, her smug smile still in place as she watched Tom eagerly pick up the locket. She watched curiously as his eyes flashed with something she had never seen before. 


She opened her mouth to confirm that these were infact the cup of Helga Hufflepuff and Salazar Slytherins locket, but her words died on her lips as a green light engulfed her. Hepzibah never having noticed Tom reach into his robes for his wand. 


Tom watched as Hepzibah fell back in her chair, her eyes open and unseeing, her last words still on her lips. He grinned wickedly as he quickly placed both items in his pockets before striding through the house and into the kitchen where the small house elf stood pouring two cups of tea. 


Hokey turned around at the sound of footsteps eyes widened in questioning at Tom’s appearance in the kitchen and then at the wizards outstretched wand pointed towards her. 


Tom tilted his wand at the small elf’s head, before muttering 'Obliviate' and watching the elves large eyes glaze over in confusion. 


Making sure to get rid of his tracks Tom erased any memory of himself being at the house with Hepzibah. Then after casting a fake memory of the elf poisoning her mistress he apparated away from the scene.  




“Why Tom, how interesting you look, it is as though you have not aged a day since you graduated from here,” Dumbeldore spoke quietly. 

Tom withheld his sneer. 


"Yes, I’ve always been quite good at looking after my health, and besides how old are you now Dumbledore?” He questioned snidely. 

Infuriatingly Dumbeldore only smiled. 


“What is it that has brought you here today Tom?” Dumbeldore asked clasping his hands in front of himself and leaning forwards on his mahogany desk. 


“I would like to apply for the position of the Defence Agains the Dark Arts Teacher,” he answered confidently.

Dumbeldore smiled again. 

“And why Tom would you want to apply for a teaching position? Surely your skill set and effort goes beyond being a teacher, did you not have higher ambitions? I always thought you seeked something more challenging,” Dumbeldore asked, momentarily looking down at a bowl of lemon drops before choosing one and popping it into his mouth. 

Tom glowered. 

“Why yes but I feel as though being a Teacher is a challenge wouldn’t you say so? Shaping young minds every day. I feel I would be rather good as a professor, and DADA was always my best subject”  he said choosing his words carefully.


Dumbedlore pretended to ponder the thought of having him as a teacher for a moment, looking him in the eyes before finally answering. 


“I’m sorry Tom, but unfortunately we have already found or replacement professor, and although I strongly applaud your desire to shape young minds, I feel as though your efforts are best put... elsewhere” Dumbeldore said smiling as though he was apologising for serving herbal tea instead of black tea. 


Tom stiffened eyes narrowing slightly. 


“So you are refusing to give me the position then Dumbeldore?” he said in a hiss. 


“As I explained Tom our position has already been filled” He said again. 


Tom stood, not certain he could be in Dumbeldores company again without hexing him. 


"Good day then” he said curtly before walking out of his office and down the stairs. 


Dumbeldore only smiled. 




Jean Granger laid panting on the hospital bed, her hair sweaty and sticking to her face as another contraction swept over her body causing a strangled cry from her throat. 


“Your doing so well honey,” Richard Granger spoke soothingly to his wife, clutching her hands in his. 


“H-how, f-far along am I,” she panted between breathes to the doctor and midwife standing at the foot of the bed. 


“Your exactly 10cm’s, it’s time, I want you to take a deep breath in and push out as you exhale,” the doctor said calmly. 


“Arghhhhhhh!” Jean cried. 


“Keep pushing Jean, you’ve got to keep pushing,” the doctor encouraged.


“Breathe in and out sweetheart, your almost there,” Richard said kissing her hands. 


“The heads crowing, keep going” the midwife encouraged. 


It hurts so baaaa-ARGHHHHHH!” she cried out in agony.


“One more push jean, just one more come on”  


“ARHHHHHHHHHHHH” She screamed one last time, before falling against the bed panting.


Then she heard it, the crying wails of her child. 


"It’s a girl!” cried the doctor.


Jean looked over to where the doctor held her daughter, beautiful and pink with her wrinkly little face screwed up as she wailed. 


The midwife wrapped her in a blanket and came to place her on Jean’s chest, Richard leaned over her gazing down at the little bundle, tears in his eyes he kissed the top of her head. 


“Well done love, she’s beautiful,” he whispered. 


“Do you have a name for her?” the midwife asked clipboard in hand.


She smiled down at the baby who had quieted in her arms, her eyelids opening to reveal gorgeous brown eyes starring back at her.


“Hermione, her name is Hermione Jean Granger” she smiled. 




The new parents where unaware that in a large mansion on the edges of Wiltshire Tom Riddle had fallen to the floor in a start his hand clutching his chest as his heart hammered and his breathing became ragged. Tom groaned in agony as he felt a burn on his wrist and looked down to see the ink black date 1979 being replaced by the date 19/9/1979.  


His eyes widened having realised what it meant. 


He was shocked to find an emptiness having suddenly formed in him after the pain in his wrist dispersed, it was accompanied by a growing longing and need for something, or someone he thought bitterly. 

It was a feeling he was not accustomed to, one he didn’t like. But he knew that he had to find her. Not only to take this horrid longing away but to ensure his plans for the future where not disrupted. 


Slowly he got up from the floor and sat down in one of the leather arm chairs, grateful that none of the Malfoy’s were around to see him groaning and falling on the floor in pain and weakness. 


He sat starring at the fireplace the flames flickering and casting shadows on the pale skin of his forearm as he looked at the new symbols. He still marvelled some days at how his appearance remained unchanging, he knew his followers wondered how he had accomplished it but they never dared ask or question, it was not for them to know. 


His long fingers brushed lightly over the marks as he contemplated his soulmates birth. He hadn’t dwelled much upon the issue over the last years, instead building up his power like he had planned. 


It hadn’t taken him long to reach his goals, having many of the most powerful pureblood families in support of him had helped him immensely. 


What had most surprised his followers was that Tom had not built his power with death and fear like many thought he would but instead had used intelligence, cunning and manipulation.  Of course he had killed a number of wizards and witches over the years when they threatened his plans, but those deaths were always unknown to the majority of the public and his followers.  The ministry believed he was running a strong political party that believed in the traditionalist views of many pureblood families, and Tom maintained that facade. Although he was well known by most to be in charge of his party, almost everyone knew very little about him. 


As Tom sat reflecting in his accomplishes over the last years and how his soulmate would fit into them, he failed to notice a young man with platinum almost white long blonde hair hidden in the shadows of the doorway who had been watching the seen before him for several long minutes. 




Severus Snape walked briskly through the wards of Malfoy Manors gates to the front entrance. 


He knocked once before a small house elf in a white pillow case opened the door and let him in without a word. 


He strolled through the large hallways stopping at the sight of a startled, very pregnant Narcissa Malfoy in the drawing room door way. 


“Severus what are you doing here so late?” she questioned absentmindedly rubbing her stomach.


“I have to speak with the Dark Lord, its important” he stated firmly.


“Can it not wait until morning?” she asked briskly glancing at a large clock in the hallway that read 11. 


No it cannot I am afraid,” he said before continuing on through the maze of hallways before reaching an ornate wooden door. 


He knocked twice before a voice spoke. 


“You may enter”  


“My lord,” Snape said bowing slightly at a tall man with wavy brown hair standing in front of the flickering fire. 


“My my Severus this is a rather late appearance, what brings you here” questioned the man as he turned around to face him. To anyone else his features conveyed a sense of calmness even mirth, but if you looked closer you could see the darkness in his eyes, the lack of emotion that laid within them.Severus always took a minute to remind himself that although the man before him looked no older than 18 he was in fact much older and much more powerful than himself. 


“My lord I bring news, of …” he paused slightly as if choosing his words carefully, “a prophecy.” 


The man’s face remained uncaring, “And why should that concern me Severus, countless prophecies are made every day” 


“Because my lord this one is about.. you.”  


The man’s eyes narrowed in questioning at Severus. 


“What do you mean about me” he questioned cautiously. 


I - I was there, just before. I was sitting in the Hog’s Head when I over heard it, and I came straight here to you. I thought, you could use the Malfoys pensive and view it yourself,” he spoke holding up a clear vial with a silver floating strand in it. 


“Who spoke this prophecy, did anyone else here it?” the man asked whilst reaching for the vial. 


Severus hesitated, afraid that he would ask this question. 


“I do not know who spoke of it, I have never heard of her before, but…” he paused, wearily looking towards the narrowed eyes of his master. 


“Dumbeldore was present, he was the one seated with her when she spoke it, I am not sure if any others present in the bar heard it,” he said unsure how his lord would react to the information that Dumbeldore had also head the prophecy. 


 Tom growled and cursed, of course Dumbeldore was there to hear it, that meddlesome old fool. He looked back at Severus.


“Leave me, I need to view this alone” he spat, barely controlling his simmering anger. 


Tom stalked into Lucius’s study, slamming the door shut behind him and walked over to the pensive, the vial that Severus had given him firmly in his grip. 


He poured the silvery ink like substance into the basin before slowly lowering his face and submerging it into the depths. He felt the sensation of dropping through the sky before he landed with a thunk onto a bar stool seated next to a hunched over Severus who was gripping a drink and seated at the bar. Tom could hear the drunken conversations around him and smell the fumes of alcohol and food in the air. 


He looked around before his eyes landed on a booth two seats away where an old wizard in dark blue robes with a long grey beard and half moon spectacles sat. 


Dumbeldore” Tom hissed, eyes glaring and flashing. 


Next to him sat a middle aged witch that Tom had never seen before. She had brown frizzy hair that hung like a mop around her head and baggy mismatched clothes. On her face where some of the most ridiculous glasses he had ever seen, he was positive that she couldn’t possibly see anything out of them. 


He frowned at her, Surely she couldn’t be the one who spoke of his future?


It was only a moment after he had thought that, that a very horse voice reached his ears, which he saw was coming from the witch seated beside Dumbeldore.


“ ..The one with the power to match the Dark Lord has been born… born to those who have naught magic, born last year as the eighth month dies… she has power that the Dark Lord knows not of, she can be his beginning or his undoing, if the Dark Lord chooses to refuse her the world will fall into darkness and he will befall a path where she becomes his undoing…yet she can be his success, she is his light… one cannot live without the other… the one with the power to match the Dark Lord has been born to those who have naught magic…” 


Tom listened shocked as he heard the words uttered from the witches mouth, “One cannot live without the other… the power to match the Dark Lord… born to those without magic… beginning or undoing.” 


Abruptly Tom pulled himself out of the pensive.


Tom couldn’t believe what he had heard in Snapes memory, he knew that the witch was his supposed equal, but now he knew that she was more than that. She could be his undoing if he or she did not accept one another. And not only that, it seemed as though she was a Muggleborn. Tom’s face wrinkled at the word. A Muggleborn was his soulmate, his match, his beginning or undoing. How could that be? 


It made sense why he had not been able to find her. Over the past few months he had been looking into all pureblood births throughout the country, trying to find a witch with the initials HJG but had so far been unsuccessful. He had scoffed at the thought that she could be halfblood and it hadn’t even crossed his mind that she could be Muggleborn, surely if he was to have a match the witch would have been from an ancient pureblood family not from unmagical parents. 


He growled furiously before apparating out to the nearby woods where he used his wand to blast and burn anything in his path. 


His mind running through everything that had befallen him since finding out about that fucking curse that Slytherin has placed on him. 


“Fucking Salazar!” He screamed crucioing a nearby lizard before using the killing curse on it. 


Bloody curse!” He screamed slashing a low hanging branch.


Stupid Muggleborn!” He shouted burning a fallen log.


“Old fool Dumbeldore!”He seethed blasting a hole in a nearby tree.


Tom breathed heavily. 


What was he going to do?

Chapter Text



Tom stood silently watching the quaint house that was situated just outside of London, illuminated by the nearby street lamps and the half moon shinning above. He was leaning against a tall oak tree that was across the street, it’s low hanging branches waving lightly in the wind. 


This was Tom’s fourth visit to the house since finding out who she was and where she lived. Each time he would visit he would cast a dillusionment charm on himself and just watch silently from between the oak tree branches. Watching as the muggles moved throughout the house trying to catch glimpses of her. He had only had one brief glimpse of her on his first visit when they had arrived home in a silver car. He watched as her mother, a short woman with brown curly hair that came just passed her shoulders, got out of the front seat and opened the back door pulling out a small bundle of pink. 


He couldn’t help the feeling of his heart beating faster against his rib cage as he realised that his mate was less than 20 feet away from him. He continued watching the bundle being carried to the house, never taking his eyes of her until she was hidden from view upon entering the front door. 


It was that visit, that brief glimpse of her that had kept him coming back these other times waiting and watching to see her again. But apart from a few silhouetted images of her through the windows he had been unsuccessful. It was only on his last visit, another unsuccessful watch, that he decided he would try something different next time, and that was why this time he had come at night instead of during the day. 


Tom’s eyes where fixated up on one of the windows on the top story, the only window that still had light coming from it. He had guessed that that was where her parents slept and he was waiting for that light to go out before he crept into the house. 


He huffed in annoyance as another 10 minutes went by without the light going out. His patience was growing thin as he had already been there for over two hours waiting silently by the tree. He had considered briefly giving up on tonight, going back to Malfoy Manor and just coming back another time. But he had never properly seen her and each day that went by without getting to see her a deeper need and desire grew in him. They were feelings that he had never felt before and it was getting harder and harder to just watch from a distance. 

So he gritted his teeth and remained by the tree his mind wandering to when he first learnt of her name.


3 Weeks ago


Tom sat rigidly in the stiff chair of the muggle hospital screwing his nose up at the disinfectant smell that burned his nose and the loud screaming voices of children that were playing on the floor nearby hurt his ears. 


This was his third visit to a hospital in the past two weeks. It had taken him quite a while to get over the idea that his mate would be a muggleborn. He had gone on a four week long ‘vacation’  as his followers had called it, to Albania where he had brooded and cursed at his misfortune at having a ‘lowly’ born mate. He had spent most of the time either cursing nearby animals and trees that had unfortunately crossed his path or drinking himself into a stupor. On the moments he wasn’t drunk or practicing the Dark Arts he spent time wracking his brain for any possible way out of the fate that Slytherin had bestowed on him. 


He had finally gotten over the issue by remembering what the portrait of Slytherin had said to him all those years ago, ‘one can not survive without the other.’ Although Tom had collected vessel’s of importance to him that could be used for making Horcruxes, a plan  in case he or she rejected the curse, he didn’t particularly like the idea of damaging his soul beyond repair. If he even had a soul though he had thought bitterly.  He had also admitted to himself quietly as he sat drinking from a half empty bottle of fire whisky, that a small part of him, somewhere deep inside, longed for the idea of someone who was essentially made for him. 


That knowledge and small admittance to himself along with the understanding that even though she was a muggleborn she was still a witch and according to Slytherin and the Prophecy, his supposed equal in magical abilities. And thus he had justified a most powerful witch at that.


Therefore he had eventually come to the ability to overlook her birth and instead focus on the idea that she was a powerful witch who would worship his very existence and a witch he would be able to train and command. Once he had found her of course. 


On his return to England he had spent the next few weeks trying to search for a child with the initials HJG and born on the 19th of September 1979. To say it was like looking for happiness in Azkaban would be an understatement. After getting over the fact that he actually had to enter the muggle world and interact with them, as there was no way he could get his followers to carry out the task without being questioned, he quickly came to realise that without any real information on the witch, aside from her initials and birthdate, he wasn’t going to get anywhere. It was also difficult finding the time amongst his plans to actually go into the muggle world.


On the times when he was able to enter the muggle world and after being refused access to birth records again and again he had discovered that the best way to achieve his goals was to just imperio the receptionist into allowing him to hand over the necessary information. 


But after visiting two hospitals already and having found nothing he was getting slightly anxious at ever finding her. Which is why he was waiting for the receptionist  at his third hospital today.  


Tom briefly looked to his left as an old woman who smelt of mothballs and looked about 250 years old sat down next to him. He glared at her wondering why the old bat had to sit right next to him and not in one of the other empty seats. 


He realised the universe really had it in for him when the old idiot actually started talking to him. 


“You are just such a handsome young man aren’t you, may I ask do you have a wife or girlfriend? Because my granddaughter is newly single and…” 


Tom clenched his fist trying to tune out the woman’s insistent blabbing and forcing himself not to grab his wand and curio the woman right then and there when she suddenly grabbed his sleeve to gain his attention. 


After clenching his fists so tightly he thought a vein might pop and running through all the curses and hexes he would like to bestow on the woman next to him he was relieved when the receptionist called out the fake name he had given her.


“John Rivers” she said. 


Tom stood abruptly brushing off the old woman’s grip on him and strode purposefully up to the desk his hand reaching for his wand that was hidden in one of his robe pockets. Carefully slipping it out, ensuring that no one was watching he pointed it at the woman before muttering a quite imperio. He watched as the woman’s eyes glazed over and the familiar dazed look came over her face. 


“Hand me all the birth reports from September of last year,” He said in a commanding tone. 


The woman complied immediately. As if pulled by strings like a puppet she opened a metal draw underneath her desk and flicked through some files before pulling out a thick folder and handed it over to Tom without uttering a single question. Quickly he opened it up and scanned through the names looking for the initials of his mate. His eyes landed on them almost immediately and he sucked in a breath at finally having learned of her name. 


Hermione Jean Granger born 19/9/1979 to Jean and Richard Granger at 7.40am. 


He didn’t have to read any further to know that it was her. Something in him just knew instinctively that this was the witch he had been searching for.


“Hermione,” he whispered just above his breath trying out the sound of her name.  His heart did a small jump at the sound of it and he was surprised to find himself actually wanting to say her name again.  


He saw that underneath Hermione’s birth information was a listed address, 28 Morgana Grove, Hampstede Garden. He took a mental note of the address before handing the witch back the folder and striding out of the hospital, for the first time ever the hint of a genuine smile on the edge of his lips. 



Tom’s attention to the present time was brought back by the turning off of the light behind the window that his eyes had previously been fixated on. 


He choose to wait for another 10 minutes to give the muggles time to fall asleep before silently walking across the street and to the front door of the house. 


He drew his wand and said a quite Alohomora before pushing open the door. He froze momentarily as the deafening sound of the door squeaking on its hinges met his ears. Cursing inwardly at the muggles for not fixing it he gently pushed it open again more slower than before and crept inside. 


He squinted as his eyes adjusted to the dark hallway he found himself in. He looked to his right through an open archway to a large area trying to make out the shadowy objects situated there. He noticed a large couch like shape and several other chair looking shapes surrounding what he thought was a small table. To his left was a closed doorway and beyond that a large staircase. At the end of the hallway was another door that was also closed. Tom slowly walked forward careful to tread lightly on the floor boards, hoping he wasn’t as loud as he thought he was.


He had a general idea of where her room was in the house having seen through the windows her mother go in and out of a room on the top floor with bottles and the likes quite regularly.  


He crept silently up the stairs trying to control his breathing as his heart thumped quickly in his chest at the prospect of finally seeing her. 


Once he reached the top of the stairs, he paused momentarily, listening for any signs that someone had heard him making his way up them. After hearing nothing and releasing a small sigh he turned right and then carefully pushed open the first door on his left, thankful that this the door opened smoothly and without any noise.


It opened into another dark room that smelt like fresh sheets and cinnamon and something else he couldn’t quite put his finger on but that had him inhaling deeply. He could make out more clearly some of the furniture and objects in this room as they were illuminated by the moonlight let in by the open curtains. Against the wall closest to him was a table of sorts with a soft cushion on top of it and what appeared to be a small draw or cupboard next to that with several small undistinguishable things sitting atop it. Underneath the window was a large chest which he presumed held toys and other things babies needed. 


He stopped his observations of the room suddenly at the sound of a breathy sigh coming from a cot that was pushed against the far wall. 


His heart beating even faster he took slow hesitant steps towards the cot his wand out and casting a light on his surrounds. 


Hesitantly he looked down into the cot and faltered at the sight of the sleeping child before him.


She was just so tiny, was Tom’s first thought as he gazed at her peacefully sleeping form. 


She was partially covered by a white and pink blanket her left arm up near her face and her hand clenched tightly in a little fist. He noticed that she had some soft light brown hair on the top of her head that curled at the ends and that her cheeks were flushed slightly pink from the warmth of the room. He had to fight the urge to reach out and touch her cheek, to feel the warmth for himself. 


Tom continued to gaze down quietly at the her for a while just taking in her features and listening to her breathe.


He had seen plenty of babies before at the orphanage that he had grown up in, but he had never had any interest in them. Only finding them annoying as they cried too much and always needed something or someone. But he seemed captivated by this tiny sleeping girl. 


“Hermione” he whispered ever so faintly, finding it hard to comprehend that this child was his soulmate, as if saying her name made it more real. 


All of a sudden he heard a thump coming from somewhere in the house and he whipped his head around looking for the source of the sound as his heart spiked in fear before he quickly squashed the unwanted feeling down. 


His inner turmoil at having had a shamefully weak reaction to the foreign noise was stopped when he became aware of the sound of shuffling feet coming down the hallway in his direction. He cursed under his breath at having realised one of the parents must be awake and coming to check on their sleeping daughter. 


He took one last look at Hermione before silently apparating back to his chambers in Malfoy Manor. 


Tom arrived in his room with a pop and stalked over to the door slamming it shut so hard dust fell from the ceiling. He angrily cast some wards and silencing charms on his chambers and then stormed into his private bathroom, quickly undressing before stepping into the shower. He let the hot spray of the shower run over him as he slammed his fist into the tiled wall, not caring if he broke every one of them to pieces. 


He was furious with himself. 


'How could he the Dark Lord have felt such a shamefully weak human feeling such as fear! He was not weak ! He did not feel things like that . He did not feel at all !

What could he possibly have to fear in a muggle house anyway!?'


Tom continued punching his fists into the tiles, his body so numb with fury that he didn’t even feel the pain. He only stopped when the water ran red with his blood and his anger had subsided enough for him to not go out and kill some useless unfortunate souls. 


He muttered a healing charm over his bruised and bloodied knuckles not even caring that he had taken his anger out in such a muggle way, before sliding into the large canopy bed, his breathing still ragged and his heart still pumping with adrenalin.


It was only when he was on the brink of sleep did he realise that what he had felt back at the house had not been fear of something out to get him. But instead fear for the small child in the cot behind him. Fear that something was coming for her and what was most shocking, fear that he could not protect her from whatever it was. 


Those last thoughts kept him awake all night. 

Chapter Text

Chapter 4


1980 November 


Tom’s realisation that night after visiting Hermione had made him decided the next morning hat he wasn’t going to go back, curse or no curse. 


He couldn’t let feelings like what he had experienced get in his way, especially feelings about somebody else. 

Feelings became weakness and weaknesses became somebody else’s power. 


So he had completely distanced himself from anything to do with her. No longer did he go and watch her house. No longer did he pay her any more midnight visits. No longer did he try and envision his future with her following loyally by his side, in fact he banished any thoughts of her at all. Any time he felt himself thinking about her he immediately changed his train of thought. 


He didn’t realise how much he did think of her until he had to stop doing so. 


At first it was difficult to do so. The first few days he had to fight the urge to see her, it was like an itch that grew worse and worse as the days went by. But he stuck with his decision and forced the aggravating feelings down until he was able to ignore them completely. 


The only silver lining about his change of attitude was that now that he wasn’t devoting any time to her he could once again invest all of his time in his quest for power over the Wizarding world. The need for distraction came at a good time as Tom was finding that his and his followers efforts within the ministry were often being thwarted by another rival group of wizards who called themselves 'The Order of the Phoenix’. 


Tom scoffed when he had heard the ridiculous name and could have guessed in one who the leader was of such a group and he was unsurprised but also furious that it was again Dumbledore in his way of achieving his goals. 


After finding out about the Order he had come up with an ingenious plan to infiltrate Dumbledores order with one of his own. Severus Snape was a long standing follower of his who was aptly skilled at both Defence Against the Dark Arts and Potions and whats more had no convictions of use of the dark arts that Dumbledore could use as ammunition to refuse him a job.


Tom had instructed Severus to obtain a teaching position at Hogwarts and gain Dumbledore’s trust by offering information on Dark Witches and Wizards the Order was after. Fortunately Dumbledore hadn’t taken much convincing and had figured that Severus would be a valuable asset to Hogwarts teaching staff as well as the Order after having known and been an associate of many of the Dark Wizards they were searching for. 


Tom was pleased with himself for his cunning plan however he was still having troubles with the Order even with Severus working from the inside. 


Currently he was working at getting some of his more loyal followers out of Azkaban. Bellatrix Lestrange, her husband Rhodolphus and his brother Rabastan had been involved in an incident on the night of Halloween. 


A few weeks prior to the incident two Aurors and members of the so called Order, James Potter and Frank Longbottom, had conducted a raid on the Lestranges house, under the opinion that they were involved in a recent attack on a muggleborn witch and her young family. There was no concrete proof that the Lestranges were involved, however the two Order members were convinced and had gone in wands blazing and had attempted to stun and use Veritaserum on the Lestranges to get a confession. 


The Lestranges managed to escape to Malfoy Manor without any fatalities, however had procured many injuries from the attack. After spending time resting and healing at the Manor the three had made a plan for revenge. They had received a tip from a close friend of the Potters on their whereabouts and Bella, her husband and brother in law had paid the Potter’s a little visit, torturing the husband and his wife in revenge for the raid. They had also planned later on that night to visit Longbottom and his family.


Whilst the torturing was occurring the potters young infant son had been present in the room and had exhibited a powerful but accidental magical outburst that had infact saved his parents from death. The magical outburst had severely stunned and knocked the three Lestranges unconscious long enough for the other Order members to arrive responding to a patronus Lilly Potter had sent before being tortured. 


Although the Potters weren’t killed the amount of torture they had suffered had unfortunately affected their minds so badly they had turned into mere shadows of their former selves and had been admitted to the ward for Magical Maladies and Injuries in St Mungos where they continued to remain. 


Their young son had been taken into the care of his godfather Sirius Black and the Lestranges had all been sentenced to life in Azkaban without even a trial. 


Tom had been fuming when he had heard of their recklessness. He had had half a mind to leave them rotting in Azkaban as punishment for being so stupid and not thinking through their actions or how it would reflect on him. 


Many knew that the Lestranges were very loyal friends of his, with them even going as far as to call him the ‘Dark Lord’ in the open, although most viewed the name as the ravings of insane inbreds and thankfully didn’t think much of it, there were some who listened. They were also well known for devoting themselves to their ‘Dark Lord’ in any way they could, especially if that way involved the use of the Cruciatus Curse or other such methods. 


Their open favour for the Dark Arts was one of the reasons Tom had also thought of leaving them to Azkaban’s clutches. Although he himself was also closely aligned with dark magic he knew when to reveal his alignment and when to not, an understanding the Lestranges often lacked. And although he did need followers, he valued intellect and stealth above the ability to torture someone.


But even he had to admit that a pureblood witch like Bellatrix with a large Gringotts vault could and most likely would be valuable to him in the future. 


So he had spent the last month working closely with Lucius, who was a very esteemed member of the ministry that had quite a large sway, and who was also rising quickly in his own ranks for his intelligence and loyalty, trying to get the Wizengamot to agree to a trial for the three Lestranges.  


Tom huffed frustrated as he again read over the ministry letter Lucius had just handed him. 


Dear Mr Malfoy, 

We regret to inform you that your request for a trial for the Azkaban Prisoners, Bellatrix Druella Lestrange, Rhodolphus Eduardus Lestrange and Rabastan Acturus Lestrange, has been denied upon review from the Wizengamot Council. 


Bartemius Crouch Senior,  Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement.


Normally Tom would have just broken the three out of Azkaban and been done with it, however Lucius, had advised him that it could be achieved in alternative ways that were also less incriminating.  


The only problem was that request for a trial kept getting denied time and time again. 


Tom and Lucius both knew it was because many of the members of the Wizengamot were quite fond of Dumbledore and viewed him often as the saviour against dark wizards everywhere. However Lucius was also a very favourable member of the Ministry. Being from an ancient wealthy pureblood line opened a lot of doorways especially as Lucius was now the 'poster boy' for pureblood families everywhere. Having married a young beautiful witch from another esteemed family and having a young son who was only a few months old had many people not believing that Lucius could at all be aligned with the Dark Arts or a Dark Lord as the Order often claimed he was. After all what father and mother would want their young baby boy being surrounded by Dark Magic. 


“What are you thinking Tom?” questioned Lucius as he watched the man’s growing anger at being denied a trial again. 


Lucius was one of the only people who dared call him Tom to his face. The only other’s being his father Abraxas and wife Narcissa. As Tom had watched both Lucius and Narcissa grow up from young eager children to quick thinking and skilled adults he had a closer relationship with them and had even taught them many of their magical skills. 


“I’m thinking we are still getting no where with the trial, and need to try a different approach, especially as we know that Crouch is a close friend of Dumbledore.” he said frowning at the signed name on the bottom of the letter. 


“So something must be done about Crouch then.” Lucius said, never missing a beat


“Indeed, and I think I may have the answer, however it will depend on his loyalty and your ability to manipulate within the ministry Lucius.” Tom said looking at him.


“You know I have a rather large input within the ministry, what is it that you need me to do?” He asked curious at what the Dark Lord was planning.


Tom motioned for Lucius to sit down in the seat opposite him as a plan began forming in his head and he voiced his ideas to him. He quickly agreed it was a clever plan that should give Tom more of the power he seeked and if done correctly should not lead back to them in the slightest. 



Early December 


“Ahh Cornellius wonderful to see you.” Lucius drawled as he sat down across from the plump man.


“Lucius, it’s been too long, far too long, tell me how is your wife and son going, are you treating them well?” Fudge asked taking a large sip of his brandy. 


“Both are splendid, they are in France at the moment visiting Narcissas mother, unfortunately I was unable to go with them but they will be returning home for Christmas.” He offered, pouring his own drink from the bottle he had ordered for the table. 


“Good to hear, very good. I say, what is it that you wanted to talk to me about? I must admit I was rather curious when you said it was to do with the election.” Fudge said crossing his hands over his large stomach. 


“I wanted to ask you, and forgive me if I am over stepping, have you ever considered running for the position of Minister for Magic.” Lucius charmed, drawing out the words Minister for Magic. 


Fudge looked shocked at his word’s as if it was not what he had expected. 


“Why Lucius I was expecting for you to tell me that you would be running for Minister, not that I should run.” He said joyfully as if it was a funny joke. 


“Now come now Fudge you know I am far too young to be running for Minister, and as you said before I have my wife and son to think about, both of whom need my attention right now.” He said waving away the idea. “You on the other hand Cornelius, would make a great candidate, years of experience, head of your department, nobody would question it, and you see I have heard some rumours…” Lucius said emphasising the word rumours knowing Fudge could not resist gossip especially if it was about him.


Lucius learned forward as if what he was about to speak could not go beyond them and smirked when Fudge followed suit leaning in as well. 


“…I have heard some rumours that many in the ministry have been asking why you haven’t been given the position already. They don’t understand why a Wizard of your talents would be stuck being only head of a department when he could be Minister for Magic, they much prefer you to Crouch’s hard demeanour.” Lucius spoke more quietly eyes locked with Fudges. 


Fudges eyes gleamed as he listened to Lucius words and the prospect of what he was saying sunk in. 


Lucius quickly downed the rest of his drink knowing it was now time to leave having planted the seed. 


“I’m afraid Cornelius that I have a rather important meeting to attend and so I must be off, but think about what I have said, you know that you would be a shoe in candidate and I would be more than happy to help you in your progress to Minister over these next few months. I will speak to you again soon, good day to you.”  Lucius said dipping his head. 


Lucius rose from the table, hearing a muttered good bye from Fudge who seemed lost in his own thoughts. He smirked and walked from the restaurant, Oh it was just too easy, he thought happily. 


Tom watched silently as the young man who looked so like his father came towards him, one of his followers on either side. 


The man’s eyes moved slowly around the drawing room, scanning the ornate details before landing on him and curiously running over his appearance. 


He stopped a few feet away before Tom motioned for the guards to leave and for the man to sit down in one of the chairs. 


“I had heard rumours of your appearance.” The man said. 


Tom’s eyes narrowed slightly at the lack of respect but remained cool headed, knowing that the man before him was a few screws loose and also that he was needed for the upcoming plan. 


“Yes well now you have seen for yourself.” he spoke crisply. 


The man only tilted his head to the side as if trying to solve a puzzle.


“I suspect you are wondering why I have summoned you hear Mr Crouch?” Tom asked taking his own seat.


“I admit I was curious what the Dark Lord could possibly want with myself.” He said flicking his tongue out slightly and touching his lip. 


“Do you still wish to be a part of my… regime.Tom said choosing his words carefully. 


“What do you want me to do?” He asked intrigued, sitting more upright then before.


“I need a favour from you, that will contribute greatly in my quest for power and change within the Ministry.” he said cooly not revealing too much just yet. 


“What will I receive in return?” Crouch asked picking at a seem on his robes. 


Tom’s eyes flashed coldly at his demand. 


“Let me rephrase Crouch, it is not a favour it is an order, what you will receive in return is your life and I may be inclined to give you something else, a mark perhaps, of loyalty to my cause, if you do not disappoint me that is.” Tom said icily emphasising that it wasn’t a question but a demand he was giving to the young Crouch Junior. 


Crouch’s tongue flicked out again touching his lips as he seemed to be considering his response. 


“What is it that you want me to do?" He asked again. 


Tom nodded once before slowly explaining the plan to him that Lucius and he had discussed. 



Tom looked down at the four men kneeling before him in black robes, two of which were in dark silver masks obscuring their identity from the other robbed men. 


The room was dark except for a few lanterns lit nearby. He had refused any one else to be present at the ceremony except those receiving the mark. 


He moved in front of the first man. The oldest of the four with silver blonde hair that was thinning slightly. 


“Hold out your left arm.” He said in a quiet voice making sure not to speak the man's name. 


Abraxas did as asked and Tom brought out his wand hovering it over the underside of his forearm and grasped his arm in place. 


“Nigrum marcam de morte” he spoke carefully, moving his wand in an intricate pattern. 


Tom gripped Abraxas arm tighter as he attempted to pull away, screaming at the burning pain that ripped through him. Tom watched intently to see if it would work. He had created many spells and charms before but none like this. 


Slowly an inky black image began to appear on Abraxas arm, firstly a skull with large long fangs that opened its mouth to reveal a long hissing black snake that slithered over his skin and intertwined its long body before finally coming to a stop in its movements when the mark was completely filled in. 


Tom smirked triumphantly. It had worked!


He let go of Abraxas who had stopped his screaming but was now groaning in pain and clutching his newly marked arm. He fell slightly to the side his body shaking as he tried to hold himself upright and not appear affected by the pain.


Tom ignored him and moved on to his right in front of the next man who would bear his mark. If the man was nervous it was unnoticeable as his face was covered by the mask that was similar to the one his father wore and he held out his arm confidently without being asked to do so.


Once agin he spoke the enchantment and watched as the same mark appeared, ignoring the screaming cries of Lucius as his grin widened. 


He moved along to the third man, who wasn’t wearing a mask and surprisingly did not look nervous at all but only eager and curious to receive such a gift from his Lord.  


“Crouch give me your arm.” He spoke commandingly.


Crouch held out his arm to him watching and listening intently as Tom spoke the incantation and waved his wand. He let out a cry of pain but bit his lip trying to muffle any further screams and continued to watch as the black snake slithered across his skin. 


Finally Tom moved to the fourth person. An olive skinned man with long curly dark hair and beard and dark brown almost black eyes. He was clearly nervous as he kept glancing at Tom and then at the other three participants who were all hissing small groans and clutching their arms in pain. 


“Karkaroff give me your arm.” He commanded. 


Hesitantly Karkaroff held up his shaking arm and Tom grasped it tightly before repeating the process. Karkaroff’s screams drowned out any other sound in the room and Tom was glad he had put silencing charms on the room before completing the process. 


After the last mark had filled itself in Tom walked back a few passes turning to face all four who were now mostly slumped over and shaking from the pain.


“Stand all of you.” He commanded waiting for them to get to their feet. 


 There were more groans of pain and agony as they shakily stood. 


“Take these and leave us.” he said holding out two small vials of dark blue liquid to the two Malfoy's. They grasped the vials and left the other men to discuss whatever it was their Lord intended. 


Tom handed another vial to Crouch and Karkaroff, watching as they eagerly unstoppered them and poured the substance down their throats. The affect was almost instantaneous. They stopped hissing in pain, colour returned to their faces and they were able to stand upright once again. 


“Th- thank you my Lord.” Karkaroff stammered out breathlessly. 


Crouch did not utter a thanks but inclined his head in his direction. 


Tom waited for the two men to compose themselves once again before he began his speech. 


“I have kept you two behind because I need to instruct you on these marks I have given you. As I informed you earlier they are a mark of your loyalty to me. You are the first four to ever receive my mark and are now recognised as my most loyal followers. When anyone who is of my service see’s this mark they will know what it means and show you the upmost respect.” Crouch and Karkaroff looked surprised that they were apart of the first to receive the Dark Lord’s mark.


But” Tom continued "…not only is it a mark of loyalty it is also a summons. When I wish to summon you, you will feel a burn from this mark calling you. When you feel this burn you will apparate and it will take you directly to my side.” Tom explained as the two men listened to the ingeniousness of the mark. 


“Both of you have received this mark for the service you are going to be providing to my cause, which I also wish to review with the two of you.” Tom instructed conjuring chairs for them to sit on and go over one last time the plans that lay ahead. 


Early January 1981 


Lucius sat stoically amongst the other members of the Wizengamot. All though to most he seemed quite calm and almost bored at being there, inside he was rather nervous. Today was one of the most important days for their goals and he was hoping that all would go according to plan. 


He waited patiently as the last members who were going to be present at Karkaroffs trial filed in and took their seats before finally Barty Crouch Senior took his stance at the head of the Wizengamot. 


It hadn’t been hard to get Karkaroff to be given a Trial by the council. Tom and Lucius had simply constructed a scene where Karkaroff was found imperioing a ministry offical to get information on a wizard he had once had a quarrel with. After being caught red handed by another ministry worker he was held in questioning by the Aurors. They were originally going to send him straight to Azkaban without a trial until he had told them that if he was given a trial in front of the council he would give valuable information on known Dark Wizards. The Aurors couldn’t refuse such a prospect and so had set up the trial to take place three days later.


Lucius watched as Karkaroff was brought up into the large cage that sat at the centre of the room. He had large bags under his eyes, his hair was stringy and he looked fearful as he gazed around the room of witches and wizards. 


“Igor Karkaroff you have been found using an unforgivable on a Ministry offical and have been brought to Trial upon your own request, stating that you have evidence of use to the Ministry. Should your testimonial evidence be consequential, council may be inclined to stamp your sentencing. Do you accept these terms?” Crouch spoke reading from a pile of papers in front of him. 


“I do sir.” Karkaroff said peering out from behind the iron bars of the cage. 


“What is this evidence you have?” Crouch asked glancing at a piece of parchment handed to him by the Witch sitting next to him. 


“I have names sir.” Karkaroff spoke nervously 


“Names?” Crouch asked frowning at him.


“Names of Dark Wizards I know to be in connection with the recent attack on Mudblood's.” 


“Do not use that term here Karkaroff!” Crouch said angrily.


“My apologies sir.” Karkaroff stammered.


“You may go on.” Crouch replied stiffly


“There was Rosier, Evan Rosier, I had heard that he was part of the attack and murder of the Mudbl-muggleborn Wizard in Hampshire of last year” He said quickly correcting himself. 


Crouch was again handed another piece of parchment this time from a Wizard on his other side. 


“Rosier is dead..” Crouch said in a tone that showed he though this was a giant waste of time.


“Dead… I did not know” Karkaroff said hopelessly. Lucius grinned, Karkaroff was playing his part perfectly.


“He was killed in a duel amongst Auror’s obtaining him for his arrest. If that is all the witness has to offer…”


“NO no please…!” Karkaroff shouted pleadingly. 


Tom and Lucius had specifically chosen certain people they knew to be already dead, in Azkaban or who had been paid off for the claims Karkaroff would make so no loose ends where found by rattling off unknown wizards as evidence who could testify against the claims. 


“…There was Rockwood..” Karkaroff said hesitantly. 


“Augustus Rockwood, of the Department of Mysteries?” Crouch asked curiously. 


“Yes yes the same! He passed information on Muggleborn locations to those wizards who wanted to see them killed!” Karkaroff said in a rush. 


Crouch paused for a minute. 


Rockwood was an old friend of Lucius’s who he had given a hefty sum of money too as compensation for being accused as an accomplice to Dark Wizards.


“Very well, council will deliberate, until then you will be sentenced to two years in Azkaban.” Crouch said dismissively.


“NO no wait please please I have more!” Karkaroff shouted pleading with Crouch to hear him. 


What about Snape, Severus Snape!” he said leaning his whole head as far through the bars as it could get. 


At this point Dumbledore stood up.


“The council is very much aware I have given evidence of this matter, Severus Snape was at Hogwarts teaching when the attacks occurred and therefore could not have been apart of them. Furthermore he is also a member of my own Order of the Phoenix and has had Veritarserum consentingly used upon him and has not admitted to any such attacks under its use.” Dumbledore spoke confidently.


Tom and Lucius had counted on this, it was another angle of theres to see how well trusted Severus actually was in the Order and from the display Dumbledore was giving it appeared Severus was well and truly apart of it.  


“It’s a Lie!” shouted Karkaroff. 


“Silennnnce!” shouted Crouch banging his metal gravel.


“Unless the witness possesses any genuine evidence of consequence this sessions is now concluded.” Crouch said raising his voice clearly growing impatient. 


“Oh no no, I have heard about one more..” Karkaroff said a grin slowly forming on his lips. 


This was it! Lucius thought. This was the moment Crouch would be humiliated in front of the whole of Wizengamot. 


“What’s that?” Crouch asked impatiently. 


“The name..” Karkaroff said.


“Yes?” Crouch asked.


I know for a fact that this person was not only behind the killing of the Muggleborn witch Hannah Jones and her family but also was present for the torture by means of the Cruciatus Curse of Auror and Order member James Potter and his wife!” Karkaroff shouted making sure every one heard him in the room. 


“The name, give us the reached name!” Crouch demanded 


Lucius watched as a young man dressed in formal Wizarding attired rose from the stands and began to quickly make his way through the witches and wizards. 


“Barty Crouch….” Crouch seniors eyes widened and the whole room froze.


“…Junior” Karkaroff said eyes glittering and a smirk on his face as a collective gasp resounded through the room. 


Lucius watched as Crouch Junior tried to run through the stands before a white light hit him and he fell onto piles of files and paper, conveniently right in front of his father, before Aurors swept on him holding his arms behind him as he struggled to get free. 


“Hello Father.” He said snidely, grinning up at the shocked expression of Crouch Senior.


“You are no son of mine” he spoke quietly, all colour draining from his face as chaos was erupting around him and his son was dragged away shouting and kicking. 


Lucius watched the whole debacle grinning to himself before he excused himself to go and tell his Lord of their success. 


Two Weeks Later 


Tom sat at the dinning table of Malfoy Manor reading over the front page article of the Daily Prophet that an owl had dropped off only moments ago. Across from him Lucius was doing the same, and his wife Narcissa was sat to his left cooing at Draco who was situated in a high chair next to her.


Crushed Crouch By Rita Skeeter

‘Barty Crouch Junior has been sentenced to life in Azkaban upon the findings that he was responsible for three seperate incidents of the use of the unforgivable’s. Including two attacks on Muggleborns, one where an entire family of four was murdered. As well as partaking in the torture of Auror and Order of the Phoenix member James Potter and his wife Lilly Potter nee. Evans. Aurors have found that not only was Crouch partaking in the torture of the Potter’s but in fact was at the head of the attack, which he claimed was to, “Get rid of the Mud-blood potter bitch.”  

These claims are shocking revelations to the Ministry who previously convicted Bellatrix Lestrange nee. Black, her husband Rohdolphus Lestrange and brother in law Rabastan Lestrange of the aforementioned crimes. Crouch has confessed that they were infact present for the torture however not willingly contributing, as he had convinced them by means of the Imperius curse to join him in his quest. The shinning of the light on Barty Crouch Junior’s dark soul have no doubt been the sole contributing factor to Crouch Seniors resignation from the Election running for Minister for Magic taking place at the end of January of this year. 

The withdrawal of Crouch has now cleared the way for Cornellius Fudge Head of the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes to take the lead in the Election who now seems to be the clear favourite of the general public. ’ 


Tom watched as Lucius finished reading the article moments after him.


Lucius smirked and then held up his glass motioning for Tom to do the same. 


“To change.” Lucius said rising his glass in Tom’s direction before taking a sip. 


Tom followed suit, noticing Narcissa had also picked up her glass and taken a sip at Lucius words. 


“Too change.” He said smirking. 





Chapter Text

It had been just over four months since Tom had last been to Hermione’s and only a week since almost everything he had accomplished so far had gone to complete shit. 


Since Fudge had won the election Lucius and he had actually started to get somewhere with their ministry movements. Lucius had received a promotion almost immediately that now allowed him to work as a part of Fudge’s office. Although he hated working for the pompous old man it had allowed him to have a lot more of an input into what occurred within the ministry, including the passing of new bills and laws and the release of criminals from Azkaban. 


However most importantly Lucius’s sway now went beyond Dumbledore’s, although much of the Wizengamot still favoured him, even Dumbledore couldn’t exceed the Minister for Magic especially when that Minister was being whispered to by a certain blond wizard. 


In Lucius’s first week he had already drawn up a new law that focused on the registration of all Wizards and Witches in England. When word of this law reached the ears of the Order though they had of course immediately turned it around and made it out to be a ‘Muggle-born persecution’ act, insinuating that Pureblood supremacists in positions of power wanted to eradicate Muggle-borns from the Wizarding population, and that this law of registration would provide the intel on all muggle borns needed to do so. 


In truth he and Lucius had not even thought of that when writing it up. The idea had actually first been proposed by Narcissa when one night Lucius had been fuming over a recent business loss. The Malfoy family had long been invested in one of the largest potions companies in Britain, E.M.L co. 


Recently they had designed a new potion that was aimed at reducing the amount of miscarriages, still births and squibs in magical families. The Malfoy’s had been a large part of the design process for the potion after Narcissa had had two miscarriages before becoming pregnant with Draco. Lucius and Narcissa were both sure the potion would be a success especially in many pureblood families, as although occurrences like these were often never made public knowledge, they knew of many close friends who had similar experiences to them when trying to start a family. However despite the potion seeming like a sure success the board for E.M.L. co. had not funded the potion on the basis that there was simply not enough evidence for its need and therefore production. The money the Malfoy’s had put into the potion’s production had been a large amount and it had cost them a great deal in losses. But they did both agree that there was not enough public evidence, as Witch and Wizard births were not needed to be registered with the ministry and so still births, miscarriages and squibs went unnoticed by most. 


Narcissa had proposed the idea of a the new law that would fix this issue. It required all Witches and Wizards to register with the ministry including their blood status and the amount of children they had, as well as all new births that happened after the law commenced. If the law was to pass they were sure that findings would show that many magical families had trouble conceiving especially amongst pureblood’s, which was why there was the inclusion of blood status registration. 


Tom had agreed with the idea wholeheartedly, knowing that it would also be beneficial for knowing how big the magical population in Britain actually was if he was to have control over it. 


Finally it had seemed like smooth sailing for Tom in his endeavours,  he had Severus passing intel to him from the Order and Lucius controlling the Minister, all was going well. 


That was until one day he had gone to the Ministry to talk to Lucius about possibly coming out of the dark and being a more visible member of his ‘party,’ now that all threats and rumours about him seemed to be squandered. Tom very rarely went to the Ministry but when he did he used the floo system straight into Lucius office. Today when he arrived though he had immediately heard raised voices coming from the closed door across form the fireplace, one of which he presumed was Lucius from the obvious venomous drawl he used on those he despised. 


He quirked an eyebrow in slight interest as to what it was about but had no intentions of investigating further, Lucius could handle himself. 


After a few more minutes of shouting it finally stopped and a fuming Lucius strode through the doors banging them closed behind him and warding them tightly shut. 


He stopped upon seeing Tom seated on his desk. 


“So you have heard then? I presume you are here to talk about a plan.” He asked striding over to the other chair.


“What on earth are you on about?” Tom asked confused. 


“Karkaroff, isn’t that why your here?” Lucius asked, himself now confused.


“What I was here about can wait, tell me about what is going on with Karkaroff.” Tom demanded. 


“I will but we need to leave, it’s not safe here after what’s happened I wouldn’t be surprised if they were issuing an arrest warrant as we speak.” Lucius said waving his wand and collecting some papers of his desk that flew towards him before walking back over to the fireplace Tom had just come out of. 


Tom watched as Lucius was engulfed by green flames before he to flooed back to the Manor his anger bubbling to the surface. 


When they arrived in the study at the Manor Lucius quickly poured two drink's from a large crystal bottle before sitting down across from Tom. 


Lucius took a sip of the Firewhisky before beginning the story of events. 


“I was returning to my office after going over ministry papers with Fudge when Alastar Moody and two other idiot Aurors stopped me in the hallway. They started accusing me of rigging the election and having associations with known Dark Wiazards. At first I just laughed thinking they had finally found the balls to voice their opinions but knew they didn’t have any evidence, or so I thought.” Lucius took another swig from his glass.


“Then they revealed to me that a source of theirs had informed them that you and I were behind the entire scheme for the election including the befall of Crouch and instigation of Fudge as Minister and that Crouch’s son had been coerced by us into taking the blame for the attacks.” 


Tom banged his fist against the desk and cursed. Karkaroff.


“Of course I knew straight away that their source was Karkaroff, he was the only other person apart from Crouch who knew of the plans. After I had figured it out they started trying to get me to come with them for questioning and then they started asking about you and where you were. That was when things got heated and I threatened how dare they accuse me of such things especially based on the accusations of a convicted criminal and that I knew nothing of your whereabouts then I left them standing there and came into the office.  


“Fucking hell!” Tom cursed again


“I know” Lucius sighed. 


Tom downed the rest of his drink then poured another one, he wanted nothing more than to go and kill Karkaroff but he knew that he would be in protective custody at least for now. 


“We can’t do anything about Karkaroff yet he’ll be in protective custody for who knows how long”. He said voicing his thoughts. 


“And they won’t do anything about Crouch even on Karkaroff’s words that he was coerced, as he still went along willingly with it. For now it’s your position that is jeopardised” He said looking to Lucius.


“And your reputation.” Lucius added. 


Tom hummed in agreement. 


“Okay we know what they do now because the idiots were fools enough not to keep the information they had to themselves, and we also know that they don’t have any evidence apart from Karkaroff’s word. So go to work like normal and pretend that nothing has changed.” He said instructionally.


“And when they call me in for questioning under use of veritaserum?” Lucius drawled. 


“I’ll ask Snape to brew his anti-dote, he’s the only person whose managed to make one so the ministry won’t know about it’s existence or be able to detect it.” Tom said tapping his finger against his crystal glass.


“What should I say when they question me about you, because you know they will, it’s the first thing they will want to know about.” Lucius pointed out. 


“You’ll have the anti-dote so they won’t be able to get you to admit to anything and I taught you Occlumency myself so there is no way they should be able to use Legilimency on you legally and be able to see any memories of you working with me, but I wouldn’t put it past them to try using it on you when your not under questioning so ensure you have a block up at all times.  As far as any other associations they have no proof, most of what they have is just word and rumours from other sources there is no concrete evidence of you working on my behalf or being in contact with me at all. ” 


Lucius nodded, “Plausible deniability.” 


“Exactly, and whilst you are keeping the Ministry busy I am going to be searching for Karkaroff.” Tom scowled his eyes flashing dangerously. 


Over the next few days it was truly revealed to them how much damage Karkaroff had caused to Tom’s plan. 


It had taken only a day for the Aurors to issue an arrest warrant for Tom. And it had taken only two days for rumours to start spreading about Tom like Fiendfyre, wild and uncontrollable.


Some believed that he had infiltrated the ministry and was working to bring it down from within. Others believed that he was evil incarnate who wanted to rid the world of muggle’s and muggle-borns alike and those who fought for them. The rumours were like Chinese whispers though, with each person that spread them they became more fabricated and further from the truth and with the fabrications came fear. 


Many still remembered the threat that Grindelwald had posed on the Wizarding population and how close it came to falling at his hands and so the idea of a new Dark Wizard who had already gotten control of the ministry and who no one knew much about was frightening. 


Over the weeks that passed countless Wizards and Witches had come forward sighting claims they had witnessed the ‘Dark Lord,' doing evil and terrible things but surprisingly none had any concrete evidence to give to the Ministry about his whereabouts. These claims only added to the fear surrounding Tom and it had made it near impossible for him to step out of the Manor without altering his appearance or using other methods to conceal his identity. 


The rapid spread of fear also meant that what he had accomplished in the ministry was beginning to crumble before his eyes.


Many of the wizards who agreed with his views but not openly supported him like the Lestranges began to withdraw for fear of also being branded as a dark wizard and so he had lost almost all of his public support. Lucius had also been suspended whilst inquires were occurring into his allegiances with Tom and so the trial for the Lestranges had been put to a stop much to Tom and Lucius’s annoyance. However Aurors were still having trouble proving Lucius was guilty of anything other than working for the ‘greater good’ which was what Lucius had explained as the reasoning behind his questionable actions.


Whilst the inquires and search for Tom’s whereabouts had been going on he had spent his time searching for Karkaroff calling upon any known sources for his location.


It had taken him a while but he had finally found out that Karkaroff had been moved back to Russia and placed in a safe house, however he clearly wasn’t under much protection as Tom was currently standing out the front of the dingy looking cottage after making sure no Aurors were guarding the outskirts of the property.


Tom looked up at the two story house noticing only a single light inside from the top story window, his mind was instantly brought back to the time he had watched Hermione’s house from under the oak tree across the street. 


No. Don’t think about her now.  He squashed down the thoughts of his mate and the longing that sparked back to life inside him. Now wasn’t the time. 


Tom pulled up the black hooded cloak he was wearing, making sure his face was still hidden before he made his way to the front gate. 


After breaking into the house he didn’t waste time looking around just walked silently up the stairs to the light that was coming down the end of the hallway. 


He flicked his wand and blasted the closed door off it’s hinges, hearing a scream come from within the room. 


Walking into the bedroom he saw Karkaroff crouched by the side of the bed his face flooded with fear upon seeing Tom. 


“Did you really think I wouldn’t be able to find you?” Tom spoke icily, venom lacing his words. 


“M-my my L- lord..” Stammered Karkaroff 




“Pl-please my L-lord” Karkaroff said whimpering and falling to his knees in front of him.


“CRUCIO!” Tom screamed watching as Karkaroff withered on the floor in pain. 


Tom saw nothing but red hot rage as he tortured Karkaroff, screaming the curse again and again, the anger at having lost everything over taking his senses. 


Finally once Karkaroff had stopped screaming and his chest was barely rising Tom ceased his torture. 


He looked down disgustingly at the unconscious wizard, breathing heavily his anger still roaring like fire inside him.


“Avada Kadarva.” He spoke impassively watching as the green light engulfed Karkaroff’s body. 


Tom made quick work of Karkaroff’s corpse, he transfigured it into a small bone and then making sure he left no trace of his visit he apparated to a large lake and threw the bone into it’s depths before he once again turned on his heel and went to the one place he hadn’t let himself go in months. 


It was only late afternoon when he arrived at her house, the time difference from Russia to London making it still light outside. 


At first Tom was hesitant to go inside. He hadn’t been there since the night he had felt the swirl of unfamiliar emotions for her. But Tom had lost just about everything he had worked for and right now all he had was the young girl inside the house. She was the one thing that right now he wanted to see more than anything, the one thing he knew would calm the rage burning inside him. 


He cast a disillusionment charm upon himself before apparating directly into her room. Warm sunlight streamed in through the open curtains and Tom was able to get a good look of what her room actually looked like for the first time. But he wasn’t focused on the rooms layout instead he was focused on the large and curious brown eyes that were fixed upon the spot he had just apparated to, despite not being able to see him because of the disillusionment.


Almost instantly the anger Tom felt was gone at the sight of her. She had grown quite a lot since he had last been there, her hair was slightly longer almost reaching her shoulders and far more curlier than before and she was standing in her cot holding on to the small wooden bars that kept her from falling out. 


Tom removed the dillushionment charm and watched as Hermione’s eyes widened at the sight of him appearing. 


He walked carefully over to her not quite sure what he was doing just knowing he wanted to be closer to her especially as this was the first time seeing her awake. He expected her to start crying at the sight of him, someone who was an unfamiliar stranger but she kept quite and just silently watched as he came over. 


Then she did something that had Tom’s heart skip a beat. She smiled up at him a big childish grin that lit up her eyes and showed some small white teeth. Tom couldn’t help the own smile that graced his features at the sight of it. 


Clumsily she reached out a small chubby hand towards him and made a grabbing motion. Tom froze realising that she wanted to be picked up.


He had never held a baby before and was unsure if he should do what she clearly wanted, but the look on Hermione’s face was the only encouragement he needed. 


Slowly he leaned down and picked up the small girl in his arms surprised at how light she was. At first he held her at arm’s length not quite sure how to hold her before he hesitantly brought her against his chest cradling her in his arms and marvelling at the warmth that spread through him at having her so close. 


He looked over to the rocking chair that was seated in the corner and made his was over to it before sitting down and adjusting Hermione in his arms so she was more comfortable. 


As Tom gazed down at her and she stared back at him with those large brown eyes, the same protectiveness he had felt that night came over him and he knew even if he didn’t want to admit it himself that this witch would be his undoing. Already she had made him feel more emotions than he had thought possible and she was only a small child. He couldn’t even fathom how she would affect him when she was older. 


Tom grinned slightly as an idea popped into his head, holding her in one arm making sure he didn’t drop her he pulled out his wand and waved it above them making sparkling light appear and rain down upon her. 


Hermione’s eyes widened in wonder at the magic and she reached up her arms trying to grab the falling sparkles. 


Tom’s smile widened before he waved his wand again and this time tiny small blue birds began to fly above them. 


Hermione released a small giggle at the sight of the flying birds and Tom didn’t think he had ever heard a more beautiful sound. He kept up the small magical display for a while until he noticed her rubbing her eyes and yawning. 


Putting his wand away he regained his hold on her and ever so slowly began rocking back and forth in the chair watching her eyes fluttering as she tried to keep them open. 


He didn’t stop the rocking until she was soundly asleep in his arms and he slowly rose from the chair and gently placed her back in her cot. 


After he left Hermione’s house this time Tom hadn’t been over come with rage but instead for the first time in his life had been filled with a warmth he couldn’t name. Although it was a very unfamiliar feeling to him, Tom couldn’t not like the sensation and it was this feeling that had Tom coming back again and again to be with the tiny Witch who had slowly started to warm his soul. 




Chapter Text

July 1981 (Age 2 and a bit)


Over the next few months Tom found himself visiting Hermione whenever something had caused a fit of rage in him. 


Most often he would just sit in the rocking chair holding her and showing her different kinds of magic until she fell asleep in his arms. 


One time though he had arrived during the day and she had been playing on the floor of her room with some stuffed animals and other such things. She had smiled up at him when he had revealed himself and rather than just waiting patiently like she normally did she had picked up a book from a pile next to her and held it up to him. 


“Can you wead to me?” She had asked quietly.


Tom’s eyes widened at her words. He’d never heard her speak before. He hadn’t known when children where supposed to start speaking but he had figured it mustn’t be until awhile as she had not said a word up until now. But clearly from her display of coherent words she had been talking for quite a while. 


He looked down at the book she had handed to him and made his way over to the rocking chair waiting for her. He watched as she wobbly stood to her feet and walked over to him before he helped her climb up onto his lap and made herself comfortable. 


Tom cleared his throat and began to read the story to her enjoying the way her eyes lit up and the concentration on her face as she focused on the characters. 


After he had finished the story he resumed his usual process of showing her some other type of magic before rocking her to sleep, just before her eyes fluttered shut she had whispered. 




After that day each time Tom visited he would now read a book to Hermione that she had chosen for him. 


September 1981 (Age 3)


Tom watched Hermione from under his disillusionment charm as she opened the small present he had gotten her and placed on her bedroom floor for her to find. 


He had though and thought on what to get her for her birthday for days. He knew she was no ordinary child, his visits with her had proven how intelligent she was. However he also knew that it couldn’t be a gift that would stand out to her parents and cause questions. 


Finally he had decided on gifting her some Wizarding children’s books. Although they weren’t exactly what Tom had envisioned he knew she would love them and they would be inconspicuous to her parents as most muggle children stories were filled with magic and fairy tales anyway. 


Hermione’s grin widened as she uncovered the two books from the wrapping paper.


“The talls of bee-ld the board?” She asked, trying to pronounce the words. 


 “The Tales of Beedle the Bard.” He corrected her, impressed that she was already able to read. He removed his charm so she could see him.


“They are children’s fairy tales from.. where I come from.. as is the other book.” He said pointing to E. Nesbit’s Fairy Tales. 


“I love fairy tales.” She said eyes shinning. 


“I know, would you like me to read you one?” He asked her. 


Hermione nodded and handed him The tales of Beddle the Bard, climbing up onto his lap in the rocking chair like normal. 


After he had finished reading Babbity Rabbity and her Cackling Stump, Tom placed the books with her others on the bookcase, making sure they didn’t stand out.  


On his last few visits Hermione had started referring to Tom as her “imaginary friend.” He had decided to go along with the idea as it gave him the freedom to come and go as he pleased without the risk of her telling her parents about the man that came to visit her. However he knew that if her ‘imaginary friend’ started leaving real gifts around the house it would raise a few alarms. 


“Hermione make sure you don’t tell anyone about these books, they are special ones just for you and I to read.” He instructed. 


“So I can’t tell mummy?” She asked starring up at him with those wide brown eyes.


“No Hermione.” He said again. 


“Okay it’ll be our seek-wit” She said mispronouncing the word secret. 


Tom smiled down at her marvelling at the trust she already had him. 


March 1982 (Age 3 and a bit)


“Why?” Hermione asked earnestly. 


Why’ that was all she ever asked these days. ‘Why are you here? Why do you visit me? Why can’t I know where you come from?

"Why wont you tell me your name?" Was the latest question she had started asking. 


“Why do you wish to know?” He questioned back. 


“You know mine.” She said stubbornly crossing her arms.


Tom sighed trying to hide his grin. She was so stubborn! He thought. 


“Tom, my name is Tom.” He whispered quietly. 


“Tom.” She said, surprised that he had actually told her. 


A shiver ran up his spine at the sound of her speaking his name for the first time. 


November 1983 (Age 4)


“She was so scared Tom!” Hermione sobbed. 


“So was I, I-I didn’t kn-know wh-what I was do-doing.” She stammered clutching onto his robes.


It had been a while since Tom had visited Hermione. He had been finding himself swamped with the work he and Lucius were trying to do to expand his following. As time had gone on and fear about Tom had grown more of his followers had abandoned his cause and his numbers were dwindling even further.


More people were also being locked away in Azkaban under suspicion of having associations with him. Most of them however were members of long standing pure blood families and not his followers, however he and Lucius had decided that working to free them out of Azkaban might actually turn most of them to his side anyway and so the Ministry's efforts to stop his followers might actually be the cause of gaining more. At the very least if they didn't want to outrightly follow him they would still owe him for getting them out of Prison. 


Tom had still managed to elude the Ministries clutches for the most part. But they had cracked down upon him even more so after the disappearance of Karkaroff and certain others who had disappeared for some reason or another.


 Although he was careful to leave no trace of his actions the ministry was still convinced he and his alleged followers were behind any incident with Dark Magic, even the ones they didn’t cause. 


These issues he had been dealing with had meant Tom had had little time to go and visit Hermione and so he had missed her starting to perform her first acts of magic. 


Today was the first day he had free for a while as Narcissa had demanded that Lucius stop spending so much time in his office as he was missing his own son’s childhood. She had also instructed Tom that he needed to get out of the house and do something for himself. Normally he wouldn't have taken orders from anyone but as it was Narcissa Malfoy and he knew that she was a force to behold when crossed he had relented and decided to go and visit Hermione. 


But when he had arrived in her room he’d found her sobbing on her bed. 


His hackles had immediately risen at the sight of her, vowing to kill whoever it was who had made his soulmate so upset.


“Hermione what’s wrong who hurt you?” He asked hesitantly, he had little to no experience with crying girls, especially crying children. 


He barely had time to get the sentence out before Hermione had whipped her head up and launched herself at him, clinging to him for dear life. He had frozen in shock at being hugged so fiercely. He’d never been hugged before, not once. 


After getting over his initial shock from the hug he brought his arms awkwardly around the shaking witch and sat down on her Slytherin green bed with her. 


That was something that he had to smirk about. After one of his visits, accompanied by Hermione’s usual pestering questions she had asked him what his favourite colour was and he had admitted to it being green. 


Over the next few weeks he had watched as her room slowly changed from garish pink and frills to different shades of green, much to his amusement.


“Tell me again whats wrong?” He asked looking down at the small witch on his lap. 


“I -I didn’t mean to d-do it” She stammered between sobs. 


“Do what?” He asked. 


“M-make th-the book fly.” She said quietly.


“You made a book fly?” He asked curiously.


“I didn’t mean to! M-mummy was s-so scared!” She said more tears leaking out of her eyes. 


“I wanted her to r-read to me, but sh-she was to b-busy so I got mad and the b-book I wanted her t-to read flew out from the sh-shelf and up into the air and s-straight to me!” She sobbed hysterically. 


Tom’s eyes widened. How could she be upset about that? She was performing magic at only four years old!


Of course! Fucking idiot!’ He thought, internally kicking himself for being so simple minded. She didn’t know she was a witch yet. He had never really told her only showed her his own abilities when she was younger. 


“Hermione, what you did is nothing to be scared of. I’m going to tell you something but you have to promise not to tell anyone, especially your parents, do you understand?” He asked gently griping her chin so she was looking up at him. 


“Y-yes I understand.” She said wiping her eyes. 


Tom pulled out his wand and waved it over them making the small birds appear like he did when she was younger. 


Hermione gasped.


“I knew I didn’t dream it.” She said eyes wide in awe. 


Tom had decided that as she had started to get older he would stop performing magic in front of her as he wasn’t sure what she would and wouldn’t tell her parents. 


“What I can do is magic, I am a Wizard and you Hermione are a Witch. What you did and what you can do is magic.” He said disappearing the birds.


Hermione looked at him shocked. 


“I-I'm a Witch?... And your a Wizard?!” She exclaimed. 


“Yes and a very powerful one too by the looks of it.” He said smiling. 


“So what I did with the book?” She asked sniffing.


“That was magic, you just need to practice so it becomes less accidental, and when your older you’ll be able to get a wand like mine which will help to channel your magic” He said holding up his wand and twirling it round his fingers before he re-pocketed it. 


“Oh Tom will you please help me? Will you teach me please?” She pleaded looking up at him desperately. 


He smiled down at her. 


“Of course I will.” 


January 1984 (age 4 and a bit)


Tom had decided that his Christmas gift to Hermione that year was going to be teaching her all about magic. Of course she had whole heartedly agreed with his plan.


“So there are four houses?” She asked looking over to him from where she lay. 


Currently they were sitting, or in Hermiones case laying, on her bed discussing Hogwarts. Tom had made it clear to her that if he was to teach her about magic then she would have to do it seriously and commit to her ‘training’ and do everything he asked. Hermione agreed straight away and was all to eager to begin and so Tom had started visiting her every week on a Friday afternoon to educate her in everything magical. 


He had begun by firstly teaching her about the Wizarding world and everything to do with it. She had listened avidly as he explained all about the laws and customs, the things you could do and see, the shops and places that existed and much to her delight all about Hogwarts and how one day she would be able to go there to study magic properly. 


He looked next to him where she was laying, her back against the bed and her legs upright against the wall and her head hanging off the edge. It was an interesting sight.


“Yes, the houses are called Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Gryffindor and Slytherin.” He said listing them off.


“And you get sorted into your House by a magical talking hat?” She asked disbelievingly. 


Tom smirked, “I know it sounds ludicrous but I can assure you it is real.” 


“What house where you sorted into?” She asked eyes fixed onto his.


That was something Tom had noticed about Hermione as she got older. Her eyes, they were always so expressive. He should have known really when he had first laid eyes on her as a tiny baby and how her eyes had seemed to burn into his soul. 


“Slytherin, the best house there is.” He said cockily giving her a smirk. 


Hermione’s brow furrowed before she again looked up to where he was sat leaning against the wall that her bed was against. 


“What house do you think I’ll be in?” She asked biting her lip nervously. 


Tom thought for a moment. 


He had come to learn that Hermione was many many things and he knew that at only 4 years old it was only the tip of the ice-burg with her.


She was very intelligent, and not just for her age either. He figured she was probably one of the smartest people he knew. She was also very curious to learn. Those traits initially had him thinking Ravenclaw, however he had also noticed a very fiery stubborn streak in her that was undoubtably a Gryffindor trait, much to his disgust. 


And to his delight, although he would never admit it, she did have some traits of a Slytherin. She was ambitious to learn and succeed in her magic and she was also quite cunning in the way she kept secrets about him and her magic from her parents. 


However he wasn’t sure if it was even possible for a muggle-born to be put into Slytherin, he had certainly never heard of it before. 


“Honestly, I don’t quite know which house you’ll be in, you have many traits that could place you in any of them, though I’m almost a hundred percent sure you won’t be a Hufflepuff.” He said smiling at her. 


Hermione only nodded at his explanation, he could tell something was on her mind but he decided not to pry, knowing it was a lot for her to learn at once.


After the first few sessions of educating her about magic and the Wizarding world Tom had finally decided to start teaching her how to control and perform magic without a wand. 


“You need to feel your magic, what did it feel like when you made the book fly?" He asked her.


Hermione’s brows furrowed, something he had noticed she did when she was deep in thought. 


“Well it was hard to tell as at first I was so frightened but.. it felt like energy or power, like when the car is running and I can feel the vibrations from the motor in my seat.” She explained.


Tom nodded. “Good, that feeling, that energy is your magic rushing through you. You need to harness that and control it to perform magic. Usually it is easier when you have a wand but as you don’t have one yet we are going to be focusing on wandless magic. Which is usually very difficult for adult Wizards but I think you’ll be able to do it with enough practice.” He said confidently. 


Hermione nodded a look of determination coming over her face. 


“We’re going to start with the basics, this spell is a spell to summon an object to you, now because you’ve already basically done this with the book it should come easy to you.” He said placing one of her stuffed animals on her bed. 


“I want you to try and summon your bear towards you, the incantation is called ‘accio’ and then the name of the object or thing you want.” He said looking over towards her. 


“Would you like me to demonstrate?” He asked her. 


She nodded. 


Tom focused his eyes on the brown bear. 




“..Winnie! Her name is Winnie.” She said blushing. 


“Winnie?” He questioned.


“Its from one of my favourite books Winnie the Pooh.” She explained waving her hands. 


Tom shook his head grinning. 


“Accio Winnie!” He said catching the bear as it flew into his arms and turning to hold it up to her. 


“Want to try now?” He asked placing the bear back on the bed. 


Hermione nodded and turned her gaze towards her stuffed toy her brows furrowed in concentration again. 


“Accio Winnie.” She said.


The bears arm twitched slightly but other than that it stayed where it was. 


“Try again.” He instructed.


“Remember feel the magic in you, harness it and then speak.” He spoke more quietly.


Hermione took a deep breath. 


“Accio Winnie!” She commanded more strongly, and this time the bear came flying towards her and landed in her arms. 


Hermione turned to face him a wide smile on her face and her eyes glittering with joy. 


“I did it, I did it!” She squealed running up to him.


She flung her arms around him and just like last time when she had hugged him it took him a while to recover before he finally, albeit awkwardly hugged her back. 


“Okay try again but this time with a different object.” He said releasing her and pointing to one of her other toys. 


Hermione ran over to her toy pile and picked up a doll and repeated the process. This time it only took one try before the doll came flying towards her. 


She repeated the spell again and again each time with different objects and each time getting more excited as they came flying towards her. Finally when the sun was starting to sink below the horizon Tom decided it was enough. He knew that her parents often came up around this time to bring her down for dinner and he had to make himself scarce. 


“I need to get going, I want you to try practicing this spell until my next visit but only one or two times a day or you will burn yourself out to quickly.” He said pulling on his robe. 


“I will, don’t worry.” She said nodding and grinning up at him. 


He was just about to disapparate away when for the second time that day she hugged him, only this time it was less forceful than before. 


Tom again hugged her back and thankfully it was less awkward and he actually felt more comfortable with the affection the tiny Witch was giving him. 


“Thank you Tom, for teaching me.” She mumbled into his shirt. 


He smiled down at her. 


“Your welcome Hermione, I’ll see you next Friday.” And with that he disapparated out of her house and back to the Manor, his thoughts all throughout dinner and the rest of the night on the Witch who had no idea how powerful she really was. 




Chapter Text

Hermione POV (11 Years old - May of 1991) 


Hermione wiped her tear stained cheeks as she looked at her reflection in the mirror. 


God I hate them! Why are they so awful to me? What have I ever done to them except try to be fiends? She thought miserably. 


She was currently hiding in the girls bathroom at her muggle primary school after some of the girls had made fun of her for being so bookish and ugly and freakish as they had called her. 


It wasn’t an unusual occurrence, she was bullied almost daily by one person or another. Usually she would just put her head down and try to ignore them and think about how soon she would be out of the wretched school and at Hogwarts. But today the girls had been especially vicious and it had gotten to her more so then normal and so she had run away from their cries of laughter in tears. 


It didn’t help that she hadn’t seen Tom in weeks. He had said that he had important business to sort out and that he wouldn’t be able to visit for a while. He was her only friend, the one person who knew just about everything about her, who understood her completely. And so after not seeing him for so long she felt down right miserable and alone. 


She couldn’t remember when she had first met the mysterious wizard but she knew it was when she was very young and he had been coming to see her ever since. She didn’t know why he had begun to visit her she was only grateful that he did. Each week she looked forward to his visits and the time when she could truly be herself. 


Ever since Tom had told her that she would one day go to Hogwarts when she turned 11 she hadn’t stoped thinking about it and ever since her 11th birthday last year she had been marking the days off on her calendar waiting until September 1st when Tom had told her school started. 


Although she hadn’t received her Hogwarts letter yet she was eagerly awaiting it’s arrival and in the meantime she was learning as much about the magical school and as many spells as she could from Tom. 


After checking her reflection one more time in the mirror and making sure the coast was clear she hurried from the bathroom and grabbed her backpack, thank full it was the end of the day and she didn’t have to deal with her bullies any more. 


When she arrived home Hermione grabbed a quick snack before she ran upstair and plopped onto her bed. She pulled out the book that she’d hidden under a loose floor board and flipped open to the page she had last read up to. 


It was one of the new books that Tom had given her to learn about other types of magic. 


“I want you to read this book and tell me what you think once you’ve finished.” He had instructed handing her the thick black leather bound book.  


The Art of Magic” She read, running her hand over the title. 


It was quite obvious from reading the first few pages that the type of magic the book was talking about was what some wizards might call ‘dark’ magic. However Hermione had found the complex spells and rituals fascinating. Tom had taught her from an early age that magic was not ‘dark’ or ‘light.’


“Although some might try to tell you different, magic is both light and dark, you cannot have one without the other, they are intricately intertwined like day and night, it is how you use the magic that matters.” He had said with great passion.


After reading many books on the subjects of dark and light magic Hermione had come to agree with Tom’s views. Just because a cutting spell could be used to cut someone it didn't make it a dark form of magic, as the spell could just as easily be used to cut up vegetables for cooking, it was the intent behind it that made the difference.


Hermione wasn’t naive enough though not to admit that there were some types of magic that did more harm than good, and that there were some wizards and witches who would use that type of magic to intentionally cause harm. But she wan’t the type of person who threw out judgement before understanding the full picture. 


Hermione was just about finished her third chapter of the book when she heard a pop to the left of her bed and saw a shimmer of light before Tom appeared.


She grinned up at him excited that he was here. It was a Thursday and his usual visits were always on a Friday afternoon so she was surprised that he had come to see her.


“What are you doing here?” She asked curiously.


“Are you not happy to see me?” He asked setting down his robe on the small table she had in her room. 


“Of course I am, but it’s Thursday, you always come on a Friday.” She pointed out sitting up and crossing her legs. 


“I decided to surprise you, how have you been since my last visit? I see that you've been reading the book. What do you think of it?” He asked leaning against the table. 


Hermione faltered for a moment. She hadn’t told anyone about the bullying, especially Tom. She had seen the way he had reacted on occasion when she had been scared about her first use of magic or the time she had accidentally sliced her finger open with a knife. Although both times she was fine he would become furious with anger and vow to hurt whoever had caused her pain.  She didn’t know what he would do if he knew about her being bullied. 


But it seems as though she didn’t have to tell him, as she watched as Tom’s eyes narrowed in suspicion. 


“Tell me.” He said forcefully knowing that something was up.


Hermione huffed in annoyance. She hated when Tom tried to demand things of her. He very rarely did but every now and then he would be more forceful with his requests and each time she stubbornly refused. 


She narrowed her eyes back at him. 


No, I will not tell you, I don’t need to tell you everything Tom.” She said trying to sound more defiant than she felt. 


Hermione’s eyes widened slightly as Tom let out a small growl from his throat. 


See this is why I won’t tell you, you're already mad, you get so so..” She waved her arms around gesturing to his glowering demeanour. 


“.. so worked up over nothing!” She said haughtily. 


“Well if it’s nothing then tell me.” He demanded again. 


Hermione crossed her arms stubbornly and narrowed her eyes. 


Tom huffed out a breath and slowly regained his usual cool demeanour. 


Fine, if I promise not to get mad will you tell me?” He asked forcing out the question in a more calmer tone.



Hermione paused for a moment enjoying toying with Tom just a little bit. 


“Do you promise?” She asked raising her eyebrow.


“Yes.” He said impatiently. 


Hermione sighed. 


“It’s nothing really, some girls at school have just been making fun of me occasionally.” She said dropping her eyes to the floor. 


Tom’s eyes narrowed. 


“What have they been saying to you?” He hissed. 


“J-just calling me ugly and bookish and sometimes saying I’m a freak or calling me beaver because of my teeth.” She said self consciously. 


Tom’s jaw clenched. How dare those filthy fucking muggles call my Hermione degrading names!


“I will kill them for saying those things to you.” He hissed murderously, pulling out his wand. 


NOOO, Tom you promised!” Hermione shouted jumping in front of him. 


They hurt you!” He shouted back furiously. 


“I know, but it doesn’t matter, soon I won’t even be at that school, I’ll be with people just like me and I’ll make lot’s of friends and no one will call me names like that.” She said confidently. 


Tom lowered his wand rather reluctantly, “If your not going to let me get revenge then let me at least teach you some defensive spells and maybe some offence ones as well.” He said eyes shimmering dangerously. 


“No, only defence spells I won’t hurt them, I won’t lower myself to their standards.. and besides I can’t show my magic anyway.” She said shrugging her shoulders. 


“Fine, but now it’s your turn to promise me, if anyone is hurting you or trying to do something even if it’s just calling you names you need to tell me about it.” He said staring into her eyes. 


Hermione nodded, wondering why Tom was so protective over her. 


That evening Tom stayed later than he usually did. He spent his time with Hermione teaching her different defensive spells and making sure she knew which one to use in which situation. 


Toms POV


When Tom arrived at the Manor that night he couldn’t stop thinking about what Hermione had said. 


“I’ll be with people just like me and I’ll make lot’s and lot’s of friends and no one will call me names like that.”


She was so hopeful, so excited to go to a place where she would fit in. But Tom knew that there would be many people who saw her as nothing more than a mud-blood. Hell not so long ago he would have thought that, back before he found out about the spell and actually began to know her. 


But he couldn’t bring himself to squash that light in her eyes and tell her that she might not get all she hoped for at Hogwarts. 


So he had decided to make sure that Hermione at least had one friend at the school and someone he knew would be very influential amongst the students. 


Tom walked into the dinning room where Narcissa, Lucius and Draco were currently sitting eating dinner. 


“Good evening Tom, we were wondering when you’d get here.” Lucius greeted him. 


“I’ll get Dobby to bring you up some dinner.” Narcissa said summoning the elf. 


“Thank you, Narcissa.” He replied politely, taking a seat at the large table.


 After he had finished eating Tom vanished his plate and then cleared his throat gaining the attention of the three Malfoy’s. 


“I have something important I need to discuss with the three of you.” He said looking towards the Malfoy's. 


Draco’s eyes widened at the prospect of being included in the adults discussion. Quite often Tom would have important business to discuss with his parents but he was always dismissed from them. Never had he been included before.


“Before I discuss with you what is so important I need to tell you about my past. Although some have only speculated about it’s truth, I am the last living descendant of Salazar Slytherin." Tom said watching as the Malfoy’s eyes widened. 


“Why this is important is because during my time at Hogwarts I found out that Salazar had placed a ‘soulmate spell’ on his blood-line. I awoke on my 18th birthday to find these on my wrist.” He said pulling up his sleeve and showing the Malfoy’s the symbols on his wrist. 


“These initials are the initials of my soulmates name and the date underneath is the date of her birth.” Tom said watching as the Malfoy’s stared at his wrist. 


Narcissa’s mouth opened in shock. But Tom didn’t let her ask the question he knew she would. 


“I know that the date of her birth mean’s she is only 11 years old right now. As you would have noticed I have remained the age of 18 for over 40 years now. This is because part of Salazar’s spell meant matching his descendant to the person most equal to them, even if they were born in another time. By doing this he made it that his descendant would not age until their soulmate was 18 as well. So until she turns 18 I will not age.” He said lowering his sleeve back down. 


“Why are you telling us all of this?” Lucius asked curiously. Tom almost never shared anything personal or about his past so he was curious as to why he was sharing such personal information now. 


“Because, although she is not old enough yet I have found my soulmate. I found her when she was just a child and ever since then I’ve been visiting her. But although she is a witch, and a very powerful witch at that, she is a muggle-born.” Tom said waiting for the Malfoy’s reaction. 


Narcissa’s lips thinned slightly at the news and Lucius and Draco’s eyes widened in obvious shock. 


“Your mate is a muggle-born?” Lucius asked sceptically.


“Yes, I know that her blood status is not ideal. But I have known her for many years now and over that time I have gotten to know her and she has proven that she is a very powerful witch. Her blood is no issue to me anymore.” Tom said truthfully. 


Tom was speaking honestly about Hermione’s blood status. Over the years it had come to mean less and less as he had gotten to know her and see how truly powerful she was. But he knew that the Malfoy’s would still need time to process. Although they weren’t as prejudiced as some families they were still raised to believe muggle borns were beneath them. However he also knew that they valued power and intellect over blood much like himself and that even they believed if a witch or wizard was powerful enough then blood didn’t matter. 


“So you have met her then?” Lucius asked slowly coming to terms with the idea. 


“Yes, many times, that is where I'm going each week, to visit her and teach her magic.” He explained.


“So she knows she’s a witch?” Narcissa asked surprised.


“Yes she’s been studying and practicing magic since she was five.” Tom said smiling slightly at the thought of Hermione. 


Will you tell us her name?” Narcissa asked noticing the small smile Tom had on his features, her curiosity was piqued about the witch who could make Tom Riddle smile.


“Hermione Granger” Tom said. 


Narcissa smiled, “It's a beautiful name Tom, I’m sure she is just lovely.” 


“Yes, she is truly remarkable, now this brings me to the next point I wish to discuss. As you know and most likely still believe yourself, muggle-borns are viewed as.. less than.. in our society. What I am asking you to do is to try and move past these issues and help me protect her from those views whilst at Hogwarts. This is where Draco you come in.” He said turning to the younger Malfoy heir.


“I want you to be her friend, someone to look out for her at Hogwarts. You know how influential you will be as a Malfoy. I need you to ensure you make it known that she is one of us and not just another muggle-born.” He said looking into his wide grey eyes. 


“I can do that.” Draco said nodding confidently. 


“You needn’t worry Tom, if she is your soulmate then she is already apart of the family.” Narcissa said smiling at him. 


Tom gave her a small smile of his own thanking her for her quick acceptance of his mate. 


Lucius nodded at Narcissa’s words and grinned at Tom. 


“So when do we get to meet her?” Lucius asked humorously. 


Tom only glared in response. 


Hermione’s POV (June)


Hermione stared nervously at her parents to see how they were taking the news. 


“So just let me get this right. The reason why Hermione has been able to do certain… things, is because she is a witch?” Her father asked Professor McGonagall. 


“Yes, that is correct Mr Granger, as I’ve explained Hermione has been found to have magical blood and as such is required to attend Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where she will learn how to properly use and practice magic in a safe way amidst other witches and wizards of her age.” The elderly witch said. 


“And where is Hogwarts?” Her mum asked.


“It’s in a hidden location in the countryside of Scotland.” The professor said taking a sip of her tea. 


“And it’s a boarding school?” Her mother asked again.


“Yes, that is correct, although we allow students to stay during most holiday breaks we do encourage them to go home to visit their families.” The Professor explained giving them a smile. 


Hermione’s mother nodded in understanding.


“Forgive me, but how much are the fee’s for the school it surely can’t be cheap being a boarding school.” Her father asked setting down Hermione’s Hogwarts letter he had been reading for the third time. 


“At Hogwarts students aren’t required to pay fee’s, the school is funded by the Ministry of Magic as well as several large donations from some generous Wizarding families. Hermione will however need to purchase all of her school supplies as listed in her letter. In the Wizarding world we also use a different currency to yourselves but there are places in Diagon Alley, where Hermione will be going to shop for her school supplies, that she can exchange her muggle money to Wizarding currency.”


“Muggle?” Questioned her father.


“Forgive me, it’s a term used in the Wizarding world it means non-magic folk.” Professor McGonagall explained. 


Hermione’s father nodded before he turned to his wife sitting next to him on the sofa, a silent question of ‘Well what shout we do?’ etched on his face.


Hermione watched the silent exchange between her parents with bated breath. This was what she had been dreaming of for years now, she didn’t know what she would do if her parents refused to let her go. 


“Well I suppose, seeing as she is required to go, then she must.” Her mother said rather reluctantly turning to face her daughter. 


“Oh thank you thank you thank you!” Hermione said jumping up and giving her parents a big hug. 


Hermione’s parents smiled at her daughter glad that she was excited about the prospect. 


“Very well, I will inform the Headmaster that Hogwarts has one more student, now I shall be off. Remember school starts on September 1st, all instructions are inclosed in your letter for arrival as is how to get to Diagon Alley so you can get your school supplies. I look forward to seeing you at Hogwarts Miss Granger, until then.” Professor McGonagall said rising from the couch.


“Thank you professor, it was wonderful to meet you, I look forward to seeing you at Hogwarts as well.” Hermione said smiling up at the kind witch. 


“Good bye.” Her parents said walking the professor to the door. 


Toms POV (June) 


“Oooff.” Tom said as a small curly haired witch collided with his body. 


“I GOT IT, I GOT IT, I FINALLY GOT IT!” Hermione said hugging him tightly before jumping up and down and waving a piece of paper around. 


“What did you get?” Tom asked bemused at Hermione’s obvious excitement. 


“My Hogwarts letter of course!” Hermione squealed excitedly. 


“Congratulations, I see you’re quite calm about the whole matter.” He said smirking. 


Hermione poked her tongue out at him in retaliation and Tom just gave a short laugh. 


“I was wondering, would you-would you maybe come shopping with me to get my school supplies?” Hermione asked nervously fidgeting with the hem of her shirt. 


Tom paused for a moment wondering how he was going to tell Hermione that he wouldn’t be able to go with her because the blasted Ministry was currently hunting him down. 


“I’m sorry Mia, I’m not going to be able to go with you, right now there are some people who are looking for me and I wouldn’t want them to see you with me and you become a target to.” He explained vaguely. 


“Your not in danger are you?!” She asked worriedly.


“No I can assure you I’m absolutely fine, trust me their not going to hurt me.” He said, happy that she was worried about his safety. 


Hermione still seemed concerned but her mind was brought back to what he had just called her. 


“You called me Mia, where did that come from.” Hermione asked raising an eyebrow. 


“Well I figured seeing as you were going to Hogwarts and your going to be making some new friends I wanted to have something special to call you. Something just between us. Something none of your other friends would call you.” Tom explained. 


Hermione blushed slightly her cheeks turning a lovely shade of crimson. 


“I like it.” She whispered blushing even more. 


“Good, because your stuck with it now.” He said smiling down at her. 


That night as Hermione lay in bed dreaming happily about her new school she was oblivious to the fact that Tom lay awake in his own bed worrisome thoughts swirling in his mind. 


Now that Hermione was older and finally entering his world he should be ecstatic. But instead Tom was filed with worry that he might just loose Hermione to his reputation as the Dark Lord, the very reputation that he had once so amicably sought after. 


Chapter Text

Hermione POV (August)


Hermione watched with her parents in amazement as the red brick wall magically opened to reveal a bustling alleyway filled with quirky shops and robed clad witches and wizards. 


This was her first venture into the Wizarding world and she had been beyond excited for days about the trip, just about driving her parents insane with her eagerness. 


She walked through the entryway onto the cobblestoned street her parents following behind her and taking in the sights before them. 


Hermione wanted to go in and explore every single shop she came across they all sounded so fascinating, Sluggs and Jiggs Apothecary, Flourish and Blotts, Eeylops Owl Emporium, Magical Menagerie.


Hermione’s eyes widened and she quickly ran over to the Magical Menagerie shop and pressed her eyes up against a glass pained window gasping in awe at the sight of all the magical animals inside. She had of course read about a few magical beasts in the books Tom had given her, but none of the books had gone into much depth so she hadn’t been able to learn as much about them as she would have liked. 


“Hermione dear I know you want to look around but we need to get your school supplies first and then we can explore afterwards.” Her mother called pulling her attention away from the shop window. 



“Okay the list says that you need to be fitted for school robes at Madam Malkin’s, that you need quills, ink and parchment as well as the required books for first years which can be received at Flourish and Blott’s, a cauldron, scales, telescope and glass phials from Potage’s Cauldron Shop and lastly a Wand from Olivanders.” Her father said listing off the required items rather gloomily at the prospect of spending a full day shopping. 


Hermione’s eyes lit up though at the thought of finally receiving her own wand. How much better am I going to be able to do the spells that Tom’s taught me, now that I’ll have a wand to properly channel my magic! She thought eagerly.  


“Well Flourish and Blott’s is right over here so we might as well start there.” Her mother said pointing to the bustling shop a few doors down. 


“After that we can go and get Hermione’s wand and robes and maybe have some lunch and a bit of an explore and then we’ll get the cauldron on our way home as I doubt you’ll be wanting to carry that around all day Richard.” Her mother said walking towards their first shop.


Hermione laughed at her father’s expression, clearly he was not enjoying the prospect of being the dedicated bag carrier all day either. 


After getting everything needed from Flourish and Blott’s as well as some extra light reading Hermione had wanted, she and her parents headed off to Olivander’s. Hermione just about ran the entire way there with her parents chasing after her. 


She took a deep breath to calm her nerves before she walked into the dingy looking shop, the bell ringing to signal her entrance. 


“Ahhh hello their young lady and who might you be?” An elderly white haired Wizard asked from behind the counter. 


“Hello sir, my name’s Hermione Granger.” Hermione said grinning broadly. 


“Here for your first wand I expect” He said stepping forward and returning her smile.  


Hermione’s head turned at the sound of the bell ringing and the shop door opening to reveal her flustered parents. 


“Hermione, do not run off like that again! What if you’d gotten lost? How are we supposed to find you here we don’t know where anything is!?” Chastised her mother sternly, her father nodding along and trying not to drop her school books. 


“I’m sorry I just couldn’t wait any longer to get my wand.” She said, having the decency to look apologetic all though she really wasn't. 


“Just don’t do it again please, at least not until you tell us where your going.” Her mother said less cross than before. 


Hermione nodded and turned back to the wizard who was pulling out a long rectangle box from the shelf. 


He opened the lid to reveal a long, dark and sleek looking wand. 


“Dragon heart string, eleven and one quarter inches and made of Black Walnut.” He said handing the wand to Hermione. 


Hermione held the wand hesitantly in her hand and felt a small tingle of her magic within her. 


Careful not to say a direct spell as she wasn’t supposed to know any magic as of yet, she waved the wand testing out it's power. 


At the flick of the wand a large portrait of a plump looking witch came flying off the wall and fell in a dusty heap on the shop floor. Hermione’s mouth dropped open in horror. 


“Hermione!” Her mother shouted equally shocked. 


“I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to!” She said in a rush, hoping the shop keeper wouldn’t kick her out before she even got her wand. 


Surprising he only laughed and smiled at her. 


“Not to worry my dear, I’ve become quite used to my things being smashed and broken by first year students over the years. All damages are easily repairable, however I don’t think that this is the wand for you.” He said waving his own wand and placing the portrait of the now angrily shouting witch back on the wall. 


Hermione gulped as she was handed another wand, this one a light coloured and thinly pointed one covered in vine carvings. 


“Dragon heartstring, ten and three quarter inches long and made of vine wood.” Mr Olivander said smiling at her encouragingly. 


Hermione nervously glanced at her parents before again waving the wand like before. This time the painting didn’t fall of the wall. Instead a large glass vase filled with beautiful flowers was smashed to pieces, the fragments flying throughout the shop and the surfaces nearby getting soaked in water.   


Hermione was about to open her mouth to apologise again but before she could Mr Olivander held up his hand and simply waved his wand. Hermione watched as the broken pieces of the vase moved as if pulled by invisible strings until they reformed their original shape. Once complete the flowers flew back in good as new and the water that had been splashed on the nearby surfaces poured back into the unscathed vase. 


“Gosh that would make cleaning the house so much easier.” Hermione heard her mother mutter to her husband. 


Mr Olivander hummed to himself as he seemed to be thinking about which wand to give to her next. This time he went out to the back for a few moments and came back with another box. This one however was much more dustier and appeared to be a faded blue colour. He opened the lid to reveal an elegant brown wand pointed at the tip like the last and also baring intricately carved vines and leaves that were coloured slightly lighter than the rest of the wand. The vines started at the wands base and ran part way up the stem, unlike the last wand where the vines ran the entire length of the wand. It was beautiful. 


This time Mr Olivander didn’t explain what the wand was made of he just handed it to her wordlessly. 


Hermione felt the tingle of magic again within her as she grasped the wand firmly in her hand, however this time her magic seemed to grow and course throughout her body to every point until it reached the wand in her hand. Astonishingly the wand began to emanate a strong luminous glow making her hair swirl about her and nearby parchment float about. 


Hermione felt her magic connect with the wand and she knew that this wand was meant for her.


She grinned up at the shopkeeper expecting him to be smiling in agreement with her, but faltered slightly at his expression. 


He was looking at her with an unreadable expression, his eyes narrowed slightly as if searching for an answer. 


“I- is everything alright?” She asked timidly. 


Her words seemed to jolt Mr Olivander out of his thoughts and he gave a small smile. 


“Yes my dear, it is just curious is all. Your wand is a very powerful and rare wand indeed. It is one of my creations from many years ago and is made from a willow tree. The wood alone is very rare and known for its healing powers, however what’s most intriguing about this wand is that it is infact a dual core of  Veela Hair and Phoenix Feather. Phoenix feathers and Veela hairs are both rare cores for wands. Normally Veela haired wands are very temperamental however when paired with a stabilising and healing core like a phoenix feather they work together to produce great power and work best with rare forms of magic. It is clear that we are to expect many great things from you Miss Granger.” Mr Olivander said explaining the properties of her wand to her. 


Hermione was astonished at Mr Olivander’s words and the intricacy of her new wand. 


After Hermione had purchased her wand she thanked Mr Olivander and was about to join her parents outside when he spoke up again. 


“Miss Granger there is one more thing I forgot to tell you. Phoenix’s only ever usually give one feather in their life time to be made into a wand, that is what makes them so rare. However the very bird I procured your phoenix core from happened to give another, just one other. I sold this wand many many years ago but I feel that you should know, that these twin cores link the two of you inexplicably and in ways that unfortunately only time will reveal to us.” He said very seriously. 


“Who owned the other wand?” Hermione asked nervously. 


“I fear Miss Granger that you will not like the answer. He was a very powerful wizard who became corrupted by darkness. Over the years he has become so feared that he has become known by another name, that is the Dark Lord.” He whispered in obvious fear. 


Hermione balked. A Dark Lord?! What could she possibly have in common with a dark lord?


“A D-dark lord?” She asked quietly.


“Do not worry yourself Miss Granger he has not been seen for almost ten years now. Many say he has vanished or died long ago. No one today even remembers his true name except those closest to him I suspect and most of them are locked away in Azkaban, so he has no real power. I would not worry over what this wand choosing means, in the end it may simply be coincidence after all.” He said trying to reassure her.  


Hermione nodded her mind swirling with all the new information she had received. She would be sure to ask Tom when she saw him next about this apparent Dark Lord. 


After thanking Mr Olivander a second time for her wand she walked out the door to where her parents were waiting. 


“Everything alright dear?” Her mother asked.


“Yes everything’s fine, are we going to get the robes now?” She asked trying to forget about what the connection of her wand to a dark lord meant. 


“Yes although I’m afraid we will have to be quick as your father seems to be getting quite hangry.” She laughed looking to where her husband was struggling with the weight of all the bags and grumbling about being nothing but a starving servant. 


Hermione laughed, grateful for the distraction and walked along next to her parents up to Madam Malkin’s. 


Upon opening the door Hermione saw that there were only three other people in the store. One a young boy about her age with bright blonde, almost silver hair who was currently standing on a pedi stole. He was being fitted for robes by a middle aged witch with greying hair and a bright pink dress.And seated on an arm chair was an elegant and beautifully dressed witch with a pointed young face and the same coloured hair as the boy, who Hermione presumed was her son. 


“I won’t be a moment.” Called Madam Malkin as she worked on the hem of the robe the young boy was wearing. 


Upon their entrance both the boy and his mothers heads had turned their way. 


“Draco dear make some room for Miss…?” Stated the elegant witch.


“…Hermione Granger.” She said offering the lady a smile as her son moved over so she too could stand on the pedi stole ready to be fitted. 


As Hermione climbed up onto the pedi-stole she failed to see the shocked expressions and curious glances the mother and son shared between them at her announcement. 


“Pleasure to meet you Miss Granger, my name is Narcissa Malfoy and this is my son Draco.” She said recovering quickly from her shock and returning Hermione’s smile with her own dazzling one. 


“It’s lovely to meet you to Mrs Malfoy.” Hermione said before turning to the boy next to her. 


“Hello, Draco was it?.” Hermione asked smiling at the blonde haired boy.


He gave her a smirk and held out his hand. 


“Yes my name’s Draco, nice to meet you Miss Granger.” He said properly and rather formerly for an 11 year old. 


“You can just call me Hermione.” She said shaking his hand and returning his grin. 


“You must be Hermione’s parents?” Mrs Malfoy said standing and turning her dazzling smile towards Hermione’s parents offering her own hand to them. 


“Yes we are, my names Richard and this is my wife Jean.” Her father said accepting Mrs Malfoy’s hand. 


“Is your son going to Hogwarts as well?” Her mother asked sitting down in one of the other chairs. 


“Yes he is, we’ve just come to get his school supplies today, as have you I take it.” Mrs Malfoy said gesturing to the many bags and boxes her father was holding. 


“Yes we’ve spent all morning here in and out of bloody shops.” Her father said moodily. 


Mrs Malfoy laughed, “You sound just like my husband at the first mention of the word ‘shopping’ he finds any excuse not to go.” 


As the parents chatted about one thing and another Hermione spent her time talking to Draco. 


“Are you excited to be going to Hogwarts.” She asked her arms outstretched as Madam Malkin fitted her for various different robes. 


“Yes I am rather excited, I’ve been learning and hearing about Hogwarts my whole life as well as reading about it in Hogwarts: A History.” He said taking off his new robe. 


Ohh I just got that book today at Flourish and Blott’s I’m so excited to read it.” She said putting her arms back down and turning to her left. 


“Do you like to read?” Draco asked her.


“Yes, although most people find it boring it’s probably my favourite thing to do.” She admitted to him.


“It’s probably my favourite thing as well. Well that and flying.” He grinned. 


“Hermione dear.” Her mother called interrupting their conversation. 


“Narcissa has just invited us to have lunch with her and Draco did you want to join them?” Her mother asked her. 


Hermione looked to Draco questioningly. 


“Please come it’ll be so boring with mother otherwise.” He said rather dramatically. 


Hermione laughed and nodded a ‘yes’ to her mother before shimmying out of her robe and walking to the register with Draco their parents in tow. 


Over lunch with the Malfoy’s, Hermione got to learn all about Draco and found that although they came from different worlds they actually had many similar interests. Hermione was also glad to see that her parents seemed to be getting along rather well with Narcissa Malfoy, so much so that Hermione’s mother had even made plans with her to go and have tea next week. 


Once they had finished their lunch the Malfoy’s said their goodbyes, but only after Draco had promised to meet Hermione at King’s Cross Station so they could sit on the train together. 


Hermione smiled the whole way home at having made a new friend already and having had such an exiting time in Diagon Alley. She didn’t even have time to think about asking Tom  about the Dark Lord Mr Olivander had told her about when he next visited.  



Tom’s POV


Tom was sitting in the Library of the Manor when he heard a quiet knock at the door. 


“Come in.” He said not looking up from the book he was reading. 


Narcissa entered, looking regal as usual and sat down opposite him. 


“I thought you might be interested to know that Draco and I met someone quite intriguing today.” She said rather vaguely a hint of amusement in her eyes. 


Tom only raised an eyebrow at her, the Malfoy’s knew many people that could be deemed intriguing. 


She was a young girl around the same age as Draco, very beautiful despite her rather untamed hair and she was shopping in Diagon Alley with her muggle parents. Sound at all familiar?” Narcissa smirked rather teasingly. 


Tom’s eyes widened and he slowly put down the book giving Narcissa his full attention. 


“You met Hermione?” He asked hesitantly. 


Although Tom had told the Malfoy’s about his soulmate, he hadn’t counted on them meeting her so soon. 


“Yes in Madam Malkin’s she came in when Draco was being fitted and then I invited her for lunch with her parents.” She said as if it was the most normal thing in the world for a Malfoy to be having lunch with a muggle-born and her parents. 


“You did what!?” He shouted angrily. 


“Oh Tom don’t worry she was actually rather splendid, as where her parents. Draco hasn’t stopped talking about her all afternoon, he got on with her very well.” She said not even batting an eyelash at his outburst. 


Tom remained silent. Although he himself had gotten over any ill feelings towards Hermione’s muggle heritage he was still unsure about the Malfoy’s. He knew they would accept her in time as she was his soulmate but he didn’t know how long it would take them. 


“I know what you must be thinking Tom. That because she is muggle-born we won’t accept her. But if you could get over her blood status then certainly we can. Lucius and I both understand that not all muggle-borns are incompetent. And by Hermione’s display of intelligence throughout lunch it is avidly clear that she will be an exceptional witch.” Narcissa said as if reading his thoughts. 


Tom sighed. He rarely let his guard down in front of anyone, but the Malfoys and especially Narcissa had always been able to read his emotions and thoughts rather clearly and they were some of the few people who could actually claim had his trust. 


“Thank you.” Was all he said in response. 



After Tom’s brief chat with Narcissa he had decided he ought to visit Hermione himself to see how her day went and what she thought of the Malfoy’s. 


When he arrived he was unsurprised that she was sitting on her bed and reading Hogwarts: A history, a book she no doubt got today. 


“I see you’ve been to Diagon Alley.” He said taking a seat in the arm chair in her room. 


“Tom!” She shouted joyfully sitting up and putting her book down on the bed. 


“Oh it was just wonderful, all the shops and people it was exactly like you said, and the best part was I think I’ve already made a friend!” She said excitedly bouncing up and down. 


“Oh really?” He asked pretending not to know of her new friend.


“Yes I met him and his mother at Madim Malkin’s, and then we ended up having lunch with them as well, it was fantastic. His name is Draco Malfoy perhaps you know of him?” She asked curiously. 


Tom thought for a moment wondering if he should tell Hermione that yes he was actually very closely acquainted with the Malfoy’s. He decided that couldn’t see a reason not to tell her and decided to be honest with her about it. 


“Yes I actually do know the Malfoy's, they are very close friends of mine.” He said waiting to see how she would take it.


“Oh really, this is all so exciting, I’m so glad I finally got to meet someone that you know!” She said happily. 


“Mmmm, I’m glad as well, Draco is a very nice young boy he will be a good friend for you I think.” Tom said, thinking about how much they had in common. 


“We’ve already made plans to meet at King’s Cross so we can sit on the train together. At least I’ll know one person.” She thought thinking happily of her new friend. 


Tom hummed in response, although he was glad that Hermione would be going to Hogwarts soon where she no doubt would flourish he was also dreading it. Whilst she was at home he was able to see her just about whenever he wanted, but once she started attending Hogwarts he knew their time would be limited to holiday’s, and that was only if she decided to come home. 


What was he thinking of course she would want to come home. She was his Hermione and he saw how much she missed him between each visit.  He thought confidently. But he still needed to come up with a way to ensure he could at least still talk to Hermione whilst she was at Hogwarts. Sending letters would become far to inconvenient. 


Tom’s internal thoughts about what he could do to keep in contact with his soulmate were frozen in place however by one of Hermione’s questions. 


“What did you say?” He asked, making sure he had heard her correctly. 


Hermione huffed in annoyance at having to repeat herself. 


“I said, who is the Dark Lord?” She asked crossing her arms and looking up at him expectantly. 


Oh fuck! Was Tom’s only thought.

Chapter Text

Hermione’s POV 


Hermione watched the rare display of emotions flickering behind Tom’s features. He hardly ever let his guard down, always maintaining his cool persona. The only times he would let emotion seep through was in anger or fear over protectiveness for her or in rare bursts of happiness when they were practicing magic together. 


She could almost hear his mind ticking, working out how to answer her question about the Dark Lord. She knew from Tom’s display of emotions that it was a difficult topic for him but she couldn’t work out why. Normally he would answer any of her questions she had, except for the ones that were about him personally. So she wondered why he seemed to be remaining tight lipped over this particular question. 


Maybe he knew the Dark Lord? Maybe he did something to Tom, or his family? She thought trying to put the pieces together. 


“Why do you want to know?” Tom asked finally, his guard back up and his face giving away no emotions. 


“When I went to get my wand at Mr Ollivanders, he told me about it’s properties. My wand is a dual core of Phoenix feather and Veela hair, and the phoenix feather that is in my wand is the twin of the one that is in the Dark Lord’s wand. He told me that it meant we were… connected in some way. But he didn’t know how or why and he couldn’t tell me anything about the Dark Lord, only that he was an evil wizard who had been corrupted by darkness and that disappeared a long time ago.” She said remembering what Mr Ollivander had told her.  


Hermione saw something flash in Tom’s eyes at her words, but she couldn’t distinguish what it was. Curiosity?Anger? Fear?


Tom sighed and ran his hand through his hair, a motion Hermione had only ever see him do when he was nervous or scared. 


“Mr Ollivander was right about some things, the Dark Lord was an evil wizard.” Tom said looking down at the floor and avoiding Hermione’s eyes. 


Hermione sat up straighter, patiently waiting for him to continue. 


“You know that I’ve taught you to view magic as neither light or dark, which is how everyone should see it…”


Hermione nodded in agreeance with him. 


“But there are some types of magic out there that even I consider only dark and when used, can consume the wizard so utterly they become a changed person, a thing of themselves that is not human any more.” 


Hermione watched intrigued as Tom explained those types of magic, he seemed almost enticed by them.


“The Dark Lord became consumed by those types of magic for many years. All he wanted was power and control and he saw the only way to get it was through use of dark magic. He built up quite an empire, with many prominent Wizarding families following him and pushing for his cause to rid the world of those deemed inferior to him. But this all came crumbling down some years ago.” Tom said barely whispering those last words. 


“You speak, as if you knew him?” Hermione asked hesitantly. 


Tom’s eyes remained fixed on the floor, “Yes I knew him, quite well.” 


“Did  you… did you believe in his cause?” Hermione asked scared of what his answer might be. 


Tom sighed again, “Yes for a while I did, but things… circumstances changed and so did my opinions.” 


Hermione didn’t respond just thought about what Tom was telling her. These past few weeks she had finally been able to delve deeper into the mystery that was Tom. Over the years she’d come to understand that he most likely wasn’t completely innocent and had clearly done some things that most people would not agree with. However she also knew that Tom was many other things, he was intelligent, helpful, charming, at times he was funny and although he didn’t show it much he was very protective and caring of her and Hermione trusted him completely and could tell when he was being honest with her. So she knew that although he may have believed in the Dark Lord once and whatever his cause was, he was telling her the truth now that his views had changed and she knew as well as she knew herself that he wasn’t a bad person despite who his old associations might have been. 


“So he’s truely gone then?” Hermione asked. 


Tom’s gaze finally left the floor and locked with her own, “Yes he has gone.” 


Hermione let out a breath that she didn’t realise she had been holding, “So then I don’t have to worry?” 


“You have nothing to fear, I won’t ever let anything happen to you.” Tom said his eyes burning into hers. 


Hermione nodded and gave him a small smile, happy that he had trusted her in return to let her in.


Tom briefly returned her smile before he stood from the chair he’d been sitting on.


“I’ll be off now, you’ve had a long day and need some rest, I’ll come to see you the night before you leave for Hogwarts.” He said collecting his coat. 


“Okay, thank you for being honest with me about the Dark Lord.” She said standing up and giving him a hug, failing to see the look of guilt that passed over his features. 


Tom hugged her back, more tightly then usual. 


“Before I go I need you to promise me something.” He said, his words muffled slightly by her hair. 


“Anything” She said pulling away so she could look up at him. 


“Don’t ever reveal your wands connection with the Dark Lord and don’t ever speak of what you know about him, to anyone.” He said forcefully. 


Why?” She asked.


“Because if people know of this connection or see you having knowledge of the Dark Lord they might become fearful of you, they will assume things, fear does strange things to people Hermione.” He said his eyes never leaving hers. 


“I promise.” She said nodding. 


Tom let out a breath and gave her another small smile, grateful she hadn’t put up more of a fight like she usually did when he asked something of her. 


He pulled her in for another hug, which surprised Hermione as it was always her who would imitate affection. 


“I need to go.” He said, before placing a gentle kiss on her forehead and disapparating away. 


Hermione could still feel a slight tingle on her forehead where Tom’s lips had been as she thought up her plan. 


She would figure out what Tom was hiding from her. Although he mostly answered her question she knew that he wasn’t telling her everything, and she would get to the bottom of it, even if she didn’t like what she found. 


Tom’s POV 


Tom was currently overseas in France visiting one of the Wizarding shops there, Mystères Magiques. After Tom’s last visit with Hermione he had realised just how much he needed to stay in contact with her whilst she was at Hogwarts. He needed to make sure that she didn’t discover who the majority of the Wizarding population believed him to be and make sure they didn’t try to turn her against him. 


Tom had thought long and hard about his conversation with her and just what he had said. Because he had been telling the truth. Although the Dark Lord was once him, it wasn’t any more. For a long time during Hogwarts and up until he had met Hermione he had been enraptured with Dark Magic and his cause for achieving power. 


Although he still wanted this power his ideologies had changed, all because of Hermione. He had once foolishly thought that he could control her to be his loyal follower. But he knew now that it would never of worked, she was to intelligent, to powerful in her own right. And if Tom was being truthful he didn’t want to control her, he wanted to seek power alongside her. 


So he had come to the Magical Artefact shop in search of something that would allow him to communicate with Hermione whilst at Hogwarts. 


“Good day to you ser.” The middle aged wizard said from behind the counter. 


Tom inclined his head, “To you as well.” 


“What iz it zat due are after.” He asked politely. 


“Something that will allow me instant communication with another person.” Tom said looking around at all the odds and ends. 


The shop reminded him of his time working at Borguin and Burkes when he had been obsessed with finding the Founders Objects in case he needed to use them as vessels. How much had his plans changed since that time he thought.  


“Aaaa I see, well zere are a few objectz I have zat may interezt due.” He said walking over to a part of the store and pulling out a few items before laying them out on a counter for Tom to see. 


“Zee first are zome enchanted coinz, quick for emergenciez but not good for long messagez.” He said holding up two Galleons. 


“I want to be able to have frequent conversations, long or short.” Tom said pushing the coins away. 


“Well how about zee’s zen.” The shopkeeper said holding up two ostentatiously large hand mirrors with runes carved along its edge. 


“It need’s to be inconspicuous.” Tom said screwing up his nose at the gaudy mirrors. 


“Zis is all I have left.” The shopkeeper sighed holding up two brown leather bound diaries.


“How do they work?” Tom asked intrigued. 


“Due simply write in one and whatever due write will appear in the other diary until that perzon haz read it. Once it haz been read zen it will dizapear, ‘zet me zow due.” He said taking out a quill and writing in one of the diaries. 


Tom watched as the word ‘Bonjor’ suddenly appeared in the diary he was holding before it faded away a few seconds later. 


“How much?” Tom asked.


After Tom had made his purchase he was about to leave the shop when his eyes were drawn to a black pendant on a silver chain. It was an identical shape and colour to the stone in his family ring he had stolen long ago. 


“Would due like to zee it clozer?” The shopkeeper asked coming around and unlocking the cabinet and pulling out the pendant for Tom to see. 


Tom held it in his palm an idea forming in his mind. 


“I’ll take this as well.” He said handing over some more galleons before finally leaving the shop and heading back to Manor. 


Tom’s POV (August 31st)


Tom was waiting patiently in Hermione’s room for her. 


It was the night before she left for Hogwarts and he had promised to come and see her before she left. 


He was currently sitting in the rocking chair in her room and flipping through one of her school textbooks. His mind was brought back to all those times he used to rock her to sleep in the very same chair and how much had changed since then.


Tom’s musings where stopped short by the arrival of a very excited Hermione. 


“TomImsoooogladyourhereIjustcan'twaitanymoreImsosososoexcited!” Hermione said in one big rush. 


Tom chuckled lightly at her antics.


“Take a breath or you’ll faint.” He said closing her textbook and placing it next to him.


“I’m sorry, I’m just so excited I can’t believe that tomorrow night I’ll actually be at Hogwarts and not here!” She said skipping over to her trunk that seemed to be bursting at the seems and putting the textbook he had been reading inside it.


However Hermione’s happiness dampened slightly as what she had just said sunk in and she turned around slowly facing him. 


“I-I just realised that I’m going to be at Hogwarts.” She said.  


“You only just figured that out now? I thought you were smarter than that.” Tom said raising an eyebrow comically.


“No I mean I only just realised what it meant. Because I’ll be at Hogwarts and not here which means... I won’t get to see you anymore.” She said biting her lip and looking at the floor. 


“Well it’s a good thing that I thought of this then isn’t it?” Tom said holding up the green wrapped diary. 


“What’s that?” Hermione asked curiously. 


“An early birthday present, seeing as I won’t be there to give it to you on the day.” Tom said handing it to her. 


Tom watched as Hermione carefully unwrapped the present to reveal her diary. 


“A diary?” She asked raising her own eyebrow much like Tom had just done moments ago.


“It’s not just a diary, it’s a communication diary. You have one and I have one, that way we can keep in contact and talk whenever you want to and you don’t have to wait days for an owl to reply.” Tom said explaining the concept of the gift. 


Hermione’s eyes lit up.


“How does it work?” She asked opening it up. 


“You write whatever you want in your diary and then it will appear in mine, after I’ve read it, it will disappear so you don’t have to worry about running out of room.” Tom explained. 


“Oh Tom, thank you so much, it’s perfect I just love it.” She said clutching the diary to her chest glad that he had thought of such a practical and thoughtful gift. 


“I have something else for you as well.” He said pulling out a small green velvet box from his robe. 


Again Tom watched as Hermione opened her present, waiting to see her reaction. Hermione let out a small gasp her mouth open in surprise at seeing the beautiful pendant sitting in the delicate box.


“It’s gorgeous.” She whispered in awe.


“Here let me put it on you.” Tom said taking the box and unclasping the chain before gently placing it around her neck. 


Hermione looked up at Tom before launching herself into his arms and almost knocking him off his feet. 


“Thank you so much Tom, for everything. Not just the presents, but for teaching me magic, being my friend, everything.” She said, her words muffled slightly by his coat. 


Tom felt a flutter inside him at her words. 


“Your welcome.” He said leaning down and kissing her forehead like he had the other night.


Hermione’s own heart did a small flip at the feeling of Tom’s lips against her skin. Knowing that this was going to be her last hug with the wizard for a while she held on longer then normal before reluctantly pulling away. 


Tom was glad that she liked the pendant so much. He was worried that she wouldn’t like it and then his plan wouldn’t work. He had charmed the pendant to be connected to his family ring, so whenever Hermione was in danger his ring would heat up and glow alerting him to the danger. However if Hermione didn’t want to wear the pendant then there was no way for him to ensure her safety whilst she was away. 


That night Tom decided to stay longer than normal, rather than leaving before Hermione went to bed he chose to stay until she fell asleep, so he just sat, reading silently in her rocking chair as she succumbed to sleep the pendant still around her neck. 



Hermione’s POV 


Hermione pushed her trolley quickly down the train station platform looking for the signs that read 9 and 10. 


“Are we really supposed to walk through a brick wall?” She heard her father ask incredulously. 


“That’s what her letter said to do, you saw what happened to the wall at Diagon Alley, perhaps it will be similar?” Her mother replied.


Hermione came to a halt at the sight of three pale blonde haired people standing in front of a brick wall with the signs 9 and 10 on each side.


“Draco!” Hermione shouted, waving at the young boy. 


Draco turned around at the sound of his name and gave her a large grin beckoning for her to come over. 


“Lovely to see you again Hermione, how was the rest of your summer?” Mrs Malfoy said grinning down at Hermione. 


“It was wonderful thank you.” Hermione said as her parents came over to join them. 


“Narcissa what a nice surprise, we were expecting to see you at the platform.” Hermione’s mother said greeting Mrs Malfoy. 


“Lucius and I thought it might be a bit confusing getting onto the platform for the first time so we decided to wait for you, speaking of I believe you haven’t met my husband.” Mrs Malfoy said placing a hand on the regal looking wizard next to her. 


“Lucius Malfoy, you must be Jean and Richard.” Lucius said shaking her fathers hand and placing a kiss on her mother’s hand, before turning to Hermione. 


“And you must be Hermione, Narcissa and Draco have told me so much about you.” Lucius said grinning much like his son and taking Hermione’s own hand and kissing it like he did to her mother’s. 


“It’s nice to meet you sir.” Hermione said blushing at the formalities of Mr Malfoy. 


“Please call me Lucius.” He said warmly.  


Hermione nodded and smiled. 


“How about we head onto the platform, I’m afraid if we wait out here any longer Draco just might burst.” Narcissa said laughing at Draco’s obvious eagerness to get through the barrier. 


Hermione watched as the Malfoy’s walked straight through the brick wall and vanished before her eyes, before she to took a nervous breath and followed along with her parents. 


Her eyes widened in awe at the sight of a beautiful red steam train being boarded by laughing and excited children who were waving to their families. 


Draco and Hermione didn’t wait long to board the train themselves. After loading their luggage and saying goodbye to their parents they made their way on and found an empty compartment before getting changed into their school robes. 


It wasn’t long after Hermione had made herself comfortable that the compartment door opened to reveal four boys the same age as her and Draco.


“Hermione, these are my friends Gregory Goyle, Vincent Crabbe, Theodore Nott and Blaise Zabini.” Draco said pointing to each one of the boys who each in turn smiled and said hello.


“This is my friend Hermione I was telling you about.” Draco said moving over so Gregory and Vincent could sit next to him whilst Blaise and Theodore sat next to her. 


“Nice to meet you Hermione, you can just call me Theo though none of this Theodore nonsense.” Theo said holding out his hand to her. 


“Good to meet you to, Theo.” Hermione said shaking his hand. 


As the train began to move the boys began talking about the sorting ceremony and which house they thought they would each be in. Hermione noticed with interest that all of them thought they would be in Slytherin, except Theo who thought Ravenclaw might also be a possibility. 


“What about you Hermione, where do you think the hat will place you?” Blaise asked her. 


“Honestly I’m not to sure. I have a… friend who thinks I could be in Ravenclaw, Gryffindoor or even Slytherin. I’ve read about all of them in Hogwarts: A History and I think he’s pretty accurate, well except for Slytherin as I think that’s just what he would prefer.” Hermione explained thinking of what Tom had said to her. 


“Whose your friend, does he go to Hogwarts?” Theo asked her curiously. 


Hermione paled. Although she knew that Tom knew Draco she didn’t know if Draco was aware of their friendship or even if Tom wanted her to tell him. 


“Ohh umm his name is Tom... he doesn’t go to Hogwarts though.” Hermione said vaguely looking at the floor so she didn’t make eye contact with Draco. 


“Oh well, it would have been cool to know someone older who went to Hogwarts but that’s okay.” Theo said turning back to talk to Blaise.


“Do you really think you’ll be in Gryffindor?” Greg asked her, trying not to sneer as he did so. 


“Oh well I’m not to sure, I do think I have some of the characteristics of a Gryffindoor and it sounded like the best house when I was reading about it.” Hermione said grateful for Greg's distraction. 


Draco scoffed. 


“That’s just because Gryffindor’s have always been the favourites, they always get away with everything and all the teachers love them so no wonder Hogwarts: A History paints them that way to.” Draco said scathingly. 


There were murmurs of agreement from the other boys at Draco’s words and Hermione wondered if what he said was true. Was one house favoured over another?


Her thoughts were stopped however by the opening of the compartment door once again, however this time to reveal a rather plump looking boy with large teeth and freckles. 


“H-have you seen a Toad?” He asked timidly. 


Hermione could hear a few sniggers from Draco and Theo as they watched the boy before them get more nervous with each passing second. 


“No I’m sorry we haven’t, have you lost yours?” Hermione asked smiling at the boy in hopes of making him less nervous. 


“Y-yes his n-names Trevor and I can’t f-find him anywhere.” He said helplessly. 


“Oh that’s horrible, well we’ll help you look for him won’t we?” Hermione said looking pointedly at Draco. 


Draco let out a long sigh but nodded and stood up, the other boys reluctantly following him. 


“Thank you.” The boy said giving Hermione a smile. 


Your welcome, my name’s Hermione by the way.” She said sticking out her hand. 


“Neville Longbottom.” He said blushing. 


“Well Neville I’ll head this way and we can check the compartments down here together the other boys can go that way.” She said pointing in the opposite direction as Draco, Theo, Blaise, Vincent and Greg made their way down the corridor grumbling about how unfair life was. 


As Hermione and Neville searched for his toad she continued to get to know the young boy who seemed to be a combination of nerves and excitement about going to Hogwarts. 


After searching for a while and still having no luck in finding the toad Hermione opened yet another compartment of the train to reveal two boys, one with bright red hair and some dirt on his face. 


‘Gosh didn’t anyone tell him to shower before he came?’ She thought incredulously. 


And the other occupant with messy dark brown hair, round glasses and bright green eyes and who was looking at her questioningly. 


“Has anyone seen a Toad. A boy named Neville has lost one.” She asked politely. 


“No.” The red haired boy said snidely turning to look at the other boy. 


“Oh are you doing magic, let’s see then.” She said noticing the red headed boy was holding up his wand and wondering if anyone else had been practicing magic like herself. 


The boy cleared his throat.


“Sunshine daisies butter mellow, turn this stupid fat rat yellow.” He said pointing his wand at the mangy looking rat sitting on his lap. 


There was a feeble spark of magic as the rat gave a squeak but nothing else happened. 


“Are you sure that’s a real spell, well it’s not a very good is it.” She said thinking about how useless Tom would think that spell was. 


“I’ve only tried a few simple one’s myself, but they’ve all worked for me.” She said proudly thinking about all the hours of work she’d put in to gaining control of her magic and perfecting even simple spells. 


Hermione sat down on the seat across from the boys and pointed her wand at the boy with glasses. 


“For example, oculus repairo.” She said watching as the tape that was holding the boys glasses together, fly away to reveal them to be fixed. 


“That’s better isn’t it?” She asked, knowing how useful her father found the spell as Hermione would often quietly whisper it whenever he happen to sit on his reading glasses and break them. 


Hermione’s eyes widened slightly as she realised who the boy in front of her was. 


“Holy crickets your Harry Potter.” She gasped. 


Over the few weeks after Tom had told Hermione about the Dark Lord Hermione had done all the research she could with the books that she had. However she hadn’t been very successful, only finding out about some of the Dark Lord’s followers. In particular some of which who were famously stopped by a young infant and his accidental outburst of magic. The young boy became quite famous as most outbursts were never near as powerful, and being able to stop four fully grown wizards from killing his parents was quite an achievement. Over the years many articles had been published about him which often included photos of what he looked like. In these articles they had also come to nickname him, ‘The Boy who Vanquished’ which Hermione thought was rather stupid but nevertheless it was quite exciting being able to meet someone from one of the books she had read. 


“I’m Hermione Granger, and you are..?” She asked turning to the red haired boy who was giving her a rather nasty look. 


“I’m Won Wessley.” He said between mouthfuls of food. 


Hermione grimaced. 


“Pleasure…you two best change in to your robes I expect we’ll be arriving soon.” She said pointedly. 


Hermione’s attention was pulled away from the two boys however by Blaise. 


“Hermione we’re almost at Hogsmeade, we still can’t find Trevor but we can’t do anything anymore.” He said indicating for her to follow him back to their compartment. 


Hermione smiled at the boys and stood up to leave before she thought she had better tell Weasley that he had something on his nose. 


“You’ve got dirt on your nose by the way, just there.” She said pointing to the spot on her own face. 


Ron gave her an annoyed look as if the dirt was her fault before vigorously rubbing it off. 


Hermione huffed and followed Blaise back to the compartment.


How rude! She thought indignantly. 


She’d introduced herself, fixed Harry’s glasses and told Ron that he had something on his face which she knew if it was herself in his position she would want someone to tell her, and yet she hadn’t even received one thank you from either of them!  


As Hermione got back to her compartment she couldn’t help but compare her new friends Draco had introduced her to, to the two boys she had just met and how glad she was that her friends seemed a lot more friendlier.


Thankfully Hermione’s anger at the two rude boy’s didn’t last long as an ever growing excitement came over her as the train pulled into Hogsmeade station. 


Her excitement and wonder only grew when she laid eyes on the beautiful ancient castle that was illuminated by the moonlight as they floated across the large black lake in small boats. Hermione saw that everyone else seemed to be just as in awe as she was at the sight of their new school. 


It wasn’t long before Hermione and the other first years found themselves waiting nervously outside the doors to the great Hall listening to Professor McGonagall as she explained that soon they would be sorted into their Houses. 


The professors lecture was cut short however by Neville. 


“Trevor!” He shouted jumping down to catch a very warty looking toad. 


Hermione looked up to see the disapproving look on the Professors face and hoped Neville wouldn’t be in trouble on his first day. Her attention however was caught by a brief flash of two red headed boys sniggering from around a nearby corner before they ran off down the hall. 


Hermione narrowed her eyes, thinking she knew just how Trevor’s toad had gone ‘missing’ and ended up at Hogwarts by himself. 


“So its true then, what they’re saying on the train…Harry Potter has come to Hogwarts.” Draco said from next to her. 


There were a few brief murmurings of the words Harry Potter and ‘Boy who Vanquished’ from the other students. 


“This is Crabbe and Goyle.” Draco said introducing his two friends to the other boy. 


“And I’m Malfoy, Draco Malfoy.” He said walking closer to Harry Potter. 


Weasley let out a laugh at Malfoy’s name and Hermione scowled. How dare he be so rude, he didn’t even know them and already he had been nasty to Hermione and insulted Draco’s family. 


Draco turned to him, clearly not impressed at his laugh either.


“Think my name is funny do you? No need to ask you yours, red hair, and a hand-me-down robe? You must be a Weasley.” Draco said spitefully before turning back to Harry. 


“You’ll soon find out that some Wizarding families are better than others Potter, you don’t want to go making friends with the wrong sort. I can help you there.” Draco said sticking out his hand. 


“I think I can tell the wrong sort for my self thank’s.” Harry said, eyes narrowing at Draco. 


Hermione again scowled at the rudeness of the two boys. Draco had been nothing but nice to them except when Ron Weasley had insulted his family by laughing and in turn Draco had done nothing but point out the obvious at who he might be and yet when offered friendship by Draco they had the audacity to turn it down as if he was the rude one?!


Draco was clearly about to say something else but his words were stopped short by Professor McGonagall returning. 


“We’re ready for you now.” She said eyeing Draco to return to his spot before leading them into the great hall and the awaiting students and teachers. 


Hermione walked next to Draco through the great hall both of them gasping in delight at the charmed ceiling. They had both read about it in Hogwarts: A History of course but the description didn’t even compare to the real thing. 


The group came to a stop in front of a small table with a tattered old hat sitting upon it. 


Hermione couldn’t even hear professor McGongall though as she was explaining what would happen for the sorting ceremony, she was too nervous about which house she would be in. 


What if the hat placed her in the wrong house? What if she had no friends in her house?  


Hermione was so nervous that she almost missed her name being called. 


“Oh no, okay relax.” She told herself on repeat, her nerves taking over. 


How she wished Tom was their sitting in the sea of students, looking up at her confidently. As her thoughts swirled of Tom and his calm persona she found herself becoming less nervous though so instead of focusing on her worries she focused on him. 


Hesitantly she sat down on the stool as McGonagall placed the hat on her head. 


Hermione gasped slightly as she heard the hat start to speak and the strange sensation of someone sifting through her mind came upon her. 


She could feel the hat looking through all sorts of memories and thoughts. 


The time she was little and jumped from a jetty even though she was scared. 


The secrets she kept from her parents about being a witch. 


And most notably all the magical training she had with Tom, all her hours of practice to get spells right and her ability to perform magic at such a young age. 


“Hmm, right then, bit of a tricky one this one. Some bravery I see and some cunning and ambition as well. Lot’s of intelligence though, mmm yes very knowledgeable. But where to put you…” The hat said musing. 


Hermione had lost count of how long she had been sitting on the stool after 3 minutes. 


Was she not suitable for any house? She thought nervously. 


Hermione tried to calm herself. 


No she knew she was suited to at least one of the houses, she just had to trust that the hat would find the right house for her. 


At these last thoughts the hat seemed to make an opinion as she could feel it pull itself out of her mind.  


“Mmm alright then better be... RAVENCLAW!” It shouted, and cheers erupted from one of the tables to her right as well as claps from the other tables as Hermione grinned and hoped down from the stool. 


She made her way to the Ravenclaw table and was greeted by handshakes and warm welcomes from all of the students before she quickly sat down and turned to watch the other sorting’s. 


Hermione craned her neck to watch as Draco made his way to the stool. It only took a few seconds before the hat was shouting Slytherin and Hermione was clapping for her friend. She noticed however that their was some loud booing coming from the Gryffindor table and more specifically from two red headed boys. 


How dare those boys she thought, a fit of anger spiking through her. Booing nervous first year students for being sorted into a house. It wasn’t right!


Hermione turned her attention back to the sorting and watched interested as the two boys, Weasley and Potter were both sorted into Gryffindor, she gave a silent thank you that she to wasn’t sorted into that house after all, knowing now that they where in it. 


She continued to watch as Blaise, Vincent and Greg where all sorted into Slytherin and much to her disgust were also booed like Draco by the red headed twins. 


Although Hermione was happy for the boys for being sorted into the house they wanted she was also worried that she wouldn’t have any friends in her own house. Her worries were squashed however by Theo who to her to delight was just proclaimed to be sorted into Ravenclaw. 


Although he looked slightly forlorn at his friends all being in another house he gave her a big grin and sat down next to her. 


“I’m so glad I’m not by myself.” He whispered. 


“Me too.” Hermione said grinning back. 


After the rest of the students were sorted and professor Dumbledore gave a quick but very alarming speech about the Dark Forrest, they were treated to one of the most amazing dinners Hermione had ever had. 


Throughout dinner Hermione got to know Theo more, as well as some of the other new students. Two of the girls she met seemed who seemed really nice, and who Hermione hoped would become her friends, where Cho Chang and Luna Lovegood. 


Cho was a year older than Hermione with pale skin and beautiful dark hair and eyes, and who seemed to be very timid and quiet. She told Hermione all about the classes she had taken her first year and what the common room looked like and how much she would enjoy Hogwarts. 


Luna on the other hand was a complete contrast with pale skin and long wavy hair almost the exact same shade as Draco’s that she could almost be his sister. However despite looking like a Malfoy Luna seemed nothing alike in personality, she talked all throughout dinner about invisible creatures called Wrackspurts and how her father was currently trying to grow dirigible plums back home and how she to hoped she might be able to grow some on the grounds of Hogwarts. Although Luna seemed quiet eccentric she was very friendly and added some intriguing insights to their conversations. 


After dinner was over Hermione walked with Theo and Luna back to the common room with the rest of the Ravenclaw students, eager to see where their common room was. They were stopped on their way however by a piece of parchment in the shape of a bird flying over to them. 


Hermione and Theo, 


Meet us tomorrow out the front of the great hall before breakfast at 7.30.


Yours sincerely, 


Your Snake friends 


Hermione and Theo laughed at Draco’s reference to snakes and turned to look towards the Slytherin table waving at the four boys and nodding to say they would be there. 


After finally making it to the common room and being showed how to get in Hermione wanted nothing more than to fall asleep in her large canopy bed in the door room that she shared with Luna and three other girls Lisa Turpin, Padma Patil and Mandy Brocklehurst. 


“Padma, Mandy and I are going to have a look around the common room before bed did you want to come with?” Lisa asked her and Luna.  


“Thank you, but I’m going to go to bed I’m so tired, I’ll have a look tomorrow when you can see it better.” Hermione said folding back the covers of her bed and climbing in and pulling out her diary. 


“Mmm yes, I think I will go to bed to, I don’t want to have Wrackspurts in my brain on the first day of school, they’re attracted to tired people you know.” Luna said airily pulling on her fluffy blue pyjamas. 


Hermione smiled at Luna’s explanation and the look of confusion on the other girls faces having not sat with her at dinner and been accustomed to her conversations. 


“What’s that you have there Hermione?” Luna asked sitting up in her bed.


“Oh it’s a special diary I have that my friend gave me, it allows me to communicate with them by writing messages in it. When I write something in my diary it appears in theirs.” She said opening the diary up and pulling out her muggle pen. 


“Hmmm that must be nice, having a friend, I would like to hope I have one one day.” Luna said quietly.  


Hermione looked up to Luna’s bed, her heart reaching out to the girl. She knew what having no friends was like all to well. 


“Well you do now Luna, you’ve got me.” Hermione said smiling at her kindly. 


Luna gave her a big smile back. 


“That’s nice, your my friend to… but I’m going to go to sleep now Hermione, I’ll see you in the morning.” She said yawning and drawing the blue curtains around her bed. 


Hermione said goodnight back and drew her own curtains before settling down to write a message to Tom. 



Dear Tom, 


I had the most magical experience today. Which I know you will find comical because I am in a magical world, but it was true. 

I got to meet some of Draco’s friends on the Hogwarts express who all seem nice. One of them Theo has been sorted into my house. Which reminds me, guess what I got sorted into Ravenclaw! 

Everyone seem’s very nice and welcoming, well except for two boys who I met on the train. One of which is Harry Potter if you can believe it, or ‘The Boy Who vanquished’ as people like to call him. 

I’m so excited for tomorrow I can’t wait for classes to begin. I’ll bring my diary with me to my classes and if I can, write back to you during my break. 

I’m going to sleep now as I’m so terribly tired but I can’t wait to here back from you. 


Your’s Sincerely, 



After writing her message to Tom and putting her diary away Hermione drifted off to sleep, her dreams filled with talking hats and magical feasts and thoughts of the large library awaiting for her to delve into. 


Chapter Text

Hermione’s POV 


During the first few weeks of school Hermione found herself completely immersed in her studies. She had loved school and learning at her muggle primary school but it was nothing compared to being at Hogwarts and learning about magic every day. 


Hermione was glad to find that her years of training and learning magic from Tom had paid off immensely. She had come to find that she already knew most of the spells and charms the teachers taught them and could perform them all with ease. 


In her classes she shared with Draco and Theo the three had come to a silent agreement to compete with one another whenever they could, each of them trying to best the other to be the first, quickest or strongest in whatever it was they were doing. 


Currently she was sitting in her potions classroom waiting for class to start and listening to the Gryffindor’s in front of her wine on and on about how unfair Professor Snape was. 


She couldn’t help but role her eyes at the idiotic Weasley and Potter. 


Hermione had come to notice very quickly just what Draco and the other boys had been talking about when it came to ‘favouring Gryffindors.’ It seemed that they were the favourites of almost every single teacher at Hogwarts. If a Slytherin, Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff student happened to hand in a piece of homework late it was punishable with detention, but if a Gryffindor did the same thing they were simply told to make sure they had it handed in by the end of the night. 


Hermione had found the injustice absolutely infuriating so when she had walked into her first Potions lesson that happened to be with the Gryffindors, needless to say she had been expecting the same treatment. However she was positively ecstatic when Professor Snape had shown no inclination for special treatment and favouritism and simply offered praise when it was well deserved. 


For this reason and his ability to challenge Hermione in her learning he quickly became her favourite professor, much to the Gryffindors disgust who found it despicable that they were not treated with the same favouritism like the other professors and were actually expected to work in their potions class. 


Hermione smiled up at Draco as he sat down next to her. 


“Weasley maybe you should try opening your potions book rather than drooling on it and then you might actually find you can create a simple potion, that is if you can read.” Draco said, clearly over listening to the two boys wine about how unfair Snape was. 


Hermione watched as the two boys turned around abruptly at Draco’s insult. 

Here we go. She thought.


“Watch it Malfoy.” Potter said about as threateningly as a bunny rabbit. 


“Just because you’re the ‘boy who vanquished’ Potter doesn’t mean you get everything served to you on a silver platter.” Draco retorted.  


“Easy for you to say Malfoy, he’s your head of house and so he treats you like royalty, everyone else he treats like dirt.” Potter said scowling. 


Hermione let out a laugh. 


Oh really, well he’s not my head of house and you don’t see me complaining about the injustices of Professor Snape do you?” She said raising an eyebrow.  


“Well not everyone is a know it all bookworm like you Granger.” Weasley said nastily. 


Hermione’s eyes narrowed, she was about to retort when the door banged open and a forever scowling Professor Snape walked in. 


“Potter, Weasley ogle Mr Malfoy and Miss Granger in your own time, for now how about you open your books and at least attempt to pay attention.” Snape said not even looking at the two boys. 


Draco turned to her and smirked, finding it ever so pleasing whenever Snape insulted the two boys, Hermione couldn’t help the grin that formed on her face either. 


Tom was officially going insane. 


At first he had coped well with Hermione’s absence but after two weeks he couldn’t handle not seeing her. Not being able to see her smile, the way her eyes lit up whenever he arrived, the way she threw her arms around him was driving him mental. 


“I can feel your frustration from three rooms away.” Lucius said from the door way. 


“Well if it bothers you so much then move four rooms away.” Tom said in no mood for sarcasm. 


Lucius held up his hands in mock surrender and Tom rolled his eyes before inclining his head for Lucius to sit down. 


“I’ve been thinking recently about what has been happening within the ministry over the last few years.” Lucius said looking up at Tom who had taken to pacing the room 


“Mmm and what about those changes.” Tom asked his mind elsewhere. 


“Well for a start the fact that there has been no change, not since you were in power that is.” Lucius said. 


Tom stopped for a minute and looked at Lucius who clearly had a plan forming in his mind. 


“You know as well as I do that I can’t step foot in the Ministry without being killed or thrown in Azkaban at best.” Tom said.


“Yes, but I am still in my fortunate position.” Lucius said still not giving much away. 


Tom sat down slightly intrigued about what Lucius was thinking and glad for the distraction. 


“Are you going to actually tell me or just toy with my like a dog.” Tom clipped. 


“I was planning to, I just wanted to make sure you were paying attention, you’ve been rather…distracted lately.” Lucius said choosing his words carefully. 


“Well get on with it.” Tom said impatiently. 


“As I was saying my fortunate position has allowed me to over see the changes that occur within the ministry and over the years I’ve been noticing that less and less change is occurring. Have a guess when was the last time that a bill that I sent to the Wizengamot for review was actually passed by them?” Lucius asked


“Does it matter?” Tom sighed. 


“Yes, because the last bill that was actually passed was early last year and was in relation to Animagi, and all it consisted of was making Witches or Wizards inform the ministry if they were working towards becoming an Animagus and if successful to then register.” Lucius said in obvious distaste for the Wizengamot. 


“So the Ministry is at a stand still, we always knew that was bound to happen once our ‘party’ was dismantled.” Tom said wondering why this information was so important. 

“Yes, but compare our government to those of France and America, they are working towards continuous improvement, always reviewing old laws making new ones that work towards ensuring their governments are a success.” Lucius explained.


“And what’s more is their own version of the Wizengamot is always upon review and new members can petition to be accepted every five years. Allowing for new voices and opinions. However as you know with ours it…”


“…is dependent on family and wealth.” Tom finished for him. 


“Exactly, and what’s more is most noticeably run by the sacred twenty eight.” Lucius said eyes shining. 


Tom frowned.


The sacred twenty eight haven’t been in full power since the 1940’s.” Tom said wondering where Lucius was going with this. 


It was true that the sacred twenty eight held immense power in the Wizarding World, however that was only when all members or representatives of the family where present on the council. And since the 1940’s only about five families remained on the council.



“Yes, I thought so to. But lately as I’m sure you’ve guessed, I’ve been doing research into the Wizengamot and the powers they hold and I happened to come across two small, very unknown law’s or clauses to a law if you will about the sacred twenty eight. The first states that when a member of one of the sacred twenty eight families comes of age they automatically have claim to their family position on the council, over ruling other members of the family if the Minister for Magic  finds them more able in their position. And the second which is most intriguing, is that if the council is not in full power but has more than half of the twenty eight families present on the council then that half is able to take full power and over rule any decision the Wizengamot is placed with, no matter if there are more members on the Wizengamot outside of the twenty eight.” Lucius explained with obvious excitement. 


“Well that’s all very interesting but how does that help me, you know I hold no position on the council and you’ve already got your position and as I stated earlier the twenty eight are not in full power, they don’t even have half of their members, they only have about five from memory.” Tom said. 


“It is not you or I that I’m concerned with it is the other families that make up the twenty eight, more specifically the new members that have just started their first year of school.” Lucius said smirking. 


Tom raised an eyebrow curiously. 


“I think it’s high time to show you the twenty eight family trees.” Lucius said standing up and waiting for Tom to follow. 


Hermione’s POV


Hermione waved goodbye to Draco as they entered the great hall for lunch and he made his way over to the Slytherin table.


“Have you seen the profit this morning?” Theo asked her.


“No I haven’t had time today.” She said sitting down next to him. 


“It’s an update about the Gringott’s break in.” He said holding out the paper for her to read.



Gringott’s Attempted Break In: Update. 


As many of you know some weeks ago Gringott’s Bank had it’s first ever attempted theft in over five hundred years, believed to be the work of Dark witches and wizards unknown. 


The vault in question number 713 was not a personal vault but was one of Gringott’s holding vaults available for rent. Although nothing was stolen from the vault, Gringott’s Goblins have confirmed the item/s in question have been moved to an alternate location. 


What’s more is through the investigation one goblin has come forward as a witness. He refused to be quoted in this article however did confirm that he was able to get a brief glimpse of the thief, but alas he was cloaked at the time and so was unrecognisable. What seems to be most alarming however is that upon the sound of the alarms signalling the attempted theft, the witch or wizard seemed to ‘vanish’ and could not be found upon search of the bank. 


This comes as very alarming news for many as it is known that Wizard and Witch magic does not work in the vaults of Gringott’s so many are wondering how the alleged thief was able to vanish. 



Hermione turned to Theo after she had finished reading. 


“What do you think?” She asked, knowing Theo had many theories behind the break in. 


He pondered for a minute holding his sandwich and thinking. 


“Well for one I think they’ve got no real clue who it is that broke in, but its’s clear they were using some undetectable magic, that doesn’t necessarily mean dark magic but the fact that there was a break in and not in a rich family vault suggests that whatever was in the vault was quite a rare or valuable object.” He said. 


Mmm I was thinking the same but I’ve got no clue as to what it could be.” Hermione said taking a bite of her apple. 


“Me neither, but I do think I know where the object or objects where moved to.” Theo said nonchalantly.


Hermione stared at him. 


“How could you possibly know that!” She asked indignantly. 


“Well it’s quite obvious I would think, theres only one other place safer than Gringott’s… Hogwarts.” He explained as if it was obvious. 


“You think they would move valuably rare objects that have already had one attempted theft on them to a school, with children!” She asked disbelievingly. 


“It would make sense, there aren’t any other places safer than Gringott’s or Hogwarts and witches and wizards can’t just come and go and there are many hidden rooms, vaults, chambers that only the staff, possibly not even all of them would know about.” He said reaching for some more food. 


Hermione hummed in response thinking over what Theo had said before deciding to ask Tom what he thought as well. 


“I’ll see you in Charms Theo I’ve just got to go and get one of my books.” She said, standing and pulling her bag onto her shoulder. 


On her way out Hermione walked passed the Gryffindor table and couldn’t help but overhear some of their conversation. 


“I’ll bet you it was those Snakes parents that did it. Probably whatever it was, was really dark and powerful and they wanted it for their Dark Lord.” She heard Ron Weasley say. 


Hermione couldn’t help but role her eyes at their antics. How dare they assume that just because the profit said Dark Witch or Wizard it had something to do with the Slytherins. The thief could easily have been someone sorted into Ravenclaw or Gryffindor or Hufflepuff, their house had nothing to do with it. 


And besides the Dark Lord was gone, wasn’t he?


Tom was currently sitting with Lucius in his study reviewing the members of the sacred twenty eight that were currently apart of the Wizengamot and those who had not claimed their positions as of yet, when he noticed a drawing of a raven appear on the front of his diary. 


Tom had charmed the raven to appear whenever Hermione wrote to him so he was able to know and reply quickly. 


Deciding he needed a break from reading about the many magical families and all the members they comprised of he opened the book to see what she had written to him. 


Dear Tom, 


I hope your doing well. I’m sorry I’ve not written in a few days, I’ve been ever so busy with school.


However I was wondering if you had read the profit this morning about the update on the Gringott’s break in. I was discussing it with Theo at lunch time and he believes that the new location for the objects is here at Hogwarts and I was wondering if you thought the same. Personally I think it would be quite foolish to move valuable objects to a school no matter how safe Hogwarts might be. Especially when there had already been one attempted break in, what if the thief was to come here? Who knows what they could do. 


Let me know your thoughts, 





Tom reached for the Profit that had been delivered about an hour earlier, neither Lucius nor him bothering to read it however. 


After reading the article Tom had to agree with the Nott boy. There was no safer place than Hogwarts, and he knew that Dumbledore would jump at the chance to be a possessor, at least temporarily, of a rare and magical object. Although he had many people fooled, Tom knew what thirst for power looked like, and Dumbledore reeked of it. 


Tom also had to agree with Hermione however, it was a foolish idea holding rare objects within a school. The objects could be dangerous or  what if the thief came to the same conclusions as Hermione and Theo had come to and what if he went to Hogwarts and did something to Hermione. 


Tom simmered as he thought of the danger that Hermione could potentially be in. 


“What’s wrong?” Lucius asked not looking up from his paper work. 


It always slightly surprised Tom how well Narcissa and Lucius could tell when something was wrong with him. 


Wordlessly he handed over the diary and Profit for Lucius to read. 


After several minutes Lucius placed them aside. 


“I could go to the board of governors, and petition to get the items removed under the speculation of jeopardy of the students.” Lucius said. 


“Mmm I don’t think that will work, Dumbledore would just deny any knowledge of such things, I think we need to try another angle, get someone on the inside to investigate.” Tom said pondering the possibilities. 


“Severus?” Lucius asked. 


“That’s what I was thinking, he’s become quite confident over the years and I’m sure he would know if Dumbledore had some hidden items in the school, and I could even persuade him the protect them even further. Make sure that no one can get to them wherever they are.” Tom said knowing Severus would be able to help. 


“Good idea, I think you should also get Hermione to keep an eye out, lord knows it wouldn’t hurt especially as we don’t know who this person is that was after them, and I’ll tell Draco and his friends to do the same.” Lucius said pulling out some parchment from a desk and starting to write a letter to his son. 


Tom nodded and pulled out his own quill. 


Dear Mia, 


I happen to agree with Theo and yourself, I think that the items have been moved to Hogwarts. I wouldn’t worry too much about them, but keep an eye out for anything suspicious and if you see anything inform me immediately. Lucius is telling Draco and his friends to do the same. 


I’m glad you are enjoying school and have made some new friends. 


P.S I know how much you love to get to the bottom of things, but I think it is unwise to do so this time. It’s to dangerous. 





Hermione’s POV 


Hermione smiled as she read the message Tom had sent. She loved when he called her Mia. 


 She was also unsurprised to find that Tom agreed with Theo and herself, in some ways Theo reminded her of Tom, not because of his looks but because of his intelligence. 


She looked over to the boy in question who was sitting next to her in Charms.


“So does your mysterious friend agree?” Theo asked without looking up from his parchment. 


Hermione tried not to blush. 


“Yes he thinks that whatever it is could have been moved here. But he also thinks it’s to dangerous to find out what exactly it..they are.” She said frowning slightly at Tom once again being so over protective of her. 


Theo smirked, much like the way Draco often did.


“I’d have to say I agree but we already know that it’s not going to stop you. I’m sure you’ve already been doing some research into what the object or objects could be.” Theo said dipping his quill in his ink pot. 


Hermione bit her lip at having been caught out. 


“I’ve just been doing a bit of light reading is all.” She said defensively. 


“And?” Theo asked glancing towards her. 


“Nothing, I haven’t been able to find anything… though I guess I’m not really surprised we really don’t know much about whatever it is, maybe… maybe I should just give up?” She asked defeatedly. 


“Well it would make sense, I mean what are you supposed to do if you happen to find out what they are? Why does it matter anyway?” Theo asked grabbing another piece of parchment. 

“Because I hate not knowing things! And besides, what if it’s dangerous and it’s just sitting somewhere in a school full of students?” She said indignantly.


Theo let out a laugh.


“With that sort of brave talk you could just about be a Gryffindor.” He said jokingly 


“I’m nothing like those idiots.” Hermione said narrowing her eyes. 


Theo laughed again.


“Do what you have to do Hermione, but I agree with your friend, be careful.” Theo said piling up his essay to hand in to Professor Flitwick. 


Draco re-read the letter his father had sent him. 


Dear Draco, 


As I’m sure you are aware the profit this morning gave us an update on the Gringott’s break in this morning. I have been discussing the matter with Tom and both of us agree that the object/s in question have been moved to Hogwarts. 

Both of us feel that you need to take extra precaution over the next few weeks, as well as your friends. The thief who tried to steal them could very well try to break into Hogwarts and don’t let the illusion of Dumbledore fool you into being safe, you know as well as I do that he won’t stick his neck out for Snakes. 

Also keep an eye on Hermione, Tom has told her to be careful as well but we all know that she is very curious and likes to get to the bottom of things. So try and keep her out of it. 

We will be working to try and ensure more safety is put upon the objects so don’t worry to much. 


On another matter, Christmas is just around the corner and as usual we will be having our Christmas ball. All your usual friends are invited of course, but I would like you to personally invite Hermione as well as some other choice peers of yours whose names are enclosed on the other piece of parchment, there parents may come as well if they are inclined to do so. 




Draco quickly read over the adjoining piece of parchment frowning at the names on there. 


What was Father playing at?


Nevertheless Draco knew he had to do as he was told but, some of these people wouldn’t wait to hear him out, they would judge him just for being a Slytherin. 


He needed help. 


Draco’s eyes lifted to the Ravenclaw table, looking for the bushy head of hair that was Hermione but not being able to find her anywhere. 


Dammit! He already knew where she would be, no doubt doing just what Tom and Father had instructed them not to do. 


“I’ll see you guys after lunch I’m just going to go and find Hermione.” He said to Blaize, Crabbe and Goyle who were currently talking about the upcoming Quidditch game of Slytherin versus Gryffindor. 


“See you drake.” Blaize said.


“Bye.” Greg and Vince said in unison. 


Draco made his way through the shelves of the library to where Hermione’s favourite place to read was. 


He couldn’t help but laugh as he saw the bushy haired girl sitting on a large armchair and holding a book that was almost as big as her. 


“Caught in the act.” Draco said coming to sit across from her. 


“What ever do you mean.” Hermione said failing to act innocent. 


“You really think your going to be able to figure out what it is?” Draco asked looking at the stack of books next to her. 


“Maybe, I can at least try.” She said bitting her lip in doubt. 


“But why? They could be dangerous your just putting yourself in danger!” Draco said his voice slightly strained. 


“And besides Father and Tom are working at making the objects more safe anyway.” Draco said looking to Hermione to see her reaction at having mentioned Tom's name. 


She could see her visibly freeze and glance nervously towards him. 


“You-you know about Tom?” She whispered hesitantly. 


“I’ve known him since I was born, he lives at my house you know.” Draco said. 


“Oh no I didn’t know that, he told me you were very good friends, him and your family I mean. I guess he didn’t want me to think he made you be my friend.” She said thinking about the tall wizard. 


“Well…” Draco said trailing off. 


Hermione narrowed her eyes. 


“Well what?” She demanded. 


“He didn’t make me become friends with you exactly, but he did tell us about you before we met, and told me to be nice to you at the very least. But even if he didn’t tell us I still would want to be friends with you!” He said quickly hoping he hadn’t hurt her feelings. 


Hermione didn’t answer just thought about what Draco was telling her. She should be mad at Tom for forcing someone to be her friend but she knew that he was just looking out for her, and Draco said that he hadn’t really forced him, only told him about her. 


“So the day we met in Diagon Alley, you and your mother both knew who I was?” Hermione asked. 


Not at first, only once you told us your name. We wanted to get to know you more after that, Tom had told us so much about you, you see.” Draco said smiling, glad she hadn't gotten mad. 


Hermione nodded as if accepting his answer but didn’t offer anything more. 


Draco cleared his throat hoping a change of subject would make it less awkward. 


“Speaking of my parents, each year they hold a Christmas ball and this year they’ve asked me to invite you as well, and your parents if they would like to come.” Draco said. 


“A Christmas ball?” Hermione asked curiously, she’d always wanted to go to a ball. 


“Yep, Theo, Blaize, Vince and Greg will be going to and some of my other friends who you’ve not met and Tom will be there to.” Draco said smirking. 


Hermione blushed picturing what Tom would look like in a suit. 


“So you’ll come?” Draco asked hopefully. 


“Of course I will, when is it?” She asked. 


It’s Christmas eve, your more than welcome to stay the night at the manor as well, some of my friends do and just floo home in the morning.” Draco explained. 


“I’ll have to check with my parents first but that sounds lovely!” Hermione said, smiling happily. 


“Great, I’ll let mother know.” Draco said jumping off his chair and getting his books. 


“Oh Hermione I almost forgot, I need your help with something.” Draco said pulling out the list of names his Father had sent him. 


“With what?” She asked puzzled, Draco was just about as good as her in his school work so it surely couldn’t be homework. 


“Father has asked me to invite some other people from Hogwarts and, well some of them…here just have a look at the names and you’ll see.” Draco said handing her the parchment. 


Neville Longbottom 

Ernie Macmillan 

Hannah Abbott 

Tracey Travers  



“I see what you mean, you want my help because they won’t trust you because your a Slytherin.” Hermione said angry that Draco couldn’t even ask people to a ball because his house had such a bad reputation. 


Draco nodded slightly embarrassed. 


“Okay well let’s go then.” Hermione said packing up her things and standing. 


“What now?” Draco asked nervously. 


“Yes Draco now, we still have a little bit before class and the quicker we do it the quicker we get it over with.” Hermione said walking towards the exit. 


It took a bit of convincing on Hermione’s behalf but everyone on the list eventually agreed once they had okayed it with their parents of course, even if they were slightly suspicious as to why they were being invited to a Malfoy ball. However the encouragement from Hermione and the forced smiles she got Draco to give seemed to work in their favour. 


“I don’t understand why father wanted me to invite those idiots.” Draco said walking with her to Defence against the Dark Arts. 


“Draco be nice! They are all lovely I’m sure, you just need to open your friendship circle more, or at the very least become acquaintances with them.” Hermione said chastising. 


Draco groaned. 


“Fine but don’t expect me to talk to them at the ball.” He said walking into the classroom and plonking down on a seat. 


“Oh yes you will!, how would you feel going to a party and not knowing anyone, you will be nice or so help me I will tell your mother.” Hermione said rather frighteningly. 


Draco pretended to sulk all class but Hermione knew he would do as she asked, though most people just saw his name and his house and didn’t look any further, beneath all of that he was actually very kind. 


Severus POV 


Severus was trying not to look shocked by what the Dark Lord had just told him. 


He had a soulmate?! And it was the Granger girl?


“This is why Lucius and I would like you to find out what the objects are and to try and conceal it more, to make sure that no one finds out it is at Hogwarts or that no student stumbles upon it accidentally.” Tom said not really caring about other students just Hermione. 


Severus blinked his mind still on the fact that Hermione Granger was Tom Riddle’s soulmate and not on the objects that had been moved to Gringott’s. 


“Are you even listening to me?” Tom asked angrily. 


“I-I’m sorry my lord it’s just a lot to take in, what was it that you want me to do again?” Severus asked. 


“I’ve told you, you don’t need to call me that anymore, my ideas… opinions have changed.” Tom said sighing. 


Severus blinked again. This was all too much. 


“The objects that were moved from Gringott’s, Lucius and I want you to find out what they are and…” 


“…I already know what it is.” Severus said cutting him off. 


Tom looked to Severus incredulously. 


“And you’ve not mentioned it before!” Tom seethed. 


“I-I was worried you might find it to tempting, it is a very powerful object that many people have become consumed by.” Severus said nervously. 


“What is it?” Tom asked trying to keep his anger at bay at having been kept in the dark. 


“The Philosophers Stone.” Severus said thinking about the stone that sat atop Dumbledore's shelf in his office. 


Tom froze, he had heard about such a stone. Once he had tantalised with the idea of finding it to receive eternal life. But now things were different. He was different. If he was unsure before about how changed he really was then he wasn’t anymore, as he had no interest in the stone, other than to protect it’s whereabouts so the thief could not break in and potentially cause harm to Hermione. 


“I told you Severus I’ve changed all because of her. Yes once I would have gone after the stone… but I don’t want that anymore, relying on another thing for life is no sort of life I want. That is not the power I seek now.” Tom said his words barely audible. 


“Then what will you have me do. Dumbledore keeps the thing in his study as if it is a kind of… trophy.” Severus said screwing up his nose. 


Tom scoffed. Of course he did. 


“Urge him to protect it more, tell him you fear the thief or someone else might try to steal it and that you think it needs to be protected.” Tom said shaking his head at how foolish Dumbledore was to display such an item in the open. Many people would kill for that stone and here he was displaying it like a Christmas decoration. 


“I’ll try but I don’t know if he will.” Severus said standing and collecting his coat. 


Tom nodded his thanks and watched at Severus apparated away, his mind more eased now that Severus was able to watch over his mate and keep her protected from Dumbledore’s foolishness. 


Chapter Text

Hermione’s POV


The next few weeks passed by so quickly that Hermione barely had anytime to do any research as she was so overwhelmed with her school work. 


By the time she was able to actually think twice about going to the library to try and figure out what the mysterious objects were it was the day she had to leave for Christmas break and she only had time to check out one book before she boarded the Hogwarts express with her friends. 


Hermione was very excited for the holidays though. For one she would be able to see her parents again who she had missed dearly, and if she was being honest she was probably most excited for the Malfoy’s Christmas ball and being able to see Tom. 


She had sent a letter home to her parents some weeks ago asking if it was alright to go to the ball and if they wanted to come as well. 


Her parents had agreed and were also intending to come along as Narcissa had personally invited them when she had caught up for lunch with her mother. 


“Do you know if your going to stay the night on Christmas eve yet?” Draco ask her. 


“Not yet, I haven’t really talked about it with my parents but I will as soon as I get home and let you know.” Hermione said looking up from her book and across at Draco. 


“Well it would be really cool if you could.” Draco said grinning. 


“Yeah Hermione please stay.” Theo said from beside her. 


“It won’t be half as much fun without you.” Blaise said whilst Vincent and Greg nodded along eagerly. 


Hermione smiled, touched by her friends. She’d never had as many friends as this before and she couldn’t help but think how lucky she was. 


“Okay I’ll try my best, I promise.” She said grinning around at her friends seated in the compartment. 


Once the train pulled up to the station and Hermione had gotten her things she waved goodbye to her friends and looked for her parents.


“Hermione!” Her mother shouted waving at her from across the platform her father smiling broadly next to her.


Hermione ran towards them and jumped into her mother’s awaiting arms.. 


“I’ve missed you guys so much!” Hermione said, her words slightly muffled from being squeezed so tightly by her mother. 


“We’ve missed you to pumpkin.” Her father said pulling her in for a hug. 


On the car ride home Hermione told her parents all about Hogwarts, her new friends, what her favourite classes were and everything in between. 


 Talk soon turned to the up coming Christmas eve ball at the Malfoy’s. 


“Oh please will you let me stay the night mum, Narcissa has said it’s fine if I do and all my friends are going to be there, and I can come home early in the morning.” Hermione pleaded as she was setting the dinner table. 


Her mother and father glanced at one another questioningly. 


“Well I suppose as Narcissa has okayed it then it’s fine with us…” Her mother said not getting to finish her sentence though as Hermione had started cheering. 


“Oh thank you, thank you, thank you!” Hermione shouted happily. 


“But you are coming home in the morning, you can have breakfast with the Malfoy’s if they offer but after that you can come home and spend the day here.” Her father added. 


“I will I promise!” She said sitting gown and grabbing some food. 


“I suppose we’ll have to go shopping as well and get you a dress to wear as I doubt any of the ones here will do.” Her mother said. 


Hermione nodded her head in agreement already knowing the exact colour she wanted. 


It was Christmas eve and Hermione was nervously fidgeting with the hem of her dress.


Draco had sent her a letter telling her that someone would be coming at 7.30pm to collect her and her parents and apparate them to the Manor. 


Hermione glanced at the clock on the living room wall that showed the time as 7.25. 


If she had to admit it the reason she was so nervous was because it was her first time in seeing Tom in so long, and this time it would be in front of a room full of people, including her parents and new friends. 


It was another few minutes before there was the sound of a knock on the door and her father got up to answer it. 


Hermione’s mouth dropped open in astonishment.


In the doorway stood an impeccably dressed Tom, wearing magnificent dress robes as black as the night sky and with his hair styled handsomely. 


“Good evening, my name is Tom, I’m a friend of Lucius and Narcissa’s and here to take you to the party.” He said eloquently, holding out his hand to her father. 


“My name’s Richard and this is my wife Jean and our daughter Hermione.” Her father said gesturing to her and her mother before shaking Tom’s hand. 


“It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Tom said bowing formerly and kissing her mothers hand. 


Hermione watched eyes wide as he then made his way over to her.


“What a wonderful name, it’s a pleasure to meet you Hermione.” Tom said a slight smirk on his face that only she could see. 


Hermione blushed as he kissed her hand as well before he stood back up. 


“Well we should get going otherwise Narcissa will have my head for being so late.” Tom said humorously. 


Hermione took a hold of Tom’s outstretched hand as did her parents before she felt a pull and a tight squeeze in her stomach before she landed roughly back on her feet. 


“God what in the world was that!” She heard her father say, his face slightly green. 


“It’s called apparation, not the most pleasant of ways to travel but arguably the quickest.” Tom said guiding them in the direction of the Manor. 


Hermione and her mother gasped at the sight of it. The manor could hardly be called a house as it was more like a mansion, complete with tall towers illuminated by the moonlight and surrounded by lavish gardens that were lit by floating lanterns for party goers to be able to take a stroll through. 


The sound of music and laughter grew as they neared the manor, Tom escorting her down the pathway to the front door. 


“You look beautiful.” She heard him whisper, just loud enough so she could hear it. 


Hermione was thankful that it was dark enough so Tom couldn’t see her blush but was glad that he liked her dress. It was the colour of a beautiful moss green and made of velvet that came just above her knees and had sleeves down to her wrists. Although it was simple, Hermione had loved the feel of it and the colour reminded her instantly of Tom. She had known it was the right one almost immediately upon seeing it.


Along with her dress she had worn some delicate silver shoes and her mother had helped her style her hair in soft waves rather than her usual frizzy look. She had also given her a beautiful silver hair clasp to pin some of her hair away from her face. 


“Thank you, you look very handsome as well.” She whispered back as they made their way through the front entrance. 


Tom led them down a few corridors before they finally made it to the source of the music. Hermione looked around in awe finding herself in a large ballroom. The room was easily the size of the great hall, however much more beautifully decorated. A Christmas tree that just about touched the ceiling and seemed to be covered in snow and silver ornaments was situated in one corner. In the other was a large banquet table of delicious looking food and drinks with waiters in white robes minding it. Next to the table was a stage and sitting atop it were five witches and wizards each playing different instruments in tune to a Christmas carol and in the centre was a large dance floor filled with many gorgeously dressed adults swaying elegantly to the music. Hermione also noticed a large silver chandelier hanging from the ceiling that seemed to be in the shape of dripping icicles and had what appeared to be snowflakes falling from it but which disappeared before they touched the ground. 


“It’s breath taking.” She said marvelling at the sight. 


“I’m so glad you think so, I was worried it wasn’t enough.”  


Hermione turned around to see a smiling Narcissa Malfoy dressed in a gorgeous sparkling silver dress that came past her ankles, with Lucius on her side who was dressed in a silvery grey tux to match his wife. 


“It’s amazing Narcissa really.” Her mother said appreciatively. 


“Thank you it was all Lucius idea really, he inspired me to do silver as this years theme.” She said smiling affectionally at her husband. 


“I see you’ve met our friend Tom here.” Lucius said gesturing to the tall wizard and giving Hermione a sly wink. 


Hermione blushed yet again and wondered if it was going to be a customary occurrence around Tom and the Malfoy’s. 


“Oh yes he was simply lovely.” Her mother said smiling to Tom who just inclined his head in response. 


“Tom dear why don’t you take Hermione over to where Draco and his friends are they were over by the food last I saw.” Narcissa said pointing over to the large table and grinning down at her. 


Tom held out his hand and hesitantly Hermione took it as he led her through the sea of people.


“I’ve missed you Mia.” He said leaning down so she could hear him over the music. 


“I’ve missed you as well.” Hermione said smiling up at him and trying her best not to hug him. 


Her gaze however was pulled away by the shout of her name. 


“Hermione!” Draco shouted running up to her and Tom and dressed equally as handsome. 


“Hi Draco, Merry Christmas.” She said grinning broadly. 


“Merry Christmas to you to… hello Tom.” Draco said looking up at him. 


“Draco, how’s your night been so far, keeping out of trouble?” Tom said raising an eyebrow skeptically. 


Draco smirked clearly he’d been doing just the opposite. 


“Well I’ll leave you with your friends Hermione, but I do want you to promise me a dance tonight.” Tom said looking down at her a small smile on his lips. 


Hermione nodded, not being able to find the words to reply, before Tom gave her another kiss on the hand and turned around and went back the way they had come.


“Come on I’ll introduce you to some of my other friends!” Draco said pulling on her sleeve for her to follow him. 


Draco led her to a small group of children sitting around a small table. Hermione instantly noticed the faces of Theo, Blaise, Greg and Vince and ran to give each one a hug. Also sitting with them however where two girls Hermione didn’t know. 


Hermione these are my friend’s Pansy Parkinson and Daphne Greengrass.” Draco said pointing to the two girls. 


“Pans, Daph this is Hermione.” He said pulling out a chair for Hermione before he to sat down next to Greg. 


“Hi Hermione, it’s good to finally meet you.” Daphne said smiling kindly at her. 


There was no other word to describer her, Daphne was gorgeous. She was wearing one of the prettiest dresses Hermione had ever seen, it was the colour of ice blue and made of lace and tule. Her hair was a light blonde colour and was styled into an intricate braid on one side. 


“Hello, it’s good to meet you as well.” Hermione said returning her smile. 


Next to Daphne sat a girl who was giving Hermione a scrutinising look and who Hermione presumed to be Pansy. She seemed to be the complete opposite of Daphne, however still beautiful. Pansy was wearing a black dress made of tule and silk with the bottom poofing out similar to that of Daphne’s, however only coming to her knees instead of her ankles. On the shoulders of her dress where some elegant black feathers that seemed to come from that of a raven, and which Hermione noticed where also stuck into the base of her hair which was tied in an intricate bun. 


“Hello Pansy, it’s nice to meet you.” Hermione said hesitantly, wondering why the girl seemed to be looking at her like that. 


Pansy slowly lifted her gaze from Hermione’s dress. 


“Where did you get that dress.” She asked not even offering her own hello. 


“Pans be nice!” Daphne chastised from next to her. 


“I am! I just want to know where she got her dress from because I like it!” Pansy said turning to her friend angrily and then back to Hermione waiting for her to answer. 


“Oh I got it with my mum in London.” Hermione said, nervously playing with her hem again. 


“From a muggle store?” Pansy asked incredulously. 


“Yes it was from a muggle shop, why?” Hermione asked narrowing her eyes. 


Hermione had come to realise quite abruptly that muggle’s and muggle-borns were often thought of as incapable to some wizards. Although none of her friends had seemed to care of even think twice about her muggle heritage she had noticed stares and quiet whisperings from some students and even some teachers being very shocked at her ability to do even simple spells. 


“Oh I’ve got no problem with them, I’ve just never seen muggle dresses and designs before and, your dress it’s beautiful.” Pansy said finally giving Hermione a small grin. 


Hermione smiled back relieved that Pansy didn’t seem to have a problem with her. 


“Thank you, you can borrow it some time if you like?” Hermione said. 


“Ohh really? You wouldn’t mind!” Pansy squealed happily. 


Hermione shook her head no. 


“Come on let’s go get something to eat and we can leave the girls to talk about dresses.” Blaise said rolling his eyes and standing up, who was quickly followed by the other boys. 


Hermione got to talking to Daphne and Pansy and found that both girls were in Slytherin and had been long time family friends with the Malfoy’s. 


She was just explaining to the girls what muggle primary school was like when she noticed Pansy’s face screw up.


“What are they doing here?” Pansy asked rather accusingly. 


Hermione followed Pansy’s glance to the entrance where Neville, Hannah, Ernie and Tracey had just come in together followed by some of their parents. 


“They were invited by Draco’s parents, he and I had to go ask them at school.” Hermione said by way of explanation. 


“But why?” Pansy asked confused. 


“I’m not sure, their all quite nice though, did you want to come say hi with me?” Hermione asked standing up and looking at the two girls expectantly. 


Daphne stood up after a minute but Pansy remained seated. 


“You go say hi, I’ll send Draco over as well.” She said waving them away. 


Hermione nodded and walked with Daphne over to where her classmates where, all of them looking quite nervous. 


“Hi guys!” Hermione said as happily as possible. 


Neville and Hannah looked quite relieved to see her, whereas Tracy and Ernie just smiled tightly. 


“Hi Hermione, Merry Christmas!” Hannah said taking off her coat to reveal a pretty purple dress. 


“Merry Christmas to you to, have you met Daphne Greengrass? She’s in our year to.” Hermione said gesturing to Daphne. 


“Hello, Hannah is it?” Daphne asked politely. 


“Yes, nice to meet you, I think we have charms class together.” Hannah said smiling.


“Are you guys hungry we’re all sitting over by the food.” Hermione said gesturing for the others to follow her back to where they had been sitting. 


Although it took a while for everyone to get used to one another eventually they all started to get along. Tracy, Pansy, Daphne and Hannah spent the night talking about which house had the cutest boys at Hogwarts. Ernie, Blaise, Greg and Vincent where having avid conversations about Quidditch and which house they thought would win the cup this year before talk turned to the professional teams. Neville and Theo were talking about Herbology, one of the subjects that Neville actually excelled in and which Theo was particularly informed about as his family grew many rare magical plants. Whilst Hermione spent her time talking to Draco and every now and then sneaking looks at Tom from across the room. 


“Their actually not so bad.” Draco said taking a sip of his butter beer. 


“See I told you so!” Hermione said smirking. 


“Hey! You can’t smirk that’s my thing!” Draco said glaring. 


“Well now it’s mine to.” She said smirking even wider. 


“Sorry to interrupt but I do believe a certain witch promised me a dance earlier.” Said a smooth and charming voice from behind her. 


Hermione turned around to see a smiling Tom his hand outstretched for her to take. 


Hesitantly Hermione took his hand before he pulled her into the sea of dancing people. 

 Tom pulled her close and placed her arms on his shoulders whilst his went around her waist. Hermione was sure that she was as red as a tomato right about now. 


“You’re blushing.” Tom whispered his eyes glinting with humour. 


“Well I-ahh don’t really know how to dance.” She said helplessly. 


Swiftly Tom pulled her up slightly making her let out a small yelp before he placed her carefully on his shoes. 


“Don’t worry I do.” He said smirking. 


Hermione was thankful it was a slow song and that most other couples where just swaying in small circles like Tom and her. It felt like time stopped when she was dancing with him. Everything else seemed to fade away into the background. But all to quickly the song was over and Tom was releasing her hold on her.  


“I heard that you were staying the night, so I will see you in the morning.” Tom said pulling her to the side of the ballroom. 


You’re leaving already?” Hermione asked somewhat disheartened. 


Tom gave her a small smile. 


“All I wanted tonight was to dance with you, now that that’s happened I’m going to turn in, party’s aren’t really my scene anyway.” He said bending down and kissing her check. 


“Good night Mia and, Merry Christmas.” He said turning and walking out through the large doorway. 


Hermione was still holding the check Tom had kissed when she made her way back to where her friends where sitting. 


“Who was that Hermione?!” Pansy asked pulling her into a seat. 


“That was Tom, Hermione’s mystery friend.” Theo said smirking at her playfully. 


“Tom, you mean as in Tom Ri..Ow! Draco what was that for!” Daphne said rubbing her arm where Draco had hit her. 


Hermione however failed to see the look Draco gave Daphne, which clearly said to shut up about Tom, as she was to busy still thinking about the kiss he had given her. 


The rest of the night passed by in a similar fashion of talking, eating and dancing, just without tall handsome wizards. At the end of the night Hermione said goodbye to her parents and her new friends, Neville, Hannah, Ernie and Tracy who weren’t staying the night. 


Hermione got to sleep in one of the room’s at the Manor with both Pansy and Daphne and the three stayed up all night talking before they finally succumbed to sleep out of sheer exhaustion. 


Tom’s POV 


Tom awoke to the strange sensation of knowing that Hermione was asleep just a few rooms away. 


Although what he had said about party’s to her last night was true, he did have to admit that seeing her in her green dress and being able to dance with her was worth it. 


After taking a shower and getting dressed Tom made his way downstairs to the breakfast room where Lucius and Narcissa where already waiting. 


“Good morning Tom, Merry Christmas.” Narcissa said standing up and pulling him in for a brief hug. 


Tom returned the hug quickly, uncomfortable with being hugged by others that weren't his mate. 


“Merry Christmas to you as well, where are the others?” Tom asked noticing the empty seats. 


“Still asleep but I’ve just sent Dobby to wake them now.” She said sitting back down next to Lucius. 


A few minutes later eight bleary eyed eleven year olds made their way into the room. 


Tom had to give a laugh at Hermione’s hair, gone was the sleek and soft curls from last night and in its place was what could only be described as a bird’s nest. 


“Merry Christmas dear’s!” Narcissa said kissing each one on the forehead before they all sat down for breakfast. 

Hermione's POV


Hermione thought it was possibly one of the nicest Christmas mornings she had ever had being surrounded by her friends and getting to spend time with Tom. 


“I have to say it was nice seeing you all being civil with your classmates.” Lucius said taking a bite of his eggs. 


“Yes I have to agree, it’s nice to see some different friends around here.” Narcissa said looking pointedly at Draco.


“I just don’t understand why they were invited at all?” Draco asked. 


“Not that they weren’t nice! It’s just you know…” He added trailing off at the look Hermione had given him. 


Lucius glanced at Tom who just quirked an eyebrow. 


“We just feel that you should expand your friendship circle a bit, there’s nothing wrong with having friends in other houses, merlin knows it can only help what most people think of those of you in Slytherin.” Lucius said looking around at the children. 


“So you want us to become friends with them to improve our image?” Draco asked questioningly. 


“That’s not what I’m saying, I’m saying that you should learn to get to know people outside of your circle, learn to get to know them beyond their house and in particular those who have certain status, like those classmates from last night.” Lucius added glancing towards Tom. 


Hermione narrowed her eyes slightly. What did they mean by status?


“What do you mean status?” Draco asked voicing her thoughts. 


“It’s obvious isn’t it?” Theo said looking between Tom and Lucius. 


“They were all family members of the Sacred 28.” He said biting into his toast. 


Lucius grinned at Tom who smirked in return. 


“Clearly you do belong in Ravenclaw.” Lucius said smirking. 


Why do you want us to be friends with family members of the Sacred 28.” Draco asked again still confused. 


“We aren’t forcing you to be friends with anyone. We just think that it would be good for you to build connections, at the least some sort of amicable relationship with people who may hold status in the future. If you go around only befriending people in your house it won’t do you any good. At the least you can have a civil relationship with those classmates at best you can be friends.” Lucius explained looking at each one of them. 


Hermione frowned. What were they trying to achieve? She had heard about the Sacred 28 but didn’t know much about it or what it had to do with her classmates. 


“Anyway that’s enough talk about politics for now, it’s Christmas after all and I’m sure all your parents will be wanting you home shortly so once you’ve finished eating go and pack your things and meet us down in the floo room.” Narcissa said with a tone of finality. 


After Hermione finished her breakfast she quickly ran back up to her room to collect her things before she ran down to the room that Pansy had told her was the floo room. 


She was stopped on her way however by Tom. 


“Leaving without saying goodbye?” He asked faking mock hurt. 


“Of course not I just thought you would be down with everyone else.” She said. 


“Well I didn’t want to give you this in front of everyone else.” He said handing her a neatly wrapped present. 


Oh I completely forgot, wait a moment I got you something to.” Hermione said opening her bag and pulling out the present she had gotten Tom and handing it to him before placing her present from him back in her bag. 


“So are you going to tell me what my classmates have to do with the Sacred 28?” She asked getting straight to the point. 


Tom chuckled. 


“How did I know you would want to know about that.” He said smiling and shaking his head. 


“Well?” She asked impatiently. 


“Trust me it’s nothing really, it is as Lucius said we just feel it would be good to have different circles of friends.” Tom said leaning against the wall. 


Hermione sighed knowing she didn’t have time to argue as her parents wanted her home. 


“Okay, well you know I’ll get to the bottom of it eventually.” She said picking up her bag and giving Tom a hug before she raced down the stairs. 


“Oh I’m sure you will Mia.” Tom said chuckling again.