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Gain By Giving Love

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“I need to get back to my work,” Henrik half-murmured, half-pleaded, biting his lip against a moan as Marvin kissed his sore shoulders, the muscles knotted from too many hours at his desk. Before he had time to really register the pain, Jackieboy was cupping his face, tilting his head up so he could meet his eyes.

“All you need is to let us help you,” he answered, patient but firm. Henrik took a breath, opening his mouth to protest, and Jackie promptly cut him off by covering it with his own. It was instinct for Henrik to melt into it, eyes fluttering, lips parting just a little farther to give Jackie’s tongue entrance. It laved at his own, warm and wet, and he moaned once more.

Marvin was massaging him now, skillful fingers pressing hard into his back, followed by soft pecks to soothe. “Relax…” he coaxed in a kind purr, his hair tickling Henrik’s skin as he leaned on him. “Relax, gorgeous. Let all that stress out.”

Henrik trembled, took a shaky breath. “Y-You…You are so…good to me,” he whispered between Jackie’s kisses, a little overwhelmed. “Both of you. I do not deserve it.”

The pads of Jackie’s thumbs stroked his cheeks. “We love you.”

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He truly was beautiful. JJ couldn’t deny that, leaning his chin into his hand as he watched Sean McLoughlin sleep. The others told him that a monster had put him in this coma, a monster too great for them to fend off. It was a tale that made JJ’s chest ache. From what he’d heard of Sean, he was a kind man, too kind to suffer a fate like this.

The more often he visited Sean in his hospital bed, though, the more powerfully he felt that he would do anything to wake him. He wanted to give that happiness to the others…more than that, though, he wanted to see Sean’s stunning blue eyes looking back at him. He wanted to see him light up with that sweet smile and feel butterflies in his stomach as he smiled back.

JJ found himself holding his hand whenever the others were out of the room. His skin was so soft, so pale and delicate, like porcelain. When he squeezed his fingers, sometimes he could imagine Sean squeezing back. Could he feel it? Could he feel JJ’s lips brushing his knuckles? Of course, he had to let his hand go all too quickly when he heard the door handle turning. That wasn’t for the others to see. It was their secret.

Sleeping beauty…Maybe someday I’ll get up the nerve to kiss you awake.

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“Come on, Marv…wha’s it gonna take for you t’ kiss me?”

“Chase, please, get off,” Marvin sighed, trying not to grimace as the younger Ego wrapped loose arms around his neck. It took a few seconds but he managed to shrug them off, pushing Chase back a step. When he wobbled awkwardly, the magician grabbed his arm to balance him. “You’re hammered.”

“I know…” he slurred with a lazy grin. “Heh…don’ care. I just…really want t’ get all up in your business.”

“You don’t, okay? It’s just the booze talking. You need to rest, you need to sleep this off—” It was only when Chase surged forward at him again that he grew frustrated. “Chase! I gave you a ride from the bar, but that does not give you permission to come onto me!”

“Mm-hmm…” Cheeks flushed with more than just the alcohol, Chase lowered his voice to a whisper as he snagged a hand against Marvin’s hip. “How about you give me another ride? I’ll let you ride me…”

His hand was trying to sneak under Marvin’s shirt. Marvin knew his first instinct should be to smack at it, push him off again. He wasn’t sure why he hesitated, but Chase took advantage of the pause.

“You’ve got two boyfriends already,” he breathed, sliding his other arm out of Marvin’s grip and swaying forward to press flush against him. “Mmm? Wha’s one more?”

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“I could have lost you! Do you understand, idiot?! You could have been killed!”

Jackieboy sat still on Henrik’s exam table, jaw tight as he hugged his stitched and bandaged up ribs and listened to his boyfriend rave. Henrik was shaking from head to toe in anger and distress as he paced back and forth, tears burning in his eyes. Jackie’s stoic silence just made everything worse.

“You have nothing to say for yourself?! No fight to pick with me?! No ‘sorry’, even?! Jackie!”

Jackieboy took a deep breath, looking him dead in the eyes as he answered. “I’m not sorry.” It stole his breath away at how quickly Henrik stepped back, looking like he’d been slapped, but Jackie repeated himself. “I’m not sorry, Hen.” 

“Well.” Henrik sniffled, lifting his glasses to rub harshly at his eyes. “Well, then you can just go get yourself killed, for all I care, if that’s what you want! If that’s all you care about your own life, go ahead!” He hated the words before they were even coming out of his mouth, but his emotions were getting the better of him.


“Well, now I do not want to hear it! Just go, get out—”

“Hen, the super villain I was fighting tonight threatened you. I had to fight him, I couldn’t let him get near you.” Jackieboy’s hand grabbed the doctor’s, pulling him closer. “I didn’t care what happened to me if you were going to be hurt.”

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“Have I told you recently,” Henrik asked as he pulled Marvin’s mask up off his face, “that you’re really, very handsome?”

“No,” he hummed, lips curling in amusement as he dipped his head to nuzzle his nose against the younger man’s. “Remind me.” His smile grew wider when Henrik answered with a slow, soft kiss, sliding his arms around his waist.

“I like that you wear the mask,” he admitted in a murmur between kisses. “No one but me gets to see your face…”

That’s exactly what the mask was there for. Henrik was the only one he could allow to see him at his softest, tenderest, like…this. It was easy to lose himself in Henrik’s affections. Marvin rumbled and purred in pleasure, sharp teeth nipping gently at the doctor’s bottom lip. “Love you, gorgeous…” he whispered.

Ich liebe dich auchwunderschön*.”

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He stole his breath away. Henrik had done his best to throw on a nice outfit for their impromptu date, nice slacks and a button-up, but when Marvin emerged from his room to join him at the front door, the doctor found himself stunned and severely underdressed.

Marvin had styled his hair, long, silky curls framing his face in ribbons and spilling down his shoulders like melting dark chocolate. He had always looked striking in blue; tonight he openly flaunted it, slowly smoothing his hands down his glossy, textured cobalt blazer. Henrik felt heat rising in his cheeks as his eyes trailed downward toward the sleek, tight black pants.

“Th-This is how you dress in a rush?” he stuttered distractedly, appreciating how the pants hugged him just so.

“This is how I dress for you,” Marvin shot back, smirking cheekily. When Henrik didn’t tear his gaze away from his lower regions, he snapped his fingers. “Ey. Eyes up here, doctor. There’ll be time for our, uh, full medical exam when we get back from dinner. If you’re hungry.”

Henrik’s blush spread from his cheeks to his ears and neck. He’d never been hungrier.

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Chase couldn’t help but smile to himself as he watched JJ’s eyelashes flutter. His nose and mustache twitched and he let out a soft breath, slowly shifting into his first morning stretch and yawn. It wasn’t often that Chase was awake first, but when he was, he loved taking the opportunity to look on.

A few seconds later the yawn and stretch ended and JJ sagged back into his pillow, sleepily smacking his lips. They were still pink and swollen from their rounds of snogging last night. He looked like he might doze off again, so Chase leaned to rest an arm over his tummy and kiss the shell of his ear.

“Morning, cutie bug.”

A tired smile found JJ’s lips at the nickname, but he still didn’t open his eyes, signing half-hearted. “Five.”

“Five more minutes without seeing those baby blues of yours? No,” Chase whined, tangling their feet together. He could feel JJ’s toes curling. “That sounds like torture.”


With an exaggerated sigh, Chase tossed his half of the covers aside. “The things I do for you…But when I get back, you owe me a fantastic good morning kiss.”