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Slytherins Spell

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Hermione’s POV 


Hermione watched the rare display of emotions flickering behind Tom’s features. He hardly ever let his guard down, always maintaining his cool persona. The only times he would let emotion seep through was in anger or fear over protectiveness for her or in rare bursts of happiness when they were practicing magic together. 


She could almost hear his mind ticking, working out how to answer her question about the Dark Lord. She knew from Tom’s display of emotions that it was a difficult topic for him but she couldn’t work out why. Normally he would answer any of her questions she had, except for the ones that were about him personally. So she wondered why he seemed to be remaining tight lipped over this particular question. 


Maybe he knew the Dark Lord? Maybe he did something to Tom, or his family? She thought trying to put the pieces together. 


“Why do you want to know?” Tom asked finally, his guard back up and his face giving away no emotions. 


“When I went to get my wand at Mr Ollivanders, he told me about it’s properties. My wand is a dual core of Phoenix feather and Veela hair, and the phoenix feather that is in my wand is the twin of the one that is in the Dark Lord’s wand. He told me that it meant we were… connected in some way. But he didn’t know how or why and he couldn’t tell me anything about the Dark Lord, only that he was an evil wizard who had been corrupted by darkness and that disappeared a long time ago.” She said remembering what Mr Ollivander had told her.  


Hermione saw something flash in Tom’s eyes at her words, but she couldn’t distinguish what it was. Curiosity?Anger? Fear?


Tom sighed and ran his hand through his hair, a motion Hermione had only ever see him do when he was nervous or scared. 


“Mr Ollivander was right about some things, the Dark Lord was an evil wizard.” Tom said looking down at the floor and avoiding Hermione’s eyes. 


Hermione sat up straighter, patiently waiting for him to continue. 


“You know that I’ve taught you to view magic as neither light or dark, which is how everyone should see it…”


Hermione nodded in agreeance with him. 


“But there are some types of magic out there that even I consider only dark and when used, can consume the wizard so utterly they become a changed person, a thing of themselves that is not human any more.” 


Hermione watched intrigued as Tom explained those types of magic, he seemed almost enticed by them.


“The Dark Lord became consumed by those types of magic for many years. All he wanted was power and control and he saw the only way to get it was through use of dark magic. He built up quite an empire, with many prominent Wizarding families following him and pushing for his cause to rid the world of those deemed inferior to him. But this all came crumbling down some years ago.” Tom said barely whispering those last words. 


“You speak, as if you knew him?” Hermione asked hesitantly. 


Tom’s eyes remained fixed on the floor, “Yes I knew him, quite well.” 


“Did  you… did you believe in his cause?” Hermione asked scared of what his answer might be. 


Tom sighed again, “Yes for a while I did, but things… circumstances changed and so did my opinions.” 


Hermione didn’t respond just thought about what Tom was telling her. These past few weeks she had finally been able to delve deeper into the mystery that was Tom. Over the years she’d come to understand that he most likely wasn’t completely innocent and had clearly done some things that most people would not agree with. However she also knew that Tom was many other things, he was intelligent, helpful, charming, at times he was funny and although he didn’t show it much he was very protective and caring of her and Hermione trusted him completely and could tell when he was being honest with her. So she knew that although he may have believed in the Dark Lord once and whatever his cause was, he was telling her the truth now that his views had changed and she knew as well as she knew herself that he wasn’t a bad person despite who his old associations might have been. 


“So he’s truely gone then?” Hermione asked. 


Tom’s gaze finally left the floor and locked with her own, “Yes he has gone.” 


Hermione let out a breath that she didn’t realise she had been holding, “So then I don’t have to worry?” 


“You have nothing to fear, I won’t ever let anything happen to you.” Tom said his eyes burning into hers. 


Hermione nodded and gave him a small smile, happy that he had trusted her in return to let her in.


Tom briefly returned her smile before he stood from the chair he’d been sitting on.


“I’ll be off now, you’ve had a long day and need some rest, I’ll come to see you the night before you leave for Hogwarts.” He said collecting his coat. 


“Okay, thank you for being honest with me about the Dark Lord.” She said standing up and giving him a hug, failing to see the look of guilt that passed over his features. 


Tom hugged her back, more tightly then usual. 


“Before I go I need you to promise me something.” He said, his words muffled slightly by her hair. 


“Anything” She said pulling away so she could look up at him. 


“Don’t ever reveal your wands connection with the Dark Lord and don’t ever speak of what you know about him, to anyone.” He said forcefully. 


Why?” She asked.


“Because if people know of this connection or see you having knowledge of the Dark Lord they might become fearful of you, they will assume things, fear does strange things to people Hermione.” He said his eyes never leaving hers. 


“I promise.” She said nodding. 


Tom let out a breath and gave her another small smile, grateful she hadn’t put up more of a fight like she usually did when he asked something of her. 


He pulled her in for another hug, which surprised Hermione as it was always her who would imitate affection. 


“I need to go.” He said, before placing a gentle kiss on her forehead and disapparating away. 


Hermione could still feel a slight tingle on her forehead where Tom’s lips had been as she thought up her plan. 


She would figure out what Tom was hiding from her. Although he mostly answered her question she knew that he wasn’t telling her everything, and she would get to the bottom of it, even if she didn’t like what she found. 


Tom’s POV 


Tom was currently overseas in France visiting one of the Wizarding shops there, Mystères Magiques. After Tom’s last visit with Hermione he had realised just how much he needed to stay in contact with her whilst she was at Hogwarts. He needed to make sure that she didn’t discover who the majority of the Wizarding population believed him to be and make sure they didn’t try to turn her against him. 


Tom had thought long and hard about his conversation with her and just what he had said. Because he had been telling the truth. Although the Dark Lord was once him, it wasn’t any more. For a long time during Hogwarts and up until he had met Hermione he had been enraptured with Dark Magic and his cause for achieving power. 


Although he still wanted this power his ideologies had changed, all because of Hermione. He had once foolishly thought that he could control her to be his loyal follower. But he knew now that it would never of worked, she was to intelligent, to powerful in her own right. And if Tom was being truthful he didn’t want to control her, he wanted to seek power alongside her. 


So he had come to the Magical Artefact shop in search of something that would allow him to communicate with Hermione whilst at Hogwarts. 


“Good day to you ser.” The middle aged wizard said from behind the counter. 


Tom inclined his head, “To you as well.” 


“What iz it zat due are after.” He asked politely. 


“Something that will allow me instant communication with another person.” Tom said looking around at all the odds and ends. 


The shop reminded him of his time working at Borguin and Burkes when he had been obsessed with finding the Founders Objects in case he needed to use them as vessels. How much had his plans changed since that time he thought.  


“Aaaa I see, well zere are a few objectz I have zat may interezt due.” He said walking over to a part of the store and pulling out a few items before laying them out on a counter for Tom to see. 


“Zee first are zome enchanted coinz, quick for emergenciez but not good for long messagez.” He said holding up two Galleons. 


“I want to be able to have frequent conversations, long or short.” Tom said pushing the coins away. 


“Well how about zee’s zen.” The shopkeeper said holding up two ostentatiously large hand mirrors with runes carved along its edge. 


“It need’s to be inconspicuous.” Tom said screwing up his nose at the gaudy mirrors. 


“Zis is all I have left.” The shopkeeper sighed holding up two brown leather bound diaries.


“How do they work?” Tom asked intrigued. 


“Due simply write in one and whatever due write will appear in the other diary until that perzon haz read it. Once it haz been read zen it will dizapear, ‘zet me zow due.” He said taking out a quill and writing in one of the diaries. 


Tom watched as the word ‘Bonjor’ suddenly appeared in the diary he was holding before it faded away a few seconds later. 


“How much?” Tom asked.


After Tom had made his purchase he was about to leave the shop when his eyes were drawn to a black pendant on a silver chain. It was an identical shape and colour to the stone in his family ring he had stolen long ago. 


“Would due like to zee it clozer?” The shopkeeper asked coming around and unlocking the cabinet and pulling out the pendant for Tom to see. 


Tom held it in his palm an idea forming in his mind. 


“I’ll take this as well.” He said handing over some more galleons before finally leaving the shop and heading back to Manor. 


Tom’s POV (August 31st)


Tom was waiting patiently in Hermione’s room for her. 


It was the night before she left for Hogwarts and he had promised to come and see her before she left. 


He was currently sitting in the rocking chair in her room and flipping through one of her school textbooks. His mind was brought back to all those times he used to rock her to sleep in the very same chair and how much had changed since then.


Tom’s musings where stopped short by the arrival of a very excited Hermione. 


“TomImsoooogladyourhereIjustcan'twaitanymoreImsosososoexcited!” Hermione said in one big rush. 


Tom chuckled lightly at her antics.


“Take a breath or you’ll faint.” He said closing her textbook and placing it next to him.


“I’m sorry, I’m just so excited I can’t believe that tomorrow night I’ll actually be at Hogwarts and not here!” She said skipping over to her trunk that seemed to be bursting at the seems and putting the textbook he had been reading inside it.


However Hermione’s happiness dampened slightly as what she had just said sunk in and she turned around slowly facing him. 


“I-I just realised that I’m going to be at Hogwarts.” She said.  


“You only just figured that out now? I thought you were smarter than that.” Tom said raising an eyebrow comically.


“No I mean I only just realised what it meant. Because I’ll be at Hogwarts and not here which means... I won’t get to see you anymore.” She said biting her lip and looking at the floor. 


“Well it’s a good thing that I thought of this then isn’t it?” Tom said holding up the green wrapped diary. 


“What’s that?” Hermione asked curiously. 


“An early birthday present, seeing as I won’t be there to give it to you on the day.” Tom said handing it to her. 


Tom watched as Hermione carefully unwrapped the present to reveal her diary. 


“A diary?” She asked raising her own eyebrow much like Tom had just done moments ago.


“It’s not just a diary, it’s a communication diary. You have one and I have one, that way we can keep in contact and talk whenever you want to and you don’t have to wait days for an owl to reply.” Tom said explaining the concept of the gift. 


Hermione’s eyes lit up.


“How does it work?” She asked opening it up. 


“You write whatever you want in your diary and then it will appear in mine, after I’ve read it, it will disappear so you don’t have to worry about running out of room.” Tom explained. 


“Oh Tom, thank you so much, it’s perfect I just love it.” She said clutching the diary to her chest glad that he had thought of such a practical and thoughtful gift. 


“I have something else for you as well.” He said pulling out a small green velvet box from his robe. 


Again Tom watched as Hermione opened her present, waiting to see her reaction. Hermione let out a small gasp her mouth open in surprise at seeing the beautiful pendant sitting in the delicate box.


“It’s gorgeous.” She whispered in awe.


“Here let me put it on you.” Tom said taking the box and unclasping the chain before gently placing it around her neck. 


Hermione looked up at Tom before launching herself into his arms and almost knocking him off his feet. 


“Thank you so much Tom, for everything. Not just the presents, but for teaching me magic, being my friend, everything.” She said, her words muffled slightly by his coat. 


Tom felt a flutter inside him at her words. 


“Your welcome.” He said leaning down and kissing her forehead like he had the other night.


Hermione’s own heart did a small flip at the feeling of Tom’s lips against her skin. Knowing that this was going to be her last hug with the wizard for a while she held on longer then normal before reluctantly pulling away. 


Tom was glad that she liked the pendant so much. He was worried that she wouldn’t like it and then his plan wouldn’t work. He had charmed the pendant to be connected to his family ring, so whenever Hermione was in danger his ring would heat up and glow alerting him to the danger. However if Hermione didn’t want to wear the pendant then there was no way for him to ensure her safety whilst she was away. 


That night Tom decided to stay longer than normal, rather than leaving before Hermione went to bed he chose to stay until she fell asleep, so he just sat, reading silently in her rocking chair as she succumbed to sleep the pendant still around her neck. 



Hermione’s POV 


Hermione pushed her trolley quickly down the train station platform looking for the signs that read 9 and 10. 


“Are we really supposed to walk through a brick wall?” She heard her father ask incredulously. 


“That’s what her letter said to do, you saw what happened to the wall at Diagon Alley, perhaps it will be similar?” Her mother replied.


Hermione came to a halt at the sight of three pale blonde haired people standing in front of a brick wall with the signs 9 and 10 on each side.


“Draco!” Hermione shouted, waving at the young boy. 


Draco turned around at the sound of his name and gave her a large grin beckoning for her to come over. 


“Lovely to see you again Hermione, how was the rest of your summer?” Mrs Malfoy said grinning down at Hermione. 


“It was wonderful thank you.” Hermione said as her parents came over to join them. 


“Narcissa what a nice surprise, we were expecting to see you at the platform.” Hermione’s mother said greeting Mrs Malfoy. 


“Lucius and I thought it might be a bit confusing getting onto the platform for the first time so we decided to wait for you, speaking of I believe you haven’t met my husband.” Mrs Malfoy said placing a hand on the regal looking wizard next to her. 


“Lucius Malfoy, you must be Jean and Richard.” Lucius said shaking her fathers hand and placing a kiss on her mother’s hand, before turning to Hermione. 


“And you must be Hermione, Narcissa and Draco have told me so much about you.” Lucius said grinning much like his son and taking Hermione’s own hand and kissing it like he did to her mother’s. 


“It’s nice to meet you sir.” Hermione said blushing at the formalities of Mr Malfoy. 


“Please call me Lucius.” He said warmly.  


Hermione nodded and smiled. 


“How about we head onto the platform, I’m afraid if we wait out here any longer Draco just might burst.” Narcissa said laughing at Draco’s obvious eagerness to get through the barrier. 


Hermione watched as the Malfoy’s walked straight through the brick wall and vanished before her eyes, before she to took a nervous breath and followed along with her parents. 


Her eyes widened in awe at the sight of a beautiful red steam train being boarded by laughing and excited children who were waving to their families. 


Draco and Hermione didn’t wait long to board the train themselves. After loading their luggage and saying goodbye to their parents they made their way on and found an empty compartment before getting changed into their school robes. 


It wasn’t long after Hermione had made herself comfortable that the compartment door opened to reveal four boys the same age as her and Draco.


“Hermione, these are my friends Gregory Goyle, Vincent Crabbe, Theodore Nott and Blaise Zabini.” Draco said pointing to each one of the boys who each in turn smiled and said hello.


“This is my friend Hermione I was telling you about.” Draco said moving over so Gregory and Vincent could sit next to him whilst Blaise and Theodore sat next to her. 


“Nice to meet you Hermione, you can just call me Theo though none of this Theodore nonsense.” Theo said holding out his hand to her. 


“Good to meet you to, Theo.” Hermione said shaking his hand. 


As the train began to move the boys began talking about the sorting ceremony and which house they thought they would each be in. Hermione noticed with interest that all of them thought they would be in Slytherin, except Theo who thought Ravenclaw might also be a possibility. 


“What about you Hermione, where do you think the hat will place you?” Blaise asked her. 


“Honestly I’m not to sure. I have a… friend who thinks I could be in Ravenclaw, Gryffindoor or even Slytherin. I’ve read about all of them in Hogwarts: A History and I think he’s pretty accurate, well except for Slytherin as I think that’s just what he would prefer.” Hermione explained thinking of what Tom had said to her. 


“Whose your friend, does he go to Hogwarts?” Theo asked her curiously. 


Hermione paled. Although she knew that Tom knew Draco she didn’t know if Draco was aware of their friendship or even if Tom wanted her to tell him. 


“Ohh umm his name is Tom... he doesn’t go to Hogwarts though.” Hermione said vaguely looking at the floor so she didn’t make eye contact with Draco. 


“Oh well, it would have been cool to know someone older who went to Hogwarts but that’s okay.” Theo said turning back to talk to Blaise.


“Do you really think you’ll be in Gryffindor?” Greg asked her, trying not to sneer as he did so. 


“Oh well I’m not to sure, I do think I have some of the characteristics of a Gryffindoor and it sounded like the best house when I was reading about it.” Hermione said grateful for Greg's distraction. 


Draco scoffed. 


“That’s just because Gryffindor’s have always been the favourites, they always get away with everything and all the teachers love them so no wonder Hogwarts: A History paints them that way to.” Draco said scathingly. 


There were murmurs of agreement from the other boys at Draco’s words and Hermione wondered if what he said was true. Was one house favoured over another?


Her thoughts were stopped however by the opening of the compartment door once again, however this time to reveal a rather plump looking boy with large teeth and freckles. 


“H-have you seen a Toad?” He asked timidly. 


Hermione could hear a few sniggers from Draco and Theo as they watched the boy before them get more nervous with each passing second. 


“No I’m sorry we haven’t, have you lost yours?” Hermione asked smiling at the boy in hopes of making him less nervous. 


“Y-yes his n-names Trevor and I can’t f-find him anywhere.” He said helplessly. 


“Oh that’s horrible, well we’ll help you look for him won’t we?” Hermione said looking pointedly at Draco. 


Draco let out a long sigh but nodded and stood up, the other boys reluctantly following him. 


“Thank you.” The boy said giving Hermione a smile. 


Your welcome, my name’s Hermione by the way.” She said sticking out her hand. 


“Neville Longbottom.” He said blushing. 


“Well Neville I’ll head this way and we can check the compartments down here together the other boys can go that way.” She said pointing in the opposite direction as Draco, Theo, Blaise, Vincent and Greg made their way down the corridor grumbling about how unfair life was. 


As Hermione and Neville searched for his toad she continued to get to know the young boy who seemed to be a combination of nerves and excitement about going to Hogwarts. 


After searching for a while and still having no luck in finding the toad Hermione opened yet another compartment of the train to reveal two boys, one with bright red hair and some dirt on his face. 


‘Gosh didn’t anyone tell him to shower before he came?’ She thought incredulously. 


And the other occupant with messy dark brown hair, round glasses and bright green eyes and who was looking at her questioningly. 


“Has anyone seen a Toad. A boy named Neville has lost one.” She asked politely. 


“No.” The red haired boy said snidely turning to look at the other boy. 


“Oh are you doing magic, let’s see then.” She said noticing the red headed boy was holding up his wand and wondering if anyone else had been practicing magic like herself. 


The boy cleared his throat.


“Sunshine daisies butter mellow, turn this stupid fat rat yellow.” He said pointing his wand at the mangy looking rat sitting on his lap. 


There was a feeble spark of magic as the rat gave a squeak but nothing else happened. 


“Are you sure that’s a real spell, well it’s not a very good is it.” She said thinking about how useless Tom would think that spell was. 


“I’ve only tried a few simple one’s myself, but they’ve all worked for me.” She said proudly thinking about all the hours of work she’d put in to gaining control of her magic and perfecting even simple spells. 


Hermione sat down on the seat across from the boys and pointed her wand at the boy with glasses. 


“For example, oculus repairo.” She said watching as the tape that was holding the boys glasses together, fly away to reveal them to be fixed. 


“That’s better isn’t it?” She asked, knowing how useful her father found the spell as Hermione would often quietly whisper it whenever he happen to sit on his reading glasses and break them. 


Hermione’s eyes widened slightly as she realised who the boy in front of her was. 


“Holy crickets your Harry Potter.” She gasped. 


Over the few weeks after Tom had told Hermione about the Dark Lord Hermione had done all the research she could with the books that she had. However she hadn’t been very successful, only finding out about some of the Dark Lord’s followers. In particular some of which who were famously stopped by a young infant and his accidental outburst of magic. The young boy became quite famous as most outbursts were never near as powerful, and being able to stop four fully grown wizards from killing his parents was quite an achievement. Over the years many articles had been published about him which often included photos of what he looked like. In these articles they had also come to nickname him, ‘The Boy who Vanquished’ which Hermione thought was rather stupid but nevertheless it was quite exciting being able to meet someone from one of the books she had read. 


“I’m Hermione Granger, and you are..?” She asked turning to the red haired boy who was giving her a rather nasty look. 


“I’m Won Wessley.” He said between mouthfuls of food. 


Hermione grimaced. 


“Pleasure…you two best change in to your robes I expect we’ll be arriving soon.” She said pointedly. 


Hermione’s attention was pulled away from the two boys however by Blaise. 


“Hermione we’re almost at Hogsmeade, we still can’t find Trevor but we can’t do anything anymore.” He said indicating for her to follow him back to their compartment. 


Hermione smiled at the boys and stood up to leave before she thought she had better tell Weasley that he had something on his nose. 


“You’ve got dirt on your nose by the way, just there.” She said pointing to the spot on her own face. 


Ron gave her an annoyed look as if the dirt was her fault before vigorously rubbing it off. 


Hermione huffed and followed Blaise back to the compartment.


How rude! She thought indignantly. 


She’d introduced herself, fixed Harry’s glasses and told Ron that he had something on his face which she knew if it was herself in his position she would want someone to tell her, and yet she hadn’t even received one thank you from either of them!  


As Hermione got back to her compartment she couldn’t help but compare her new friends Draco had introduced her to, to the two boys she had just met and how glad she was that her friends seemed a lot more friendlier.


Thankfully Hermione’s anger at the two rude boy’s didn’t last long as an ever growing excitement came over her as the train pulled into Hogsmeade station. 


Her excitement and wonder only grew when she laid eyes on the beautiful ancient castle that was illuminated by the moonlight as they floated across the large black lake in small boats. Hermione saw that everyone else seemed to be just as in awe as she was at the sight of their new school. 


It wasn’t long before Hermione and the other first years found themselves waiting nervously outside the doors to the great Hall listening to Professor McGonagall as she explained that soon they would be sorted into their Houses. 


The professors lecture was cut short however by Neville. 


“Trevor!” He shouted jumping down to catch a very warty looking toad. 


Hermione looked up to see the disapproving look on the Professors face and hoped Neville wouldn’t be in trouble on his first day. Her attention however was caught by a brief flash of two red headed boys sniggering from around a nearby corner before they ran off down the hall. 


Hermione narrowed her eyes, thinking she knew just how Trevor’s toad had gone ‘missing’ and ended up at Hogwarts by himself. 


“So its true then, what they’re saying on the train…Harry Potter has come to Hogwarts.” Draco said from next to her. 


There were a few brief murmurings of the words Harry Potter and ‘Boy who Vanquished’ from the other students. 


“This is Crabbe and Goyle.” Draco said introducing his two friends to the other boy. 


“And I’m Malfoy, Draco Malfoy.” He said walking closer to Harry Potter. 


Weasley let out a laugh at Malfoy’s name and Hermione scowled. How dare he be so rude, he didn’t even know them and already he had been nasty to Hermione and insulted Draco’s family. 


Draco turned to him, clearly not impressed at his laugh either.


“Think my name is funny do you? No need to ask you yours, red hair, and a hand-me-down robe? You must be a Weasley.” Draco said spitefully before turning back to Harry. 


“You’ll soon find out that some Wizarding families are better than others Potter, you don’t want to go making friends with the wrong sort. I can help you there.” Draco said sticking out his hand. 


“I think I can tell the wrong sort for my self thank’s.” Harry said, eyes narrowing at Draco. 


Hermione again scowled at the rudeness of the two boys. Draco had been nothing but nice to them except when Ron Weasley had insulted his family by laughing and in turn Draco had done nothing but point out the obvious at who he might be and yet when offered friendship by Draco they had the audacity to turn it down as if he was the rude one?!


Draco was clearly about to say something else but his words were stopped short by Professor McGonagall returning. 


“We’re ready for you now.” She said eyeing Draco to return to his spot before leading them into the great hall and the awaiting students and teachers. 


Hermione walked next to Draco through the great hall both of them gasping in delight at the charmed ceiling. They had both read about it in Hogwarts: A History of course but the description didn’t even compare to the real thing. 


The group came to a stop in front of a small table with a tattered old hat sitting upon it. 


Hermione couldn’t even hear professor McGongall though as she was explaining what would happen for the sorting ceremony, she was too nervous about which house she would be in. 


What if the hat placed her in the wrong house? What if she had no friends in her house?  


Hermione was so nervous that she almost missed her name being called. 


“Oh no, okay relax.” She told herself on repeat, her nerves taking over. 


How she wished Tom was their sitting in the sea of students, looking up at her confidently. As her thoughts swirled of Tom and his calm persona she found herself becoming less nervous though so instead of focusing on her worries she focused on him. 


Hesitantly she sat down on the stool as McGonagall placed the hat on her head. 


Hermione gasped slightly as she heard the hat start to speak and the strange sensation of someone sifting through her mind came upon her. 


She could feel the hat looking through all sorts of memories and thoughts. 


The time she was little and jumped from a jetty even though she was scared. 


The secrets she kept from her parents about being a witch. 


And most notably all the magical training she had with Tom, all her hours of practice to get spells right and her ability to perform magic at such a young age. 


“Hmm, right then, bit of a tricky one this one. Some bravery I see and some cunning and ambition as well. Lot’s of intelligence though, mmm yes very knowledgeable. But where to put you…” The hat said musing. 


Hermione had lost count of how long she had been sitting on the stool after 3 minutes. 


Was she not suitable for any house? She thought nervously. 


Hermione tried to calm herself. 


No she knew she was suited to at least one of the houses, she just had to trust that the hat would find the right house for her. 


At these last thoughts the hat seemed to make an opinion as she could feel it pull itself out of her mind.  


“Mmm alright then better be... RAVENCLAW!” It shouted, and cheers erupted from one of the tables to her right as well as claps from the other tables as Hermione grinned and hoped down from the stool. 


She made her way to the Ravenclaw table and was greeted by handshakes and warm welcomes from all of the students before she quickly sat down and turned to watch the other sorting’s. 


Hermione craned her neck to watch as Draco made his way to the stool. It only took a few seconds before the hat was shouting Slytherin and Hermione was clapping for her friend. She noticed however that their was some loud booing coming from the Gryffindor table and more specifically from two red headed boys. 


How dare those boys she thought, a fit of anger spiking through her. Booing nervous first year students for being sorted into a house. It wasn’t right!


Hermione turned her attention back to the sorting and watched interested as the two boys, Weasley and Potter were both sorted into Gryffindor, she gave a silent thank you that she to wasn’t sorted into that house after all, knowing now that they where in it. 


She continued to watch as Blaise, Vincent and Greg where all sorted into Slytherin and much to her disgust were also booed like Draco by the red headed twins. 


Although Hermione was happy for the boys for being sorted into the house they wanted she was also worried that she wouldn’t have any friends in her own house. Her worries were squashed however by Theo who to her to delight was just proclaimed to be sorted into Ravenclaw. 


Although he looked slightly forlorn at his friends all being in another house he gave her a big grin and sat down next to her. 


“I’m so glad I’m not by myself.” He whispered. 


“Me too.” Hermione said grinning back. 


After the rest of the students were sorted and professor Dumbledore gave a quick but very alarming speech about the Dark Forrest, they were treated to one of the most amazing dinners Hermione had ever had. 


Throughout dinner Hermione got to know Theo more, as well as some of the other new students. Two of the girls she met seemed who seemed really nice, and who Hermione hoped would become her friends, where Cho Chang and Luna Lovegood. 


Cho was a year older than Hermione with pale skin and beautiful dark hair and eyes, and who seemed to be very timid and quiet. She told Hermione all about the classes she had taken her first year and what the common room looked like and how much she would enjoy Hogwarts. 


Luna on the other hand was a complete contrast with pale skin and long wavy hair almost the exact same shade as Draco’s that she could almost be his sister. However despite looking like a Malfoy Luna seemed nothing alike in personality, she talked all throughout dinner about invisible creatures called Wrackspurts and how her father was currently trying to grow dirigible plums back home and how she to hoped she might be able to grow some on the grounds of Hogwarts. Although Luna seemed quiet eccentric she was very friendly and added some intriguing insights to their conversations. 


After dinner was over Hermione walked with Theo and Luna back to the common room with the rest of the Ravenclaw students, eager to see where their common room was. They were stopped on their way however by a piece of parchment in the shape of a bird flying over to them. 


Hermione and Theo, 


Meet us tomorrow out the front of the great hall before breakfast at 7.30.


Yours sincerely, 


Your Snake friends 


Hermione and Theo laughed at Draco’s reference to snakes and turned to look towards the Slytherin table waving at the four boys and nodding to say they would be there. 


After finally making it to the common room and being showed how to get in Hermione wanted nothing more than to fall asleep in her large canopy bed in the door room that she shared with Luna and three other girls Lisa Turpin, Padma Patil and Mandy Brocklehurst. 


“Padma, Mandy and I are going to have a look around the common room before bed did you want to come with?” Lisa asked her and Luna.  


“Thank you, but I’m going to go to bed I’m so tired, I’ll have a look tomorrow when you can see it better.” Hermione said folding back the covers of her bed and climbing in and pulling out her diary. 


“Mmm yes, I think I will go to bed to, I don’t want to have Wrackspurts in my brain on the first day of school, they’re attracted to tired people you know.” Luna said airily pulling on her fluffy blue pyjamas. 


Hermione smiled at Luna’s explanation and the look of confusion on the other girls faces having not sat with her at dinner and been accustomed to her conversations. 


“What’s that you have there Hermione?” Luna asked sitting up in her bed.


“Oh it’s a special diary I have that my friend gave me, it allows me to communicate with them by writing messages in it. When I write something in my diary it appears in theirs.” She said opening the diary up and pulling out her muggle pen. 


“Hmmm that must be nice, having a friend, I would like to hope I have one one day.” Luna said quietly.  


Hermione looked up to Luna’s bed, her heart reaching out to the girl. She knew what having no friends was like all to well. 


“Well you do now Luna, you’ve got me.” Hermione said smiling at her kindly. 


Luna gave her a big smile back. 


“That’s nice, your my friend to… but I’m going to go to sleep now Hermione, I’ll see you in the morning.” She said yawning and drawing the blue curtains around her bed. 


Hermione said goodnight back and drew her own curtains before settling down to write a message to Tom. 



Dear Tom, 


I had the most magical experience today. Which I know you will find comical because I am in a magical world, but it was true. 

I got to meet some of Draco’s friends on the Hogwarts express who all seem nice. One of them Theo has been sorted into my house. Which reminds me, guess what I got sorted into Ravenclaw! 

Everyone seem’s very nice and welcoming, well except for two boys who I met on the train. One of which is Harry Potter if you can believe it, or ‘The Boy Who vanquished’ as people like to call him. 

I’m so excited for tomorrow I can’t wait for classes to begin. I’ll bring my diary with me to my classes and if I can, write back to you during my break. 

I’m going to sleep now as I’m so terribly tired but I can’t wait to here back from you. 


Your’s Sincerely, 



After writing her message to Tom and putting her diary away Hermione drifted off to sleep, her dreams filled with talking hats and magical feasts and thoughts of the large library awaiting for her to delve into.