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Slytherins Spell

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Hermione POV (August)


Hermione watched with her parents in amazement as the red brick wall magically opened to reveal a bustling alleyway filled with quirky shops and robed clad witches and wizards. 


This was her first venture into the Wizarding world and she had been beyond excited for days about the trip, just about driving her parents insane with her eagerness. 


She walked through the entryway onto the cobblestoned street her parents following behind her and taking in the sights before them. 


Hermione wanted to go in and explore every single shop she came across they all sounded so fascinating, Sluggs and Jiggs Apothecary, Flourish and Blotts, Eeylops Owl Emporium, Magical Menagerie.


Hermione’s eyes widened and she quickly ran over to the Magical Menagerie shop and pressed her eyes up against a glass pained window gasping in awe at the sight of all the magical animals inside. She had of course read about a few magical beasts in the books Tom had given her, but none of the books had gone into much depth so she hadn’t been able to learn as much about them as she would have liked. 


“Hermione dear I know you want to look around but we need to get your school supplies first and then we can explore afterwards.” Her mother called pulling her attention away from the shop window. 



“Okay the list says that you need to be fitted for school robes at Madam Malkin’s, that you need quills, ink and parchment as well as the required books for first years which can be received at Flourish and Blott’s, a cauldron, scales, telescope and glass phials from Potage’s Cauldron Shop and lastly a Wand from Olivanders.” Her father said listing off the required items rather gloomily at the prospect of spending a full day shopping. 


Hermione’s eyes lit up though at the thought of finally receiving her own wand. How much better am I going to be able to do the spells that Tom’s taught me, now that I’ll have a wand to properly channel my magic! She thought eagerly.  


“Well Flourish and Blott’s is right over here so we might as well start there.” Her mother said pointing to the bustling shop a few doors down. 


“After that we can go and get Hermione’s wand and robes and maybe have some lunch and a bit of an explore and then we’ll get the cauldron on our way home as I doubt you’ll be wanting to carry that around all day Richard.” Her mother said walking towards their first shop.


Hermione laughed at her father’s expression, clearly he was not enjoying the prospect of being the dedicated bag carrier all day either. 


After getting everything needed from Flourish and Blott’s as well as some extra light reading Hermione had wanted, she and her parents headed off to Olivander’s. Hermione just about ran the entire way there with her parents chasing after her. 


She took a deep breath to calm her nerves before she walked into the dingy looking shop, the bell ringing to signal her entrance. 


“Ahhh hello their young lady and who might you be?” An elderly white haired Wizard asked from behind the counter. 


“Hello sir, my name’s Hermione Granger.” Hermione said grinning broadly. 


“Here for your first wand I expect” He said stepping forward and returning her smile.  


Hermione’s head turned at the sound of the bell ringing and the shop door opening to reveal her flustered parents. 


“Hermione, do not run off like that again! What if you’d gotten lost? How are we supposed to find you here we don’t know where anything is!?” Chastised her mother sternly, her father nodding along and trying not to drop her school books. 


“I’m sorry I just couldn’t wait any longer to get my wand.” She said, having the decency to look apologetic all though she really wasn't. 


“Just don’t do it again please, at least not until you tell us where your going.” Her mother said less cross than before. 


Hermione nodded and turned back to the wizard who was pulling out a long rectangle box from the shelf. 


He opened the lid to reveal a long, dark and sleek looking wand. 


“Dragon heart string, eleven and one quarter inches and made of Black Walnut.” He said handing the wand to Hermione. 


Hermione held the wand hesitantly in her hand and felt a small tingle of her magic within her. 


Careful not to say a direct spell as she wasn’t supposed to know any magic as of yet, she waved the wand testing out it's power. 


At the flick of the wand a large portrait of a plump looking witch came flying off the wall and fell in a dusty heap on the shop floor. Hermione’s mouth dropped open in horror. 


“Hermione!” Her mother shouted equally shocked. 


“I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to!” She said in a rush, hoping the shop keeper wouldn’t kick her out before she even got her wand. 


Surprising he only laughed and smiled at her. 


“Not to worry my dear, I’ve become quite used to my things being smashed and broken by first year students over the years. All damages are easily repairable, however I don’t think that this is the wand for you.” He said waving his own wand and placing the portrait of the now angrily shouting witch back on the wall. 


Hermione gulped as she was handed another wand, this one a light coloured and thinly pointed one covered in vine carvings. 


“Dragon heartstring, ten and three quarter inches long and made of vine wood.” Mr Olivander said smiling at her encouragingly. 


Hermione nervously glanced at her parents before again waving the wand like before. This time the painting didn’t fall of the wall. Instead a large glass vase filled with beautiful flowers was smashed to pieces, the fragments flying throughout the shop and the surfaces nearby getting soaked in water.   


Hermione was about to open her mouth to apologise again but before she could Mr Olivander held up his hand and simply waved his wand. Hermione watched as the broken pieces of the vase moved as if pulled by invisible strings until they reformed their original shape. Once complete the flowers flew back in good as new and the water that had been splashed on the nearby surfaces poured back into the unscathed vase. 


“Gosh that would make cleaning the house so much easier.” Hermione heard her mother mutter to her husband. 


Mr Olivander hummed to himself as he seemed to be thinking about which wand to give to her next. This time he went out to the back for a few moments and came back with another box. This one however was much more dustier and appeared to be a faded blue colour. He opened the lid to reveal an elegant brown wand pointed at the tip like the last and also baring intricately carved vines and leaves that were coloured slightly lighter than the rest of the wand. The vines started at the wands base and ran part way up the stem, unlike the last wand where the vines ran the entire length of the wand. It was beautiful. 


This time Mr Olivander didn’t explain what the wand was made of he just handed it to her wordlessly. 


Hermione felt the tingle of magic again within her as she grasped the wand firmly in her hand, however this time her magic seemed to grow and course throughout her body to every point until it reached the wand in her hand. Astonishingly the wand began to emanate a strong luminous glow making her hair swirl about her and nearby parchment float about. 


Hermione felt her magic connect with the wand and she knew that this wand was meant for her.


She grinned up at the shopkeeper expecting him to be smiling in agreement with her, but faltered slightly at his expression. 


He was looking at her with an unreadable expression, his eyes narrowed slightly as if searching for an answer. 


“I- is everything alright?” She asked timidly. 


Her words seemed to jolt Mr Olivander out of his thoughts and he gave a small smile. 


“Yes my dear, it is just curious is all. Your wand is a very powerful and rare wand indeed. It is one of my creations from many years ago and is made from a willow tree. The wood alone is very rare and known for its healing powers, however what’s most intriguing about this wand is that it is infact a dual core of  Veela Hair and Phoenix Feather. Phoenix feathers and Veela hairs are both rare cores for wands. Normally Veela haired wands are very temperamental however when paired with a stabilising and healing core like a phoenix feather they work together to produce great power and work best with rare forms of magic. It is clear that we are to expect many great things from you Miss Granger.” Mr Olivander said explaining the properties of her wand to her. 


Hermione was astonished at Mr Olivander’s words and the intricacy of her new wand. 


After Hermione had purchased her wand she thanked Mr Olivander and was about to join her parents outside when he spoke up again. 


“Miss Granger there is one more thing I forgot to tell you. Phoenix’s only ever usually give one feather in their life time to be made into a wand, that is what makes them so rare. However the very bird I procured your phoenix core from happened to give another, just one other. I sold this wand many many years ago but I feel that you should know, that these twin cores link the two of you inexplicably and in ways that unfortunately only time will reveal to us.” He said very seriously. 


“Who owned the other wand?” Hermione asked nervously. 


“I fear Miss Granger that you will not like the answer. He was a very powerful wizard who became corrupted by darkness. Over the years he has become so feared that he has become known by another name, that is the Dark Lord.” He whispered in obvious fear. 


Hermione balked. A Dark Lord?! What could she possibly have in common with a dark lord?


“A D-dark lord?” She asked quietly.


“Do not worry yourself Miss Granger he has not been seen for almost ten years now. Many say he has vanished or died long ago. No one today even remembers his true name except those closest to him I suspect and most of them are locked away in Azkaban, so he has no real power. I would not worry over what this wand choosing means, in the end it may simply be coincidence after all.” He said trying to reassure her.  


Hermione nodded her mind swirling with all the new information she had received. She would be sure to ask Tom when she saw him next about this apparent Dark Lord. 


After thanking Mr Olivander a second time for her wand she walked out the door to where her parents were waiting. 


“Everything alright dear?” Her mother asked.


“Yes everything’s fine, are we going to get the robes now?” She asked trying to forget about what the connection of her wand to a dark lord meant. 


“Yes although I’m afraid we will have to be quick as your father seems to be getting quite hangry.” She laughed looking to where her husband was struggling with the weight of all the bags and grumbling about being nothing but a starving servant. 


Hermione laughed, grateful for the distraction and walked along next to her parents up to Madam Malkin’s. 


Upon opening the door Hermione saw that there were only three other people in the store. One a young boy about her age with bright blonde, almost silver hair who was currently standing on a pedi stole. He was being fitted for robes by a middle aged witch with greying hair and a bright pink dress.And seated on an arm chair was an elegant and beautifully dressed witch with a pointed young face and the same coloured hair as the boy, who Hermione presumed was her son. 


“I won’t be a moment.” Called Madam Malkin as she worked on the hem of the robe the young boy was wearing. 


Upon their entrance both the boy and his mothers heads had turned their way. 


“Draco dear make some room for Miss…?” Stated the elegant witch.


“…Hermione Granger.” She said offering the lady a smile as her son moved over so she too could stand on the pedi stole ready to be fitted. 


As Hermione climbed up onto the pedi-stole she failed to see the shocked expressions and curious glances the mother and son shared between them at her announcement. 


“Pleasure to meet you Miss Granger, my name is Narcissa Malfoy and this is my son Draco.” She said recovering quickly from her shock and returning Hermione’s smile with her own dazzling one. 


“It’s lovely to meet you to Mrs Malfoy.” Hermione said before turning to the boy next to her. 


“Hello, Draco was it?.” Hermione asked smiling at the blonde haired boy.


He gave her a smirk and held out his hand. 


“Yes my name’s Draco, nice to meet you Miss Granger.” He said properly and rather formerly for an 11 year old. 


“You can just call me Hermione.” She said shaking his hand and returning his grin. 


“You must be Hermione’s parents?” Mrs Malfoy said standing and turning her dazzling smile towards Hermione’s parents offering her own hand to them. 


“Yes we are, my names Richard and this is my wife Jean.” Her father said accepting Mrs Malfoy’s hand. 


“Is your son going to Hogwarts as well?” Her mother asked sitting down in one of the other chairs. 


“Yes he is, we’ve just come to get his school supplies today, as have you I take it.” Mrs Malfoy said gesturing to the many bags and boxes her father was holding. 


“Yes we’ve spent all morning here in and out of bloody shops.” Her father said moodily. 


Mrs Malfoy laughed, “You sound just like my husband at the first mention of the word ‘shopping’ he finds any excuse not to go.” 


As the parents chatted about one thing and another Hermione spent her time talking to Draco. 


“Are you excited to be going to Hogwarts.” She asked her arms outstretched as Madam Malkin fitted her for various different robes. 


“Yes I am rather excited, I’ve been learning and hearing about Hogwarts my whole life as well as reading about it in Hogwarts: A History.” He said taking off his new robe. 


Ohh I just got that book today at Flourish and Blott’s I’m so excited to read it.” She said putting her arms back down and turning to her left. 


“Do you like to read?” Draco asked her.


“Yes, although most people find it boring it’s probably my favourite thing to do.” She admitted to him.


“It’s probably my favourite thing as well. Well that and flying.” He grinned. 


“Hermione dear.” Her mother called interrupting their conversation. 


“Narcissa has just invited us to have lunch with her and Draco did you want to join them?” Her mother asked her. 


Hermione looked to Draco questioningly. 


“Please come it’ll be so boring with mother otherwise.” He said rather dramatically. 


Hermione laughed and nodded a ‘yes’ to her mother before shimmying out of her robe and walking to the register with Draco their parents in tow. 


Over lunch with the Malfoy’s, Hermione got to learn all about Draco and found that although they came from different worlds they actually had many similar interests. Hermione was also glad to see that her parents seemed to be getting along rather well with Narcissa Malfoy, so much so that Hermione’s mother had even made plans with her to go and have tea next week. 


Once they had finished their lunch the Malfoy’s said their goodbyes, but only after Draco had promised to meet Hermione at King’s Cross Station so they could sit on the train together. 


Hermione smiled the whole way home at having made a new friend already and having had such an exiting time in Diagon Alley. She didn’t even have time to think about asking Tom  about the Dark Lord Mr Olivander had told her about when he next visited.  



Tom’s POV


Tom was sitting in the Library of the Manor when he heard a quiet knock at the door. 


“Come in.” He said not looking up from the book he was reading. 


Narcissa entered, looking regal as usual and sat down opposite him. 


“I thought you might be interested to know that Draco and I met someone quite intriguing today.” She said rather vaguely a hint of amusement in her eyes. 


Tom only raised an eyebrow at her, the Malfoy’s knew many people that could be deemed intriguing. 


She was a young girl around the same age as Draco, very beautiful despite her rather untamed hair and she was shopping in Diagon Alley with her muggle parents. Sound at all familiar?” Narcissa smirked rather teasingly. 


Tom’s eyes widened and he slowly put down the book giving Narcissa his full attention. 


“You met Hermione?” He asked hesitantly. 


Although Tom had told the Malfoy’s about his soulmate, he hadn’t counted on them meeting her so soon. 


“Yes in Madam Malkin’s she came in when Draco was being fitted and then I invited her for lunch with her parents.” She said as if it was the most normal thing in the world for a Malfoy to be having lunch with a muggle-born and her parents. 


“You did what!?” He shouted angrily. 


“Oh Tom don’t worry she was actually rather splendid, as where her parents. Draco hasn’t stopped talking about her all afternoon, he got on with her very well.” She said not even batting an eyelash at his outburst. 


Tom remained silent. Although he himself had gotten over any ill feelings towards Hermione’s muggle heritage he was still unsure about the Malfoy’s. He knew they would accept her in time as she was his soulmate but he didn’t know how long it would take them. 


“I know what you must be thinking Tom. That because she is muggle-born we won’t accept her. But if you could get over her blood status then certainly we can. Lucius and I both understand that not all muggle-borns are incompetent. And by Hermione’s display of intelligence throughout lunch it is avidly clear that she will be an exceptional witch.” Narcissa said as if reading his thoughts. 


Tom sighed. He rarely let his guard down in front of anyone, but the Malfoys and especially Narcissa had always been able to read his emotions and thoughts rather clearly and they were some of the few people who could actually claim had his trust. 


“Thank you.” Was all he said in response. 



After Tom’s brief chat with Narcissa he had decided he ought to visit Hermione himself to see how her day went and what she thought of the Malfoy’s. 


When he arrived he was unsurprised that she was sitting on her bed and reading Hogwarts: A history, a book she no doubt got today. 


“I see you’ve been to Diagon Alley.” He said taking a seat in the arm chair in her room. 


“Tom!” She shouted joyfully sitting up and putting her book down on the bed. 


“Oh it was just wonderful, all the shops and people it was exactly like you said, and the best part was I think I’ve already made a friend!” She said excitedly bouncing up and down. 


“Oh really?” He asked pretending not to know of her new friend.


“Yes I met him and his mother at Madim Malkin’s, and then we ended up having lunch with them as well, it was fantastic. His name is Draco Malfoy perhaps you know of him?” She asked curiously. 


Tom thought for a moment wondering if he should tell Hermione that yes he was actually very closely acquainted with the Malfoy’s. He decided that couldn’t see a reason not to tell her and decided to be honest with her about it. 


“Yes I actually do know the Malfoy's, they are very close friends of mine.” He said waiting to see how she would take it.


“Oh really, this is all so exciting, I’m so glad I finally got to meet someone that you know!” She said happily. 


“Mmmm, I’m glad as well, Draco is a very nice young boy he will be a good friend for you I think.” Tom said, thinking about how much they had in common. 


“We’ve already made plans to meet at King’s Cross so we can sit on the train together. At least I’ll know one person.” She thought thinking happily of her new friend. 


Tom hummed in response, although he was glad that Hermione would be going to Hogwarts soon where she no doubt would flourish he was also dreading it. Whilst she was at home he was able to see her just about whenever he wanted, but once she started attending Hogwarts he knew their time would be limited to holiday’s, and that was only if she decided to come home. 


What was he thinking of course she would want to come home. She was his Hermione and he saw how much she missed him between each visit.  He thought confidently. But he still needed to come up with a way to ensure he could at least still talk to Hermione whilst she was at Hogwarts. Sending letters would become far to inconvenient. 


Tom’s internal thoughts about what he could do to keep in contact with his soulmate were frozen in place however by one of Hermione’s questions. 


“What did you say?” He asked, making sure he had heard her correctly. 


Hermione huffed in annoyance at having to repeat herself. 


“I said, who is the Dark Lord?” She asked crossing her arms and looking up at him expectantly. 


Oh fuck! Was Tom’s only thought.